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Gazette Date: 15.12.

Last Date: 16.01.2013
Category No: 637/2012
Applications must be submitted online through the Official website of the commission after ONE
TIME REGISTRATION! "andidates who ha#e alread$ registered can appl$ through their
%! &epartment ' Education
(! Name of )ost ' *) School Assistant +Tamil, Medium,
-! Scale of pa$ '
` %%./(01(0.(2031
2! No!of #acancies ' &istrict wise
&hee#ara 1( +Two,
Applications submitted b$ candidates belonging to the communities other than those
notified will be summaril$ re4ected! No re4ection memo will be issued!

Separate Ran5ed list will be prepared for Idu55i district in pursuance of this notification!
Ran5ed *ist thus prepared and published as per this notification shall remain in force
until candidates are ad#ised and appointed against the #acancies earmar5ed for the abo#e
communit$. but remain unfilled due to paucit$ of candidates during the currenc$ of the
Ran5ed *ist published for the post in the following district!
Na#e o$ D"str"%t Date o$ &'("%at"o)
o$ *a)!ed L"st
Category No.
Idu55i %63063(0%0 /-3(00/

Reser#ation communit$ candidates shall submit application for the post to the concerned
district officers where the #acanc$ is e7isting for their respecti#e communit$ and note the
name of that district against the rele#ant column of the online application! Application
should not be submitted to more than one district in response to this notification ! If
applications are submitted contrar$ to the abo#e direction and if he3she is selected. his3her
name will be remo#ed from the Ran5ed *ist and disciplinar$ action will be ta5en against
+i#, The selection in pursuance of this notification will be made on a re#enue district basis.
sub4ect to the special conditions laid down in GO+Ms, No! %8239%3)& dated. (9!08!%:9%!
A candidate ad#ised for appointment in one re#enue district from the Ran5ed *ist prepared
is not eligible for transfer to another district! E#en if transfer is allowed after fi#e $ears. it
will be sub4ect to the rules in GO+MS, No!23/%3)& dated. (!%!%:/%! "andidates alread$ in
Go#ernment ser#ice holding this post in an$ one district are prohibited from appl$ing again
for this post. but the$ can appl$ to higher posts when notified!
8! Method of appointment ' &irect Recruitment +from candidates belonging to
&hee#ara communit$ onl$,
/! Age *imit ' %612-! Onl$ candidates born between 0(!0%!%:/:
and 0%!0%!%::2 +both dates included, are eligible to
appl$ for this post in the case of &hee#ara
communit$! ;including the rela7ation as per para (
+i, of General "onditions<
Note' For conditions regarding other age relaxation please see para 2 of the General
Conditions. Except para 2 (i)
9! =ualifications'
%,A pass in SS*" E7amination conducted b$ the "ommissioner for Go#t! E7aminations.
>erala or its e?ui#alent!
A pass in )re1degree e7amination conducted b$ an$ of the @ni#ersities in >erala or an$
e7aminations recogniAed b$ an$ such @ni#ersities in >erala as e?ui#alent to )re1degree
A pass in Bigher Secondar$ E7amination conducted b$ the Coard of Bigher Secondar$
E7aminations. >erala or an$ other e7aminations. recogniAed b$ Go#ernment as
e?ui#alent thereto
(,A pass in TT" +Tamil, E7amination conducted b$ the "ommissioner for Go#t!
E7aminations. >erala!
Note'1 +i, In the absence of candidates with TT" +Tamil, of >erala candidates with TT"
+Tamil, of Madras or candidates with &iploma in Teacher Education +Regular, of
Tamil Nadu Go#ernment shall be considered for appointment!
+ii, "andidates possessing C!Ed ?ualification need not appl$ for this post!
+iii, =uestion paper for the written test. if an$ will be in Tamil ! The "andidates should
answer the ?uestions in Tamil!
i, )reference will be gi#en as laid down in G!O!+MS, No!803903)& dated %(!(!90 and
G!O!+MS,No!:3963G!Edn!dated (%!%!96 to the wi#es of Dawans in the matter of
recruitment as Teachers. if the$ possess the prescribed ?ualifications! Soldiers in
acti#e ser#ice and those wor5ing in Case establishment are included under the
terms of Dawans! Ei#es of Dawans should note in the application that the$ are
wi#es of Dawans! Such candidates should obtain proper certificates from the
Officer commanding stating the name. Militar$ ran5 and Militar$ address of their
husbands and produce the same as and when re?uired b$ the "ommission +G!O!
+MS, No! 80:3/23Edn! &ated %:!:!%:/2. G!O!+MS, No! /%23/83Edn! &ated
0:!%%!/8 and G!O!+MS, No!(2-3 //3Edn! &ated (9!8!//,
ii, First "lass Scouts and Guides will be gi#en preference in the matter of
appointment as Teachers +G!O!+MS, No!%((3983G!Edn! dated (9!08!%:98 and
GO+MS, No! 803903)& dated %(30(3%:90,
Note'1 The candidates who claim concessions on the basis of an$ of the abo#e reason shall
mentioned in para ( of the general conditions should state Are $ou eligible for age
rela7ation as $es on the online application and gi#e details in the space following!
Otherwise the applications are liable to be re4ected presuming that the$ are o#er aged
candidates! @pper age limit after allowing the rela7ation as per rule should not e7ceed 80
$ears of age! +See para ( of General "onditions,
:! Mode of submitting applications'
"andidates shall register as per GONE TIME REGISTRATION G s$stem on the Official
Eebsite of >erala )ublic Ser#ice "ommission Gwww!5eralapsc!orgG for appl$ing for the post!
"andidates who ha#e registered shall appl$ b$ logging in to their profile using their @ser1 I&
and password! "andidates shall clic5 on the GAppl$ NowG button of the respecti#e posts in the
Notification lin5 for appl$ing for a post! No application fee is re?uired! "andidates can #iew and
ha#e a print1out of the details in the profile b$ clic5ing the lin5 Registration "ard. if re?uired!
"andidates are responsible for the correctness of the personal information and secrec$ of password!
Cefore appl$ing for a post. candidates must ensure correctness of the information in their profile!
The$ must ?uote the @ser1 I& for further communication with the "ommission! Applications once
submitted will be recei#ed as pro#isional and particulars shall not be deleted or altered after
submission! Applications submitted not in accordance with the conditions of the notification will
be summaril$ re4ected! &ocuments to pro#e ?ualification. e7perience . communit$. age etc! ha#e
to be produced as and when called for !
%0! *ast date for receipt of applications ' %/30%3(0%- Eednesda$ upto
%( midnight
%%! Address to which applications are to be submitted 'www!5eralapsc!org!
%( If a written test 3OMR test is conducted as part of the selection. hall tic5et of eligible
candidates will be made a#ailable in the website of the >erala )ublic Ser#ice "ommission!
"andidates are instructed to download their hall tic5ets as per the instructions in the
+For details. including )hoto. I& etc! please see the General "onditions gi#en ,
&.C +INO,
0.*ALA &1+LIC -.*2IC. CO33I--ION