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BBA 101: Principles of Management

Unit I
Introduction: Concept, nature, process and significance of management;
Managerial levels, skills, functions and roles; Management Vs.
Administration; Coordination as essence of management; Development of
management thought: classical, neo-classical, behavioral, sstems and
contingenc approaches. !nit "" lectures:- #$
Planning: %ature, scope and ob&ectives of planning; 'pes of plans;
(lanning process; )usiness forecasting; M)*; Concept, tpes, process and
techni+ues of decision-making; )ounded ,ationalit. *rganising: Concept,
nature, process and significance; (rinciples of an organi-ation; .pan of
Control; Departmentation; 'pes of an organi-ation; Authorit-
,esponsibilit; Delegation and Decentrali-ation; /ormal and "nformal
Unit III
Staffing: Concept, %ature and "mportance of .taffing. Motivating and
0eading: %ature and "mportance of motivation; 'pes of motivation;
'heories of motivation-Maslo1, 2er-berg, 3, 4 and 5; 0eadership 6
meaning and importance; 'raits of a leader; 0eadership .tles 6 0ikert7s
.stems of Management, 'annenbaum 8 .chmidt Model and Managerial
9rid. !nit "V lectures:-:
Controlling: %ature and .cope of control; 'pes of Control; Control
process; Control techni+ues 6 traditional and modern; ;ffective Control
.stem. 'e<t )ooks #. .toner, /reeman and 9ilbert =r.; Management,
(rentice 2all of "ndia, %e1 Delhi, >??@. >. 9upta, C.).; Management
Concepts and (ractices, .ultan Chand and .ons, %e1 Delhi, >??@.
BBA 103: Business EconomicsI
Unit I "ntroduction to )usiness ;conomics and /undamental concepts
%ature, .cope, Definitions of )usiness ;conomics, Difference )et1een
)usiness ;conomic and ;conomics, Contribution and Application of
)usiness ;conomics to )usiness. Micro Vs. Macro ;conomics. *pportunit
Costs, 'ime Value of Mone, Marginalism, "ncrementalism, Market forces
and ;+uilibrium, ,isk, ,eturn and (rofits. !nit "" Consumer )ehaviour and
Demand Analsis
Cardinal Utilit! Approac": Diminishing Marginal !tilit, 0a1 of ;+ui-
Marginal !tilit. *rdinal !tilit Approach: "ndifference Curves, Marginal
,ate of .ubstitution, )udget 0ine and Consumer ;+uilibrium. 'heor of
Demand, 0a1 of Demand, Movement along Vs. .hift in Demand Curve,
Concept of Measurement of ;lasticit of Demand, /actors Affecting
;lasticit of Demand, "ncome ;lasticit of Demand, Cross ;lasticit of
Demand, Advertising ;lasticit of Demand and ;<pectation ;lasticit of
Demand. Demand /orecasting: %eed, *b&ectives and Methods A)riefB !nit
""" 'heor of (roduction
Meaning and Concept of Production# /actors of (roduction and
production function. /i<ed and Variable /actors. 0a1 of Variable (roportion
A.hort ,un (roduction AnalsisB, 0a1 of ,eturns to a .cale A0ong ,un
(roduction AnalsisB through the use of ".*C!A%'.. !nit "V Cost
Analsis 8 (rice *utput Decisions
Concept of Cost, Cost /unction, .hort ,un Cost, 0ong ,un Cost,
;conomies and Diseconomies of .cale. ;<plicit Cost and "mplicit Cost,
(rivate and .ocial Cost. (ricing !nder (erfect Competition, (ricing !nder
Monopol, Control of Monopol, (rice Discrimination, (ricing !nder
Monopolistic Competition, (ricing !nder *ligopol.
BBA10$ Business Mat"ematics
Unit I
(rinciple of Counting:(ermutations and Combination concept of factorial ,
(rinciple of Counting , (ermutation 1ith restriction Circular (ermutation
and Combination 1ith restriction. Mathematics "nduction: (rinciple,
.e+uences 8 .eries -A.(.8 9.(.
Unit II
Matri% Alge&ra: 'he inverse of a matri<. (roperties of the inverse .olution
to a sstem of e+uations b: AiB 'he ad&oint matri< methods. AiiB 'he
9aussian ;limination mentor, ,ank of a matri<, ,ank of a sstem of
e+uations. 'he ;chelon matri<. Vectors: 'pes *ptimi-ation
vectorAdditions, suggestions 8 multiplication, .caler (roduct, Vector
(roduct. 0inear dependence of vectors, Application of matrices to business
problems input output analsis, (reparation of Depreciation 0apse .chedule,
Variance Analsis, "nventor /lo1 Analsis, and "nventor /lo1 Analsis.
Unit III
'ifferential Calculus : *ptimi-ation using calculus, (oint of infle<ion
absolute and local-ma<ima and minima, *ptimi-ation in case of multi
variate function.0agrangian multipliers, Derivative as a rate measure
,Applications in )usiness
Unit I(
."ntegral Calculus 8 Differential ;+uations:)usiness application,
Consumer7s (roducer7s surplus, 0earning Curve. Differential ;+uations 6
variable, separable and 2omogeneous tpe- )usiness applications.
BBA 10): Computer *undamentals
Unit I
)asics of Computer and it7s evolution ;volution of computer, Data,
"nstruction and "nformation, Characteristics of computers, Various fields of
application of computers, Various fields of computer A2ard1are, .oft1are,
2uman 1are and /irm1areB, Advantages and 0imitations of computer,
)lock diagram of computer, /unction of different units of computer,
Classification of computers iB *n the basis of technolog ADigital, Analog
and 2bridB iiB *n the basis of processing speed and storage capacit
AMicro, Mini, mainframe and .uperB,iii. *n the basis of (urposeA9eneral 8
.pecialB Different 9eneration of computers A" to VB, 'pes of soft1are
A.stem and ApplicationB, Compiler and "nterpreter, 9eneration of language
AMachine 0evel, Assembl, 2igh 0evel, $90B Data ,epresentation:
Different %umber .stem ADecimal, )inar, *ctal and he<adecimalB and
their inter conversion A/i<ed (oint *nlB, )inar Arithmetic AAddition,
.ubtraction, Multiplication and DivisionB
Unit II
Input and +utput 'e,ices:
Deboard, Mouse, =ostick, Digiti-er, .canner, M"C,, *C,, *M,, 0ight
(en, 'ouch .creen, )ar Code ,eader, Voice "nput Device, Monitor and it7s
tpe AV9A, .V9A and 39AB, (rinter and it7s tpe A"mpact and %on-"mpact
1ith e<ampleB, (lotter Computer Memor: (rimar Memor A,*M and it7s
tpe 6 (,*M, ;(,*M,;;(,*M, ,AMB .econdar memor- .A.D,
DA.D Concept, Magnetic Disks 6 /lopp disks, 2ard disks, Magnetic 'ape,
*ptical disks 6 CD ,*M and it7s tpe ACD ,*M, CD ,*M-,, CD ,*M-
;*, DVD ,*M /lash Memor
Unit III
+perating S!stem Concept:
"ntroduction to operating sstem; /unction of *., 'pes of operating
sstems, )ooting (rocedure, .tart-up se+uence, Details of basic sstem
configuration, "mportant terms like Director, /ile, Volume, 0abel, Drive
name, etc.
"ntroduction to 9!" using Eindo1s *perating .stem: All Director
Manipulation: Creating director, .ub director, ,enaming, Coping and
Deleting the director /ile Manipulation: Creating a file, deleting, coping,
,enaming a file
Unit I(
Concept of 'ata Communication and -et.or/ing:
%et1orking Concepts, 'pes of net1orking A0A%,MA% A%D EA%B,
Communication Media, Mode of 'ransmission A.imple<, 2alf Duple<, /ull
Duple<B, Analog and Digital 'ransmission. .nchronous and Asnchronous
'ransmission, Different 'opologies "ntroduction to 1ord processor and
.pread .heets