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1. Generally accepted indicator of the i!nolo"ic copetence of the

patient #ith $I% infection
A. le&el of pla'a &ireia
T lymphocyte count
C. i!no"lo(!lin le&el
). The hallar* of $I% di'ea'e i'
A. +apo'i,' 'arcoa
-. opport!ni'tic infection'
C. cell-mediated immunodeficiency
D. h!oral i!nodeficiency
.. A ./ year' old ale 0o( applicant con'!lted (eca!'e of a hepatiti'
'creenin" te't' #hich 'ho#ed $-'A"1234 I"G anti5$-c1234 $-eA"1234 anti5
$-'1534 anti5$-e153. $e ha'
A. Ac!te $epatiti' % &iral infection
-. Chronic $-% infection4 lo# infecti&ity
3. Chronic HBV infection high replication state
D. Cirrho'i'
6. A edical technolo"i't had accidental needle'tic* #hile at #or*. $i'
chance' of "ettin" infected i' hi"her if the patient he handled i'
po'iti&e to $-eA". 7hat do yo! recoend8
A. amma glo!ulin
-. $epatiti' - i!ne "lo(!lin
C. fir't do'e of $epatiti' &accine
D. interferon
9. A fir't year &et5ed 't!dent #a' (itten (y a do" he #a' e:ainin"4 he
clai' to ha&e had anti5ra(ie' i!ni;ation 1 year a"o. 7hat do yo!
A. "a!ies #accine !ooster on days $ % 3
-. Gi&e ra(ie' i!ne "lo(!lin
C. #o!nd treatent
D. all of the a(o&e
<. The earlie't anife'tation of Tetan!'
A. opi'thoton!'
-. dy'pha"ia
C. loc& 'a(
D. !'cle 'pa''
=. 7hich of the follo#in" i' a 'i"n of 'e&ere 1'ta"e III3 tetan!'8
A. 'pa'' la'tin" for le'' than 1/ 'econd'
-. loc* 0a#
C. risus sardonicus
D. locali;ed !'cle 'tiffne''
>. The o't fre?!ent anife'tation of typhoid fe&er i'
A. Ro'e5'pot'
-. p!l'e5fe&er di'proportion
C. prolonged persistent fe#er
D. 'plenoe"aly
@. A 'ocial #or*er fre?!ently a''i"ned to area' of calaity con'!lted for
prophyla:i' a"ain't Typhoid. Ahe clai' to ha&e i!ni;ation #ith one
in0ection of %i poly'accharide &accine 9 year' a"o. 7hat do yo!
A. li&e atten!ated &accine 1 cap'!le a' a (oo'ter
B. 3 doses of li#e attenuated oral typhoid #accine
C. "aa "lo(!lin
D. none of the a(o&e
1/.The follo#in" contri(!te to the renal fail!re in lepto'piro'i' e:cept
A. hypo&oleia
-. ac!te t!(!lar necro'i'
C. acute cortical necrosis
D. direct renal ti''!e in0!ry (y the lepto'pire'
11.A 6/ yBo #oan pre'ented #ith ) day' diarrhea #ith fe&er and headache.
The 'tool' #ere !coid #ith (lood4 'all &ol!e (!t &ery fre?!ent
accopanied (y tene'!'. Fecaly'i' 'ho#ed plenty of p!' and red (lood
cell'. The follo#in" ay anife't #ith the a(o&e type of diarrhea
A. Ahi"ella
-. E. coli
C. %. paraheolytic!'
D. V. cholera
1).An OF7 on &acation fro hi' #or* in Africa had hi"h fe&er and chill'
for 9 day'. Atained thic* (lood 'ear' #ere reported to (e po'iti&e to
alaria. 7hich of the follo#in" i' the preferred treatent8
A. Chloro?!ine
B. )uinine
C. Meflo?!ine
D. A!lfado:ineBPyriethaine
1..The earlie't phy'ical anife'tation of 'ep'i' i'
A. tachypnea
-. tachycardia
C. hypoten'ion
D. altered ental 'tat!'
16.The ff. play' a a0or role in the 'e&ere &a'odilatation in 'eptic 'hoc*
B. nitric o*ide
C. thro(o:ane'
D. Interle!*in51
19.EffectB' of acti&ated Protein C that ay co!nteract 'oe of the
echani'' in 'ep'i'
A. inhi(it' the coa"!lation ca'cade
-. increa'e fi(rinoly'i'
C. inhi(it le!cocyte adherence to endotheli!
D. all of the a!o#e
1<.A .>yBo ale #ho ha' had cheotherapy for lyphoa 'o!"ht adi''ion
(eca!'e of fe&er C ar*ed le!*openia. No foc!' of infection can (e
fo!nd. $e #a' on Cefepie for 'e&eral day'. 7hat do yo! recoend8
A. Anti5anaero(ic anti(iotic
-. anti5f!n"al treatent
C. anti-pseudomonal anti!iotic
D. &ancoycin
1=.A ./yBo ale #a' aditted (eca!'e of pro"re''i&ely 'e&ere a(doinal
pain. On laparotoy4 he #a' fo!nd to ha&e r!pt!red appendi:. 7hich of
the follo#in" i' appropriate8
A. TicarcillinBCla&!lanic
-. PiperacillinBTa;o(acta
C. Iipene
D. any of the a!o#e
1>.The o't coon re'piratory 'ypto of po't priary t!(erc!lo'i'
A. heopty'i'
-. che't pain
C. chronic cough
D. dy'pnea
1@.Ipact of $I% infection on t!(erc!lo'i'
A. ore atypical ca'e' of t!(erc!lo'i'
-. ore fre?!ent occ!rrence of e:trap!lonary T-
C. ore diffic!lt to identify (eca!'e of 'iilaritie' of 'ypto'
D. all of the a!o#e
)/.Decrea'ed al&eolar &entilation re'!lt' fro the ff. condition4 e:cept
A. Decrea'ed CNA dri&e
B. Decreased physiologic dead space
C. Ne!ro!'c!lar di'ea'e'
E. Increa'ed #or* of (reathin" #ith inade?!ate &entilation
)1.The !'e of PEEP 1po'iti&e end e:piratory pre''!re3 in echanical
&entilation i' helpf!l (eca!'e it can
A. Liit &eno!' ret!rn
B. +ncrease air(ay pressure
C. Decrea'e the cardiac o!tp!t
D. Increa'e FRC and pre&ent' al&eolar collap'e
)).7hich of the ff. patholo"ic chan"e' i' NOT a characteri'tic of ARDA
A. Diff!'e al&eolar daa"e
-. $yaline e(rane foration
C. Hyperplasia of mucus gland and smooth muscle
D. Increa'ed al&eolar5capillary perea(ility
)..A!perior &ena ca&a 'yndroe i' characteri;ed (y the follo#in"
A. Phrenic ner&e paraly'i' and ele&ation of heidiaphra"
-. Aho!lder pain radiatin" to !lnar di'tri(!tion of the ar
C. ,dema and ru!or of the face- nec& and upper chest
D. Anhidro'i'4 io'i'4 pto'i' of affected 'ide
)6.One of the follo#in" i' not a characteri'tic of the dy'pnea of patient'
#ith COPD
A. #aria!le- fre.uent at night
-. pro"re''i&e C #or'enin" o&er tie
C. pre'ent daily
D. #or'e on e:erci'e
)9.A proinent cardiac 'ilho!ette on che't :5ray of a COPD #ith cor
p!lonale patient i' d!e to
A. "ight #entricle
-. aorta
C. left atri!
D. left &entricle
)<.The o't coon ri'* factor for de&elopent of ARDA i'
A. pne!onia
B. sepsis
C. a'piration
D. 'e&ere tra!a
)=.Necroti;in" pne!onia
A. ca#ities / 0 cm diameter
-. ca&itie' D ) c diaeter
C. proce'' confined to al&eoli conti"!o!' to (ronchi
D. inter'titial in&ol&eent only
)>.Pne!onia #ith erythea !ltifore4 heolytic aneia4 (!llo!'
A. Atreptococc!' pne!oniae
-. Mora:ella catarrhali'
C. 1ycoplasma pneumoniae
D. Le"ionella pne!ophilia
)@.Ri'* factor for l!n" a('ce''
A. inhalation of (acteria
B. sei2ure
C. 'pinal ane'the'ia
D. aphetaine inta*e
./.A!r"ical indication for (ronchiecta'i'
A. Co'etic
-. 'e&ere dy'pnea
C. massi#e hemoptysis
D. (ilateral l!n" in&ol&eent
.1.E'!al 'o!rce of ple!ral fl!id in noral 'tate'
A. parietal pleura
-. &i'ceral ple!ra
C. inter'titi!
D. peritoneal ca&ity
.).Mo't fre?!ent ca!'e of ali"nant ple!ral eff!'ion
A. Lyphoa
-. (rea't Ca
C. !ronchogenic Ca
D. e'othelioa
...The o't 'erio!' coplication of hyper*aleia
A. 'ei;!re
B. cardiac to*icity
C. re'piratory fail!re
D. !'cle paraly'i'
.6.-ence Fone' Protein!ria i' a''ociated #ith
A. myeloma
-. hyperten'ion
C. lyphoa
D. dia(ete'
.9.The o't coon e:trarenal 'y'te to de&elop cy'tic chan"e' in ADP+D
A. li&er
-. thyroid
C. pancreas
D. o&ary
.<.Erinary findin"' of patient #ith T!(!lointer'titial Di'ea'e
A. Protein G . "ra'
-. heat!ria
C. pyuria
D. R-C ca't'
.=.E:aination of the 'yno&ial fl!id of the *nee of a patient #ith
o'teoarthriti' #ill re&eal the follo#in" e:cept
A. Clear &i'co!' fl!id
-. Ne"ati&e c!lt!re
C. 7-C co!nt of )//Bhpf
D. 3+4 C55D crystals
.>.Inflaation of the 1
etatar'al 0oint d!e to MAE cry'tal i' called
A. -!r'iti'
-. Poda"ra
C. ,nthesitis
D. Tophi
.@.The 'tr!ct!re in the 0oint that i' affected in o'teoarthriti'
A. Ayno&i!
-. Cap'!le
C. Cartilage
D. A!(chondral (one
6/.One of the follo#in" i' NOT a cla''ification criteria in the dia"no'i'
of Rhe!atoid arthriti'
A. Ayetric arthriti'
-. Aer! rhe!atoid factor po'iti&ity
C. Radio"raphic chan"e li*e ero'ion
D. 1orning stiffness less than an hour
61.The earlie't and con'i'tent findin" on :5ray of patient #ith an*ylo'in"
A. O'teopenia
-. O'teophyte'
C. 6acroilitis
D. A!(chondral (one ero'ion
6).Cry'tal a''ociated #ith p'e!do "o!t
A. Mono'odi! !rate
B. Calcium pyrophosphate dihydrate
C. Calci! o:alate
D. Eric acid
6..The o't 'pecific te't in the dia"no'i' of ALE
B. ds D7A
C. Anti hi'tone
D. Anti5'
66.The a0or ri'* factor in the de&elopent of o'teoarthriti'
A. o(e'ity
B. Aging
C. Tra!a
D. Endocrine di'order
69.-ony hypertrophy of the di'tal interphalan"eal 0oint i' *no#n a'
A. -o!chard,' node
-. -o!tonniere' defority
C. A#an nec* defority
D. He!erden8s node
6<.7hich of the follo#in" aneia' i' o't li*ely to re'pond to the
adini'tration of erythropoietin8
A. Iron deficiency aneia
-. Pernicio!' aneia
C. P!re red cell apla'ia
D. Anemia of renal disease
6=.Pancytopenia #ith an IeptyJ arro# i' 'een in
A. Aplastic anemia
-. Myelody'pla'tic 'yndroe
C. Paro:y'al noct!rnal heo"lo(in!ria
D. Ac!te le!*eia
6>.The patient #ith intra&a'c!lar heoly'i' can pre'ent #ith all of the
follo#in" clinical and la(oratory findin"' e:cept
A. Lo# le&el' of 'er! hapto"lo(in
-. Increa'ed indirect (ilir!(in and 'er! lactic dehydro"ena'e 1LD$3
C. 6plenomegaly
D. $eo"lo(in!ria and heo'iderin!ria
6@.The dia"no'i' of chronic ITP i' e'ta(li'hed (y
A. Marro# e:aination that 'ho#' increa'e e"a*aryocyte'
-. Pre'ence of anti5platelet5a!to(odie'
C. Pre'ence of "iant platelet' in the peripheral (lood 'ear
D. ,*clusion of other causes of throm!ocytopenia
9/.7hich of the follo#in" i' a 'trate"y for priary pre&ention of cancer8
A. Pap' 'ear
-. Di"ital rectal e:a
C. Hepatitis B #accination
D. Aelf5(rea't e:aination
91.De'ired re'pon'e to treatent if the "oal of treatent i' TO PALLIATE
A. Coplete re'pon'e
-. Partial re'pon'e
3. 6ta!le disease
D. Pro"re''i&e di'ea'e
9).$ER5) ne! i' coonly e:pre''ed in #hich of the follo#in" ali"nancie'8
A. Colonic Ca
B. Breast Ca
C. -roncho"enic Ca
D. Endoetrial CA
9..The o't coon ali"nant ca!'e of ortality in (oth 'e:e' i'
A. Cer&ical Ca
B. Bronchogenic Ca
C. -rea't Ca
D. Colonic Ca
96.A )/ yBo ale #a' noted to (e oli"!ria ) day' after ha;in" in
fraternity. Erine #a' de'cri(ed a' reddi'h in color. E:tree tenderne''
noted all o&er the (ody. The ca!'e of reddi'h !rine i'
A. $eat!ria
-. heo"lo(in!ria
C. myoglo!inemia
D. porphyria
99.A ).yBo feale coplainin" of 1 day d!ration of dy'!ria4 #ith !r"ency C
he'itancy4 afe(rile #ith ild hypo"a'tric tenderne''. 7hat i' the o't
coon !ropatho"en
A. ,. coli
-. Ataph 'aprophytic!'
C. Prote!'
C. Candida
9<.A .9yBo F4 #B Type 1 DM 'ince 11yBo had a con'!ltation for "enerali;ed
edea. $ad hyperten'ion for ) year' C had la'er therapy of (oth eye'
for retinopathy. Acrea i' ..> "K $"(L>/. The 'ta"e of dia(etic
"loer!lopathy i'
A. Initial $yperf!nctionin" 'ta"e
-. Incipient Gloer!lopathy
C. O&ert Gloer!lopathy
D. A2otemia lomerulopathy
E. End Ata"e Gloer!lopathy
9=.</ yBo ale4 'o*er4 had con'!ltation for "ro'' heat!ria on C off for
. onth' C #ei"ht lo''. There i' a palpa(le a'' on 1L3 flan*. The
la(oratory e:aination #hich #ill (e &ery helpf!l to clinically 'ta"e
thi' di'ea'e i'
A. renal ETM
-. I%P
C. CT scan (ith contrast
D. Renal 'can
9>.The o't coon "loer!lopathy #orld#ide
A. Ac!te po't 'trep GN
-. L!p!' Nephriti'
C. +gA 7ephropathy
D. Thin -a'eent Me(rane Di'ea'e
9@.The o't coon f!nctionin" pit!itary adenoa
9. 5rolactinoma
-. ACT$5'ecretin" adenoa
C. TA$5'ecretin" adenoa
D. Acroe"aly
</.A <= year old #oan ha' 0!'t !nder"one near total thyroidectoy for
follic!lar thyroid carcinoa. Ne:t 'tep i'
A. Cheotherapy #ith adriaycin
B. "adioacti#e iodine therapy
C. Le&othyro:ine replaceent therapy
D. O('er&e and follo#5!p
<1.7hich of the follo#in" can differentiate a patient #ith Gra&e' di'ea'e
fro a patient #ith tran'ient thyroto:ic pha'e of '!(ac!te thyroiditi'
A. CT'can
-. Eltra'o!nd
C. 'er! thyroid horone' le&el
D. + 939 scan of thyroid
<).7hich of the ff. la(oratory findin"' i' con'i'tent #ith Gra&e' di'ea'e
A. High T4 (ith lo( T6H
-. $i"h T6 #ith hi"h TA$
C. lo# T6 #ith hi"h TA$
D. lo# T6 #ith lo# TA$
<..Dia(ete' i' characteri;ed (y the follo#in"
A. $yper"lyceia
-. Di't!r(ance' in car(ohydrate4 fat and protein eta(oli'
C. A''ociated #ith a('ol!te or relati&e deficiency of in'!lin
'ecretion andB ipaired action
D. All of the a!o#e
<6.Dietary ana"eent of dia(etic patient 'ho!ld incl!de #hich of the ff.
A. Total caloric inta*e to achie&e C aintain ideal (ody #ei"ht
-. Red!ced inta*e of 'at!rated fat' and chole'terol
D. A&oidance of 'iple '!"ar'
,. All of the a!o#e
<9.7hich of the follo#in" i' dia"no'tic of dia(ete'
A. a 'in"le deterination of F-A G 1)< "K
-. (lood '!"ar of G )//"K after an OGTT
C. "B6 of / 0$$mg:
D. po'iti&e "l!co'!ria
<<.7hich of the follo#in" i' o't dia"no'tic of hypercorticoli'
A. o&erni"ht de:aethha'one te't
B. lo( dose de*amethasone test
C. Rando 'er! corti'ol deterination
D. !rinary corti'ol deterination
<=.7hich of the follo#in" #ill yo! con'ider in a yo!n" patient #ith
hyperten'ion #ith and hypo*aleia
A. C!'hin",' di'ea'e
B. Conn8s disease
C. Pheochroocytoa
D. E''ential hyperten'ion
<>.Ca!'e of dy'otility type of chronic diarrhea
A. Hyperthyroidism
-. %IPoa
C. Radiation coliti'
D. Lacta'e deficiency
<@.Tr!e re"ardin" Crohn' di'ea'e
A. More coon aon" non5'o*er'
-. Rectal (leedin" i' coon
C. A!r"ery offer' peranent c!re
D. 5eri-rectal fistulas are common
=/.A '!r"ically re'ected colon re&ealed t!or cell' in&adin" the
!'c!lari' #ith 6 lyph node' al'o 123for t!or. Patient (elon"' to
D!*e' 'ta"eH
A. A
-. -1
C. -)
4. C
=1.Tene'!' i'
A. E:ce''i&e pa''a"e of flat!'
-. Indicati&e of 'i"oid patholo"y
C. A 'ypto of inflaation of the an!'
D. 5ainful straining % sensation of incomplete emptying during
=).-e't odality to deterine the pre'ence and le&el of inte'tinal
A. Colono'copy
B. 5lain film of the a!domen
C. An"io"raphy
D. Ga'tro'copy
=..A 6.BM had 'e&eral epi'ode' of (loody !coid 'tool' d!rin" the pa't >
onth'. $e had recei&ed ) co!r'e' of Metronida;ole C . co!r'e' of
?!inolone'. Ne:t o't lo"ical 'tep i' to
A. Do lo(er gut endoscopy
-. Repeat ro!tine 'tool e:a
C. Re?!e't for A!dan II 'tainin"
D. Re?!e't for fecal occ!lt (lood te'tin"
=6.Mo't coon ca!'e of ac!te pancreatiti'
A. dr!"' and "enetic'
B. alcohol and gallstone
C. ERCP and hypercalceia
D. In'ect to:in' and i'cheia
=9.Treatent for "all(ladder 'tone' 'een incidentally (y !ltra'o!nd on a
noral indi&id!al
A. eer"ency cholecy'tectoy
-. electi&e cholecy'tectoy
D. 7one of the a!o#e
=<.Mo't coon (eni"n t!or of the e'opha"!'
A. Polyp'
-. Leiyoa
C. Hemangiomas
D. A?!ao!' cell papilloa
==.7hich of the follo#in" te't for $. pylori cannot (e !'ed to onitor
re'pon'e to treatent
A. Rapid !rea'e te't
-. Aerolo"ical te't
C. ;rea !reath test
D. C!lt!re
=>.7hich of the follo#in" food 't!ff i' the o't potent 'ti!lant "a'tric
acid 'ecretionH
A. Car(ohydrate'
B. 5rotein
C. Fat'
D. Alcohol
=@.The o't coon ca!'e of o('c!re GI (leedin"
A. Aall (o#el t!or
-. Die!lafoy,' le'ion
C. Angiodysplasia
D. Arterio&eno!' alforation
>/.The epithelial linin" of the e'opha"!' i'
A. Cornified 'tratified '?!ao!'
0. 7on cornified stratified s.uamous
C. Non cornified non 'tratified '?!ao!'
D. Cornified non 'tratified '?!ao!'
>1.D!rin" the "ap or #indo# period4 thi' i' the only 'erolo"ic e&idence
Of hepatiti' -
A. $-'A"
-. $-eA"
C. Anti-HBc
D. Anti5$-'
>).De'pite per'i'tence of &ir!' in the li&er4 &iral 'heddin" in fece'4
&ireia and infecti&ity diini'h rapidly once 0a!ndice (ecoe'
A. Viral hepatitis A
-. %iral hepatiti' -
C. %iral $epatiti' C
D. %iral $epatiti' D
>..7hich of the follo#in" dr!"' can relie&e dy'pnea in C$F8
A. Aal(!taol (y inhalation
B. <urosemide +V
C. Nitrate' '!(lin"!al
D. -eta (loc*er per ore
E. Di"itali' (y I% ro!te
>6.7hich of the dr!"' can di''ol&e the thro(!' in ac!te coronary
A. Lo# olec!lar #ei"ht heparin
-. Enfractionated heparin
C. A'pirin
D. 6trepto&inase
E. A(ci:ia(
>9.In'piration increa'e' the inten'ity of lo!dne'' the !r!r of
A. tricuspid regurgitation
-. atrial 'eptal defect
C. M%P
D. Aortic 'teno'i'
><.The o't coon priary ali"nant t!or of the heart i'
A. atrial y:oa
B. sarcoma
C. ali"nant
D. fi(roa
>=.All of the follo#in" are a0or Fone' criteria for the dia"no'i' of
rhe!atic fe&er e:cept
A. chorea
-. erythea ar"inat!
C. fe#er
D. carditi'
>>.Tr!e of Coarctation of Aorta
A. femoral pulse is (ea& and delayed
-. (lood pre''!re in the le" i' "reater than the ar
C. priary ca!'e of hyperten'ion
D. pre'ence of (oot 'haped heart on che't :5ray
>@.Che't pain i' pre'ent in patient #ith
A. aortic di''ection
-. yocardial infarction
C. !oth
D. neither
@/.Type of con"enital heart di'ea'e that i' acyanotic #itho!t a 'h!nt
A. atrial 'eptal defect
-. &entric!lar 'eptal defect
C. coarctation of aorta
D. tetralo"y of Fallot
@1.Aecond heart 'o!nd i' #idely 'plit and relati&ely fi:ed
A. atrial septal defect
-. &entric!lar 'eptal defect
C. patent d!ct!' arterio'!'
D. tetralo"y of Fallot
@).Atandin" increa'e' the inten'ity of the !r!r of
A. tric!'pid re"!r"itation
-. itral 'teno'i'
C. mitral #al#e prolapse
D. p!lonic 'teno'i'
@..Cho'e the correct 'tateent re"ardin" aortic in'!fficiency
A. high pitched- !lo(ing diastolic murmur
-. (e't heard #ith the (ell of the 'tetho'cope
C. decrea'e p!l'e pre''!re
D. (e't heard at the ape:
@6.A )> yBo feale patient cae in #ith dy'pnea. On a!'c!ltation the fir't
heart 'o!nd i' lo!d and a lo# pitched dia'tolic !r!r #a' noted at the
ape:. No L% hea&e #a' al'o noted. The o't li*ely condition i'
A. aortic re"!r"itation
-. itral &al&e prolap'e
C. mitral stenosis
D. patent d!ct!' arterio'!'
@9.The 'e&erity of thi' coponent of tetralo"y of Fallot deterine' the
cyanotic anife'tation of thi' con"enital anoaly
A. &entric!lar 'eptal defect
B. o!struction to "V outflo(
C. o&erridin" aorta
D. R% hypetrophy
@<.Infecti&e endocarditi' prophyla:i' i' indicated e:cept
A. itral 'teno'i'
-. PDA
C. AAD4 &eno'!' type
D. 1V5 (ithout 1"
@=.The o't iportant phy'ical 'i"n of ac!te pericarditi'
A. che't pain
B. pericaridal friction ru!
C. parado:ical p!l'e
D. +!''a!l,' 'i"n
@>.A'pirin i' indicated
A. ac!te yocardial infarction
-. ac!te pericarditi'
C. !oth
D. neither
@@.Mo't coon ca!'e of death in ad!lt' #ith dia(ete'
A. pericardial di'ea'e
B. coronary artery disease
C. &al&!lar heart di'ea'e
D. renal fail!re
1//. A <) yBo an #a' aditted for e&al!ation of 'yncopal attac*. $e
denied 'ypto' of che't pain nor dy'pnea on e:ertion. On P.E.4 a har'h
"rade I%B%I 'y'tolic e0ection !r!r #a' heard at the ri"ht 'ternal
(order #ith radiation to the carotid'. Carotid !p'tro*e #a' delayed.
7hat i' the o't li*ely dia"no'i'8
A. p!lonic 'teno'i'
-. itral re"!r"itation
C. aortic stenosis
D. aortic re"!r"itation