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Which of the following animals has

INVESTIGATING LIVING the same way of protecting itself like
THINGS the armadillo?
YEAR 4 A Pangolin
B Bear
Section A C Tiger
D Deer
Bahagian A
3. What is the function of wax found on the
[30 marks]
[30 markah] leaf surface of certain plants?

Answer all questions. A Reduce the loss of water from

Jawab semua soalan the plant
B Increase the rate of
Every questions is followed by four options A, B, photosynthesis
C and D.
C To store water
Tiap-tiap soalan diikuti oleh empat pilihan
jawapan iaitu A, B, C dan D. D Protect the green pigment in the
Choose the correct answer.
Pilih jawapan yang betul. 4. What inference can be made from the
action of a dog that constantly pant
The suggested time for this section is 45 minutes.
If you unable to answer a question, proceed to excessively?
the next question.
Masa yang dicadangkan untuk bahagian ini ialah A To clean its mouth
45 minit. Sekiranya kamu tidak dapat menjawab B To warm its body
sesuatu soalan, teruskan menjawab soalan
C To scare off its enemy
D To cool its body

5. Annie puts a pot of flowering plant in a

1. Which of the following features are
able to protect the fruits of a plant closed closet. She waters the plant
from being eaten by animals? everyday. What will happen after two
I Spiky skin
II Thick skin A The plant will die
III Pungent smell B The plant will grow healthier
IV Sweet taste C The leaves will become greener
A I and II only D The number of leaves will increase
B I and IV only
C I, II and III only
D I, II and IV only
6. The diagram shows a goat and grass. 7. The information shows different living
organisms and the types of food they eat.

What are the common basic needs

Based on the information given, which of
of the living organisms shown in the
the following eat meat only?
above diagram?
A N only
I Air
B M and N only
II Food
C J and K only
III Partner
D M only
IV Sunlight
8. The diagram shows the changes in a
A I and II only
young plant in 4 weeks.
B I and III only
C II and III only
D II, III and IV only

7. Which of the following is a waste

product of excretion?

I Sweat Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4

II Water vapour
III Urine
IV Faeces Which of the following statement about
the plant is not true?
A I and III only
B II and IV only A The plant has started to die on Week
C III and IV only 4
D I, II and III only B The plant has reached its maximum
height on Week 3
C The plant has the most leaves on
Week 4
D The plant is still growing after Week
9. Which of the following animals 13. The diagram shows a young plant is
gallops? contained in a black box with a small
opening at the side as shown in the above
A Camel diagram. The plant is put outside of the
B Kangaroo house and is being watered everyday.
C Deer
D Horse opening
11. The information shows the
characteristics of an animal.

What happens to the plant after two


A The plant died

B The plant withered
Who am ‘I’ in the passage in the C The plant will grow away from the
above diagram? opening of the black box
D The plant will grow towards the
A Dolphin opening of the black box
B Turtle
C Jellyfish 14. A mimosa pudica plant closes it leaves
D Prawn after being touched. What stimulus does
the plant respond to?
12. The diagram shows four types of
plants. A Water
B Touch
C Sunlight
D Water

15. Which of the following actions indicates a

healthy lifestyle?
J K L M I Keep the environment clean
II Drink plenty of water
Which of the plants have the same III Have enough sleep
method of reproduction? IV Exercise regularly
A I, II and IV only
A J and K only B I, III and IV only
B J and M only C II, III and IV only
C J, K and L only D I, II, III and IV
D K, L and M only
16. Which chicken will survive ? 17. Which of the following is not true about
humans breathing system?
A Inhaling is a process where air is
taken in
B Exhaling is a process when air is
released out of the body
C When the air is inhaled, carbon
dioxide is taken in by our body
D There are a lot of fine hair inside our
nose to filter the dust from entering
our lungs
18. The diagram shows Alex is carrying his
new born sister.

What is the main reason why Alex's

mother reproduces?

A Humans need to ensure the existence

of their species
B Huge population is important to
D develope the country
C Humans need to have a certain
amount of family members
D Alex wanted to have a younger

19. Which of the following is a defecate

product of animals?

A Urine
B Sweat
C Faeces
D Inhaled air
20. The diagram shows the life cycle 21. Which of the following have sharp claws
of a butterfly. to hurt their enemies?




Which of the following shows the

correct sequence?

A W→ X→ Y→ Z
B Z→ X→ Y→ W
C X→ Y→ W→ Z
D Y→ Z→ X→ Z
22. The diagram below shows an animal. 24. Beach is exposed to strong wind
throughout the year. Which of the
following plant has the suitable specific
characteristic to enable them to live along
the beach?

Which of these specific

characteristics enable it to live in
very cold weather?
I Have thick fur
II Have thin fur
III Able to keep water
IV Have a thin layer of fats
A I only
B I and II only
C I ,II and III only C
D I, II ,III and IV

23. Which of the following is

correctly matched on how the
specific characteristics of plant
protect them from losing excessive
water during a drought season? D

Plant Specific
A Yam plant Roll-up their
B Banana tree Leave with fine
C Watermelon Wavy leaves
D Rubber tree Shed-off leaves
25. Which of the following fruit has 27. The diagram shows a reproduction method
a hard and tough husk to protect it of a plant.
from enemies?

Which of the following shows the same

reproduction method as the plant in the

I Onion plant
C II Hibiscus plant
III Rose plant
IV Tapioca plant
A I and II only
B II and III only
C II ,III and IV only
D D I, II ,III and IV

28. The diagram shows a type of plant and it

is always watered at the spot shown in the

26. Which of the following is

correctly matched on how they
protect themselves from danger?

Animal Specific
A Millipede Coils its body
B Rabbit Plays dead
C Zebra Runs away In which of the directions A, B, C and D
D Squid Lives in groups will the root of the plants grow after a few
29. Which of the following gives birth
to the young?

30. Which of the following release smelly gas

when being attacked?

I Bedbug
II Cockroach
III Snail
IV Deer
A I and II only
B II and III only
C I ,II and III only
D I, II ,III and IV