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Arts and Humanities (AH)

The Arts and Humanities (AH) electives deal with subjects under literature, visual and performing arts,
communication, and language and cultural studies. They explore the foundations of human civilization
and its growth throughout time, using various analytical, exploratory and critical methods of study. The
AH domain holds the most number of GEs available. These subjects will open your eyes to a world full of
wonders of human imagination, ingenuity and creativity. Plenty of paperwork and readings, by the way
(though tests are mostly subjective)!

Course Code
and Number
Course Title Course Description Personal Feedback
Aral Pil 12*
Suroy-suroy sa
Wika, Panitikan at
Kultura sa mga isla
ng Luzon, Visayas
at Mindanao.
Delving into Philippine literature and
how it helped mold our culture and
This coursell help you appreciate the
unique diversity of the Filipino culture.
Youll learn many things about our
language and literature which are usually
overlooked in high school. May Field trip
din ito, kaso depende sa sem (Yay!)
Art Stud 1 Art & Society
Understanding the social aspects of art,
and the artistic aspects of the society
The main focus here is the evolution of art
throughout the ages and how these
changes reflect our society (and vice
versa). Art Stud 1 is neither an art
appreciation nor an art production class,
and youll probably need a little bit of
passion in interpreting or analyzing art in
order to enjoy this course.
Art Stud 2
Art Around Us:
Everyday Life
Art of/in relation with social matters
encountered in everyday experiences.
(Nope, it's not about drawing or
This is an art appreciation class, so no
artistic talent required! Here youll get to
know about the simple yet unlikely
applications of art (like sa food culture,
econonics, cyberspace, psychology, etc.)
Minsan may field trip pa, depende sa prof.
BC 10
Radio & Television:
Fundamentals of radio and television
broadcasting (for dummies!)
Here, youll discuss about the basics of
radio and television broadcasting. Its
more of an introductory course than a
how-to course, but youll still get to do
some broadcasting workshops.
Comm 3**
Practical Speech
Crash-course in public speaking and
presenting to an audience (without
fainting!). All in English of course!
Comm 3 will help you hone your public
speaking skills. Youll tackle various
theories and topics under communication
which will help you when it comes to one-
on-one talks, group conversations and
even large forums. Kung mahina ang boses
mo at nahihiya magsalita sa harap ng mga
tao, mawawala agad-agad yan dito
CW 10**
Creative Writing
for Beginners
Foundations of prose- and poetry-
writing (or, how to start writing like a
In this course, all you need is a little bit of
creativity and lots of imagination! There
are plenty of readings required, but thisll
help you learn about the different writing
styles as well as some useful tips and
tricks in writing. (Pro tip: write, write,
write as much as you can!)
Eng 1**
Basic College
A run-through of essay-writing from
the topic sentence to the conclusion
Essay-writing is the centerpiece of this GE.
You will learn about the writing process,
from making a thesis statement to writing
the actual essay. Eng 1 is equivalent to
Comm 1, so only one course will be
credited for the GE requirement.
Eng 10**
College English
The essentials of research writing and
a critical study of its forms (always cite
your references and no to plagiarism
This is mainly about research writing, so
expect lots of visits to the library or the
Internet for online databases. Youll learn
how to write reaction papers, reports,
concept papers and position papers. Its
practically the writing counterpart of
Comm 3, albeit being more formal.
Eng 11**
Literature &
Literature and its contributions to the
society as well as our individuality
Book lovers rejoice! Dito, youll realize just
how much the world was shaped by
literature since time immemorial. There
are even some mind-blowing discussions
during class!
Eng 12** World Literatures
The study of world-renowned literary
works throughout the ages (unleash
the inner bibliophile in you!)
Classical book lovers rejoice! Youll
encounter the various works and
masterpieces of literary legends. This
course is great for those who love reading
the works of Homer, Shakespeare, Poe,
Kafka, Bronte sisters, Tagore, etc.
Eng 30**
English for the
Principles of technical writing and its
applications in the industries (write
like a boss/CEO!)
More on technical writing siya so wala
masyadong readings. You get a chance to
create resumes, business letters and
experience mock job interviews. This is
highly recommended for us engineers
because it prepares us for the real world.
EL 50
European Cultures
& Civilizations
How Europe changed the face of the
world one civilization at a time
You wont necessarily be taught on how to
speak Euro languages here. Instead, youll
talk about the origins of these languages
and how they contributed to the growth of
other languages and civilizations in the
FA 28*
Arts in the
Making art, Pinoy-style!
This is an art production course. Youll be
taught on how to make your own
masterpieces on the various forms of
Philippine arts and crafts (e.g. pottery,
lantern-making, basket weaving, etc.).
Take this during first sem for a chance to
participate in the lantern parade!
FA 30 Art Pleasures
The fine art of enjoying art (need we
say more?)
An art appreciation course. You'll study
about some of the most famous works and
artists, as well as the schools of thought
during the artistic movements. If you dont
like art, this course will help you fully
appreciate it!
Fil 25
Mga Ideya at
A critical and investigative approach of
the techniques used in select works
about art and science using Filipino
(Warning: this is an extreme Filipino
writing class!!)
Youll encounter lots of paperwork here
(mainly comprised of reaction and report
essays). But its quite fun since youll be
given a new perspective towards the
critical analysis of formal literature using
Fil 40*
Wika, Kultura at
The Filipino language, and how it gave
identity to the Philippines
If in high school, you discussed mostly
about the grammar rules, diction, and
syntax and semantics of Filipino, here
youll learn about the relationship
between our language and our civilization,
and also a few things about our dialects.
Its like looking at the bigger picture of
the Filipino language.
Film 10 Sineng Sine
Film-making as both an art and a
recreation (create your own Academy
award-winning film in just one sem!)
The fundamentals of film-making (from
scriptwriting to the actual filming) will be
discussed here. It is fun because its
unique compared to the other GEs, but its
quite heavy. Take THE Ramon Bautista for
a more awesome Film 10 experience!!
*May be taken to satisfy the Philippine studies requirement (6 units)
**May be taken to satisfy the English Communication/Writing skills requirement (9 units)

Note: We can only take 3 units of College English (Eng 1 or Eng 10) and 3 units of English Literature course ( Eng 11 or Eng