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Service Hotline: 0049 (0) 6659 919455
Installation Software: C:/Programs/IBF...
Installation of component database, look by:
Windows Start btton, Programs, !"#$%! &''()*+ersion nmber,, -atabase
1 . " click and release of t/e left mose btton
% . " click and release of t/e rig/t mose btton
& . Scrolling t/e mose w/eel 0if mose w/eel present1
11 . -oble clicking t/e left mose key
%% . -oble clicking t/e rig/t mose key
1% . Simltaneosly clicking bot/ rig/t and left mose btton
1H . Clicking and /olding t/e left mose key
%H . Clicking and /olding t/e rig/t mose key
'e$ combination":
()1* 2elp, (Shift*+()1* C/eck pro3ect
()%* Component database
()&* Sc/ematic4PCB 0wit/ Cross Probe1
(Shift*+ ()&* Sc/ematic4PCB 0wit/ot CP1
()4* 5nit 0mm, 6m, inc/, mil1
()5* $rid 7isible/in7isible
()6* $rid snaps/not
(),* Fit to screen
()-* Cross/air
()9* Simlator 0sc/em.1/"toroter 0layot1
()10* Back to pointer mode
()11* Create 8$erber and %9cellon
()1%* Calclate air wires new 0:ayot1
(f* Find and select component/signal;
(g* -rag 0s/arp bend, arc or cr7e1
(i* Insert symbol/package
(+* C/ange layer w/ile dragging
(.* Place air wire 0layot wit/ot sc/ematic1
(m* irror selected elements /ori<ontally
(Shift*+(* =irror selected elements 7ertically
(n* #epaint window 0new1
(n* "ttac/ signal name 0click e9actly onto
t/e signal segment1
(o* %dit options c/osen in t/e drawing mode
(r* Insert reference symbol to t/e sc/ematic
(/trl*+(r* Insert rests symbols of components
("* Select "ingle element
(Shift*+("* Select additional element
(t* #otate 0trn1 element arond t/e crsor
(Shift*+(0* Set rotation 0trn1 angle and rotate
(!* =easre distances
(v* #ename signals
(w* -raw air wire in PCB4wit/ot4sc/ematic
(1* %9port symbol/package to t/e database
($* =erge selected elements to a s$mbol
(2* %nter !e9t and te9t fnctions 07ariables1
(.* 0.fll stop1>ode/+ia, c/ange copper
side w/ile in ?place track@ mode
(3* Aick draw 0display only contor of any
drawn element1
(4S/* %9it mode 0back to pointer mode1
ore: "earch for 5#e$ combination"6
(1* Place pin/pad
(%* Place signal wire/track
(Strg* + (%* -raw line
(&* -raw triangle 0solid1
(Strg* + (&* -raw triangle 0otline1
(4* #draw rectangle 0solid1
(Strg* + (4* -raw rectangle 0otline1
(5* -raw polygon 0solid1
(0* 0.<ero1 -raw circle 0solid1
(Strg* + (0* -raw circle 0otline1
(a* -raw a tor!" (an arc)
(b* Place a bs / Place a wire bridge
(c* /aptre Window
(Shift*+(c* "dditional captre window
(d* =o7e/7isplace selected elements
(e*8 (@* %dit selected elements
9m:ort a "chematic "$mbol:
Bpen component database,
"slo se ()%*, (i* or (9n"*
Wire a connection pin
Sc/ematic roter @Pin to Pin@
ar#8 highlight element: by 1 or cap4
tre window or 1H and displace mose
0o!ch a covered :art:
Place mose o7er t/e element in
Cestion and press ("* as often
as it flas/es. >ow press key (e* for edit.
"dd to t/e /ig/lig/ted: (/trl*+(1* or (D*
%dit: 11 or 1 and t/en (e*
0oggle bending mode: (S:ace bar*
dring placement or from t/e sidebar:
7rawing frame: load like a component.
;rint name to "ignal wire: (n*
Place mose middle to t/e
signal, press En.; "lso see:
<ive a "ignal a name:
11 on a signal. Set /ig/lig/ting range:
Sna: on <rid:
Si<e of t/e snapping sCare :
(,F 9 $rid, ma9. Gmm
Set grid: and
#ecommended: ',H&Fmm.GFmil.(/I'JJ
7i":lace element b$ grid:
Select, t/en press (d* and
displace by arrow keys.
/oordinate": "bsolte/#elati7e toggle
sing key (Home* at crsor position.

Switch between "chematic and la$o!t:
9m:ort a :ac#age :ro:o"al to the la$o!t:
-rag and drop from t/e proposal list
or se
or (i*
% on a drag and drop symbol allows preset.
1 pon sc/ an icon opens t/e database at
;lace trac#: or (%*
Btton e9tension: 1H on etc.
Will sa7e track options on btton.

>ow press (o* to set
track options.
:eft: Crrent drawing
layer. #ig/t beside:
t/e recently sed ones.
% pon layer nmber: acti7ate for
drawing. 2ig/lig/ted black:
. non copper layer. 2ig/lig/ted in
copper color . copper layer. Bo9
ticked by 1 or not: :ayer is 7isible
or not. Set layer fnctions: se t/e
layer tool. 11 pon a layer line
allows to set itJs fnction.
?"ssignment@ refers to t/e copper
side a layer fnction is assigned to.
/reate a m!ltila$er:
In t/e layer tool set t/e fnction of layers ('
and (& to ?copper inside@. Corresponding area
and deletion layers assign to eit/er (' or (&.
"s an alternati7e predefined layer sets can be
c/osen in t/e layer tool at t/e rig/t /and side.
)li: a com:onent to the o::o"ite co::er
"ide of the board: 2ig/lig/t it, t/en press
(m* 0.mirror1.
;lace a via: W/ile roting press fllstop (.*,
layer c/anges. "dd (/trl* a7oids layer c/ange.
Check Project: and
M2 upon an error line or a marker
explains what's wrong. Help: Catchword:
Check project.
Insert a logo:
Docu: Menu Actions/oad !itmap into a
rectangle. Copper: Menu "ile/#nput$
%utput &ormats/"ile trans&er/'ocumen$
tation/ !itmap as a ()m*ol/+ackage
Create manufacturing data:
Print: "ade out unused la)ers.
%pen menu: "ile /+rint... and tick
(harp *lack/white in the print dialog.
,he -er*ers *eing created can
*e read *) .(/01' and .(/012
machines. Also see "ile/#nput/%utput
&ormats/+roduction/32$4-er*er and 'rill
%utput 3+C! %ut4. -er*ers also can *e
Isolation milling:
"ile/#nput/%utput &ormats/+roduction/
#solation milling. "ormats *esides
H+-: 2$-er*er5 6C+ 3#sel45 C6C #(%
789: '#6 77;/< 3-$Code45 +C!
3Charl).o*ot45 C!, 3Colin*us45 =xcellon
Design a frontpanel:
(tart "ile/(tart$Assistant5 then 6ew
+roject: Alu$ "ront panel. %r
Menu Actions/"ront panel5 then &ollow
the entries. ,ool*ar >isi*le: see menu
?iew/,ool*ars. "ront panel la)ers in
most cases: :;5:@5 and :/
(tart Simulation in schematic:
[!" or and there:
#n the dialog note the

A e>er)thing %B.
A there are hints
A there are warnings
A there are errors. (ee Help
Important sidebar buttons:
Highlight the complete part *)
hitting it's handle cross with M#.
$IP: %o chance highlighting a single
dra&ing element' (elease this button:
(o )ou don't alwa)s highlight the
whole drawing.
Highlight the complete part *)
M# on an) element o& it.
Dra& a component package:
(witch to the la)out >iew. (et grid
;57:<mm or /<mil. +lace pads
according to the datasheet and draw a
package outline using the &unctions o&
the icon: Highlight all. +lace
cursor to desired handle position.
=xport package *) ke)*oard ke) [)" to
the data*ease.
Dra& a schematic s*mbol:
(witch to the schematic >iew. Beep grid
settings. 'raw according to datasheet
*) the drawing &unctions o& icon:
Highlight all. +lace cursor to the
desired handle position. Cnite the drawn
*) ke) [*"+ #& se>eral gates then do this
again &or each gate. Highligh the
elements completel) and export the
whole part *) [)" to the data*ase.
'uring this procedure assign a package
to it 3&ollow the dialog4.

#n la)out >iew press :'$*utton.
Modif* ,D-model/dra& it ne&l*:
+ress [2"5 the component *rowser
opens. 6ow press M2 upon the
component line in the list and use menu
entr) 0dit ,D. %r press M2 upon the :'
image &or modi&ication or creation i&
there is no model )et. (a>e the :'
model within the package in the
Step 0)port: "ile/#nput/%utput
trans&er/documentation/(,=+ export
Create a PC1 outline:
Menu Actions/+C! %utline DiEard
%r manuall) *) drawing an) shape on la)er
23,PCB outline. #ntersecting lines
can *e trimmed i& needed 3menu
Actions/,rim lines4. "or &urther
adjustments release this *utton:
A&ter highlighting a line )ou will
ha>e *lack tauchpads at it's tips.
M2 upon one o& it opens a context menu &or
line edition:
Create a Groundplane:
Assistant in MenF: Actions/
/-round planes/-enerate
ground plane. %r manuall): draw an) solid
&igure on la)er 0, Area bottom e. g. A solid
pol)gon. Add the signal o& the potential to
it 5 eg. -6'. A groundplane consists like a
sandwich o& three la)ers: Area, Deletion
and Copper.
Area 'eletion Copper .esult
(emo.e groundplane islands:
#n ,A! Con>ert groundplane to lines.
$oggle bet&een solid and outline .ie&:
Cse the hash ke): [2":
3ir&ire leads to no&here:
'o a Project reorganisation: [Shift"4
[#2" or mouse on pad and [s" as long as
an incidentiall) placed track piece &lashes.
6ow press [Del".
Delete an air &ire: 'elete the signal name
&rom pin and pad a&ter M##.
Start autorouter: #n la)out press [!" or
use menF Actions/Autorouter.
0)change a s*mbol:
'elete it &rom the schematic and insert
a di&&erent one &rom the data*ase.
Connect the signals newl).
0)change a package:
'elete it &rom the la)out and insert a
di&&erent one &rom the data*ase.
Connect the tracks newl).
5se the 6uick find and search
results of the database:
%pen component *rowser *) [2" and
enter to the search line:
=nter e.g. <<< smd :d. 6ow ,A.-=,
:;;@G searches in the component
names and descriptions5 i& the *ox is
ticked. ,A.-=, :;;@G recogniEes that
the word &raction smt stands &or a
mounting techniHue. "urther categories
are e. g. spice and ,d &or the
existance o& a simulation resp. :'
model5 7te)as8 e. g. "or a producer5
dip9 &or a package &orm. (peech
marks switch o&& this *eha>iour.
Cpper or lower case does not pla) a
role in the search.

(earch &rom the components or onl)
&rom the packages. Csing the ke)s
+age up5 +age down or *) the use o&
the arrow ke)s )ou toggle *oth
0dit a ,D-model:
M2 upon the model or the place where
it should appear in the *rowser. %r M/
upon the line o& the component name in
the component *rowser.
Conte)t menu in the component
M2 upon a component line opens a
context menu with additional &unctions.