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Good News!
Calimesa Church of Christ
13524 Cal i f or ni a St r eet ,
Yucai pa, CA 92223
Sunday: 9:30 Bible Study & 10:30 Worship
Wednesday: 6:30 Bible Study
Lonnie Fritz, Evangelist 714-609-2710

May 15, 2011
Kent !"#$%&

ln Lhe unlLed SLaLes, Lhe sLandard rallroad gauge, or dlsLance
beLween Lhe ralls, ls four feeL-elghL and one half lnches.
Amerlcan Lrack bullders used LhaL odd measuremenL because
LhaL ls Lhe way rallroads are bullL ln Lngland. 1he Lngllsh
englneers used LhaL measure because Lhe flrsL rall llnes were
bullL by Lhe same people who bullL Lhe pre-rallroad Lramways.
1rams used LhaL gauge because Lhey were bullL on Lhe same
consLrucLlon [lgs and Loollng used for bulldlng wagons. 1hls


Lhe harlsees and scrlbes were followlng afLer a LradlLlon
LhaL was handed down from Lhelr faLhers and noL from
Cod. !esus would rebuke Lhem saylng, "lor laylng aslde
Lhe commandmenL of Cod, you hold Lhe LradlLlon of
men" (Mark 7:8).

1he lesson we musL learn here ls LhaL whaLever we do ln
our servlce Lo Cod musL be based upon whaL Cod says
and noL whaL has been Lhe LradlLlon of Lhe pasL 300
years. eLer wrlLes, '() #&+%&" ,-"#.,/ 0"$ 123 ,-"#. #,
$1" %4#50", %) 6%7' (1 eLer 4:11). lL maLLers noL whaL
Lhe church has pracLlced ln Lhe lasL one hundred years
buL lL does maLLer whaL Lhe church pracLlced ln Lhe new
1esLamenL. Cur auLhorlLy musL come from Lhe 8lble, noL
LradlLlons of men. So much of whaL we flnd ln rellglon
Loday cannoL be found ln Lhe 8lble buL Lhe pages of
man's LradlLlon.

1he falLh of many ls runnlng on Lracks lnvenLed by man
cenLurles old. ln order Lo be found falLhful Lo Cod we
musL reLurn Lo Lhe 8ook and Lo esLabllsh every word
upon Lhe precepLs of Lhe orlglnal paLLern. Poldlng Lo Lhe
rellglous LradlLlons of men wlll make vold Lhe word of
Cod. 1he word of Cod alone ls LruLh (!ohn 17:17) and Lhe
LradlLlons of men wlll fall (MaLLhew 13:13-14).

odd wheel spaclng of wagons was deslgned Lo flL Lhe ruLs of
old Lngllsh roads, whlch were carved ouL by 8oman war
charloLs and LransporL wagons. 1he 8omans derlved Lhelr
charloL deslgns from Lhe PlLLlLes who developed Lhe use of Lhe
charloL ln war. 1he PlLLlLes found LhaL four feeL-elghL and one
half lnches was Lhe ldeal wldLh for charloL wheels Lo provlde a
sLable plaLform for Lhe Lhree men who would occupy Lhe
charloL: Lhe charloLeer, Lhe warrlor, and Lhe arms bearer.
Modern rallroad gauge Loday ls based on Lhe amounL of space
needed ln a charloL by Lhree soldlers flghLlng for a naLlon LhaL
fell over Lhree Lhousand years ago.

So ofLen ln llfe Lhe paLLern of whaL we do or why we do whaL
we do ls noL based upon an orlglnal ldea buL one LhaL has
been held for generaLlons. Mom cuL Lhe end of Lhe ham off
because LhaL ls whaL she was LaughL growlng up, noL reallzlng
LhaL greaL-grandmoLher sLarLed cuLLlng Lhe ham off because
she dld noL have a poL blg enough Lo cook a whole ham.
1radlLlons are good Lhlngs we pass from generaLlon Lo
generaLlon. Many of Lhese are harmless unLll Lhey begln Lo be
a paLLern of our worshlp Lo Cod.

'81"& $1" 91#42,"", #&7 ,%3" %) $1" ,542:", 5#3" $%;"$1"4 $%
!23/ 1#<2&; 5%3" )4%3 ="4>,#0"3? @%A A1"& $1"+ ,#A ,%3"
%) !2, 72,52-0", "#$ :4"#7 A2$1 7")20"7/ $1#$ 2,/ A2$1 >&A#,1"7
1#&7,/ $1"+ )%>&7 )#>0$? B%4 $1" 91#42,"", #&7 #00 $1" ="A, 7%
&%$ "#$ >&0",, $1"+ A#,1 $1"24 1#&7, 2& # ,-"52#0 A#+/ 1%072&;
$1" $4#72$2%& %) $1" "07"4,? C1"& $1"+ 5%3" )4%3 $1"
3#4."$-0#5"/ $1"+ 7% &%$ "#$ >&0",, $1"+ A#,1? D&7 $1"4" #4"
3#&+ %$1"4 $12&;, A1251 $1"+ 1#<" 4"5"2<"7 #&7 1%07/ 02." $1"
A#,12&; %) 5>-,/ -2$51"4,/ 5%--"4 <",,"0,/ #&7 5%>51",' (Mark
7:4). Cleanllness ls a very lmporLanL parL of hyglene. Powever,