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Class :IX.

(Leader) Davit. S.
(Member) Rizkhi.DA.
(Member) M.Fian.M
(Member) A. Nuryadi


Some supermarkets are enomous these days.
Supermarkets come with aisles of different kinds of food and products. For example, you can
find fifteen to twenty different kinds of cheesw in the dairy section. You can find many different
brands of toilet tissue in the papper products section. The frozen food section has everything from
cans of frozen. Apple juice to bags of mixed vegetables and frozen pizza.
Many supermarkets also have a big health care products aisle. This section is like a small
drugstore, with different brands of medicines, shampoos, toothpastes and other health care items.
Some supermarkets even sell something else, such as magazines, books, shoes, underwear, gardening
tools, and other household products. Here you can also use your care in money machines to take
money out of your bank.
Shoppers in many supermarkets can buy snacks and drinks from vending machines. In some
places, tired and hungry shoppers can sit down and enjoy a fresh cup of coffe and a donut at a
supermarket snack bar or coffe shop. Supermarkets with their variety of products and services are
more popular today.


Beberapa supermarket besar hari ini. Supermarket datang dengan lorong berbagai jenis
makanan dan produk. Misalnya anda dapat menemukan fifteen dua puluh keju dibagian susu. Anda
dapat menemukan berbagai merek tisu toilet dibagiann produk kertas. Bagian makanan beku
memiliki segala dari kaleng jus apel beku dengan tas campuran sayuran dan pizza beku.
Banyak supermarket juga memiliki produk perawatan kesehatan lorong besar. Bagian ini
adalah seperti sebuah apotek kecil, dengan merk defferent obat-obatan, shampoo, pasta gigi dan
produk perawatan kesehatan lainnya.
Beberapa supermarket bahkan menjual sesuatu ada yang lain sperti majalah, buku, sepatu,
pakaian, peralatan berkebun dan produk rumah tangga lainnya. Disini anda juga dapat menggunakan
kartu anda dimesin unag untuk mengambil uang dari bank anda.
Pembeli disupermarket bisa membeli snack, minuman dingin dari mesin penjual otomatis.
Dibeberapa tempat, pembeli lelah dan lapar bisa duduk dan menikmati secangkir kopi segar dan
donat disebuah supermarket makanan ringan bar atau coffe shop. Supermarket dengan variety
produk-produk dan layanan lebih popular hari ini.

1. The dairy section provides ..
a. A variety of frozen juice
b. Many kinds of cheese
c. A wide selection of vegetables
d. Many brands of toilet tissue
2. The helath care product aisle in a supermarket has
a. Items you cand find in a drugstore
b. Evevrything you can find in stores
c. Medicine only
d. Snacks and drinks
3. At many supermarkets you can ..
a. Watch movies
b. Take money out of your bank account
c. Find smaller grocer stores
d. Read magazines or news pappers
4. Many supermarkets have vending machines for people who
a. Are tired
b. Want to sit down
c. Are exhausted
d. Are hungry or thirsty
5. The word you refers to
a. The writer
b. The sellers
c. The shoppers
d. The readers
6. How many sections in supermarkets are mentioned in the text ?
a. Two
b. Four
c. Three
d. Five
7. Shoppers enjoy snacks and drinks in .
a. Supermarklets
b. Frozen food section
c. A cafeteria
d. A snack bar
8. The following statements are correct, except ..
a. Supermarkets are less known because of their variety of products and services
b. There are money machines in supermarkets
c. A health care product section is similar to a drugstore
d. You can find butter in a diary section
9. The purpose of the text is ..
a. To describe something in general
b. To tell the events
c. To describe a particular thing
d. To amuse the readers
10. The structure of this text is ..
a. General classification-identification
b. Identification-descriptiion
c. Orientation-events (1,2)- re -orientation
d. General classification-description

1. B
2. A
3. B
4. B
5. D
6. B
7. D
8. A
9. A
10. D