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Leave Policy

List of Holidays

In a year ten official holidays will be observed in <Company> . A list of holidays will be circulated at the beginning of the

1 All employees are required to follow the proper procedure to apply for leave.

2 All employees should fill in the ‘ Leave Application Form ' when applying for a leave and submit the same to their
‘Department Heads'.

3 The leave application needs to be approved by the respective ‘Department Heads'.

4 The employee is required to give prior notice to the Department Heads before taking the Annual or Casual leaves.

5 The employee is required to submit the approved ‘Leave Application Form' with the HR Department.

6 On approval from the HR department the leave will be granted.

7 Leave for ‘Department Heads' are to be approved by Director/Head HR.

8 In case of absence because of sickness leave application to be submitted immediately on the day of resumption of duty.

9 The employee must ensure that their leave application has been approved before commencing on leave. Failure to do so
will result in disciplinary action.

Type of Leaves

These leaves are applicable for a calendar year – January to December.

Annual Leave

All employees will be entitled to 12 working days annual leave in a calendar year, these leaves will be accrued each
month. For every 20 working days one day is added to the annual leaves available.

Unused leave in a calendar year will automatically be carried forward to the next year subject to a maximum
accumulation of 10 working days per year after which the leave will start to lapse.

This accumulated leave cannot exceed 30 working days .

Annual Leave can be taken by the employee upon completion of probation; employee can take the amount of leave
due to them as per their entitlement for a calendar year.

Employees may split their leave within the leave year, but one part of it should not be less than two working days
taken consecutively.

Annual leave is calculated from the first working day of absence until the Day of return to work (less Week-ends and
National Holidays).

No annual leave can be granted in units of half day.

Arrangements for accumulated leave to be utilized must be carried out with Management, sufficiently in advance of the
desired time.

Notice of annual leave applications must reach the HR department at least 15 days before the employee intends his
leave to commence and it must be approved before the employee can commence on leave.

Casual Leave

All employees will be entitled to 8 working days casual leave.

Casual leave can be taken with approval from the respective Department Head.

Notice of casual leave application must reach HR department 2 days in advance, and the employee should get it
approved before commencing on leave.

Casual leaves can not be taken for more than 2 days at a time.

Sick Leave

All employees will be entitled for 7 days sick leave in a calendar year.

If the employee is unable to attend his/ her duties for two continuous days or longer, he/she will be required to
produce a registered Medical Practitioner's leave & fitness certificates on his/her return to duties.

This leave cannot be accumulated if there was no need to utilize this provision in any calendar year.

Maternity Leave

Full time confirmed female employees are eligible for paid maternity leave.

Maternity leave is granted as a continuous period of 3 months from the date of commencement of the leave. Under
normal circumstances, the company would be advised that the maternity leave be taken four weeks prior to confinement

The employee should provide a certificate from a registered Doctor giving the expected date of confinement at least
one month prior to commencing the leave for Senior Leads and 15 days prior to commencing the leave for junior

Leave without Pay

Without pay leave is granted only in exceptional circumstances approved by the Department Head and only after all
annual leave entitlement has been used up.

Leave is calculated in half-day unit from the first morning/afternoon of absence until the morning/afternoon of return
to work (Week-ends and national holidays are included in the calculation of number of days absent).

Compensatory Leave

In case an employee is required to work on Saturday and Sunday, they are eligible for a compensatory leave.

An employee will be eligible for compensatory leave only if he/she had worked 8 hours on the holiday.

Compensatory leave will be provided at the discretion of the respective Department Head.

The compensatory leave must be taken within 8 weeks from the day, failing which they will be deemed as lapsed.