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Software Copyright

1. Under software copyright law, list 2 things it is illegal to do.

steal software,use illegally copied software/manuals, run purchased software on more machines than the license allows. transmit
copied software over a telecommunications line, run copied (pirated) software, copy software without the permission of the
rightful owner.
2. What is the law that covers software copyright?
The ntellectual !roperty "rdinance.
#. List 3 types of software licence.
single user, multiple users ,site license and networ$ license.
%. Explain the difference between a single licence and a mltiple licence.
single licence can only &e used on one computer.
multiple licence can &e used on a specified num&er of computers.
'. What is a site licence?
t lets you install the software onto an unlimited num&er of computers, as long as they are on one distinct site.
(. List 3 examples of !software piracy!.
2 employees installing the same program on their computers when the license agreement permits only one.
)n T training instructor &uys one copy of a software which is licensed for use in one computer only. *ut he installs this software
in all the computers in the computer la&oratory.
)n T manager of a trading company &uys one copy of an accounting software which is licenced for use in one computer only.
*ut he as$s his su&ordinate to install it in a +), server for shared use &y all the employees in the accounting department.
transmit pirated software on the nternet
&uys a single C- , converts them to .!# and posts them on the internet.
/. Why does software piracy case software developers to lose ot?
0educe profits, stop new software &eing developed.
1. Why do yo thin" people copy software?
can not afford to &uy copyrighted software.
reduce their e2pense.
sell for money and ma$e profits.
3. What is the maximm prison sentence for copying software?
% years prisons
15. What is a virs #list 3 things$?
) computer program written &y malicious individuals and self7replicate without the $nowledge of the user.
.acro viruses7f a user accesses a document containing a viral macro and unwittingly e2ecutes this macro virus, it can then copy
itself into that application8s startup files. The computer is now infected7the virus resides on it.
*oot sector viruses7infects computers &y modifying the contents of the &oot sector program.
!arasitic viruses attach themselves to programs, also $nown as e2ecuta&les.
C9 virus attempts to overwrite the :lash *"S, which can cause irrepara&le damage to certain machines
;.3//Class7- virus, which repeatedly displays messages such as < thin$ 8username8 is a &ig stupid =er$<
+"6>?"@ virus arrives as e7mail with the su&=ect line < +ove ?ou< and an attachment named <+ove7+etter7:or7
?ou.t2t.v&s.< "pening the attachment infects your computer. The infection first scans your !C8s memory for passwords, which
are sent &ac$ to the virus8s creator (a ;e& site in the !hilippines which has since &een shut down). The infection then replicates
itself to everyone in your "utloo$ address &oo$.
<.elissa< virus is .S ;ord7&ased macro that replicates itself through e7mail, emerged from nowhere to overwhelm
commercial, government and military .
The .ichelangelo 6irus infects files on .arch (th, which was .ichelangelo8s &irthday. "n that day, if it is not stopped, it deletes
the files on the hard disc.
The Cascade 6irus. has particular dates when it &ecomes active, causing all characters on the screen to fall in a =um&led mass to
the &ottom of the screen.
11. Why is it illegal to "nowingly spread a virs?
t will ta$e up hard dis$ space, C!@ time, crash memory.
t will erase file and corrupt data, format hard dis$, overwrite flash*"s
&ring networ$ to a standstill
allow remote access to a hac$er
12. List 3 ways that virses are generally spread.
through an infected floppy dis$ loaded into your computer.
through attachment to e7mail, e2ecuta&le programs and downloaded freeware/shareware from nternet
through hidden macros in spreadsheet or word documents.
through sharing infected files over networ$.
1#. List % methods of redcing the ris" of virses.
use a commercial anti7virus software to scan your system daily
$eep your anti7virus programme up7to7date and up7and7running at all times
do not allow people to use floppy dis$s on your system
using special filtering software to prevent downloads of computer programs
scan all incoming e7mails
not open suspicious emails or attachments from strangers.
write7protecting dis$s, so nothing can &e copied onto them
avoid software from unrelia&le sources (shareware)
&ac$ up data regularly
disa&le applications such as Aava, AavaScript, and )ctiveB on your we& &rowser and email program. )ttachments can also &e
transferred to your system via a we& site with a script attached.
Turn off your computer or disconnect it from the networ$ when not in use
1%. What does anti&virs software do?
Scan files from dis$ for virus and remove virus.
Ceep an eye for spyware or unwanted adware on nternet and remove them
!revents spyware programs from hi=ac$ing your home page and redirecting you to their download sites
)utomatically downloads updates of viruses to protect against new emerging viruses.
)utomatically scans incoming instant message attachments for threats.
Chec$s incoming and outgoing email attachments for viruses.
Chec$s compressed file archives for viruses.
Ceeps dangerous nternet worms out, &loc$ing them &efore they infect your system.
)utomatically scans for viruses upon downloading updates
@ses smart technology to detect emergent worms and other new threats without waiting for updates
-isinfects your system prior to installation, starting you off with a clean, virus7free computer.
1'. Why is it important to "eep anti&virs software p&to&date?
,ew computer viruses are found everyday, causing damages, threats and at least inconvenience to all computer users. The most
effective way to prevent virus infection is to $eep your anti7virus software up7to7date and up and running at all times.
1(. What is hac"ing?
unauthorised entry/access to computer systems.
1/. List what might a hac"er do when they access a compter system.
steal credit card details to ma$e fraudulent purchases
modify data or install a system which does not allow other data from other users to &e installed
destroying or altering outputs such as print7outs or summaries so that any fraud continues to remain unnoticed
steal commercially valua&le data or to damage or delete the data, &lac$mail the company
alter files in order to transfer cash or to amend an individual8s personal record
use patching programs which trigger a su&7routine to channel funds into a &ogus account
11. 'f yo were able to hac" into yor ban" accont withot getting into troble, what might yo want to do to it?
have the right to modify, add or delete transaction records.
e.g.increase the saving &alance &y certain amount,immediately withdraw that amount.
-ecrease the loan interest rate and amount of the mortgage loan from the &an$.
decrease the credit card loan amount.
waive the &an$ service fee charged.

13. (escribe 2 ways that a hac"er can gain nathorised access to a compter.
@nauthoriDed use of others password and access userEs information without permission.
o&tain the access control list
steal ! address and monitor activities of a computer &y using ! tracing program
tap into communication line and steal the data without interrupting the sending and receiving of data.
25. What is encryption?
The translation of data into a secret code. >ncryption is the most effective way to achieve data security. To read an encrypted file,
you must have access to a secret $ey or password that ena&les you to decrypt it.
21. List ) things that an organisation shold do to protect its compter system from hac"ers.
:irewall to &loc$ access from outside.
+evel of security and access control
call7&ac$ procedures
)ccess to rooms &y swipe cards / fingerprint scan / retina scan
)larm systems
install anti7spyware applications.
22. What is the law that governs nathorised access to compter systems? 8The Computer .isuse )ct8
2#. What are the 3 main terms of this act?
@nauthoriDed )ccess with Criminal -amage/:alse )ccounting ,with Criminal or -ishonest ntent, with a custodial term not less
than that for theft , with *urglary, with ma$ing :alse >ntry in *an$ *oo$
a custodial term
.a2imum penalty F25,555
' to 15 years imprisonment