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He said it appeared the issues were being addressed.

A specialty part has been ordered and may take some time
to be received, according to Reeves.
The part will repair a hardware issues with doors in the
courthouse. Since April, Maintenance Director Ryan Baze has
been working with Flintco to fix the problem.
Helm also brought up an issue with the courthouse security
cameras and invited Reeves to stay because the board would be
discussing the issue in executive session.

School District in McCurtain County.
In 2008, during a case involving the
City of Tecumseh, the Court of Civil
Appeals wroteThe purpose of the Open
Meeting Act is to encourage and facilitate an informed citizenrys understanding of the governmental processes and
governmental problems ... it is defeated
if the required notice is deceptively
worded or materially obscures the stated
purpose of the meeting.
Assistant District Attorney David
Iski advised the commissioners to enter
the session designated for the purpose of
discussing the design or functional
schematics that demonstrate the relationship or connections between devices
or systems, system configuration information, security monitoring and
response equipment placement and configuration, and specific location or
placement of systems, components or
devices of the information technology of
the County.
Deputy Coy Jenkins, Maintenance
Director Ryan Baze and Information
Technology Director Brett Williston
joined the board in the session to discuss
issues previously discussed with Helm.

Last week, the issue was raised about the cameras. The system is operating on multiple computer servers and has been
known to have issues because it was set up for residential use,
according to Baze.
I will be surprised if it is a design issue, Reeves said.
That is how things always start out.
The board voted to pay BKL the final payment on the courthouse project after asking the company to assist them to insure
the work is done.

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Last week, the commissioners publicly discussed issues surrounding an

open record request filed by local attorney Larry Steidley. He requested
footage from the courthouse security
When asked if there is an investigation involving the open records request,
the commissioners offered no response.
Steidley was present at the meeting
Monday. Iski spoke to him before entering the executive session, but did not
reveal the details of the discussion.
The open records request filed by
Steidley was made after a flash drive
containing information belonging to
District Attorney Janice Stiedley was
found on courthouse property. The item
was mistaken as property of the
Claremore Daily Progress.
The newspaper returned the item to
the DA.
An effort was then launched to determine who found the item or where it was
lost on the property.
Larry Steidley filed the request and a
debate over the records began, according
to Undersheriff Jon Sappington.

The sheriffs office initially denied

the request, claiming the courthouse
security records are not public. They
later provided the information to avoid
The Rogers County Sheriffs Office
pulled the records with the assistance of
the system vendor.
During the processing of the files,
some of the data was lost. Since that
time, discussions regarding the system
have become a publicly discussed topic.
Helm has led the effort to upgrade the
computer server system, which stores
the data.
BKL Architect Kim Reeves said
Monday that the 102 camera system was
designed for commercial use and the
issue possibly lies with the amount of
data that officials are trying to store.
Although the commissioners did not
comment on exactly what portion of the
system was discussed in executive session, Helms motion revealed the item
involved camera monitoring.
The courthouse security system
administered by the Rogers County
Sheriffs office is the camera monitoring system installed in the courthouse.

Road Trip for Teachers event in Rogers County


The Claremore Area Chamber of Commerce in partnership

with Claremore Public Schools, Northeast Technology Center,
Oklahoma Manufacturing Alliance and Workforce OK are
pleased to announce the inaugural Career Highway - Road Trip
for Teachers on Sept. 29.
Were pleased to announce this important opportunity for
our educators to have a first-hand view at today's manufacturing and industry. We believe this day-trip will help expose
educators to the high demand, high skill, high wage opportunities that are available to students said Shellie Rhine, chairperson of the Manufacturing-Industry Task Force of the
Claremore Chamber.
Manufacturing Day is celebrated nationally on Oct. 3,
said Dell Davis, Claremore Chamber. We are excited that we
can accomplish multiple goals with our Road Trip Day.
First, we can officially celebrate this special day with
many of our outstanding manufacturers and industry leaders in
the community, she said. Second, we can help address common misperceptions about manufacturing, and third, can share
with educators the importance of addressing the skilled labor
shortage that our industries face daily.

OKC-area schools unhappy

with A-F report cards
OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) School districts in Edmond,
Moore and Norman outperformed others in the Oklahoma
City area on the latest A-F report cards.
Statistics released by the state Education Department indicate all 23 schools in the Edmond district received a grade of
A or B, while 74 percent of Moore district schools and 55
percent of Norman district schools scored A's or B's. The
three districts had no F schools and five D schools.
But despite the high marks, some administrators say the
grade cards don't paint a complete picture of their schools
because they are based on state-mandated standardized test
scores and little else.
I'm not a fan just because I think it's an oversimplification of school performance, said Rick Cobb, assistant superintendent of curriculum and instruction for Moore Public
Schools. I'm glad we do well on tests, but the state tests only
measure a portion of the curriculum, and knowing that really
narrows instruction sometimes.
Cobb said the grades don't measure district offerings such
as art programs, science fairs or extracurricular activities and
don't take into account increased enrollment or the strength
of our community after everything we've been through.
Those things matter just as much to the community as
the things that are on the state test, probably more, he said.
Norman Public Schools Superintendent Joe Siano said he
has no confidence in the validity of the A-F grading system
used by the Education Department.
In a written statement, Siano said the agency has used
three different calculation methods in as many years and the
way students, groups and scores are weighted and manipulated has not led to valid conclusions.


Your tax-deductible donation to OKLAHOMA
HONOR FLIGHTS will help transport
Oklahoma veterans to Washington, D.C. to visit
memorials dedicated to honor their service and
For more information on how to donate, visit
or call (405) 259-9000

David Wheeler with the Oklahoma Manufacturing Alliance

and Ron Julian with Workforce OK see first hand each day the
shortage of skilled labor.
The jobs are there we just need qualified individuals to fill
those positions, Wheeler said. It is critical to the continued
growth of our manufacturing industry base which in turn contributes so much to the local and regional economy. These
workers have disposable income that can be spent in our community.
Public school educators fulfill an important role in connecting with those students who can continue their education
upon graduation by encouraging students to attend Career
Tech, said Rick Reimer, NTC Claremore Campus director.
We have classes and training for students and adults that upon
certification will lead to successful careers.
In the future, we hope to expand the Career Highway Road
Trip for Teachers to cover additional dates and industry locations and partner with other Rogers County communities and
schools. Our industry tour partners for the day are recognized
nationally and globally, he said. We will be touring Nupar a
division of Baldor Electric, Caseco, Baker Hughes, AXH and
educators will also have the opportunity to tour the Claremore
NTC Campus. For more information, call (918) 341-2818.

Its Happening . . .
TUESDAY Sept. 23
Claremore Public Schools JOM regular meeting, noon,
Enrollment Center, 102 W. 10th St. All interested parents
or guardians of JOM students are welcome to attend.
Information: Cindy Sullivan, (918) 923-4289.

Claremore Duplicate Bridge Club, 9:30 a.m.-12 p.m.,
Claremore Community Center, 2301 N. Sioux. Last Club
winners: N/S Donna Henson & Mary Ann Spangler 1st;
Lois Blakely & Peggy Allison 2nd; Don Fletcher & Patsy
Melton 3rd; E/W Sandra Swan & Lois Schramme 1st;
Beth Young & Susan Kirtley 2nd; Dave Schramme & L.
D. Allison 3rd.


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cousin of Bart. A few times, he expressed his frustrations with

legislators and when I would encourage him to consider doing
something else, he would talk about his clients and how important it was that they had a voice at the Capitol. He carried on
the tradition of his father of being very selective what clients
they took on, choosing only those that they truly believed in
their cause.
Herb McSpadden said both his uncle Clem and Bart lived
and worked with character and integrity.
Bart, like his father, placed great value in people. He
remembered your name and the details about your life that
truly showed he cared about you, he said.
Bart McSpadden graduated from Chelsea High School in
1986. He then went on to earn a Bachelors of Political Science
from the University of the South in Sewannee, Tenn. He later
earned a law degree from the University of Oklahoma in 1993.
He is survived by his wife Kate McSpadden of 15 years and
children, Noah, Chloe, Tucker and Luke.
(Bart) was an amazing father, always encouraging his four
kids to try things they were interested in and supported their
passions. From hockey to cooking, Bart was the biggest cheerleader for each one, said Herb McSpadden.
In addition to serving his community, Bart McSpadden was
also involved in missions to Mexico, India and the Czech
His faith in Christ was evident in how he lived his life. He
was quick to give support to someone in need, said Herb
McSpadden. We became good friends with a missionary and
spent 10 days with him in the Czech Republic. When (the missionary) returned to the states for an extended stay, Bart gave
him his Toyota 4 runner, title and all. He also gave his mower
to a family in need. I'm sure he did things like that often.
He said whether it was the governor, or the person next
door, Bart McSpadden treated each with the same respect and
He never lost his Rogers County roots. We have lost a
good man and an even better friend.
A come-and-go visitation and reception for Bart
McSpadden will be from 5-7 p.m. this evening at Crawford
Family Funeral Service in Edmond.
Services will take place at 10 a.m. Wednesday at Crossings
Community Church in Oklahoma City, followed by a reception
in the church atrium.
The Bart McSpadden Memorial Childrens Fund has been
established for donations at Arvest Bank, Attn: P. Andrade,
2025 Sonoma Park Drive, Edmond, OK 73013 and the Bank of
Commerce, P.O. Box 29, Chelsea, OK 74016.

For the record

The information contained in
this report is provided in
compliance with the
Oklahoma Open Records
Act, 51 O.S. 24A.1. Use
of this information is governed by this act, as well
as other applicable state
and federal laws.
Timothy George Waggle,
unauthorized use of a
vehicle (AFCF), attempted
burglary in the second
degree (AFCF), driving
with license cancelled/suspended/revoked (M)
Shannon Eugene Cleek, possession of imitation
firearms after conviction or
during probation (AFCF),
unlawful possession of
drug paraphernalia (M)
Kevin Douglas Penrod, possession of stolen vehicle
(AFCF), possession of
firearm after former felony
conviction (AFCF),
obstructing officer (M)
Sean Michael Ennis, possession of controlled dangerous substance (AFCF)
(two counts), obstructing
an officer (M), driving with
license cancelled/suspended/revoked (M), failure to
pay taxes due state (M),
failure to maintain security
Travis Lee Avery, burglary in
the second degree (AFCF)
(two counts), entering with
intent to steal copper
Gilbert Rodriguez, possession
of controlled dangerous
substance (AFCF), knowingly concealing stolen
property (AFCF) (two
counts), falsely personate
another to create liability

Gerald Allen Quezada, fugitive
from justice (F)
Terry Joe Compton, possession of controlled dangerous substance (AFCF),
speeding in excess of lawful maximum limit (M)
Robin Marie Little, unauthorized use of vehicle (F)
Jenette Luise Duvall, public
intoxication (M)
Citimortgage Inc. v. Robert
Tarter, et al, foreclosure
Brittanya Alane Mayal, aka
Brittany Alane Bost,
obtaining cash by false
pretenses (M)
Thomas Michael Todd,
domestic abuse assault
& battery (M)
Matthew Aaron Greene,
domestic abuse assault
& battery (M)
Jordan Michael Stone,
domestic abuse assault
& battery (M)
Shakeyl Jamal Davis, possession of controlled dangerous substance (M), unlawful possession of drug
paraphernalia (M)
Billy Todd Beasley, public
intoxication (M)
Thomas Gail Smith, public
intoxication (M)
Midland Funding LLC v. Lisa
McClain, indebtedness
Leatha Scott v. Timothy Gene
Henson, et al, negligence
Midland Funding LLC v. Bryan
McClain, indebtedness
Capital One Bank (USA), N.A.
v. Steve D. Brazeal,
Midland Funding LLC v.
Joshua Wilson, indebted-

Main Street Acquisition Corp.
v. Pamela A. Hess, indebtedness
Midland Funding LLC v.
Candice Bottorff, indebtedness
Indian Hills Apartments v.
Jaimee Girdner, forcible
entry & detainer
Jennifer Miller-Morrow on
behalf of Chinowith and
Cohen Realtors v. Andy
Shaddrick, forcible entry &
Rogers County Loan C. v.
Steven R. Jones, indebtedness
Rogers County Loan Co. v.
John Roaton, indebtedness
Rogers County Loan Co. v.
Wesley Sparkman, indebtedness
All Homes Specialist LLC v.
Michael and Iola Feagin,
forcible entry & detainer
Deer Run Apartments v.
Austin Harbert, forcible
entry & detainer
Deer Run Apartments v.
Shannon Ellis, forcible
entry & detainer
Approved Cash Advance v.
Hovey Thulin, indebtedness
Approved Cash Advance v.
Kathy Messimore, indebtedness
Approved Cash Advance v.
Justin K. Steelman, indebtedness
Russell Cox v. Ronald Bouser,
Case & Associates Prop. Inc.
v. Steve Soloman, forcible
entry & detainer
Cathy Renee Bailey and
Samuel Dale Willhite
Dena Ann Hoff and Dakota
Blake Lewis

Ethan Wesley Pippin and

Gabrielle Caitlin Nutter
Christopher A. Jones and
Rose Marie Jones
Tanner Gage Cruse and
Kolohe Nicole McWilliams
Daniel Norris Halfacre and
Veronica Ann Mosley
Victoria Rose Weeks and
Robert Lee Weeks,
Raven Galutza and Mark
Galutza, divorce
James M. Surine and Lorri J.
Surrine, divorce
William Renfroe and Lindsey
Renfroe, divorce
Robyn Szekely and Chas
Szekely, divorce
Application of Amy Gordon
dba Zipper Q
Kevin Ray Sullivan,
Claremore, operate motor
vehicle while drivers
license is suspended (1st
Penny K. Hughes Kelley,
Owasso, operate motor
vehicle on which all taxes
due state not paid