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Windows restarts without warning

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Naveed Farooq
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Possible Causes

o!tware issue or error.

"ardware issue or error.

"eat related issue.

Computer #irus.

$ssue wit% operating system.

&ry to run 'a!e Mode(
$! t%e )omputer is rebooting in a!e Mode t%e issue is
likely not so!tware related but somet%ing else.

For Windows XP users
*indows +P is designed to automati)ally reboot ea)% time an
error o))urs users w%o %a#e a re,o))urring error may wis% to
identi!y t%e error to troubles%oot it. -elow are t%e steps on
%ow t%is !eature )an be disabled and enabled in *indows +P.
Right click on my computer

Cli)k 'Ad#an)ed(
Cli)k 'ettings(

$n t%e tartup and .e)o#ery window
un)%e)k t%e Automati)ally restart )%e)k
Cli)k 'ok(
Now i! t%e )omputer generates and error it
s%ould not automati)ally restart and enable
you to display any errors your )omputer
may be e/perien)ing.

Hardware issue or error
Any !ailing %ardware )omponent in your )omputer )ould )ause
your )omputer to une/pe)tedly generate an error or reboot
wit%out warning. $! you %a#e re)ently attempted to add a new
%ardware de#i)e0 remo#e t%at de#i)e to make sure it is not
)ausing your issues.

&%e best way to determine t%is is to dis)onne)t and
re)onne)t all )ables and e/pansion )ards.
Make sure all t%e )ables and e/pansion )ards are
)onne)ted properly to t%e )omputer.
&%e best way to determine t%is is to dis)onne)t and
re)onne)t all )ables and e/pansion )ards.

Viewing Device anager !or errors
Make sure you are not en)ountering any %ardware
)on!li)ts by #iewing 1e#i)e Manager !or errors.

$! )omputer start wit% a beep sound
&%is mig%t be due to t%e 2-eep3 A sound like 'toon( 'toon(4
Possible !ailure o! .AM.
.AM is mismat)%ed.
.AM is not installed properly.
.AM pin %a#e some dust on it.
.AM pins may be damaged or burn.
.AM is loose in t%e slot.

Cleaning pins o! .am wit% .ubber
Clear t%e pin o! ram and PC$ %ardware !rom dust by rubber
t%is may a possible reason !or %ardware )on!li)t.

New dri#ers
New dri#ers )an also )ause t%is issue0 i!
you %a#e re)ently per!ormed any %ardware
dri#er updates you may wis% to try an
earlier #ersion o! t%e dri#ers.
$! you %a#e updated dri#ers and remo#ed any
%ardware t%at )ould be )ausing t%is issue and
)ontinue to e/perien)e random reboots0 it5s
possible t%at t%e memory is bad in t%e )omputer.

"omputer virus
Computer #iruses su)% as t%e blaster #irus are written
to reboot your )omputer wit%out warning.
$! you belie#e your )omputer may be in!e)ted wit% a
#irus or are un)ertain i! your )omputer is in!e)ted wit%
a #irus make sure your #irus s)anner de!initions are
up to date.

ystem restart wit% message
$! you see t%is message prompt
on your )omputer you )an stop it
Go to 'tart menu(
Cli)k '.un(
type 's%utdown 6a(
)li)k 'ok(

Heat related issue
Many )omputer today are designed to turn o!! or
automati)ally reboot i! t%e )omputer0 pro)essor0 or
ot%er de#i)e in your )omputer gets to %ot.
First0 #eri!y t%e !an on t%e power supply is working by
e/amining t%e ba)k o! t%e )omputer and seeing i! t%e !an is
mo#ing and mo#ing smoot%ly.

1ust is bad )ondu)tor
1ust is a bad )ondu)tor and stop %eat to )ome out o! t%e
)omputer resulting in)rease in temperature inside t%e p) and
t%is dust s%ould be remo#ed by blowing air or brus%.

Power supply !an 7 Pro)essor !an
$! your )omputer power supply !an is blowing #ery slow or
blowing wit% sti)king sound )oming out o! it resulting
in)rease in temperature o! pro)essor or power supply
unit resulting t%e restart o! system.
$n t%is )ase )%ange t%e pro)essor !an or power supply.

Cleaning t%e %ardware
8eep your )omputer )lean and dry9 a#oid moisture.
$n order to a#oid any problem )lean you p) board wit%
pressuri:ed air or )anned air.

.PM o! t%e pro)essor !an
$! your -$O monitors t%e .PM o! t%e !ans enter CMO
etup and #eri!y it does not report any errors.

#ssue with operating system
$! a!ter !ollowing ea)% o! t%e abo#e
re)ommendations your )omputer still )ontinues to
reboot it is likely t%at you are e/perien)ing a
Mi)roso!t *indows operating system related issue
t%at )annot be e/plained.
$t is re)ommend t%at i! you %a#e t%at you reinstall
Mi)roso!t *indows.

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