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MMI 3G Board book Installation

Version 1.3 Q1 2014 (by KG)

Step Instructions
1. Switch on the MMI 3G.
2. Enter the green menu (First press Setup and then CAR and hold both buttons down
simultaneously for approx. five seconds until the display changes.)

3. Green Menu should come up

4. Go to Car carfunctionlist menu and tick Board book

5. Go to Car carMenuOperations and change board book to 5

6. To go SWEDL and ticket the following two boxes:
1. User defined mode
2. Ignore region and variant

7. Quit the green menu by pressing Navigation button on the key board.
8. Insert the board book SD card I have sent you into the MMI unit slot SD 1.
9. First press Setup and then Return and hold both buttons down simultaneously for approx.
five seconds until the display changes.

Note only: You can quit the software download process at any time by simultaneously
pressing and holding the Tone and Back buttons for more than five seconds.
10. Press Update (this is the bottom right hand corner button in the MMIs key board
Choose SD 1

12. Please wait until reading is done.

13. Choose Handbuchn

14. Waiting until reading Metainfo is finished (it does take long time)
15. Choose User Defined

16. Scroll down to boardbook, drill-down into it by pressing down the joystick.

17. You will see three items (AudiInfoFile, data and Manifest)

18. Drill-down into each item and put a tick into Application only (do NOT touch bootloader)

19. IMPORTANT Repeat the above step for every Application within AudiInfoFile, data and

20. By now your Device Selection should look like this:

NOTE: The boardbook is now showing Y.

21. Scroll down and Press Start download and then Start

22. Please wait... Once the system has rebooted, the download application may show a screen
that displays the update progress of various devices. As soon as all devices have registered
with the download application, the update process is activated and the progress is shown on

The system may reboot many times during the update and programming session.
This is carried out completely automatically and does not require you to take any action.
Once the system has rebooted, updating is continued and the "Download progress" screen is
displayed many times.

23. Device Summary scren is displayed in the subsequent overview screen.

24. Scroll down and select "Continue".

25. Select Aboard Documentation

26. Once MMI is rebooted for the final time, youre now ready to view your board book

27. Information about MMI

28. Index to quick find answers to your questions

29. Safety information must be read and understood