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Country guide for new EPIET/EUPHEM fellows


Last updated: January 2011
Please note
This is a living document. If you find any information to be incorrect
or out of date, or there is anything you wish to add, please amend
the guide (and date it accordingly) and send the new version to your
cohort representative for uploading onto the EAN country guides
website. Than you.
EPIET Country !uide to
Created by
Maike Koningstein, PhD student 2006today
!annah Le"is, #P$#% &e''o" 2006200(
)pdated by
*abrina +a,,i, #P$#% &e''o" 200-200.
Katarina /idgren, #P$#% &e''o" 200(2010
*ophie 0ubbe's, #P$#% &e''o" 200.2011
1kta"ia /23,ik, #P$#% &e''o" 200.2011
Last updated: 1- January 2011
%& 'efore de(arture )
1414 5isa
*& Registration in "en#ar$ +
241 6esiden,e permit 7and "orking permit8
242 6egistration pro,ess &or nationa's &rom ,ountries in the #) and ##9
24: 6egistration pro,ess &or ;ordi, Citi<ens
24= 6egistering "ith the #mbassy &rom your home ,ountry
)& ,i-ing in "en#ar$ .
:41 !ousing
:42 %ransportation
:4: Money, ,redit ,ards, banks and pension
:4= $nsuran,es
:4> %e'ephone
:46 $nternet
:4- Language ,ourses
:4( ?urniture and househo'd goods
:4. *upermarkets
:410 )se&u' "ebsites
/ne last t0ing1 %)
% 'efore de(arture
%he ma3ority o& things ,an be done on arri@a'4 %he department "i'' gi@e you p'enty o& time to sort a''
these things out during "orking hours and ,o''eagues "i'' be there to he'p4 9'though Danes speak
per&e,t #ng'ish, many o& their "ebsites do not ha@e an #ng'ish @ersion4 !o"e@er, you ,an trans'ate
"ebsites "ith """4goog'e4,omAtrans'ate4 $t "i'' not be per&e,t, but at 'east it "i'' gi@e you an idea o&
"hat the "ebsite says4
/hat ,an be done be&ore you 'ea@eB %his depends on the ,ountry you are a nationa' o& 7;ordi,
,ountry, #) ,ountry or a non#) ,ountry84 Che,k this "ebsite be&ore you 'ea@e:
%&% 2isa
/hether you need a @isa or not depends on the ,ountry you ,ome &rom as "e''4 #) ,iti<ens do not
need a @isa4 Peop'e &rom other ,ountries do need a @isa4 $& you are &rom one o& the ne" member states
o& the #), p'ease ,he,k "hether some ne" ru'es app'y &or you4 %his in&ormation ,an be obtained &rom
your embassy4
%&* Re#o-al
9s #CDC is not permitted to re'ease detai's on ,ompanies that ha@e been appro@ed in the past, the
remo@a' pro,ess ,an be a signi&i,ant administrati@e burden4 %o aid you in ,hoosing a ,ompany,
pre@ious &e''o"s ha@e made a 'ist o& ,ompanies that "ere appro@ed by #CDC &or their o"n remo@a'4
%his is a@ai'ab'e on the #9; "ebsite at http:AA"""4epieta'um4netA&orumA2- 4 Many o& these ,ompanies
ha@e a'ready submitted Lega' #ntities and ?inan,ia' $denti&i,ation &orms in the past, "hi,h shou'd make
the appro@a' pro,ess Cui,ker as so 'ong as nothing has ,hanged, you shou'd not ha@e to resubmit
them4 $& you end up using a ,ompany that "as not on the 'ist, p'ease update the 'ist a,,ording'y so that
&uture &e''o"s ,an bene&it &rom your eDperien,e 7there are instru,tions on the "ebsite on ho" to update
the 'ist84
%&) 3inan4es
9t the beginning o& the &e''o"ship you "i'' ha@e a 'ot o& eDpenses 7&'ight ti,kets, remo@a', pension,
hea'th insuran,e, 'anguage ,ourse et,84 #CDC ,an take "eeks or months to reimburse eDpenses 7e4g4
it is possib'e that you "i'' make t"o or three pensionAinsuran,e payments be&ore they are reimbursed8,
so it is "ise to ha@e a ,oup'e o& thousand euro in your bank a,,ount at the start o& the &e''o"ship to
he'p "ith ,ash &'o"4
* Registration in "en#ar$
*&% Residen4e (er#it (and wor$ing (er#it)
Depending on your ,iti<enship:
Citi<ens o& the ;ordi, ,ountries may enter and "ork in Denmark "ithout any permit &or an
un'imited period
;ationa's &rom ,ountries in the #) and ##9 7;or"ay, Li,htenstein and $,e'and8 as "e'' as
*"it<er'and may enter and "ork in Denmark "ithout permits &or up to three months but must
then obtain them4 N'4 *pe,ia' transitiona' ru'es app'y to eight o& the ne" #) ,ountries4
;on#) nationa's must a,Cuire both a residen,e and a "ork permit prior to arri@a' in Denmark4
N': #P$#% &e''o"s are not o&&i,ia''y "orking &or **$ and there&ore donEt need a "orkingpermit4
$& you ha@e more Cuestions ,he,k this "ebsite: http:AA"""4"orkindenmark4dk
*&* Registration (ro4ess for nationals fro# 4ountries in t0e EU and EEA
9&ter arri@a' in Denmark you must ,onta,t a number o& Danish authorities in order to get:
an #) registration ,erti&i,ate
a so,ia' se,urity number 7CP6 number8
a medi,a' ,ard
a Danish bank a,,ount
a taD ,ard
18 $n order to get any o& the abo@e, you need an emp'oyment ,ontra,t, "hi,h you "i'' get &rom the
personne' department at **$4
28 $& your emp'oyment 'asts more than : months, you must app'y &or an #) registration ,erti&i,ate4
$& you 'i@e in greater Copenhagen or the muni,ipa'ity o& Copenhagen, ,onta,t:
State Ad#inistration of !reater Co(en0agen
+orups 9''F 1--
2=00 Copenhagen ;5
Phone 7G=>8 -2>6 -000
7Mon .1=, %ue 121=, /ed .1=, %hur 1:1-, ?ri .1:8
Jou ,an take:
+us =9, 12, 6-, 6(, or 2>0*
*train ? 'ine to ?ug'ebakken station
Jou "i'' need
K Jour passport
K 1 passport photo
K *pe,ia' &orm: L9pp'i,ation &or residen,e andAor "ork permitE4 %his &orm ,an be &ound on
the "eb
(A1D1MansoegningMeuMopho'dsdokumentMstats&or@a'tningen4pd& but is a'so a@ai'ab'e at
the *tate 9dministration o&&i,e4
K Jour emp'oyment ,ontra,t 7'etter &rom **$ and grant agreement8 as proo& o& in,ome
sho"ing that you "i'' be se'&su&&i,ient4
K Jou "i'' a'so ha@e to state an address "here you "i'' re,ei@e mai'4 ;o proo& o& address
"as ne,essary in 20104 $t is a,,eptab'e to use **$Es address 7*tatens *erum $nstitut, >
9rti''eri@e3, 2:00 Copenhagen *8
Jou then "ait &or a 'etter in the post "ith ,ontains your Certi&i,ate o& 6egistration entit'ed
N+e@is &or 6egistreringO4 ;ote that the Certi&i,ate "i'' be sent to the address you pro@ide
and it might take up to siD "eeks, sin,e there are many students app'ying at the same time4
:8 ;eDt, you "i'' need a Danish so,ia' se,urity number 7CP6 number8 and a medi,a' ,ard4 $n
order to get this, you must appear in person at the nationa' registration o&&i,e in the ,ity you
ha@e mo@ed to4
$& you 'i@e in Copenhagen, you shou'd register at:
567en0a-ns 3ol$eregister
Dah'erupsgade 6
16=0 Copenhagen 5
Phone 7G=>8 -0 (0 -0 10
$& you 'i@e in ?rederiksberg 7this is a separate entity &rom Copenhagen8, you shou'd register at:
3ol$eregisteret (3rederi$s7erg City Hall)
?rederiksberg 6Pdhus
*ma''egade 1
2000 ?rederiksberg
Phone 7G=>8 :(21 2100
?aD: G=> :( 21 2. -0
#mai': raadhusetH&rederiksberg4dk
7Monday %hursday: 10 Q 1-, ?riday: 10 Q 1=8
+ring your #) registration ,erti&i,ate, passport and, i& app'i,ab'e, your "edding 'i,en,e and
,hi'dEsA,hi'drenEs birth ,erti&i,ate7s84 !ere you "i'' re,ei@e your so,ia' se,urity number, and 'ater
a medi,a' ,ard in the mai'4 1n,e registered, you "i'' automati,a''y 3oin the ;ationa' !ea'th
*er@i,e4 %he hea'th insuran,e ,erti&i,ate 7sundhedskort8 gi@es you a,,ess to &ree medi,a'
treatment and other pub'i, ser@i,es4 9t the o&&i,e you ,hoose a genera' pra,titioner 70P8 &rom a
'ist a,,ording to "here you 'i@e4 Jou ha@e the ,hoi,e to pi,k a 0P o& the same seD or e@en
,hoose the 0Ps by year o& birth4
=8 Jou "i'' get a Danish bank a,,ount by bringing your CP6 number and do,umentation &or your
address in Denmark to any Danish bank4 $& you open more than one bank a,,ount, you must
se'e,t one o& the a,,ounts as your NnemkontoO 7you "i'' re,ei@e in&ormation about this in the
>8 $n order to pay your taDes in Denmark, you "i'' need a taD ,ard4 %he taD ,ard sho"s your
per,entage o& taDation and your taD a''o"an,e 7in Danish: skattemRssigt &radrag84 $n order to
get this, you must bring your passport or #) registration ,erti&i,ate and your emp'oyment
,ontra,t to your 'o,a' taD ,entre4 $& you do not ha@e a taD ,ard, **$ "i'' ha@e to "ithho'd 60S o&
your sa'ary &or taDes4
$& you 'i@e in Copenhagen or ?rederiksberg, you &ind the taD administration at:
*katte,enter KTbenha@n
*'useho'men ( +
2=>0 Copenhagen *5
Phone 7G=>8 -222 1(1(
*ee """4skat4dk &or more in&ormation4
a4 $& you are an #P$#% &e''o" you might not need to pay taD4 ?e''o"s are no 'onger
emp'oyed by the #), but get a grant &rom #CDC4 %his means you ha@e to ,he,k i& you
ha@e to pay taD a,,ording to the bi'atera' agreement bet"een your home ,ountry and
your host ,ountry4 Most ,ountries ha@e an agreement that students do not ha@e to pay
taD4 $t is ho"e@er not ,omp'ete'y ,'ear i& an #P$#% &e''o" is a student a,,ording to the
'a" 7and to "hi,h 'a"84 Jou "i'' need to go to the %aD 9dministration 7see abo@e8 and
ask "hat app'ies &or you4
b. $& you are emp'oyed as a resear,her or other"ise ,an be de&ined as a key emp'oyee
and are re,ruited &rom abroad, you may opt &or 2>S taDation &or : years or ::S
taDation &or > years4 Jou ,an read more about this at http:AA"""4skat4dkA*K9%4aspDB
o$dI.-:1.U@$dI202:=14 %he se,retary at the hiring department at **$ ,an he'p you
app'y &or this taDation s,heme and in su,h ,ases "i'' ha@e to make a statement &or the
'o,a' taD authorities on your Cua'i&i,ations and ba,kground &or being re,ruited as a key
P'ease send the &o''o"ing to the personne' department at **$ as soon as possib'e:
18 Jour address in Denmark
28 *o,ia' se,urity number
:8 $& re'e@ant, ,on&irmation on the spe,ia' resear,her taDation
*&) Registration (ro4ess for Nordi4 Citi8ens
$& you ,ome &rom another ;ordi, ,ountry this pro,ess is a 'itt'e easier4 Jou shou'd @isit your ,'osest
+orgerser@i,e o&&i,e to register 7bring your ;ordi, passport8:
$n order to get a CP6number you ha@e to sho" proo& that you ha@e a 3ob and are paying taDes in
Denmark 7"hi,h may or may not be app'i,ab'e to #P$#%&e''o"s8 andAor a proo& o& residen,e in
Denmark, su,h as a ,ontra,t to rent a &'at4
*&9 Registering wit0 t0e E#7assy fro# your 0o#e 4ountry
*ome ,ountries reCuire that you register at the Consu'ateA #mbassy in Denmark as a ,iti<en residing
abroad4 ?or $ta'ian ,iti<ens, you are theoreti,a''y reCuired to register at the Consu'ar se,tion o& the
embassy in Copenhagen "ithin .0 days o& your arri@a' in Denmark4 *u,h registration, "i'' a'so a''o"
@oting &or po'iti,a' e'e,tions at the embassy4
?or more in&o on $ta'y, p'ease see:
) ,i-ing in "en#ar$
)&% Housing
%o &ind a p'a,e to 'i@e ,an be Cuite hard4 %he **$ has t"o rooms a@ai'ab'e &or &oreign resear,hers &or
temporary use4 %he rooms are situated on 9mager Lande@e3 2>, 1 &'oor, 2--0 Kastrup4 Kit,hen,
bathroom and %5 room are shared4 1ne room ,osts 200 Kr per day, "ith a minimum stay o& a "eek
7you ,an stay shorter, but it "i'' sti'' ,ost 1=00 Kr84 +us >9 is : min "a'k &rom the &'at and 2 min "a'k to
the **$ entran,e4 $& you are interested to stay there in the beginning, you ,an ask the department &or
more in&ormation4 !o"e@er, re,ent'y there ha@e been some prob'ems "ith the ,'ean'iness and ,are o&
these a,,ommodations, so a hoste' or hote' might be a better option4
%here is a youth hoste' @ery ,'ose to the $nstitute, ,a''ed Danhoste' 9mager4
Renting in Denmark
Prepare &or pri,es o& :000 Kr minimum &or a shared apartment4 %o rent your o"n &'at "i'' ,ost
something bet"een the 64000 .,000 KrG a month4 Kno" "hat is in,'uded in your rent be,ause there
are additiona' ,harges &or:
!eating 7separate as it ,omes dire,t &rom the Kommune8
1ther optiona' ,osts: internet ,onne,tion, Media 7%58 'i,ense, 'and 'ine phone 7not rea''y ne,essary
these days84
P'ease note:
$t is possib'e to sub'et a partia''y, or &u''y &urnished apartment i& that is "hat you are "ant4
$t is @ery ,ommon to ask t"o or three months "orth o& rent in depositVV
%here is no &irst ,ome, &irst ser@ed po'i,y4 Land'ords 'ike to meet their prospe,ti@e tenants and
then make a ,hoi,e4
%here are many "ebsites "here you might be ab'e to &ind housing4 +e a"are that you o&ten ha@e to
pay a &ee4
/ebsites on'y in Danish:
"""4dba4dk 7the &ree NDen b'P a@isO Copenhagen ne"spaper, is ,heapest option8
"""4 bo'igporta' 4dkA
"""4'edige 'e3'ighed er4dkA
/ebsites "hi,h are a'so a@ai'ab'e in #ng'ish:

$n Denmark, it is the o"ner "ho pays rea' estate agent &ees not the person 'ooking &or an apartment, so
it ,anEt hurt to 'ook at p'a,es using pro&essiona' sitesA,ompanies4
+e ,are&u' not to get s,ammed, "hen you 'ook &or an apartment "ithout an agentV %here are peop'e
renting out &'ats that donEt eDist4 %he typi,a' story is that the apartment seems too good to be true 7too
big &or the pri,e84 %he o"ner o&ten te''s you that he is in the )K 7or abroad8 and is using a phone
number starting "ith G== -04 %his is a number that is used &rom another ,ountry and dire,ted through
the )K4 %he o"ner typi,a''y te''s you to pay a deposit be&ore youE@e seen the apartment, Lso that he
kno"s you are serious about renting the apartmentE4 1&ten the o"ner a'so "ants to kno" your persona'
detai's 'ike passport number et,4
)&* Trans(ortation
+i,y,'ing is big in Denmark, espe,ia''y in the summer4 +i,y,'es ,an be bought ne" in bi,y,'e stores
that ,an be &ound e@ery"here in the ,ity4 !o"e@er, they donEt ,ome ,heap4 Most ne" bikes ,ost
bet"een 2000 and :000 DKKG 7sa'es in January and Ju'y9ugust may be the best time to buy84 %he
,heapest option &or ne" bikes is the supermarket K@i,k'y 7,heapest bikes start at 1:001=00 DKK84
*e,ondhand bikes a'so donEt ,ome ,heap, so be a"areV %hey ,an be ad@ertised in: """4dba4dk
%he Po'i,e ho'd an au,tion 7in Danish8 o& se,ond hand bi,y,'es t"i,e a month at:
KTbenha@ns Po'iti
11: *'otsherrens@e3
2-=0 5an'Tse
Phone: :( -= (( 22
+e,ome &ami'iar "ith the bi,y,'ing ru'es be,ause they might be di&&erent &rom "hat you are used to in
your home ,ountry, espe,ia''y at ,rossings4
Public transport
Jou ,an ,hoose bet"een buses, *togs 7trains8 and the metro4 !o" to tra@e' &rom point 9 to point +
and on'ine maps ,an be &ound at:
http:AA"""4re3sep'anen4dkA 73ust ,'i,k on the #ng'ish &'ag &or the #ng'ish @ersion8
Jou many a'so "ant to pur,hase a Copenhagen 9W map "hi,h ,an be obtained &rom petro' stations4
+uying ti,kets:
%he ,ity is di@ided in <ones, and the &are you ha@e to pay depends on the number o& <ones you
are tra@e''ing through4 Jou pay &or a minimum o& t"o and a maDimum o& se@en <ones4 Jou "i''
a'"ays need t"o <ones e@en i& you are tra@e'ing in the same <one4
%i,kets ,an be pur,hased &rom ma,hines at the metro or train stations and on the bus &rom the
Jou ,an a'so buy a Nk'ippekortO 7a ti,ket @a'id &or 10 times8 &or t"o and three <ones, at the
abo@e mentioned p'a,es as "e'' as kiosks, supermarkets, et,4
+e&ore you start your 3ourney, a'"ays LstampE your k'ippekort in the ye''o", ,ard,'ipping
ma,hinesV %he ti,ket is stamped "ith the time, date and the departure <one4 %he &ine &or not
,arrying a @a'id ti,ket is :;;$r<
$t is a'so possib'e to buy a NperiodkortO, 7un'imited tra@e's in the <ones you ,hoose8 @a'id &rom a
minimum o& :0 days up to :6> days4 Jou do not need to buy a,,ording to months, but you
,hoose a,,ording to days4 ?or the 6> days ,ard you need a pi,ture4
Getting to the SSI:
Jou ,an easi'y rea,h the **$ by pub'i, transport4
Jou ,an take the metro to $s'ands +rygge4 ?rom there it is about > minutes "a'k to **$4
+us >9 stops in &ront o& **$4
*&% Money= 4redit 4ards= 7an$s and (ension
%he ,urren,y in Denmark is 7Danish8 kroner 7,ro"ns8, abbre@iated as kr4 or, internationa''y DKK4 100kr
is approDimate'y 1= euros4 Most ,redit ,ards are a,,epted in Denmark a'though you pay an additiona'
&ee4 %here are ho"e@er some stores "hi,h on'y a,,ept Danish ,ards "ith the DK 'ogo4 Cash
dispensers ,an be &ound e@ery"here, and bank ,ards, in,'uding the ones "ith a Maestro 'ogo, "ork in
these ma,hines.
Opening a bank account
%o open a bank a,,ount you need to present your CP6 number4 !o"e@er, as getting a CP6 number
,an take a &e" "eeks, there is a s'ight possibi'ity that the main banks 7Danske +ank, ;ordea et,48 may
be ab'e to open an a,,ount &or you based on your home address4
*ome banks "i'' not gi@e you a Dankort 7Danish bank ,ard8 unti' they ha@e seen that an in,ome ,omes
into the a,,ount &or : months4 Jou may app'y &or the Dankort a&ter : months4 $n the meantime, you "i''
be a''o"ed to ha@e a Danish Credit Card, "hi,h may a'so be used to "ithdra" ,ash4
Note! Most banks in Denmark are ,'osed on *aturdays and *undays, but may be open 'onger on
%hursdays4 7$t is &air'y ,ommon to s"ipe out 7take a break8 "hen youEre at the o&&i,e to do your banking8
%he #P$#% grant agreement means that #P$#% &e''o"s do not get a pension arranged by the #)4 %here
are se@era' options to ,onsider4
Keeping your pension &und in your o"n ,ountry4
1"ing to the grant s,heme, it ,an be di&&i,u't to arrange pensions in either your home or your
host ,ountry4 $& you are &inding it parti,u'ar'y di&&i,u't to arrange a pension, ,onta,t the #P$#%
Programme 1&&i,e and eDp'ain the situation, as a'ternati@e arrangements ,an be made in
,ertain ,ir,umstan,es 7e4g4 a 'o,ked bank a,,ount that is not a,,essib'e to you during your
Danish medi,a' do,tors ha@e their pension usua''y "ith the Danish pension ,ompany &or
do,tors: 'Rgernes pensionkasse """4'pk4dk4 !o"e@er, i& you are not registered as a medi,a'
do,tor in Denmark, they ,annot pro@ide you "ith a pension4
?or independent ad@i,e about the best ,hoi,e in your situation you ,an ,onta,t Kim 5a'entin:
http:AA"""4&inanshus4dkAKontakt4 !e is an independent &inan,ia' ad@isor4 !o"e@er, he ,harges Cuite a
'arge amount per hour and neither **$ nor #CDC ,o@er this ,ost4
)&9 Insuran4es
Public health insurance
#@eryone residing in Denmark has the right to hea'th insuran,e ser@i,es as "e'' as hospita' assistan,e4
%he ser@i,es in,'uded in the pub'i, hea'th insuran,e are &ree medi,a' ,onsu'tation &rom a genera'
pra,titioner and medi,a' ,onsu'tation &rom spe,ia'ists "ith a re&erra' &rom a 0P4 *er@i,es a'so in,'ude
subsidies &or medi,ations, dentist and ,hiropra,tor ,onsu'tations "ith a re&erra' &rom your genera'
pra,titioner physiotherapy, podiatry and psy,ho'ogy ,onsu'tations4 %he subsidies @ary a,,ording to
type o& treatment and "i'' be subtra,ted &rom your bi''4
;ote that it might take a "hi'e to get your CP6 number, and thus to be enro''ed in the Danish hea'th
insuran,e4 /ith the eD,eption o& emergen,y hospita' assistan,e, you must pay &or any treatment you
need during the &irst "eeks in Denmark4 #migrating &rom your o"n ,ountry may make you not e'igib'e
&or the 7pub'i, or pri@ate8 hea'th insuran,e in that ,ountry anymore4 Jou might "ant to ,onsider a
pri@ate insuran,e 7e4g4 spe,i&i,a''y &or eDpats8 to ,o@er &or the meantime4
Other insurances
%he #CDC re,ommends that you obtain additiona' insuran,e in,'uding: tra@e', disabi'ity, "ork 'iabi'ity,
et,4 May o& the &ormer #P$#% ?e''o"s ha@e re,ommended #DpatP'us
$& you "ou'd 'ike to get the additiona' insuran,e &rom a Danish pro@ider, you "i'' need your CP6
number4 Codan 7"""4,odan4dk8 and %ryg 7"""4tryg4dk8 are the t"o 'argest and most popu'ar &irms4
%he "ebsites are in Danish ho"e@er, you ,an ,a'' them &or any inCuiries and they do ha@e po'i,y
papers in #ng'ish4
)&+ Tele(0one
9gain, a CP6 number is o& ,ru,ia' importan,e &or any phone "ith a ,ontra,t4 $& you do not "ant to "ait
unti' you get your CP6 number "e re,ommend that you get a payasyougo *$M ,ard &irst4 %hese ,an
be obtained @irtua''y e@ery"here &rom petro'Agas stations, -A11Es, supermarkets and in kiosks4
%here are many pro@iders Q ,he,k the ne"spaper, ask your ,o''eagues &or he'p and any o&&ers4 1ne
,heap option is %e'more 7"""4te'more4dk84 Lebara has ,heap *$M ,ards 7"""4'ebara4dk8, "here the
&ees are spe,i&i,a''y ,heap &or phone ,a''s abroad4
)&> Internet
%here are many pro@iders 7?u''rate, *ky'ine, et,48 Q ,he,k the ne"spaper &or any o&&ers, and &ee' &ree to
ask your ,o''eagues &or he'p4 Keep in mind that pri,e "i'' be re'ated to band"idth so the more you pay
the &aster the ,onne,tion4
)&: ,anguage 4ourses
Pri@ate 'essons are, o& ,ourse, a @ery &ast "ay to 'earn Danish, but are Cuite eDpensi@e 7speak to **$
and #P$#%A#CDC about &unding84 %he other option is that you go to one o& the pub'i, s,hoo's "hi,h is
a'so a so,ia' eDperien,e4 +e a"are that you need to ha@e a CP6 number to be ab'e to start "ith your
Danish 'essons at the pub'i, s,hoo's4 %hese s,hoo's are not ,omp'ete'y &ree anymore sin,e January
200- you ha@e to pay >00kr &or e@ery modu'e 7approD4 e@ery 12 "eeks84 Many peop'e go to
*tudiesko'en 7http:AA"""4studiesko'en4dkA84 $& you are a resident o& ?rederiksberg, 5)? is another
,on@enient option 7http:AA"""4@u&4nuAenAnodeA1:084
C'asses are typi,a''y a&ter "ork, 24> or :4> hours 2: times per "eek4 $& you are interested you ,an
speak to the department about the possibi'ity o& start Danish during "orking hours4
*&% 3urniture and 0ouse0old goods
?or ,heap &urniture you ,an a'"ays go to $K#9 7"""4ikea4dk8 and $'@a 7"""4i'@a4dk8 in 0ento&te 7bus
1>0* &rom ;orreport st &or $K#9 and Lyngby * tog station &or $'@a84
9'so use&u' are:
*i'@an Do$tJourse'& 7D$J8 shop eCuipment and &urniture4
Jysk 7"""43ysk4dk8 &or beds, bed,'othes, things &or your bathroom 7not o& the best Cua'ity84
?TteD is a 'arge Danish supermarket but they se'' a 'ot o& kit,hen eCuipment 7'ink in
supermarket se,tion84
*e,ondhand goods
Den +'P 9@is 7&ree paper8 is &i''ed "ith ad@ertisements on se,ond hand &urniture et,4
Comparab'e to ebay but on a mu,h sma''er s,a'e is the Danish site """4CD'4dk
%here is a'so an indoor &'ea market ,a''ed det b'P pakhus near the **$4 $t is open e@ery
*aturday and *unday &rom 101-4 #ntran,e is 1> kr per person and the address is
!o'mb'adsgade 11:, Copenhagen *outh4
N'4 9 &'ea market is ,a''ed 'oppenmarket4
9sk ,o''eagues &or addresses o& se,ondhand shops and &'ea markets4
*&* Su(er#ar$ets
%here are a number o& supermarkets in Denmark "hi,h @ary substantia''y in pri,e and a@ai'abi'ity o&
goods4 %he ,heapest ha@e the most 'imited ,hoi,e4 1pening times 7note that most shops and
supermarkets are ,'osed on *undaysV8 and your 'o,a' store ,an be &ound on their "ebsite4 %he main
supermarkets, &rom ,heapest to most eDpensi@e are:
Su(er#ar$et ?e7site
?akta """4&akta4dk
Lid' """4'id'4dkAdkAhome4ns&ApagesAi4home
9'di """4a'di4dk
6ema 1000 """4rema10004dk
;etto """4netto4dk
*uper +rugsen """4superbrugsen4dk
?TteD """4&oeteD4dkAPagesA?oeteD?rontpage4aspD
$rma """4irma4dk
*upermarkets are the p'a,e "here you take ba,k p'asti, and g'ass bott'es &or re,y,'ing and you get
money ba,k4 *ome o& bott'e might ha@e a si<e not a,,epted by the supermarketsX those must go into
the ,ontainers you &ind in the streets4
)&%; Useful we7sites
N91KO 7is a bit 'ike N%ime 1utO8: """4aok4dk4 9'though an #ng'ish @ersion o& the site is
a@ai'ab'e, it doesnEt gi@e as mu,h detai' as the Danish siteV
N%he Copenhagen PostO 7&ree paper, in #ng'ish8: http:AA"""4,phpost4dkA
N/orking in DenmarkO: http:AA"""4"orkindenmark4dkA
%here are a'so #Dpat groups that ,an be &ound on the internet4 Many ha@e a message board
"here you ,an a'so buyAse'' goods or ask ad@i,e 7e4g4 """4meetup4,om,
"""4eDpatindenmark4,om8, &or $ta'ians 7"""4serateita'iane4dk8
http:AA"""4spottedby'o,a's4,omA,openhagenA &or ni,e tips about museums, restaurants, shops,
&esti@a's et,4
/ne last t0ing1
$t is not easy to adapt to a ne" ,u'ture, and a&ter an initia' Nenthusiasti,O phase 7"hi,h may 'ast &rom
"eeks to months a,,ording to the person8 a'most #5#6J+1DJ "i'' then pass through a phase "hen
you Nre3e,tO the ne" ,ountryA,u'ture 7N$ "ant to go homeO8, &o''o"ed by a positi@e phase again4 $n the
Nre3e,tionO phase things ,an be Cuite hard 7,ompounded by the &a,t that e@erything is in another
'anguage84 $t is important to kno" that these psy,ho'ogi,a' phenomena are norma' and they are part o&
the eDperien,e4 %ry to remember:
N$t is not "orse, it is not better, it is 3ust di&&erentO4
/ikepedia gi@es a good eDp'anation o& this psy,ho'ogi,a' phenomenon, and some "ay to o@er,ome it