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Jos Jaime Botello Valle

Education, my cause (other writers, other causes: a synthesis).
My personal cause, in my life since my seconday school years it has intended
to be the Humanistic approach in Education, which Ill describe as a profound
encounter of oneself with oneself where joy and satisfaction of being a
unique bunch of editions of whole humanity, unlike any other with a rich
personal history of experiences and emotions appears and shapes to my
impression the most wonderful experiential melody. Under this conception
the person-student is a being open to the universe, as big as this one,
immense, immeasurable, where everything is taking place, everything is on
going, everything is coming up.
All happens, the learning experience is a continual surprise and a challenge
to the infinity to leave the familiar path and explore the new, the different,
like the fantasy and creativity. It is a path that is formed and constructed, it
is done, there is any end, or a purpose, and if there would be any, is the full
realization of the individual, in all its human splendour, he is the same
process, and by the time being when he wishes to write it becomes an old
day, like a pleasant or nice memory. The student is happy to go ahead,
making new ways where nothing exists. He suffers with some limitations, and
is pained by the misunderstanding of him because of none sees more than
just the eyelet of the needle.
He hurries up to be transparent to himself and to others in a quest for the
authentic and sublime Self, which surpasses the word, remaining into the
inexplicable, in touch with the other's voice, which also vibrates with the
message what is transmitted. It's proximity, closeness, warmth, while the
other opens into his delicate humanity. It is respect for difference or
disagreement, total acceptance of the other in what hes or tries to be. It is
shared joy or sadness in advancing together, revealing mysteries, knowledge,
feelings and discover that the other also exists and needs the company of a
friend. Its somehow a smile, discreet sight, is to give and receive. Fraternal
embrace in the solitude of existence.
When this kind of student makes a journey into his Self, begins to be aware
of his internal or external reality, hes aware, sees, analyzes and carefully set
his mind to give rise to consciousness. This is the right time to accomplish all
the goals that he proposes himself. Education is the only way that anybody
can prepare their own future, as well as Ron Reydi says in his writings
Education as a force to drive society forward and the Hermans article
Let's fly away, there is no other way for any group or society to progress.
Education helps to raise awareness, distinguishing between darkness and
brightness, that is to say, it helps us to do balanced opinions of our social
environment, indeed invites and compels us to change all that with which we
disagree or that is contributing to more social injustice in the world, more
poor people, more illiterateracy and wars. By the time a student achieves
deeper levels of self-knowledge converting himself as a real swordsman of
the noblest social causes, that is the type of student is desirable in any
country, criticizing it, fighting weighted reforms. An Awake student is a
priceless jewel, because anywhere he goes, he will carry his baggage of
having transcended the superficial and getting to the true essence of things;
he will not be deceived by targets that do not correspond to the common
welfare, peace and solidarity with all regions of the earth. He is a being who
continuously and tirelessly announces real democracy, not political louts,
liars, deceiving his people with unfair or gruesome wars to undermine the
property of a nation, such as oil, copper, aluminum, iron, natural gas, leaving
only waste and the merciless exploitation and pollution of all great place to
Yes, there is no doubt, certainly it is needed to be done a social and
educational surgery to remove tumors that prevent the reconciliation of the
world into a harmonious whole. It is through Education that the great
successes at battles, such as that achieved Aja in her life when she recounts
his experience in her article: I was that girl who Dreamt of being a famous
novelist ... Instead ... fighting his disease and went out victorious as shown
there. It is to that challenge that I mean governments have to put in schools,
in the minds of all students: fight to achieve big dreams, plans, ideals,
however, what I see now is that more and more students are unmotivated,
unwilling to read, to learn, to create, to delude as Ron with the purchase of
his airplane and his massive plan to become a pilot. What would be
impassable barrier to any student who is tenacious, tireless seeker of
intellectual, academic treasures and new inventions? Who is going to
stablish those educational reforms to have a better world? The families or
the government? Guess who?