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Law & Order
VOL 8 NO.683
These are indicative rates based on results of daily surveys of
the foreign exchange market in Monrovia and its environs. The
rates are collected from the Forex Bureaux and the commercials
banks. The rates are not set by the Central Bank of Liberia.
Research, Policy and Planning Department,
Central Bank Liberia,
Monrovia, Liberia
SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 13 , 2014 L$84.00/US$1 L$85.00/US$1
L$84.00/US$1 L$85.00/US$1
L$85.00/US$1 L$84.00/US$1
EBOLA - pg.6
Court Denies Grace Minors
Motion To Drop Case

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EBOLA Education

One woman is taking charge of educating children
in her community - one kid at a time
Deputy Director-General, RCI , Lead
Presenter, The Truth Breakfast Show
(Tbs) Writes Speaker Over Montserrado
County District Eleven Representative
Gabriel Nyekan
Doctors Without Borders Distributing
Hygiene Kits to Liberian communities


Family of Fallen Miss Liberia 2009/2010 lose more
relatives, Others Still Quarantine amid cremation fears
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Tuesday, September 23, 2014
Rodney D. Sieh, - Photos by Gregory Stemm
he no longer commands an artillery unit or security
operations at the Roberts International Airport but far
away from her homeland, Liberia, Martina Johnsons
hideout was exposed after authorities in Gent, Belgium
picked her up last week.
Johnson, a former front line Commander of Charles Taylors
National Patriotic Front of Liberia (NPFL) of Charles Taylor was
arrested and indicted by a Belgian Judge for her direct implication
in alleged war crimes and crimes against humanity including
mutilation and mass killing committed in Liberia during the civil
war in 1990.
More importantly, sources closed to the effort to nab Johnson told
FrontPageAfrica that Johnsons arrest and detention could fnally
solve the mystery surrounding the killing of fve American nuns
during the now- infamous Octopus raid in October 1990.
Operation Octopus began on Oct. 15, 1992, when Taylor's
forces attacked positions of a West African peacekeeping force,
ECOMOG. The assault was led by intoxicated boys and teenagers
who were unpaid, but were given permission to loot Monrovia,
according to Human Rights Watch.
The fve nuns were engaged in humanitarian work in Liberia when
they were murdered by rebels believed to have belonged to the
NPFL. They were members of the Adorers of the Blood of Christ
and had been missing for more than a week prior to the shooting.
Four student Liberian nuns were also killed along with the American
sisters, according to the Vatican at the time. On Monday, Cheryl
Wittenauer Communications Director, for the Adorers of the Blood
of Christ in St. Louis, Missouri said the organization would not be
making any comment at this time regarding the new development.
The nuns were caught in the middle of fghting near Gardnersville
after the NPFL launched a new offensive on Oct. 15. "The safety
and welfare of the wounded and the defenseless motivated them
and were their only concerns in the midst of war," U.S. Ambassador
to Liberia William H. Twaddell said in a message to the sisters'
headquarters at the time.
The late Archbishop Michael K. Francis at the time said the nuns
were shot in two separate incidents. Two were killed on a roadside,
and three died in front of the convent where they had remained to
tend to war victims and orphans. Their bodies were never recovered.
The slain missionaries were Sister Barbara Ann Muttra, a nurse
from Springfeld, Ill., who frst went to Liberia in 1971; Sister
Agnes Mueller, a nurse and teacher of Bartelso, Ill.; Sister Kathleen
McGuire, a teacher from Ridgway, Ill.; and Sisters Shirley and
Mary Joel Kolmer, frst cousins and teachers from Waterloo, Ill.
The nuns, who were committed to helping Liberians that they
returned to Monrovia in mid-1991 after feeing the violence there
in 1990, worked at a compound in Gardnersville, a suburb of
Monrovia, according to the headquarters of the order in Red Bud,
Sister Mildred Gross, head of the order, told the Washington Post
at the time that the missionaries, all in their 50s and 60s, "actually
wanted to go back because they felt very committed to the mission
of the church and the people." She had last spoken to the women by
telephone on Oct. 2.
The area was reportedly under the control of Johnson, whose forces
were responsible for manning posts.
Taylor denied on numerous occasions that his troops were
responsible for the killings. He even made a special broadcast in
the killings aftermath in which he stated that it was not clear what
happened to the nuns and insisted that his forces did not control
the area around their convent. "It is really no-man's-land, so it is
anybody's guess what has happened to those nuns," he said at the
He would tell prosecutors at his war crimes trial, almost a decade
later that the matter was investigated when it happened but nothing
materialized. The Government of the United States raised that
issue, we had it investigated and it remained an issue today that
was determined that actually it could not be said with any certainty
that the NPFL killed those nuns. They died in crossfre and thats
the information that was circulated between the Government of the
United States and I will like to see anything to the contrary, Taylor
told the court
The killings were slammed as cowardice by the U.S. State
Department at the time which expressed shock and by the deaths as
pressure mounted on all factions to engage in an immediate cease-
fre and to "resume serious negotiations to end the civil war."
Johnsons arrest marks the frst time an alleged Liberian perpetrator
has been criminally charged for crimes under international law
committed in Liberia during the frst civil war. The investigation
and arrest was possible under Belgian law as Martina Johnson lives
in Belgium. It is the frst arrest ever for war crimes and crimes
against humanity allegedly committed during the 1st Liberian civil
war (1989-1996)
Civitas Maxima who has been working since 2012 with the
Global Justice and Research Project (GJRP) based in Monrovia
to document crimes committed during the war and fnd avenues
for criminal accountability wrote and fled a criminal complaint
against Martina Johnson on behalf of 3 Liberian victims in 2012.
The complaint says Liberian victims implicated Johnson as having
participated directly in mutilation and mass killing in late 1992
during the Operation Octopus, an infamous military offensive by
the NPFL of Charles Taylor on the capital Monrovia that left scores
of civilians dead. Many civilians were targeted because of their
affliation to certain ethnic groups including the Mandingos and the
Krahns perceived as antithetical to the NPFLs interests.
Investigators say the arrest signals an important phase in ending
impunity in Liberia.
In Sierra Leone, a Special Court was established as a result of the
1999 Lome Peace Agreement. This agreement established the
framework for a Special Court and the Truth and Reconciliation
Commission. The 1993 Accra Peace Agreement for Liberia did
not contain provision for a Special Court but rather the Truth and
Reconciliation Commission. The report of the Liberia TRC has
been controversial and implementation has been virtually absent.
However, legal experts say, international law provides and various
countries have accepted obligations to prosecute individuals who
are alleged to have committed war crimes and crimes against
humanity to face prosecution wherever they are found. There
should be no hiding place for such violators.
Several countries like the United States, Belgium, Netherlands and
many others have spare no efforts in fulflling these obligations
under international law. The US Government recently enforced
sanctions against key government offcials of the Liberian
Government denying entry in the United States. Netherlands, few
years ago, arrested and tried Gus Kouvehouven, the former owner
of hotel Africa. Belgium pursued some Congolese and it appears
that this is increasingly becoming the trend internationally.
FrontPageAfrica recently reported that the United States Head of
Global Crimes and Justice, Stephen Rapp, was traveling around
marshaling support in this area. Liberian has witnessed the arrest
of Mr. Tom Woewiyu, for Defense Spokesman of the NPFL.
Key Witness Holds Key
The arrest of Martina Johnson seems to have sent shockwaves
in many quarters indicating the seriousness attached to the new
mission of international criminal justice. The cost of establishing
national institutions like the Special Court on Sierra Leone and the
limited result is convincing that domestic legal systems could be
best suited and less expensive to deal with such issues.
Johnson was reportedly arrested in Belgium after a period of
evidence gathering. There are reports that the evidence is extensive
ranging from operations Octopus when the fve Catholic Nuns
were killed in the Barnesville Area to the killing a Dutch National
who was also killed during that period. There are reports that the
investigation concerning the nuns was discontinued because a key
witness under protection has abandoned this status. However, the
case was reactivated along with several other cases. There are also
indications that some looted items have been discovered in the
possession of some individuals who were allegedly involved with
the killing of the nuns and the Dutch lady.
Investigator say there seems to be no hiding place for those who
think they escaped justice for crimes committed in Liberia. With
the lack of clarity surrounding the mission of the US Team in
Liberia, one might not know whether such mandate could extend to
the arrest and transport of alleged war criminals, a source closed
to the investigation told FPA Monday.

Photos by Gregory Stemm
Tuesday, September 23, 2014 Page 3
Dr. Yossef Ben-Meir, Contributing Writer
THE UNITED STATES of America is in pole position, where it
belongs in helping West African nations hit hardest by the deadly
Ebola virus, recover from an outbreak killing citizens in Liberia,
Guinea and Sierra Leone in large numbers.
MANAGEMENT OF THE CRISIS in the countries widely hit
has drawn criticisms from many and an opportunity for countries
feeling lesser impact to avoid the pitfalls that led Liberia down
a spiral slope of an outbreak that has infected more than 5000
persons in Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea and Nigeria and killed
more than 2,600 people across West Africa. More than half the
deaths have occurred in Liberia. Half of those numbers represent
deaths in Liberia alone.
NIGERIA HAS DECLARED itself Ebola free, weeks after
Patrick Sawyer, a Liberian-American took the virus to
Africas most populous nation and the countrys handling of
the outbreak has drawn commendation from the World Health
during an Emergency session of the United Nations Security
Council on Ebola, last Thursday urged participants to take a cue
from the stable conditions in Nigeria and Senegal.
CHAN SAID the disease which could be contained will take
some time but those two countries have put the mechanisms
in order to curb further spread. It will take some time, but the
Ebola outbreak can be contained. Look at the stable situation
in Nigeria and Senegal, Ms. Chan said. She said the outbreak
which has affected fve West African countries is likely the
greatest peacetime challenge that the UN and its agencies have
ever faced, with reports showing that over 5000 people have been
infected with the disease that has killed over 2,500 others.
IN LIBERIA, lack of transparency and accountability has been
cited as a key reason for the slow recovery which now requires
the help of the worlds major powers to help restore sanity and
put the post-war country back on the path to recovery.
BUSINESSES HAVE been at a standstill, hotels have become
ghosts towns, villages deserted and bodies piling up as Liberians
are now dropping like fies after fallen prey to the menacing virus.
SADLY, SCORES of families have been rejected from treatment
centers due to lack of space, images of which have sent heartaches
around the world.
A TASK FORCE set up to deal with the outbreak has
underperformed and is yet to explain how it expended US$5
million dollars, part of governments own contribution to curbing
further spread.
THIS IS WHY WE are hopeful that the arrival of some 3,000 U.S.
troops will mark the start of a resurgence of some sorts that will
fll up hotels again, open businesses and change the dynamics of
the economic outlook.
THE WHITE HOUSE must be commended for submitting a
budget reprogramming request of $500 million last week which
could push the Pentagon spending to fght the disease as high as
$1 billion. On Sunday, a cargo plane out of New York arrived in
Liberia with the largest single private airlift to fght Ebola to date
C-17 U.S. MILITARY transport aircraft already made to trips
to Monrovia, the frst last Wednesday carrying Army Maj.
Gen. Darryl Williams, who will command Operation United
Assistance, along with a team of 12 military personnel to conduct
site surveys and planning for construction of Ebola treatment
units in Liberia.
LAST THURSDAY, another C-17 with a forklift and other heavy
equipment, accompanied by a crew of seven arrived. Two more
C-17s with 45 troops arrived on Sunday to begin establishing
command headquarters.
ACCORDING TO THE PENTAGON, the team is evaluating
whats required to sustain a six-month military mission in the
country a term that could be extended.
BUT THE CHALLENGES of dealing with the outbreak remains
enormous. In Guinea for example, violence against health care
workers is scaring some away after six suspects were arrested
Leadership Role Undertaken In
Liberia, West Africa, Long Overdue
But Welcome By Liberians
he condition of mutually enforcing bottom-
up social development movements and
enabling top-down laws, policies and
treaties, assist ever more people and groups
in coming-together to achieve the change they seek.
It should be clear that if peace is to exist among
humanity it is refected in local circumstances and local
conditions. After all, we as people directly experience
the degrees of peace in society, and we affect its
presence by our individual and group behavior.
For peace to thrive at the communal level, an age-
old paradox needs to be reconciled, namely that
the interests of both individuals and groups are not
antagonistic, where one is achieved at the expense
of the other, but instead are interwoven and satisfed
through participatory planning methods and project
These development methods require third party
facilitation, frstly to draw out the perceptions and
priorities of the local participants, including young
and old, women and men, those who have and those
who have less, and secondly to build partnerships with
local government, civil and business agencies.
The development projects that emerge from this
democratic process assist local people in two ways
by helping to work through their differences
(incorporating confict management approaches), and
advancing their socio-economic and environmental
The projects work against people experiencing
alienation because they no longer devote their days
to activities from which they do not gain justifable
benefts and are therefore inconsistent with their
fundamental interests. Projects promote peace
through meeting peoples self-determined needs
while satisfying community development objectives.
Social and personal needs having been met in this
way, through popular participation in community
development, peace is given a framework most
favorable to its growth and scaling up.
In the context of national and international conficts,
what is interesting is that the same methodology
still applies, but can occur among representatives
and leaders of the groups in confict. The process,
however, does not begin with - but merges into - joint
development planning. At the outset, there needs to
be an expression of past experiences and diffculties
followed by an acknowledgement of those occurrences
and, where appropriate, an apology. This kind of
confdence-building dialogue must, moreover, be
carried out in a spirit of reconciliation.
Thus conditions favorable to peace are created whereby
the parties can coexist and reap tangible benefts from
their mutual contact. Crucially, in order to promote
actual peace, all of this must result in sustainable
development for all the people.
Are there Sunnis and Shiites whose communities are
side by side or are integrated, where these processes
could build unity and avoid spiraling of distrust?
Can Israelis and Palestinians meet together and
express what they must, acknowledge what they must
and advance human development that enables not only
Palestinian political but also economic independence?
Can neighbors who are not in confict but nevertheless
are not in communication meet together in a meaningful
way to forge an action plan and thereby advance their
local development?
The net result of such localized occurrences is the
spreading of the umbrella of peace over ever-larger
geographical areas - federating upwards. At the same
time, national and global leaders who establish charters
that actively encourage and necessitate community
meetings and sub-national development based on the
popular common will, prepare the way for peaceful
conditions on the ground from their top-level positions
of responsibility.
Conducive macro policies promote civil society,
experiential learning and participatory development
training. Governments, responsible corporations and
donors should have funding programs so designed that
support the range of educational, health, economic and
environmental initiatives that are locally prioritized -
with the main criteria being that they are community-
identifed and driven.
True peace - the kind that steers our present and future
and that responds to our hearts calling - therefore
lies in the hands of all of us since its fruition requires
actions at every societal level but which support local
community control of projects intended to beneft
them. Moreover - and encouragingly - the goal of
world peace can be operationalized, can have a budget,
can have training workshops and has commenced. It
now only requires a global rallying to support popular
participation in the development that will change the
lives of individuals and communities.
Dr. Yossef Ben-Meir is president of the nonproft High
Atlas Foundation which does development work in
in the killings of eight people who were on an Ebola education
campaign. The victims were attacked by villagers armed with rocks
and knives. The dead included three local journalists.
IN SIERRA LEONE, the countries six million population have been
confned to their homes for three days as the country began what
the BBC described as the most sweeping lockdown against disease
since the Middle Ages.
IN SPITE OF THE CRITICISMS, America has done more than
expected and taken the lead role in helping West Africa keep a
menacing virus at bay. But they cannot and should not be relied on
to carry this burden alone.
THE SUCCESSFUL methods applied in Senegal and Nigeria and
the robust and aggressive assault in Sierra Leone should be a model
many, including Liberia can take a cue from in ensuring that the
virus is contained.
WE MUST NOT and should not continue repeating the same
mistakes made that have brought grief and heartbreaks to so many
families, friends and loved ones. America and the rest of the world
cannot commit the resources of their countries on dollars of their
taxpayers forever. There are numerous problems around the world
which demand attention and assistance. The sooner we can contain
this deadly Ebola outbreak, the better our lives can be.
NO ONE EXPECTED this and Liberia in particularly, was obviously
not prepared for it. But we have certainly learned a painful lesson in
leadership that should serve as a painful reminder for the future. It
is too bad that so many families are mourning and countless others
have gone to their early graves. How much more can one nation,
recovering from more than a decade of civil war take? But most
importantly, at what cost?
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Tuesday, September 23, 2014
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The Reader's Page
The scenario doesn't seem to change. The poor hungry sick
African, the benevolent white worker who becomes the center of
international media attention. While we welcome Samaritan Purse,
MSF and the Red Cross, Liberian professionals must be at the
forefront of the fght against Ebola. Dr Jerry Brown and your heroic
team continue your good work! Even in the midst of tragedy you
make Liberia proud.
Martin Kpahn, why do you want Liberian professionals in the
forefront? To sell more buckets? $ 8 per plate of food, what are
they feeding them, flet mignon(steak/beef)?
Liberians need to be protected not from Ebola but from their
leaders. And not only from leaders. From all the weakened people
that surrounding them. All the international aids will be short
because only an insignifcant percentage will reach to the people.
Most of the aids will be sealed by shameless people who suppose
to distribute. Some of them start to advertise their business right
on FPA comments. I never agreed the idea to send UN troupes to
content the outbreak but is seems like is the only solution. One day,
I told to youth leader of Kokoya I want to create an educational and
entertainment center for the children of town. All on my expenses.
He replied me frst I must buy 20 bags of cement for his house.
And he have thousands of rubber threes plantation. How far the
ruthless can reach in this country? I know a lot of good, honest
and well educated people who really want to do something for
Liberia. But they are not accepted into government institutions.
Even the Comiun people don't appreciate them. Because Liberians
appreciate more the reach people than honest ones. I surprised to
hear people who had a job in police or government and they never
stole are considered stupid.
There are many structures in Liberia owned by the government
that could be converted with some outside help quickly for these
patients. Please let us think out of the box, the mere fact that
these people are sick and laying on the ground does not help their
situation. To those stealing the supplies to sell, you will defnitely
feel the wrath of God. and to the Honorable Senator you should
have that person arrested instead of buying the buckets.
Joe Cassell, are you reading this or you are busy looking for
distractions? What happened to the catering contract? Which
one of your friends is charging dying people $8 a plate? WOW,
they even steal from dying people. Joe Cassell, you can't blame
it on government haters. Who has the power to award contracts?
What happened to all the beds donated by the Lebanese and Indian
communities? probable in the senators and government offcials
houses. Buckets donated are being sold and bought by the senators.
Ebola will not fnish if Liberians continue to steal.
Greetings: If the shop owner is stating that "they toilet here" and
sleeping there, is she referring to those who have the Ebola or what.
Did the reporter ask her ok, then who cleaned up the toilet and
other body fuids that she says she fnds in the area where she sells.
Has anyone been tehre from the Ebola response team to ask her
questions? If that is the case, then she is selling in an area, cooking
in an area and providing service in an area that may be already
contaminated? Am I missing something here? Regards Charles E.
King, Former Deputy Director of Police for CID Affairs, RL.
Charles E. King, you might want to go back and review sub-topic
'Rejected' Stones Roam the night' in the article. The frst two
paragraphs might provide you with some answers. Particularly, The
statements from Betty Zarmie and Ma Zara. just as a pointer, the
second paragraph in the suggested topic for review begins as follow:
"As Ebola rescue workers clean feces and vomit from"...........You
will know who clean what, and to whom Zarmie and Zara were
Yes King, you are missing something here: it is obvious that the
shops owners contacted healthcare workers and they came....
The donations are being stolen by these greedy no use people! All
future donations may have to be air lifted and dropped directly into
the disaster centers by American helicopters. The greed of Liberians
in spite of all this disaster is phenomenal and unprecedented!!!
Unscrupulous people have no consciences!
Honorable J. Alex Tyler
House of Representatives
Capitol Hill
Monrovia, LIBERIA
Honorable Speaker of the National Legislature:
his communication serves to offcially bring to your attention
the following public comments made by Montserrado County
District Eleven Representative Gabriel Nyekan about my
person and my hard-earned reputation:
1. Rep Nyekan on Thursday, September 18, 2014 at a called
Press Conference at the Capitol Building referred to me as a jihadist
and ex-LURD fghter and splashed doubt on my Liberian citizenship;
2. At the same press briefng, he stated that there are court
records to established that I stole 40ft Container from the Freeport of
Monrovia where I served as Assistant Port Operations Manager for
Container Operations and that I was convicted for the crime;
3. Rep Nyekan told the Press Conference and mentioned on Sky
FM on Friday September 19, 2014 that my name is on the Ministry of
State payroll with a monthly pay of fve thousand United States dollars
(USD5,000.00); and
4. Rep Nyekan stated that he has evidence to substantiate all the
Mr. Speaker, while I hold that all the allegations are false and baseless,
I respectfully seek your intervention as Speaker of the House of
Representatives to initiate a process that would convince Rep Nyenkan
to make public all the pieces of evidence he claims to be in his possession
in relation to the allegations he spread in the public.
I harbor no doubt that my decision to seek your offcial intervention is
the frst course in seeking redress and the most civilized and acceptable
route to follow whenever a member of the House of Representatives
injures the dignity and integrity of any member of the society. Rep
Nyekans conduct is a novelty.
Ordinarily, Mr. Speaker, I wouldnt have given all the above allegations
any sense of serious consideration if they were uttered by an uninformed
man on the street. I fnd it excruciating and unacceptable for a member
of the First Branch of Government who is a component of our National
Political Leadership structure to emit obese lies bearing the potential to
impugn my name and subject me to infamy. The extent of the injury Rep
Nyekan caused my name and my person is strengthened by his political
stature. His utterance is a callous abuse of legislative respectability and a
disservice to the people whose mandate he holds as a legislator.
I dont want to waste time on his questioning of my identity as a Liberian;
that is a fruitless venture because his conduct projects no impact on the
legality of my citizenship in any regard. To use my name as a basis to
determine my citizenship is a total absurdity worthless of my precious
Referring to me as a jihadist is very sad. Jihad is associated with
Islam with a negative connotation because of its variant defnitions and
interpretations. It is not a complimentary word in the context in which
he spoke; it is highly derogatory and defaming. Using the word in this
context demonstrates his defciency in appreciating that our Country is
a post-crisis nation still struggling to survive the effects of our years
of war that had religious and tribal dimensions. In this regard, I fnd
it disturbing and painfully shocking for Rep Nyekan to make such
statements loaded with religious and tribal inclinations with the potential
to affect the sensitivity of Liberian Muslims and Mandingoes in general.
I cannot still digest the rationale and motive that fanned his anger to the
proportion of making such repugnant, false and demeaning comments
about me. That was so sad.
On the unfounded allegation that I receive a monthly pay of fve thousand
United States (USD5,000.00) from the Ministry of State, I think this
must claim the attention of the entire Legislature because its borders
on corruption. If Rep Nyekans wisdom is anything to absorb, the
Legislature must institute a probe to establish the veracity as it remains a
clear demonstration of misuse of state money on the part of the Ministry
of State for a non-Government employee to be on its payroll. The payroll
of all Government institutions is a product of legislative action through
the budgetary process of our Governance system. I strongly believe that
Rep Nyekan much heralded passion to fght corruption should force
him to lobby with colleague legislators for the Ministry of State to be
investigated for wasting state resources in such manner.
On the point of being an ex-LURD fghter who killed people during the
war, Rep Nyekan is making up stories and swimming in a pool of fallacy
with the object of denting my character and also endangering my life. I
was never a member of LURD; I did not fght any war and had no link to
any warring faction. I returned to Liberia in 1996 and since then I have
been here in Monrovia seeking education, doing business and practicing
as a journalist: references to support my position are endless. These are
Mr. Speaker, for Rep Nyenkan to evade care in stating that there are
court records to prove that I was convicted for stealing 40ft container
from the Freeport of Monrovia is a sad refection of his person as a
legislator and an elasticity of gossips framed to meet his mindset about
me. Court records are public documents and can be assessed. I have
never been brought before any Court on criminal charges not even to
mention conviction. That is a lie.
Honorable Speaker, Rep Nyekan also told the nation that I was refused
a media service contract for the House of Representatives Nation-wide
Oil Bill Consultation and he believes that angered me. This is another
deliberate fight away from the fact and a lie produced from his thought.
I have never expressed any interest in carrying out media services for the
Oil consultation. I have remained vehemently opposed to the House of
Representatives using over One Million USD for the oil consultation and
I have made my position public on that subject. Rep Nyekan proceeded
ill-informed and he needs to be corrected.
He also planted his feeling in the soil of fallacy in relation to my contract
with the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) at the Legislature and his
failure to ask questions surrounding my professional relationship with
the PAC has pumped his falsity to an unimaginable volume.
I was awarded a one-month professional media service contract by the
World Bank to provide services to the PAC. The process met World
Bank standards and it was awarded through a competitive process. If
Rep Nyekan were imbued with fairness and objectivity bottomed on
the willingness to learn, he would have sought the facts in relations
to my contract with the PAC: ask Senator Edward Dagosseh and Rep
Ben Fofana of the PAC for a background to my one-month service
contract with the PAC. This is a professional service contract paid for
by the World Bank to help the National Legislature in its fght to attain
prudence in the public fnancial accounting system of our Country. Why
is he angry?
Mr. Speaker, Rep Nyekans assertions are troubling and pure illustration
of insensitivity. His reference to my tribe in the Press conference is a
ground for concern. I didnt choose to be a Mandingo and I am proud to
be a Mandingo man. It is my hope and prayer that other members of the
House of Reps will see his comments as very dangerous to our national
fght against tribalism and will advise him in private to desist from
sowing seed of discord and trumpeting tribalism. In these modern days,
to hear a member of our national political leadership making divisive
comments in the public is a naked expression of hate and insensitivity
to many Mandingoes who live in his district. If we must attain national
reconciliation, which is a strong ingredient to peace, people similarly
situation as Rep Nyenkan must avoid making comments with tribal and
religious refections.
Mr. Speaker, please convey my heartfelt and sincere best wishes to
members of the House of Representatives as we all in our various
social and apolitical domains strive hard to project peace in our action
and words, foster democracy and stand united for the good of the
Motherland. I am grateful for your time in reading this communication
and taking action.
Atty. Mamadee S. DIAKITE
Mamadee S. Diakite, Deputy Director-General, RCI , Lead Presenter, The Truth Breakfast Show (Tbs)
Writes Speaker Over Montserrado County District Eleven Representative Gabriel Nyekan
Tuesday, September 23, 2014 Page 5

Contact Brenda via email @
Family of Fallen Miss Liberia 2009/2010 lose more relatives, Others Still Quarantine amid cremation fears
wo more relatives of
the late Miss Liberia
2009/2010 Shu-rina
Rose Wiah have
succumbed to death just a week
after she died of circumstances
related to the deadly Ebola virus.
Shu-rina died just few days after
her sister, Sieanyene Toose Yuoh-
Katty, lost her life to what family
sources say, was complications
from an appendix surgery.
The deaths are heightening
calls for authorities to do
speedy tests of corpses prior to
cremating bodies amid growing
fears that corpses from several
suspected cases of Ebola are
being cremated without actual
confrmation that they died of the
deadly Ebola virus.
The issue is poised for even
more complications after
Tooses son, Kelvin Kels Toure,
who has been quarantined along
with his brother at the ELWA 3
MSF facility, was reported dead
Sunday. A brother of Shu-rina
who was quarantined along with
Kels and Tooses second son,
also died Monday. Both deaths
have not yet been confrmed to
be Ebola by authorities and it
is unclear whether the corpses
would be or have already been
Their mother, Toose died on
Sunday, August 31, 2014 at
about 5:28 PM and her remains
deposited at the Samuel A.
Stryker Funeral Home in
Monrovia. A funeral was held on
Thursday, September 11, 2014 at
10:00 am and she was buried at
the 1st Baptist Church cemetery,
oldest Congo Town Back Road.
Although there have been fears
that her death was related to
Ebola, that has not been proven
as there has not been any incident
at the Stryker Funeral Home
ooking to keep kids in
the Baptist Seminary
Community on the
Robertsfeld Highway
engaged; Brenda Brewer-Moore
came up with an idea that is now
growing legs with some 157
kids in the area benefting and
keeping busy in the absence of
regular school.
Its been more than a month
since Liberian President Ellen
Johnson-Sirleaf announced a
State of Emergency, declaring
in the process that ignorance and
poverty, as well as entrenched
religious and cultural practices,
continue to exacerbate the spread
of the disease.
For Brenda, seeing kids in her
community staying home while
she home-schooled her own
kids, was heartbreaking. The
Idea came from me teaching my
own kids at home, she says.
But seeing other kids in the area
less busy and idled, I thought
there was a gap that needed to be
That gap started to be flled
when Brenda started sending out
letters and emails to friends and
supporters via the social media
Facebook for support - and the
donations have been pouring
in: Pencils, Exercise books.
Crayons, books, worksheets and
an assortment of school supplies.
Weve received US$1,000
One woman is taking charge of educating children in her community - one kid at a time
so far but its not so much the
donations but the generosity
and receptiveness to the idea
has been overwhelming, says
Brenda, who says that her main
challenge right now is making
The weekly photocopy is
costly. Each packet has about
20/30sheets minimum.
Brenda says the Kits meant to
keep children engaged for a
few hours a week and include
composition books, crayons,
pencils, erasers, coloring print
outs, tracing worksheets, math
worksheets, etc. The kits target
children in the lower level,
nursery, kindergarten up to 3rd
grade, says Brenda, pointing
to a stash of supplies recently
donated by Action Aid. My
initial target is 200 kids,
Each kit contains: a box of
crayons, 2 pencils, an eraser,
an exercise book, a Disney
character coloring book, a
glossary of two-letters English
words book ; ABC tracing
book, ABC coloring book, an
assorted mathematics worksheet
(counting, number sequence,
etc.); and a sharpener. To date,
Brenda says she has distributed
to 157, ninety one boys and sixty
six girls.
With no government support,
Brenda is for now relying on
private citizens and friends she
wrote personally who have
been responding in both cash
and supplies. She credits Korto
Williams of Action Aid Liberia,
Angelique weeks. Kwame
Clement, Cornelius Poney,
Jennifer Anderson Wilfred
Passawe, Nat Walker, Blidi
Elliot among others.
Action Aids Williams says
Brendas initiative is a welcome
relief for these trying times,
especially for childrens
education. Ebola is a public
health crisis that has a multi-
dimensional, dismantling effect
on Liberias development,
reinforcing existing gaps in the
education and health sectors. Ms.
Moores educational initiative
for children living in poverty
addresses urgent education needs
while we fght to end Ebola,
Williams says.
Brenda says she refuses to
allow the travails of the project
disrupt her family life but says
her family have been supportive.
We do it mostly on weekends,
so it's not disruptive at all.
Besides my family help me sort
the donations out and prepare the
Not looking to lose momentum,
Brenda says the kids exercises
are reviewed weekly prior to
dishing out new kits. It helps us
keep track of their progress.
For the foreseeable future,
Brenda says she remains on
course to reach 200 kids. As
for how long she hopes to keep
the project going? I Intend to
continue until school reopens and
kids are back in the classrooms
which processed Tooses body.
Her Sister, Shurina shockingly
died on Tuesday, September
15, 2014. Shurinas mother Rev
Mother Rosie Dillon-Wiah told
FrontPageAfrica Tuesday that
her daughter had not died from
Ebola as was widely speculated
on the social media Facebook
and in Monrovia. She did not
die from Ebola.
The mother explained that
"Shurina had not eaten for a
week, thats why she was weak
and she died. When they came
for the body, they asked whether
she had sore mouth, I said no. She
was not vomiting, not bleeding.
Then they told us that we had
called the wrong rescue team
and they took the body away, but
there was no sign of Ebola on
Shurina, I swear. They collected
the body and never tested the
body. They said we called the
wrong team, the burial team
when we should have called the
testing team frst, Mother Rosie
A relative citing one of the
nurses, posted on Facebook
Monday that Kelvin, whose
aunt, is the late Shu-rina, was
not responding to treatment at
ELWA and kept saying he was
getting ready for his moms
funeral. This is depressing. RIP
Some family members have
suggested that Kelvin was
depressed over his mothers
loss and are ruling out Ebola
as a cause of death. Others are
not so sure. They(authorities
are not communicating with the
families. So they do not know
whether they died from Ebola
or whether their bodies have
been cremated already. We dont
But even if Kelvin did die of
Ebola, family members continue
to scramble for answers as
to where he may have gotten
infected amid uncertainty over
how Shu-rina died as no tests
were done prior to her cremation
and her mothers insistence that
she did not die of the deadly
Another sister of Shu-rina has
since been discharged from JFK
treatment facility after showing
no signs of Ebola. Rev. Mother
Rose Wiah, Shu-rinas mom and
several other family members,
including Tooses second son,
are still under quarantined.
Several dignitaries, family and
friends who attended Tooses
funeral have been concerned
amid fears that family members
were quarantined after Shu-rinas
death. The deaths of a further two
family members are triggering
more fears. Associate Justice
Sieanyene G. Yuoh, Tooses aunt
is still in good spirits and said
she is showing no signs of the
Ebola virus as is being widely
speculated in Monrovia.
Speaking to FrontPageAfrica
Friday from Nashville,
Tennessee, the United States
of America, Associate Justice
Yuoh, who was among several
dignitaries who attended Tooses
funeral, said she reported herself
to the hospital as soon as she
learned of Shurinas death. "I
reported myself when I got here
and I have no symptoms for
ten days. Im running no fever,
my life is not at risk, and my
childrens lives are not at risk. I
have been walking every hour by
the grace of God I am fne

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Tuesday, September 23, 2014
Kennedy L. 077296781
Kennedy L. 077296781
Henry Karmo (0886522495)
Stephen D. Kollie, 0776329124
s Liberia and the international community continues to
fght the deadly Ebola virus, latest analytical review of
the Ebola virus disease by health authorities in the country
suggest that more males have now contracted the deadly
disease compared to females who initially topped the list.
Assistant Health Minister for curative and preventive services
Tolbert Nyenswah told journalists Monday that the sudden twist in
the infection per gender is being g medically investigated to establish
why more males are being infected now than females but so far 70%
of the current Ebola infections are occurring in males while 30% are
occurs in females.
Giving an analysis of the disease by age, Minister Nyenswah told
reporters at the regular press briefng of the Ministry of Information
Cultural Affairs and Tourism on Monday that ages between 25-34
years are highly affected by Ebola followed by females 35-44 years
proceeded by ages 45-54 years.
Said Minister Nyenswah: The disease is less incident in children
under fve. There are little bit of children that are affected but least
affected are children under fve and other least affected are ages above
65 years. So we have to concentrate ages between 35-35 to 44.
Explaining the prevalence of the disease among health care workers,
Minister Nyenswah disclosed that nurses are the most affected while
nurse aid who are otherwise known as unskilled health workers are
the hardest hit.
More cases are being reported in nurse aid workers as compared
to physician assistants, doctors and other health care workers, the
Minister said.
Continued Min. Nyenswah: Some association that somebody was
making in our analysis is that because these nurse aid are the people
that the skilled people can tell go and get the patient in, carry the
patient in the bed. At the hospital and other level these are the people
that they use so we have to do more analysis why this group is mostly
Pointing to the epidemiological map of Montserrado County, Minister
Nyenswah revealed that the Ebola virus infection is now highly
concentrated in Caldwell, New Kru town, New Georgia, Logan town
and West Point.
He said the newly open island clinic will help reduce cases in the
listed communities and carry on social mobilization and case fndings
in the respective communities.
New Ebola analysis trend in Liberia reveals
r. Cyrus Saygbey, a prominent resident of District Six
Montserrado County has given out over fve hundred
thousand Liberian dollars to teachers from ten private and
public schools in the district as loan to be paid back at a zero
percent interest rate.
Though it is not clear how the money will be paid back, the Money
according to Mr. Saygbey is his way of identifying with teachers who are
out of jobs because of the national health emergency caused by the deadly
Ebola virus.
Saygbey said as a lecturer at the University of Liberia where he teaches
Agriculture Finance, he understands what it means to be a teacher in the
classroom who only depends on monthly salary.
He said those with concerns about opening schools now have legitimate
concerns, but cautioned them to look at what he called the bigger picture
of fghting the Ebola virus and prevent the spread among citizens.
Said Saygbey: I thought it wise to identify with you who are seen as
nation builders and it will be done in three phases. I say to you because I
take 20% of my paychecks to make these assistance and they come on the
21st of every month, he said.
He cautioned the teachers to make investment with the little amount they
may receive and help themselves while they are out of the classes and out
of jobs. The lawmaker also donated 50 bags of rice to the teachers as a
startup kit because according to him it will prevent them from going into
the capital of the loan.
Court Denies Grace Minors Motion To Drop Case
he Civil Law Court
at the Temple Justice
of Monday ruled to
deny former Senator
Grace Minors motion to drop
case and mandated the former
lawmaker to defend ownership
of a land in the Gio Town
Community in Congo Town.
The former Montserrado
County lawmaker under the
regime of former President
Charles Taylor is accused by
hundred of residents of the Gio
Town Community in Congo
Town of allegedly ordering the
demolition of their homes on
July 17, 2013.
The former lawmaker is
reported to have ordered the
demolition of the residents
homes on claims that they were
illegally occupying the land.
But the homeless residents
differed with her and stated
that their land was bought from
her late father James Minor.
The move by the court comes
in the wake of a motion fled
by lawyers representing Ms.
Minor who called on the court
to drop the case against her
because she owns no property
in the area rather the property
in question belongs to her dead
However reading the ruling
on Monday Judge Emery
Paye announced the denial of
motion to drop and ordered
her to come out to defend her
ownership of land in Gio Town
because the court had observed
that records in its possession
establishes that she owned a
land in the area.
Judge Emery Payes ruling
was highly welcomed by the
aggrieved residents some of
whom were in court for the
ruling. Former lawmaker
Minor neither her counsel
were present when presiding
Judge Paye delivered his
ruling. However a proxy who
was appointed by the court to
receive the ruling and excepted
to it.
The former lawmakers absence
may have been prompted by
the insults thrown at her by the
aggrieved residents when she
last appeared in court during
one of the hearings.
As the result of the threats
and insults Minor police
offcers from the nearby police
Headquarters had to move in
swiftly and she was whisked
her out of the courtyard in her
waiting vehicle.
The lead counsel for the
aggrieved residents and also
human rights lawyer Dempster
Brown told FrontPageAfrica
that he does not care how long
the matter lasts for, but will
ensure that the poor residents
get justice and properties
damaged be paid for by former
lawmaker Minor.
Grace Minor will not use her
past connection in the country
to infringe on the rights of
other people. Grace Minor
will pay for everything that
she damaged from these poor
people said Cllr Dempster
Brown stated that former
lawmaker Minor was playing
a deceptive tactics, when she
told the court that she owned
no property in the area. He said
survey investigation report
shows that Ms. Minor owned
property in the area.
He continued that he was
ready to deal with the former
lawmaker legally.
Cllr. Brown said with the
courts ruling, he will be
meeting with the aggrieved
residents of the Gio Town
Community in the shortest
possible time to organize the
necessary legal formality to
bring the former lawmaker to
court for the wrong she did to
the residents of the Community
whose homes were demolished
in July.

Cllr. Brown Addresses Aggrieved Gio Town Residents After Court Ruling
Montserrado County Attorney Mulbah Clarifes
laims and counter
claims had ensured
between Montserrado
County Attorney
DakuMulbah and former
statewitness Thomas Gladior
in the just ended mercenary
case involving 13 guilty Grand
Gedeans who are currently
serving a lifetime sentence.
The convicted Grand Gedeans
were arrested tried and found
guilty of mercenarism, which is
reported to have taken place in
the Ivory Coast in the aftermath
of post election violence in
that country in 2010-2011
With just four months after
the trial Thomas Galdior a key
statewitness whose testimony
helped to convict the 13 Grand
Gedeans in June 2014 was
seen last week, lying in front
of the vehicle belonging to the
Montserrado County Attorney
DakuMulbah before the Temple
of Justice during a heavy
downpour of rain as a sign of
protest, which attracted several
In a FronPageAfrica interview
over the weekend County
Attorney DakuMulbah denied
claims by Gladior that he was
promised cash by the government
for his testimony in the case.
He stated that the former state
witness was not telling the public
the truth.
Cllr. Mulbah stated that he had
nothing to hide and that Gladior
was frst recruited by the police
because he told them he had
intelligence on how his kinsmen
were connected to mercenary
activities in the Ivory Coast.
The County Attorney stated that
he did not knowGladiorthen
neither was he there when he
was recruited. He said it during
the trial that he was contacted to
testify with no deal struck to pay
him such an amount of money.
He claimed hereafter that when
Thomas had agreed to testify
for the state, he came in with a
demand for US$17,000 in letter
written that he needed the money
for his upkeep because he never
wanted to travel anywhere.
Part of Thomas letter reads I
want this money, I dont want to
travel anywhere and dont want
to knock the door of anyone at
the end of the trial, said Mulbah.
Cllr. Mulbah said because of
the threat that was seen ahead
the the state decided to provide
Gladior safety in the country, by
providing him housing, paying
his childrens school fees and
gave him allowance at the end of
every month while the trial was
We did not promise to give him
US$100,000 far exceeding the
US$17,000 he earlier requested,
under the law one does not
pay witnesses to testify, said
The County Attorney also stated
that Thomas was not the only
witness to testify in the case. He
said others did and what they
wanted was given to them.
The state witness said he was
promised US$100,000 by the
government and a trip out of the
country to the United States after
his testimony.
However, Gladior noted he had
been allegedly abandoned by the
state since the end of the trial and
government had failed to live up
to its promise.
Tuesday, September 23, 2014 Page 7
Massa F. Kanneh or o886848625
midst Ebola crisis in Liberia, many shops and stores
in Monrovia have experienced shortage of the basic
commodities especially Liberias staple rice on the local
market due to the deadly Ebola outbreak.
Mohammed Diallo who owns a shop on the Bushrod Island, he says it
has been two weeks now since his shop ran out of stock. Diallo who
does his bulk purchase at one of the top rice dealers in the country,
SWAT said the company has been out rice for the past few weeks. The
wholesale trader said that due to this shortage dealers in the country
have also decided to increase the price of a 25Kg bag of rice from
US$15.00 to US$17.00.
Two weeks ago when FrontPageAfrica made inquiry in wholesale
price of rice, it was being sold at US$15.00, but in recent time the
price has shifted to US$17 for 25KG bag of rice something the
commerce ministry approves.
Retailers price
Though the government through the ministry of commerce and
Industry has approved US$17 as wholesale price for a 25kg bag
of rice, some retailers have already started selling for US$20 in
Families cannot afford
Some families FPA interviewed say with such increase in the price of
rice they fnd it very diffcult to feed their household.
Natty Folley narrated how she used to buy and sell palm oil and feed
her family but since this Ebola outbreak occurred, her business has
slowed down tremendously.
I used to go in the bush and buy oil for America people, but see this
thing (Ebola) have scared many people, no one wants to come, how
will we get money to feed our family, Folley asked.
Folley reiterated that she has about ten people living with her and she
is the only breadwinner. She is afraid she will not be able to do so if
the price of rice keeps increasing.
I went to a shop to buy the small bag of rice, the man told me
LD$1,615 right on Newport Street, so how you expect me to buy
soup and other things and Im not in business already?
The 32 year-old is appealing to president Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to
intervene, so business people can reduce the current price. She said
this will allow poor people to be able to feed their families in the
midst of the Ebola situation in the country.
Something needs to be done or else people will die from hunger.
People already worried about this Ebola thing, then rice business
come there, the President needs to do something, Folly continued.
Ministry of Commerce denial
The Ministry of Commerce has since denied any shortage of rice on
the market, but blamed price increment on vessels being delay at the
Minister of Commerce and Industry Axel Addy told FPA late last
month that business owners should not use the Ebola situation to
exploit and increase prices.
"We don't want business owners, taking advantage of the current
situation to increase prices because the operation is going on
normally, he said. We encourage the public to use the hotline, we
will be all out there, we just dispatched a team on the feld to address
this issue."

As Price skyrocket; Liberians Complain

itizens of Quardu-Gborni district in Lofa County have
expressed fear that the current situation outbreak in their
district could deteriorate if nothing is done in the soonest
possible time to have food and medical supplies in the area.
The district once considered to be the epicenter of the Ebola outbreak
in Liberia has made some improvement in recent weeks with low
deaths recorded, following the intervention of Doctors without
Borders (MSF) in the county.
Speaking on behalf of citizens of the district, the Paramount Chief
Musa Kamara said from July up to present the Ebola virus has caused
a terrible disaster among their people especially in the Quardu-Gborni
district of the County.
We lost our Imam and deputy Imam and the majority of the Bawa,
Sheriff, Bility, and the Kelleh families really died from the virus,
he said.With the help of some citizens of the district based in
Monrovia, USA and Australia we were able to form a task force for
the QuarduGborni district and that task force has managed to help our
people in the fght against the virus and our people need food to give
them strength to fght against the disease.
The Chief thanked all citizens for their kind gesture and hope that
they will continue their help in the interest of their people.
Fumbah V. Kanneh, executive of Quardu-Gborni Taskforce
acknowledged that there are shortages of food and medical supplies
in the district. Kanneh said that food provided by the World Food
Program (WFP) and other philanthropists were inadequate.
He noted that people in the district were fnding it diffcult to access
food, medication and sanitary materials.
He added that community leaders have also quarantined some
homes within the district due to the reported deaths and for fear that
people leaving those homes may spread the virus. He acknowledges
assistances rendered by Vice President Joseph N. Boakai,
Representative Mariamu B. Fofana and citizens of the district in
Monrovia and the Diaspora.
He indicated that citizens of the district in the Diaspora and Monrovia
have rallied and presented 100 bags of rice to the people in the district.
Also speaking, Mohammed M. Kellehsaidthe death in the district
from the deadly virus now stands at two hundred and three persons.
He said this speaks volume to how the district has been affected by
the Ebola virus. He said the current decrease in reported death from
the district is due to MSF intervention and the involvement of citizens
in the district.
He called on the government to enhance the capacity of volunteers in
the county so that they will spread messages of prevention throughout
the county.
However, Madam Madusu Sheriff-Sesay and executive of the
taskforce called on government and international partners to establish
a treatment center in the district. She said the establishment of a center
wouldhelp contain the virus.
She pointed out that hospital and clinics in other parts of the county
should also be opened, so that they can address the health care needs
of the people of Lofa County.
Monrovia -
s public and private
health facilities in
counties hit by the
Ebla virus continue
to struggle to attend to patients,
the head doctor of the Liberian
Government Hospital in
Buchanan, Grand Bassa County
, has told FrontPage Africa how
the hospital is being over stretched
while catering to Ebola and non-
Ebola patients.
Dr. Myers Pajibo said the hospital
faces challenges like any other
public institution in the country,
while emphasizing that the most
common challenge is getting
support for the hospital on time.
The government has being doing
well by sending support to us but as
I speak to you the regular support
for running this facility outside of
the Ebola supplies, doesnt come
in time, Dr. Pajibo said.
He said the hospital did not received
support for July and August and in
this September, the hospital has
just received supply as the month
draws to its end, adding that the
situation of not receiving supplies
has been a common problem the
hospital faces especially during
the transitional period of a fscal
budget year.
It puts strain on whatever
activities or services we try to
provide to the public. We try to
balance the care we provide to
the patients that are temporarily in
the holding unit and those in the
regular ward and this put strain on
us, he explained.
As it stands, the hospital has dealt
with 10 confrmed Ebola cases,
two ending up dead at the same
facility while and the other eight
transferred to Monrovia at the
treatment center where two were
subsequently discharged after
being treated and tested negative.
The hospital has a holding center
which allow suspected patients
to get care before they are send
to Monrovia and Dr. Pajibo
applauded his couple of dedicated
staff who are committed to
keeping the health facility up and
running while the Ebola crisis
remains a terror against health
workers in the country.
With health workers mostly
affected by the virus, Dr. Pajibo
said most of his staff get afraid
when they hear about the arrival
of a suspected Ebola patient at the
What we do is, we try to reassure
them, we try to encourage them
and try to train them to wear
protective clothing before they
attend to patients, he said.
Any staff who feel they are not
satisfy to go in to provide care for
a suspected case, its in the best
interest of that staff to remove
herself/himself from there and we
look for substitute.
Dr. Pajibo admitted that theres
always a psychological impact
associated with the Ebola virus
but warned against allowing the
stress to overcome the health
worker, adding that at the Liberian
Government hospital where he
serves as the head doctor, he
always serves as an example for
his staff.
Dr. Pajibo formed part of the frst
burial team of an Ebola victim
in the county and has ever since
been working and administering
treatment to suspected Ebola
patients at the hospital.
He said before the governments
Ebola supplies to the hospital, they
improvised by using locally made
Personal Protective Equipment
(PPEs) which included rain coats.
Before the outbreak of the Ebola
virus in the county, Dr. Pajibo said
the 76-beds hospital had over 200
health workers which included
more than 50 nurses, 12 Physician
Assistants (Pas) among others
but due to a Ministry of Healths
policy, the facility was seen as
been over staff and then many of
the staff were reassigned which
now limit the number of staff at the
hospital to around 70.
Meanwhile, the Doctor cautioned
that many people in the port city
and elsewhere in the county are
looking to drug peddlers and drug
stores for health care and when
their health condition worsen,
thats when they rush to the hospital
something he said also puts a lot of
constrain on the hospital.
He added that misconceptions
about the hospital amongst people
during this ongoing Ebola period
has caused many people to stay
away from the hospital.
Recently, concerns over the usage
of funds intended for the anti-
Ebola campaign has sparked
debates in the county, prompting
the County Legislative Caucus to
launch an investigation into the
procurement of two used-pickups
for the Countys Ebola Task force.
At the same time decisions by
the superintendent have been
called into question by the some
lawmakers from the county,
leaving observers to assert that
political differences could impeded
the countys quest to defeat the
deadly Ebola virus.
But Dr. Pajibo asserts that the
hospital does not want to be cut-
off in the cross fre of political
differences concerning the county
offcials and decisions made about
how money is spent.
Thats why we try not to get
involve in money matters; the
public must know that weve been
receiving money before, we
have been managing and keeping
the health system functioning, he
Refuting speculations that the
hospital has been receiving money
for Ebola, he clarifed that most
of the assistance that come to the
hospital are through donations of
materials and equipment.

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Tuesday, September 23, 2014
Centers for Disease
Control and
Prevention report to
be released next week
projects 550,000 Ebola cases
by January under prevailing
conditions with no further aid or
intervention by relief agencies.
Quoting anonymous sources,
Bloomberg reports that the
CDC projection is under review
by researchers and is subject to
A more sober estimate was
predicted in the PLOS [Public
Library of Science] where a
study by the Arizona and Harvard
universities put the Ebola cases
in West Africa at 6,800 by the
end of the month if new control
measures are not taken.
At present, there are 5,300 cases
while the death toll is 2,600.
The research also discovered that
the rate of rise in cases was most
at times when mass quarantine
was put in place in Liberia and
Poor living and hygiene
conditions triggered riots during
such periods and indicate people
went underground in attempts to
procure food and water.
Sierra Leone has begun a similar
process since Friday where all
citizens have been asked to stay
at home when around 7,000
volunteers would go from door
to door educating people on
"There may be other reasons for
the worsening of the outbreak
spread, including the possibility
that the virus has become more
transmissible, but it's also
possible that the quarantine
control efforts actually made the
outbreak spread more quickly
by crowding people together in
unsanitary conditions," Sherry
Towers, research professor
for the ASU Simon A Levin
Mathematical, Computational
and Modelling Sciences Center
(MCMSC), said.
With no treatment available,
the disease calls for better
hygiene, effective quarantine
and social distancing as the only
ways to control the spread, the
researchers said.
The analysis examines the
local rates of exponential rise
to estimate how the number of
cases of reproduction appears to
be changing over time.
Calculations showed a range of
6,800 predicted new cases at the
upper end of the spectrum and
4,400 on average.
The Stop Ebola Transmission
Initiative (SET) has
concluded technical details for
organization, integration and
coordination of community-
based groups seeking to prevent
the transmission of the Ebola
Virus in Liberia. The structure
of the community-based effort
requires that all communities in
Monrovia -
he Clinton Global
Initiative has donated
100 tons of emergency
medical aid to Liberia
and Sierra Leone at a value of 5.9
million United States Dollars.
The total cargo of 370 pallets
will be distributed among the
Ministries of Health, National
Drug Services, and partner
organizations in both countries
as well as to the US Centers
for Disease Control offces in
Liberia and Sierra Leone.
According to a dispatch from the
Liberian Mission in New York,
the items in the Clinton Global
Initiatives donation include
2.8 million surgical and exam
gloves, 170,000 coverall gowns,
120,000 masks, 40,000 liters
of pre-mixed oral rehydration
solution and 9.8 million
defned daily doses of essential
medications (generic). The
quantities of personal protective
equipment (gloves, gowns,
masks) included on the fight are
suffcient to supply 280 health
workers for one year, based on
the current requirements and
utilization estimates developed
in Liberia.
A ceremony to mark the shipment
of the emergency medical
items was held on Saturday,
September 20,2014 at the John
F. Kennedy International Airport
and was attended by high-level
dignitaries from both Liberia
and Sierra Leone including
Foreign Minister Augustine
KpeheNgafuan and Liberias
Ambassador accredited to the
United States Jeremiah Sulunteh.
Making brief remarks during
the ceremony, Foreign Minister
Ngafuan thanked the Clinton
Global Initiative and Direct
Relief on behalf of President
Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and the
people of Liberia. He noted that
the airlift of critically needed
items to Liberia and Sierra Leone
(the biggest airlift undertaken by
Direct Relief since its founding
years ago) will certainly translate
into the saving of precious lives.
He said that the lack of adequate
protective equipment has been
one of the causes of the death
of many health care workers in
Liberia; and as such, the huge
donation will help in no small
way to restore confdence in
health care workers and the entire
health system. Describing the
Clinton Global Initiative Donates to Liberia and Sierra Leone

Ebola Virus Disease as a threat
to humankind, Minister Ngafuan
called on the global community
especially the private sector of
the world to step up and join
governments, and international
NGOs in taking bigger, bolder
and speedy action to contain the
The coordination of the shipment
(fight) is under the auspices
of Direct Relief, a non-proft
humanitarian aid organization
that provides medical assistance
to people around the world who
have been affected by poverty,
natural disasters, and civil unrest.
The dispatch disclosed that all
of the products included in the
cargo, which is expected to arrive
in Liberia on Sunday, September
21, 2014, have the United States
Food and Drug Administration
(FDA) formulation and was
approved for importation by the
respective countries.
Direct Relief has made previous
deliveries of 600,000 gloves
(300,000 pairs) on four prior air
shipments sent by commercial
air cargo in July and August
(two shipments each to Liberia
and Sierra Leone.) In addition,
800,000 gloves (400,000 pairs)
were shipped by ocean freight
two weeks ago and are enroute.
The gloves are in a 40-foot
container, two containers each
for Liberia and Sierra Leone
and are scheduled to arrive on
October 16 in Monrovia and
Freetown, respectively.
In a related development, a US
-based Non Proft Organization,
Good Samaritan Movement has
donated a check valued at one
thousand Dollars( $1000) and
several items of medical supplies
to the Governemnt of Liberia
to be used in the fght against
Ebola. The items which include
disinfectants, hand sanitizers,
bleach , biohazardbags, among
others were presented to the
Foreign Minister Augustine
Kpehe Ngafuan at the Liberian
Consulate in New York on
Friday, September 19, 2014.
Making the donation, Pastor
Nana Frimpong Agyemang said
that it was his organization's way
of identifying with the people
of Liberia in this diffcult time
as the nation is faced with the
worst crisis since the end of the
civil war. He prayed that God
will alleviate the sufferings
of the Liberian people and
other countries that have been
affected by the Ebola crisis.
He explained that the Good
Samarian Movement was
established to help those in need
especially in the third-world
countries with the mission to
reach out to less fortunate such
as orphans , widows and people
with special medical needs.
Receiving the donation on behalf
of the Government, Foreighn
Minister Ngafuan expressed
appreciation to the Good
Samaritan for the humaitarian
gesture and promised to convey
the sentiment expressed by the
Group to the people and the
Government of Liberia. He
noted that while the friendly
nations were forthcoming with
big donations, the assitance from
individuals and philantrpic
organizations were equally
appreciated beacuse they all
can help in varying ways to
boost the fght against the deadly
disease. He said if a donation
helps to prevent even one more
Liberian from dying from Ebola,
that donation is a big donation
because every Liberian life is
Minister Ngafuan expressed
thanks to the staff of the
Liberian Consulate in New York
for helping to coordinate and
organized the event.
Minister Ngafuan was
accopanied by the Liberian
Ambassador to Ethiopia, Amb
Vivienne Wreh who forms part
of the Liberian delegation to
the UN General AssemblyMr.
George Patten, Minister
Counselor for Political Affairs,
at the Permanent Mission of
Liberia to the UN and Mr. Abu
Kamara, Minister Counselor for
Press and Public Affairs, at the
Permanent Mission of Liberia to
Liberia should be enumerated
and houses numbered.
For the purpose of organizing
community residents to take the
lead in fghting the Ebola disease,
each administrative locality in
the country is divided into zones;
each zone is further divided into
communities; each community
is then broken down into blocks
and neighborhoods; and the
houses in the neighborhood are
enumerated with no two having
the same number. In the rural
setting, the neighborhood is the
same as a town or a village.
To ensure intensive
comprehensive involvement
and ownership of the effort
to stop Ebola from spreading,
each Neighborhood Monitor is
assigned the task of observing the
health status of four houses in his
or her immediate neighborhood.
Neighborhood Monitors will be
trained and equipped on how to
do the daily monitoring and how
to make reports on the health
status of the households to the
Ebola Control System.
Information provided by the
Neighborhood Monitor or
anybody who has observed a
situation will trigger response
from the Ebola Control system.
The enumeration of houses has
started and will continue until all
houses in Liberia are numbered.
The number assigned to a house
will indicate the county; the
administrative locality; the
community; the neighborhood;
and the house number.
Numbers assigned to houses
will make it easier to track and
trace case incidents. It will
also facilitate the planning,
allocation, targeting and
delivery of material and non-
material support to individuals
and households during the
Ebola crisis. Bio-data of each
household will be registered in
the community directory.
Tuesday, September 23, 2014 Page 9
Mr. Kamara A. Kamara
Press Union of Liberia(PUL)
Monrovia, Liberia
Mr. President:
oo many ugly events have fzzled out of their hideouts revealing a
rather crude and primitive actions of the current regime and its use
of scare tactics, terror and brutality against the Liberian media
and practicing journalists, not least, the National Chronicle
Newspaper and Mr. Philipbert S. Browne and the wanton abuse of the
rights of Liberians to enforce nonresistance to its intemperate schemes
of broad day theft, looting and robbery taking place at every level of the
regime under the pretext of fghting the deadly EBOLA virus. As I tried
to grapple with solutions like many of my fellow compatriots, who are
witnessing with regrets, the gradual slide of our dear country into the
abysmal path of terror and recrimination, the only source of respite from
the painful reminder of being led by a rogue regime has been the free
press, entertaining, educating and informing our people, but this too, is now
under attack in the name of fghting the deadly EBOLA virus compounded
by a state of emergency and curfew. I insist, although not an advocate of
dooms that this regime is a clear refection of what the Greek Philosopher
Thucydides who live in 260 B.C. refers to when he posited that: The
nation that will insist on drawing a broad line of demarcation between the
fghting man and the thinking man is liable to fnd its fghting done by
fools and its thinking done by cowards. For a regime that once classifed
its civil servants into right-sized and downsized at the primordial stages
of its inception and thereby caused a serious division in the nation, what
other evidence does one need to clearly read and understand the logic of
You will recall that the relation between the current government and the
Liberian media for the last eight years since the ascendancy of Ellen
Johnson Sirleaf to the presidency of our country has been an on and off
situation, sometimes fairly good; sometimes rough, sour and bitter. As the
mirror refection of society the Liberian media has never budged an inch to
allow any form of political blackmail from this regime to overshadow its
social responsibility to the Liberian state. Thus, the lifespan of the press has
been full of thorns and bristles largely due to economic strangulation and
the regime policy of divide and rule. This regime cannot be trusted and I
thought many of you in the media would have known this by now.
Apart from losing its moral balance, focus and the shared vision to lead,
this regime already saturated with charlatans and pranksters, who, from the
outset of the EBOLA virus outbreak, felt that a noisy publicity campaign was
the surest way of winning the supports of unsuspecting donors and friendly
governments to throw huge fnancial resources at them like Manna falling
from Heaven but found its stratagems unasked by the Liberian press, is no
doubt fghting back ferociously to silent certain media houses in the name
of the amorphous argument of protecting national security.Comically, a
medical emergency that should have been headed by professional medical
practitioners and medical students has become a fanfare and a political
jamboree for Ellen and cronies. However, at the spiraling rate of new Ebola
cases and the distressing death tolls in Lofa and Bomi Counties, and now
Montserrado County and Monrovia, where the EBOLA virus now persists,
causing premature deaths of scores of Liberians, the regime lacking any
clear-cut policy on how to deal with this deadly virus, strangely rushed at
the hasty conclusion to form a National Task Force with the inclusion of
the Press Union of Liberia(PUL) as member to mislead public opinion that
the composition of the Task Force cuts across the political divide. Never
mind, Ellen is in charge as she has been on the sale of all oil blocks as the
single most visible proprietress of Liberian oil to which the PUL can
never be a member. Absolutely unperturbed by the dreadful news of the
EBOLA death tolls on a daily basis, this regime lives in a state of paranoia
not as a result of Ebola outbreak but because the free press has exposed the
frailties and viciousness of the presidency in its attempts to market four
oil blocks under the noise of the deadly Ebola virus. The regime prefers to
go after the media, punish the dislikes to have a free press of its own,
singing praises and justifying the sale of oil blocks during this EBOLA
crisis. You will recall that the collective support of all media houses is
required in disseminating the requisite information needed by our people
to protect themselves, yet, Ellens policy of a free press is divide and rule.
The irony is while the regime depends on the Liberian media to get its
messages across by including the Press Union of Liberia (PUL) on the
Ebola Task Force under the pretext of forging a national cohesion, it is at
the same time clamping down on the media with the denial of registration
by the Ministry of Information of the Voice FM 102.7 Station because
of its critical views;the reported harassment of the Managing Editor of
the Women Voices Newspaper and the attacks and illegal closure of the
National Chronicle Newspaper absent any judicial order consistent with
due process of law. I fail to see how the Press Union of Liberia(PUL) can
be a part of a collective effort or how it can rally its members to support the
work of the Task Force in the face of these wanton constitutional violations.
The Press Union of Liberia (PUL) must begin the sane approach of
critically assessing its continued participation on theso-called Ebola Task
force if it wants to be seen as having the moral authority or voice of being
the forerunner of democracy for a number of reasons. First, there seems a
concerted attempt by the regime to engage some members of the Liberian
media to ignore Ellen Johnson Sirleafs decision of deploying members of
the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL) in West Point with undefned instructions
that ultimately turned out to be a shoot to kill policy that led to the death of
Shaki Kamara, while scores of other civilians sustained injuries from bullet
wounds. Like the late Kromah who was shot at point range at the Congress
for Democratic Change Headquarters on November 7, 2011,Shaki Kamara
was alive until President Sirleaf ordered the deployment of armed soldiers
in West Point. I am told that one other kid who was shot in the stomach
by the soldiers is on a critical list and cannot get treatment abroad. The
PUL cannot be a part of an EBOLA Task Force that is only profcient in
noisy publicity campaign but frail in actions because it is dominated by
cronies of Ellen and belly-driven apologists. Please note that since 1847, no
government has ever caused the deployment of the Liberian Army against
its own citizens for the outbreak of a deadly virus than this regime.
Article 85 of the 1986 Constitution of Liberia states: The President, as
Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, may order any portion of the
Armed Forces into a state of combat readiness in defense of the Republic,
before or after the declaration of a state of emergency, as may be warranted
by the situation. All military power or authority shall at all times, however,
be held in subordination to the civil authority and the Constitution. The
expression of: The President, as Commander-in-Chief of the Armed
Forces, may order any portion of the Armed Forces into a state of combat
readiness in defense of the Republic, before or after the declaration of a
state of emergency, as may be warranted by the situation as used in
Article 85, when read together with Article 86(b) of the 1986 Constitution
refers to a physical threat, civil war or rebellion that presents a clear and
present danger to the Liberian state. Was West Point the source of any civil
disobedience, or public unrest? Here, command responsibility takes the
center stage and the Press Union of Liberia must be seen as raising its voice
for a credible and independent probe other than what been set up.
Serious Concern
Other than a National Health Emergency, we are under a state of
emergency and curfew. Of course, all members of the Ebola Task Force
team are excluded from the curfew but not members of the PUL. It is true
that the 1986 Constitution does not have a National Health Emergency
and therefore it is acceptable that based on the clear and present danger that
the deadly Ebola virus poses, a state of emergency is unavoidable but other
key provisions of the 1986 Constitution, specifcally Article 88 should be
taken into account. Article 88 of the 1986 Constitution states: The President
shall, immediately upon the declaration of a state of emergency, but not later
than seven days thereafter, lay before the Legislature at its regular session
or at a specially convened session, the facts and circumstances leading to
such declaration.The Legislature shall within seventy-two hours, by joint
resolution voted by two-thirds of the membership of each house, decide
whether the proclamation of a state of emergency is justifed or whether
the measures taken thereunder are appropriate. If the two-thirds vote is
not obtained, the emergency automatically shall be revoked. Where the
Legislature shall deem it necessary to revoked the state of emergency or to
modify the measures taken thereunder, the President shall act accordingly
and immediately carry out the decisions of the Legislature.
Since the declaration of the state of emergency, followed by the deployment
of armed soldiers and the imposition of a night time curfew about two
months ago, the nation is yet to be told the facts and circumstances leading
to such declaration AGAINST AN UNSEEN EBOLA VIRUS and the
legislature since the reported two-thirds majority votes of each House has
not stated the necessity or justifcation of the measures taken under the state
of emergency. If it is established that the Ebola Virus is more contagious
under the cover of darkness and anyone who stays up risks contracting
it, isnt fair for our government to tell us? Is it that the inclusion of the
Press Union of Liberia(PUL) on the Ebola Task Force also means the PUL
understands the virulent nature of the virus at night?
Mr. President you should remember at the inception of the state of
emergency and the imposition of night time curfew, President Sirleaf
put herself on record, although most times unpredictable once it involves
the Liberian media, by indicating that certain constitutional rights would
have been suspended. So whatare those rights that have been suspended
anyway? The Liberia media must uphold the constitutional guarantee of the
public unlimited right to information regarding the duration of the curfew,
rights that have been suspended among others. Article 15(c) of the 1986
Constitution guarantees an unfettered and unlimited rights to the Liberian
people to be informed about their government and its functionaries;
its policies and decisions(emphasis our). What are the measures taken
by the PUL to demand that the government state which rights that have
been suspended? With its game of political brinkmanship, this regime has
created a symbiosis between its iron-fsted policy of harassing anyone
who challenges its excesses openly by the use of its police power and its
quiet but ferocious bullying tactics of intimidating the courts and using
professional fraternities to threaten any of its members who continually
defend the free press. I am not afraid of what the regime is doing both in
and out of court but I am afraid that the support of a vigorous defense from
professional colleagues in diffcult circumstances where media entities
and practitioners are dragged into the court by this is regime is incredibly
waning. You will also recall that I have always and will always provide pro
bono legal services in return for what the PUL has done for me in my days
of despair and denial. Giving the bullying tactics of this regime and the
fight of many lawyers because of the Ebola crisis, it was somehow diffcult
to rally a team of professional lawyers andI had to revert to my friends
of yesteryears, most of whom were my classmates and schoolmates from
Tubman High School and know what it means to be denied of ones basic
freedoms. Of course, other refused and I cannot blame them, because they
see the PUL as a contractor of the regime always asking its members to
polish the failed policies of this regime and see the current fexing of
muscles by the regime to teachcertainPUL members a hard lesson. As
contractors themselves, I am sure they do not want to put their interest
at risk. If the PUL must be seen as credible and independent it cannot be
part of the Ebola Task Force organized by Ellen when the rights of certain
of its members are being continually abused and trampled upon by the
same Ellen. It is sad to see the PUL wearing a toothpaste smile with Ellen
and cronies on the same table as warriors against Ebola and then the
next moment as complainant and defendant in the dock fghting with its
life to get out of the clutches of terror and brutality. If this regime was
responsible and reasonable enough, it would have realized that the closure
of the National Chronicle Newspaper is illegal. Again, thousands of US
dollars from donors will be wasted on a court process simply to protect
the Liberian press against its own government. I am quite confdent that
this matter may transcend the borders of Liberia if we are to get the kind
of redress we need. As you may know, most Liberian lawyers hardly ever
read other regional and international court opinions. And professing to be
versed in their own countrys laws, which are somewhat limited in scope
and character in terms of the quality of relief required, it is always an uphill
task to suggest other available avenues for relief beyond the borders of
Liberia. Even though their argument is either driven by ignorance or always
shrouded in sovereignty which to me is nothing less than an joke but this
is how they see things! In the instant case, we are challenging the illegal
closure order of the National Chronicle Newspaper and the denial of the
rights of Mr. Philipbert Browne to travel freely in and out of Liberia. This
is why, I have suggested that a remedial writ of prohibition as a surest way
to confront these constitutional violations. The remedy available under the
writ of prohibition in my view does not provide a reasonable settlement
for damages suffered as a result of the illegal closure order, instead, if it
is granted, which has been my prayer, it will only remove the Draconian
order of illegal closure and then return the parties to status quo. Thus, the
remedy available in a writ of prohibition before the Honorable Supreme
Court of Liberia is limited to its interpretative constitutional authority but
is not suffcient and effective to address further fnancial claims that the
National Chronicle and Mr. Browne may have against the Government of
Liberia. We will then have to look elsewhere, probably at the ECOWAS
Community Court of Justice based in Abuja, Nigeria for redress. As
member of the comity of nations that professes to uphold the tenets of
democracy and rule of law, this government must be held accountable
by itsown standards before local and international tribunals to avert the
continued violations of the rights of its own citizens.
For instance, in the case: Mike Campbell (Pvt) Limited and Others v.
Zimbabwe (2008) AHRLR 199 (SADC 2008), the Southern Africa
Development Community Tribunal quoted Professor Malcolm Shaw
in his treatise entitled International law at pages 104-105 as follows:
It is no defence to a breach of an international obligation to argue that
the state acted in such a manner because it was following the dictates
of its own municipal laws. The reason for this inability to put forward
internal rules as an excuse to evade international obligation are obvious.
Any other situation would permit international law to be evaded by the
simple method of domestic legislation. The Tribunal also highlighted the
principle contained in the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties, in
which it is provided inthe article 27 as follows: A party may not invoke
provisions of its own internal law as justifcation for failure to carry out an
international agreement. This regime is under obligation by the dictates
of the Liberian Constitution which is a replication of international law to
adhere to democratic tendencies and respect for its own citizens including
those who write and hold critical views. It will be interesting to see which
argument the government and its adherent of sovereignty will present
if we take this matter one step further to halt the undue harassment of
the free press before the ECOWAS Court. The SADC Tribunal also cited
the case:Spackman v. Plumstead District Board of Works (1885) 10 App
Cas 229, 240, in which LordSelborne said: There would be no decision
within the meaning of the statute if there were anythingdone contrary
to the essence of justice. See also Ridge v Baldwin [1964] AC 40.The
general obligations of state parties under the African Charter on Human
and Peoples Rights, to whichthe democratic Republic of Liberia is a
signatory according to the SADC Tribunalare threefold, namely: to respect,
to ensure and to fulfll the rights under international human rights treaties.
A state complies with the obligation to respect the recognized rights by not
violating them. To ensure is to take the requisite steps, in accordance with
its constitutional process and the provisions of relevant treaty (in this case
the African Charter), to adopt such legislative or other measures which are
necessary to give effect to these rights. To fulfll the rights means that any
person whose rights are violated would have an effective remedy as rights
without remedies have little value. Article 1 of the African Charter requires
states to ensure that effective and enforceable remedies are available to
individuals in case of discrimination
In the case: Constitutional Rights Project and Others v Federal Republic
of Nigeria, communications 140/94, 141/94 145/95 [(2000) AHRLR 227
(ACHPR 1999)] the Africa Commission on Human and Peoples Rights
held at paragraph 174 as follows: For there to be equal protection of
the law, the law must not only be fairly applied but must be seen to be
fairly applied. Paragraph 9(3)(a) of the Declaration on the Right and
Responsibility of Individuals, Groups and Organs of Society to Promote
and Protect Universally Recognized Human Rights and Fundamental
Freedoms provides that everyone must be given the right to complain about
the policies and actions of individual offcials and governmental bodies with
regard to violations of human rights and fundamental freedoms, by petition
or other appropriate means, to competent domestic judicial, administrative
or legislative authorities or any other competent authority provided for by
the legal system of the state, which should render their decision on the
complaint without undue delay.
Again, in the case: Zondi v MEC for Traditional and Local Government
Affairs and Others2005 (3) SA 589 (CC). the Constitutional Court of
South Africa held at paragraph 82 of the judgment, that The right of
access to courts is an aspect of the rule of law. And the rule of law is one
of the foundational values on which our constitutional democracy has
been established. In a constitutional democracy founded on the rule of
law, disputes between the state and its subjects, and amongst its subjects
themselves, should be adjudicated upon in accordance with law. The more
potentially divisive the confict is, the more important that it be adjudicated
upon in court. That is why a constitutional democracy assigns the resolution
of disputes to a court or, where appropriate, another independent and
impartial tribunal or forum. It is in this context that the right of access
to courts guaranteed by section 34 of the Constitution must be understood.
The Constitutional Court further noted that The right to a fair hearing
before an individual is deprived of a right, interest or legitimate expectation
is another principle well recognized and entrenched in law. Any existing
ouster clause in terms such as the decision of the Minister shall not be
subject to appeal or review in any court prohibits the court from re-
examining the decision of the Minister if the decision reached by him was
one which he had jurisdiction to make. Any decision affecting the legal
rights of individuals arrived at by a procedure which offended against
natural justice was outside the jurisdiction of the decision-making authority
so that, if the Minister did not comply with the rules of natural justice, his
decision was ultra vires or without jurisdiction and the ouster clause did
not prevent the Court from enquiring whether his decision was valid or
not videAttorney-General of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas v Ryan
(1980) AC 718.
Finally, on the question of access to a fair and credible judicial process,
the Court held that: The right of access to the courts is also enshrined
in international human rights treaties. For instance, the African Charter on
Human and Peoples Rights provides in article 7(1)(a) as follows:
Every individual shall have the right to have his cause heard. This comprises:
The right to an appeal to competent national organs against acts violating
his fundamental rights
Now, this legal opinion is not a suggestion that Liberian courts lack the
capacity and judicial competence to provide relief, no far from it. This
opinion is intended to highlight the limitations and inadequacies of the
type of relief that is available herein in Liberia and that is required to settle
the fnancial expectations of the National Chronicle Newspapers for the
damages sustained as a result of the illegal closure order. Therefore, it is my
legal advice to you Mr. President, that given the fact that Article 7(1) of the
African Charter states that Every individual shall have the right to have his
cause heard the PUL should now begin to look beyond the relief provided
by a petition for a writ of prohibition at the Honorable Supreme Court of
Liberia to a greater interest within the province of the EOWAS Community
of Justice so as to settle whatever fnancial claims the Chronicle Newspaper
and Mr. Philipbert Browne may have. It is time that we confront the crude
and primitive tactics of this regime by the use of our scarce resources and
intellects to expose the farce, pretense and duplicity associated with this
regime comesticizing press freedom, good governance, rule of law and
Julius Sayma Syrenius Cephus,>
Page 10 |
Tuesday, September 23, 2014
ar of words has
ensued between
County district
#11 Representative Gabriel
Nyenkan formerly of the Unity
Party and Mr. MamadeeDiakite
host of the Truth Breakfast
show on Truth FM.
The lawmaker has accused
the radio show host of being a
jihadist and an ex-LURD rebel
At a Press conference last
Thursday the District #11
lawmaker also accused the
Radio talk show host of stealing
a 40ft container from the
Freeport of Monrovia where
he served as Assistant Port
Operations manager during
the power sharing government
chair by the late Gyude Bryant.
Representative Nyenkanin
also claimed that Mr. Diakites
name is on the payroll of the
Ministry of state, where he
receives fve thousand US
dollars as Monthly take home
pay for his job as a media
propagandist for the executive
Branch. Rep. Nyekan said that
he has evidence to substantiate
all allegations made by him
against the talk show host.
In response to the numerous
allegations made against him,
Diakite has written the speaker
of the House of Representatives
and fled in a formal complaint
against Rep. Nyenkan,
describing the allegations

Henry Karmo (0886522495)
made by the lawmaker as false
and baseless.
Diakite wrote: Mr. Speaker
I respectfully seek your
intervention as speaker of the
House of Representatives to
initiate a process that would
convince Representative
Nyenkan to make Public all
the Pieces of evidence he
claims to be in his possession
in relation to the allegations he
spread in the Public. I harbor
no doubt that my decision to
seek your offcial intervention
is the frst course in seeking
redress and the most civilized
and acceptable route to follow
whenever a member of the
House of Representatives
injuries the dignity and
integrity of any member of
the society his conduct is a
The local radio talk show
host said it was unacceptable
that a member of the frst
Branch of government who is
a component of the National
political leadership structure, to
emit lies bearing the potential
to impugn on his name and
subject him to infamy. The
extent of injury Representative
Nyekan caused my name and
my person is strengthened
by his political stature. His
utterance is callous abuse of
legislative respectability and
disservice whose mandate he
holds as a legislator, Diakite
Questioning his citizenship
During Rep. Nyenkans press
conference he questioned the
citizenship of Diakite and
claimed that the talk show host
is a Mandingo man from Mali.
With no affront to Mandingos
who are Liberians; there are
Mandingos from Mali and
other parts of Africa and I
believe strongly that Diakite is
one of those, Nyenkan said.
But in response to the
Representative assertion,
Diakite described a waste of
time, the questioning of his
identity by the lawmaker,
because according to him his
conduct projects no impact on
the legality of his citizenship.
It is highly derogatory and
defaming. Using the word
in this context demonstrates
his defciency in appreciating
that our country is a post-
crisis nation still struggling to
survive the effects of our years
of war that had religious and
tribal dimensions, he added.
Diakite described as
disturbing comments from
the Montserrado District #11
lawmaker in his words loaded
with religious and tribal
inclinations with the potential
to affect the sensitivity
of Liberian Muslims and
Mandingoes in general.
Though Diakite distanced
himself from allegations of
being an ex-fghter for the
LURD rebels, he agreed that he
was one of the representatives
of the ex-rebel group under
the power sharing government
assigned at the free Port of
Monrovia a slot given the
group at the Accra Ghana
peace conference.
According to him he got the
job at the time because he
was one of the frst practicing
Liberian Journalist to interview
the former LURD General
George Dweh and because of
his relation with Dweh who
later became speaker of the
House under the power sharing
government he got the job.
n eminent resident
of the Borough
of New Kru
Town (NKT) has
presented 15 bags of rice (25
kilos) and the three-gallon
containers of cooking oil to
Redemption Hospital.
According to Dixon Seeboe,
the food items was his way of
identifying with the hospital
as the fght against Ebola
Redemption is being used
now as a holding center for
Ebola patients. So they are
working and some of us need
to complement whatever they
are doing here. Once you
are undergoing medication,
feeding is an integral part
of medicine. So they will need
to be fed properly in order to
get well, said Seeboe.
Twenty-fve thousand Liberian
dollars was also given as a
small token to supplement the
transportation of committed
Seeboe also gave the boroughs
taskforce on Ebola 25 bags of
rice (50 kilos), four containers
of cooking oil (three gallons
each) and L$15,000.
But how much does Seeboe
trust a group he practically
What the taskforce has been
doing is to encourage people
who may have come in contact
with people who have the virus.
Our health people called this
one contact tracing. And those
people are being quarantined in
their respective homes.
And so these donations will
be used by the taskforce to
distribute to the respective
homes in order for the people
to stay indoors and they can
have something to eat.
I am a proponent of the
ideal that when you make
people responsible you have
to make them accountable
until otherwise other. In
my mind, this taskforce is
200-percent accountable and
they will distribute [these food
items] accordingly, Seeboe,
who works for the Liberia
Revenue Authority, told
FrontPageAfrica on September
This is the second time
Seeboe has come to the rescue
following an unprecedented
donation of 30 bags of rice (50
kilos) to victims of a recent sea
erosion in NKT.
So why is he always identifying
withresidents of NKT when the
need arises?
Normally when you try to help
[an individual or institution],
people try to focus on the
ensuing elections. Of course,
I cant say anything about that
right now but when the people
of New Kru Town think that
Seeboe is a choice [then] we
will throw our towel into it.
But I just want you to
understand that this is not the
rationale behind the donation,
said Seeboe, who called on
Representative Edward Forh
and prominent residents to
identify with redemption,
which, until the widespread
of Ebola in Liberia, used to be
a referral hospital for Grand
Cape Mount, Gbarpolu and
Bomi Counties.
He needs to come to the fold.
When you are a representation
of the people
[and] inasmuch as this is not
one of your responsibilities,
there is a human side of your
representation. Since you are
the representative and these
people are in dire need, it is
going to be good to come to
their rescue. This is not only
for the representative but every
well-meaning citizen who lives
in the district, he added.
This represents arguably
the largest donation by an
individual to the hospital
and the boroughs taskforce
although Alex Cuffy, Manneh
Teah, Peter Conto and
Harrison Togba have made
the taskforceeffective and
In early September, Monrovia
Breweries Incorporated,
which produces club beer and
Guinness stout, donated more
than 1,100 buckets and other
disinfectants to NKT governor
Alice Weah for onward
distribution to her people.
According to a new estimate
under development by the
United States-based Centers
for Disease Control and
Prevention, the Ebola epidemic
sweeping West Africa could
infect up to 500,000 people by
the end of January.
Sierra Leone has declared
a three-day curfew (which
ended at midnight on Sunday)
aimed at containing the Ebola
outbreak a success.
The World Health Organization
says the situations in Senegal
and Nigeria have been "pretty
much contained" as nearly
all of the deaths (probable,
suspected and confrmed) in the
world's worst Ebola outbreak
have been recorded in Liberia
(1,459), Guinea (601), Sierra
Leone (562) and Nigeria (8).
On Sunday, a 1,000-bed
hospital for Ebola patients was
dedicated in the Island Clinic
community in Monrovia.
So, all must be done in landinga
helping hand to redemption,
which lacks logistics and
trained personnel, least to
talk about food for persons
diagnosed with the virus.

Dixon Seeboe identifes with Redemption Hospital
and the Boroughs Ebola taskforce
Danesius Marteh,
Tuesday, September 23, 2014 Page 11
Paris (AFP) -
rance insisted
Monday it was not
spooked by a call
for Muslims to kill
citizens of countries fghting
the Islamic State group, as
Western nations scramble to
prevent a surge in lone-wolf
"France is not afraid,"
Interior Minister Bernard
Cazeneuve said repeatedly
during a televised statement,
after IS circulated grisly tips
for its followers on how to
kill "disbelievers".
The threat posed by the
slick, web-savvy group
that has seized large areas
of Iraq and Syria has seen
anti-terror laws rewritten,
security boosted and
raids carried out against
homegrown jihadist groups
from Europe to Australia.
yria's parliament
speaker said Sunday
that the U.S. should
work with Damascus
in assembling a coalition
to battle the Islamic State
extremist group rather than
allying with nations that
support terrorism.
Speaker Jihad Laham was
apparently referring to Saudi
Arabia and other countries
that back rebels trying to
overthrow Syrian President
Bashar Assad. Lahham said
during a parliament session
that nations that "want to fght
terrorism should coordinate"
with Damascus rather than
Syrian rebel groups.
ierra Leone confned
its 6 million people
to their homes Friday
for the next three days
as the Ebola-ravaged West
African country began what was
believed to be the most sweeping
lockdown against disease since
the Middle Ages.
In a desperate effort to bring
the outbreak under control,
thousands of health care workers
began going house to house in
crowded urban neighborhoods
and remote villages, hoping to
fnd and isolate infected people.
Freetown (AFP) -
illions of Sierra
Leoneans emerged
from their homes
on Monday after
a controversial nationwide
lockdown during which scores of
dead bodies and around 150 new
cases of Ebola infections were
The west African country had
confned its six million people
to their homes for 72 hours in
a bid to stem a deadly outbreak
that has claimed nearly 2,800
lives there and in neighbouring
Liberia and Guinea this year.
"We have an overfow of bodies
which we still need to bury
but this has been an everyday
occurrence since the Ebola
outbreak... Now at least we have
about 150 new cases," Steven
Gaojia, head of the country's
emergency operation centre, said
late Sunday.
The country's chief medical
offcer earlier said up to 70
bodies had been uncovered, but
these were in and around the
capital, and results for the whole
country are likely to push up the
fgures signifcantly.
Only essential workers such as
health professionals were exempt
from the shutdown, and some
30,000 volunteers who went
door-to-door to hand out soap
and give advice on halting the
Independent observers have
voiced concerns over the quality
of advice being given out,
deeming the shutdown a "mixed
success" and complaining about
the poor training of the door-to-
door education teams.
Meanwhile aid organisations
and medical experts questioned
the feasibility of reaching 1.5
million households in three days
and argued that confning people
to their homes could erode trust
between the government and the
- Begging for their lives -
But Health Minister Abubakarr
Fofanah told AFP that volunteers
had managed to reach around 80
percent of homes, deeming the
action a success.
"We have learnt a lot from
the campaign. Although this
campaign has ended, there is
a possibility we would have a
similar one some other time," he
"I cannot as of now give you
statistics about the total corpses
collected during the three-day
period as we are now awaiting
returns from other parts of the
country and this will be made
known as soon as the full report
is compiled."
Ebola fever can fell its
victims within days, causing
severe muscle pain, vomiting,
diarrhoea and -- in many cases --
unstoppable internal and external
The scale of the challenge is
most evident in Liberia, where
health workers at Ebola units
have spoken of turning away
people begging for their lives
because they don't have the beds
or staff to treat them.
"Patients are being rejected...
because there is no space. So the
government is trying its best to
fnish the 1,000 beds so we can
accommodate all the patients,"
Information Minister Lewis
Brown told AFP.
The World Health Organization
(WHO) warned two weeks
ago that Liberia, worst-hit in
the outbreak, was about to
see a huge spike in infections,
with thousands of new cases
The UN agency, issuing its latest
fgures on Monday, said Liberia
had recorded 3,022 cases with
1,578 deaths.
he country said on Sunday there
would be a four-fold increase
in hospital beds to 1,000 for
patients in the capital Monrovia
by the end of October.
The announcement came as the
government opened a third Ebola
unit in Monrovia -- its largest
with 150 beds.
Deputy health minister Tolbert
Nyensuah said the centre had
already received 105 patients, 56
of whom had tested positive.
- 'In denial' -
The WHO's Ebola emergency
committee, charged with
deciding on measures to reduce
the risk of the further spread,
criticised fight cancellations
and other travel restrictions in a
report released Monday.
It said the measures "continue
to isolate affected countries
resulting in detrimental
economic consequences, and
hinder relief and response efforts
risking further international
It called for Ebola-hit countries
to ensure that quarantines of
hotspots are "proportionate
and evidence-based" and that
affected populations get adequate
food, water and information.
A second deployment of US
troops arrived on Sunday at
Liberia's international airport,
55 kilometres (35 miles) east of
Monrovia, as part of an eventual
3,000-strong mission to help
tackle the outbreak.
The team will set up a
headquarters for Major General
Darryl Williams, who will
oversee the US mission to
train local health workers and
establish additional medical
facilities, he said.
Liberian health offcials said
action to stop the spread of the
disease was also being hampered
by traditional communities still
ignoring advice on staying away
from highly infectious dead
bodies during funeral rites.
"Some people are still in
denial. Because of that they
are not listening to the rules,"
said Gabriel Gorbee Logan, a
health offcer in Bomi County,
northwest of Monrovia.
The WHO updated the epidemic's
overall death toll Monday to
2,793, while adding that the
outbreak was basically contained
in Senegal and Nigeria.
The UN health agency said a
total of 5,762 people had been
infected in fve west African
countries as of September 18.
STANBUL (Reuters) -
resident Tayyip
Erdogan said on
Sunday no ransom was
paid for the release of
Turkish hostages held by Islamic
State in Iraq and that it was the
result of diplomatic and political
Turkish intelligence agents
brought 46 hostages seized
by Islamic State militants in
northern Iraq back to Turkey on
Saturday after more than three
months in captivity, in what
Erdogan described as a covert
rescue operation.
"A material negotiation is totally
out of the question ... This is
a diplomatic success," he said
before leaving for the U.N.
General Assembly.
Security sources told Reuters
on Saturday the hostages had
been released overnight in the
town of Tel Abyad on the Syrian
side of the border with Turkey
after being transferred from the
eastern Syrian city of Raqqa,
Islamic State's stronghold.
Offcials declined to give details
of the rescue operation.
The hostages, including
Turkey's consul-general,
diplomats' children and special
forces soldiers, were seized
from the Turkish consulate
in Mosul on June 11 during a
lightning advance by the Sunni
Erdogan also said he had
discussed a buffer zone on
the Syrian border with U.S.
President Barack Obama and
NATO allies at the NATO
summit earlier this month.
(Reporting by Seda Sezer;
Editing by Janet Lawrence)
Doctors Without Borders Distributing Hygiene Kits to Liberian communities

edical Humanitarian organization Medecin
San Frontieres has begun issuing Ebola
emergency kits to several communities
around Monrovia. The medical group which
has been at the front of the fght against the deadly Ebola
virus has helped families with patients who do not have
access to medical care due to the lack of space at various
treatment units with these kits to help protect themselves
against the disease while caring for their sick loved ones
until medical isolation can be done.
MSF said its health promotion teams, numbering over
400 people, have began distributing the home hygeine kits
across Monrovia.
These kits are designed to help those who have a sick
family member care for them more safely until they can
access medical care, or to help a family disinfect their home
after someone has died. The kits contain a bucket, chlorine,
gloves, gowns, masks, soap, garbage bags and a spray bottle
as well as instructions on how to use the items correctly,
Caitlin Ryan, Field Communications Offcer Ebola
Emergency, Liberia Mdecins Sans Frontires (MSF).
Ryan said in a statement that the MSF has begun
distributing the kits to health workers who may have caring
responsibilities outside of work and eventually hope to
distribute at least 50,000 kits to families across Monrovia.
MSF continues to advise everyone to avoid touching sick
people, dead bodies or bodily fuids, to avoid any physical
contact with unknown people, to wash their hands regularly
and to seek medical help if they experience fever, vomiting,
Diarrhea, weakness, muscle pain or bleeding," she said.
The organization which has 1,904 people working across
West Africa trying to bring the Ebola outbreak under
control, including more than 1,030 people in Liberia says
it is also working in communities across Monrovia, where
over 400 MSF trained community health workers are going
from door to door to tell people about Ebola and teach them
how best to protect themselves.