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Item Description
1. Product
State Bank Freedom (Mobile Banking Service)
. Function !
Fund "rans#er $ IMPS%Mobile to Mobile "rans#er
&. 're (ou using Mobile banking over 'pplication)
*'P or +SSD,,
I# over +SSD%% "-is #acilit( is not available over
Do (ou -ave t-e Bene.ciar(/s Mobile Number and
t-e MMID,
I# (ou 0ant to do #und trans#er over IMPS% Mobile
to Mobile "rans#er
step b( step guide is as under $
Select Funds "rans#er
Select IMPS $ Mobile to Mobile "rans#er1
o 2nter Mobile number o# t-e pa(ee
registered 0it- -is Bank #or t-is
o 2nter MMID
o 2nter purpose o# remittance ("-e .eld
is optional)
o 2nter 'mount (up to 3s45555!%)
o Select t-e account to be debited
o Press 67
o 2nter t-e MPIN and 86NFI3M.
9ou 0ill get a message t-at (our IMPS transaction
is success#ul.
Please Note: "-e #acilit( is available 0it- &;
banks at present:
1. State Bank o# India
. I8I8I Bank
&. Bank o# India
;. +nion Bank o# India
4. '<IS Bank
=. 92S Bank
>. State Bank o# Bikaner ? @aipur and ot-er
For updated list o# participating Banks is available
under NP8I 0ebsite $
F32B+2N"C9 'S72D B+2S"I6NS
What is Interbank Mobile Payment Service (IMPS)?
Inter-bank Mobile Payment Service is a new facility added to Mobile Banking
Service It facilitates funds transfer to an acco!nt of the beneficiary with a
"artici"ating bank# based on beneficiarys Mobile Number and MMID
What is MMI$?
- MMI$ is a % digit n!mber allotted by yo!r Bank for receiving f!nds thro!gh
IMPS &he bank will allot MMI$ when yo! register yo!r mobile n!mber and
acco!nt n!mber in which yo! wish to receive f!nds
- If yo! have more than one acco!nt# yo! will get a se"arate MMI$ for each
- 'o! have to share yo!r mobile n!mber and MMI$ with the remitter for
receiving f!nds thro!gh IMPS
I wish to send money !nder IMPS?
- 'o! sho!ld be a registered !ser of Mobile Banking Service of the Bank
- If yo! are not a !ser# "lease register yo!rself for mobile banking service
&hree sim"le ste"s are
o (et !ser id and defa!lt MPI) by sending SMS MBS*+( to ,--.//0000
or 12%2%2
o $ownload mobile banking a""lication on yo!r mobile "hone and change
o 3isit an 4&M or Branch for activating yo!r mobile banking service
- (et beneficiary5s Mobile n!mber and MMI$
- Send money to the beneficiary following the men! o"tions in the mobile
banking a""lication
Funds Transfer > IMPS-Mobile to Mobile Transfer > Payee mobile
number > Payee MMID > Amount > Select account to be debited > MPIN
> Confirm
I wish to receive money !nder IMPS
- *egister yo!rself with yo!r Bank for getting MMI$
- Share yo!r mobile n!mber and MMI$ with the remitter
- 6heck the confirmation SMS for credit to yo!r acco!nt from the remitter
Is it "ossible for me to remit f!nds to acco!nts maintained with any Bank in
- 4t "resent# !nder IMPS yo! can make remittance to acco!nts maintained with
the following ./ banks
State Bank of India
I6I6I Bank
Bank of India
7nion Bank of India
48IS Bank
State Bank of Bikaner : ;ai"!r
For updated list of participatin !an"s is a#ailable under NPCI $ebsite %
<ow do I get MMI$? <ow do I register for Interbank Mobile Payment Service
&o get MMI$ n!mber# "lease register yo!rself at State Bank 4&M as follows=
ATM' S$ipe your Debit Card > Select Mobile +eistration > ,nter ATM PIN >
Select SMS ( Secure Code ( IMPS > ,nter your mobile number > Confirm)
% digit MMI$ n!mber will be sent to yo! over SMS on the mobile n!mber !sed
for registration Whenever yo! wish to receive money !sing IMPS# share yo!r
MMI$ and mobile n!mber with the remitter
$o I need to register the details of beneficiary before sending money?
)o# there is no need to register the details of the "ayee before transferring
<ow do I transfer f!nds thro!gh Interbank Mobile Payment Service?
&o transfer f!nds !sing this Service# "lease follow the ste"s as !nder=
- >"en the mobile banking a""lication with !ser I$
- Select ?!nds &ransfer @ Select IMPS -Mobile to Mobile &ransfer @ +nter
mobile n!mber of the "ayee @ +nter "ayee MMI$ (%digits) @ +nter "!r"ose
(o"tional) @ +nter amo!nt @ Select acco!nt to be debited 6hoose >9
- +nter MPI)
- 6hoose confirm and send the reA!est
Why do I need MMI$ n!mber?
When someone sends yo! money thro!gh IMPS !sing yo!r mobile n!mber and
MMI$# yo!r acco!nt to be credited is identified by the MMI$
I have . acco!nts and I want to receive f!nds in all acco!nts !sing my mobile
n!mber? What do I have to do?
'o! have to register each acco!nt to get the MMI$ &he mobile n!mber can be
the same for all yo!r acco!nts
If I have more than one acco!nt and I want to register all of them# do I need to
give different mobile n!mber for each acco!nt?
'o! can give the same mobile n!mber for all the acco!nts &he Bank will allot
different MMI$ for each acco!nt
What are the charges?
Presently# there are no charges for !sing the facility
I am !sing the Mobile Banking Service already What is the eBtra benefit for me?
&here are two definite benefits-
i ?!nds can be remitted witho!t registering the "ayee
ii &ransfer of f!nds is in real time even for acco!nts maintained with other
What will ha""en if I enter a wrong MMI$?
MMI$ has % digits &he first fo!r digits identify the Bank and the last three digits
identify the acco!nt
i If the first fo!r digits of MMI$ are not valid# the transaction will be reCected
ii If the first fo!r digits are valid ie re"resent a Bank b!t not the intended
Bank# yo!r acco!nt will be debited and then the entry will be reversed
iii If the first fo!r digits are right and the last three digits are wrong# yo!r
acco!nt will be debited and then the entry will be reversed