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If the private man wants to take his laborasset into the p!bli"# then he be"omes the
S$%NS%R %F T&E 'RE(IT to the p!bli" tr!st# in other words )ohn "redits )%&N
UNITE( STATESSTATE %F UTA&* There is a mis"on"eption that the +overnment
"reates mone,# b!t s!"h is not the "ase* %nl, a man -"apable of labor. "an "reate
mone,* That the +overnment mi+ht stike "oins or print notes to be !sed as a medi!m
of e/"han+e is not the iss!e* The real iss!e is that whatever "oins or paper is !sed for
"ir"!latin+ "!rren",# the onl, val!e that it "an have is the val!e that is pla"ed into the
"ir"!latin+ "!rren", ba"ked b, the labor of the man* LA0%R IS T&E %NL1 TRUE
The basis of all "ommer"ial ener+, is a bond iss!ed from the private man "omplete
with s!ret,* 'onsideration# or !s!all, mone, of e/"han+e is the in"entive to "ontra"t
or to intera"t one with another* 2hen taken into the p!bli" realm from the private#
ener, is "onverted into an a""o!ntin+ so that e3!it, "an be demonstrated*
Let5s look at )%&N for what it is* )%&N in the United States Government Printing
Office Style Manual, in se"tion 66*7 it sa,s# 8Names of vessels are 3!oted in matters
printed in other than lower"ase roman*8 And it shows a vessel written in all "apital letters*
A vessel of the United States has been defined in Title 69# se"tion :# 8Vessels of the
United States defined* The term vessel of the United States as !sed in this title means a
vessel belon+in+ in whole or in part to the United States or an, "iti;en thereof or an,
"orporation "reated b, or !nder the laws of the United States or an, State or Territor, or
distri"t or possession*8
Ins!ran"e# whi"h is the so"ial se"!rit,# is !nder admiralt, law*
Benedict on Admiralty# Admiralty Law, Title 22 Foreign Relations, Sub-chapter I
Shipping and seamen, art !" #eneral, 22 $%F%R% & !"%", 'e(initions%
-b. Ameri"an vessel means an, United States<owned vessel whi"h is not re+istered !nder
the laws of a forei+n +overnment# vessels of the United States# and Ameri"an
!ndo"!mented vessels*
-". Ameri"an p!bli" vessel means an, vessel owned or operated b, a United States
Government department or a+en", and en+a+ed e/"l!sivel, in offi"ial b!siness on a non<
"ommer"ial basis*
-d. Vessel of the United States means an, vessel do"!mented !nder the laws of the
United States*
-e. Ameri"an !ndo"!mented vessel means an, Ameri"an vessel# other than an Ameri"an
p!bli" vessel# whi"h is not do"!mented !nder the laws of the United States* * * *
-f. Forei+n vessel means an, forei+n<owned vessel# or an, vessel re+ardless of
ownership# whi"h is do"!mented !nder the laws of a forei+n "o!ntr,*
-i. Seaman means an, person emplo,ed as a member of the "rew of a vessel*
-k. Alien seaman means a seaman of forei+n nationalit, who does not have stat!s as an
Ameri"an seaman*8
22 $%F%R% & !"%)# Status o( *essels o( the +nited States* Vessels do"!mented !nder the
laws of the United States are entitled to pri,ileges and sub-ect to the obligations
prescribed by the laws o( the +nited States (or merchant ,essels* The t,pe of
privile+es and obli+ations appertainin+ to s!"h vessels depends !pon the form and the
p!rpose of their do"!mentation*
22 $%F%R% & !"%., Status o( American +ndocumented *essels%
American undocumented ,essels are not under the -urisdiction o( the +nited States,
and conse/uently are not sub-ect to the obligations nor entitled to the protection
a""orded vessels of the United States abroad* &owever# s!"h vessels are entitled to the
same de+ree of prote"tion a""orded an, other propert, abroad owned b, United States
=Vessel> is a well !sed term in the 0ible# for instan"e4
80!t in a +reat ho!se there are not onl, vessels of +old and of silver# b!t also of wood
and of earth? and some to hono!r# and some to dishono!r* If a man therefore p!r+e
himself from these# he shall be a vessel !nto hono!r# san"tified# and meet for the
master@s !se# and prepared !nto ever, +ood work*8 -A Timoth, A4AB<A6 C)V.
Generall, speakin+# a vessel is somethin+ whi"h "onve,s some thin+* 0lood vessels
"onve, blood to the bod,* %"ean +oin+ vessels "onve, "ar+o a"ross the water from
land to land* And )%&N "onve,s "ommer"ial ener+, from the private side to the
p!bli" side* -take a look at the U''<6 Finan"in+ Statement4 (ebtor is a transmittin+
The )%&N vessel is "reated b, the +overnment -"orporate.* It belon+s to them# b!t
the man be"omes obli+ated b, the !se of the benefit privile+e offered b, the 'reator
of the tr!st* So# in other words# )ohn be"omes liable b, !sin+ the )%&N* So# in order
to "olle"t on the liabilit, for the !se# the 'orporation sends )ohn a bill b, sendin+ the
presentmentinvoi"e to )ohn in the name of the tr!st# )%&N# the idea bein+ to atta"h
the $U0LI' &AEAR( 0%N( -So"ial Se"!rit, Ins!ran"e poli",. for whi"h )ohn is
the s!ret,*
Lets take a look at UCC section 3-501 (1) presentment is necessary to charge
secondary parties as follos!"
(#) presentment for payment is necessary to charge any indorser$
This =presentment> "reates an implied tr!st# separate and distin"t from an, other
tr!sts* This is "alled a RESULTING TRUST* A res!ltin+ tr!st is alwa,s "reated an,
time there is an intera"tion of two parties -espe"iall, where there is mone, involved.#
and so that res!ltin+ tr!st sho!ld be looked at when one is tr,in+ to resolve an,
liabilit, "reated b, presentment*
So# based on some appli"ation for a benefit privile+e whi"h )ohn has si+ned -"reatin+
an e/press tr!stvol!ntar, tr!st.# in order to ="har+e> )ohn for the settlement of the
a""o!nt# the holder of the appli"ation m!st present a bill to )ohn for pa,ment -in o!r
"ase F we effe"t pa,ment sin"e we are operatin+ !nder p!bli" poli",.*
In tr!st lan+!a+e# let5s look at the Res!ltin+ Tr!st that is "reated b, the presentment of
some bill to the s!ret, for )%&N*
Tr!stor4 holder of the appli"ation
Tr!stee4 )ohn
0enefi"iar,4 'orporation who provided the benefit privile+e
Remember a+ain# the different worlds of the $RIVATE and the $U0LI'* Assets e/ist
in the private world# so in order to settle an, debt in the p!bli"# one m!st t!rn to the
private side# or make presentment to the man* Under p!bli" poli", ,o! "annot pa, a
debt with another debt* So# what wo!ld the man do from the asset side to settle the
debt# or in o!r "ase =effe"t pa,ment>G A+ain# ALL '%HHER'IAL ENERG1 IS
'REATE( 01 A 0%N(* So# to effe"t pa,ment# wo!ld it not be wise for the man to
"reate a bondG Sho!ldn5t the bond be one whi"h the man "ontrols# perhaps one whi"h
has been lod+ed in the US (epartment of Treas!r,G
So# the "orporate entit, is e/pe"tin+ the tr!stee# who has the le+al obli+ation to settle
all of the debts of the tr!st to a"t* The tr!stee# who has a""ess to the s!ret, p!t !p b,
)ohn# has to make +ood on the presentment* If the tr!stee does not move to settle the
le+al debt of the Res!ltin+ Tr!st# then he wo!ld be in brea"h of fid!"iar,
responsibilit,# and wo!ld be held in ="ontempt> of F at the ver, least# $!bli" $oli",*
This brea"h or "ontempt "o!ld res!lt in a san"tion b, a "o!rt of Admiralt, a"tin+ in
Now# let5s take a moment and look at the word pa,* Sin"e there is no +old or silver in
"!rrent -"!rren",. !se# then it has been "!stomar, for the tr!stee to tender Federal
Reserve Notes or bank "he"ks or !se a "redit "ard with whi"h to s!pposedl, settle the
debt* 2e have +rown a""!stomed to doin+ it this wa, over the ,ears* 0!t# as has
been demonstrated in other dis"!ssions# to tender these items in settlement of p!bli"
debt is a"t!all, a dishonor of p!bli" poli",# we need to look at another term whi"h is
=effe"t pa,ment>* 0asi"all,# to effe"t pa,ment means that we are +oin+ to !tili;e
p!bli" poli", and the do"trine established in &o!se )oint Resol!tion 6:A or )!ne J#
6:DD* In essen"e# this means that the inabilit, to =pa,> a p!bli" debt is pa,ment in
fa"t* 0!t in order to "ome !p to that point -the inabilit, to pa, bein+ pa,ment in fa"t.
we will have had to e/ha!st that pro"ed!re* That means that we will have done
ever,thin+ administrativel, possible ri+ht !p to =pa,ment> in order to invoke p!bli"
This is similar to the "on"ept of Gra"e embra"ed b, 'hristianit, or followers of The
2a,# The Tr!th# and the Li+ht* It has been m, observation that man, ='hristians>
have a mis"on"eption of Gra"e* Gra"e does not appl, !ntil we have done all in o!r
power to settle the debtssins that we en+a+e in* To tr, to invoke +ra"e before we
have p!t forth an, effort to repent is in"orre"t* The 3!estion arises# K"an mer", rob
L!sti"e5G The obvio!s answer is no* 'h!r"h attenders who think the, are saved b,
+ra"e "ome short of the =mark> havin+ onl, "ompleted a part of the form!la* 2e
invoke +ra"e after all that we "an do* Gra"e is "omparable to p!bli" poli",# in that it
impossible for one to save oneself# and "onse3!entl, there has to be a =savior>* 0!t
the saviorredeemer "annot a"t !nless the sinner has p!t forth the effort to resolve the
debtsin -"an God for+ive an !nrepentant sinnerG.* The fa"t that ,o! "annot save
,o!rself is the pa,ment in fa"t# b!t ,o! have to "ome ri+ht !p to the ed+e# L!st short
of salvation in order for the redeemer to e/tent his hand down in the a"t of +ra"e*
So# how do we effe"t pa,ment* That is where =a""eptan"e> "omes into the pi"t!re*
First of all# the "orporate UNITE( STATES and all other s!b"orporations -s!"h as
)%&N. operate "ommer"iall, in bankr!pt",# in parti"!lar the "hapter 66*
+nited States $ongressional Record 0arch "1, "22) *ol% 3)), page 4-")5) Spea6er-
Senator 7ames Tra(icant, 7r% 89hio: addressing the 4ouse; <0r% Spea6er, we are
here now in chapter ""% 0embers o( $ongress are o((icial trustees presiding o,er the
greatest reorgani=ation o( any >an6rupt entity in world history, the +%S%
#o,ernment% ?e are setting (orth hope(ully, a blueprint (or our (uture% There are
some who say it is a coroner@s report that will lead to our demise%A
In parti"!lar it is a reor+ani;ation bankr!pt", "alled 'hapter 66* In the "ase of the
US# the US is the debtor in possession =a"tin+> as the tr!stee* If an, "reditor
dishonors the bankr!pt",# then he will be li3!idated to the amo!nt of the dishonor b,
the tr!stee* In essen"e this means that the "reditor will be divested of f!nds# and
t,pi"all, the, will !se the te"hnolo+, in Admiralt, L!risdi"tion of s!in+ for the
dishonor via s!mmar, L!d+ment# thereb, t!rnin+ the "hose in a"tion into a lev, of
real propert, -see the Aver, arti"le atta"hed.* An,time that a "reditor defa!lts on the
"ommer"ial paper# the dishonored part, is entitled to s!mmar, L!d+ment# and the
res!lt ma, be the sei;!re of the s!ret, in the form of a lev,*
So# to sta, in honor# when a "reditor operatin+ in the 'hapter 66 re"eives a re3!est
from the debtor in possession -or one of its s!b"orporations. to settle an a""o!nt the
"reditor is d!t, bo!nd to settle it* The wa, to settle that a""o!nt is to A""ept the
presentment or bill for val!e# and +ive the presenter permission to !se the "reditors
pass thr! a""o!nt# US VESSEL4 )%&N# for the "har+e to +o to +ro!nd and hen"e
"reate a ;ero balan"e*
This wo!ld be similar to the stati" ele"tri"it, b!ildin+ !p as the "lo!ds pass over the
earth* That b!ild of "har+e "o!ld res!lt in li+htnin+ where the "har+e ret!rns to the
earth for the dis"har+e* If the li+htnin+ passes dire"tl, to the earth for the dis"har+e#
then there is no harm* 0!t in the event the li+htnin+ happens to pass thro!+h a real
man# the res!lts will be inL!ro!s to the man* &en"e we set !p li+htnin+ rods as the
pass thr! to +ro!nd to avoid the harm*
In "ommer"e o!r li+htnin+ rod wo!ld be o!r straw man pass thro!+h a""o!nt "reated
b, o!r p!bli" ha;ard ins!ran"e poli",# or o!r So"ial Se"!rit, Ins!ran"e* That wo!ld
be )%&N SHIT& 6AD IJ M79:* 0, the !se of this "ommer"ial li+htnin+ rod we
prevent an, inL!r, to the real man# )ohn* If the ="har+e> or li+htnin+ passes thro!+h
the real man# then there is +oin+ to be inL!r,*
So# as tr!stee of the Res!ltin+ Tr!st# )ohn m!st provide the pass thr! or be prepared to
deal with the "ommer"ial ener+,inL!r, -li+htnin+. in the real world*
A""eptan"e for Val!e b, the tr!stee is private administrative remed,* An
=a""eptan"e> means =I will pa,> or in o!r "ase =I will effe"t pa,ment>* Th!s we sta,
in honor in p!bli" poli", as tr!stee of the Res!ltin+ Tr!st b, effe"tin+ pa,ment* 2e
don5t dishonor presentments in the p!bli"* 2e m!st a""ept them*
This +oes to offer and a""eptan"e* If p!bli" offer is made# and it is =a""epted># the
the offeror m!st prod!"e the prod!"t of his offer within TN7A ho!rs# or within the
three da,s followin+ re"eipt of the =a""epted> offer* Look at the lan+!a+e in one of
o!r t,pi"al a""eptan"e letters4
(ear Sir4
I re"eived ,o!r offer# STATE %F UTA& $laintiff v* )%&N & SHIT& (efendant#
IBF9R0ATI9B 'riminal No* ::6JOOO# and did not find a "he"k or a replevin bond
en"losed? therefore# I am a""eptin+ ,o!r offer and ret!rnin+ ,o!r mone, order for
settlement of this a""o!nt*
$lease "lose this a""o!nt immediatel, and make the adL!stments* ro,ide me
with a $erti(icate o( Release% This serves Noti"e that this a""o!nt is A""epted for
Val!e* This propert, is E/empt from Lev,* $lease adL!st this a""o!nt for the pro"eeds#
prod!"ts# a""o!nts and fi/t!res and all +ood and val!able "onsiderations and release the
order to me immediatel,*
I am re3!estin+ ,o!r ta/pa,er I(# please "omplete and ret!rn the IRS Form 2<:
en"losed and provide me with m, "op, of the IRS Form 6B::<%I( for this a""o!nt to
enable me to identif, the prin"ipals from whi"h the interest was taken and ret!rned*
Additionall,# sin"e this pro"eedin+ ma, involve a disp!te of title# please identif,
for me the person who is the fid!"iar, (ebtor and who is the fid!"iar, 'reditor of this
Now# AFV is private administrative remed,# and in order to a,oid the
administrati,e due process issue, we ta6e the presentment which we ha,e
accepted (or ,alue, and return it to the original presenter (or the settlement o(
the trust accounts and closure* 2hen all a""o!nts are red!"ed to ;ero# the the
Res!ltin+ Tr!st "ollapses# and ever,bod, happil, +oes abo!t their b!siness*
I am fre3!entl, asked the 3!estion4 (oes A""eptan"e for Val!e reall, workG H,
response is that it works e,ery timeCCC
And then the response "omes# 0!t what if the other part, does not settle the a""o!nt#
what do we doG
2ell# that is the s!bLe"t of the ne/t of this series# in that I will demonstrate some
pra"ti"al wa,s to deal with the dishonor of the presenter to whom we have a""epted
the bill and ret!rned it for settlement*
The AFV do"!ments be"omes a promise to pa,# or a promissor, note* If the presenter
to whom we have ret!rned the a""epted bill +oes into (EFAULT are we not entitled
to s!mmar, L!d+mentG Are we not entitled to a lev, on the bond and s!ret, of the
dishonorin+ presentorG
Let5s +o ba"k to the "on"ept that all man!fa"t!red +oods are f!nded from the =+ood
faith and "redit of the people> PPP
2hen ,o! re"eive a bill for a prod!"t ,o! have !sed# and there wasn5t an, "he"k
en"losed -or a replevin bond p!t !p to retain possession of the "he"k. with whi"h to
pa, the bill# the amo!nt of that presentment is bein+ withheld from ,o!* Remember
that who ever "reates a liabilit, in the p!bli" m!st provide the remed,*
That withholdin+ has to be a Federal withholdin+ as the Federal +overnment# bein+
the "onstit!tor of the p!bli" debt# has the responsibilit, to deal with the p!bli" debt*
So# when a "orporation debits the p!bli" tr!st a""o!nts for the adL!stment of the
a""o!nts re"eivable# the onl, wa, to settle that a""o!nt is to ret!rn the interest to the
The bill itself is the eviden"e of the amo!nt of withholdin+ that the "orporation is
holdin+ as f!+itive ta/ reven!e*
Remember that an, and all p!bli" "orporations are Loined as one and the same as the
UNITE( STATES* -US)%&N SHIT&I0HSAFE2A1 are the same entit,.
So# !nbeknownst to the US# some s!b"orporation is federall, withholdin+ the f!nds
ne"essar, to adL!st the a""o!nt in p!bli" poli",* The bill is eviden"e of that amo!nt
withheld# and witho!t a "he"k or mone, order to a""ompan, the bill sent to ,o!# the
absen"e of the "he"k or mone, order is the admission of withholdin+ of that amo!nt*
So# that amo!nt on the bill is the assessment of what is bein+ withheld from the
Ever,thin+ that is "reated b, the p!bli" "orporations is a p!bli" offer to the
benefi"iar, of the p!bli" tr!st* 2hen the benefi"iar, A''E$TS the offer from the
offeror# and the offeror sends the benefi"iar, a bill for the a""o!nt instead of settlin+
it !sin+ the benefi"iaries pass thr! to benefi"iaries bond -)%&N SHIT& 6AD IJ M79:.
the offeror is +!ilt, of 0AIT AN( S2IT'&# perhaps in an !nderhanded attempt to
steal e3!it, from the ri+htf!l owner of the benefit* For whatever motive the offeror
has# is reall, immaterial to what is happenin+*
Remember that a fi"tion"orporation is set !p e/"l!sivel, to benefit a man* If the
fi"tion ref!ses to provide the benefit to the man# then the "orporation is in brea"h of
fi"!diar, obli+ation*
Look at it this wa,4
Tr!storGrantor a man
Tr!steeFid!"iar, "orporation
0enefi"iar, a man
At this point of brea"h -presentin+ a bill witho!t a "he"k or replevin.# the sit!ation is
s!ffi"ient to assess the "orporation -at least !nder the "hapter 66 bankr!pt", that the
"orporation is operatin+.* The S$%NS%R %F T&E 'RE(IT that "reated the f!nds
for the establishment and f!ndin+ of the "orporation "an assess the "orporation for the
ille+al withholdin+ of the remed, for the p!bli" debt* Under "hapter 66# the debtor in
possession has the obli+ation to r!n the "hapter 66 as =tr!stee>* If the tr!stee fails its
fid!"iar, responsibilities# then the tr!steedebtor in possession will have to make it
So# this o!+ht to demonstrate what is needed to settle all bills* An,time a fid!"iar, of
the p!bli" tr!st =presents> a bill to the benefi"iar, of the p!bli" tr!st and does not
send the remed, alon+ with the bill# then the tr!storbenefi"iar, of the tr!st will have
to send in a third part, debt "olle"tor -IRS. to re"o!p the loss*


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