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Jessica Mudd

Ashlyn Williams
UWRT 1103
September 11th, 2014

Assignment One

Observation One
Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

Background Information: The beginning of the movie is set in Port Royal, an old British
merchant town that was popular for piracy in the mid 1800s. Meaning that the normal behaviors for the
time period will be relatively different from what we experience today. The movie begins in a flashback,
Elizabeth Swan is dreaming of the time she met a young boy named William Turner in the midst of a
pirate attack. She found a strange pirate medallion hanging from his neck; Ignorant of its meaning, she
took the medallion and kept it in her possession. The introduction to this medallion sets up the plot for the
entire film. Elizabeth awakes from the dream and looks in her secret compartment to find that she is still
in possession of the medallion. The setting then turns toward the open sea where we are introduced to
Jack Sparrow, a strange, witty pirate thats been mutinied against by his own crew. He makes his way into
Port Royal in search of a new ship to steal. Jack plays the role in the movie of the scheming, manipulator.
His schemes play a large role in the situations the characters find themselves in. While making a rescue
attempt for Elizabeth, Jack notices her pirate medallion and knows that she could be of use to him. Jack is
thrown into jail for his P brand, meaning that he had already been branded for being a captured pirate.
One night an attack falls over Port Royal; the attack comes from Captain Barbosa in search of the
medallion that Elizabeth has been hiding. He needs the gold to lift a long lasting curse on his crew.
Recovering the lost gold, and ridding the crew of the curse will become a main purpose of the movie.

Figured World: A relatively large social structure that contains certain normal behaviors
Figured World: The figured world in the movie is centered around the mid-Atlantic, ranging from
England to the Caribbean in the 1800s.
Appropriate Behavior:
The appropriate behaviors for this particular figured world vary based on the role of the
characters. The behaviors that are appropriate for the English navy of Port Royal are completely different
from the accepted behaviors within the pirate community. The English navy are considered proper
gentlemen of the time period. They are expected to address their superiors by their given title, for
example Lord Beckett or Governor Swan. There is a system of hierarchy within the 1800s Port Royal
community. The commoners are expected to serve their superiors; superiors can be identified by the way
they dress or address commoners. The appropriate way for a high class Englishmen to dress would be in a
ruffled blouse, petty coat, and powdered wig. All the women are expected to do and dress however men
please. Elizabeth must dress in her finest attire to be seen out in public with her father or commodore
Norrington. The pirate community has a different set of appropriate behaviors, they have no governing
system. The pirates lie, steal, and cheat each other out of their possessions. It is considered appropriate for
a pirate to be sloppy, and unhygienic. Pirates are expected to care little for their appearance, and focus
only on gaining fame and riches. They dont form lasting relations with one another because not one can
be trusted.

Actors: Someone who plays a role in a Figured World or in society
Jack Sparrow: Jack Sparrow can be described as both a hero and an antagonistic character in
this movie depending on the role he shares with certain characters. To Captain Barbosa and
Davey Jones, Jack is an antagonistic character. He constantly causes problems and is considered
the enemy of both Barbosa and Jones. However, he plays the role of a hero to Will and his crew
mates in most instances. He strings along a young English blacksmith, William Turner to use as
leverage for his plan. He begins to act like a hero to will by teaching him a few tactics about pirating and
how to face other pirate crews. Will uses the skills he learns from Jack to flourish throughout the movies.
Elizabeth Swan: Elizabeth serves the role in the film of the damsel in distress. Her love connection
to William is the reason Will became involved with Jack Sparrow and his schemes in the first place.
Elizabeth presents a great deal of bravery and strength as a women character. She confronts Captain
Barbosa and wishes to bargain with him in an attempt to rid him of Port Royal. While aboard the ship, as
Barbosas captive, she learns a lot about piracy and how pirates think and act. She eventually uses these
skills to her advantage.
William Turner: William plays the role of the dreamy hero in the film. He goes out on a voyage
to rescue the love of his life, Elizabeth, from Captain Barbosas crew. While on his journey with Jack,
Will discovers a lot about his past and learns that he carries the blood of his enslaved pirate father,
Bootstrap Bill. Will is a wise young boy, and counteracts Jacks plan to his own benefit.
Captain Barbosa: Captain Barbosa is another antagonist in the film. He is relentless on finding all
the cursed pirate gold and returning it to the Dead Mans Chest, he will stop at nothing to reverse the
curse. He is responsible for the raid on Port Royal in the beginning of the film that sparks the battle
between the pirates and the Kings navy. He is also responsible for the capture of Elizabeth Swan,
Williams love interest. Captain Barbosa is a witty, ruthless, and greedy character. He has little manor and
cares not for others thoughts or emotions.
Lord Beckett: Lord Beckett serves as the Kings army commander. He looks after Port Royal and
has extremely low tolerance for pirates. He is a selfish, power crazed man. Lord Beckett uses the
resources of the Kings navy for his own personal benefit. He wants to seek out the same riches the
pirates are after; he disguises his plots by calling them attacks on the pirates.

Artifacts: Something that has physical or emotional significance to the actors or to the Figured World
Williams Pirate Medallion: The beginning of the film introduces Wills pirate medallion, he is
wearing it as his unconscious body washes along at sea. When he is found by Elizabeth it is apparent that
the medallion gives a background of Wills connection to piracy. The medallion is made of a rare Aztec
gold that bares a curse to all men who remove it from the chest, making it the artifact of interest for the
cursed pirate crew. Wills pirate father is his connection to the medal, a drop of his blood with the gold
will reverse the curse.
Fashion Sense: The fashion sense of the mid 1800s tells a great deal about the social society of
Port Royal. There is a system of hierarchy within the Englishmen of this time, those who are dressed in
the richest of clothing are considered above those who dress as common folk. Fashion sense is how others
can tell who is of power in society and who isnt. This makes the fashion sense an artifact in the film, it is
significant to the way society is perceived and how civilians act. Those who dress in powdered wigs,
petty coats, and blouses are assumed to be superior and automatically rule over those who are dressed in
common wear.
Elizabeths Bravery: Elizabeths bravery is an important aspect in the film, because she
invokes the right of parlay and visits Captain Barbosa she creates the storyline for several of the
characters in the movie. She shows great curiosity to the way the pirate crew operates and leads William
and Commodore Norrington to the gathering of the pirates. Her skills and bravery allow the lead for Will
and James to follow.
Black Pearl: The black pearl is the object of interest for Jack Sparrow, and later will become and
object of interest for Will. Jack agrees to help William rescue Elizabeth in return for helping him regain
the role of Captain of the black pearl, making this the purpose for the voyage from Jacks perspective.
Jack was mutinied against by Captain Barbosa and lost the command of his crew over to Barbosa. He is
in search of revenge for his beloved ship the Black Pearl.
Jacks Pistol: Jacks pistol is an artifact of importance because this is his symbol of revenge
against Captain Barbosa. Jack saved the single-shot pistol Barbosa gave him when he was marooned on
an unknown island. When he escaped the island Jack swore that he would use the single shot to kill
Barbosa. The thought of the pistol is Jacks inspiration for seeking out Captain Barbosa, driving him to go
on the voyage with William.

Communities of Practice: Social groupings inside of a Figured World
Communities of Practice:
Kings Navy: The kings navy consists of Englishmen recruited from Port Royal to follow the lead of
commodore Norrington and Lord Beckett. They are either rich or common men who are drafted by force
to aid in the ridding of piracy from Port Royal. Each man wears a full, fancy Navy uniform of black and
red. The colors represent the colors of Port Royals flag and they help Lord Beckett and Commodore
Norrington to identify their men from the heap of pirates during a battle. The suites make them easily
identifiable. The kings navy are very uniform men, they work in packs and follow orders. The navy is
not a single functioning unit, meaning that no single man in the navy has a say in events that occur. The
men follow orders and only spoke when allowed by Lord Beckett, or commodore Norrington.
Barbosas crew: Barbosas crew of pirates consist of recruited pirate sailors from Jack Sparrows
old crew. Barbosa and his crew function together to accomplish the common goal of gathering all the
cursed Aztec gold and returning it to the chest to lift the curse. The men follow the orders of Barbosa
because of intimidation. If requests arent followed out the pirates and punished harshly and brutally.
Barbosas crew is run in a similar way to a dictatorship. The crew resents Barbosa, but the fear of him
keep the crew under his command.
Jack and Wills Crew: Jack and William are two independent thinkers in the film, they share the
common goal of finding Barbosa; however, their reasoning differs quite a lot. They are both misfits in
society, Jack is an outcast pirate, and Will is under the impression that he is a common Englishmen when
in actuality he is of pirate blood. They create a crew of other misfit pirates to join them on their voyage.
There is very little determined leadership among the crew, because both Jack and Will have their own
schemes and plans. The crew is greatly disorganized with little training, most of the sailors are drunks
from the bars of Tortuga. An important member to Jack and Wills crew is Master Gibbs, he is
responsible for being Jacks voice of reason. Gibbs helps Jack to make most all important decisions. Jack
relies on Gibbs to almost tell him what to do in most situations because Jacks decision making always
gets him in trouble.

Practices of the communities: Social groupings that have more than just shared habits, but
shared similarities and goals and have shared ways of accomplishing certain tasks.
Practices of the Communities:
Following the orders of the Commodore: The shared goal of the Kings navy is to rid Port
Royal of piracy. The King forced the draft of all Englishmen into service with a shared goal between all
civilians of Port Royal to keep pirates off of their land. This is a shared accomplishment in the community
in order to protect civilians riches and families.
Finding Elizabeth: Another shared goal of the Kings navy in this film is to find Elizabeth, being
both the Commodores love interest and the Governors daughter she is of great importance to Port Royal.
The navy is led by Commodore Norrington and under his command the navy must uniformly work
together to aid in her rescue.
Recovering all the lost Aztec gold: It is a shared goal for Barbosas crew to recover all the lost
pieces of the cursed gold in order to lift the curse and regain humanity. The crew works together to
accomplish this goal by organizing raids and search parties to go through all the places they have traded
the cursed gold and recover all that was lost. The pirates all share the same wish to lift the curse, making
the act of recovering the gold a shared priority within the community.
Recovering the Black Pearl: It is shared goal within Will and Jacks crew to recover the Black
Pearl. The ship was once Jacks and he seeks the recovery of his possession; the ship is crucial to Will
because he learns that the ship can help him to free his father from his life of piracy. The crew knows the
glorious tales of the Black Pearl, and seek to make the ship their home. The Black Pearl is the fastest,
easiest to navigate ship that sails through the mid-Atlantic, making the recovery of the ship a shared goal
not only to Jack and Will, but also to the crew.
Domain: A set of common, related topics or ideas within a Figured World

Literacy Practice: A practice that relates ways to communicate
Literacy Practices:
Captain-Crew interaction: The captain-crew interaction is a very important way of
communicating for all pirate crews. The captain calls the crew to a meeting and gives orders and
instructions for the crew to follow. In the movie most meeting between the captain and the crew and
orders of combat, such as how and when to attack the opposing attackers. Barbosa conducts and captain-
crew meeting to discuss how the crew will blindside the Kings Navy and travel underwater to take over
their ship.
Letters from the Commodore to Lord Beckett: Commodore Norrington writes letters to
Lord Beckett while on the mission; the letters keep Lord Beckett informed and updated on the status of
the Navy to report back to the king. This is a way for both the King and Lord Beckett to communicate
orders for the Navy to Commodore Norrington. Commodore Norrington also provides Lord Beckett with
information he has learned throughout the voyage regarding the pirates plans, schemes, and anything else
he has found out that may be useful.
Ringing of the warning bell: When the Navy ship comes under attack while half of the men are
not onboard, a Navy sailor rings the bell to signal that they must return. The bell is used as an alarm, or a
way to communicate that there is an emergency. The ship fell under attack while there were very few
armed men aboard. The men who werent aboard then hear this call and immediately know to get back to
the ship.
Raising of a pistol: When one pirate raises a pistol at another pirate it is a sign of conflict or anger
between the two. Usually a pirate will raise his pistol at another as a warning not to continue to anger him
or he will shot the gun. This is a well-known system of communicating anger through the pirate

Domain: A set of common, related topics or ideas within a Figured World
Role of Captain: The role of pirate Captain is the domain for the community. The captain of a crew
takes the lead and dictates how the crew will react to certain situations and respond to his commands. The
members of the crew all form together to follow the lead of the captain. This means that all actions of the
community are based on the Captains orders.
Lifting of the curse: The curse that was put upon the pirates for their theft causes them to all
become immortal. It is a domain for the pirates to all band together and recover the gold in order to lift the
curse, this is the main focus of the pirate crew. The center of all the shared goals of the pirates is based on
ridding themselves of the curse. They must find the gold, find Bootstrap Bills only child, and return all
the lost pieces to the Dead Mans chest. All these goals of the community are centered around the main
focus of lifting the curse.

The Observation:

27 minutes: Commodore Norrington and Governor Swan are doing the nightly perimeter watch of the
Port Royal base; the men begin to discuss the Commodores proposal to the Governors daughter,
Elizabeth Swan. During their discussion there is an abrupt cannon fire, the fire is coming from the
legendary pirate ship, the Black Pearl. The ship docks and Barbosa and his Crew run toward the town
screaming and wielding their weapons in an attempt to terrorize the civilians. The crew begins to raid
the village, they search up and down each cobblestone street for the last piece of their cursed, Aztec gold
medallions. William Turner hears the attack through the rustic, old shop doors and bursts out into the
chaotic crowd. He is searching for his long-time love, Elizabeth. Anxious and terrified for her safety, Will
begins to throw old, colored beer bottles at the oncoming pirates as he makes his way through the crowd
to Elizabeths mansion. Before he can reach her the pirates invade her home, they run all through every
inch of the house searching for her. Elizabeth hides in the upstairs closet, her breathing is raspy and
heavy. She looks through the little crack in the doors to find the glass eye of a very grungy looking pirate
staring back at her, one of Barbosas right hand men, Mr. Regeti. He whispers, the gold calls to us and
Elizabeth immediately knows what they are after. The pirate slams open the closet doors and immediately
she cries out Parlay!
34 Minutes: The setting shifts over to the jail cell where Jack Sparrow is the only remaining prisoner.
Two pirates who are participating in the raid stop to interrogate Jack when they see that he has been left
behind in the cell. They cruelly joke about Jack being mutinied against by his own crew, and losing his
ship, The Black Pearl, to Barbosa. Jack sees the way the moonlight hits on of the pirates and makes a
comment about the curse being a real thing. The pirate responds, You know nothing of hell. Elizabeth
boards the Black Pearl on the rights of parlay and is taken to the captain. She immediately voices that
she has the medallion they are looking for and if the pirates will leave Port Royal and never return she
will give them the gold. Barbosa tries to trick Elizabeth into thinking that the gold is not what they seek,
Elizabeth pretends to drop the medallion in the water and all the pirates flinch at once. She gives a
victorious smirk and Barbosa asks for her name, she responds with Elizabeth Turner. All the pirates are
then led to believe that she is the daughter of Bootstrap Bill and that she can lift the curse. Bootstrap Bill
was a pirate aboard the Black Pearl when Jack was in the Captain position. He made a mistake in
judgment and failed to correctly tie a handling line, as a result the crew strapped a cannon to his
bootstraps and lit it. He sank to the bottom of the ocean and swore a curse on the gold the pirates were
setting out to find. Barbosa sets orders to sail off and Elizabeth becomes a captive. Barbosa grins evilly
and says, Welcome aboard the Black Pearl Mrs. Turner.
42 Minutes: William wakes up on the side of the street, the chaos has subsided and he has a large welt on
the back of his head. Once he realizes that he was knocked out for quite a while he rushes to find
Commodore Norrington and tells him that Elizabeth has been captured. In hopes to start a search party
Will asks what they plan to do first. When Commodore doesnt have a plan of action Will becomes very
heated and slams a knife down on the table screaming, thats not good enough! Commodore responds
with a harsh tone stating, Do not make the mistake of thinking that youre the only man here who cares
for Elizabeth. In desperation Will goes to Jacks cell and asks him to confess any information on the
pirates who took her. Specifically he asks where the pirates will make Port so that he can be there to
rescue her. Jack asks for Wills name and only after learning that his last name is Turner does Jack agree
to help him. Jack promises to take William to Barbosa as long as he frees him from the cell and helps him
reclaim the Black Pearl as his own.
48 Minutes: Will and Jack are planning a scheme to steal one of the Navys ships and escape from Port
Royal. They sneakily board the Dauntless and hijack the ship from under the Navys command. Once
aboard the Dauntless they wait for the Navys fastest ship, the Interceptor, to catch up to them. Once the
Navy boards the Dauntless Will and Jack swing across to the faster ship on cut lines. The Navy discovers
that Jack disabled the Rutter chain on the Dauntless, making the ship inoperable until fixed. This way the
Dauntless cant follow the Interceptors lead. Will cunningly revels that it was only after Jack learned his
name was Jack willing to help him. Jack begins to talk about how Williams blood can lift the curse,
making him useful leverage to Jack. He tells will how his father was Bootstrap Bill, a noble and legendary
pirate. Will gets heated over the idea of having pirate blood running through his veins. Will agrees to
follow Jack to Tortuga in order to assemble a crew so they can not only find Elizabeth, but also Barbosa
so Will can learn about his father. Upon arrival to Tortuga Jack makes a comment about the women in the
town. He says, If every town in the world were like this one, no man would ever feel unwanted. Right
after this comment he gets slapped across the face by two towns women he was seeing simultaneously.
This points out Jacks sneaky, lying manor.
54 Minutes: Jack wakes up Mr. Gibbs, a longtime friend, from a drunken sleep. He was passed out in a
pigs pin in the middle of a bar, in Tortuga. Jack pulls Gibbs aside into a secret meeting and tells him of
his plan to go after the Black Pearl and trade Will to Barbosa as a bargain. Because Will is of the same
Blood as Bootstrap Bill Barbosa will need him to reverse the curse on the Aztec gold. William over hears
this conversation and his trust for Jack is lost, at this moment Will begins to devise a counter plan for
Jacks. Jack and Gibbs recruit retired, drunken sailors from the bar in Tortuga to be members of their
61 Minutes: Elizabeth is dining with Captain Barbosa in his Captains quarters. He watches her eat in
jealousy that he cannot taste the wonderful tastes of food because of his curse. He starts asking her to try
different food and watches her reactions to them, missing when he used to be able to taste food. She
thinks that he is trying to poison her. Barbosa gets up from the table and explains the curse to Elizabeth.
He says that when they came across the treasure they took all the gold from the chest and began to trade
and sell the goods. Each time they traded a piece of gold for food or fine materials the crew began to lose
the ability to feel emotion, touch, taste, or smell anything. He explains to her that the curse has driven
them all mad; Elizabeth startled by this remark subtly reaches for her steak knife and hides it under her
napkin. Barbosa walks closer and she stabs him straight into the heart; Barbosa chuckles and pulls the
sword from his chest. As blood drips to the floor he steps back as if nothing happened. When Elizabeth
runs out into the moonlight she sees a crew of skeletons, and corpses with half rotten flesh hanging from
their limbs. She screams and Barbosa says, Look, the moonlight shows us for what we really are. We are
not among the living so we cannot die, but neither are we dead.

Observation Two
Pirate of the Caribbean: Dead Mans Chest

Background Information: The second film starts out on a rainy, dark day in Port Royal. Will
and Elizabeth are found at the beginning of the movie walking toward each other drenched in their
ceremonial wedding attire; the two plan to get married that afternoon. Elizabeth is wearing a breathtaking,
satin, egg-shell colored wedding gown. Will also looks very formal in a ruffled white dress shirt and a
grey-black fitted jacket that flows down to his knees. The rain falls and they share a blissful look as they
make their way to the Town Square. However, their wedding plans become interrupted when they are
forcefully captured and slammed to the ground of the Port Royal Town Square. The couple are arrested
and drug to their cells by their hair for aiding Jack Sparrow in acts of Piracy against the order of the
crown. This was to be their wedding day, but instead the two must escape the harsh sentence they are
charged with. They are charged to a court trial that will end in a hanging. This is where the purpose of the
story is introduced. The couple must find and capture Jack in order to free themselves and proceed with
their wedding. Lord Beckett makes a deal with both Elizabeth and Will to capture and gather objects in
Jacks possession in hopes that they will follow through on his needs, he used their death sentence to his
advantage by doing this. Lord Beckett wants Jacks compass and the Heart of Davey Jones for himself, to
gain power and a lead over the pirates. Meanwhile, Jack is off trying to find the heart of Davey Jones. He
is going to use the heart as leverage against Davey Jones the free him from his debt. He was charged to
100 years of service aboard the Flying Dutchman in exchange for 13 years of Captaincy aboard the Black
Pearl. The purpose of the heart is that should you stab it you receive eternal life aboard the Flying
Dutchman, sailing the seas for eternity.

Figured World: A relatively large social structure that contains certain normal behaviors
Figured World: The figured world in the movie is centered around the mid-Atlantic, ranging from
England to the Caribbean in the 1800s.

Actors: Someone who plays a role in a Figured World or in society
Davey Jones: Davey Jones plays the role of the antagonist in the movie, he forces men into servitude
aboard his ship. He plays the villain of the movie. Davey Jones was once a normal merchant sailor who
fell in love with a sea goddess. She charged him with the duty of ferrying souls to the afterlife for eternity,
then she left him. He became bitter and takes out his vengeance on other pirate crews throughout the
Atlantic. He captures men into servitude and treats them so evil that they themselves become just as bitter
as he is. He is able to rule the life and afterlife of others.
Bootstrap Bill: Bootstrap Bill is Williams father. He plays the role of Davey Jones messenger in
this movie. He comes to Jack and tells him about the curse Davey Jones will put on Jack should he not
follow through with his debt to 100 years of servitude. Bootstrap also sets out to find Will and be reunited
with his son; he plays a big role in the reason that Will is so interested in piracy.
Tia Dalma (Calypso): Tia Dalma is also known as Calypso, the sea goddess bound and trapped in
human form. She was Davey Jones one true love before he thought she had left him. She plays the role of
a helper to Jack and his crew. Jack visits Tia Dalma to beg for help against Davey Jones. Out of spite she
helps Jack to gain an advantage over Davey Jones and outsmart his rule.

Artifacts: Something that has physical or emotional significance to the actors or to the Figured World
Jacks Compass: Jacks compass becomes an artifact in the second movie. It is used as a symbol.
When the compass spins around in every direction, without giving Captain Jack a proper heading, it is
symbolizing that he doesnt know what he wants. The compass is a specially made compass that points in
the direction of whatever Jack wants to find. However, when the compass spins around in every direction
this is showing that Jack doesnt have his mind made up and he is torn between what he wants and the
consequences of what he wants.
The Heart of Davey Jones: This is a symbol of power in this movie. The recovery of the heart
means that whoever finds it not only has the ability to rid the sea of Davey Jones, but also has the gift of
eternal life aboard the Dutchman. The heart is what all the pirates and the Royal Navy are after in this
movie, it serves as a symbol of power to whoever finds it and uses it to their advantage.
Jar of Dirt: The jar of dirt that Tia Dalma gives to Jack symbolizes safety. A horrible beast is after
Jack that cannot touch or come up on land. Jack carrying around the jar of dirt is like taking land with him
wherever he goes so that he can be safe from the Kraken. As long as he holds the dirt he feels that he is
safe from harm.
Davey Jones Locket: Davey Jones is portrayed in the movie as a harsh character, with little
emotion or feeling. He carries a locket on his possession that plays a kind of lullaby. The lullaby
represents his soft side; Calypso gave him the locket when she told him that she loved him. He is still in
love with her and plays the song when he is alone. This shows that he still has feeling, although he is
supposedly a heartless wretch. The effects that the locket has on Davey Jones shows his love
connection to the sea goddess and that he once was an average man with feeling. This symbolizes that
events in ones life can have a large effect on the person they become; a terrible event in someones life
can cause them to become bitter and appear heartless.

Communities of Practice: Social groupings inside of a Figured World
Communities of Practice:
Davey Joness Crew: This is a new community of practice introduced in the second movie. Davey
Jones was a cursed man charged with the duty of ferrying souls to the afterlife for eternity. He is an evil
man, grown bitter out of hatred for his curse and the loss of his one true love. He forms a crew of men
who he has given their wildest fantasies in exchange for 100 years of loyalty to him aboard his ship. He
tricks men into servitude and they fall under the duty to do whatever he says. Davey Jones and his crew
are heartless and ruthless sailors who are after the destruction of the rest of the Pirate crews that sail
around the mid-Atlantic.

Practices of the communities: Social groupings that have more than just shared habits, but
shared similarities and goals and have shared ways of accomplishing certain tasks.
Practices of the Communities:
Capture the Heart of Davey Jones: Both the English Navy and Jacks Crew are after the heart
of Davey Jones. It is a shared goal among both communities to acquire the heart. The heart leads to power
and control over Davey Jones and the Flying Dutchman. Whoever stabs the heart will live for eternity and
rule over the less fortunate. Jack and Lord Beckett both order their men to search out the heart for their
own selfish benefit. It is a goal shared by both communities only because it is a goal of both leaders.
Recover Jacks Compass: Elizabeth and Will are both searching for Jacks compass for the
Royal Navy. It is a goal of the Navy to acquire the compass in order to gain a lead over the pirates who
are skilled at dealing with Davey Jones. Lord Beckett wants the compass in order to lead the Navy to
what they seek most, which is usually power and destruction of the pirate crews. This is a shared goal
among all the men of the Kings Navy. They want to find the compass to get an edge over their opponent.
Elizabeth and Will share this goal in order to free themselves for their sentence. They both face the
gallows and without the compass Lord Beckett will not excuse their punishment.
Settle Jacks Debt: Settling Jacks debt becomes a goal of his crew. Jacks crew want to free him
from his debt for their own safety. They dont want Davey Jones or the Kraken to follow them. The crew
helps Jack to find the Key and the Chest is hopes of ridding themselves from ever having to deal with
Davey Jones terrifying crew again. All pirates are scared of Davey Jones and Jacks plan to free himself
from his debt also includes getting rid of Davey Jones permanently. This makes freeing Jack from his
debt a shared goal of the pirate community.
Force all the Pirate Crews into Servitude: Davey Jones and his crew are bitter men. They
have all turned bitter from having the things they love torn away from them. Davey Jones wants to be the
only Pirate Lord left in on the seas. He forces men into servitude by fear. The legends that come along
with his name give him an advantage; most men hear the horrible things he does to force pirates into
servitude and they join his crew out of fear. His crew shares the same goals because they are bitter and
heartless as well, they want to be known as the last living pirate crew. The crew enjoys forcing pirates
into servitude because it makes them feel powerful, which is an uplifting feeling they dont get often. It is
a shared goal of Davey Jones and his crew to spread the evil around the Atlantic.

Literacy Practice: A practice that relates ways to communicate
Literacy Practices:
Looks shared between Will and Elizabeth: Will and Elizabeth share looks between each
other throughout the movie, the other always seems to know what they are thinking. The looks Elizabeth
gives Will in battle are looks to come and help her, Will always follows right after she gives him that
look. Will gives Elizabeth looks to hide or to be aware of a certain pirate that is about to engage her. She
takes haste and flees from the scene whenever she sees that look from Will. They also share looks of love.
The couple will look up at each other and smile at the end of every battle when the fighting has stopped,
telling each other that they love each other and happy the other is alive.
Drawing the Cannons into Battle Position: This is a way for Pirate Crews to signal to other
Pirate Crews that they want to attack and engage in war. Drawing the cannons means that there is about to
be an attack and is a warning to the opposing crew that danger is coming.

Domain: A set of common, related topics or ideas within a Figured World
Power Over the Sea: Power is the domain of this movie. The pirates and the Navy share this
common goal throughout this movie. All the pirate crews and Lord Becketts men want power over their
enemies and power over the biggest threat to sail the sea, Davey Jones. Stabbing the heart will give an
advantage to whatever crew gets to job done first. This crew or Navy will then have a power advantage
over everyone else that sails the seas. They will gain eternal life and the ability to rule the life and afterlife
of other crews.

The Observation:

9 Minutes: Lord Beckett calls for William to be released from his cell in order to bargain with him on the
price of his freedom. Lord Beckett wants Will to be East Indian Trading Companys agent in a business
agreement with Jack Sparrow. Will is hesitant about working with Jack seeing as he is partially the reason
for Wills capture. When referring to Lord Beckett comment on Will and Jack being friends Will replies,
We are more acquaintances then friends. Lord Beckett wants Will to go to Jack and recover his special
compass in exchange for a full pardon and a Job offer in Port Royal. Lord Beckett says, Jack Sparrow is
a dying breed, he should be smart to accept what I offer. He must find his place in the new world or
parish. In order for Elizabeth and Will to be freed the deal must be followed through. Now both Will and
Elizabeth are out looking for items that Lord Beckett wants, not knowing the other is on a similar quest.
Lord Beckett is using his power for his own benefit, using Will and Elizabeth as puppets to get what he
17 Minutes: Jack is down in the ships cellar looking for another old bottle of rum to satisfy his cravings.
A low, grouchy voice whispers, Times run out Jack, right away Jack identifies the voice. It is Williams
father, Bootstrap Bill; he has come to send Jack a gruesome message from his master, Davey Jones.
Jacks eyes get wide and he walks towards the dark corner where Bootstrap is lurking. Jack tells
Bootstrap that Will helped his retrieve the Black Pearl and has now joined the pirate side. Bootstrap looks
worried for his son, and wishes to go on a search for him to warn him about Davey Jones. Bootstrap looks
up at jack and says, He sent me; Davey Jones, and walks toward Jack. He continues by saying, He
made you a deal Jack. Thirteen years youve been Captain of the Black Pearl; the terms that apply to me
apply to you. One soul bound to crew 100 years aboard the ship in exchange for the years youve been
Captain. Jack asks when Davey Jones will be sending the Kraken out after him. Bootstrap replies by
telling Jack that time is up and the Kraken comes now. He leaves Jack with a handshake, leaving a
growing, black fungus on Jacks hand. The black spot will draw the Kraken to him.
26 Minutes: This scene begins in the Port Royal prison. Will has come to visit Elizabeth who is still
captured behind bars. There is so much emotion and love between the two; Will comes running toward
the cell and cups Elizabeths hands between his. He tells her of his meeting with Lord Beckett and how he
must go off and find Jack to retrieve the compass. Elizabeth looks worried and sheds a tear for Wills
safety. You can see that Will is in a hurry to leave and find what Beckett desires so that he can free his
beloved wife from her cell. Governor Swan stands with the couple and plots ideas to free Elizabeth prior
to Wills return. He wants to send Elizabeth off far away from Port Royal to escape her sentence and
make sure nothing like this happens to his daughter again. Once William leaves, Elizabeths face drops
and she yet again begins to cry. He whispers to her before running off, Keep a weathered eye on the
Horizon. Governor Swan leaves to distract the guard before returning to free his daughter. He comes
back in the dead of night and tells her that there is a car waiting outside the prison for her. She is hesitant
to leave Will; however, Governor Swan forces his hand and makes Elizabeth leave her cell. The car gets
ambushed by suspicious Navy guards. When they open the car door hoping to find Elizabeth sitting right
there, they are surprised to find that she fled faster than they could catch her.
35 Minutes: Jack is dressed in a tribal costume upon a thrown made of straw. The place where Jack and
his crew decided to Port was home to a carnivorous tribe that captures and plans to eat Jack and his crew
as a ritual. Jack is attempting to fit in with his given role of tribe leader; however, he is aware of the
tribes plans to eat him and he is terrified. William gets captured when he comes ashore looking for Jack.
The tribe takes him up to where Jack sits and Will explains that he needs Jacks help in order to free him
and Elizabeth from their walk of death to the gallows. Jack sends Will off to be with the crew in
captivity, whispering save me as they carry Will away. Back in Port Royal, Elizabeth finds her way to
Lord Becketts quarters. She intends to make an agreement with him as well. Elizabeth pulls a gun out on
Lord Beckett and he says, Im listening intently. She throws letters of mark at Lord Beckett and says,
These letters are signed by the king but they wont become legal until they bear your signature and your
stamp. These letters will ensure her freedom, along with Wills. Lord Beckett makes a deal with
Elizabeth in exchange for his signature; He says, There is more than one chest of value in these waters.
He is referring to the chest that contains the heart of Davey Jones. If Elizabeth brings him the chest he
will, in return, sign the letters. Back on the Island, Jacks crew hangs in a cage made of human bones over
a steep cliff. There is tribal music playing in the background and the tribe chants around Jack. Master
Gibbs says, When the drums stop Jacks life will end.
44 Minutes: The crew attempts to free themselves by climbing up the side of the cliff on thick vines. All
at once, the crew notices the drums have stopped playing and rush to the top of the cliff. The cage begins
to roll down the other side at full speed towards the tribe. When the cage breaks open the crew runs to the
ship, away from the tribe who is charging straight for them. Jack is left behind at the tribes village and
escapes from the ropes he was bound in. A few tribe members chase him out and he ends up escaping by
falling down a cliff. Once they all reach the ship they begin to make plans to set sail toward Tia Dalmas.
She is a friend of Jacks; a well-known sea goddess. Jack seeks her help to free him from the curse of the
black spot. Jack and Will begin to argue about the direction they are to sail in. Enraged about Jacks
unwillingness to help him William screams, Jack we must make sail to Port Royal at all haste, you have
the ticket to Elizabeths freedom! Jack says to Will, If you help me find the key to the Dead Mans
Chest I will give you the compass to free Elizabeth. Will agrees to follow Jacks lead and the crew
makes sail to the sea goddesss.
53 Minutes: William asks Jacks right hand man, Master Gibbs, about the Kraken. He wants to know
why Jack seems so afraid and wont go out over the open ocean. Gibbs says, The Kraken is a terrible sea
beast, which does the bidding of Davey Jones. It has giant tentacles that will suction your face clean off,
and it will drag any ship straight down to the depths of the ocean. With one attack the Kraken can take
down an entire crew and a ship. The crew reaches Tia Dalmas and she greets them by saying, what
service can I do you? Will asks about the key, the crew wants to know where the chest is that it leads to.
She asks Jack why the compass she gave him cant lead him there. She figures out that it is because Jack
does not know what he wants, he is torn between stabbing the heart and doing whats right by serving his
debt. Tia Dalma talks about the chest and the story of how Davey Jones carved out his heart and put it in
the chest making a curse fall over him. The curse says that the Captain of the Dutchman must be bound to
the ship for 10 years at a time, ferrying souls to the afterlife. In exchange the curse means that the Captain
will never die unless his heart is stabbed by another. Tia Dalma gives Jack a Jar of dirt. The jar of dirt
symbolizes land, the Kraken can never touch or come up on land. The crew leaves Tia Dalmas to set sail
toward the location of the chest.

Observation Three
Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End

Background Information: At the end of the previous movie Elizabeth leaves Jack to the Kraken.
His death leads Davey Jones off of the pirates trail and satisfies Jacks debt to Davey Jones. Will and
Elizabeth never end up marrying but are freed from the sentence of death they were charged with. When
At Worlds End begins we see Barbosa and Elizabeth in Singapore to visit Captain Sau Fang in hopes to
recover the Navigational Charts that will help free Jack from the locker. Sau Fang has captured Will and
wants to know why they were all after the charts. When he find out about the meeting of the Brethren
Court he understands why they must go and free Jack. He is one of the nine pirate lords that hold a piece
of 8 used to bind Calypso in her human form. The court intends to release her in hoped that she will spare
mercy on them in battle. Barbosa, Elizabeth, Will and Sau Fang all set out on a voyage to find Jack and
release him from captivity.

Figured World: A relatively large social structure that contains certain normal behaviors
Figured World: The figured world in the movie is centered around the mid-Atlantic, ranging from
England to the Caribbean in the 1800s.

Actors: Someone who plays a role in a Figured World or in society
Captain Sau Fang: Captain Sau Fang is introduced in this film. He is one of the nine pirate lords
that helped bind the sea goddess, Calypso, into human form. He plays an important role in this movie
because he has the navigational charts that will lead Barbosa, Will, and Elizabeth to Davey Jones locker
in order to find Jack. He travels along with them as an ally, until he makes a deal with Lord Beckett to
take control of the Black Pearl and capture Elizabeth.
James Norrington: Lord Beckett hires Commodore Norrington back into the Royal Navy to lead
his Army into battle. He plays the role of Lord Becketts executioner. His job is to kill the Pirates and lead
the attacks of the Royal Navy on the Pirate crews. He was Elizabeths previous fianc and shifts to help
the pirates toward the middle of the movie. He realizes that Beckett is only using him for his own selfish
intentions after learning that Beckett killed Elizabeths father. He helps Elizabeth escape from Beckett
and Davey Jones capture.
Calypso: Calypso is a legendary sea goddess. She is a symbol of power over the seas. It is because of
her rule over the seas that men are either successful or not in their voyages. Calypso was a mediator for
the seas, almost like a rule enforcer. She would protect the sea and creatures who were being harmed
under no reasoning. The pirates wanted to bind her so that they could decide their own rules and control
the seas. Calypso is a symbol of order and hierarchy that the pirates feared and resented.

Artifacts: Something that has physical or emotional significance to the actors or to the Figured World
Navigational Charts: The navigational charts are the charts the help the pirates to find the routes
to all places throughout the mid-Atlantic. What is special about the charts is that they lead to all places
possible, both among the living and dead. The charts are almost magical, they tell ancient legends of how
to cross over from the afterlife back into the land of the living. In the movie the charts are a symbol of
freedom for Jack. Without the charts Jack would never escape Davey Joness locker and the Pirate lords
wouldnt be able to cross over from the living to the dead and back.
Jacks Dream World: Jacks dream land while In Davey Joness locker is a symbol of solitude.
His dreams are very representative of his fears of being alone and left in the locker to rot for eternity. He
dreams of a crew made entirely of different forms of himself. No one else is with him in the locker, the
background is all white and there is no sign of anything outside of the one area he is standing. This
symbolizes that the locker was intended for Jack to feel helpless and in solitary confinement. Jack dreams
about being captain of a ship that is only crewed by himself and he begins to go mad.
Nine Pieces of 8: The nine pieces of 8 are the objects that were burned to capture Calypso and bind
her to a human form. The nine pirate lords each hold a piece of the 8. During the first Brethren Court all
the pirate lords put a curse on the pieces of 8, saying that if they were all burned together again they
would have the power to release Calypso from her human form. The purpose of the pirates capturing
Calypso was to gain control of the seas and make the rules of the seas for themselves. The nine pieces of
8 symbolize freedom to the pirates, a reminder that they captured the sea goddess and can now make rules
for themselves.

Communities of Practice: Social groupings inside of a Figured World
Communities of Practice:
Pirate Lords and their Crews: In this movie many pirate crews are introduced that join
together to face Lord Beckett and Davey Jones. The pirate crews are all allies of Barbosa, Will and Jack.
They all share the common goal of defeating their enemies. The pirate Lords all present their crews to
engage in battle and release Calypso back into goddess form in hopes that she will give them an
advantage over Beckett and Davey Jones.
Elizabeths Crew: Elizabeth becomes captain of Sau Fangs crew after he dies. She takes over the
crew and becomes King of Brethren Court. Whatever her crew decides will be the lead that the rest of the
pirate crews have to follow throughout the whole battle. It is Elizabeths crews bravery that keeps the
Pirate Lords from fleeing when they see the size of their enemies army.
Practices of the communities: Social groupings that have more than just shared habits, but
shared similarities and goals and have shared ways of accomplishing certain tasks.
Practices of the Communities:
Defeat Davey Jones and Lord Beckett: It is a goal of the Pirate Crews to defeat Lord Beckett
and Davey Jones in order to be rid of their enemies. The sea has been run by Davey Jones for too long
and the pirate lords want to come together to defeat their common enemy. Lord Beckett has been
capturing and hanging pirates in Port Royal which is why the pirate lords come together in an attempt for
revenge on those who have fallen to his Neuse.
Free Jack from Davey Jones Locker: The Pirate Lords and Barbosa and Wills crew must
free Jack from the locker because he is one of the nine pirate lords who can help free the sea goddess.
Without freeing him from the locker all the pirate lords cannot meet and burn their pieces of 8 to
hopefully gain an advantage over Davey Jones and Lord Beckett. Will need to free Jack in order to get the
Black Pearl from him, Davey Jones will free Wills father in exchange for Jacks legendary ship.
Elizabeth wants to free Jack to free herself from her extreme guilt that she has built up, because in the
previous movie she left Jack to die by being fed to the Kraken.
Release Calypso: Releasing Calypso was a common goal of all the pirate lords. They all wanted to
release her in hopes that she would be merciful on them and give them an advantage over Beckett and
Davey Jones. Releasing Calypso was the pirates last hope in gaining an advantage for battle. Every pirate
knew that the numbers of the Navy would greatly out number their own crews.
Gain Control over the Pirates: It was the goal of Davey Joness crew and the Royal Navy to
gain control over the pirates. Davey Jones wanted to be ruler of the seas forever and be the last known
pirate Captain to sail the seas. Lord Beckett and the Navy want to rid the pirates from Port Royal and gain
control of the sea for their own uses, without having to worry about pirate attacks. Both crews band
together in this movie to attempt to finally defeat the pirate crews.

Literacy Practice: A practice that relates ways to communicate
Literacy Practices:
Meeting of the Pirate Lords: The meeting of the pirates is a way for all the pirate lords to
communicate and discuss their plan of attack on their enemies. They call this secret meeting the Brethren
Court. The court meets every so often when a common enemies or threat to all the pirates has become a
problem. The Brethren Court is a way for the pirates to communicate in secrecy without being out on the
open waters, they meet in a fort built to keep their enemies out.
Guarding the Chest: Lord Beckett keeps guard on the heart of Davey Jones at all times, this
represents the ability for him to stay in control over Davey Jones and his crew. By having his guard stand
watch over the chest, he is subtly telling Davey Jones that he is in charge and he has the power over the
command of the Flying Dutchman for the time being.
Harsh Storms: Calypso communicates to the pirate lords her extreme anger when she is release
back into her natural form. She creates colossal storms with extreme winds, hurricanes, whirl pools, and
tornados to show the pirate lords that she will not be on their side during the battle between them and their
enemies. She wants to give both sides a disadvantage because she is also angry with Davey Jones. He
helped imprison her in human form when he felt betrayed. This act in return was revenge for helping the
pirates capture and bind her.

Domain: A set of common, related topics or ideas within a Figured World
Defeating of Common Enemies: The defeating of enemies was the domain for this movie. Both
Davey Joness and Becketts crew and the Pirate Crews wanted to defeat their enemies on the other side
in a common goal of power and freedom. The pirates wanted to defeat Davey Jones and Beckett to make
the seas free for themselves to roam without rule and continue to go on ruling their own lives. Beckett and
Davey Jones want power over the sea, and eventually become enemies to each other because they share
the same goal of defeating whoever comes in their way of rule. Beckett wants the sea to come under the
rule of Port Royal to gain power and the ability for the Navy to use the seas as they wish without worry of
attack. Davey Jones wants to rule the seas for fame and power, he is looking to become ruler of the seas
for eternity.

The Observation:
20 Minutes: The pirates set sail from Singapore to begin their voyage to Davey Jones locker. Calypso
talks to Elizabeth about the evil on the waters referring to Davey Jones. She says, Even the most stingy
and blood thirsty pirates have come to fear him. The scene switches over to Lord Becketts quarters in
Port Royal where Lord Becketts spy is telling him what he saw happening between the pirates in
Singapore. He tells Beckett about the treaty between Will and Captain Sau Fang and the idea of the nine
pieces of 8. Lord Beckett wants more answers to the location of the Brethren Court, he sends James
Norrington out on the mission to seek out the Pirate Lords. Back on the sea, the voyage to the locker goes
through the freezing tundra. Calypso talks to the pirates about the meaning of Davey Jones locker and
why she cannot just bring him back from the dead without going to retrieve him. Calypso says, Davey
Jones locker is a place of torture, it is a place not of the living and not of the dead. It is the worst fait a
person can bring upon themselves. A place where you are doomed to a lifetime of solitude forever. Will
attempts to read the charts and notices the hidden meanings within them, he reads a message saying,
Over the edge, over again. Sunrise sets, flash of green. Captain Barbosa interprets the meaning of the
green flash to Will. It is a signal of when a soul comes back into the land of the living from the dead.
Barbosa says, Its not getting to the land of the living thats a problem, its getting back.
27 Minutes: Lord Beckett boards the Flying Dutchman and brings the chest along with him. The chest
contains Davey Jones beating heart, making it leverage for Lord Beckett to take command of the ship.
Davey Jones is forced to step aside and let Beckett rule his ship, causing a buildup of anger and
embarrassment inside of Davey Jones. Lord Beckett makes a witty statement meant to show Jones that he
is the one in control now. Beckett says, This is no longer your world Jones, the immaterial has become
immaterial. Jones makes a face of disgust and storms off. A row of guards line up beside the chest
guarding its every angle. Back out at sea, Will and Elizabeth discuss the issues in their relationship.
Elizabeth has built up guilt for leaving Jack to die, Will takes her guilt in a different way. He thinks that
she is in love with Jack and thats why she is acting distant from him. The ship approaches the edge of
the world, a giant waterfall that leads to imminent death. This drop is the only way to find Davey Jones
locker. Despite Wills attempt to stop the boat from going over the falls they all go over and awake in the
land of the dead at Davey Jones Locker.
39 Minutes: Jack comes riding down to the shore of Davey Jones locker on a wave of crabs sent by the
sea goddess, Calypso. The crew runs over to greet him and he still believes that he is imagining their
appearance because in the locker nothing can be considered real. Jack acts like they are all a
hallucination. When he is awaken from his trance he realizes that they all have come to rescue him
because they need him to help free Calypso and take part in the meeting of the pirate lords. He lets it be
known to all the pirates how he got to the locker in the first place, spoiling Elizabeths secret that she
killed him. Jack sends orders to set sail back toward the land of the living. Barbosa and Jack fight about
the role of Captain aboard the ship. They talk over each other and gives orders to the crew
simultaneously. Finally Barbosa says, What are you doing? The captain of the ship gives the orders.
Jack responds by saying, This is my ship that makes me Captain. Barbosa says, These be my charts
that makes me Captain. This goes on until eventually they are faced with a new challenge. None of the
pirates can seem to figure out how to read the charts properly in order to get them back to the land of the
living before sunrise.
48 Minutes: Jack sits by the charts trying to figure out the meaning to the messages written on them. The
rest of the pirates are in a state of panic, they fear that if no one figures out how to read the charts soon
they will be doomed to roam the reach between worlds for eternity. Something catches Jacks eye about
the way the boat in the picture on the charts looks, he flips the photo upside down and realizes that the
boat isnt floating on top of the water but is tipped upside down underneath the water. Jack jumps up in a
panic, tricking the crew into thinking that there is something coming up to the left side of the boat. Then
he runs to the right side of the boat making the same panicked expression. Once the crew catches on the
fact that Jack is trying to rock the ship they all join in and Barbosa says, Eye hes on to it. Barbosa
gives orders to let the cargo shift making it easier for the ship to be able to tip. The cannons and the cargo
shift back and forth violently and the ship begins to tip more rigorously. Eventually the boat tips just in
the nick of time. The boat is sucked up into an underwater whirl pool and they return on the surface, back
in the land of the living. At once all the pirates pull guns on each other and discuss their next move at
gunpoint. Jack doesnt want to join the meeting of the pirates, Barbosa needs Jack to join the pirates
because he is one of the pirate lords who bound Calypso, and Will needs Jack to give him his ship in
order to free his father.
60 Minutes: When Jack and Barbosa return from their trip ashore to retrieve more supplies, they find
Will has become a traitor and has made a deal with Captain Sau Fang in exchange for the Black Pearl.
When Jack and Barbosa come back up on the ship they find that Sau Fangs crew has attempted to take
over their ship. Sau Fang will give Will the Pearl in exchange for Elizabeths capture. Will fights with
Sau Fang until Elizabeth agrees to fall under his capture. Jack is summoned by Lord Beckett into a
meeting. He wants jack to give him the location of the Brethren Court in exchange for the pardoning of
his 100 years of service to Davey Jones. Jack tells Lord Beckett that he will set up a bread crumb trail
for him to follow to the meeting of the court. Beckett and his Navy grow stronger, capturing the Black
Pearl and the Flying Dutchman. In desperation Sau Fang takes Elizabeth thinking that she is the sea
goddess with the intent to woo her into having mercy on him. Elizabeth is taken to Captain Sau Fangs
quarters where she pretends to be the sea goddess in order to get information about Calypso. She learns
all about the capturing of Calypso and why the court imprisoned her in the first place. Sau Fang
desperately tries to get on her good side by dressing her in his finest robes and romantically wooing her.
Suddenly he is hit by a flying piece of ply wood in a violent explosion. While he lays dying he gives
Elizabeth his piece of 8 and whispers to her, Take this to the meeting of the Brethren and you will finally
be free Calypso. You are Captain now. Elizabeth then takes over Sau Fangs ship as the role of Captain.

Interviewed: Marisa Hull (Fan of the movie series)
Interviewed by: Jessica Mudd

Question 1: How does the time period in which the Pirate of the Caribbean movies were set effect the
normal behaviors and interactions of the characters?
Answer 1: I think that the time period the movies were set in effects the way the characters react to
situations in the film. Because the movie was set around the 1800s in the mid-Atlantic the characters act
a different way than we would find acceptable today. Like when Lord Beckett sentences people to be
hung when theyve committed a crime. That would be something that isnt a practice anymore today,
there are still death sentences but not by hanging in front of large crowds of people.
Question 2: Give an example of a scene in one of the first three movies that is significant to the purpose
of the film, and describe its importance.
Answer 2: A scene that is significant to the purpose of the second movie is when Davey Jones sends
Bootstrap to give Jack the Black Spot. This is significant because the black spot means that Jacks time
has run out and now the kraken is being released to come after Jack to bring him back to serve under
Davey Jones. This scene sets up the purpose for the rest of the movie. Jack and his crew run from the
Kraken and Davey Jones for the rest of the movie from this point forward. Every action made in the
movie after this point is to save themselves from the terrible fate. Like when they went to visit Tia Dalma
and trying to find the Key to the Chest to Kill Davey Jones. These are all done in attempt to stop him
from coming after them.
Question 3: Explain the way the different social groups in the films are connected. How do they
communicate with one another? Do certain social groups have conflicts with others? Are some social
groups allies?
Answer 3: The social groups in the films are connected because they all live in the same area, around the
same time period, and share the same waters to use as means of transportation. The social groups all have
to interact with one another in some way because they are all exposed to each other on the seas. The
pirates travel across the mid-Atlantic to pillage and plunder, the Navy travel across the mid-Atlantic to
trade and travel to new areas, and the evil creatures that lurk in the mid-Atlantic dwell in the waters at all
times. At some point all the character groups are bound to be exposed to one another. The Navy and the
pirates have conflict with one another and so do the Evil Creatures and the Pirates. The Navy and Davey
Jones groups become allies in the last movie and so do all the different pirate groups.
Question 4: Tell me about a scene in one of the first three films that shows a character, or characters
behaving in a way that is normal for the time period but not for ours. What is different about the
behaviors that are considered normal? How do the characters portray these behaviors?
Answer 4: When the pirates come back from Davey Jones locker in the last movie, they all instantly
begin to point their guns at each other to get the point across that they mean business. Instead of just
discussing each others desires they point guns at each other and force fear to make each other listen. This
is an example of a behavior that would ne be acceptable to do in todays society. If someone pulled a gun
on someone else every time they wanted them to listen everyone would be pulling guns out. This would
get someone arrested today. The characters think that it is perfectly normal to just pull a gun out and start
shooting at each other every time there is conflict of interest between them. They portray these behaviors
as no big deal to them because of the time period and what they are used to.
Question 5: Reflect on the way the three films are connected. Are there similarities and differences
between the plots and character interactions? If so what are they?
Answer 5: The three films are connected because they all use the same characters and they always have
similar roles in their society. The plots of the movie are also similar because the pirates are always trying
to free themselves from evil curses or evil creatures that roam the seas. The Navy is always trying to rid
the seas of the pirates and gain control of the mid-Atlantic. The goals of the characters seem to be similar
in every film. An evil group is always out to destroy the pirate crews, and the Navy is always out to rid
the seas of the pirates and move to a position of higher power. The differences in the plots is that for each
film there is a new task at hand. In the first film it was the return all the cursed gold, in the second film it
was to find the Dead Mans Chest, and in the last film it was to defeat Lord Beckett and Davey Jones.

Interview #2:
Interviewed: Kimberly Finnell (Roommate; fan of the movie series)
Interviewed By: Jessica Mudd

Question 1: How does the time period in which the Pirate of the Caribbean movies were set effect the
normal behaviors and interactions of the characters?
Answer 1: The time period the movies were set in helps the viewer to understand what the world was like
when the movie took place. The way the actors behaved had a lot to do with the time period they lived in,
girls today dont dress in bonnets and big puffy dresses. Piracy was very big in this time period, which is
very significant to the way the role of many of the pirate characters. Because pirates were invading towns
it was normal for the Navy to go hunt and hang the pirates. Hanging was acceptable in this time period,
where it isnt normal to just hang someone for any crime today.

Question 2: Give an example of a scene in one of the first three movies that is significant to the purpose
of the film, and describe its importance.
Answer 2: When Davey Jones ship goes down in the last movie after the pirate battle, Lord Becketts
ship moves into position to be the next victim. However, when Lord Beckett realizes that he has no plan
or no lead to defeat the pirates he surrenders by letting his ship get blown up without any counter attack.
He dies and goes down with his ship as a way of surrendering to the pirates and accepting defeat. This is
significant because this shows that the pirates won the battle between both of their longtime enemies, that
is one of the major purposes of the whole movie was that scene right there. The pirates had been waiting
to defeat Davey Jones and Lord Beckett since the first film. That is significant to the purpose of the film.

Question 3: Explain the way the different social groups in the films are connected. How do they
communicate with one another? Do certain social groups have conflicts with others? Are some social
groups allies?
Answer 3: The social groups in the movies were connected because each group had an ally group and an
enemy group. Meaning that the groups all because connected through either joining up with one another
or fighting against one another. Both these examples of ways that the social groups became connected.
For example, Davey Jones crew and Lord Becketts Navy became allies in the third movie and were
connected to the Pirates crew because they were the common enemy between both Jones and Beckett.
All of those social groups were completely different with different practices but became connected
through similarities and differences.

Question 4: Tell me about a scene in one of the first three films that shows a character, or characters
behaving in a way that is normal for the time period but not for ours. What is different about the
behaviors that are considered normal? How do the characters portray these behaviors?
Answer 4: When William Turner is aboard the Flying Dutchman as Davey Jones captive he is forced to
do the same work that the crew must do. He drops a cannon onto the deck on accident and angers the
Captain. He is punished with a set of 5 whips to the back, so hard that they will clean flesh from the bone.
This is not a normal way that someone would be punished for an action like that today. If someone were
to be whipped that bad today there would be charges for abuse or cruel punishment and the person who
did the whipping would most likely be arrested for a long time.
Question 5: Reflect on the way the three films are connected. Are there similarities and differences
between the plots and character interactions? If so what are they?
Answer 5: The three films are in a series form. All of the films seem to end right where the next one
picks up, like an ongoing story. I really like that about these movies, the characters change roles
occasionally but never really change personalities or purposes in any of the films. I really like that
consistency, it helped me to form relationships with the characters while I was watching the movies and
get more involved in the films. The plots all seem to be the same or similar in every movie, the pirates are
always against either Davey Jones or the Royal Navy. There is always a social group that plays the
antagonists, there is also always a social group that plays the hero. The movies are all also similar because
Elizabeth and Will remain love interests throughout all three films. The films are connected like their
ongoing love story and it is easy to identify that in every film.

Actor Interview:
Johnny Depp Interview on the Character of Jack Sparrow
Title of the Video: Pirates Of the Caribbean: Johnny Depp, Jack Sparrow
Exclusive Interview Part 1 of 2

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