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In this first activity of our semester you're going to state your perspectives
and points of view -and obviously also based on the readings we've carried
out so far- about the topics given in the following two questions:

Question 1:
In relation to language learner differences and factors affecting
language learning processes (pages 6 to 10), which is the type of
learner or factor you consider the hardest one to deal with and why?
Since my point of view and my experience as an ESL learner, I think that
the factor that is the hardest to manage in the classroom is MOTIVATION,
because even though we, as teachers, are able to identify the two kinds, it
is not always the teachers fault that on the lack of one of them into the
classroom. We have to take into account students learning background
and their family context. In other words, most of the language teachers do
anything to keep their students eager to learn but there are students that
simply dont like English or had any trauma when learning before and
here, is when motivations is lost in the students mind and makes it
difficult for teachers.

Question 2:
Which of the approaches, methods or procedures we have read about
and watched so far appeals to your teaching perspective better and
why, and which one do you consider the least effective one and why?

Well, taking into account the videos and the reading given it was
interesting to get to know the different approaches and methods which are
loaded of teaching theory which is based on linguistic and psychological
principles which respond to that a foreign language learning has to be
accessible to large groups of ordinary learners, Simple techniques can be
given without translation and that the Language skills are taken as a
pedagogical device (Stern, 1983). So, I found very useful the audiolingual
method which takes into account the formal structures of language and
applies a meaningful and contextualized solution. It makes the Foreign
Language recover its social and situational nature. And here I can infer
that communication is the aim. This linguistic perspective states a
sequence from a Basic English variety.
Moreover, the teacher can use audiovisual technology which is an
important contribution to help teaching and motivate learners. However,
the exclusiveness of induced techniques and the connection between
pictures and meanings can be misinterpreted. As in sterns text another
gap is that the linguistic sequences in some cases do not follow a tested
model which could display a natural order of FL acquisition.

Reference: Stern, H. H. (1983): Fundamental Concepts of Language
Teaching. Oxford: Oxford University Press.