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[ What ]

A concept of integration of different functions

and services.

/ Containing and Communicating as the main


/ Containing in terms of storaging general

personal stuff + additional useful tools

/ Communicating in terms of selfexpression +

getting in contact with other people’s interests
and needs.
[ Why ]

From the observation on the spot some crucial

findings came out.

/ Exixstance of private little ‘home sweet home’

areas in hidden places

/ Domestic use of lockers

/ Informal occupation of public space

/ Undervisibility of the messages posted on

billboards due to organisation and location
[ Who ]

‘The Nomad’

/ Not for a specif target, but for an attitude

/ A nomad is a wanderer with no fixed residence

who roams about getting in contact with other

/ The C3 user has his own stuff, but he actually

spend most of his time in a collective place and
he needs a way to feel more comfortable and
safe in an unpersonal space
[ How ] 4
pay for temporary use



Collective Functional
place Boxes


pay for
A.D. space
cost of


STUDENT AND Advertisment
PROFESSOR of Sponsors
ve deposti for rent

Rechage Box

Microwave and


5 Informational

sitting places
[ E.g. ]

1. 2. 3
Paolo, 23 arrives as usual preatty While attending the lessons Paolo After lesson Paolo goes t

early at the Campus. Before lesson loves to put down his ideas with meet Alan. Since C3 has b

he needs to pick up his locker and sketches so he always brings his lunch time there are often

his personal space he founds a portable locker in class where he the microwaves, reading

message from Alan telling that usually storages all the tools he at the billboard or just s

they will meet at the locker’s needs to draw. resting for a while. Fortun

station for lunch. cube where to wait.

3. 4. 5.
to the locker’s station to When Alan arrives his laptop is It’s Friday and Paolo brings his

been put at the Campus at very low in power, so he picks a locker home to draw during the

many people there, using ‘charger’ box. As usual there is weekend. Alan does not have a

g at the messages posted no free class to work and they locker, he prefers to take the few

sitting on the bench and arrange their stuff on the floor. things he needs always with him.

nately Paolo has his own Also Paolo’s laptop needs some But before leaving the Campus

power. He easily connects it to he goes to the locker’s station to

the box and they start working on leave a message to a friend.

their groupwork.
[ C3 ]

The Produ
-> fixed st
[ C3 ]

The Produ
-> portab
ble cube
[ C3 ]

Possible com
[Personalisation ]

PB teen

Design Ideas™
Find out more at POLISHOP BOVISA
via Durando, 10
piano terra
tel 02 2399 7830
[ Why C3 should be successful ]

to the external

Integration Community
of different feeling enhanced
functions through sharing
/ improval of the service and extra
revenues for Politecnico

/ money for the Investor without any


/ facilitations everyday’s life at the / deposit of money for a service that is

Campus for the user now for free

/ new and more effective advertising / management and organisation to let

channel for companies the system work properly

/ more visibility for Politecnico also / maintenance (free shared objects

outside the Campus might be damaged)

/ new typology of lockers by totally / no interest for extra features

implementing their function

/ efficient tool to answer to identified / confusion if used inappropriately


/ access for external companies to / no revenues if users only interested

the Campus through a new channel in free and common services
for communication
[ Today /Tomorrow / Future ]

Before C3 With C3
/ Each locker looks the / Each locker is
same creating a boring personalised and creates
scene at the Campus a little ‘world in the world’
/ I have to carry around all / I can storage all my stuff
my stuff in hand or with in my box and carry it
my one case easily wherever I need
/ Groups of people arrange / Working in public space
themselves on the floor becomes easier and more
to work in public place and comfortable
/ Messages posted on / Informations are easier
billboards are always a accessible and clearly
mess organised
/ No way to have a warm / Quality of ‘lunch time’
meal brought from home experience is improved
Future Developments
/ Standardisation of all
locker’s system in the
/ Lockers might be bought
and become a souvenir
/ Billboards will turn in
to digital screens and a
software will manage the
/ Locker stations although
in public spaces not
necessary related to
accademic institutions
[ Mengni Yuan / Victor Marino / Virginia Hechtel / Wei Lin / Xiaohan Mei ]