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in Blue
Rhapsody in Blue was top of
my list when we sat down to
decide on what collections to
ofer. I love the idea of creat-
ing a complete set of amazing
blue fowers. The name itself
is also cool, and captures
the tones and quality of the
content and is also evocative
of so many beautiful things
Gershwins incredible piano
piece, cool jazz by Miles Davis,
poetic songs by Joni Mitchell,
transcendent art by Van Gogh
and much more. This collec-
tion of 73 bulbs is full of har-
mony and beauty, comprising
sapphire shades of anemone,
allium, iris, crocus, hyacinth,
chionodoxa and muscari.
73 fower bulbs
10 Allium azureum,
10 Anemone de Caen Blue
15 Chionodoxa forbesii,
3 Hyacinth Delft Blue,
10 Iris reticulata Cantab,
10 Muscari Armeniacum
Valerie Finnis,
15 species Crocus Blue Pearl
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Triple-decker Delight is perfect
for anyone with a balcony or
deck or small-space garden
or someone who just wants a
colourful show of fowers in
a container by the front door.
This is the way the Dutch plant
bulbs. They have no room in
small city spaces, so they plant
in layers in containers to create
a continual sequence of colour
through spring. The triple-
deckerterm refers to the three
layers of bulbs that are placed
in a container one on top of
the other to fower at difer-
ent times in a sequence. This
technique is sometimes called
lasagna planting.The beauty
of this collection is that you get
it all in one the container,
potting soil and three layers of
spring fowers crocus, dafo-
dils and tulips. It is a project you
can do in no time at all, even
enlist the help of your children
or grandchildren for fun, and
then just sit back and wait for
the show to begin.
34 fower bulbs, decorative
container, potting soil and coir
fbre soil enhancer.
18 mixed species crocus,
8 Flower Carpet dafodils,
8 Ile de France tulips
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Mighty Mini
Mighty Mini Dafodils is a col-
lection I have wanted to do for
years. It contains all my favou-
rite miniature narcissus, ones
that always perform fawlessly
and some of which also ofer
fragrance and novelty. Proof
that good things do come in
small packages, these Mighty
Minis can be dotted in clumps
around the garden or used in
containers or even window
boxes. They are extremely
versatile and being short,
they never fop over and are
indiferent to wind and rain. I
would buy at least two of these
and really go to town adding
clusters of them under trees
and shrubs and dotted here
and there through a rockery or
60 dafodil bulbs
10 Canaliculatus,
10 Hawera,
10 Jet Fire,
10 Pacifc Coast,
10 Rip Van Winkle,
10 Tete a Tete
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Fab four for spring, plus two bestsellers
The Connoisseur Tulip collec-
tion is our most unique set
because the bulbs are totally
exclusive to The Vancouver
Sun from one of Hollands
top producers, J.S. Pennings.
You wont fnd any of the
tulips in this collection for
sale anywhere else. Theres
Red Hat fringe tulips, strik-
ing Russian Princess Darwin
tulips, Backpacker and White
Touch peony tulips, and,
my favourite of the bunch,
Vincent Van Gogh, an ele-
gant arty fringe tulip. It really
is a collection for tulip con-
noisseurs as well as fower-
lovers who appreciate having
something unique and difer-
ent in their garden.
40 tulip bulbs
8 Backpacker peony tulips,
8 Red Hat fringe tulips,
8 Russian Princess Darwin
8 Vincent Van Gogh fringe
8 White Touch peony tulips
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of Spring
The Symphony of Spring and
Awesome Alliums collections
were such a huge hit last year
that we felt it necessary to make
them available again for those
who didnt get the chance to try
them since they sold out pretty
quickly. Both collections have
been upgraded to spice up the
mix even more.
The Symphony of Spring is spe-
cifcally designed to produce
fowers from the frst moment
of spring through to the begin-
ning of summer. So the ball gets
rolling with crocuses and then
come Dutch Master trumpet
dafodils (new this year), fol-
lowed by a top-notch assort-
ment of tulips, fnishing of with
the much loved allium Purple
50 fower bulbs
8 Monte Orange tulips,
8 Akebono tulips,
6 Allium Purple Sensation,
10 Dutch Master trumpet
18 mixed species crocus
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The Awesome Alliums collec-
tion comprises six diferent
hybrids, each one a stellar
performer, including ones I
have been planting for years in
my garden. Allium christophii
(the star of Persia) produces
an astonishing spaceship of a
fower with countless metallic-
like star-shaped fowers. Mount
Everest is an all white beauty.
Purple Sensation is probably
the bestselling allium of all time
because it is such a winner.
Allium moly luteum is a beauti-
ful yellow and Allium neapolita-
num sends up sweetly scented
white fowers. Allium sphaero-
cephalon has egg-shaped bur-
gundy fowers in early summer.
The total assortment is a knock-
out and its great to fnd them
all in one complete package for
a bargain price.
58 allium bulbs
5 Allium christophii,
15 Allium moly luteum,
2 Allium Mount Everest,
15 Allium neapolitanum,
6 Allium Purple Sensation,
15 Allium sphaerocephalon
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