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Course Objectives:
The aim of this course is to develop the understanding of the various components of the integrated supply chain. The
learning is focused on developing the supply chain to suit domestic as well as global markets.

Course Contents

Module I: Introduction of Logistics and SCM
Evolution of Logistics and Importance of Supply Chain Management in the Overall Organization Functioning, Inter-
functional coordination, Customer Focus in Supply Chain, Supply Chain Logistics Operations, Objectives of
purchasing, Purchase strategies, Outsourcing in SCM, Vendor Management and Development, Liquid Logistics,
Cold Chain Operations.

Module II: Strategic Issues in Supply Chain Management
Value chain and value delivery system, Inter-corporate cooperation, Different Modes of Transportation, Choice for
Transportation, Concept of multi-modal transportation and infrastructure needs; Third Party Logistics, Fourth Party
Logistics, Distribution Channel Design, Strategic Alliances, Managing Material-, Money-, and Communication-
Flows of Supply Chain, Strategic Lead Time Management, Containerization in SCM, Reverse Logistics and Closed-
Loop Supply Chain.

Module III: Managing the Supply Chain Performance
Warehousing operations, Inventory Management, Vendor Managed Inventory, SCM and Information Technology,
Inter-firm Integration: Implementation Issues, Application of RFID, ERP, JIT, Optimization of Supply Chain,
Retailing Management, Waste Elimination and Lean Thinking in Supply Chain; Supply chain performance
measurement systems; Supply Chain Balanced Score Card, SCOR Model.

Module IV: SCM in Indian and Global Perspective
Logistics and Supply Chain Management in the Indian Environment, Motives and Development of Global Markets,
Supply Chain Reconsideration to suit the Global Environment, Risk Involved in International Markets,
Benchmarking Global Supply Chains.

Examination Scheme

Components CPA TP Q/S A ME EE
Weightage (%) 5 5 5 5 10 70


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