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Week 6 Assignment

Research Studies
Statement of the Problem
Publix GreenWise is having supply problems in its effort to offer organic versions of its popular
store brand frozen vegetables.
Research Method and Sources of Information
When examining the local farming habits, it is discovered that many area farmer do not know the
requirements in order to have their produce certified as organic under UDSA regulations. The
sources where area farmer in a 50 mile radius of GreenWise locations.
Nature of Data to Be Gathered and Analyzed
I did a poll to the farming community by sending calling local commercial farmers registered
with the USDA. I then interviewed about 30% of farmers directly. I separated the results by
those who did not desire to farm organically and those who did, but where not currently.
Hypothesis or Hypotheses to Be Proved or Disproved
Many area farmers would like to participate in organic farming but do no currently know the
necessary steps needed to have their farms and produce certified for organic production.
Assisting the farmers through education and training would help reduce future supply

Part 2
Select the most effective graphic means of presenting the following data. Justify your

a. Data showing the growth in the number of companies offering employees paid time for
volunteerism over a five-year period
b. Data showing the number of downloads from iTunes by media type (music, books, and TV segments)
for the past quarter
a. Pie chart, the media types are limited and are subtotals of the greater total of downloads.
c. Data showing percentage of organizational projects that are delayed, on time, or ahead of schedule
a. Pie chart, the pie is the total number of projects with each slice being the status percent
d. Growth in credit card debt over the past four years by state
a. Line graph, shows that the debt is not separate from year to year, but a continuous flow
e. Data showing the relationship of the functional areas of a company from the CEO to the vice
presidents to the line supervisors
f. Predicted unemployment rate in regions of the U.S. for the year 2015
a. Heat map, regions can be identified by colored indicators that show various intensity
g. Instructions for conducting interrogations of employees suspected of committing fraud
a. Bullet list, clear, step by step instructions to ensure compliance
h. Figures comparing the percentage of warranty claim of a companys three product lines for the past
four quarters
a. Bar chart, each product line has a bar depicting the percentage of claims
i. Data showing the number of people utilizing the portfolio option of a financial investment firms
website. The data should depict the number of portfolios opened by investors in five age categories
during each of the past four quarters.
a. Pie chart, the pie is the number of people using the option and the slices are the five age
2010 2011 2012 2013 2014
Chairman Chairman Chairman
j. Graphic tracking the progress of a product development team working on a new refrigeration
product for a 2013 launch dateCO210 Business Communication
a. Gantt chart to show percent complete for the overall project and each task specifically