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Sequence Generator Transformation

NEXTVAL - generates sequence numbers when you connect this port to a transformation.
If you want to loa ! targets with the same sequence number
- "onnect the NEXTVAL port to a transformation an then connect that transformation to
the ! targets.
If you want to loa ! targets with the unique sequence number
- "onnect the NEXTVAL port to two ifferent targets or two ifferent pipelines which
has those ! targets
"#$$VAL % NEXTVAL & Increment by Value property
If you connect "#$$VAL port without connecting the NEXTVAL' then the "#$$VAL
will gi(e you constant (alue.
If you connect "#$$VAL' Informatica process one row at a time - can be a performance
Properties :
)tart Value * )tart Value of the sequence. It will be use as the start (alue' once it reaches
En Value an if the "ycle +ption is enable
Increment ,y *
En Value * En Value for the )equence -enerator
"urrent Value * "urrent Value of the )equence. It will be upate either at the en of the
session.Non-reusable an Number of "ache Values %/ 0 or uring the session .Number
of "ache Value 1 / 0 . If $eset 2roperty is enable' then Informatica resets the (alue to
its original (alue of the session.
"ycle * Enable if you want to cycle through the (alues after it reaches the En Value.
$eset * If enable' Informatica upates current (alue to the original (alue e(ery time it
runs the session. If isable Informatica upates the current (alue to last generate (alue
& 3.
Number of "ache Values * Non-$eusable - If the Value is / - It oesnt "ache Values.
Informatica reas the start (alue form the repository an then 4eeps generating the
sequence (alues. At the ene of the session it upates the current (alue to )tart Value or
Lastgeneratesequence&3 .base on the $eset +ption0
If the Value is 1 / then Informatica reas the start (alue an caches the number of (alues
base on the Number of "ache Values an then upates the "urrent (alue in the
repository. It will again go to the $epository if all the (alues are use. At the en of the
session it throws away any unremaining )equence Numbers which were not use.
nter!ie" #uestions :$
30 If the En Value is reache an if the "ycle option is not enable then the session fails
!0 $eset +ption is isable for $eusable )equence -enerator
50 Number of "ache Values has to be 1% 3 for $eusable )equence -enerator
60 To a(oi big gaps between sequence (alues' set the Number of cache (alues to / if it
is non-reusable' set the Number of "ache (alues to less number if it is $eusable.
Performance ssues :$
30 7o not connect "#$$VAL
!0 "hec4 Number of "ache Values
)et it to / if it is Non-$eusable' )et it to appropriate.efault 3///0 if it is $eusuable
EN%VALUE & %atat'pes in Versions :$
In (ersion 8.9 the atatype of NEXTVAL : "#$$VAL is bigint.3;0 an the
EN7VAL#E is ;!!55<!/598=6<<=8/<.
In (ersion <' 8.3. the atatypes are integer.3/0 an the EN7VAL#E is !36<68596<