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Text Speech

Assalamualaikum and good morning to the honourable principal, fellow teachers and
beloved friends.
Learning another language is not an easy process and it takes time to master it
especially English. Why English? Why we MUST learn English?
My dear friends,
Learning English is important and being able to speak English well may be the best
thing you can do improve your life. When you can speak, read, and write in English, it will
give many benefits to you. For example, you will finally be able to understand the lyrics of
your favourite English song and you could be singing along to your favourite English songs.
Other than that, you will be able to watch your favourite English film such as The Avengers,
Frozen and more without depend on Malays subtitle.
Knowing English will turn you to a person that can live anywhere and be able to
speak to anyone. Why? Because English is the language of communication especially when
you are travelling. Isnt it amazing that you can overcome all communications challenges no
matter wherever you go .You also can have friends from all over the world when you know
English ! In addition, learning in English will help you to get a better job. Being able to put
excellent knowledge of English on your resume can help you to get your dream job. All in
all, English makes you a more powerful person and knowing English gives you a great
As we know, this week is the English week for our school. English Language Society
will be conducting English Week this whole week to promote English as a fun subject and
language to learn. There are many activities will be held during this week such as Spelling
Bee, Scrabble, Choir Competition, Drama Competition, Open-Mic Karaoke and many more. I
hope that with your participation in these activities, it can increase your confidence in using
English as other spoken language.
Dear friends,
Activities that will be happen during English Week are:

Monday - For today, we will have Spelling Bee competition in Form 6 Lecture, If you want
to join this competition, you can register your group (3 members in a group) at open hall by
8.00 am.
Tuesday - After that, on Tuesday, we will have Essay is Fun seminar for Form
5sp,5sc and 5i in Bilik Kejuruteraan. If you love to play Scrabble and want to join our
Scrabble competition, you can register yourself at Open Hall and the competition will start at
7.30 am.
Wednesday- Love to sing? On Wednesday, we will have choir competition and the
competition is in Form 6 Lecture Hall. With pleasure, all classes can join this competition.
Thursday- After Choir Competition, we will have Drama competition on Thursday at
Open Hall and on this day, we also will have an Open-Mic Karaoke, those who love to sing,
you can come to Form 6 Lecture Hall.
Friday- On Friday, we will have Closing Ceremony and we will announce the
winner for all competitions that we have organised
So, do participate to improve your English and be a powerful person! Lot of great prizes to be
won! Thank you.