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A Daily Web Page Summary of the Dirty Lies, Glaring Omissions,
Half Truths & Globalist Bias of The NY Times Front Page Headlines
ISSUE # 65 August 31, - September 6, 2014 1 FED RESERVE NOTE

"We read and rebut their vile crap so you won't have to!"

NY Times: Ukraine Deal Imposes Truce Putin Devised
Whether the cease-fire between Ukraines government and
separatists lasts will probably be determined by the outcome of
negotiations over the political future of the southeastern region.
1 of 20 9/9/2014 1:20 PM
It's hard to say what this latest "truce" really means. All that we can
say for certain is that the plot to wage war on Russia isn't going away.
Either the West is is just buying time for its Ukrainian puppets to
regroup and rearm, or perhaps they have given up on the strategy of
using Ukraine to ignite the tinderbox.

The success of the Eastern Ukrainian freedom fighters, Putin's skillful
refusal to be baited into the war, and the fact that Ukraine is not
actually a NATO member, have combined to make it very difficult for
the US-NATO crime gang to start their war against chess master Putin.
What we might be seeing here with this truce is an abandonment of the
Ukraine Gambit in favor of a Baltic State provocation instead.

The tiny Baltic States of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia are not only
full-fledged NATO members, but their respective regimes are
notorious for the subservience to Washington, even more so than
France or Germany. A series of deliberate provocations emanating
from these putrid little psycho states could be the 'Plan B' which
Homo-Obongo and his handlers put in place during their recent visit to
Estonia, followed by a NATO circle-jerk in Wales.

America's broken promises regarding eastward NATO expansion now has the
war-making organization operating right on Russia's border with the three Baltic
States (top-center). War with one means war with all!

2 of 20 9/9/2014 1:20 PM
Council on Foreign Relations member, syndicated columnist, and TV
icon George Will may have 'let the cat out of the bag' during a recent
attack ad aimed at Putin. In a column entitled, 'Vladimir Putins
Hitlerian Mind' (palm to face, sigh), the goofy pompous warmonger

"So, suppose Putin, reprising his
Ukrainian success, orchestrates unrest
among the Russian-speaking minorities
in Latvia, Lithuania, or Estonia. Then,
recycling Hitlers words that his country
could not remain inactive, Putin
invades one of these NATO members.
Either NATO invokes Article 5 an
attack on any member is an attack on
all or NATO disappears ....."

Keep your eye on the Baltic States. The provocative triggering
mechanism for NATO's war will likely come from one or more of the
gangster regimes of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia - NATO members
all, and US puppets all! War with one means war with the USA.

Obongo reviews Estonian troops with the puppet President Hendrik.

Speaking of that sleazy sophist George Will, be sure to have a look at
TomatoBubble's most recent update, 'George Will vs Vladimir Putin:
Referee: Mike King'. This one is a classic! (Here)
3 of 20 9/9/2014 1:20 PM

NY Times: Joan Rivers, a Comic Stiletto Quick to
Skewer, Is Dead at 81
From the stage and the red carpet, Ms. Rivers reveled in skewering
the rich and famous with cutting remarks and a caustic wit.
The Anti-New York Times will shed no tears over the loss of this
vulgar Zionist bigot who recently praised Israel's genocidal assault on
Gaza. But it is interesting to note that the untimely coma and death of
J oan Rivers, following a low risk elective procedure, comes just two
months after making devastating allegations about Homo-Obongo and
the First Beast.

When asked by a street reporter if she believed America would ever
have a 'gay' President, Rivers, with a serious tone, replied:

"Well we already have it with Obama so let's just calm down."

But Rivers wasn't finished yet. Again, with a dead-serious tone and no
animosity whatsoever, she dropped this bomb shell:

"You know Michelle is a tranny. We all know. ...A trans-gender, we
all know. It's OK."

4 of 20 9/9/2014 1:20 PM
By saying "we all know" , Rivers appears to be speaking of her crowd,
not the American public. The Rivers video was headlined on the
immensely popular Drudge Report, as well as the websites of the
Daily Mail, CNN and other outlets. There can be no doubt that news of
her explosive comments reached the Obongos.

A week later, she reaffirmed her allegation during an interview with

I think its a compliment. Shes so attractive, tall, with a beautiful
body, great face, does great makeup. Take a look and go back to La
Cage Au Follies [sic]. The most gorgeous women are trans-gender.

Elites aren't supposed to 'talk-outside-of-class'. And now, Ms. Rivers
has suddenly died under mysterious circumstances, just like so many
others who either revealed or could have revealed damaging
information about the Obongos. (Grandma Dunham, Donald Young,
Larry Bland, Nate Spencer, Andrew Breitbart). Could the Obongos
have requested approval for a hit on a big name J ewish Hollywood
Insider from the powers-that-be? Was Rivers taken out in a similar
'lethal injection' fashion as Michal J ackson, a known Hitler admirer and
outspoken anti-Semite? (here)

Contrary to the childish spin of both the knee-jerk 'anti-conspiracy
theorists', as well as the self-important 'respectable' conspiracy
theorists such as Paul J oseph Watson of Infowars, Ms. Rivers was not
in poor health. Though 81, she remained quite active. Her only
problem was with her vocal chords (and her rotten personality). The
clinic in which she died is now being placed under investigation by
New York State. Of course, it is quite possible that the death of Ms.
Rivers was indeed caused by malpractice or just bad luck, and not the
result of a murder.

To draw a definitive 100% conclusion either way would be

All we can do is wonder. If history has taught us anything, it's that
anything is possible!

5 of 20 9/9/2014 1:20 PM

NY Times: Gay Groups to March in St. Patricks
Day Parade as a Ban Falls
The decision to allow a gay group to march under its own banner in
the New York parade ends a policy that has prompted protests,
court battles and bitter debate for decades.
The sodomite lobby has finally done it! Put away your green clothes
and get ready for "the wearin' of the pink" in 2015. After decades of
agitation, the rainbow brigades have broken the Catholic Church's will
6 of 20 9/9/2014 1:20 PM
to resist. Hence forward, the sons of Sodom will proudly march under
their own banners on what was once the Irish-Catholic Holiday of St.
Patrick's Day. Of course, this festival of drunkenness had long since
ceased to be a commemoration of St. Patrick or any form of
spirituality for that matter. Like Catholic Mardi Gras, the hedonistic
affair of St. Patrick's Day has devolved into the worship of St.
Guinness, St. Heineken and St. Budweiser instead. But there at least
remained some remnant of traditionalism to the affair. You can forget
that now.

When the homosexual hordes march past New York's venerable St.
Patrick's Cathedral next year, no doubt led by New York's openly
Communist Mayor with the lesbian wife, Sulzberger's sleazy Slimes
will almost certainly feature the 'historic' march of homosexuals on its
front page. Your tea-totaling reporter here at The Anti-New York
Times will bet you a whole keg of green (or pink) beer on that

Left: Comrade-Mayor Bill DeBlasio with a 'tranny' on St. Patrick's Day
Right: DeBlasio and lesbian wife (Black woman marching to his left) march in a
scaled down 'Gay friendly' St. Patrick's Day parade. Now they can march in the
real parade!

The homosexuals of New York already have an annual 'Gay Parade'
(which I had the 'pleasure' of catching a glimpse of back in my New
York days. Yikes!), so why must they insist on marching as
homosexuals and under homosexual banners on St. Patrick's Day?
Why not march as regular people of Irish descent, or simply as 'Irish-
for-a-day' revelers?

7 of 20 9/9/2014 1:20 PM

The reason for the obsession with the St. Patrick's Day Parade is
simple. By marching as homosexuals, in front of children no less, on
what was originally a Catholic holiday, the sons of Sodom(unwittingly
in service of Zion) can flash a huge middle finger (and God knows
what else) at the targeted Cathedral of St. Patrick, and the Catholic
Church in general.

Oh the Satanic joy they will feel in their hearts as they strut past
the Grand Cathedral which they once stormed during services,
blowing whistles and throwing hundreds of condoms (some of
them semen-filled) at horrified worshippers, before chaining
themselves to the pews. (here)

And now, they have won.

During the 1980's & 90's, homosexuals and feminists launched vicious attacks
aimed at St. Patrick's Cathedral and New York's Cardinal O'Conner.

8 of 20 9/9/2014 1:20 PM
And what does the 'New World Pope', that feckless Marxist-loving
weakling in the Vatican have to say about this latest step towards
cultural oblivion? (cue Crickets) Or how about his emissary, Cardinal
Dolan of New York? (cue Crickets) Evidently, the camera-
seeking Pope Francis is too busy commemorating the 'HoloHoax',
promoting illegal immigration, and kissing women's feet to concern
himself with this latest affront to what was once an important
institution for the moral stability of the West.

Compare the sinful silence of the 'New World Pope' on these
controversial matters to that of a true spiritual leader, Patriarch Kirill
of Russia. Here's Kirill on recognition of homosexual marriage:

"a very dangerous sign of the apocalypse means people are
choosing a path of self-destruction".

Amen Father. AMEN!

The 'New World Pope' is silent on cultural and moral issues. The Russian Patriarch
is not.

NY Times: ISIS Says It Killed Steven Sotloff
After U.S. Strikes in Northern Iraq
9 of 20 9/9/2014 1:20 PM
The group released a video showing the beheading of a second
American, blaming President Obama for the death and raising the
pressure on him to order strikes on the group in Syria.
With their hands already full in fighting the defense forces of Iraq and
Syria, as well as Kurdish militias, why on earth would the "beheaders"
of ISIS go to such lengths to provoke the mighty USA into returning to
Iraq and attacking them? "Hey Obama. We just decapitated another
American. Are you gonna come and get us now? Come on. We dare
you. We double-dare you."

Does that make any sense, at all?

Of course, this latest beheading video of an American Jew who
moved to Israel in 2005 (cough-cough Mossad cough-cough) is every
bit as fake as the previous one. Once again, a full viewing of the video
fails to show the moment in which the oddly serene 'victim', who is
always dressed in a US standard issue Orange jump suit, has his
jugular vein actually severed by the oh-so-scary bogey-man in the
black ski mask.

Perhaps the terrorist film makers did not want our children to see the
blood? "Let's decapitate another American infidel on film. But let's
not show the blood squirting out like a severed water hose. That
might upset some people. We are respectable throat-cutters here."

Yes. Of course. That must be the reason for the editing.

10 of 20 9/9/2014 1:20 PM

Left: James Foley / Right: Steven Sotloff ....In the videos,
neither Foley nor Sotloff even squirm or flinch as the 'cutting'

With childlike credulity, the brain damaged specimen known as
Boobus Americanus continues to swallow up this comical crap, this
fabricated fecal matter, this mendacious manure - without even
chewing. It's enough to make your intrepid reporter here want to
escape to a deserted island or mountaintop and just shut off the insane
world altogether.

Thanks to these goofy CIA-Mossad stunts, and the credibility which
Sulzberger's 'prestigious' J ew York Slimes bestows upon them, US
forces may soon arrive to save the day, sham-fighting against ISIS at
first, but Syria's Assad soon afterwards. How convenient for Bibi
Satanyahoo and the International Zionist Crime Gang!

11 of 20 9/9/2014 1:20 PM
From 2004: The phony Nick Berg 'beheading'

NY Times: NATO Weighs Rapid Response Force
for Eastern Europe
NATO leaders are expected to respond to increased Russian
intervention in Ukraine by establishing a force capable of deploying
quickly to Eastern Europe.
In today's stinking propaganda poop-pie, Sulzberger's slippery
scribblers attempt to slip by what sales professionals refer to as an
assumptive statement. The 'assumptive close' involves the casual
statement of something as an unchallenged fact; and then, regardless if
the statement is true or not, building a case upon it. The trick is to slip
12 of 20 9/9/2014 1:20 PM
in the assumptive so subtly that the target accepts its veracity without

Sulzberger's sleazy salesmen are masters of manipulative selling

By headlining the lie that the purpose of NATO's "Rapid Response
Force" is "to respond to increased Russian intervention in
Ukraine", the foundational assumption of "increased Russian
intervention" is cleverly stated as a given, even though it is false. This
narrows the debate down to how NATO should respond, without
ever challenging the false underlying premise itself. It is like saying,
"Mr. Doe. My product will cure your bad breath problem. Now will
you be paying with cash, check or charge?", when Mr. Doe doesn't
even have a bad breath problem to begin with!

In reality, Russia's lack of intervention is driving the warmongering
Globalists nuts! They had hoped by now that Putin would have taken
their bait and kicked off World War III. But the tenacity and fighting
spirit of the freedom fighters of eastern Ukraine has defeated puppet
Kiev without the need for direct Russian assistance. The Globalists
have now been forced to invent Russian invasions in order to justify
the creation of Rapid Response Forces.

It is clear by now that US-NATO-Zion is intending to have its war
come hell or high water. The longer Putin refuses to take the bait, the
more outrageous the provocations will become. This is exactly how
Germany was baited into attacking Poland, and J apan into attacking
Pearl Harbor. When Russia's inevitable and justifiable self-defense
move comes, you can be sure that Sulzberger's dirty journal will be
screaming bloody murder, exactly as it did in 1939 and 1941!

13 of 20 9/9/2014 1:20 PM

1939 1941

Know your history so that you will not be fooled!
Germany & Japan were relentlessly baited and maneuvered by
the NWO


NY Times: China Restricts Voting Reforms for
Hong Kong
Chinas legislature laid down strict limits to proposed voting
reforms in Hong Kong, drawing battle lines in what could be a
deepening confrontation over the future of the city and of China.
14 of 20 9/9/2014 1:20 PM
The CIA and its New York press partner are at it again, doing what
they do best; that is stirring up domestic trouble in targeted nations.
The bustling city of Hong Kong had been a British colony up until the
sovereignty transfer of 1997. Though Hong Kong retains a certain
degree of independence, the residual western influence and the
infestation of CIA agents that remain there pose a problem for China.

Recall that it was 'spontaneous' groups of Hong Kong 'protesters' that
turned out to sheep-dip the CIA-NSA fraud known as Edward

CIA agents and dupes in Hong Kong flash their professionally
made, English language Snowden signs for US cameras.

Hong Kong is a key pressure point from which the CIA can attack
China with mini 'color revolution' style protests and other destabilizing
intrigues. For this reason, China is taking steps to assert greater control
15 of 20 9/9/2014 1:20 PM
over the city's politics. The West has necessitated this development,
not China.

The West's targeting of China (a key member of BRICS & the SCO) is
motivated by the same factors which have brought NATO and Russia
to a standoff, and Russia and China closer together than ever before.
China has not been cooperating with the NWO on issues ranging from
trade to Syria & Iran. Of course, leave it to Sulzberger's sleazy
slanderers to portray this latest Chinese policy towards Hong Kong as
some sort of 'crackdown', without providing the necessary context.

It's no wonder why The Times online is banned in China. Now that's
one form of press censorship that we might be able to actually support!

Hong Kong Skyline / Russia & China vs the NWO

SUNDAY / AUGUST 31, 2014

16 of 20 9/9/2014 1:20 PM
NY Times: ISIS Displaying a Deft Command of
Varied Media
ISIS, the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, is using every
contemporary mode of messaging to recruit fighters, intimidate
enemies and promote its claim to have established a caliphate.
Where exactly is this ISIS (Israeli Secret Intelligence Service?)
based? Where do they sleep? Where do they do their banking? How
did they pay for their fleet of pick-up trucks and sophisticated
weaponry? How are they feeding and re-equipping their fighters?
Where do their injured fighters get medical treatment?

A bunch of 'good-ole-boys' could not have assembled and
trained such an advanced force while going unnoticed

What Internet Provider Service is allowing them to post videos and
issue 'recruitment' tweets? How did the all-intrusive NSA miss the
creation of this group? Why can't the CIA. M-16 and Mossad infiltrate
them and smash them from within? Why can't we pinpoint them via
satellite and smash them in their tents or barracks? How did such a
formidable force like ISIS just seem to materialize out of nowhere and
overnight? Why don't they attack or even threaten to attack Israel?

Does the following quote from the Slimes piece make any sense to
17 of 20 9/9/2014 1:20 PM

"But Western intelligence services are also worried about their
extraordinary command of seemingly less lethal weapons: state-
of-the-art videos, ground images shot from drones and multilingual
Twitter messages."

If ISIS is indeed "using every contemporary mode of messaging to
recruit fighters", as the article says, then why not answer their want
ads and infest their ranks with undercover Arab agents? Then simply
follow them to their lair, and destroy them. What is so difficult here?

How exactly does ISIS's 'social media recruitment' campaign work
anyway? Are they placing ads on Craigslist? CareerBuilder?


Sons of the Caliphate! Join the ISIS brigades! See the
world! Rape women! Kill inf idels! Death to America! For
immediate consideration, attach resume with cover letter
and salary requirements.
Or call us at 1-800-LAN-GLEY / Follow us on Twitter
#KilltheInf idels


A spy show on the Fx network (FOX Group) - a network which
openly admits to having a CIA producer for its hit series, The
Americans (here) - solves these mysteries for us. The name of the spy
series is 'Archer'. Here is the description from the Fx website:

"Archer is an animated, half-hour comedy that revolves around the
International Secret Intelligence Service (ISIS) and the lives of its
employees. Although their work of espionage, reconnaissance
missions, wiretapping and undercover surveillance is daunting and
dangerous, every covert operation and global crisis is actually just
another excuse for the ISIS staff to undermine, sabotage and betray
each other for personal gain."

18 of 20 9/9/2014 1:20 PM

The fakery doesn't get anymore 'in-your-face' than this!

These sicko and psycho elites love doing this type of stuff. They must
derive some perverted thrill from deceiving the brain-dead public and
in plain sight no less. These types of hints were also dropped in TV
shows during the years preceding the 9/11 attacks and also the months
before the Sandy Hook non-shooting.

Sulzberger's scribblers at the Slimes are all part of this sick murderous
Global 'great game' that has been going on since at least the days of the
French Revolution. The same NWO Mafia that spawned ISIS, also
controls The Slimes.

Case closed!

"Arab" ISIS fighters hide their faces and hands because they
don't want you to see that so many of them are Caucasian
(CIA-Mossad). Why else wear gloves in the hot dessert?
19 of 20 9/9/2014 1:20 PM
"History is indeed little more than the register of the crimes, follies and
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Edward Gibbon, English historian (1737-1794), From: " The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire"
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