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Leadership Analysis

According to Barnard, 1938, the definition of leadership is, the ability of a superior to
influence behavior of subordinates and persuade them to follow a particular course of action.
Effective leader will be able thrive his or her organization into success. A successful
organization mean able to bring positive changes in productivity and manage the human
resource effectively. These two components are interrelated thus jeopardizing any of this will
lead the management into chaos. A Leader is a human that have certain characteristics and
practice a leadership style. According to Lewins, (1939), In the autocratic style, the leader
makes decisions without consulting with others. Excessive of this approach will create
dissatisfactions among the staff in an organization. In the democratic style, the leader involves
the people in the decision making, although the final say will be decided by the leader by taking
into consideration several factors involving his people in his management. This act could serve
a positive impact to the organization as people will realize that their views are included in
decision making. Laissez-faire style in the other hand minimizes the leaders involvement in
decision making. This style works best when people are capable and motivated in making their
own decision where there is no requirement for central coordination.
But in Encik Ahmads situation, as the headmaster in a school he has the responsibility
to manage the school effectively without letting any bad factor influencing his management.
When Puan Siti becomes the unofficial leader in this school, shows that the lead has been taken
by his own staff in his presence. This clearly indicates to us that Encik Ahmad has no grip to his
power and his staff can do as they wish. If this continues, there will be more groups formed in
Encik Ahmads school. Each group will have their own agenda and this will seriously undermine
his leadership. Such a case in a school will lead the organization into destructions. First of all
the school management has no clear direction where its going to, secondly, the staff will be
rebellious. This would seriously affect the school in many ways such as arguments among staff,
writing poison letters to influence others, tarnishing the school image in the eyes of the public
and others. If this continues further violence also take place in the school such as fighting that
will cause to loss of life.
Encik Ahmad should have not discussed his school internal matters to Encik Ali. Encik
Ahmad has to know that he is the headmaster and he has the right to utilize certain amount of
power to resolve certain issues in his school. In my opinion Encik Ahmad is lack of decision
making skills and wants others to make decisions for him. He is the best person that knows the
school culture and his staff behaviors compare to Encik Ali. Encik Ali is not in any position to
provide any decision to his colleague. Thus any advice will be inappropriate to Encik Ahmads
This is also going to effective the teaching and learning environment in Encik Ahmads
school. Teachers will be lack of focus and most of the time will be used in unproductive way.
Students attitude and their performance will be badly affected too. Students will be demotivated
to learn and this will cause serious displinary problems among students.
All this factors could lead to more unseen problems in Encik Ahmads school. As a
leader ,Encik Ahmad should play a vital to curb the ongoing conflict to resolve in more
democratic way rather his leadership is undermine by certain quarters.