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Letter from the Editor

David Silverberg, MD

In the short time since our last newsletter, Nevada Orthopaedic Society (NVOS)
continued the momentum towards its revival in 2009. The defeat of the tort reform
legislation has seemed to galvanize several members of the Nevada orthopedic
community to act. Fred Redfern continues to be the stalwart of the organization
and after his success in the last legislative session, he continues to establish key
contacts among the state assemblymen/woman and senators so that NVOS will
remain an influential lobby. Jim Manning (Vice President), Mark Sylvain (Secretary),
Greg Lundeen (member-at-large, North) and myself form the executive board and
are committed to see the NVOS grow in popularity among our local orthopaedists.

We invite any members to participate in executive board meetings as guests and to

offer your perspective on current orthopaedic matters. In fact, Hugh Bassewitz was
kind enough to attend the last meeting. He suggested (concerning Senate
Committee Resolution 39, an interim study seeking to limit billed charges from out-
of-network physicians to 2x Medicare rates) we contact the attorney general to
assess the constitutionality of such a provision. This type of effort from the
community at large goes a long way to preserving our mission for the coming year,
so don’t be surprised when you receive a phone call from the board to participate.

McDonald Carano Wilson was hired earlier last year to act as liaison to the state
legislators and most recently as the executive director of the NVOS. Kathleen
Conaboy is the point person and has been invaluable in giving insight to the
legislator’s stance on current issues and keeping the executive board members
focused on the tasks at hand. She is planning a half-day meeting to devise a
strategic plan for the NVOS and needs a commitment from 8-10 members. Please
call the NVOS if you are interested.

With Kathleen’s help, we have pinpointed several” key” legislators and will be
meeting with them in the next few weeks with checks from our BonePAC. We
welcome any members who have personal relationships with Assembly/Senate
members to call the NVOS to offer suggestions.

While the date has not been set, the Annual Meeting will take place in the fall. We
plan to recruit several speakers to highlight the educational program. The revenue
from a well-attended meeting will help to preserve our budget for the coming year
and allay financial angst concerning our ability to retain our executive
director/lobbyist, organizing future annual meetings, and continuing our key
contacts in the legislature. In the interim, a journal club session on current
orthopaedic topics of interest to the local members is being planned and any
suggestions are welcome. This will take place over dinner and is an effort to further
engage the orthopaedic community in NVOS efforts.

We look forward to watching the NVOS grow in 2010. All board members hope our
individual efforts will influence the wider orthopaedic community to contribute and
understand the importance of an effective state association.