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52 The president of india tP

53 Executive power of the union Power 1.Power--->tP
Directly or through subordinates
2.supreme command of the defence forces --->tP transfer of function from state govt. or other authority
Prevent parliaT --->law funcNs on other authorities other than tP
54* Election of President Election Electoral college= elected members{(LS,RS)+LA of the states}
States* =
includG NCTdelhi & UT of puducherry
*inserted by 70th amendT act 1992
Pondicherry--->puducherry by alterN of name act 2006
55 Manner of election of President Manner 1.uniformity -->scale of representation of the different States .
Value of the vote of the MLA =

Remainder should be less than 500 otherwise value of vote + 1 b.
Value of vote of an MP= c. uniformity
3.PR by means of the STV ---->secret ballot
56 Term of office of President term 1. five years
Provided that -
a. writing ----> Vice-President--->resign
violation of the Constitution---> removed---> impeachment--->
article 61.
c. expiration term---> continue --->until--->successor enters
2. resignation --->Vice-President by tP--->communicated to the LS
57 Eligibility for re-election re-election
58 Qualifications for election as President Qualifications 1.Eligibilty
a. citizen of India
b. completed age of 35 yrs
c. qualified for election as a member of LS.
2.not eligible if holds
any office of profit under GOI or the GOS or under any local or other
authority subject to the control of any of the said Governments.
59 Conditions of President's office Conditions X member of LS/ RS / SLA if Y then vacate seat 1.
X office of profit 2.
No payment of rent --->official residences 3.
emoluments, allowances and privileges (Second Schedule)
emoluments & allowances --->shall not be diminished during his
term of office.
60 Oath or affirmation by the President oath Chief Justice of India or,
In absence of CJI , the senior most Judge of the Supreme Court .
61 Procedure for impeachment of the President impeachment charge --->preferred by either House of Parliament. 1.
Charge shall be prefered only if 2.
a. at least 14 days written signed by not less than 1/4th of total
no. members of the house
b. resoluN passed by majority of not less than 2/3rd of the total
memberP of the house
Other house--->investigate 3.
tP have the right to appear& to be represented
Resolution is passed if 4.
passed by majority of not less than 2/3rd of the total memberP of
the house then removal on the date of passing of resolution
62 Time of holding election to fill vacancy in the office of
president and the term of office or person elected to fill
casual vacancy
Time -election-vacancy
Term-fill-casual vacancy
Vacancy-expiraN of term---->election- before the term expiraN 1.
Vacancy d.t. death, resignation / removal--->within 6 months 2.
Person fill vacancy enjoys {under art.56}
The president (52 to 62)
09 July 2014
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