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1. What do you think will be most instrumental in getting you a

job with a reputed firm? *

a. Personality and communication skills
b. Professional degree
c. General knowledge and ability to adapt
d. Performance during the interview

2. Do you think that irrespective of being part of the same firm
there is always a conflict between some departments? Eg:
Marketing and
Finance ; Food and Beverage service and Kitchen ; Front Office
and Housekeeping. *

a. Yes
b. No

3. What kind of dress code do you prefer? *

a. Dress code as per industrial norms.
b. Wear whatever you like and are comfortable in.
c. Dress code maintaining decorum and culture of the firm.
d. Dress code as prescribed by the organization.

4. What according to you is the best way of interdepartmental
co-ordination? *

a. Follow paper work route and process.
b. Pick up the phone and speak to you colleagues in other
c. First an informal communication and then the paper work.

5. If your ideas are not heard or accepted by the Management,
what will be your probable action? *

a. Give no ideas in future.
b. Give ideas only when asked formally.
c. Continue working in the same fashion without taking any
and safeguard yourself from disappointment.
d. It does not matter, they will listen next time attitude.

6. Your loyalty to your firm is influenced by: *

a. Frequent promotion.
b. Continuous training and development programs.
c. Travel and monetary benefits.
d. Informal professional relationships with co-workers.

7. What qualities are most important in your immediate
supervisor? *

a. Follows contingent style of management. *contingent: as per
prevailing situation
b. Strictly follows rules, regulations and policies.
c. Uses both formal and informal means of management.

8. If a superior gives you a task in which you are not
specialized (dont have educational qualification) what will you
do? *

a. Politely decline because it is not your area of
b. Agree and take it as an opportunity to learn something new.
c. Absent yourself on the day of assignment after accepting only
because declining was not an option.

9. You are most likely to complete the tasks assigned to you on
time when: *

a. Supervised by one superior .
b. Supervised by more than one superior, each specialized in
some area concerned with the assignment .
c. Given free hand to complete the task .

10. What do you think should be the basis for remuneration in a
reputed firm ? *

a. On the basis of industry standards.
b. According to the performance of the employee.
c. A payroll that ensures a decent standard of living to the
d. Attractive enough to retain talent irrespective of industry
e. As per seniority and years of work experience.

11. What do you think is important for achieving co-ordination
men and material resources? *

a. Having a fixed place for everything and everyone.
b. Free movement of people and things without any boundaries.
c. Movement of people and things only when required

12. Irrespective of social awareness and firms social
responsibility do you think most reputed firms are fair in their
dealings with employees, customers, investors etc? *

a. yes
b. no

13. What do you think should be the basis for distribution of
power between superior and subordinates? *

a. Power should be given to subordinates temporarily only when
required to perform huge range of activities.
b. Power should be given to deserving subordinates frequently
for their development
c. Some powers should be given to the subordinates to reduce
burden on superiors.

14. What do you think is the best way to promote team spirit and
harmony among the employees? *

a. Managers should replace I with we in his conversations
with employees.
b. Putting up a wall of fame showing achievement of teams.
c. Organizing group activities such as watching a movie
d. Organizing sports events like cricket tournaments.
e. Promoting healthy competition within the organization.

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