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Assessment of Evapotranspiration through Surface Energy Balance Algorithm for Land (SEBAL), Researcher

(Bushra Naseem)
Planning Water Resource Management in Pishin-Lora Basin of Balochistan using GIS, Researcher (Saad Saleem
Spatio-temporal Growth Analysis of Zone IV Islamabad, Researcher (Muhammad Adeel)
Ground water Vulnerability Assessment for Islamabad Capital Territory, A GIS Perspective, Researcher (Sohail
GIS analysis of water quality data from Shigar Town, Baltistan, District (Skardu) Pakistan, Researcher (Amir Hanif)
Detection of Fuel Hydrocarbons Using Hyperspectral Satellite Imagery, Researcher (Saad Shams Butt)
Shigar Town Infrastructure Management and Planning using Geospatial Technologies, Researcher (Muhammad
Azeem Sadiq)
Urban Growth Analysis Using GIS and RS, A case Study of Hassan Abdal, Researcher (Mian Rizwan-ur-Rehman)
Hill Torrents Water Management Geoinformations, Researcher (Faisal Nadeem Saher)
Detection of Suitable Soils for Zero-Till Wheat Sowing in Gujranwala using GITs, Researcher (Faheem Iqbal)
Forest Crown Closure Assessment & Tree Species Classification With Multispectral Imagery , Researcher
(Juwairia Mahboob)
Land Suitability Analysis for Optimal Landfill Sit Selection for Muzaffarabad Using GITs, Researcher (Wasim Hayat)
Mobile GIS Traveler Guide for Sector F-10 & F-11 Islamabad, Researcher (Naveed Ahmed)
Socio-Ecological and Spatio - Ecological Assessment of Drug Transaction Hot Spots, Researcher (Jamshaid Jafar
Intelligent Geocoder Design for Pakistan, Researcher (Kiran Zahra)
Drought Impact Assessement Using GIS and Remote Sensing, Researcher (Asma Shaheen)
Interpretation of Landcover Changes and its Implication for Management of Margallah Hills National Park ,
Researcher (Syeda Maria Zafar)
Relating Urban Heat Island Effect and Land Cover Type in Islamabad & Rawalpindi through Image Analysis ,
Researcher (Saroop Shahid)
Surface Geological Maping and Industrial Mineral Resources of Khaira Murat Range, Using Remote Sensing and
GIS Techniques, Researcher (Khunsa Fatima)
Assessment of Areas Vulnerable to Soil Salinity Using GIS & Remote Sensing, Researcher (Saira Munawar)
Geographic Distribution of Iodine Defeciency in Taxila Area of Pakistan, Researcher (Mahgul Riaz)
Study of Recharge of Aquifer by Kurram River and its Tributaries and Suitable site Selection for Artificial Recharge
using GIS/RS Techniques, Researcher (Ajmal Hussain)
Risk Assesment of Soil Erosion on Rawal Watershed Using GIS/RS Techniques, Researcher (Sarah Bashir)
Optimization of Rain Water Harvesting in Ghazi Tehsil Dist. Haripur Using GIS & RS, Researcher (Dawood Khan)
nfall-Runoff Estimation Using RS/GIS Techniques and Artificial Neural Network, Researcher (Syed Atif Raza)
Flood Disaster Risk Management of Charsada District Adjecent to River Kabul Using GIS, Researcher
(Muhammad Qasim Jan)