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Heart Disease and Changing Attitudes

(1) In the last decades of the twentieth century, medical researchers showed that heart disease is
associated with certain factors in our daily lives: stress, smoking, oor nutrition, and lack of
e!ercise" Doctors and other health e!erts #egan to emhasi$e the fact that we can reduce the risk of
heart disease #y aying attention to these factors" As a result, many eole reali$e that there is a
connection #etween heart disease and lifestyle"
(%) &his new awareness is changing u#lic attitudes a#out health" In the ast, eole tended to
think that it was sufficient to have access to doctors on whose e!ertise they could rely" 'ow eole
understand that merely receiving the #est treatment for illness or in(ury is not enough" &hey have
learned to take more resonsi#ility for maintaining and imroving their own health"
()) &he shift in attitude can #e seen in some #ehavioral changes that have occurred since the
1*+,s" In the -nited .tates today, many smokers have #roken the ha#it and fewer eole take it u"
&he ercentage of smokers is far #elow the level of the 1*/,s and 1*+,s" 0eole are #ecoming more
serious a#out reducing stress" 1any have changed their diets and are eating food with less fat and
cholesterol" 1ore eole are aware of the #enefits of regular and fre2uent e!ercise like walking,
running, and swimming3 some even walk or #icycle to work instead of driving or using u#lic
(4) &he health effects of these changes in attitude and #ehavior are clear" .ince the 1*5,s, the
num#er of deaths from heart disease er 1,,,,,, has fallen #y more than fifty ercent" A artial
e!lanation for this is that #etter diagnosis and treatment is heling eole avoid or survive heart
attacks" However, health e!erts have no dou#t that much of the imrovement has occurred #ecause
a #etter6educated u#lic has #ecome aware of the #enefits of revention"
Answer the following questions. Choose A, B, C, or D.
1" 7hich sentence e!resses #est the main idea of the te!t8
A, 9etter methods of diagnosis and treatment have reduced the num#er of deaths from heart disease
in the -nited .tates"
9, 1edical research has shown that eole should reduce the amount of fat they eat"
C, As a result of information a#out the causes of heart disease, eole are changing the way they
think a#out health care and are leading healthier lives"
D, &he ercentage of Americans who smoke today is much lower than it was in the 1*+,s"
%" 7hat factor does the writer NOT associate with heart disease8
A, -nhealthy food
9, Cigarettes
C, 0overty
D, :ack of regular e!ercise
)" According to the article, what haens to your risk of getting heart disease if you don;t smoke, if
you e!ercise regularly, and if you reduce the fat in your food8
A, &he risk increases"
9, &he risk decreases"
C, &he risk remains the same"
D, &he article does not discuss this 2uestion"
4" 7hat change in attitude does the writer descri#e8
A, 1ore and more eole are reali$ing that medical science can cure heart disease"
9, 1any eole are reali$ing that they should take #etter care of their health"
C, 1ore and more eole are reali$ing that they need a good doctor"
D, A decreasing num#er of eole are dying from heart disease"
5" 7hich ONE of the following statements is true8
A, &he article suggests that today it is even more imortant to have access to doctors on whose
e!ertise we can rely than #efore"
9, It is still too early to see results from the change in attitude that the article descri#es"
C, &he article suggests that doctors in the ast did not always inform their atients a#out the
imortance of e!ercise and good nutrition for health"
D, According to the article, the num#er of smokers has fallen #y 5,< since the 1*/,s"
1" Aind words in the article that are similar in meaning to the following"
1 a eriod of ten years (n) 0ar" 1
% to #e connected with something or someone (v) 0ar" 1
) ressure (n) 0ar" 1
4 the food the #ody needs (n) 0ar" 1
5 to give secial imortance to something (v) 0ar" 1
/ reali$ation (n) 0ar" %
+ enough (ad() 0ar" %
B to deend on someone or something (v) 0ar" %
* only (adv) 0ar" %
1, to kee something in good condition (v) 0ar" %
11 the food a erson eats (n) 0ar" )
1% haening often (ad() 0ar" )
1) the way eole think and feel a#out something (n) 0ar" 4
14 a feeling of not #eing sure (n) 0ar" 4
15 helful effect (n) 0ar" 4
%" Comlete the sentences with words from the list #elow"
tend regular sufficient factors diagnose
e!ertise access to treatments revent survive
1 A vitamin deficiency occurs when a erson;s diet does not have CCCCCCCCCCCCCC vitamins to
maintain good health"
% 7e need to CCCCCCCCCCCCCC heart disease as early as ossi#le if we want to increase our chances
of treating it successfully"
) 9ecause early diagnosis is imortant, you should have CCCCCCCCCCCCCC e!aminations #y your
4 .ome eole CCCCCCCCCCCCCC not to think a#out their health until they #ecome ill"
5 .tress and smoking are CCCCCCCCCCCCCC that increase the risk of heart disease"
/ 1edical scientists are researching new ways to fight cancer" .ome of these CCCCCCCCCCCCCC have
#een successful in studies on human atients"
+ 9ecause of modern medicine, many eole CCCCCCCCCCCCCC diseases and in(uries that would
have killed them several decades ago"
B It is ossi#le to get e!cellent medical care in the -nited .tates" However, many other eole don;t
have CCCCCCCCCCCCCC such care #ecause they have no health insurance"
* it takes many years of study, training, and hard work to develo the CCCCCCCCCCCCCC that is
needed to #ecome a world6class heart surgeon"
1, Health education teaches eole to hel CCCCCCCCCCCCCC disease, for e!amle, #y following a
healthy diet and e!ercising regularly"