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Fortress, Tomb,

and Tower
The Glain Campaign
A Basic Fantasy Role-Playing Game Adventure Series
For 4 to 8 Player Characters, Levels to 8
Copyright 2005-2011 Chris Gonnerman and Contributors
All Rights Reserved
Distributed under the terms of the pen Game !i"ense version 1#0a
Edition (Release 15)
Contributors% &ra"y Gonnerman' Gavin (in"hba")' *#D# +eal' ,idney (arham' -ali)i' and
,tuart -arshall
(roofing% .randon .a)er and +i") .ogan
(laytesters% Alan *ett and -i)e .rantner
Cover Art% ,teve /ieser
Art$or)% ,teve /ieser' Cory 0,honuff1 Gelnett' and *ohn 2rederi")s
BF Fort ress, !om", and !o#er $ntroducti on
Fortress, Tomb, and Tower: The Glain Campaign is
an adventure series for the Basic Fantas Role!
"laing Game# &he adventures herein are
intended for 3 to 4 player "hara"ters# &he levels of
ability vary' and are noted belo$#
&hese adventures $ere all "reated for use in my
"ampaign $orld' Glain' and in parti"ular in the
nation of 5nterone# f "ourse' you may $ish to
use the adventures herein $ith a different
"ampaign $orld6 there is no reason they "an7t be
made to fit $ell into any .asi" 2antasy R(G
Fortress o# the $ron %&'e: &he valley of 2reestead
$as on"e green and pleasant' and the humans
and d$arves $ho lived there revered their
leader' Du)e 8adarin# 9e $as betrothed to the
beautiful !ady :ylenne the Courageous' $ho
arrived in 2reestead on the ba") of a $hite
dragon# n the day before their $edding' an
e;plosion engulfed the (ala"e' and almost
overnight the valley fell into ruin# An adventure
for characters of level 2-4.
Tomb o# (arsma )egalos: &he proud ,erenhai
people $ere ruled long ago by a seemingly
immortal hero' :arsma -egalos# 9e
disappeared in the Cata"lysm' and not long
after his people $ere defeated by armies from
the north# +o one )ne$ $here the hero $as
buried### until no$# An adventure for characters
of level 5-8.
Croo'ed Roc' Tower: &he lo"als all say that the
old to$er is haunted# n"e it $as home to the
enigmati" genius they "alled the <i=ard of
Clo")s' but later it be"ame the home of a "ruel
$i=ard named <algren# &he rumors also tell of
great treasure beneath the to$er on the
"roo)ed ro")### An adventure for characters of
level 3-6.
About Glain
$t was 1*+16 > $as a high s"hool student# > had
seen an advertisement in a s"ien"e-fi"tion
maga=ine for a game that sounded interesting'
so > as)ed for it for Christmas# -om )ne$ no
more about it than > did' but she got it for me
> spent the ne;t several days studying the red-
"overed boo) and the adventure module that
a""ompanied it# >t too) me a $hile to
understand $hat $as supposed to happen' but
$hen > did get it > immediately li)ed it# >t $asn7t
until the first or se"ond $ee) of 1?42 that > $as
able to run my first game#
> stan)### but you should )no$ that already# > $as
Game -aster $ithout ever having played the
game' and $ith only the advi"e of the $riters to
go on# &urns out it $as pretty good advi"e'
though it too) me years to really understand it#
&hat first adventure $as set in a "ertain fortress in
a s)et"hily des"ribed $ilderness area' a
borderland bet$een the good "ountry to the
south and the bad land to the north# &hey $ere
not named' so of "ourse > named them### and
then a $orld began to gro$ around those
"ountries' as my players began to e;plore#
9ere > am' thirty years later' and > am again
$riting and running games in that first $orld#
Certainly' many other role-playing games in
many other $orlds $ere tried bet$een then and
no$' but after all this time > have found the old
$ays seem to be the best#
@ou "an find more information about Glain here%
If you might be a player in any of these adventures stop reading now! !eyond this point lies
information meant only for the "ame #aster$s eyes%
Fortress o% the $ron &u'e BF Fort ress, !om", and !o#er
Fortress of the Iron Duke
Player's Background
&he D- should read or paraphrase the bo;ed te;t
belo$ to the players to start the adventure# &he
a""ount given is told by a refugee from the
5veryone )no$s the story of 2reestead### ho$ the
small mountain barony $as nearly overrun by
humanoids in an in"ursion t$elve years ago'
$hen .aron 8adarin the ,trong moved s$iftly'
forging an allian"e $ith the d$arven delve in
the nearby mountains and forming a "ombined
for"e of men and d$arves to rid the valley of
the humanoid mena"e# 8adarin $as thus
appointed by the Regen"y Coun"il to repla"e
the ineffe"tual Du)e -argrave' $ho by negle"t
had allo$ed the du"hy7s defenses to be"ome
<ith the "oming of pea"e and se"urity' ne$
settlers began to arrive' and soon the $hole
du"hy $as again prosperous# &he people of the
du"hy "alled their leader the >ron Du)e' and he
ruled them $ith a firm but fair hand#
A bit more than a month ago' the d$arven
miners dis"overed a giant emerald' said to be
the si=e of a man7s fist and "ompletely fla$less
B$hi"h is unheard of even by d$arvesC# Calling
it 02reestead7s Glory'1 they presented it to the
Du)e# 9e $as so pleased $ith the gift that he
de"reed a spe"ial "elebration to be held at
month7s end#
As preparations $ere being made for the
"elebration' a beautiful adventuress arrived in
the )ingdom' riding a $hite dragon# 9er name
$as !ady :ylenne the Courageous' a )night
from the distant )ingdom of Alambar# As soon
as Du)e 8adarin heard about her' he invited her
to his fortress' and not long after that he
announ"ed he $ould marry her during the
&he day before the $edding' an e;plosion $as
heard "oming from the fortress' and smo)e seen
rising# .y the time any of the lo"al militia
rea"hed the fortress' it $as surrounded by a
green glo$ing field $hi"h burned those $ho
tou"hed it#
.efore nightfall monsters began moving into the
valley# &he militia and those of the Du)e7s for"es
$ho $ere outside the fortress tried to hold them
ba")' but they $ere too fe$ in number and
$ere defeated#
If you might be a player in this adventure stop
reading now! !eyond this point lies information
meant only for the "ame #aster$s eyes%
GM's Information
&his adventure is set in the northeastern region of
5nterone in my "ampaign $orld of Glain# @ou
are' of "ourse' free to set it $herever you li)e# &he
player7s ba")ground $ill need to be amended in
this event#
!ady :ylenne the Courageous is no )night' and
her dragon 0steed1 is a"tually her master# &he
dragon is named Gravarthan' and he both
spea)s and "asts spells# <hen he learned of the
great emerald 02reestead7s Glory1 he Dui")ly
s"hemed to steal it#
:ylenne is the last survivor of a group of
adventurers sent to slay Gravarthan# 9e "harmed
her and has )ept her as his pet ever sin"e# &he
$hite armor and silver s$ord "ame from
Gravarthan7s o$n hoard#
:ylenne a"tually es"aped the "harm some time
ago' but has hid this fa"t from her master# ,he
)no$s she is in danger being the 0pet1 of a
dragon' but so far he has been good to her#
f "ourse' :ylenne also s"hemes to steal
Gravarthan7s treasure#
Du)e 8adarin fell for :ylenne right a$ay' for she is
"harismati" as $ell as beautiful and )no$s Eust
$hat to say to a man# 9e sa$ her true "olors only
$hen he "aught her stealing the emerald#
,urprised' she dropped it' and it "ra")ed Bbut did
not shatterC# Fnbe)no$nst to anyone up until that
time' the great Ee$el $as in fa"t a prison for a
demoni" monster "alled :haad) Belongate the
double-a7s $hen pronoun"ingC# :haad) is a
BF Fort ress, !om", and !o#er Fort ress o% the $ron &u'e
servant of ,yn-Cheron' god of hate6 $hen :haad)
$as imprisoned by mortal mages his master $as
displeased' and de"ided a fe$ millennia of
imprisonment $as a fit punishment for his failure#
&he "ra") allo$ed the monster to e;tend his
mental po$ers into the material plane# &he rush
of his po$er into the $orld turned many of the
inhabitants of the fortress to stone Bin"luding the
Du)e and :ylenne' free=ing them in the moment
of their "onfrontationC# -onsters' in"luding evil
"leri"s and humanoids' $ere then attra"ted to
the fortress6 as they began to arrive' :haad)
altered the green glo$ to allo$ entry but not e;it'
though none of 8adarin7s remaining men have
dis"overed this#
:haad) $ants full a""ess to the material plane'
but he does not )no$ $hat he is imprisoned by
nor $here it is# &he evil "leri"s are sear"hing the
fortress' trying to identify the prison' but
unfortunately for :haad) his rage is "ausing his
minions to sometimes fight ea"h other Bthus
slo$ing the sear"hC#
>f the emerald is bro)en "ompletely :haad) gets
$hat he $ants% his freedom# ,u"h a result $ould
be a "atastrophe# &he players must find the
emerald and de"ide $hat to do $ith it# &here is
no 0standard1 method of se"uring it### the G-
should allo$ any means that seems at all
reasonable to $or)# >n the original playtest of this
adventure' the players de"ided to en"lose it in an
iron bo; sealed $ith melted lead6 > allo$ed them
to find the materials and eDuipment needed in
the al"hemist7s laboratory Broom 3?C and $hen
they had poured the lead over the bo;' > ruled
the emerald $as se"ured#
>f the players are ine;perien"ed' or not used to
planning of this sort' the G- may need to drop
some hints# 2or instan"e' telling the player of the
party7s magi"-user about similar things he or she
heard about during training might be enough#
Gravarthan $as out hunting $hen the emerald
$as "ra")ed' and upon his return $as surprised
by the green glo$# <hen the players approa"h
the fortress' Gravarthan $ill hide6 and if they are
su""essful' restoring the Du)e and the others in
the fortress to life' the dragon $ill leave the area#
>f the players find some $ay to leave $ithout
dealing $ith the emerald' the dragon $ill
"onfront them outside the fortress and demand it
B$hether they have it or notC# &his may "onvin"e
them to go ba") inside rather than being
Good onse!uences
>t should be obvious at this point that the player
"hara"ters are e;pe"ted to someho$ se"ure the
gemstone# <hat happens $hen this is
a""omplished depends a great deal on ho$
they do it' and so you' the G-' must improvise#
9ere are some things to )eep in mind%
>f the gemstone is se"ured $hile any player
"hara"ters are still in the treasure room' then they
$ill see 8adarin and :ylenne restored to life
before them Bassuming nothing has happened to
them $hile they $ere stoneC# Remember that
8adarin has Eust "aught his intended stealing his
most valuable treasure### he7s "onfused and
angry' and more importantly has no idea $hat7s
been going on around him sin"e the "ra")ing of
the Ee$el#
:ylenne $ill be understandably unhappy about
the 0sudden1 appearan"e of the adventurers in
the room' seeing them as some sort of magi"ally
summoned assistants to 8adarin# ,he might try to
tal) her $ay out of it $ith the Du)e' but more
li)ely she7ll surrender immediately Btrusting that
some opportunity to es"ape $ill present itself
later### this strategy has $or)ed for her beforeC#
&he adventurers $ill have to e;plain to the Du)e
$hat happened# &hough he initially might be
un$illing to believe them' a Dui") loo) around his
disheveled fortress $ill "ause him to reali=e that
they have saved him and his du"hy# f "ourse'
he $ill be saddened by the betrayal of :ylenne'
but his first thought $ill be of his people# -any of
his troops $ho $ere based in the fortress are
dead or missing' but he $ill "all up his reserves as
soon as he "an to repel the humanoid invaders
$andering about the du"hy#
As a re$ard' the Du)e $ill give ea"h player
"hara"ter 1'000 gp and a medal of honor B$orth
25 gp for its gold value' but $orth potentially
more if used as a sort of 0letter of
re"ommendation1 in friendly territoriesC#
Fortress o% the $ron &u'e BF Fort ress, !om", and !o#er
Bad onse!uences
<hat if something goes $rongG <hat if your
player "hara"ters' $hether intentionally or
a""identally' brea) the emerald and free
:haad)G 9ere are some suggestions%
,ccidental Brea'age: @ou might de"ide' if they
player "hara"ters $ere trying more or less
intelligently to deal $ith the problem' to go easy
on them# :haad) appears in a flash of green fire'
loo)ing li)e an ogre-si=ed human $ith pointed
ears Bsomething li)e an efreeti' a"tuallyC# &he fire
does 1d10 damage to all $ithin a 207 radius' $ith
no saving thro$ allo$ed# :haad) laughs
uproariously' then than)s the player "hara"ters
$ith mo") )indness% 0Ah' at last you have set me
freeH As > promised' > $ill spare your pitiful lives###
for no$# .ut $e may meet againH1
$ntentional Brea'age: ,o someone said' 0> hit it
$ith my $arhammerH1 > re"ommend you re$ard
this 0e;"ellent1 play $ith 1d100 damage to ea"h
"hara"ter in a 207 radius B$ith spe"ial effe"ts as
des"ribed aboveC# Roll separately for ea"h
"hara"ter' but be sure to leave at least one
player "hara"ter alive to see :haad)7s triumphant
appearan"e# 9e laughs' then spea)s as
des"ribed above#
At this point' if you don7t $ish to "arry on further
$ith :haad) as a maEor villain in your "ampaign'
he $ill disappear in a burst of foul-smelling
greenish smo)e# All those turned to stone $ithin
the fortress return to normal' but those )illed stay
.ut $hat if you thin) he7d ma)e a good long-term
villainG Read on%
The Rampage o# (haad': Rather than leaving
after spea)ing his pie"e Bas given aboveC'
:haad) stri)es Du)e 8adarin7s stony form'
smashing it into tiny pie"es# &hen he turns to
:ylenne' and $ith a $ave of his hand he returns
her to flesh# ,he7s disoriented' of "ourse' but
:haad) ta)es her fa"e in his hand and ma)es her
loo) at him# 0-y dear' a demon li)e myself
"annot remain material for long# > need a body'
and > li)e the loo)s of yoursH1 >n an instant he turns
to green vapor' $hi"h then enters :ylenne7s nose
and mouth# ,he "ollapses to the floor' apparently
dead### then in 1d3 rounds' arises surrounded by a
green glo$# 0Ah###1 she sighs' and then she $al)s
out of the room# 9er Armor Class at this point has
been enhan"ed by :haad)7s "haoti" magi"'
giving her an AC of 20' even though she is
$earing only a go$n# >f any player "hara"ters
oppose her' she $ill fight' atta")ing as a 10 9it Die
monster B$ith 3? 9it (ointsC t$i"e per round for
1d10 points per hit Bstri)ing $ith her fistsC# >n all
other $ays' she has :ylenne7s statisti"s#
:haad) )no$s all about Gravarthan and his
relationship $ith :ylenne' and upon leaving the
fortress he $ill see) out the dragon' pretending to
be her at first in order to get "lose# 9e $ill then
give the dragon an ultimatum% serve :haad) or
die# Gravarthan' upon learning that :haad)
doesn7t $ant any of his treasure' $ill agree to the
terms given and be"ome :haad)7s steed#
:haad) $ill then rally all the humanoids in the
area' sending them on intelligently planned but
other$ise random missions of destru"tion' $hile
he sets up his 0household1 in some nearby "liffside
"ave# 9e $ill ma)e o""asional forays as he sees
BF Fort ress, !om", and !o#er Fort ress o% the $ron &u'e
fit' but $ill not fight in person if he "an avoid it#
2urther adventuring of this sort is left to the
individual G-7s dis"retion#
-ther .otes: 2reeing :haad) removes the green
for"e field' Eust as repairing or se"uring the
emerald does#
Ma$or %Ps and Monsters
%&'e /adarin' 9uman -ale 2ighter 12
,1I >1J <13 D10 C11 Ch15 A. KL
9( 51

8adarin normally $ears gold-"olored platemail 01
and uses a golden longsword 01' both of $hi"h
$ere gifts from the d$arves of the nearby
mountains# 9o$ever' note that his armor and
$eapon have been ta)en by the evil +(Cs Bsee
belo$C' and he is unarmored $hen first
en"ountered in this adventure6 hen"e the
statisti"s above#
2ad (lenne' 9uman 2emale &hief 10
,1J >1J <? D1I C12 Ch1I A. K5 AC 1J
9( JL

Atta")s% dagger 01 at A. KI in melee for 1d3KJ
damage' or at A. KL as a missile doing 1d3K2
:ylenne normally $ears $hite leather armor 01
and uses a silver longsword 01, 03 4s5 giants' but
these items are not $ith her $hen she is first
en"ountered in this adventure# ,he does have a
slim dagger 01 in a s"abbard on her thigh' hidden
beneath her go$n#
Gra4arthan' <hite Dragon
Armor Class 1L
9it Di"e 4MM BA. K4C
9it (oints 30

+o# Atta")s 2 "la$sA1 bite or breathA1 tail
Damage 1dIA1dIA2d10 or breathA1dI
-ovement J07 2ly 407 B107C
,ave As 24
-orale 4
Gravarthan "an "ast these spells%
charm person, detect magic,
4entrilo6&ism, in4isibilit,
phantasmal #orce#
Fortress o% the $ron &u'e BF Fort ress, !om", and !o#er
'he %P Party
A group of evil +(Cs are using rooms JJ and J3
Bon the upper levelC as a base of operations $hile
loo)ing for the 0"ontainer1 holding :haad)# &his
group in"ludes%
E7an Thane' 9uman -ale &hief J' AC 1I Bleather
armor 01 $ith De;terity bonusC' A. K2' Atta")s%
longsword 01 BA. K3 for 1d4K2 damageC or
dagger BA. K2 in melee for 1d3 damage or A. K3
missile for 1d3 damageC or shortbo$ BA. K3 for
1dI damageC' -v 307
9( 12
5=an &hane is a native of Roslane' the "orrupt
nation to the north# 9e is of noble birth but $as
for"ed to live on the streets after his family $as
slain and their lands ta)en by another nobleman#
9e imagines that he is "ool' suave' and a natural
born leader but he is instead "o$ardly' snea)y'
and totally ruthless# 9is real name is 5tan &uran#
+ote that the longs$ord he is $ielding is the
Du)e7s $eapon' as des"ribed above#
)elana ,&reli&s' 9uman 2emale 2ighter J' AC 1L
Bplate mailC' A. K2' Atta")s% battle a8e 01 BA. K5
for 1d4KJ damage due to magi" and ,trength
bonusC or one dagger BA. K2 thro$n for 1d3
damage or A. K3 melee for 1d3K2 damageC'
-v 207
9( 20
-elana is strong' brutal and "ruel' but not all that
bright6 5=an hired her for prote"tion after
"onvin"ing her he $as royalty#
$# there are more than #i4e members in the player
"hara"ter party' "onsider adding 1-J men at
arms# &hey need not be named' but $ill be
human male fighters of level 1' fanati"ally loyal to
)an at ,rms, 2ighter 1' AC 15 B"hain mailC' A. K1'
Atta")s% longs$ord B1d4 damageC or spear B1dI
damageC' -v 207
9( 3 5
Fal&n' 9uman -ale -agi"-Fser J' AC 12 Bring o#
protection 01C' A. K1' Atta")s% dagger 01 BA. K2 in
melee for 1d3K1 damage6 $ill not thro$ this
daggerC or thro$n dagger BA. K1 for 1d3
damageC' -v 307
,pells% charm person' read lang&ages' web
9( 4
2aylun met 5=an and -elana $hile planning a
burglary of another $i=ard7s home6 they
su""essfully entered by stealth but then -elana
)illed the $i=ard in his sleep Bbe"ause she $anted
toC and they $ere for"ed to run from the "ity to
avoid prose"ution#
Carbori&s' 9uman -ale Cleri" 3% AC 1? B$ith
platemail 01C' A. K2' Atta")s% ma"e B1d4
damageC or sling B1d3 damageC' -v 157
,pells% ca&se #ear, light, hold person
9( 15
&his demon-priest $as "ursed after having failed
his master three times# 9is "urse is a badly
deformed leg' redu"ing his movement rate by
half# 9e has de"ided to see) another demon
master' and the "all of :haad) led him here# 9e
fell in $ith the other +(Cs $hen they $ere
"ornered by hobgoblins' and his magi" turned
the tide in their favor# 9e has be"ome the party
leader by sheer for"e of personality' but his
"ontrol over the others is sha)y at best# +ote that
the armor Carborius is $earing is the Du)e7s armor'
as des"ribed above#
BF Fort ress, !om", and !o#er Fort ress o% the $ron &u'e
)andering Monsters
Roll for $andering monster en"ounters every three
turns Bhalf hour of game timeC# &hey appear on a 1
on 1dI# &he G- may roll 1d12 on the table belo$'
or simply "hoose as desired# &his one $andering
monster table applies to both levels of the fortress#
1 1d9 B&gbears B? totalC
BAC15' 9D JK1' NAt 1 $eapon' Dam 1d4K1 or by
$eapon K1' -v J07' ,v 2J' -l ?C
9( 10
2-J 1d: Goblins B12 totalC
BAC13 B11C' 9D 1-1' NAt 1 $eapon' Dam 1dI or
by $eapon' -v 207 Fnarmored J07' ,v 21' -l LC
9( J 2
1 5
2 2
J 1
2 J
J 1
3-5 1d: ;obgoblins B4 totalC
BAC13 B11C' 9D 1' NAt 1 $eapon' Dam 1d4 or by
$eapon' -v J07 Fnarmored 307' ,v 21' -l 4C
9( J 5
5 J
5 4
3 I
I 1d9 (obolds B10 totalC
BAC1J B11C' 9D 1d3 9(' NAt 1 $eapon' Dam 1d3
or by $eapon' -v 207 Fnarmored J07' ,v +-' -l
9( J J
3 J
1 2
2 3
J 1
L-4 1d: -rcs B10 totalC
BAC13 B11C' 9D 1' NAt 1 $eapon' Dam 1d4 or by
$eapon' -v 307' ,v 21' -l 4C
9( J 1
5 4
2 5
5 I
4 J
?-11 1d: Giant Rats B1I totalC
BAC1J' 9D 1d3 9(' NAt 1 bite' Dam 1d3 K
disease' -v 307 ,$im 207' ,v 21' -l 4 C
&'()* (hese giant rats have glo+ing green eyes,
they +ere changed from normal rats to giant
rats by -haad.$s po+er.
9( 2 3
J 3
1 3
1 2
J 1
2 J
1 2
3 1
12 ."C "art Bsee page 5' aboveC
*ey to the +o,er +e-el
15 E.TR,.CE:
&he entran"e to the fortress is "arved into the
side of the mountain itself# >t7s about thirty feet
$ide and perhaps forty feet deep' and "losed
by a single large port"ullis on the outside and
t$o smaller ones inside# &he green glo$ "overs
the outer bars# @ou noti"e that something really
strong has bent the outer bars enough that you
may enter one at a time' if you dare to brave
the green glo$#
&he green glo$' $hi"h blan)ets the entire fortress'
does no harm to those passing through it from the
outside in Bthough it may ma)e those entering feel
as if inse"ts $ere "ra$ling over their s)inC#
9o$ever' anyone attempting to leave $ill be
prevented from doing so Bby a for"e fieldC and
further $ill suffer 1d3 damage on ea"h attempt#
Assuming that the party enters Band this $ill be a
short adventure if they don7tC' read the follo$ing%
&he entry hall is empty' save for dead leaves and
a "ouple of stains that loo) suspi"iously li)e
blood# &here are t$o port"ullises ahead of you'
one to the right and one to the left' $ith
hall$ays visible beyond#
Fortress o% the $ron &u'e BF Fort ress, !om", and !o#er
pening either port"ullis "an be done $ith a roll
of 1 on 1d20' again adEusting for ,trength bonus6 if
t$o "hara"ters $or) together' add their ,trength
bonuses Bi#e# K1 and K2 $ould be a total of KJ' for
a range of 1-3 on 1d20C#
&he port"ullises "an also be opened by the levers
in the east and $est rooms#
15 <E=T R--):
@ou see an armored guard $earing the livery of
the Du)e sitting on a ben"h beside t$o large
levers protruding from the far $all# As you open
the door' he raises his eyes to you' and you see a
dagger hilt protruding from his right eye so")et#
9e grins horribly and stands' slo$ly lifting his
&his room is empty save for the =ombie Bthe former
gate guardC and the ben"h and lever' as
ne lever is mar)ed 0A1 and one is mar)ed 0.1#
!o$ering both levers mar)ed 0.1 Bthat is' the one
in this room and the one in room JC $ill open the
t$o inner port"ullises# !o$ering both levers
mar)ed 0A1 results in a loud sDuealing noise for a
fe$ rounds Bthese levers should open the outer
port"ullis' but the me"hanism is EammedC#
>ombie: AC 12' 9D 2' -8 207' NAt 1' Dam 1-4'
,v 22' -l 12
9( 4
35 E,=T R--):
!ying on the floor of this room is the dead body
of one of the Du)e7s guards' being eaten by
giant ratsH
After the fight has been resolved' read the
follo$ing to any survivors%
+o$ that you have a "han"e to loo) around'
you see a ben"h against the far $all' $ith t$o
large levers protruding from the $all above it#
ne lever is mar)ed 0A1 and one is mar)ed 0.1#
!o$ering both levers mar)ed 0.1 Bthat is' the one
in this room and the one in room 2C $ill open the
t$o inner port"ullises# !o$ering both levers
mar)ed 0A1 results in a loud sDuealing noise for a
fe$ rounds Bthese levers should open the outer
port"ullis' but the me"hanism is EammedC#
Giant Rats: AC 1J' 9D O' -8 307' NAt 1'
Dam 1d3 K disease' ,v 21' -l 4
9( 3 1
95 =ECRET ;,22<,?: &his hall$ay runs from one
obvious se"ret door Bobvious from the insideC to
another# 5a"h is opened from the outside by
pressing a PlooseP stone' or from the inside by
turning a handle' and ea"h has a tiny peephole
that "an be used from the inside to see the
hall$ay outside#
Another Ploose stoneP Bdete"ted as a se"ret doorC
in the east side $all near ea"h se"ret door may
be pressed to disable both pit traps# ther$ise'
ea"h pit opens $hen at least 200 pounds B2000
"nC of $eight is pla"ed upon it' dropping those on
the trap door 207 to a hard floor belo$# 5a"h
"hara"ter $ho might have been on a trapdoor
$hen it opened gets a save vs# Death Ray to
avoid falling6 the D- may allo$ the players to
add any De;terity bonus $hen ma)ing this roll' but
if this is done the D- should reDuire anyone $ith a
De;terity penalty to apply it also#
+ote again that the disarming devi"es for the pits
$or) on both pits at the same time# &his hall$ay
represents a Prabbit holeP do$n $hi"h one or
more defenders may flee' so disarming one pit
automati"ally disarms the other# 5a"h pit resets
itself after 5 rounds' and the disarming devi"e
does the same#
55 GREE. =2$)E:
&his room appears to be some sort of storeroom#
A number of smashed "rates and barrels may be
seen# &here is also a shiny green puddle of liDuid
on the floor near the $re")age#
Green =lime: AC nil' 9D 2MM' -8 17' NAt 1'
Dam spe"ial' ,v 22' -l 12
9( 12
BF Fort ress, !om", and !o#er Fort ress o% the $ron &u'e
:5 =T-RER--):
&his room appears to be a storeroom for
ammunition# Crates mar)ed 0Arro$s' ,hortbo$'1
0Arro$s' !ongbo$'1 0.olts' 9eavy'1 and 0.olts'
!ight1 are piled up against the side and ba")
$alls# *ust inside the room' beside the door' is a
mop' a s"rub brush and a $ooden bu")et#
&he "rates have all been opened' and are not
more than a Duarter full# &hey "ontain a total of
120 shortbo$ arro$s' 45 longbo$ arro$s' 220
heavy "rossbo$ bolts' and 1L5 light "rossbo$
@5 <,RR$-R TR,$.$.G R--):
&his room appears to have been used for $arrior
training6 $eapon ra")s line the $alls' and a
variety of large mats are visible on the floor# >n
the far right-hand "orner' someone has piled up
$eapon ra")s and ben"hes to form a sort of
barri"ade' and you thin) you see eyes loo)ing
out at you from behind it#
&here are several )obolds here' survivors of a tribe
de"imated by the Du)e7s men# &hey $ere dra$n
to the fortress by :haad)7s "all' but no$ are fearful
of all the larger' tougher monsters in the dungeon#
&he )obolds $on7t atta") those $ho enter the
room right a$ay6 rather they $ill $ait until
someone approa"hes the barri"ade $ithin 207' at
$hi"h time they $ill thro$ their daggers Bat the
usual -2 to hitC and then dra$ their shorts$ords
and prepare for battle#
Reg&lar (obolds: AC 1J' 9D O' -8 207' NAt 1' Dam
1d3 dagger' 1dI-1 shorts$ord' ,v +-' -l I
9( 3 1
(obold G&ards: AC 13' 9D 1' -8 207' NAt 1'
Dam 1d3 dagger' 1dI shorts$ord' ,v 21' -l 4
9( 4
(obold Chie#tain: AC 15' 9D 2' -8 207' NAt 1' Dam
1d3 dagger' 1dIK1 shorts$ord' ,v 22' -l 4'
9( ?
+5 ",.TR?:
2ive small' ugly humanoids are in this "luttered
room' apparently eating preserved meats and
fruits from Ears they have bro)en open# &hey loo)
at you $ith obvious mali"e###
&his is a small raiding party of goblins dra$n in by
:haad)7s "all# &hey Eust arrived' and don7t )no$
anything# A fight $ill surely ensue6 don7t forget to
"he") for surprise on both sides# After the battle is
over' read the follo$ing to the survivors%
&his room appears to be a pantry6 shelves line
the $alls and are loaded do$n $ith various
Goblins: AC 13' 9D 1-1' -8 207' NAt 1' Dam 1dI'
,v 21' -l L
9( 2 2
5 L
*5 ($TC;E.:
@ou are pretty sure this $as the )it"hen#
Ama=ingly lifeli)e statues of one male and t$o
female "oo)s are posed as if preparing a meal'
and foodstuffs' apparently real' are arranged
appropriately# &he stoves and ovens appear
"old' ho$ever' and vermin appear to have
spoiled the food#
&he statues $ere' of "ourse' the real "oo)ing staff'
turned to stone by :haad)7s magi"#
A spitting "obra is in the room' having follo$ed
the trail of several rats here# >t hides beneath one
of the tables6 a thorough sear"h $ill almost
"ertainly disturb it' but if it "an flee $ithout a fight
it $ill do so#
=pitting Cobra: AC 1J' 9D 1M' -8 J07' NAt 1 bite or
1 spit' Dam 1d3 K poison or save vs# poison or be
blinded' ,v 21' -l L
9( L
Fortress o% the $ron &u'e BF Fort ress, !om", and !o#er
1A5 %$.$.G ;,22:
&his appears to be a dining room# A large table
dominates the room' and arrayed around it are
statues of noble men and $omen apparently
eating dinner# &here is real food on the table'
though it appears to have been spoiled by some
vermin# @ou noti"e that there are several seats
left empty' in"luding the seat at the head of the
table as $ell as the seat to the right of the head#
8arious +(Cs mentioned else$here in this module
may be found among these statues' in"luding
,tephan De,ant' the Du)e7s personal $i=ard#
A tenta"le $orm is hiding beneath the table# >t
$ill try to surprise any living "reatures $hi"h enter
the room#
Tentacle <orm: AC 1J' 9D JM' -v 307'
NAt I tenta"les' Dam (aralysis' ,v 2J' -l ?
9( 14
115 ,.TER--):
&his strangely-shaped room is empty save for a
mosai"-tiled al"ove "ontaining a pair of
"rystalline statues#
&he statues are animated' of "ourse#
2i4ing Crstal =tat&es: AC 1I' 9D J' -8 J07' NAt 2'
Dam 1dIA1dI' ,v 2J' -l 12
9( 4
115 F-B.T,$. R--):
&his room "ontains a small fountain "entered
along the $est $all# &o the left and right of the
fountain hang tapestries6 the one on the right
depi"ts Du)e 8adarin' sitting on his throne in his
full du"al regalia holding a large emerald in his
right hand# 9e appears to be regarding it
thoughtfully# &he other depi"ts a $oman in silver
plate mail armor riding a $hite dragon6 :ylenne
the Courageous' no doubt#
ther than the things des"ribed above' the room
is empty# &he fountain is entirely ordinary' and
"ontains "old' "lean $ater fit for drin)ing#
135 B,RR,C(=:
&his room appears to be a barra")s# .eds and
lo")ers line the $alls to the left and right6 all are
in perfe"t order e;"ept for the last one on the
9iding behind the last bed on the left is one of the
Du)e7s guards' *aref' $ho has been driven insane
by :haad)7s magi"# 9e $ill atta") if approa"hed6
if the party leaves $ithout investigating his
unmade bed' he $ill try to snea) up behind them
Bthough he is hardly a thief and is $earing
platemail armorC# *aref is armed $ith a
Care# the )ad: AC 1L' 9D 1' -v 207' NAt 1'
Dam 1d4K1' ,v 21' -l 11
9( 2
195 =C;--2R--):
!ined up in this room are several narro$ des)s
$ith ben"hes behind them' all fa"ing the east
$all# &he east $all has a broad des) flan)ed by
several easels $ith displays on them# A small
"ase of boo)s is in the north$est "orner# A small
table in the southeast "orner holds a planetary
globe and several lead statues of "reatures#
&he lead statues in"lude a dragon' a troll' and a
$hale# &he papers on the easels in"lude a simple
map of the lo"al region' a "hart of lo"al noble
family trees' and a display of "oats of arms#
n the main tea"hers des) are several si;-sided
di"e $ith spots atop a sheet of paper titled
PRA+D- +F-.5R,P "ontaining a simple
dis"ourse on die rolls and random numbers#
&he appointments of this room may sound simple
but are high Duality% stained' lu;urious hard $oods
$ith de"orative s"rolling for the ben"hes and
tables' for e;ample#
BF Fort ress, !om", and !o#er Fort ress o% the $ron &u'e
155 2$BR,R?:
&his room is a small library' "ontaining a single
library table and boo)shelves lining the $alls#
&he boo)s are all "ommon edu"ational $or)s6
none appear to be magi"al in nature#
A giant "rab spider is hanging from the "eiling
above the $est door to the room# >t $ill attempt
to atta") $ith surprise as soon as any "hara"ters
enter the room#
Giant Crab =pider: AC 1J' 9D 2M' -8 307' NAt 1'
Dam 1d4 K poison' ,v 22' -l L
9( L
1:5 F$TT$.G R--):
&his room has a tile floor "overed $ith a large
rug# &he $alls of the room are "overed $ith filmy
translu"ent fabri" that moves $ith the slight
bree=e "aused by opening the door# >n the
middle of the room is a "urtain made of the
same fabri"6 through the translu"ent fabri" you
"an see a manli)e figure that appears to have
no headH
&he figure is a dressma)er7s dummy' $hi"h is
P$earingP the $edding dress made for !ady
:ylenne# <hen the player "hara"ters finally
dis"over this' they $ill li)ely be relieved# 1d3
rounds later' the $edding dress $ill rise up from
the dummy and atta")H
Enchanted <edding %ress: AC 11' 9D O'
-8 2ly 307' NAt 1' Dam 1d2' ,v -5' -l 12
9( J
1@5 BBTC;ER:
&his room appears to belong to a but"her6
indeed' a in"redibly lifeli)e statue of one holding
a "arving )nife and a slab of meat $ith a bite
ta)en out of it stands ne;t to a table# @ou
observe that many other meats lie around the
shelves and on the floor' and most have been
eaten to some degree# ,e"onds later'
abnormally huge rats $ith a green aura
surrounding them s)itter out from under the
table' baring their $i")edly sharp fangs#
&he rats $ere Eust ordinary-si=ed rats $hen
:haad)7s po$er overtoo) the fortress' enlarging
them and petrifying the but"her# &hey have sin"e
s"attered about the "astle' but eight remain here#
Giant Rats: AC 1J' 9D O' -8 307' NAt 1'
Dam 1d3 K disease' ,v 21' -l 4
9( 1 J 2 J
2 2 2 1
1+5 =CB2"T-RD= <-R(R--):
&he $alls and floor of this room are "overed in
heavy "anvas# >n the middle of the room are
t$o statues' one of a large' bald man $earing
only trousers and boots' the other of a beautiful
$oman $earing platemail armor# &he statue of
the man fa"es a$ay from you6 you "an see that
it holds a hammer in its right hand and a "hisel in
its left#
n the floor' stone "hips are s"attered around
randomly' and a pile of "hips has been s$ept
into the far "orner# &here is a table in another
"orner $ith papers s"attered on it6 some of the
papers have fallen to the floor#
&he statue of the bald man is the famous s"ulptor
!ire)os' $ho $as turned to stone Eust as he finished
"arving a statue of !ady :ylenne# &he statue of
:ylenne is less realisti" than the 0statue1 of !ire)os'
$hi"h the player "hara"ters $ill noti"e if they
study them# &he papers on the table are s)et"hes
of !ady :ylenne6 if the (Cs loo) they $ill find a
"har"oal dra$ing sti") on the table also#
&here are no monsters or treasure here#
1*5 =(E2ET-. C2-=ET:
>f any "hara"ter approa"hes $ithin 107 of the door
to this room' read the follo$ing%
As you approa"h the door' it suddenly flies open
and s)eletons armed $ith pi")s rush out to
&he s)eletons surprise on 1-3 on 1dI due to the
suddenness of the atta")#
Fortress o% the $ron &u'e BF Fort ress, !om", and !o#er
1A ='eletons: AC 1J Bhalf damage from edged
$eaponsC' 9D 1' -v 307' NAt 1' Dam 1dI' ,v 21'
-l 12
9( I 3
3 L
1A5 B,RR,C(=:
Ro$s of $ooden framed bun)s line this room --
three beds high' t$o bun)s per ten foot se"tion#
Fnder ea"h set of bun)s are three $ooden
bo;es# &he northeast "orner is "lear of bun)s and
has a table and five "hairs' $hile the
southeastern "orner is partitioned by a $ooden
$all that stops a foot short of the "eiling and has
a three foot $ide opening fa"ing north#
-oving about in among the bun)s' rifling
through the bo;es' are seven man-si=ed
&he humanoids are hobgoblins ready for a fight#
@ ;obgoblins: AC 13' 9D 1' NAt 1 longs$ord'
Dam 1d4' -v J07' ,v 21' -l 4
9( L 5
2 L
J 2
.ehind the partition are t$o beds' a table and
des)' and t$o "hairs# &he $ooden bo;es "ontain
"lothing and personal effe"ts for the soldiers#
+othing of value $ill be found $ithin#
115 B,RR,C(=:
Ro$s of $ooden framed bun)s line this room --
three beds high' t$o bun)s per ten foot se"tion#
Fnder ea"h set of bun)s are three $ooden
bo;es# &he southeast "orner is "lear of bun)s
and has a table and five "hairs' $hile the
northeastern "orner is partitioned by a $ooden
$all that stops a foot short of the "eiling and has
a three foot $ide opening fa"ing north#
&russed up on t$o of the bun)s are female
figures in summer dresses' gagged and pleading
$ith their fa"es for res"ue#
&he t$o figures are not damsels in distress' they are
thieves# ne' Garalia' is a petite blond $ho is also
a master at )not tying and has trussed them both
up to ma)e it loo) li)e they are "aptured# >f left to
their o$n' eventually she7ll $iggle free as if by
a""ident# &he brunette' ,asha' is a bit rotund# ,he
a"ts all blubbery but is sharp as a dagger#
>f res"ued they blabber about ho$ Pthe
hobgoblinsP "aught them and $ere planning to
do $ho-)no$s-$hat $ith them# &hey "laim to be
nothing spe"ial' Eust young ladies $ho $ere going
to attend the $edding# .oth ladies refuse to $ear
armor or use $eapons' and if for"ed to $ill a"t
"lumsy# 9o$ever' given an opportunity they $ill
steal $eapons' ta)e anything valuable they "an
easily "arry' and disappear#
&heir eDuipment is stashed in t$o of the bo;es
under the bun)s Bbut not the ones they are trussed
up onC% leather armor' short s$ords and daggers#
n or under the table in the "orner partitioned off
for offi"ers is a $ee) of rations' a lantern' t$o flas)s
of oil' flint and steel' t$o large sa")s' a ba")pa")'
a sat"hel and other items#
.ehind the partition are t$o beds' a table and
des)' and t$o "hairs# &he $ooden bo;es "ontain
"lothing and personal effe"ts for the soldiers#
+othing of value $ill be found $ithin#
Garalia, ;&man Female Thie# 1: AC 13' 9D 1d3'
A. K1 NAt 1 $eapon' Dam 1dI or by $eapon'
-v 307' ,v &1' -l L
,11 >15 BK1C <10 D14 BKJC C11 Ch1L BK2C
9( 2
=asha, ;&man Female Thie# 1: AC 1J' 9D 1d3'
A. K1' NAt 1 $eapon' Dam 1dI or by $eapon'
-v 307' ,v &1' -l L
,? >1I BK2C <1J BK1C D1L BK2C C1J BK1C Ch1J BK1C
9( J
GM Note: /ince the 0thief in disguise0 ploy is
common for e1perienced players the "# might
simply have the girls dressed in leather armor
carrying short s+ords and daggers and boldly
offering to 2oin the party.
115 ;,22<,?:
&he se"ret doors from rooms 20 and 21 are plainly
visible from the hall$ay side' and in fa"t have
obvious handles to open them#
BF Fort ress, !om", and !o#er Fort ress o% the $ron &u'e
135 =TE,) R--):
&he $alls of this room are lined $ith stone
ben"hes# A large bra=ier o""upies the "enter of
the room' and an empty bu")et rests on the floor
near the south doors#
&he $alls and floor of this room are tiled6 the tiles
on the $all form a mosai" depi"ting "louds in
the s)y# A large se"tion of the $all tiles have
been removed from the $est $all and are lying
on the floor in a heap#
Du)e 8adarin has ordered the tiles "hanged to
depi"t a dragon flying in the "louds' but the $or)
has only Eust begun# &he artist' Cauliff' is in room
25' belo$#
&here are no monsters or treasure in this room#
195 T-<E2 R--):
-any $hite linen to$els hang from ra")s on the
east $all of this room# Against the $est $all you
see a large $ashtub and a $hite statue of a
$oman leaning over it# ,he7s dressed in the
"lothes of a servant#
&here are no monsters or treasure in this room#
155 )-=,$C R--):
&his room is a mess# ,ta")s of "olored glass shards
lie on $oolen rags beside $ith bu")ets of plaster#
A man is on his )nees fa"ing the north $all'
ro")ing ba") and forth# As soon as anyone
enters he $ill glan"e ba") at them' sho$ing a
$orried' dirty fa"e $ith a s"raggly beard# 9e
loo)s almost normal' but then turns ba") to the
$all' saying absentmindedly' P> had to move the
du)e over' but did > leave enough room for herGP
&he man is named Cauliff' and he7s an artist hired
to redo the mosai"s in this room# &he $all he is
fa"ing on"e had a full length mosai" but no$
most of it is bare' $ith pat"hy remnants of plaster
and glue on it# A $ell done image of the du)e is
on the east end' right hand stret"hed out as if
rea"hing to hold someone else7s hand# 5mpty
spa"es around it sho$ that it $as moved and not
fully "ompleted yet#
>f approa"hed' the man is Duite "ra=y# >t is useless
to tal) $ith him unless he is "ured of madness
B$hi"h $ill happen if the threat of :haad) is
eliminated as des"ribed in the G-7s >nformation
se"tion' aboveC#
>f left alone' the man begins pi")ing up a brush
dipped in sti")y glue and putting pie"es on the
$all# P,he7s a pretty $oman' isn7t sheGP he mutters#
As he $or)s he "arefully "onstru"ts the image of a
huge green gem# &hen he blin)s' says' P&hat7s not
herH <ho did thatGP (eeling the pie"es off the
$all' he slumps to the floor on his )nees' ro")ing'
and muttering' P> had to move the du)e over# Do >
have enough spa"e for herGP
>t is unli)ely that the player "hara"ters $ill fight the
mad artist' but if they do' his statisti"s are as
Ca&li##: AC 11' 9D O' -v 307' NAt 1' Dam 1d3
Btro$elC' ,v +-' -l I
9( J
1:5 =B.(E. B,T;:
A large sun)en bath o""upies mu"h of the
northern end of this room' from $hi"h steam rises
invitingly# ,everal stone ben"hes $ith marble
tops are in the southeast area#
&he bath is full of steaming hot $ater# &he room is
brightly lit by contin&al light spells "ast on lanterns
hanging on ornate brass hoo)s overhead#
1@5 ?E22-< "E%E=T,2:
&his room is entirely empty' save for an irregular
yello$ pillar in the "enter of the room# &he pillar
is about four feet tall and about t$o feet in
diameter at the base' tapering to about a foot
in diameter at the top# >t is lumpy and shiny' as if
made of "andle $a;#
>f e;amined "losely' read the follo$ing%
5mbedded in the top of the pillar is a smooth'
glossy $hite stone' an opal perhaps#
>f the stone is tou"hed' it $ill be found to be an
illusion# 2d3 rounds later' that "hara"ter $ill see a
floating eyeball hovering nearby' $at"hing# &he
eyeball is an illusion6 treat it as having an AC of 22
if atta")ed# A su""essful stri)e against the eyeball
"auses it to disappear# nly the "hara"ter $ho
Fortress o% the $ron &u'e BF Fort ress, !om", and !o#er
tou"hed the stone $ill be able to see the eyeball'
and if more than one "hara"ter tou"hes it' ea"h
$ill get his or her o$n illusionary eyeball#
>f unmolested' any illusionary eyeballs $ill follo$
their vi"tims' apparently $at"hing' until :haad) is
"ontained or freed# &he eyes do not a"tually see
anything Bi#e# they are not any sort of s"rying
devi"eC6 they are Eust here to be "reepy#
1+5 C,/ER. TE)"2E:
&he $alls of this room are "overed $ith murals
depi"ting pastoral s"enes# ,tanding on a dais in
the southeast "orner of the room is a statue
$hi"h appears to be of 5n-&eare' god of
$isdom6 the head of the statue has been
smashed' but you re"ogni=e the god by the
boo) and Duill he holds in his hands#
A nest of giant "entipedes has ta)en up residen"e
behind the statue6 they $ill atta") anyone $ho
approa"hes' surprising on 1-J on 1dI#
+ Giant Centipedes: AC 11' 9D O' NAt 1'
Dam (oison Bsave at K2C' -v 307' ,v +-' -l L
9( J 2
3 J
2 J
2 J
*ey to the 233er +e-el
1*5 <,=;R--):
&his room is brightly lit by contin&al light spells
"ast on orbs in the "eiling# <ash basins line the
south $all behind $hi"h a mirror is "entered# A
small table $ith t$o padded "hairs o""upies the
dead spa"e on the north $all# A pile of to$els' a
shaving ra=or' soap' "ombs' brushes' bottles of
s"ented $ater' a bottle of spirits' and other items
litter the table# >n one "hair sits the statue of a
barber' $ith a surprised e;pression on its fa"e#
ther than the items des"ribed above' this room is
3A5 GRE,T ;,22:
&his room is filled $ith round tables and "hairs#
5a"h table and "hair set is in a slightly different
style' and ea"h has an area rug underneath it6
ea"h rug is also uniDue' some being re"tangular
and others "ir"ular' and ea"h having a distin"t
At the far end of the room is a large firepla"e'
$ith a fire bla=ing $ithin it6 that end of the room
appears to be illuminated magi"ally' $hile the
near end has no illumination of its o$n# ,itting
around a table near the firepla"e is an unli)ely
group% three $omen' t$o men' and three ugly'
pigli)e humanoids# ne of the men is standing
up and holding out a $ineglass' $hi"h one of
the humanoids is filling from a $ine bottle' $hile
the other humanoids are drin)ing from their o$n
>n fa"t' the humans in the room are petrified6 the
man standing $as holding forth on some subEe"t
or another $hen :haad)7s magi" $as released#
&he or"s are drin)ing the $ine the people left on
the table and ma)ing fun of them' but $hen they
noti"e the adventurers' they7ll pi") up their spears
and atta")#
&he or"s have an
uneasy tru"e $ith
the urgoblin in room
J1' belo$' but if the
urgoblin hears them
fighting adventurers'
he7ll try to snea) up
behind them and
atta")' fighting on
the or"7s side for as
long as the
adventurers last Bor
until the or"s fail a
morale "he")C#
-rcs: AC 13' 9D 1'
-v 307' NAt 1 spear'
Dam 1dI' ,v 21' -l 4
9( I
BF Fort ress, !om", and !o#er Fort ress o% the $ron &u'e
315 2-B.GE:
>n this room you see a large' ugly humanoid
sitting in an easy "hair' apparently asleep' $ith a
longs$ord laying a"ross its lap#
&he humanoid is an urgoblin6 remember that they
loo) Eust li)e hobgoblins' so if the adventurers have
met hobgoblins before they $ill almost "ertainly
thin) they are fa"ing one#
And it7s not really asleep# &he "hair is in the far
"orner of the room' and a large "ir"ular rug
"overs the floor of the middle of the room# As
soon as any adventurer is on the rug' the urgoblin
$ill grab it and pull6 it is very strong' so even if
there are several adventurers on the rug' it "an
probably still pull the rug out from under them#
&hose $ho have the rug pulled from under them
must save vs# Death Ray B$ith De;terity bonus
appliedC or fall do$n6 no damage is done' but
those $ho fall "annot fight in the first round' and
the urgoblin gets a bonus of K2 to hit any
"hara"ter $ho has fallen#
After pulling the rug' the urgoblin $ill begin to fight
$ith its s$ord6 if the or"s in room J0 have not been
en"ountered yet' they $ill hear the fight
immediately and $ill Eoin the fight t$o rounds later
Bon the urgoblin7s side' though they are not friendly
Brgoblin: AC 13' 9D 2M' -8 J07' NAt 1 $eapon'
Dam 1d4' ,v 22' -l ?
9( 1I
315 G,R%E.:
@ou see before you a garden open to the s)y'
overgro$n and un)empt loo)ing# @ou "an see
the green glo$ above you' barring your e;it in
that dire"tion#
A narro$ path$ay of rounded river ro") leads
a$ay into the overgro$th#
&he 0bushy1 areas on the map represent various
$ildly-gro$ing flo$ering plants# -any are thorny'
and all are very dense' ma)ing movement
through them slo$ and diffi"ult#
&here are several en"ounter areas in this room'
mar)ed $ith letters%
31a5 ;idden "athwa:
&here is an overgro$n path$ay here leading to
area J2e# &reat it as a se"ret door for purposes of
dis"overy' but a$ard a K1 bonus to dete"tion rolls#
+ormal "hara"ters dete"t the path$ay at a
glan"e on 1 on 1dI' or on a sear"h on 1-2 on 1dI#
5lves apply their normal K1 bonus on top of this'
dete"ting at a glan"e on 1-2 on 1dI or on a
sear"h on 1-J on 1dI#
31b5 Blood Rose:
5a"h of the lo"ations on the map labeled 0b1 is
o""upied by a blood rose' and all are $hite Bi#e#
thirstyC# &here are four total# +ote the nar"oti"
effe"t of the s"ent of the blood rose### any
"hara"ter approa"hing one must save vs# (oison
or be"ome befuddled' dropping anything "arried
and submitting to the blood rose#
9 Blood Roses: AC 1J' 9D JM' NAt 2 K .lood Drain'
Dam 1dI' -v 17' ,v 22' -l 12
9( 15
31c5 Fo&ntain:
Fpon first sight you see $hat loo)s li)e a statue of
the du)e standing in "eremonial armor $ith one
arm raising a s$ord to the heavens' his fa"e
-oving "loser the player "hara"ters see that the
man loo)s similar to the du)e but older and has
various features that do not mat"h the du)e'
$hile standing almost unnoti"ed on his left side is
a young boy $ho loo)s very mu"h li)e the du)e#
&his is a memorial of the du)e7s father#
&he statue is on a heavily de"orated "olumn t$o
feet high over a $ide basin of $ater# ,mall holes
ring the base of the "olumn and every turn Bon
the turnC $ater fountains up for a fe$ rounds#
Fortress o% the $ron &u'e BF Fort ress, !om", and !o#er
31d5 ;angman Trees:
At this lo"ation there are a pair of hangman trees#
&hey $ill atta") anyone $ho "omes $ithin rea"h#
1 ;angman Trees: AC 1I' 9D 5' NAt 3 limbs plus
strangle' Dam 1dI' -v 0' ,v 23' -l 12
9( 22


31e5 2o4erDs Retreat:
&$o ornate marble ben"hes gra"e this elegant'
se"luded grove# ,eated on one ben"h you see
statues of a young man and a young $oman'
&here are no monsters or treasure here#
335 =$TT$.G R--):
&he +(C party is using this room' and room J3'
belo$' as a base of operations# ,ee the 0+(C
(arty1 se"tion for details# &he des"ription belo$
omits the +(Cs6 the G- should add them to the
des"ription if they are present $hen the party
&his room has a large' fan"y re"tangular rug in
the "enter of the floor# Arranged on opposite
sides of the rug are a pair of high-ba")ed'
padded ben"hes6 they are set out from the $all
far enough to allo$ people to $al) behind
them# ,mall side tables are positioned at ea"h
end of ea"h of the ben"hes# A $riting des) $ith
a padded "hair o""upies the southeast "orner
of the room# &he room is illuminated by t$o
elaborately detailed lanterns hanging from
hoo)s on ea"h of the side $alls#
ther than any gear left behind by the +(C party'
this room is empty# !i)e most of the other lanterns
in this dungeon' the lanterns in this room are
illuminated by contin&al light spells#
Carborius and 5=an &hane bun) here' sleeping on
the ben"hes6 any men-at-arms in servi"e to
-elana also sleep here' on the floor#
395 BE%R--):
&he +(C party is using this room' and room JJ'
above' as a base of operations# ,ee the 0+(C
(arty1 se"tion for details# &he des"ription belo$
omits the +(Cs6 the G- should add them to the
des"ription if they are present $hen the party
&his room is obviously a bedroom# >t is simply
furnished and neat' but the furnishings are all of
very high Duality# A large bed is "entered on the
north $all' $ith a large "hest at the foot# An
armoire stands in ea"h of the north "orners# A
$ashstand o""upies the southeast "orner# &he
room is illuminated by a fan"y lantern pla"ed on
a side table beside the head of the bed#
-elana bun)s here# >f surprised' she may be
found $ith one of her men-at-arms or $ith 5=an
&hane' in flagrante delicto#
&his $as :ylenne7s room# &he north$est armoire
"ontains her "lothing' $hile the other one is
empty# &he "hest "ontains additional bed"lothes6
folded up in a blan)et at the bottom of the "hest
is a set of thieves7 tools and a dagger 01#
&he lanterns are illuminated by contin&al light
355 /,B2T:
>n this room you see statues of a man and
$oman' fa"ing ea"h other# .oth are dressed in
fine "lothing' the sort $hi"h $ould be
appropriate to $ear to a noble7s $edding feast#
&he man is near you' fa"ing a$ay' $hile the
$oman is on the far side of the room' fa"ing you6
she is bent for$ard $ith a loo) of loss on her
n the floor bet$een them lies a huge' glo$ing
emerald# &he Ee$el has a "ra") in it' and from
the "ra") a glo$ing greenish mist is streaming
li)e the smo)e from a "andle#
.ehind the female statue are several "hests of
various si=es' piled against the $all# ne is open'
and $ithin it you see sa")s that appear to be
bulging $ith "oins#
&he statues are the petrified forms of Du)e 8adarin
and :ylenne' of "ourse# >f any "hara"ter inspe"ts
BF Fort ress, !om", and !o#er Fort ress o% the $ron &u'e
8adarin7s stony form' he $ill be seen to be
s"o$ling in angry surprise#
&hree rounds after the first adventurer enters the
room' they $ill hear a voi"e%
,uddenly the emerald begins to glo$ more
strongly' and you hear a haughty voi"e% 0At last
you have "omeH 2ree me and > $ill re$ard youH
2ree me' > beg youH
&he voi"e is :haad)' and freeing him $ould be a
mista)e# ,ee the G-7s >nformation se"tion' above'
for details of the "onseDuen"es#
&he treasure in the room is the property of Du)e
8adarin' of "ourse6 anyone ta)ing treasure from
this room $ill li)ely be treated as a "riminal if Du)e
8adarin is restored#
The %&'eDs Treas&re:
=mall Chest (open): ,mall sa") "ontaining 200 gp'
one ne")la"e $orth J'000 gp' one ne")la"e
$orth 1'000 gp#
=mall Chest: ,mall sa") "ontaining 200 pp' t$o
pearls $orth 100 gp ea"h#
=mall Chest: ,mall sa") "ontaining 200 gp' three
large amber Ee$els $orth 500 gp ea"h#
2arge Chest: &hree small sa")s "ontaining 200 gp
ea"h' large sa") "ontaining 300 sp' large sa")
"ontaining 300 ep' small sa") "ontaining J2
assorted gems $orth an average 100 gp ea"h#
2arge Chest: !arge sa") "ontaining 300 gp' small
sa") "ontaining 200 pp' large sa") "ontaining 300
"p' and a potion o# gaseo&s #orm#
3:5 T;R-.E R--):
&his spa"ious room is broad' "lean and abla=e
$ith light and "olor# &he "eiling is thirty feet high'
supported by grand ar"hes# Colored s)ylights
along the rim of the "eiling allo$ light to glare
do$n during the day# &apestries line the $alls'
along $ith ornate "andelabras bla=ing $ith
"andles that never seem to melt do$n any
further than the in"h or so they have lost so far#
&he floor is "olorful fle")ed marble% greens along
the $al)$ay from entran"e to dais' and $hite-
fle")ed reds else$here# &$o ornate thrones sit
fa"ing north on the dais' flan)ed by three lesser
ones on ea"h side# !eft and right of the dais are
single tall human statues $ith pole arms $ith
pinions# &$o ro$s of four short' ornate statues
line the $ay from the door to the thrones' $ith a
ninth standing in front of one at the
&he statues are of d$arves dressed up in ornate
"ourt "lothing' "omplete $ith s$ords and helms'
and pra"ti"ing a salute# &he ninth one $as the
leader and $as inspe"ting the Ea")et button of
one $hen they $ere "aught by the $ave of
magi" and turned to stone#
ne of the human statues $ith the pole arms is
positioned to at least partially blo") the se"ret
door Bif it opens south or slides aside or up' the
statue blo")s some of the vie$6 if it opens north'
the statue blo")s it from being opened su"h that
only one person "an e;it at a timeC#
&he "andles in the "andelabra are artisti" fa)es
that are not removable6 they glo$ due to a
contin&al light effe"t#
3@5 GB,R% R--):
Fnli)e many of the rooms in this dungeon' this
room presently has no illumination# &he G- must
ta)e this into a""ount $hen des"ribing the room#
&his is obviously a guard room# An open ar"h$ay
is "entered in the east $all# An entirely empty
$eapon ra") o""upies the eastern t$enty feet
of the north $all6 it appears to have been
"onstru"ted to hold longs$ords' shorts$ords'
pole arms' and bo$s# A table surrounded by si;
"hairs is in the south$est "orner# A des) is
positioned on the east side of the room' near the
south $all# A man is seated behind the des)'
bent over $ith his head lying on his arms# 9is
"lothes are very ragged loo)ing#
&he 0man1 behind the des) is a $ight# >t $ill stand
up and atta") immediately if approa"hed#
<ight: AC 15 Bhit only by silver or magi" $eaponsC'
9D JM' -8 J07' NAt 1' Dam energy drain' ,v 2J'
-l 12
9( 10
Fortress o% the $ron &u'e BF Fort ress, !om", and !o#er
3+5 ,2E R--):
Fnli)e many of the rooms in this dungeon' this
room presently has no illumination# &he G- must
ta)e this into a""ount $hen des"ribing the room#
&his room is mostly empty' but lining the east $all
are several shelves loaded $ith ale )egs# A large
open ar"h$ay is "entered in the $est $all#
ther than the barrels of ale' there is nothing of
value in this room#
3*5 GB,R% =T,T$-.:
>n this small room there are four statues of soldiers
in "hainmail armor' seated around a table at
$hi"h they are' apparently' playing "ards# 5a"h
statue has a small pile of "oins in front of him'
and in the "enter of the table is a larger pile of
@ou noti"e that one of the statues seems to have
a "ard tu")ed into his boot#
&he "ards in the hands of the statues are brittle
$hite stone' but the "ards on the table are stiff
paper6 the table is an ordinary $ooden table' and
the "hairs are li)e$ise Duite normal# &here is a
total of L2 sp and 1J gp on the table# &he room is
illuminated by continual light' "ast in the air#
9A5 %B(ED= BE%R--):
&his room is obviously a bedroom# >t is simply
furnished and neat' but the furnishings are all of
very high Duality# A large bed is "entered on the
north $all' $ith a large "hest at the foot# An
armoire stands in ea"h of the $estern "orners# A
$ashstand o""upies the southeast "orner# &he
room is illuminated by t$o fan"y lanterns
hanging from hoo)s in the "eiling' one over the
bed and the other over the $ashstand#
&he armoires "ontain the Du)e7s "lothing' $ith his
fan"ier garb in the north$est armoire and
everyday "lothing in the northeast armoire# &he
"hest "ontains additional bed"lothes6 it has a
false bottom' dete"ted as a se"ret door' under
$hi"h is a shortsword 01 and a pou"h "ontaining
50 ((#
&he lanterns are illuminated by contin&al light
=ecret E8it: n the east $all near the north end is
a se"ret door J feet $ide and I feet high# >t is very
$ell hidden and hard to dete"t from either side#
&he door is thi") and reinfor"ed $ith bars that only
retra"t $hen it is unlo")ed# (ressing a $ell-hidden
t$o-in"h sDuare se"tion of $all to the left of it $ill
"ause the lo")ing bars to retra"t' and then the
door $ill open easily# &hus' unless magi" is used' or
the door is bro)en do$n Ba diffi"ult and noisy
propositionC' this se"ret door reDuires t$o separate
rolls before it "an be opened% one to find the
door' and another to dis"over the lat"h
&he se"ret door that opens into the main hall is Eust
as $ell hidden from the outside Beastern fa"eC' but
there is an obvious s$it"h on the inside $hi"h $ill
open the lo")#
9anging inside the "orridor the se"ret doors
en"lose are three "loa)s' three ordinary s$ords in
sheaths' three daggers' a pou"h $ith 100 sp and
100 gp' an empty $ater s)in' a stoppered
"erami" Ear full of $ater' a pou"h $ith one $ee)
of dry rations' three pairs of boots' and three
outfits of plain "lothing#
915 =$TT$.G R--):
&he first thing you noti"e about this room is the
sound of musi"### though you "an7t identify the
sour"e' you "an plainly hear stringed instruments
playing a stately mar"h#
&his room is furnished as a sitting room' $ith
several "omfortable "hairs' a small table $ith a
boo) lying on it' a large rug' and a variety of
paintings and $all hangings# >n addition' you
see a pair of statues depi"ting a "urly-haired
little girl playing $ith a hound dog#
&he statues are a girl' ,hiali' daughter of the
s"ulptor !ire)os' and one of the Du)e7s hunting
dogs# &hey $ere turned to stone by :haad)7s
&he musi" is "oming from an en"hanted painting
of string Duartet that plays $hen you "lap and say
P(layP and stops $hen you "lap and say P,top6P it7s
been playing sin"e the o""upants $ere turned to
stone# &he instru"tions for starting and stopping
the musi" are $ritten on a pie"e of paper glued
to the ba") of the painting#
BF Fort ress, !om", and !o#er Fort ress o% the $ron &u'e
&he boo) on the table is a roman"e novel' of no
parti"ular value to the adventurers#
915 B,T;$.G R--):
&his room appears to be a bath# A pair of folding
s"reens divide the room in t$o' and you "an see
that a large tub is positioned on the other side#
&he nearer side of the room "ontains to$el ra")s
$ith to$els still on them as $ell as an armoire#
>f the adventurers pro"eed past the folding
s"reen' they see%
&he large tub "ontains statues of t$o nude
$omen' positioned as if bathing# &he tub is full of
&he statues are Corena' $ife of the s"ulptor
!ire)os' and ,aril' her attendant# &he $ater is "old#
935 <,TC;T-<ER:
9anging by leather thongs from the "eiling of this
room is a set of three large brass horns of various
sorts# &ables and "hairs are in the "orners and
a$ay from the openings6 sitting in a "o=y nest of
"hairs and a table in the north$est are t$o
statues# ,tatues of men-at-arms in "hain mail
"arrying a;es or s$ords stand ga=ing out the
$indo$s' $hi"h are openings four feet tall and
si; feet $ide# ,hutters hang over the $indo$s'
lat"hed out of the $ay#
&he horns are used for signaling different things% a
small one $ill sound only loud enough to be heard
inside and in the general area' and the t$o larger
ones "an be heard from a distan"e but have
different tones# &he smallest "an be "arried by a
man but the larger ones are intended to be left in
pla"e and too big to be easily moved around#
&he statues are all soldiers turned to stone# 2rom
$ear mar)s on the floors in front of the $indo$s it
"an be dedu"ed that soldiers stand long shifts at
the $indo$s loo)ing out over the surrounding
"ountry side and houses# &he t$o statues sitting in
the north east have "ups bet$een them and one
is raising a bottle of $ine' $hi"h has run do$n and
no longer spills out#
995 2,B-R,T-R?:
&he $alls of this room are lined $ith long' heavy
$or) tables' $hi"h are loaded $ith papers'
ar"ane glass$are' and various items useful in
magi"al resear"h# >n the middle of the room is a
statue of a beautiful $oman $earing "lose-
fitting leather armor' a sheathed longs$ord on
her belt#
&he statue is of :ylenne' and it has been
en"hanted by 8adarin7s $i=ard ,tephan De,ant
B$hose laboratory this isC# :haad)7s magi" has
"orrupted the en"hantment6 the statue $ill $ait
1d3 rounds before animating' and then $ill atta")
anyone in the room#
$ron 2i4ing =tat&e: AC 14' 9D 3M' -8 107' NAt 2'
Dam 1d4A1d4 K spe"ial' ,v 23' -l 12
9( 2I

955 =T-RER--):
&his small room is lined $ith shelves' and the
shelves are loaded do$n $ith Ears' bo;es' bags'
and bottles# 5very item has a label' but the
labels on the items nearest the door are $ritten
in an unfamiliar language#
&he materials in the room are various rare
substan"es used by the $i=ard in his resear"h# &he
labels are a"tually $ritten in "ode' and ,tephen
De,ant is the only person $ho )no$s the "ode# >f
the "ontents of this room are disturbed' the G- is
invited to be "reative $ith the results#
9:5 <$>,R%D= R--):
&his is apparently a bedroom' though it is so
"luttered that it7s hard to tell# &here is a large
bed "entered on the south $all' $hi"h is half
"overed $ith piles of boo)s and papers# An
armoire stands open in the south$est "orner'
$ith robes and other items of "lothing hanging in
and on it# A des) resides in the north$est "orner'
also piled high $ith boo)s' papers' in) bottles
and Duills' the latter mostly bedraggled or
bro)en# A lantern' apparently illuminated by
contin&al light' rests atop a nightstand beside
the bed#
Fortress o% the $ron &u'e BF Fort ress, !om", and !o#er
!ying on a "hest at the foot of the bed is a very
"ute puppy# <hen you open the door' it leaps
to its feet' tongue hanging out' very e;"ited# As
you enter' the puppy remains on top of the
"hest' even though it loo)s li)e it $ould li)e to run
and Eump on you#
&his is the room of ,tephan De,ant' the Du)e7s
$i=ard-in-residen"e# &he puppy is his familiar6 it
$ears a magi"al "ollar that allo$s it to transform
into a dire $olf' $hi"h it $ill do if anyone attempts
to approa"h ,tephan7s "hest or tou"h any of his
belongings Bin"luding the furnitureC# n"e it
transforms' >t $ill fight to the death so long as
anyone remains in the room' but if all interlopers
leave the room it $ill return to puppy form#
%ire <ol#: AC 13' 9D 3' -8 507' NAt 1' Dam 2d3'
,v 23' -l ?
9( 22

9@5 <,=;R--):
&his room is brightly lit by a contin&al light spell in
a lantern hanging overhead# A "erami" platter
on a table beside the $ash stand "ontains a
small pile of ashes6 a lingering fragran"e suggests
that the ashes $ere on"e in"ense# A simple
s"reen stands beside the $ash stand#
.ehind the s"reen is an empty "hamber pot#
9+5 =TB%?:
.oo)shelves filled $ith boo)s line the $alls of this
narro$ room# A small des) $ith a "hair are
positioned in the inside "orner to the right of the
stairs' $ith a fe$ papers' a bottle of in)' and a
Duill pen atop it# A "omfortable-loo)ing
arm"hair $ith a small side-table o""upies the
opposite end of the room' surrounded by
$indo$s on three sides#
5verything in this room radiates magi"# &he "hairs
are magi"ally animated and malevolent Bsee
statisti"s belo$C# >f anyone sits in either "hair' it $ill
snap shut on them li)e a mousetrap# &he vi"tim is
permitted to save vs# Death Ray' $ith su""ess
indi"ating that he or she got out of the "hair Eust in
time# ther$ise' the vi"tim suffers automati"
damage as given belo$ B1d3 or 1dIC ea"h
"ombat round# After the first round' the vi"tim
may attempt an 0open doors1 roll on"e ea"h
round to es"ape# >f a "hair is atta")ed $hile a
vi"tim is trapped' the vi"tim is 50Q li)ely to ta)e
half the damage rolled Bbut the "hair still ta)es
normal damageC#
>f no "hara"ter sits on a "hair' after si; rounds they
$ill both animate and atta")#
>n addition' on"e a "hair has atta")ed Beither
trapping a "hara"ter or animatingC' boo)s $ill be
thro$n by some unseen for"e# ne atta") $ill be
made per round' at a random non-trapped
"hara"ter' atta")ing as a 2 hit die monster and
doing 1d3 points damage on a hit# &en boo)s $ill
be thro$n in this $ay' and then the in) bottle and
Duill pen $ill be thro$n6 ea"h $ill do 1dJ points of
damage on a hit#
>f the adventurers leave before the "hairs
animate' they $ill still animate after si; rounds and
pursue the party# Doors $ill open automati"ally
$hen approa"hed by one of the "ursed "hairs#
9o$ever' in this "ase there $ill be no thro$n
boo)s or other items to bedevil the adventurers#
,nimated %es' Chair: AC 1J B1A2 damage from
any $eapon e;"ept an a;eC' 9D 1' NAt 1'
Dam 1d3' -v 107' ,v 21' -l 12
9( 4
,nimated ,rmchair: AC 1J B1A2 damage from any
$eapon e;"ept an a;eC' 9D 2' NAt 1' Dam 1dI'
-v 107' ,v 22' -l 12
9( 1I
9*5 ,2C;E)$=TD= R--):
&his room appears to be an al"hemi"al
laboratory6 $or)tables laden $ith al"hemi"al
gear line the $alls' e;"ept for the diagonal $all
$here you see a bed' a footlo")er and an
armoire# &he al"hemist himself is here' $or)ing at
one of the far tables# 9e turns to$ard you and
says' 0<el"omeH > $as afraid > $as the only man
left alive in this pla"eH1
&he 0al"hemist1 is a"tually a doppleganger# &he
real al"hemist is dead' having been )illed by the
doppleganger and stuffed in his o$n footlo")er#
9e7s begun to smell' and any 5lves or 9alflings in
the party have a "han"e eDual to 1 on 1d10 to
BF Fort ress, !om", and !o#er Fort ress o% the $ron &u'e
noti"e the smell of rotting meat in the room6 if the
lo")er is opened' the sten"h $ill be obvious to all#
&he doppleganger $ill do all he "an to "onvin"e
the party he is a"tually the al"hemist' 9ar"us6 he
didn7t study his subEe"t for very long' but as the
player "hara"ters don7t )no$ 9ar"us personally'
they are unli)ely to figure out he7s been repla"ed#
&he doppleganger $ill pretend to be more than
$illing to help' and $ill share $hat little he )no$s
Bsome$here in the fortress is a demon-prison $ith
the po$erful demon :haad) in it6 the prison is
$ea)ening and :haad)7s po$er is lea)ing outC in
hopes that the party $ill tell him $hat they )no$###
or that he $ill be able to read $hat they )no$
from their minds# 9e $ants to release :haad)' as
do most of the monsters in the fortress' but he7s
$illing to bide his time and even pretend to be
helping "ontain the demon in order to get the
"han"e to free him#
%oppleganger: AC 15' 9D 3' NAt 1' Dam 1d12'
-v J07' ,v 23' -l 10
9( 14
5A5 =,.CTB,R?:
(ainted statues are s"attered about this room in
various gra"eful gestures' $ith the o""asional
large rug piled $ith pillo$s# &ables $ith vases full
of $ilted flo$ers are arranged along the $alls#
<ind "himes "an be heard from the area of the
$indo$s# As you loo) around the room' you are
startled by a dull &9C: sound' as of $ood
stri)ing $ood# After a brief moment' you hear it
&he rhythmi" sound "omes from a bamboo $ater
"lo") at the $est end of the room# &he $ater
"lo") is simple R a se"tion of bamboo hinged su"h
that it normally stands nearly upright' filled $ith
$ater from small pipe e;tending from the $all# As
it fills $ith $ater' eventually it tips over and slaps a
ro")' spilling the $ater so that it rises ba") upright
into the stream of $ater $hi"h begins to fill it
again# &he pool it empties into has fish and plants
and drains very slo$ly through an overflo$#
&he $ind "himes are fine metal and "rystal and
sound $hen a bree=e "omes through the open
$indo$s# ne hangs in ea"h of the four $indo$s'
and ea"h $ind "hime is $orth 100gp6 ho$ever'
they are very fragile#
&his san"tuary is appointed for rela;ing and
meditation and $orship# &he statues are not truly
s"attered so mu"h as "arefully arranged to
provide pleasant areas of priva"y# &he rugs are
thi") and the ri"h pillo$s soft#
515 C;,"E2:
&his small shrine is o""upied by si; bugbears' $ho
have apparently been trashing the pla"e#
,eeing you enter' they dra$ their $eapons and
prepare to do battle#
+ote% Roll surprise normally and amend the above
as needed if the bugbears are surprised#
After the bugbears are dealt $ith' read the
follo$ing des"ription%
A shrine to the &riune Gods B(rolethra' 5n-&eare'
and AturahsC o""upies the east $all of this room#
&he shrine "onsists of a narro$ table "lose to the
$all' lined $ith small statues and i"ons of the
gods# A painting depi"ting the three gods on
the porti"o of the fabled 9ouse of the Gods
adorns the $all above the table#
&he shrine is built in to the se"ret door6 the table is
a"tually affi;ed to it' though it doesn7t appear to
be at a glan"e# &here is a hidden lever under the
top of the table $hi"h "auses the se"ret door to
: B&gbears: AC 15' 9D JK1' -8 J07' NAt 1'
Dam 1d4K1' ,v 2J' -l ?
9( 1J
515 =ECRET C2-=ET:
&his narro$ "loset is very dusty and smells of
mold# A leather bag $ith a shoulder strap lies in
the northeast "orner of the room#
>nside the leather bag is J?L sp and 1J ep#
Fortress o% the $ron &u'e BF Fort ress, !om", and !o#er
535 G,)E R--):
>n the "enter of this room you see a round table
"overed $ith papers and )ni")na")s# 2ive "hairs
are arranged around it6 another identi"al "hair
has been pushed ba") against the south $all#
,everal small' $ell-sto")ed boo)shelves are
s"attered around the room' and the $alls are
lined $ith brightly-"olored posters advertising
various musi"al sho$s#
&he papers on the table are "lustered near ea"h
"hair6 four "hairs have Eust a fe$ pie"es of paper'
$hile the fifth has a substantial pile# >n addition'
brightly-painted metal statuettes are s"attered
around the table' along $ith many $orn' hand-
painted di"e# >n the middle of the table is a large
map of an un)no$n "ountry#
&he papers represent a strange game' unfamiliar
to the player "hara"ters' $hi"h someho$ involves
musi"ians in an imaginary $orld Bdepi"ted by the
mapC# &he papers in front of the four "hairs bear
the names Davy' (eter' -i")y' and -i"hael' along
$ith in"omprehensible statisti"s and s"ribbled
&he boo)shelves "ontain a variety of fi"tional
$or)s# &here is no real treasure in this room' or
anything else of value to the player "hara"ters#
595 B,22R--):
&his huge room is obviously a grand ballroom#
-any small tables' ea"h having four "hairs
around it' line the eastern and southern se"tions
of the room6 ea"h table has a single "andlesti")
having an unburned "andle in it# >n the
southeast "orner of the dan"e floor is a group of
seated $hite statues' a string Duartet
After "hara"ters have been in the room 1d3
rounds' read the follo$ing%
,uddenly' you hear musi"# 2aint' ghostly musi"'
$hi"h gro$s stronger moment by moment# A
fog arises from the dan"e floor briefly' then
"lears to reveal ghostly dan"ers performing a
stately dan"e#
All onloo)ers must ma)e a save vs# <ands6 anyone
failing the save $ill begin to dan"e' being Eoined
by a ghostly partner of the opposite se;# After one
round' the affe"ted "hara"ter $ill be"ome an
in"orporeal phantom li)e the other dan"ers# >f an
affli"ted "hara"ter is $restled to the floor before
be"oming in"orporeal' a se"ond save is granted6
if it fails' the "hara"ter be"omes a phantom
immediately' but if it su""eeds' the "hara"ter is
freed from the spell#
Any "hara"ter $ho flees the room before the
dan"ers appear need not ma)e a save' even if
the "hara"ter stands Eust beyond the door$ay
and "ontinues to $at"h#
A "hara"ter only needs to ma)e one save to be
free of the effe"t6 repeated saves are not
reDuired' even if the room is e;ited and re-
<henever :haad) is either "ontained or freed'
"hara"ters transformed into phantoms $ill be
restored to their previous forms#
BF Fort ress, !om", and !o#er Fort ress o% the $ron &u'e
+o,er +e-el Ma3
Fortress o% the $ron &u'e BF Fort ress, !om", and !o#er
233er +e-el Ma3
BF Fort ress, !om", and !o#er !om" o% (arsma )egal os
'omb of *arsma Megalos
Player's Background
&he G- should read or paraphrase the
information belo$ to the players# >deally' this
information should be given to the players a fe$
adventuresAsessions in advan"e# B&he G- $ill' of
"ourse' need to amend this information for his or
her "ampaign#C
!ong ago' e;plorers and missionaries from the
great &hanamoran 5mpire landed on the shores
of the region no$ )no$n as 5nterone# &he
native ,erenhai people $ere happy to trade
$ith the ne$"omers' but as the e;plorers and
missionaries $ere slo$ly repla"ed by "olonists
the natives be"ame less friendly#
2inally the ,erenhai rose up against the "olonists#
&he &hanamoran 5mperor $as Dui") to dispat"h
troops to the region to prote"t the "olonists' and
the uprising be"ame a full-fledged $ar#
&he ,erenhai outnumbered the "olonists at first'
but the &hanamoran troops $ere far better
trained and outfitted' having the most
advan"ed eDuipment Bi#e# s$ords and
"hainmail armorC# &he unarmored ,erenhai
spearmen stood little "han"e in dire"t "onfli"t#
&he tribes of the ,erenhai had al$ays been
fier"ely independent' but their "ommon enemy
for"ed them to unite# &hey "hose a young but
a""omplished "hieftain named :arsma and
made him their Great Chief#
:arsma )ne$ as $ell as anyone that their "ause
$as lost' and it is said that he made a pa"t $ith
the dar) po$ers to ensure his people7s freedom#
*ust a month after his "oronation' he led his
troops into their first vi"tory' and under his
leadership they be"ame invin"ible6 it is said that
he )ne$ the enemy7s ne;t move before they
did# &he &hanamorans "alled him 0:arsma
-egalos1 B$hi"h means 0:arsma the Great1C#
<hen the ,erenhai finally drove the
&hanamorans ba") to their seaside "itadels' the
&hanamorans sued for pea"e# :arsma agreed
to let them retain their fortresses and enough
land to support small trading "enters' and after
prisoners $ere e;"hanged' pea"e $as
&he rule of :arsma for the ne;t fe$ years $as
relatively uneventful6 though there $ere
o""asional s)irmishes bet$een opposing patrols'
no battles of any "onseDuen"e o""urred#
:arsma began to ma)e fe$er and fe$er
personal appearan"es' delegating mu"h of his
authority to his "hief mage Canas' granting him
the title Chief-Regent# After perhaps thirty years
of rulership :arsma $as seen only during the
three days of 2estival' $hen the beginning of the
ne$ year is "elebrated# <here he $ent and
$hat he did the rest of the time is un)no$n' but
he ruled in that fashion for more than 1'I00
years' aging $ith ama=ing slo$ness# Canas
lived a normal lifespan' and his male
des"endants too) his pla"e as Chief-Regent
after him#
:arsma is believed to have died in the great
Cata"lysm' $hen the ground shoo) and fire fell
from the s)y# &he magi" $hi"h prote"ted the
people of the ,erenhai apparently died $ith
him' for $ithin a fe$ de"ades they had been
"onDuered by the army of beron' $ho
founded the nation of 5nterone on land formerly
held by the ,erenhai#
GM's Information
n the night of :arsma7s "oronation' he retired to
his tent early to "onsider the terrible "hallenges
a$aiting him# 9e "alled his "hief mage' Canas'
$ho had fought beside him in many battles' to
"ounsel him#
>n his tent :arsma found a stranger' an old man
$ho "laimed to be a priest of ,yn-Cheron' god of
hate# &he old man' spea)ing $ith the god7s voi"e'
bargained $ith :arsma' offering him the promise
of freedom for his people for so long as :arsma
ruled them# +aturally' the dar) god e;pe"ted
repayment' in the form of :arsma7s soul' and the
souls of his "hildren for the ne;t three generations#
:arsma $as deeply troubled by the nature of the
bargain' but Canas told him to a""ept the offer
!om" o% (arsma )egal os BF Fort ress, !om", and !o#er
for the good of his people# &he deal $as made'
and the old man disappeared into the night#
&he ne;t morning :arsma a$o)e to find that he
)ne$ the lo"ations and numbers of the
&hanamoran troops# 5a"h morning from that day
on$ard :arsma a$o)e $ith fresh intelligen"e at
the ready' and thus prepared he led his armies to
vi"tory after vi"tory' Eust as it is told#
:arsma $as married' but he never fathered any
"hildren6 for his deal $ith ,yn-Cheron meant that
any "hild of his $as doomed from birth#
Canas remained his "hief lieutenant throughout
the battles' and after pea"e $as de"lared he
hat"hed a ne$ plan# :arsma )ne$ that his
death meant the end for his people' for they
$ould no longer have advan"e )no$ledge of the
&hanamoran7s movements# Canas offered him an
-any years earlier' Canas had a"Duired a
po$erful uniDue magi" item' the -edusa Amulet'
$hi"h "ould be used three times ea"h day to turn
"reatures to stone' or restore petrified "reatures to
life# Canas proposed that they "reate a se"ret'
se"ure bun)er' and pla"e :arsma there in the
form of a stone statue for most of ea"h year#
:arsma' though relu"tant' agreed#
&he bun)er $as built in the form of a tomb'
pla"ed $ithin a densely forested area Bfor the
plains-d$elling ,erenhai fear su"h pla"esC# Canas
hired d$arves to "onstru"t the tomb' and then
$arded it $ith po$erful magi"# 5a"h year'
Canas Bor his des"endantC rode to the tomb
leading a spare horse' and left in :arsma7s
"ompany6 and three days later :arsma returned
Canas' as Chief-Regent' $as the de fa"to leader
of the ,erenhai' and his des"endants also after
him# :arsma "ould be retrieved $henever
needed to lead the fight against some opponent'
but the rest of the time he $as out of the $ay
and Canas "ould rule as he $ished#
:arsma did not perish in the Cata"lysm' but the
"urrent Chief-Regent did' ta)ing to his grave $ith
him the )no$ledge of :arsma7s se"ret bun)er#
<hen the ,erenhai people finally reali=ed that
:arsma $as gone for good' their allian"e fell
apart' and $ithout him they "ould not stand
before the armies of beron of Roslane#
oming of the Dragon
At some time bet$een the Cata"lysm and the
"urrent day' a green dragon named
-oldenarthan made a lair near the bun)er# &he
dragon $ould li)e to have $hatever treasure is
$ithin the 0tomb1 but "annot pass through the
five-foot-$ide "orridors6 so she has devised a plan
to lure some adventurers to the tomb' drive them
inside' and $ait for them to bring out any
treasure# -oldenarthan has already tried this
plan t$i"e R the first time' she a""identally )illed
the party' and the se"ond time the party
es"aped $ithout ever seeing the tomb# &hey told
their tale to all $ho $ould listen' and sin"e then
no one has had the "ourage to enter the forest#
Fntil no$###
'he 'omb
First and #oremost' the G- should ensure that he
or she )eeps the true nature of the 0tomb1 se"ret'
avoiding the use of the $ord 0bun)er1 in any
-oldenarthan is more than a mat"h for the
player "hara"ters6 it is hoped that they $ill
understand that running a$ay is their only hope#
>ndeed' the dragon might even say su"h things as
0flee' if you "an' puny antsH1 to en"ourage su"h a
result# ,he doesn7t $ant to )ill or overly $ea)en
the (C7s before they enter the tomb' but if for"ed
to she might breathe upon one or t$o of them to
for"e them to re"onsider#
&he se"ret door in the first room must be )ept
se"ret at all "osts' as should the similar se"ret door
in the stair$ell before room 11# &hese doors are
the short"uts used by :arsma and Canas Band
Canas7 des"endantsC to avoid the many traps#
5;"ept $here noted other$ise' all "eilings are
t$elve feet high on the ground level' and ten feet
high on the dungeon level# All doors e;"ept
those noted other$ise are oa)en doors bound
$ith iron6 despite their e;treme age they are still
solid' probably an indi"ation that magi" $as used
to preserve them#
As this adventure is for "hara"ters $ith some
e;perien"e under their belts' the bo;ed te;t
simply "alls most of the monsters by name rather
than des"ribing them#
BF Fort ress, !om", and !o#er !om" o% (arsma )egal os
2inally' note that there are no random en"ounters
in this dungeon#
'he 'ra3s
>f you have already loo)ed at the map you have
noti"ed the large number of statues indi"ated#
-ost of the rooms mar)ed this $ay "ontain similar
traps' as follo$s%
2irst' the statues themselves are a"tually monsters
turned to stone by the )ed&sa ,m&let# ,e"ond'
a programmed dispel magic effe"t $ill blan)et
the room $hen the first party member "rosses the
&his dispel magic effe"t $ill al$ays su""eed in
turning the petrified "reatures ba") to flesh' and
in general they $ill atta") immediately Bbut see
ea"h room des"ription for detailsC# >t is possible
that the "reatures may be surprised' so a normal
surprise "he") should be applied# &he player
"hara"ters may also be surprised the first time
they trip su"h a trap' but are unli)ely to be
surprised by these traps again#
9o$ever' you must read the room descriptions
care#&ll as some of the traps are not e;a"tly as
des"ribed hereH
&he dispel $ill also affe"t the magi" items of all
the "hara"ters in the room# >n general' roll 1d20
for ea"h magi" item6 if the roll e;"eeds the "aster
level of the item' "onsider the dispel magic
A su""essful dispel against a potion or s"roll
destroys it# ,pells or potions "urrently in effe"t on
party members $ill be "an"eled' and permanent
magi" items Beven those $ith "hargesC $ill be
suppressed BuselessC for 1d3 rounds#
Fse the follo$ing "aster levels for this purpose%
,"rolls##################-inimum "aster level K1
ther >tems###############################################10
+ote that this effe"t is not the same as the normal
dispel magic spell# &his is a spe"iali=ed effe"t
"reated for this dungeon by those $ho built it#
&he dispel effe"t fills the entire room' in"luding
any 107;107 al"oves $hi"h may be present Bat the
entry or e;it doorsC but does not pass through any
door into the adEa"ent room#
&hose $ho are in the room $hen the effe"t is
triggered feel as if a sho") has gone through
them' but are not damaged#
Ma$or %Ps and Monsters
)oldenarthan' Green Dragon
Armor Class 1?
9it Di"e ?MM BA. K4C
9it (oints 3?

+o# Atta")s 2 "la$sA1 bite or breathA1 tail

Damage 1dIA1dIAJd4 or breathA1dI
-ovement J07 2ly 407 BCC
,ave As 2?
-orale 4
-oldenarthan spea)s Common and 5lvish in
addition to Dragon' but does not "ast spells#
*arsma Megalos
9uman -ale 2ighter 1L' AC 14 Bleather armor 01'
small shield 01C' A. K?' Atta")s% spear 03 BA. K13
for 1dIK5 damageC or dagger 01 BA. K12 thro$n
for 1d3K2 damage or A. K1J melee for 1d3K3
damageC' -v 307
9( I5

!om" o% (arsma )egal os BF Fort ress, !om", and !o#er
Ground +e-el *ey
15 E.TR,.CE:
&he entire building appears to be built of
ordinary granite' generally gray in "olor and
"overed $ith vines and moss# &he only opening
in the entire "onstru"tion is a pair of large'
verdigris-"overed bron=e doors re"essed into the
south side#
&he doors $ere on"e lo")ed6 any thief "he")ing
for traps or e;amining the lo") $ill dis"over the
mar)s left by another thief pi")ing it# &hey are
heavy but open relatively easily#
15 GR,.% ;,22:
&his large room has a t$enty foot high "eiling
and is dominated by a larger-than-life statue of
a man armed $ith a spear# &he statue stands on
a dais t$o steps high in the "enter of the room'
and depi"ts an older but still mus"ular man of
,erenhai des"ent' $earing traditional garb and
a simple band-li)e "ro$n# &he entire statue is
made of bla") marble $ith very little veining'
and is e;tremely $ell made#
&he G- should be "areful not to give a$ay the
presen"e of a se"ret door here# &here is nothing
spe"ial about the statue' nor is there anything
dangerous in the room6 ho$ever' note that the
dragon "an enter this spa"e# -oldenarthan $ill
give the player "hara"ters time to rest' a fe$
hours or perhaps overnight' before entering the
room to see if they have moved on into the ne;t
room6 if they have not' the dragon $ill try to
en"ourage them to flee in that dire"tion#
35 )$.-T,BR=:
A $hite stone statue of a minotaur stands in
ea"h "orner of this room6 they stand in
aggressive poses fa"ing in$ard# &he room has a
"eiling about t$elve feet high' and the floor'
$alls and "eiling are all made of plain gray
&his is the first 0standard1 trap room of the
dungeon' as des"ribed above6 the dispel effe"t
$ill stri)e $hen the first "hara"ter "rosses the
"enter of the room# &he minotaurs are as follo$s%
1 )inota&rs with Great ,8es: AC 13' 9D I'
NAt 1 great a;e' Dam 1d10K2' -v 307' ,v 2I' -l 11
9( JJ


1 Bnarmed )inota&rs: AC 13' 9D I' NAt 1 goreA1

bite' Dam 1dIA1dI' -v 307' ,v 2I' -l 11
9( 2?


95 C,R.$/-R-B= ,"E=:
&his room strongly resembles the last one' $ith
$hite stone statues in ea"h "orner6 ho$ever'
these statues are of "arnivorous apes' "la$s
upraised and mouths open in silent s"reams of
>f your players are reasonably intelligent' they $ill
be suspi"ious already### as $ell they should'
be"ause this room is another 0standard1 trap
room as des"ribed above#
9 Carni4oro&s ,pes: AC 13' 9D 3' NAt 2 "la$s'
Dam 1d3A1d3' -v 307' ,v 23' -l L
9( 2L


BF Fort ress, !om", and !o#er !om" o% (arsma )egal os
55 >-)B$E R--):
&he outer $alls of this room are lined $ith $hite
statues of men in tattered "lothing' their eyes
&his is a red herring6 the 0statues1 are a"tually
=ombies that have been painted $hite# &his is $hy
their eyes are "losed' and that is also a "lue that
they aren7t petrified# &hey $ill atta") $hen the first
party member "rosses the "enter of the room' Eust
as in the standard trap' but this room has no dispel
@ >ombies: AC 12M' 9D 2' NAt 1' Dam 1d4' -v 207'
,v 22' -l 12
9( 12
:5 F,2=E ",T;:
&hree $hite stone statues of o$lbears' in poses of
atta")' line the left $all of this room#
&his room is a little different than the standard trap6
the o$lbear statues are petrified "reatures' but
the dispel $on7t a"tivate until the false door is
opened# >t opens easily' but on the other side is
Eust a solid stone $all# &his should dra$ more of
the party into the room' allo$ing the dispel to
affe"t more of them and also ma)ing more party
members potential vi"tims of the monsters#
3 -wlbears: AC 15' 9D 5' NAt 2 "la$sA1 bite K
1 hug' Dam 1d4A1d4A1d4 K 2d4' -v 307' ,v 25' -l ?
9( 23


@5 =ECRET R--):
2our huge $hite stone statues of ogres dominate
this room#
&his is a standard trap room# +ote that the lead
"hara"ter $ill be very "lose to t$o ogres at the
moment he or she "rosses the "enter of the room#
9 -gres: AC 15' 9D 3K1' NAt 1 $eapon' Dam 2dI'
-v J07' ,v 23' -l 10
9( 20
+5 ;,22<,?:
&his $inding hall$ay leads to yet another oa)en'
iron-bound door#
As soon as the door leading to room ? is tou"hed'
everyone and everything in the hall$ay is instantly
teleported ba") to room L# &his is a one time
o""urren"e6 the ne;t time the party attempts
open the door to room ?' it $ill open normally#
*5 BBGBE,R=:
2ive $hite stone statues of bugbears line the
$alls of this room#
Another standard trap room# &hese bugbears
may not be as hostile as the petrified deni=ens of
the earlier rooms' and might even be $illing to
parley' but the player "hara"ters must dis"over
this for themselves#
5 B&gbears: AC 15' 9D JK1' NAt 1 $eapon'
Dam 1d4K1' -v J07' ,v 2J' -l ?
9( 20
1A5 =ECRET ;,22<,?:
&his short hall$ay "onne"ts the Grand 9all to the
stair$ay leading to the lo$er level#
!om" o% (arsma )egal os BF Fort ress, !om", and !o#er
Dungeon +e-el *ey
115 G.-22=:
!ining the right side of this "hamber are eight
$hite stone statues of gnolls' ea"h armed for
&his is a standard trap room# &hese parti"ular
gnolls have an intense hatred of elves' and $ill
fo"us their atta")s on any elf in the party# >f no
elves are present' they may be bargained $ith
B$ith a good rea"tion rollC6 the largest of the gnolls
"an spea) a bit of "ommon# &hey $ill not Eoin the
party' but $ill agree to leave if the party points
them to$ards the e;it# <hat happens $hen the
gnolls meet -oldenarthan is up to the G-#
+ Gnolls: AC 15' 9D 2' NAt 1 $eapon' Dam 2d3'
-v J07' ,v 22' -l 4
9( 11
115 TR$C( ;,22<,?: &his hall$ay bran"hes to the
left and to the right6 the right-hand bran"h leads
to a door apparently "lad $ith gold and
engraved $ith a styli=ed "ro$n# &he other door is
a plain' iron-bound $ooden door li)e all the others
in this dungeon#
Attempting to open the golden door results in the
release of a reddish "loud of poison gas' $hi"h $ill
fill the ten feet of hall$ay Bt$o sDuares on the
mapC nearest the door in a single round and
advan"e do$n the hall$ay ten more feet ea"h
round until the "orner is rea"hed' $here the gas
$ill stop advan"ing#
5a"h round' any "hara"ter in an affe"ted sDuare
after initiative number J has arrived Bthat is'
half$ay through the roundC must save vs# (oison or
ta)e 1d12 points of damage#
135 2$/$.G =T,TBE=:
&hree stone statues fa"e the doors leading to this
"hamber# &he statues are "arved to loo) li)e
an"ient ,erenhai $ise-men#
Fnless the adventurers atta") first' the statues
remain motionless until the party tries to leave the
room6 then the statues $ill atta") from behind# >f
the adventurers de"ide not to $ait and atta")
right a$ay' they automati"ally $in initiative the
first round#
3 2i4ing =tone =tat&es: AC 1I' 9D 5MM' NAt 2 lava
sprays' Dam 2dIA2dI' -v 207' ,v 25' -l 12
9( 24

195 -R%$.,R? =T,TBE=:
&his room is lined $ith statues' four on ea"h side#
&he statues are of men' $earing ar"hai"
"hainmail armor and armed $ith s$ords6 all are
in poses of readiness#
&his room is another red herring6 the statues are
Eust ordinary statues' and the player "hara"ters
have nothing to fear here# .ut they don7t )no$
that' of "ourse#
155 %-""2EG,.GER=:
&his room is lined $ith statues' three on ea"h
side# &he statues are of men' $earing ar"hai"
"hainmail armor and armed $ith s$ords6 all are
in poses of readiness#
*ust li)e the last room' ehG .ut these statues are
a"tually Dopplegangers# &hey $ill offer to parley
as soon as they are restored' and of "ourse they
$ill betray the "hara"ters at the first opportunity#
BF Fort ress, !om", and !o#er !om" o% (arsma )egal os
: %opplegangers: AC 15' 9D 3' NAt 1' Dam 1d12'
-v J07' ,v 23' -l 10
9( 21


1:5 <ERER,T=:
&his room is lined $ith statues' nine in all# &he
statues are of men' $earing leather armor and
armed $ith shorts$ords6 all are in poses of
&hese statues are a"tually $ererats' and thieves6
they $ill offer to parley immediately upon being
restored' but they spea) only &hanamoran#
* <ererats: AC 1J' 9D J' NAt 1 bite or 1 s$ord'
Dam 1d3 or 1d4' -v 307' ,v 2J' -l 4
9( 13
1@5 T;R-.E R--):
&his room is dominated by a statue of a seated
man on a dais# &he statue is made of $hite
stone' but the throne on $hi"h is sits is made of
bla") marble# &he statue appears to depi"t the
same man as the larger statue upstairs# Around
the ne") of the statue is a large golden
medallion on a "hain#
&he medallion is the -edusa Amulet' and it $ill
turn to stone anyone $ho meets the 0ga=e1 of the
graven fa"e Bthe usual saving thro$ still appliesC#
&he "ommand $ords are engraved on the ba")
in &hanamoran' and translated the ins"ription
reads 0be "hangedH1
&he statue is' of "ourse' :arsma -egalos# >f
restored' he $ill be surprised to see any non-
,erenhai party members# 9e is an e;pert ta"ti"ian
and $ill reali=e that he must play along $ith the
party' so he $ill not initiate hostilities if he "an
avoid it#
+ote that his statisti"s are given in the
1+5 =ECRET ;,22<,?:
&his ! shaped hall$ay "onne"ts the &hrone Room
$ith the stairs leading to the upper level#
)ra33ing 23 the Ad-enture
Fnfortunately' there is no great treasure to be ta)en out for the dragon6 -oldenarthan $ill be rather
unhappy about this fa"t# 9o$ever' -oldenarthan has heard of :arsma -egalos6 if he is $ith the party'
he $ill de"lare his identity to the dragon' and the dragon $ill de"ide that dis"retion is the better part of
staying alive#
f "ourse' if :arsma is not $ith the party' they may Eust have to fight the dragon#
!om" o% (arsma )egal os BF Fort ress, !om", and !o#er
'omb of *arsma Megalos
233er +e-el Ma3
1 sDuare S 5 feet
BF Fort ress, !om", and !o#er !om" o% (arsma )egal os
'omb of *arsma Megalos
+o,er +e-el Ma3
1 sDuare S 5 feet
Croo'ed Roc' !o#er BF Fort ress, !om", and !o#er
rooked 4ock 'o,er
'he 5istory of the 4ock
-any thousands of years ago' before the advent
of men and even before the elves' the li=ardmen
had a "ivili=ation "overing mu"h of the "ontinent#
>n that an"ient age' the Dragon :ing' god of
dragons' $as slain by his mate Bor so the story is
toldC' and from one of his platinum s"ales the
li=ardmen forged a po$erful $eapon% ,ashra'
slayer of dragons' an intelligent s$ord $ith the
ultimate goal of destroying all dragons# &he evil
dragons of that age sought to rule over the
li=ardmen' and the greatest "hampion of the
li=ardmen bore ,ashra into battle against them#
&he s$ord $as handed do$n from generation to
generation' until the day "ame $hen the dragons
$ere fe$ in number and no longer sought to rule6
then the s$ord $as pla"ed in the sa"red temple
of the li=ardmen' at the base of the great ro")#
&ime moved on' the elves arose Bor arrived'
depending on $ho tells the taleC' and the
li=ardmen fell ba") into barbarism# &he s$ord lay
$ithin the innermost shrine of the temple' and the
seasonal floods slo$ly "overed the temple over
$ith the earth itself# &he level of the ground has
risen sin"e then' and is fully forty feet higher than it
$as in the an"ient days of the li=ard )ingdoms#
-any years later' in a far-off land beyond the
Great Desert' the Dragon Tueen rose to po$er#
,he has be"ome a terrible tyrant' "hoosing the
largest of her li=ardman subEe"ts for her food#
n"e again' the li=ard men must rise up and
overthro$ a dragon ruler' and for this they need
'he 5istory of the 'o,er
Fna$are of the an"ient temple buried nearby'
the famed <i=ard of Clo")s "ame to the ro") and
"aused a great to$er to be raised upon it#
.eneath the to$er his $or)ers "arved a tunnel
do$n through the ro")' and then built a dungeon
beneath the adEa"ent soil# <ithin the dungeon
the <i=ard "reated a manufa"turing fa"ility for his
"lo")$or) men and other devi"es' and he $ent
about his business for many years before
disappearing suddenly and $ithout any )no$n
A fe$ "enturies later' the $i=ard Garand <algren
learned of the to$er' and' believing that a
"lo")$or) army lay hidden beneath the ground
there' he "ame to the to$er to loot it# 9e never
dis"overed the se"ret $ay into the se"ond level
of the dungeon' though he did "apture a single
"lo")$or) man# 9e tried everything he )ne$ to
"oer"e the "lo")$or) man to reveal the se"ret
$ay' even attempting to torture it6 but the
ma"hine-"reature $as still loyal to his master' and
refused to tell <algren $hat he $anted to )no$#
<algren did learn that the "lo")$or) man $as
"ompelled to a"t to save humans $henever
possible' so he traveled to a nearby village and
)idnapped a $oman $ith her young son and
daughter# 9e told the "lo")$or) man that he
$ould spare the lives of his "aptives in return for
the se"ret of the dungeon6 $hen the "lo")$or)
man refused' <algren )illed the mother# Again he
demanded an ans$er' and again the "lo")$or)
man regretfully refused# <algren sle$ the girl' and
threatened the boy' but $hen the "lo")$or) man
refused yet again' he reali=ed he it $as no use# ,o
he spared the boy7s life' ma)ing him a servant#
&his proved his do$nfall ten years later' as the boy'
gro$n to be a man' )illed <algren $ith his bare
hands in a sudden fit of rage# &he "lo")$or) man
$as left there' partially dismantled and restrained'
for <algren7s )iller still blamed him in part for the
death of his mother and sister# &he young man left
the to$er and lived in various nearby to$ns for
many years' until it $as dis"overed that he $as
)idnapping and )illing young mothers of boys# 9e
$as "aptured and hanged' and his last $ords
$ere' 0<algren' >7m "oming for you againH1
'he +i6ard Man Party
A party of li=ard men have "ome to the to$er in
sear"h of ,ashra' and they are presently living in
the to$er# &hey have not dis"overed the stair"ase
do$n to the 1
dungeon level' but they have
sear"hed for it' as $ell as sear"hing the rest of the
to$er for "lues to the lo"ation of their missing
temple# &hey are very superstitious' and have
"arefully avoided disturbing anything in the to$er#
>f "onfronted' they $ill defend themselves' but
their "hief $ill try to parlay $ith the party at his
BF Fort ress, !om", and !o#er Croo'ed Roc' !o#er
earliest opportunity# 9e spea)s Common as $ell
as any peasant#
+ 2i7ard )en: AC 20 Bpartial plate and shield K1C'
9D 2' -v 207' NAt 1' Dam 1d4K2' ,v 22' -l 11
9( 12
2i7ard )an Chie#: AC 21 Bpartial plate K1 and
shield K1C' 9D J' -8 J07' NAt 1' Dam 1d4KJ B1L
,trength and s$ord K1C' ,v 2J' -l 11
9( 1L
'he +i6ard hief's 7tory
>f he gets the "han"e to parlay' the li=ard man
"hief' ,lurra Rosha' $ill tell the follo$ing tale%
<e left the "ountry of the Dragon :ing' "rossed
"ursed Glash and the terrible desert' avoided
the slave-ta)ers of :el and the hunters of
Derympi# <e stole a raft to "arry our armor' and
s$am a"ross the Dya in the dar) of the moon#
-oving upriver by night' $e fought men and
other monsters until $e rea"hed the great dry
plains# 2ollo$ing the an"ient s"rolls $e found
the great ro")' and found this abomination of a
to$er atop it# ,till $e )no$ that the great s$ord
,ashra lies buried some$here very "lose to the
,lurra is $illing to partner $ith the player
"hara"ters' allo$ing them to )eep anything else
they find $ith their assuran"e that the party $ill
not try to ta)e ,ashra Bor prevent the li=ard men
from doing soC# .ut the li=ard men do not trust
0primates1 Bas they privately "all any humanoids
other than li=ard men and troglodytesC# &he li=ard
men may attempt to )ill the party if they thin) the
0primates1 are $ea)ened or other$ise
lock,ork Men
&here are a number of "lo")$or) men $ithin the
dungeon# Clo")$or) men are "onstru"ts'
ma"hines po$ered and "ontrolled by magi"#
-ost are mentally limited# &hey are immune to
spells that spe"ifi"ally affe"t living "reatures
andAor "reatures having minds' and are naturally
immune to poison# -ost forms of physi"al
damage do apply to them' ho$ever#
ne spe"ifi" "lo")$or) man' "alled +umber ne'
is spe"ial# 9e $as' in fa"t' the 0foreman1 of the
manufa"turing fa"ility Bthe 2
dungeon levelC as
$ell as the maintainer of all the eDuipment of the
to$er and dungeon6 if he is repaired Bsee room 10
on the 1
levelC' he $ill attempt to resume these
>f repaired' +umber ne $ill not tell the
"hara"ters $here the se"ret door is that gives
a""ess to the 2
level' nor $ill he fall for any
obvious subterfuge meant to tri") him into
revealing it# >f he believes the "hara"ters $ill try to
enter the 2
level' he $ill inspe"t the me"hanisms
of the 1
level' avoiding the "ell blo") but visiting
all the other rooms6 he does not )no$ $hat
<algren "hanged and $ill be very unhappy
about those "hanges# <hen he has inspe"ted
the entire level' if the party is still present and has
not found the 2
level' he $ill as"end to the to$er
and begin repairing the lift Bsee to$er room &I for
>f the party dis"overs the se"ret door and begins
to des"end' he $ill des"end $ith them' and upon
rea"hing the 2
level he $ill begin rea"tivating
the "lo")$or) men and other ma"hines there#
+umber ne )no$s it is e;tremely unli)ely that his
master still lives' but being a ma"hine he "annot
deviate from his dire"tives6 he $ill behave as if the
<i=ard of Clo")s is about to return home any
minute' and he $ill do so forever# 9e $ill not
atta") the "hara"ters' even if they begin
damaging the eDuipment' though he $ill beg
them to stop if they do damage anything6 indeed'
he $ill not fight any "reature at all# <ithin those
"onstraints' he $ill be friendly and "ompliant $ith
any reasonable reDuest#
Croo'ed Roc' !o#er BF Fort ress, !om", and !o#er
'o,er *ey
>nstead of a stair"ase or ladder' this to$er
"ontains an ingenious' but presently non-
fun"tional' lift devi"e# >t "onsists of a steel beam
of prodigious si=e that slides up and do$n in a
"hannel bored into the ro")6 the sides of the
beam have rounded gear teeth $hi"h engage a
rat"het me"hanism in area &I' and on top of the
beam is a "ir"ular platform# &he rat"het $as
operated by a pair of "lo")$or) men' but they
$ere destroyed long ago6 the me"hanism itself
has rusted and is fro=en' and the platform is
half$ay up through room &J' as des"ribed belo$#
&he beam has a built-in ladder intended for
emergen"y use $hi"h may be employed by
"hara"ters or monsters moving around the to$er#
&he li=ard men are the only 0$andering monsters1
in the to$er# Roll 1dI ea"h turn' $ith a 1
indi"ating the li=ard men are approa"hing# 50Q
of the time' this $ill be from above' and 50Q from
belo$# Due to the open holes in the floor and
"eiling of ea"h room' the li=ard men are unli)ely to
be surprised### only "he") surprise for them if the
party is effe"tively silent# &he party may be
surprised as normal#
T15 GR,.% ;,22:
&he entran"e hall o""upies the $hole ground
floor of the to$er# Dire"tly ahead of you is a
disused me"hanism of some )ind formed around
a sDuare shaft that appears to rise to the top of
the to$er and des"end into the earth# &o the
east' $hi"h is your right as you stand in the
entran"e' you "an see the "orpses of four
bugbears# &hey appear to have been )illed
$ithin the last fe$ hours#
At least one "hara"ter $ill be able to figure out
that the Pdisused me"hanismP is a lift# &his $ill be
the highest-intelligen"e d$arf or gnome in the
party# >f there is neither a d$arf nor a gnome in
the party' it $ill be the highest-intelligen"e
"hara"ter# &he players $ill not be able to get the
lift $or)ing' and $ill have to "limb up or do$n the
shaft# ,ee &I' belo$' for details of the "ondition of
the lift#
&he dead bugbears $ere $andering monsters
that arrived and started nosing around the
dungeon# &he li=ard men sle$ them' and have put
the "orpses up here be"ause they have fleas# Any
"hara"ter sear"hing the "orpses has a ?0Q
"han"e of "at"hing fleas him- or herself B$hi"h
the sear"hing "hara"ter $ill first noti"e 1dIK?
rounds laterC# &he flea infestation is un"omfortable'
it"hy and unsightly but has no other effe"t in
game terms# >t "an most "onveniently be
removed $ith a cure disease# &he "orpses are not
$orth sear"hing any$ay' having nothing of
interest or value on them#
T15 <-R(=;-":
A table is "luttered $ith spring-po$ered $ind-up
metal toys# &hey in"lude% a horse and "arriage'
$here the horse has a single $heel instead of
feet' a $histle on three $heels' a boat $ith a
me"hani"al figure holding oars' and a metal rat
$ith a single $heel# A variety of other parts
Bgears' $heels' and s"raps of metalC are
s"attered on the ben"h' along $ith a fe$ simple
hand tools su"h as s"re$drivers# Above the
$or)ben"h are several shelves' loaded $ith
bottles' bags' and Ears#
dd s"ents assault your noses as you enter the
room' a mi;ture of mus)y' s$eet' and a"rid
A "ontinuous me"hani"al ti")ing fills this
other$ise silent room# n the south $all a
fan"iful brass "lo") about three feet in diameter
ti")s a$ay patiently#
If the room is entered in the daytime*
,tray "ob$ebs $aft in the air' glo$ing in the
daylight streaming in through the $indo$s#
If the room is entered by night*
,tray "ob$ebs $aft in the air' glo$ing in the light
streaming from a si;-in"h round glo$ing orb of
marble set into a brass fi;ture in the "eiling#
&he $ind-up items here "an move some 120 feet
in one minute on one $inding# &hey are valued at
10 to 100 gp ea"h# &he $histle has a piston inside
$hi"h for"es air in and out to ma)e it $histle as it
rolls# &he boat floats Bif testedC and $hen $ound
up the oars go ba") and forth and up and do$n
as needed to pull the boat through the $ater#
&he rat' if $ound up' rolls around in random
BF Fort ress, !om", and !o#er Croo'ed Roc' !o#er
dire"tions6 the means by $hi"h it balan"es on its
single $heel is not apparent#
&he brass "lo") only $or)s if it remains $here it is6 it
is an e;periment in magi"al po$er sour"es and
>f the glo$ing orb is removed or affe"ted by
dispel magic' it "eases shining and be"omes non-
magi"al6 the fi;ture "an be "losed to shut off the
glo$ of the orb if dar)ness is desired#
&he shelves are filled $ith bottles and bags
"ontaining organi" spe"imens of many sorts#
,ome stout "erami" urns "ontain a variety of
minerals' most inno"uous li)ely fine ground "oal'
"hal) or ground marble#
T35 GBE=T R--):
>f the party loo)s up into this room%
,ome )ind of $ooden platform blo")s the "hute
that runs from the top to the bottom of the
&he $ooden platform $as for standing on $hen
the lift me"hanism $as $or)ing# A gear has
bro)en' a long time ago' free=ing the platform into
pla"e' and it has subseDuently rusted# A $eight of
several tons on the platform Bfar more than a
party of "hara"ters in full armorHC $ould be
ne"essary to move it# >f it is nevertheless
su""essfully moved' the gears and me"hanisms
$ill shear and shatter' and the platform $ill "rash
to the floor in room &I' thro$ing fragments
every$here# Any "reature that is on the platform
$hen this happens $ould ta)e IdI damage Bsave
vs# Death Ray for halfC# Any "reature that is under
the platform $ill ta)e 10dI damage' again $ith a
save vs# Death Ray redu"ing damage by half#
>f the party "limbs up into the room%
+ear the "enter of this room' there is a round
table $ith four stools# A "ard game of some )ind
has been abandoned' and hands of "ards lie
fa"e do$n on the table $ith a further pile of
"ards in the "enter# &here is also a painting on
ea"h $all#
>f the "ard game is investigated' there $ill prove
to be 34 "ards in the de")# &hey are arranged in I
suits B)obolds' goblins' or"s' hobgoblins' gnolls'
bugbearsC of eight "ards ea"h B"ub' $help'
female' $arrior' guard' sergeant' shaman' "hiefC#
.y ea"h pla"e is a small sta") of "oins BJdI spC#
&he paintings are as follo$s%
<est wall: (ainting title% (he (emptation of
/athrena. (ortrait orientation#
&he s"ene is a royal "ourt# A peasant $oman in
a plain bro$n dress and an apron stands at the
left of the pi"ture# 9er arm is outstret"hed $ith
palm out$ards in a gesture of refusal' and her
head is turned a$ay' refusing to loo)# >n the
"enter' a )ing sits on a throne# 9e $ears a
Ee$eled "ro$n and "arries a s"epter and an orb'
and a s$ord is girt at his side# 9e fa"es the
$oman and be")ons# &o the right' a hooded
figure $hispers in the :ing7s ear#
&his painting $ould be $orth J0gp to a "olle"tor#
.orth wall: (ainting title% (he 3oppelganger#
!ands"ape orientation#
&his painting depi"ts an interior s"ene of a house
on fire# A $ell-mus"led barbarian' na)ed but for
a loin"loth' stands in the ba")ground# 9is fa"e is
pu==led' his bro$ furro$ed# >n the foreground'
t$o $omen "lad in tigers)ins fa"e ea"h other#
&hey are identi"al' mirror opposites' but in
different poses# ne has her mouth open to
spea)' and the other has a hand on her dagger#
&his painting $ould fet"h 30gp on the open
mar)et than)s to its "heese"a)e value# >t is $orth
no more than 10gp to a "olle"tor#
=o&th wall: (ainting title% 4i1i$s 4ibrary# (ortrait
.eside a $indo$ in a library' a blonde damsel in
a damas) go$n sits reading# 9er legs are
$ithered and she seems to be a "ripple# utside
is a verdant meado$ in spring#
>f the painting is e;amined "arefully' it "an be
seen that the title of the boo) she is reading is
P9and in 9andP# &he $or) is te"hni"ally $ell-
e;e"uted and $ould be $orth 50gp to a
Croo'ed Roc' !o#er BF Fort ress, !om", and !o#er
East wall: (ainting title% (he 5rane and the
!u66ard# !ands"ape orientation#
A bu==ard pe")s at a "rane# &he "rane has a
very human-li)e e;pression' $ide-eyed $ith
Any literate "hara"ter $ill re"ogni=e this as a
s"ene from a $ell-)no$n "hildren7s fable# &his
painting $ould be $orth I5 gp to a "olle"tor#
$# the part spends more than two t&rns in this
room, the the eight li=ardmen on the roof $ill hear
or see them# B,ee the prefa"e to this se"tion for
their stats#C &he li=ardmen $ill drop ropes do$n
from the roof and try to "limb do$n Duietly until
they are in position to s$ing into the room# B&he
li=ardmen7s mouths are big enough for them to
hold their $eapons in their teeth $hile doing this#C
>f a party member is $at"hing the "hute' then the
li=ardmen $ill not be able to a"hieve surprise and
the party $ill be able to atta") them $hile they
are still on the ropes# &hey $ill respond by
"limbing ba") onto the roof' or into room &3'
$hi"hever is "losest#
>f no party members are $at"hing the "hute' then
they $ill not noti"e the li=ardmen until they s$ing
into the room# >n this "ase the li=ardmen $ill
a"hieve surprise on a 1' 2 or J on 1dI#
&he li=ardmen are loo)ing for "aptives $ho "an
tell them ho$ to get into the dungeon' not meat
to eat' so they $ill not initially be trying to )ill party
members# &hey $ill see) to grapple and
overpo$er any party members $ho are $earing
light or no armor' $hile holding the others at bay#
>f one of the li=ardmen is )illed' then they $ill at
on"e )ill any party members they hold "aptive
$ith dagger thrusts or bites to the throat' and $ill
thereafter fight to )ill#
T95 <$>,R%D= R--):
A lush bed $ith a red satin "anopy is positioned
against the south $all6 it is "overed in dust and
"ob$ebs# A $ashstand and a dresser stand to
either side of the bed# &he dresser holds
grooming items su"h as a man $ould use Ba
"omb' a pair of s"issors' a Ear of no$-hardened
musta"he $a;' a shaving mug and brush' and a
rusty ra=orC# A tall double-door $ardrobe stands
open against the $est $all $ith various "lothing
items lying on the floor around it#
A $ooden "ase along the east $all "ontains
many boo)s and s"rolls#
&he boo)s and s"rolls in the "ase "over topi"s on
ma"hines and metal $or)ing' in"luding $or)s on
bla")smithing' metallurgy and alloy ma)ing' gears
and automated ma"hinery' as $ell as a tome
des"ribing some of the theory behind magi"ally-
po$ered devi"es# &his last $or) is a"tually of little
use to a $i=ard attempting to reprodu"e the $or)
of the <i=ard of Clo")s' as it is filled $ith errors6 the
<i=ard )ept it to loan to those $ho $ished to learn
his se"rets B$hi"h he didn7t a"tually $ish to shareC#
&here is a si;-in"h round glo$ing orb of marble in a
brass fi;ture in the "eiling# &he fi;ture "an be
"losed to shut off the glo$ of the orb6 if removed
or affe"ted by dispel magic' the orb "eases
shining and be"ome non-magi"al# &his room
smells faintly of herbs and spi"es# &he fragran"e
"omes from a potpourri bo$l on an iron stand
beside the door#
T55 R--F: &he party may have already
en"ountered the li=ardmen in room &J# >f not' they
$ill all be here' in $hi"h "ase they $ill a"t as
des"ribed in room &J% trying to ta)e the party
prisoner if possible#
&he li=ardmen are lur)ing atop the to$er so that
they "an )eep an eye on $ho is entering the
)eep# &hey $ill probably already )no$ about the
party7s presen"e' so unless the "hara"ters too)
unusually good pre"autions not to be seen $hile
approa"hing' the li=ardmen "annot be surprised#
Apart from the li=ardmen' there is nothing of
interest or value here#
T:5 T-<ER B,=E)E.T: &his spa"e "ontains the
eDuipment that operates the lift# &$o hand-
"ran)s "onne"ted by gears to an ingenious
rat"het me"hanism $hi"h "ould be "ran)ed in
either dire"tion but $ill not spin freely $hen
released# 9o$ever' as previously noted' the
eDuipment is badly rusted and fro=en in pla"e# A
su""essful 1dI 0open doors1 roll "an free the
me"hanism' but there is a 10Q "han"e that su"h
a su""ess $ill brea) the rat"het devi"e and "ause
the lift to plummet do$n$ard# >f this happens'
anyone standing beneath the lift must save vs#
BF Fort ress, !om", and !o#er Croo'ed Roc' !o#er
Death Ray B$ith De;terity bonus addedC to avoid
being stru") for 2dI damage6 in addition to the
damage done' anyone failing the save $ill be
pinned in pla"e# Another 0open doors1 roll must
be made by someone not pinned to raise the lift
and free the vi"timBsC#
&he initial roll to free the me"hanism may be
assisted by a se"ond "hara"ter' adding an
effe"tive K1 to the stronger "hara"ter7s ,trength
bonus for the roll# Fp to four "hara"ters "an try to
raise the lift if it "rashes do$n' $ith ea"h e;tra
"hara"ter adding K1 to the strongest "hara"ter7s
,trength bonus# A natural I $ill al$ays fail#
>f the lift is freed and does not brea)' it $ill still
ma)e a loud sDuealing noise if used# &here are
not normally any monsters in this room6 ho$ever' if
the lift is used Bor if it brea)sC' the noise may attra"t
the attention of any monsters still a"tive in the
+ote that the stairs in this area "onne"t to area 1
in the first dungeon level#
Dungeon +e-el 1 8'o,er Basement9 *ey
15 E.TR? R--):
&his area is filled $ith thi")' dusty "ob$ebs' filling
the room e;"ept for the lo$est four feet or so of
the room# !ying shriveled on the floor is the
"orpse of a giant spider' a bla") $ido$ it
appears6 lying beside it is the "orpse of a giant
bee# ,everal more inse"t "orpses hang from the
$ebs' bundled in more $ebbing# @ou "an see
t$o huge' translu"ent spiders in the $ebbing
nearby' and possibly another one further in#
&he translu"ent spiders are a"tually the shed hus)s
of living spiders Bas su"h they remain motionlessC#
&he real spiders are hiding deep inside the
"ob$ebs' using their "hameleon s)in to ma)e
themselves even harder to dete"t#
.urning the spider $ebs engulfs the general area
in no;ious bla") fumes $hi"h "ause all vi"tims to
save versus (oison or suffer effe"ts temporary
blindness due to eye irritation for 1dI rounds# &he
spiders inside $ill s"uttle a$ay from any flames'
moving to$ard area 12 Bas area 2 "ontains giant
3 Giant Crab =piders: AC 1J' 9D 2' NAt 1 bite'
Dam 1d4 K poison' -v 307' ,v 22' -l L
9( L
15 C-RR$%-R R--): As the party approa"hes this
room' tell the players that they "an hear loud
bu==ing sounds ahead of them#
&he "eiling of this room is lined $ith the
honey"omb of giant bees# An al"ove in the
north $all leads to ornate double doors of brass-
bound oa) trimmed $ith "opper#
As you enter the area' si; giant bees fly at you
from the dar)ness#
&he doors are not made of oa)' but of treant-
$ood# Any "hara"ter tou"hing the door $ill be
cursed $ith terrible nightmares and unable to
sleep restfully for three days' although they $ill not
noti"e this immediately# B&his effe"t prevents
spell"asters from relearning their spells#C n"e the
party has passed through the door' it $ill try to
slam shut# Any reasonable attempt to prevent this
Bsu"h as $edging the door openC $ill su""eed'
but if no su"h pre"autions are ta)en it $ill "lose
and magi"ally seal itself for three days#
Anyone $earing the symbol of the god of the
undead' Reubeus' $ill be unaffe"ted by the "urse
and $ill be able to pass through the doors at any
time' even if they are already sealed#
: Giant Bees: AC 1J' 9D 1d3' NAt 1 sting'
Dam 1d3 K poison' -v 107 2ly 507' ,v 21' -l ?
9( J 1
2 J
3 3
Croo'ed Roc' !o#er BF Fort ress, !om", and !o#er
35 C;,"E2 ,.TER--):
&apestries of deep red line the $alls to the left
and right6 ea"h is embroidered $ith a bla")
trident symbol#
&he bla") trident is the symbol of Reubeus' god of
the undead# Any Cleri" of an opposed deity $ill
naturally $ish to destroy them' but they are
magi"ally preserved and "annot be "ut or burned
Bdispel magic "an remove the prote"tion'
allo$ing the destru"tion of the tapestriesC#
95 C;,"E2 -F REBBEB=:
A huge roaring fire burns on the dais' though
there is no fuel for it to burn#
&he fire is roaring so loudly that "hara"ters in the
room $ill need to yell to be heard# &he fire burns
any normal "hara"ter or "reature $ho tou"hes it'
doing 1dI damage $ith a tou"h or 2dI if a
"hara"ter falls or is pushed into it# Fndead
"reatures are not harmed by the flames' and in
fa"t any undead "reature entering the flames
re"eives 2dI points of 0healing#1
55 =T-R,GE:
&his room appears to be used for storage6 a
sta") of $ooden bo;es is piled in the middle of
the room# @ou noti"e the "eiling of this room is
higher than in the hall$ay' probably about thirty
5a"h bo; is 27 ; 27 sDuare and 17 deep' and there
are t$enty of them# >f the party sear"hes' then
the "ontents are as follo$s%
1# 50 "rossbo$ bolts Ball $ith rusted tipsC
2# I0 arro$s Ball $ith rusted tipsC
J# 12 daggers Ball rustedC
3# 20 small helms Ball rustedC
5# 5 leather Eer)ins Ball milde$edC
I# 50 shield bosses Ball rustedC
L# 1'000 nails Ball rustedC
4# 30 spearheads Ball rustedC
?# 10 shortbo$ staves B$ithout strings' all
10# 2 small sa")s of beans BspoiledC
11# 2 small sa")s of flour BsoddenC
12# 25 deer antlers Bfor ma)ing )nife
handles et"#C
1J# 100 leather $aters)ins Ball milde$edC
13# A $ooden "hessboard $ith ebony
and ivory pie"es R value 50gp on"e
"leaned up
15# 22 leather balls stuffed $ith rags
1I# A side of por) BrottenC Bsee belo$C
1L# Assorted shoes of various si=es' all $orn
and a$aiting repair
14# 12 pottery hand lamps
1?# 3 sheep flee"es
20# 1007 of rope
As soon as bo; N1I is opened' 2 Giant Centipedes
Bsee belo$C $ill rush out and "ra$l up the opening
"hara"ter7s arms or legs# n the first round' they
"an be atta")ed normally provided the party is
not surprised and $ins initiative# n their initiative
number they $ill be physi"ally on the "hara"ter
$ho opened the "hest' after $hi"h if anyone
atta")s them and misses' the "hara"ter they are
"ra$ling on $ill ta)e rolled damage a""ording to
the $eapon type# &hey $ill not pause to bite after
the first round' but on the se"ond round' $ill try to
get up the opening "hara"ter7s sleeves' in through
the ne")hole of his or her garment' or other$ise
inside his or her armor or "lothing# >f they su""eed
Band they $ill do so unless the party someho$
prevents themC' then if atta")ed' the "hara"ter
they are "ra$ling on $ill ta)e rolled damage
a""ording to $eapon type $hether the atta")er
hits or misses# 2rom inside the garment they $ill
)eep biting until their target stops $riggling#
1 Giant Centipedes: AC 11' 9D O' NAt 1'
Dam (oison Bsave at K2C' -v 307' ,v +-' -l L
9( 1 1
>t $ill reDuire a little ingenuity for the party to be
able to remove bo;es from the sta") safely# >f the
entire sta") topples Band it is for the G- to
determine the "han"e of this' depending on ho$
BF Fort ress, !om", and !o#er Croo'ed Roc' !o#er
the party goes about retrieving bo;esC' then any
"hara"ter beneath it $ill suffer 2d3 points of
:5 <,RR$-RD= %E.:
>n this room you see a des)' a "hair' a $eapons
ra") and a large "hest#
&his room is the first of three formerly o""upied by
A"hron' <algren7s fighter bodyguard# &he "hest is
empty save for a pair of men7s sandals' one of
$hi"h has a bro)en strap6 they are badly rotten
and unusable# A dried-up in) bottle' an old dry-
rotted Duill' and a fe$ sheets of brittle par"hment
are the only things found in the des) dra$er#
A"hron Duietly deserted <algren $hen he
dis"overed him )illing $omen and "hildren' and
<algren never repla"ed him#
An 41 high by 121 $ide aperture "an be seen at
floor level in the "enter of the south $all# >t is
intended as a drain6 a "opper grate "overed it'
but the grate has fallen a$ay' allo$ing small
"reatures a $ay to enter the room# ,i; "rested
serpents lair in this room' entering and e;iting
through the drain' and living under the bed6 they
$ill surprise the party on a 1-J on 1dI due to their
: Crested =erpents: AC 15' 9D 1K2' NAt 1 bite'
Dam 1dJ K sleep poison' -v 507' ,v 21' -l L
9( ?
@5 <,RR$-RD= BE%R--): &his is $here A"hron
slept# &he bedsheets are rotten Bas is the bed
frame' should anyone try itC# &he door to area 4 is
half open#
+5 <,RR$-RD= ,R)-$RE:
&his room appears to be empty# @ou see tendrils
of gray' oo=ing slime "ome dripping do$n from
overhead' and loo)ing up' you "an see a si")ly
gray fungus "overing the "eiling#
&he gray slime might be mista)en for a"tual gray
oo=e' but it is harmless' as is the gro$th of mold
o""upying mu"h of the "eiling#
*5 B-.E R--):
&he $alls of this room are lined $ith bags and
bundles6 you see bones sti")ing out of some of
them' and a fe$ piles of bones and s)ulls lie
un$rapped here and there#
5very 0pa")age1 is full of bones' $ith ea"h
"ontaining the bones of a single human or
humanoid# <algren )ept them here as ra$
materials' to be animated if he needed guards or
menial laborers# 9e left seven as guards' ordered
to remain in a heap until someone besides himself
entered the room### so they $ill arise $ith a
"lattering noise 1d3 rounds after the room is
entered and atta") $ith their bony fists#
@ ='eletons: AC 1J BO damage from edged
$eaponsC' 9D 1' -8 307' NAt 1' Dam 1d4' ,v 21'
-l 12
9( J L
I 2
1A5 T-RTBRE R--):
@ou see a table to $hi"h a "lo")$or) thing
made to resemble a man is strapped# >ts arms
and legs have been disassembled at the )nees
and elbo$s' and you see $hat are apparently
the missing parts piled on the floor beside the
&he "lo")$or) man is motionless' but he is still
operational and $ill listen "arefully to anything
said by the party6 if he believes them trust$orthy'
he $ill spea) to them $ith a voi"e tinged by
sDuealing gears' begging them to free him and
repair his legs and arms# &he "lo")$or) man is
mar)ed $ith the number 011 engraved on his
upper "hest# 9e is' in fa"t' +umber ne' as
des"ribed above' and he "an instru"t any
"hara"ter $illing to repair him in the reinstallation
of the missing parts#
&he room also "ontains a rotten $hip' a rusty
bra=ier $ith t$o rusty iron po)ers' and t$o sets of
brass thumbs"re$s#
Croo'ed Roc' !o#er BF Fort ress, !om", and !o#er
115 CE22 B2-C(:
&he "langing of pi") against stone is audible from
outside the doors' even $hen they are shut#
&he double doors open onto a ten foot $ide
"orridor that runs south for fifty feet# &he first ten
feet of the "orridor is featureless6 then' off the
east $all are four "ells' ea"h ten feet sDuare'
$ith grille$or) doors fa"ing onto the "orridor# >n
the $est $all there is a door ten feet south of the
entran"e# At the end of the fifty feet the "orridor
turns $est#
&he sound of stonemasonry stops abruptly' and
you "an see ten animated s)eletons round the
"orner at the far end of the "orridor# &hey are
holding large pi")s of the )ind used for
&he s)eletons $ill atta")' of "ourse# &he pi")s they
are "arrying are badly blunted' but still do
damage as if they $ere ma"es#
$mportant .ote: >f the party attempts to turn these
s)eletons' they $ill fail' unless the bla") trident
tapestries in room NJ Bthe Chapel AnteroomC
have been destroyed' in $hi"h "ase the "han"e
to turn is normal#
1A ='eletons: AC 1J BO damage from edged
$eaponsC' 9D 1' -8 307' NAt 1' Dam 1d4' ,v 21'
-l 12
9( J 4
L 2
5 4
5 I
11a: &he "orridor at this point is unfinished' and the
s)eletons $ere apparently $or)ing to enlarge the
"omple; $hen the party interrupted them# A
player "hara"ter d$arf or gnome $ill observe that
the stone at this point is e;tremely hard' and the
floor is littered $ith small bits of metal fla)ed off of
the s)eleton7s tools#
11b!11d: &hese $ere on"e holding "ells
"ontaining "reatures that $ere to be sa"rifi"ed to
11b: Contains $hat loo)s li)e a humanoid
s)eleton' e;"ept that the individual bones are
apparently made of $ood# &hese are dryad7s
bones# A player "hara"ter elf $ould re"eive
100 U( for burying them $ith the "orre"t rites#
&he se"ret door at the ba") of this room is long-
disused6 the stairs it leads to are the ones <algren
sear"hed for in vain' leading do$n to the
manufa"turing level# >f the party has destroyed
the bla") trident tapestries in room NJ' then the
gods of light $ill grant the party a boon% a
randomly sele"ted player "hara"ter $ill trip and
fall against the east $all' stri)ing $ith a hollo$
thump and revealing the presen"e of a spa"e
beyond# &he se"ret door is opened by pressing a
loose stone si; feet up on the $all' $hi"h "an be
dete"ted $ith the usual roll6 if the loose stone
"annot be found' the party "an brea) the door
do$n $ith tools ta)en from the s)eletons#
11c: Contains a "entaur s)eleton# &he bony Eoint
$here the human spine Eoins the "entaur spine'
Eust above the first of the "entaur7s t$o pelvises' is
"alled the anterior os sa"rum and it has various
magi"al uses# A $i=ard or $it"h might pay 100gp
for the bone#
11d: Contains an o$lbear7s s)eleton# Close
inspe"tion $ill reveal that someone has "ut into
the right fovea "apitis Bthe )nobbly bit at the top
of the thighboneC and made a pair of bone di"e#
&he di"e are on the ground Eust by the s)eleton#
&hey are mildly magi"al# >f rolled' ea"h die $ill
al$ays sho$ the number 1# >f both are rolled
together' a voi"e $ill $hisper Psna)e eyesHP' and
they $ill disappear6 in this event' the roller7s ne;t
saving thro$ $ill automati"ally su""eed#
115 C-RR$%-R R--):
,"uff mar)s on the floor indi"ate that shelves
about 2 to J feet in depth may have on"e lined
the $est $all of this no$ empty noo)#
ther than the things des"ribed above' this area
is empty#
135 =T$RGE=:
A hapha=ard "olle"tion of $ooden beams lean
against the $all and lie in piles in the south$est
"orner' along $ith some mining tools' $ooden
barrels and other items#
&he pile of beams are home for a gaggle of stirges
fren=ied by starvation# &hey sDuea) angrily at
BF Fort ress, !om", and !o#er Croo'ed Roc' !o#er
ea"h other and flash through the air' atta")ing
anything that enters the room#
!istening in this room reveals a rat-li)e sDuealing#
n the $all behind one barrel Bfound on even a
"ursory sear"hC is the number 4JI#
1A =tirges: AC 1J' 9D 1' NAt 1 bite' Dam 1d3 K
1d3Around blood drain' -v 107 2ly I07' ,v 21' -l ?
9( 4 L
3 J
2 J
195 C-B.T %-<. TR,":
>n this room' "entered on the far $all' is a "ir"ular
dial Bsimilar to a "lo") in designC# >t is "overed in a
durable transparent material' resembling glass but
tough as tempered steel# &he number 10 is at the
top of the dial' and the numbers de"rease in a
"ounter"lo")$ise dire"tion from there# <ithin is a
single hand pointing to 010#1 .elo$ the "lo") on
the $all is a brass button mar)ed $ith a "urved
arro$ pointing "lo")$ise#
1d3 rounds after the room is entered' a set of steel
bars $ill "ome do$n from the "eiling Eust outside
the door BreDuiring a save vs# Death Ray adEusted
by De;terity to avoid' should any "hara"ter be
standing in that lo"ationC# &he dial $ill then begin
to "ount do$n' ti")ing loudly and turning
"ounter"lo")$ise# >t $ill move from number to
number on"e per round' so that ten rounds $ill
return the dial to the top number B10C# >f the
button is depressed' the dial $ill s$iftly rotate
ba") to 10' but then immediately begin "ounting
do$n again#
>f the dial ever "ounts all the $ay do$n and
returns to 10 $ithout the button being pushed' the
bars $ill retra"t into the "eiling' and the entire
assembly $ill then reset one hour later#
After being allo$ed to "ount do$n "ompletely'
"urious player "hara"ters may dis"over that the
entire dial "an be turned# >f it is rotated right until
4 is on top' then left until J is on top' then right
again until I is on top' a J7 ; J7 se"ret door belo$
the dial $ill open# >nside is a lo")ed $ooden
"hest "ontaining 2'553 gp#
155 =(E2ET-. R--):
A round table is "entered in this room' $ith a
gaudy $hite "handelier overhead' shining do$n
brightly# ,itting at the table are five s)eletons'
apparently playing "ards#
&he moment anyone enters or spea)s' one
s)eleton loo)s up and "hatters' PCare for a game
of &$elve 9and ,lapGP &he s)eletons then get up
and atta")# &he P"handelierP unfolds from the
"eiling to reveal that it is a s)eleton $ith a
contin&al light "ast on its s)ull' $hi"h $ill go out if it
is destroyed#
: ='eletons: AC 1J Bhalf damage from edged
$eaponsC' 9D 1' NAt 1' Dam 1dI or by $eapon'
-v 307' ,v 21' -l 12
9( L 2
J 2
1:5 <$.E CE22,R:
&his room is apparently a $ine "ellar# <ine ra")s
"over all the available $all spa"e# 9o$ever'
there are only a fe$ bottles of $ine here# &here
is some bro)en glass on the floor Eust to the left of
the door#
5a"h of the 15 bottles of $ine here has a 20Q
"han"e of being $orth 5d10 G(6 the rest are
1@5 B-.E R--):
<ooden shelves about t$o to three feet in
depth line the $alls of this room# &hey are
sto")ed $ith bones sorted by type and length#
A $ooden bin in the "enter holds a Eumble of
bones $aiting to be sorted#
As soon as the room is disturbed' the unsorted
bones animate and atta")#
@ ='eletons: AC 1J Bhalf damage from edged
$eaponsC' 9D 1' -8 307' NAt 1' Dam 1d4' ,v 21' -l
9( I I
L 5
I 4
Croo'ed Roc' !o#er BF Fort ress, !om", and !o#er
1+5 >-)B$E R--):
+ote% !istening to the door of this room reveals a
"ontinuous gna$ing noise that seems to "ome
from the room inside# &he sour"e of the noise
"annot be found inside the room' ho$ever' as the
door is being eaten from the inside out by beetle
larvae# &his "an be dis"overed if the door is
listened at from both sides# &he door "an be
smashed through Duite easily Badd 1 to the open
doors range' i#e# 1-2 on 1dI for "hara"ters having
no ,trength bonus' 1-J for a K1 bonus' and so on#
&his room is empty e;"ept for tables lining the
$alls# !ying on eight of them are $hat appear
to be human forms "overed by dusty sheets#
<hen any "hara"ter enters the room' or anything
in the room is disturbed' four of the shrouded
figures rise up off the tables and atta")#
9 >ombies: AC 12 BO damage from blunt
$eaponsC' 9D 2' NAt 1' Dam 1d4' -v 207' ,v 22'
-l 12
9( L
1*5 >-)B$E R--):
As the (Cs approa"h' the door to this room opens
as if someone is e;iting' but no one does#
&his room is furnished as an offi"e' $ith a des)' a
"hair behind it' and large easy "hair in front# A
solitary figure stands behind the des)#
&he figure is a =ombie# A hangman7s rope' "ut off
short' hangs around its ne")# >t is dirty' its ragged'
bony hands sho$ing that it "la$ed its $ay from a
1 >ombie: AC 12 BO damage from blunt
$eaponsC' 9D 2' NAt 1' Dam 1d4' -v 207' ,v 22'
-l 12
9( 10
1A5 CR?"T ,.TER--):
&his room appears to be empty' save for a huge
pair of double doors "entered in the south $all#
&hey are plain but $ell-made' and se"ured $ith
a large gold seal#
&he =ombies in this room are "lustered against the
$all to the left of the door' and are standing
perfe"tly still Bof "ourseC# &hey $ill atta") only
$hen someone enters the room' surprising on a
1-J on 1dI#
After the =ombies are dispat"hed' read the
&he massive "ir"ular gold seal is engraved $ith
strange and unfamiliar symbols# >t radiates a
sensation of "oldness that "an be felt several
feet a$ay#
&he seal must be removed before the doors "an
be opened# >f a detect magic or detect e4il spell
is employed' the seal $ill be dete"ted as
emanating evil magi"# 9o$ever' the magi" on
the seal is ina"tive6 it is there merely to dis"ourage
anyone from disturbing the doors#
&he seal "an be pried a$ay from the doors using
the same die roll as for for"ing a stu") door# &he
doors $ill still be stu") and must also be for"ed#
: >ombies: AC 12 BO damage from blunt
$eaponsC' 9D 2' NAt 1' Dam 1d4' -v 207' ,v 22'
-l 12
9( ?
BF Fort ress, !om", and !o#er Croo'ed Roc' !o#er
115 CR?"T -F <,2GRE.:
2our monstrously large undead humanoids stand
guard around a sar"ophagus here# &he "eiling
and "orners of the room are thi")ly hung $ith
&he undead are ogre =ombies# Despite the
spider$ebs' there are no parti"ularly dangerous
spiders present here#
<ithin the sar"ophagus lie the mortal remains of
Garand <algren# &here is no treasure here#
9 -gre >ombies: AC 12 BO damage from blunt
$eaponsC' 9D 5K1' NAt 1' Dam 2dI' -v 207' ,v 25'
-l 12
9( 2J



Dungeon +e-el 2 8lock,ork Manufacturing Facility9 *ey
115 E.TR? R--):
@ou are at the foot of a spiral stair"ase' from
$hi"h a 10ft $ide "orridor e;tends 30ft to the
south and ends in a pair of double doors# >n the
east and $est $alls of the "orridor' t$o small
shrines are inset# 5a"h "onsists of a statuette of a
humanoid figure' about a foot high' in a small
al"ove at $aist height# &he al"oves are painted
$ith religious s"enes# &he double doors at the
southern end of the "orridor are made of brass-
bound oa) $ith de"orative "opper trimmings'
and they loo) very fan"y#
&he figurine in the east $all is male# 9e $ears a
toga and a pe"uliar feathered "loa)# &he s"enes
painted in the al"ove behind him are pleasant
and pastoral' depi"ting an agri"ultural "ommunity
in summer going about their daily tas)s# >f the
figurine is lifted up' it $ill be found to be hollo$
and open at the base# >nside it is a pottery vial
"ontaining a fe$ drams of aDuamarine liDuid# &he
liDuid is thi") and vis"ous and' if sipped' tastes
vaguely of liDuori"e# ,ipping it $ill have no other
effe"ts# >t seems to be a single dose of a potion#
>f the liDuid is drun)' the drin)er $ill be transformed
into an oread Ba )ind of nymph resembling a
dryad' but $ho lives in the mountainsC# &he oread
retains all of her abilities' but loses one point ea"h
of strength and "onstitution' gaining instead one
point ea"h of de;terity and "harisma# ,he also
gains the magi"al ability to "ast "harm person
on"e per day Bas the first level magi" user spellC#
&he transformation $ill last 1dI days#
&he figurine in the $est $all is female# ,he $ears a
stola and a floral "ro$n# &he s"enes painted in the
al"ove behind her are tranDuil and $atery'
depi"ting a group of fishermen and -$omen
beside a la)e in summer# &his figurine is also hollo$
and open at the base' "ontaining a fe$ drams of
pin)ish' translu"ent liDuid# &his liDuid has a faint
aroma of honey and if sipped' tastes vaguely
honey-li)e# ,ipping it $ill have no other effe"ts'
and it seems to be a single dose of a potion#
>f the liDuid is drun)' the drin)er $ill be transformed
into a "entaur# &he "entaur retains all of his
abilities' but loses one point ea"h of intelligen"e
and $isdom' gaining instead one point ea"h of
strength and "onstitution# 9e "an also run at the
speed of a horse# &he transformation $ill last 1dI
>f the same "hara"ter drin)s both liDuids' he or she
$ill assume gaseous form for 1dI turns and then
be restored to his or her original Bhuman or demi-
humanC state#
Read the follo$ing $hen the party opens the
doors at the south end of "orridor 22%
&he doors s$ing ba") to reveal a 10ft $ide
"orridor running east-$est# &o your left B$hi"h is
eastC the "orridor "ontinues for 10ft' after $hi"h it
stops at a &-Eun"tion to another 10ft $ide "orridor
that runs north-south# &o your right B$hi"h is $estC
the "orridor "ontinues for 10ft and then $idens
out into a large "hamber# @ou "an feel a strong
draught blo$ing from this "hamber to$ards the
east# @our nostrils flare as you "at"h a $hiff of a
faintly metalli" odor' and you "an hear a lo$
hum that may be "oming from the $est#
Croo'ed Roc' !o#er BF Fort ress, !om", and !o#er
>f any "hara"ter has been "onverted to gaseous
form' he or she $ill be "arried helplessly east$ards
by the draft upon entering the "orridor# At the &-
Eun"tion he or she may be "arried north or south'
$ith an eDual "han"e of ea"h' and $ill be for"ed
1d3;10 feet in that dire"tion before "oming to a
halt# A "hara"ter in gaseous form may not move
against the bree=e#
135 F,. R--):
Read the follo$ing $hen the party approa"hes
the entran"e to this room%
&he room ahead is si;ty feet east to $est by thirty
feet north to south' tapering at the near end# >n
the "enter of the room is a thirty foot long trough
"ontaining a fluid of some )ind# &he fluid fumes
and gives off a metalli" ree)#
&here are five grilles in the $alls' one dire"tly
opposite the entran"e and t$o in ea"h of the
north and south $alls# 5a"h grille is ten feet $ide
and ten feet high# A strong bree=e flo$s into the
room from ea"h grille# >t is these grilles that emit
the hum that you heard earlier#
>f a "hara"ter approa"hes a grille' he or she $ill
hear a faint "li")ing in addition to the hum#
.ehind ea"h of the grilles is a huge fan' fully ? feet
in diameter' $hi"h is operated by an odd manli)e
"lo")$or) "reature that stands in a nearby
al"ove# <ithin ea"h al"ove is a large "ran) and
a "omple; series of gears $hi"h operate the
neighboring fan#
>t is possible' but diffi"ult' to deta"h a grille from
the $all# >f the "hara"ters de"ide to try this'
e;plain that the bars on the grille are about an
in"h thi") and set about an in"h apart# >t $ill ta)e
a "ombined total of 50 ,trength points to $ren"h
the grilles from their so")ets# &here are other $ays
to "ir"umvent the grilles' su"h as "utting through
the bars' for e;ample6 though it is unli)ely the
party $ill have the right tools on hand' they may
be able to find tools else$here in this level#
>f a grille is removed' the fan behind it $ill also
blo") passage# Although the fans are not sharp'
they are large and heavy and they rotate too
Dui")ly to avoid# 5;plain that they move so fast
the blades are Eust a blur# Any "hara"ter $ho
attempts to pass bet$een them $ill suffer JdI
points of damage Bno saving thro$C# &he gap
bet$een the blades and the surrounding $all is a
mere si; in"hes on ea"h side#
>t is possible to stop the fans' either by $edging
them $ith a suffi"iently large and solid obEe"t or
by someho$ getting behind them and harming
the me"hanism#
>f a fan is stopped' then its asso"iated "lo")$or)
man $ill "ease to turn the handle# >t $ill see) to
remove any obsta"les and repair any damage to
the fans' and then resume turning the "ran)# >f a
party member interferes $ith this a"tivity or
atta")s the "lo")$or) man' it $ill designate him or
her as a target#
&he "lo")$or) man is programmed to atta") all
designated targets in melee# >f there is a "hoi"e
of target' the "lo")$or) man $ill atta") the least
$ell armored target first' "ontinuing ot atta") until
the target lies on the ground# >t $ill then atta")
the ne;t target on its list# >f no targets remain
standing' the "lo")$or) man $ill return to its tas)#
5 ;&ge Cloc'wor' )en: AC 22' 9D 4 NAt 2'
Dam 2d3A2d3' -v 20ft' ,v 24' -l 12
9( 30





&he the fluid in the trough is the magi"al fluid
$hi"h serves as the "lo")$or) "reatures7 lubri"ant
and fuel# &his is' so to spea)' their PfoodP' and all
the "lo")$or)s in the dungeon periodi"ally need
to return here# >f any fluid is s"ooped out' the
trough $ill magi"ally refill itself in one round#
&he fluid is a"idi" and gives off no;ious fumes# A
"hara"ter approa"hing to $ithin 1 foot of the
trough must save vs# (oison or fall un"ons"ious to
the ground for 1d3 rounds# >f the "hara"ter is not
promptly removed from the fumes' he or she may
suffer brain damage% every turn' the "hara"ter
must roll another saving thro$ vs (oison' $ith
failure resulting in the permanent loss of one point
of >ntelligen"e#
BF Fort ress, !om", and !o#er Croo'ed Roc' !o#er
A splash of the a"id is mildly harmful to organi"
material B1d2 points of damageC# >mmersing a
limb in the trough $ill "ause 1dI points of
damage' $hile immersing the $hole body in it
"auses 1d12 damage per round# &his damage is
in addition to the effe"ts of the fumes#
>f more than t$o fans are disabled' then the to;i"
fumes in this room $ill begin to build up# &hree
turns after the third fan is disabled' anyone $ithin
the room must save against un"ons"iousness and
subseDuent >ntelligen"e loss# >f all five fans are
disabled' then over the "ourse of the ne;t game
day' the entire level $ill fill up $ith to;i" fumes#
8ery small' "on"ealed vents in this level prevent
the fumes from es"aping to other levels of the
&he fluid is opaDue' so the "hara"ters $ill not be
able to see the steel "ir"let at the bottom of it#
&his "ir"let' "alled the Crown o# Cloc'wor's' $as
an e;perimental devi"e made by the <i=ard of
Clo")s# >t proved to be unreliable' and in a fit of
piDue he thre$ it in the trough and forgot about it#
>f a "hara"ter $ears the Cro$n of Clo")$or)s' he
or she must roll 5dI every round and "ompare the
result against his or her >ntelligen"e# >f the roll is
eDual to or less than the "hara"ter7s >ntelligen"e'
then he or she may "ontrol one "lo")$or)
"reature $ithin 100 feet# &his "ontrol in"ludes
being able to PseeP through the "lo")$or)7s eyes
and "ontrol its movements and atta")s' although
if this is done the "hara"ter may ta)e no other
a"tion that round#
>f the roll is 1 or 2 points higher than the "hara"ter7s
>ntelligen"e' then the "ontrol fails but he or she
re"eives no ill effe"ts# >f the roll is J points higher'
then he or she believes that a "lo")$or) is under
"ontrol' but it is not# >f the roll is 3 or 5 points
higher' then the nearest "lo")$or) a"Duires the
"hara"ter as a target and $ill move to atta") him
or her' "ontinuing its atta")s until the "lo")$or) is
destroyed or the "hara"ter lies on the ground# >f
the roll is I or L points higher' then all "lo")$or)s
$ithin 100ft a"Duire the "hara"ter as a target# >f
the roll is 4 or more points higher' then all
"lo")$or)s $ithin the dungeon a"Duire the
"hara"ter as a target $hile that "hara"ter falls
un"ons"ious for 1dI rounds#
195 ),C;$.$.G R--):
&he "enter of this room is dominated by several
huge' steel tables surmounted by "ompli"ated
"lo")$or) ma"hinery# +eat sta")s of sheet
metal lie around the room7s edges' $hile a vast
range of toothed gears and "ogs hang from
steel pegs embedded in the north $all# &he
ma"hinery is "old' silent and dusty' and the room
is still#
&he "eiling is ar"hed and high-vaulted' ranging
to at least J0ft above the floor# +ear the east
end of the room $hat appears to be a "ir"ular
"lo") about 5ft in diameter depends from the
"eiling' but the mar)ings on the "lo") are
unfamiliar and instead of the usual hour' minute
and se"ond hands' there are five pointers of
various different shapes and "olors# &he "lo")
has stopped and all the levers are at verti"al' the
eDuivalent of t$elve noon on a "onventional
>f the ma"hinery is e;amined' it $ill be found to
"omprise abrasive $heels' "utting dis"s and other
devi"es for the manufa"ture of "lo")$or)# &he
me"hanisms have not been "ared for' and by
no$ all have permanently sei=ed up due to rust in
the internal $or)ings# &here is no $ay to restart the
ma"hinery# 9o$ever' the "utting dis"s and
abrasive $heels are made of a magi"al alloy and
have retained their shine and edge#
>f the party $ants to retrieve these' then a d$arf
or gnome $ill be able to use thieves7 tools or other
appropriate eDuipment to e;tra"t t$o "utting
dis"s and t$o abrasive $heels# &hese are 2ft in
diameter and rather heavy Bat least double the
$eight of a large shieldC' and they "annot
effe"tively be used as $eapons# &he alloy is
valuable and ea"h dis" $ould be $orth 500gp to
a high-end "raftsman or an al"hemist#
Alternatively' an e;pert d$arf or gnome
bla")smith "ould ma)e ea"h $heel into a shield
K1# &he party $ould have to pay 1000gp per shield
in labor and materials#
&he gears and "ogs are of brass' bron=e or steel#
&he steel ones have rusted and are useless# &he
brass or bron=e ones potentially have value'
although e;tra"ting them from the dungeon is
probably more trouble than they are $orth# &hey
range in si=e from smaller than a fingernail up to
Croo'ed Roc' !o#er BF Fort ress, !om", and !o#er
Jft in diameter# Assume that the party "an ta)e up
to 5000 lbs of gears and "ogs from this room' $ith
a potential resale value of 1gp per pound#
&he steel plates' if e;amined' $ill be seen to be
rusted and of very little value#
>f the party e;amines the "lo")' then they $ill see
that it hangs from the "eiling by a steel "hain'
about t$enty-five feet above the floor# A large
brass )ey protrudes from the ba") of the "lo")# >f
dete"ted for' then the "lo") radiates magi" but
the )ey does not#
A "hara"ter $ith int 15 or more $ill be able to
dedu"e its pe"uliar mar)ings# &he <i=ard of Clo")s
$as $or)ing on finding a de"imal system of time
measurement' and this "lo") uses one of his
e;perimental systems#
>f the party attempts to "limb up to the "lo")' they
$ill find that the steel "hain from $hi"h the "lo")
hangs is rusted and deteriorated' and if it has to
bear another 50lbs $eight over and above that of
the "lo")' then there is a L5Q "han"e that it $ill
brea)# &he "lo") $ill then "rash to the floor'
infli"ting 5dI hp of damage on any "hara"ter
dire"tly beneath it Bsave vs# death for half
damageC# &he "lo") $ill shatter $hen it hits the
ground' sending glass fragments and slivers of
metal flying through the air in a 20ft radius# Any
"hara"ter $ithin this range $ill ta)e a further
amount of damage eDual to 25 minus their AC#
>f the party rea"hes the "lo") safely and attempts
to $ind the )ey' then $hoever is $inding it $ill find
that a tiny but e;tremely poisonous spider has
made its lair in the me"hanism# >t $ill s"uttle out
and bite# >f the "hara"ter is $earing leather gloves
or better' then this $ill have no effe"t' but if the
"hara"ter has only "loth gloves or unprote"ted
hands' then he or she must pass a saving thro$ vs#
poison or die in 1dI turns# >f the saving thro$ is
passed' then the "hara"ter $ill only be rendered
>f the "lo") is someho$ $ound' then it $ill begin
to ti") in a pe"uliar rhythm# &he ti")ing $ill
"ontinue for 3 turns' in"reasing in volume and
be"oming more errati"# At the end of the 3 turns'
or earlier if the "lo") is interfered $ith Bfor
e;ample' by trying to remove the )eyC' the ti")ing
$ill stop and a fe$ moments later' the "lo") $ill
e;plode' sho$ering everyone in the room $ith
shrapnel as above Binfli"ting points of damage
eDual to 25 minus the "hara"ter7s ACC#
>f the "lo") e;plodes for any reason and the
"hara"ters sear"h the resulting debris' they $ill
find that one of the tubes in the "lo") is a"tually a
magi"al pipe Bresembling a fluteC# &his is a uniDue
magi"al item "alled a "ipe o# R&st# >f anyone
attempts to blo$ into the pipe' then irrespe"tive
of $hether they a"tually )no$ ho$ to play it' the
pipe $ill emit a haunting tune and' three rounds
later' a rust monster $ill appear# >f the pipe is still
being played' then "hara"ter playing the pipe
has a "han"e to "ontrol it% the monster must save
vs# magi" or be subEe"t to the pipe player7s simple
telepathi" "ommands# >f it passes its saving thro$
then it $ill be"ome free-$illed and the player $ill
not be able to regain "ontrol over it#
5a"h time the pipe is used' the G- should se"retly
roll 1dI# n a P1P the pipe is out of "harges and $ill
never fun"tion again# n any other result' it has
further "harges and "an be used again' e;"ept
that in no event "an the pipe summon more than
one rust monster in any 23-hour period#
155 C,=T$.G R--):
As the adventurers approa"h this room' they $ill
hear a loud ele"tri" hum and o""asional snap of
ele"tri"al dis"harge' and $ill smell hot metal#
>n this room you see a variety of eDuipment for
"asting metal' in"luding a small oven $hi"h is
glo$ing even no$' as $ell as a large "ru"ible
suspended on a "eiling-rail in front of a large'
apparently "old furna"e# &here are smaller
furna"es $ith long bu")ets on handles near
them' s"attered about the $alls#
>ngots of ra$ metal are sta")ed in the north$est
"orner6 hand-"arts full of sand line the south $all#
A number of $ooden barrels are s"attered
along the north $all# $ooden bas)ets $ith
bro)en glass shards' and a number of reverse
moldings of body part and ma"hinery# ,everal
large bins of "oal and $ood line the $alls# !ong
iron tongs' strong iron snips and other tools are
hanging on the $alls or resting on tables#
An in"omplete s)eletal "lo")$or) man hangs
from the "eiling over a $or)ben"h "entered on
the south $all# 9is glass eyes $ill move to follo$
BF Fort ress, !om", and !o#er Croo'ed Roc' !o#er
anyone in the room' but he $ill not intera"t in
any other $ay#
&he small oven is heated by some un)no$n but
po$erful for"e' and "ontains a "erami" vessel
filled $ith molten aluminum $hi"h glo$s $hite
&he large "ru"ible is half full of "old steel6 the large
furna"e is dead "old#
ne smaller' long handled bu")et resting beside
a "old furna"e is filled $ith "ooled glass' and on a
nearby table are do=ens of round glass eyes#
Another area has piles of fine $hite po$der' ne;t
to several "erami" plates#
&he barrels are partially full of stagnant $ater# &he
message PGroo $u= heerHP has been s"rat"hed on
one of the barrels' apparently using a dagger#
&he "lo")$or) man is too in"omplete to be useful#
>n parti"ular' only part of his 0thin)ing1 me"hanism
has been installed#
1:5 F-RG$.G R--):
,everal forges are visible in this room' ea"h $ith
a large leather bello$s on the floor beside it# A
heavy blo") of steel lies li)e a table underneath
a metal "ylinder $hi"h e;tends from a
me"hanism atta"hed to the "eiling# ,everal
small $or)ben"hes are s"attered around the
$alls of the room' littered $ith hand tools and
metal parts#
&his room serves as a pla"e for ma)ing metal
alloys and the related metal parts that have to be
thin and strong' or springy and durable# Random
parts indi"ate these are mainly used for "lo")$or)
men body parts Bfor the frame$or) and Ps)inP in
parti"ularC' although the more intri"ate "lo")$or)
me"hanisms are made else$here#
&here are t$o pedals set in the floor beside the
metal ben"h' "onne"ted by "ables to the
"ylinder me"hanism# &his is a po$er hammer' and
pressing the pedals "auses the steel "ylinder to
drive up and do$n6 the speed and for"e is
"ontrolled by the amount of pressure on the
pedals# ne pedal drives the "ylinder do$n' the
other $ithdra$s it# Removing the ma"hine from
this room $ould reDuire dismantling it6 it is unli)ely
to $or) again if so treated#
A number of sets of tongs and plain hammers "an
be found' as $ell as barrels of ingots of iron and
small "hun)s of "oal# ,everal finished and half-
finished springs up to three in"hes long and an
in"h in diameter are on a table beside one forge6
they are strong and durable# A ma"hine for
"utting threads on s"re$s is on one table# >t also
has forms for putting heads on rivets' s"re$s and
nails# A small $ooden bo; on another ben"h
holds steel ball bearings of various si=es' up to an
in"h in diameter# 2ully sear"hing the room $ill
ta)e 2d3 turns6 the G- should spa"e out the
dis"overy of the items above over that period of
time' as he or she sees fit#
1@5 ,==E)B2? R--):
A ro$ of long tables lines the "enter of the floor
of this room# &ools' s"re$s' and random s"raps of
metal are s"attered along the tables#
>f any party member loo)s up' read this%
&he "eiling of this room is lined $ith thi") spider
&here are several huge dar) gray spiders hiding in
the $ebs# &hey are mu"h li)e giant bla") $ido$
spiders' only a bit smaller#
3 Giant =piders: AC 1J' 9D 2M' NAt 1 bite'
Dam 2d3 K poison' -v 207 <eb 307' ,v 22' -l 4
9( 10
Croo'ed Roc' !o#er BF Fort ress, !om", and !o#er
Dungeon +e-el " 8+ost +i6ardman 'em3le9 *ey
$mportant .ote: &he third dungeon level is an old
li=ard man temple from the days $hen they had a
great "ivili=ation# >f the party is "ooperating $ith
the li=ard-man leader ,lurra Rosha' he $ill be able
to "ontrol all the golems and living statues in this
dungeon level6 he $ill "ommand them to remain
still as soon as he sees ea"h one# ther monsters
Bin parti"ular' the basilis) and the mummyC $ill not
be under his "ontrol#
>t is his intent to retrieve ,ashra at any "ost# After
he has the s$ord in his hands' he $ill order the
golems and living statues to atta") the party of
adventurers' $hile he and his $arriors es"ape#
1+5 ),?;E):
A glo$ing orb in the "eiling illuminates a room
some thirty feet high# &his room is a s"ene of
mayhem# <hat seems to be the badly
damaged statue of a great t$o-legged li=ard
$ith a massive head full of teeth is standing amid
the ruins of t$o large piles of bent and t$isted
ma"hinery - gears' "hassis' "utting heads' and
other parts not so easily identified# ,"attered
a"ross the floor are many stone fragments of
various si=es' the largest the si=e of a melon6 they
appear to be the same sort of stone as the
>n the $est $all is an ornately de"orated' brass
fa"ed door "overed in "ob$ebs and dust'
about four feet $ide and eight feet high# &he
$alls of this room are build of yello$ sandstone
>n the north $all is a door made of heavy oa)en
plan)s reinfor"ed by iron banding#
Along the east $all hang a half do=en or so
ragged strips of paper perhaps t$o feet $ide
and five feet long#
&he statue is a ,tone Golem' made to resemble a
&yrannosaurus Re;# &his monster is heavily
damaged Bit originally had I0 hit pointsC from the
an"ient battle $ith the t$o "lo")$or) diggers6
their remains lie on the floor# &he stone golem $ill
atta") $hen t$o or more "hara"ters Bor
"reaturesC enter the room#
&he glo$ing orb is a fragile form of magi" that fails
if the orb is disturbed or dispelled#
2e$ of the strips of paper on the east $all are left
in any sort of legible "ondition' as the paper has
deteriorated badly in the humid air# &hey appear
to have on"e been hand painted posters or
banners of religious nature# &he banners are
$ritten in the 0lost1 language of the !i=ard -en6 as
there are no living spea)ers of this language' a
read lang&ages spell $ill not $or) to de"ipher
=tone Golem: AC 25 BK1 or better $eapons to
hitC' 9D 13 BK11C' NAt 1 K spe"ial' Dam Jd4' -v 207'
,v 2L' -l 12
9( 10
1*5 )B))?D= C;,)BER:
&he door leading to this room is lo")ed and
trapped $ith a magi"al trap# A thief' d$arf or
gnome $ill not find the trap' but a detect magic
$ill reveal an aura# &he )ey is no$here to be
found' so the lo") must be pi")ed if the party is to
enter the room# >f someone su""essfully pi")s the
As the lo") "li")s open' the door opens in$ards
a tiny amountVnot Duite big enough for a
halfling7s finger to slip bet$een door and lintel--
and instantly' thousands of tiny bla") beetles
begin to pour through the "ra")# >t is as if the
room beyond $ere "ompletely full of beetles#
Anyone standing before the door must leap ba")
immediately' or they $ill have beetles "ra$ling all
over them# &hese parti"ular beetles are
s"avengers and $ill not bite living flesh' but they
$ill rapidly "ra$l all over the "hara"ter and into
ba")pa")s and pou"hes# &hey $ill "onsume and
spoil anything edible' or any form of dead flesh' in
the "hara"ter7s possession $ithin 1dJ rounds#
>t is not possible to "lose the door# pening it $ill
"ause all the beetles to "ome out in a rush# 2ailing
that' the beetles $ill "ontinue to spill forth for
about an hour Bsi; turnsC' during $hi"h time about
five million beetles $ill pour forth# &hey $ill
disperse throughout the dungeon' but these
beetles are eternally' magi"ally hungry and they
$ill starve to death $ithin another si; turns' after
BF Fort ress, !om", and !o#er Croo'ed Roc' !o#er
$hi"h their "orpses $ill disappear' going ba") to
their home plane#
&he beetles $ere a divine punishment on one of
the most evil $omen ever to live# 9er name $as
/ul-Ru)ha' surnamed P(andemoni"aP and
P5ntropy7s 2istP# &he gods punished her $i")edness
by pronoun"ing that beetles should devour her
flesh for eternity' but that her body should instantly
heal their bites' and she should suffer the pain of
ea"h bite# ,he is no$ a mummy# 9o$ she "ame
to be interred $ithin an an"ient li=ardman temple
is not "lear6 indeed' she does not even )no$#
n"e the beetles have gone' /ul-Ru)ha7s flesh $ill
lose its regenerative properties and she may be
destroyed li)e any other mummy# ,he $ill atta")'
in the hope that the party $ill slay her Dui")ly
before the gods "an devise another torment#
>f /u)-Ru)ha is slain' then the "hara"ter destroying
her $ill be mildly "ursed for th$arting the gods7
$ill# &he "hara"ter $ill be for"ed to apologi=e to
everyone he or she inEures from this time on' until
the "hara"ter has spent a day in a temple in
"ontrite prayer and meditation#
<hen the party enters room 2?%
&he room is painted on all four $alls $ith s"enes
from $hat seems to be the life of an evil $oman#
-any evil deeds are depi"ted' of $hi"h the $est
$all is the $orst# &he $oman is depi"ted as a
general' leading a vi"torious army6 the defeated
are being sold as slaves' and the buyers are
horrible anthropomorphi=ed bats from deep
underground# &hese "reatures are li)e men $ith
furred bodies and the heads of bats' and they
are depi"ted as blind' $ith s"ars $here their
eyes $ere' as if ea"h had had its eyes plu")ed
out# n"e ta)en belo$ ground' the slaves are
devoured alive by the bat-"reatures# &he $hole
s"ene is si")ening and disturbing#
&here is no treasure in this room' and indeed the
party re"eives no re$ard Be;"ept for e;perien"eC
for slaying the mummy# >f' ho$ever' she is not
slain' but someho$ for"ed ba") into this room
and the door is on"e again lo")ed' then the
"hara"ter $ho suggested this "ourse of a"tion $ill
permanently gain a point of <isdom B$hi"h $ill
be lost if the party ever again opens the doorC# >n
this event the gods $ill repla"e the beetles' and
/ul-Ru)ha7s torment $ill resume#
>&l!R&'ha, "andemonica, EntropDs Fist: -ummy'
AC 1L' 9D 5' NAt 1' Dam 1d12 K disease' -v 207'
,v 25' -l 12
9( 25

3A5 C-RR$%-R:
&his !-shaped "orridor provides "entral a""ess to
the other main rooms# &he "eiling is about
t$enty feet high# Ahead of you is a dais set in
the "orner' and upon the dais is a glinting
"rystalline statue of a li=ardman# &he statue
$ears a feathered headdress and is armed $ith
a spear and a stone-headed "lub6 its arms are
raised as if "alling upon po$ers from above'
toothy ma$ $ide open as if s"reaming# &o your
right do$n the "orridor you "an Eust see another
su"h dais $ith an identi"al statue6 the "orridor
turns left at that point#
+ote% &he doors "onne"ting to this hall$ay are
ea"h des"ribed in the room they open into#
&he statues are Crystal !iving ,tatues' made to
resemble li=ardman priestesses Bthough non-
li=ardmen $ill find it hard to re"ogni=e them as
femaleC# 5a"h "ontains a 500gp diamond' $hi"h
"an only be found by sear"hing the shards after
ea"h is destroyed# &his sear"h is similar to
sear"hing for a se"ret door# >f an elf is in the party'
the G- may $ant to allo$ one su"h gem to be
found automati"ally by the elf to enti"e the
"hara"ters to sear"h the other shard-piles# f
"ourse' all must be destroyed before su"h a
sear"h "an be underta)en# &he $ill $ait to atta")
until t$o or more non-li=ardmen rea"h the "orner
of the "orridor Bor of "ourse' $hen they are
themselves atta")edC#
3 Crstal 2i4ing =tat&es: AC 1I' 9D J' NAt 2'
Dam 1dIA1dI' -v J07' ,v 2J' -l 12
9( 1J
Croo'ed Roc' !o#er BF Fort ress, !om", and !o#er
315 B,=$2$=(: <hen this room is approa"hed' read
the follo$ing%
&he doors to this room are "arved $ith stylisti"
representations of dragons $rithing around the
blade of a s$ord $rapped in flames#
>f the room is entered%
&he "enter of this room is dominated by a lifeli)e
statue of a great li=ard' surrounded by similarly
lifeli)e statues of li=ardmen in defensive poses#
&he PstatueP of the great li=ard is a"tually a basilis)'
snoo=ing Duietly# Fnless the party is very Duiet' it
$ill a$a)en $ithin a single round and atta")# &he
li=ardmen statues are' of "ourse' vi"tims of its
ga=e# &he Eungle plants are fa)e' painted plaster
and "loth over $ood frames#
>t is li)ely that the party $ill be distra"ted by the
battle $ith the basilis)# <hen they have time to
inspe"t the room properly' read the follo$ing
&he $alls of this room $ere painted $ith murals'
but the humid environment has "aused the paint
to de"ay6 little "an be seen of the original
subEe"t matter#
&he doors that open into the hall$ay are "arved
on both sides $ith stylisti" representations of
dragons $rithing around the blade of a s$ord
$rapped in flames#
&he huge bron=e doors set in the diagonal $all
are de"orated $ith bas reliefs of li=ardmen and
other li=ard-"reatures glaring at interlopers#
An"ient dead roots have gro$n under the
frame' $or)ing their $ay in from the outside#
+ote that both the doors the party entered
through and the other pair are identi"ally "arved#
&he doors in the diagonal north$est $all are the
original e;terior doors of the temple# As they open
out$ards' they "annot presently be opened6 if
someho$ torn do$n' the party $ill find only bla")
dirt on the other side#
Basilis': AC 1I' 9D I' NAt 1 K ga=e' Dam 1d10
K petrifi"ation' -v 207' ,v 2I' -l ?
9( J0

315 ,)BER G-2E):
<hen the adventurers approa"h this room' read
the follo$ing%
&hese double doors are "overed $ith verdigrised
"opper plates' stamped by styli=ed li=ards
"ir"ling ea"h other fluidly#
Any "hara"ter approa"hing these doors $ill feel a
buildup of stati" ele"tri"ity6 his or her hair $ill stand
on end' small spar)s $ill ar" over the "hara"ter7s
armor' et"# Any "hara"ter in metal armor $ho
tou"hes the door handle $ill suffer an ele"tri"
spar) doing 2d3 points of damage Bsave vs# Death
Ray for half damageC6 "hara"ters not $earing
metal armor $ill not be harmed#
&he doors are not lo")ed# n"e the "hara"ters
manage to enter the room' read the follo$ing%
A dais on the south side of the room is a
translu"ent yello$-bro$n statue of a giant li=ard#
&he golem is so "harged $ith stati" ele"tri"ity that
anyone stri)ing it in melee $ith a metal $eapon
$ill suffer a strong stati" spar) e;a"tly li)e the one
from the door handle# >t $ill atta") $hen t$o or
more non-li=ardmen enter the room#
,mber Golem: AC 21 BK1 or better $eapon to
hitC' 9D 10 BK?C' NAt 2 "la$sA1 bite'
Dam 2dIA2dIA2d10' -v I07' ,v 25' -l 12
9( 33

After the amber golem has been defeated' the

adventurers "an re"over 1'000 gp $orth of amber
335 B-.E G-2E):
<hen the adventurers approa"h this room' read
the follo$ing%
&hese $ooden doors to this room are "arved
$ith a flo$er-bordered depi"tion of li=ardmen in
a s$amp' fighting ea"h other#
&he $ood of the doors is old' "ra")ed and rough6
anyone running a bare hand over it to "he") for
traps $ill get painful splinters' and pressing an ear
to it to listen $ill li)ely gouge an ear lobe Bperhaps
BF Fort ress, !om", and !o#er Croo'ed Roc' !o#er
a roll of 5 or I on 1dIC# &his does no real damage'
but the G- should apply a penalty of -2 on the
vi"tim7s atta") roll Bif his or her $eapon hand is so
affe"tedC until the splinters are removed or the
"hara"ter re"eives a healing spell# &he G- must
determine if any parti"ular treatment for the
splinters is su""essful or not#
<hen the doors are opened' read the follo$ing%
@ou see a the s)eleton of a e;tremely large
li=ardman hun"hed in the middle of a dais on
the far side of the room# >t sits fa"ing the
door$ay' hands on its )nees6 its empty eye
so")ets seem to be glaring at you# Cla$s from
bears and similar "reatures are hung on a thong
a"ross its "hest# &he s)ull of a giant lion rests atop
its bony pate li)e a helmet# &he smell of s$amp
plants and mud $afts to your noses' and this
"auses you to noti"e that the floor' $alls' and
"eiling seem to be damp#
<hen anyone enters the room' the golem rises' its
four arms unfold and it atta")s $ith four flint-
headed hand a;es#
Bone Golem: AC 1? BK1 or better $eapon to hitC'
9D 4' NAt 3' Dam 1dI ; 3' -v 307' ,v 23' -l 12
9( J4

395 T;E =<-R%:
<hen the adventurers approa"h this room Bfrom
either dire"tionC' read the follo$ing%
@ou see a t$o-handed s$ord floating above a
large dais here' engulfed in flames $hi"h rise up
from the bare marble of the dais#
&his is ,ashra' obviously# &he brightness of the
flames refle"ted from the blade $ill blind any
unsuspe"ting "hara"ter $ho vie$s it unless a save
vs# Death Ray is made# .lindness lasts 1d3 turns#
&he flames do JdI damage per round to any non-
li=ardman $ho enters them' and ,ashra $ill
attempt to "ontrol anyone $ho handles it# >f su"h
an attempt fails' and the $ielder is not a
li=ardman' ,ashra $ill resist' doing 2d3 points of fire
damage to the "hara"ter handling the $eapon
ea"h round# >f ,ashra is able to "ontrol a non-
li=ardman "hara"ter' it $ill for"e that "hara"ter to
deliver it to the nearest li=ardman as soon as
Greatsword 03
>ntelligen"e% ?' (o$er% 12' 5go% 23
,ashra $as "reated by an an"ient li=ard-mage to
serve the interests of the ra"e of li=ard men# >t $ill
a""ept no other sort of $ielder6 e;"ept as noted
above' any non-li=ardman $ho holds ,ashra $ill
suffer 2d3 points of fire damage ea"h round Bno
saving thro$C until the $eapon is relinDuished#
,ashra spea)s only the li=ardman language#
,ashra "an use the follo$ing po$ers%
(rote"tion from 5vil 107 Radius' on"e per day
9old (erson' three times per day
355 )ET,2 2$>,R%:
&he "losed doors to this room are de"orated $ith
"arvings of drums set amid a motif of bamboo
and s$amp plants# &hey are "rafted from
lustrous tea) hinged by bla")-la"Duered iron
hinges $ith a heavy iron handle set in ea"h#
5a"h handle is a lat"h% lifting it raises a rod from a
hole in the floor under it' allo$ing it to open#
,$inging it PshutP means the rod falls ba") into the
lo")ing hole underneath it# &hey are hinged to
slo$ly s$ing shut by their o$n unless bra"ed open#
pening them and loo)ing inside reveals the
@ou see a room de"orated li)e a s$amp island'
$ith a dar) earthen mound festooned $ith
$etland plants and bushes# A bright light shines
from a yello$ globe suspended from the "eiling'
$hi"h is about thirty feet high# A group of that"h
huts $ith ra$hide door flaps is "entered on the
mound# ,itting on stools "arved from solid
se"tions from tree-trun)s are three statues of
li=ardmen $ith hide drums held bet$een their
splayed legs# &he slight burbling of $ater "an be
.ehind the huts you see a statue of a huge
li=ard-li)e "reature $ith an elephantine body
and a long ne") and tail# >t appears to be
made of bla") iron#
Croo'ed Roc' !o#er BF Fort ress, !om", and !o#er
&he 0li=ard-li)e "reature1 is an >ron Golem'
"onstru"ted to resemble a small apatosaurus#
<hen t$o or more non-li=ardmen enter the room'
the three li=ardman 0statues1 $ill beat out a
thunderous drum roll' as if summoning a spirit to
their aid# &hey $ill not do anything else# &hey are
simple steel and $ooden shells $ith a fairly
realisti"ally painted "anvas "overing and have
little real value beyond s"rap metal or as a "urio6
they are animated by magi" for"es and disturbing
them spoils the magi"# &he huts are empty shells#
As soon as the me"hani"al li=ardmen begin to
play their drums' the iron golem $ill move to$ard
the party and atta")#
&he yello$ globe is a single large "arved Duart=
"rystal $orth a 200 gold pie"es6 it is en"hanted to
proved the proper light for photosynthesis' $hi"h
permits the plants to gro$# >f disturbed Bsu"h as
being removed from its pla"e or damagedC the
light goes out permanently#
&he sound of $ater "omes from a shallo$ stream
that $inds through the room' $atering the plants#
&he plants are real' although they are not doing
$ell $ithout proper "are#
bs"ured by the plants is a door$ay in the north
$all leading to room NJI# >t is des"ribed there#
$ron Golem: AC 25 BK1 or better $eapon to hitC'
9D 1L BK12C' NAt 1 K poison gas' Dam 3d10' -v 207'
,v 2?' -l 12
9( ?0

3:5 C,/ER. R--):
@ou see stone ar"h$ay about eight feet high
and si; feet $ide' set $ith a large door made
entirely of dar) $ood# &he stones $ere roughly
Duarried from granite and give a "avern-li)e
appearan"e to the opening#
&he door is stu")# >f opened' read the follo$ing%
&he door opens into a dar) spa"e $here only
shado$s "an be seen' giving the resemblan"e
of a deep "ave stre$n $ith boulders#
&he "eiling of this room is some fifteen feet high#
&he interior $alls have been painted dar) "olors#
&here is a variant of the contin&al dar'ness spell at
$or) in this room $hi"h does not eliminate light
but does redu"e even bright light to gloom6 this
effe"t "an be dispelled as if "ast by an 4
9un"hed behind boulders at intervals are $hat
might be mista)en for three li=ardmen statues'
painted a dar)' greenish' mottled "olor as if to
mimi" living li=ardmen# &hey are iron living statues
and atta") $ith savage blo$s from "la$ed fists#
&hey are not easily noted until someone gets "lose
$ith a bright light sour"e6 roll a standard se"ret
door "he") for ea"h player "hara"ter' in se"ret'
and only reveal their presen"e if so dete"ted#
&he statues $ill atta") $hen t$o or more non-
li=ardmen enter the room#
3 $ron 2i4ing =tat&es: AC 14 Bnon-magi"al metal
$eapons sti") to monsterC' 9D 3' NAt 2'
Dam 1d4A1d4' -v 107' ,v 23' -l 12
9( 20
BF Fort ress, !om", and !o#er Croo'ed Roc' !o#er
Croo'ed Roc' Tower )ap
Croo'ed Roc' !o#er BF Fort ress, !om", and !o#er
BF Fort ress, !om", and !o#er Croo'ed Roc' !o#er
Croo'ed Roc' !o#er BF Fort ress, !om", and !o#er
BF Fort ress, !om", and !o#er *+en Game Li cense
:3en Game +icense
Designation of Open Game Content: The entire text of Fortress, Tomb, and Tower: The
Glain Campaign (except the Open Game License, as explained below) is Open Game
Content, released nder the Open Game License, !ersion "#$a (reprodced below) as
described in %ection "(d) of the License# &rtwor' incorporated in this docment is not
Open Game Content, and remains the propert( of the cop(right holder#
Designation of )rodct *dentit(: )rodct identit( is not Open Game Content# The following
is designated as prodct identit( prsant to OGL +"#$a(")(e) and (,): (&) prodct and
prodct line names, inclding -asic Fantas( .ole/)la(ing Game0 (-) all artwor', logos,
s(mbols, graphic designs, depictions, li'enesses, formats, poses, concepts, themes and
graphic, photographic and other +isal representations, inclding the 1e(e2 logo, which is
the personal trademar' of Chris Gonnerman for his +arios prodcts0 (C) logos and
trademar's, inclding an( trademar' or registered trademar' clearl( identified as prodct
identit( b( the owner of the prodct identit(, and which specificall( excldes the open game
3ore information on the Open Game License can be fond at:
The terms of the Open Game License !ersion "#$a are as follows:
The following text is the propert( of 7i5ards of the Coast, *nc# and is Cop(right 6$$$
7i5ards of the Coast, *nc (87i5ards8)# &ll .ights .eser+ed#
"# Definitions: (a)8Contribtors8 means the cop(right and4or trademar' owners who ha+e
contribted Open Game Content0 (b)8Deri+ati+e 3aterial8 means cop(righted material
inclding deri+ati+e wor's and translations (inclding into other compter langages),
potation, modification, correction, addition, extension, pgrade, impro+ement, compilation,
abridgment or other form in which an existing wor' ma( be recast, transformed or adapted0
(c) 8Distribte8 means to reprodce, license, rent, lease, sell, broadcast, pblicl( displa(,
transmit or otherwise distribte0 (d)8Open Game Content8 means the game mechanic and
incldes the methods, procedres, processes and rotines to the extent sch content does
not embod( the )rodct *dentit( and is an enhancement o+er the prior art and an(
additional content clearl( identified as Open Game Content b( the Contribtor, and means
an( wor' co+ered b( this License, inclding translations and deri+ati+e wor's nder
cop(right law, bt specificall( excldes )rodct *dentit(# (e) 8)rodct *dentit(8 means
prodct and prodct line names, logos and identif(ing mar's inclding trade dress0
artifacts0 creatres characters0 stories, stor(lines, plots, thematic elements, dialoge,
incidents, langage, artwor', s(mbols, designs, depictions, li'enesses, formats, poses,
concepts, themes and graphic, photographic and other +isal or adio representations0
names and descriptions of characters, spells, enchantments, personalities, teams,
personas, li'enesses and special abilities0 places, locations, en+ironments, creatres,
e9ipment, magical or spernatral abilities or effects, logos, s(mbols, or graphic designs0
and an( other trademar' or registered trademar' clearl( identified as )rodct identit( b(
the owner of the )rodct *dentit(, and which specificall( excldes the Open Game Content0
(f) 8Trademar'8 means the logos, names, mar', sign, motto, designs that are sed b( a
Contribtor to identif( itself or its prodcts or the associated prodcts contribted to the
Open Game License b( the Contribtor (g) 8:se8, 8:sed8 or 8:sing8 means to se,
Distribte, cop(, edit, format, modif(, translate and otherwise create Deri+ati+e 3aterial of
Open Game Content# (h) 8;o8 or 8;or8 means the licensee in terms of this agreement#
6# The License: This License applies to an( Open Game Content that contains a notice
indicating that the Open Game Content ma( onl( be :sed nder and in terms of this
License# ;o mst affix sch a notice to an( Open Game Content that (o :se# <o terms
ma( be added to or sbtracted from this License except as described b( the License itself#
<o other terms or conditions ma( be applied to an( Open Game Content distribted sing
this License#
=#Offer and &cceptance: -( :sing the Open Game Content ;o indicate ;or acceptance
of the terms of this License#
># Grant and Consideration: *n consideration for agreeing to se this License, the
Contribtors grant ;o a perpetal, worldwide, ro(alt(/free, non/exclsi+e license with the
exact terms of this License to :se, the Open Game Content#
?#.epresentation of &thorit( to Contribte: *f ;o are contribting original material as
Open Game Content, ;o represent that ;or Contribtions are ;or original creation
and4or ;o ha+e sfficient rights to grant the rights con+e(ed b( this License#
@#<otice of License Cop(right: ;o mst pdate the CO);.*GAT <OT*CB portion of this
License to inclde the exact text of the CO);.*GAT <OT*CB of an( Open Game Content
;o are cop(ing, modif(ing or distribting, and ;o mst add the title, the cop(right date,
and the cop(right holderCs name to the CO);.*GAT <OT*CB of an( original Open Game
Content (o Distribte#
,# :se of )rodct *dentit(: ;o agree not to :se an( )rodct *dentit(, inclding as an
indication as to compatibilit(, except as expressl( licensed in another, independent
&greement with the owner of each element of that )rodct *dentit(# ;o agree not to
indicate compatibilit( or co/adaptabilit( with an( Trademar' or .egistered Trademar' in
conDnction with a wor' containing Open Game Content except as expressl( licensed in
another, independent &greement with the owner of sch Trademar' or .egistered
Trademar'# The se of an( )rodct *dentit( in Open Game Content does not constitte a
challenge to the ownership of that )rodct *dentit(# The owner of an( )rodct *dentit( sed
in Open Game Content shall retain all rights, title and interest in and to that )rodct
E# *dentification: *f (o distribte Open Game Content ;o mst clearl( indicate which
portions of the wor' that (o are distribting are Open Game Content#
F# :pdating the License: 7i5ards or its designated &gents ma( pblish pdated +ersions of
this License# ;o ma( se an( athori5ed +ersion of this License to cop(, modif( and
distribte an( Open Game Content originall( distribted nder an( +ersion of this License#
"$# Cop( of this License: ;o 3:%T inclde a cop( of this License with e+er( cop( of the
Open Game Content ;o Distribte#
""# :se of Contribtor Credits: ;o ma( not mar'et or ad+ertise the Open Game Content
sing the name of an( Contribtor nless ;o ha+e written permission from the Contribtor
to do so#
"6 *nabilit( to Compl(: *f it is impossible for ;o to compl( with an( of the terms of this
License with respect to some or all of the Open Game Content de to statte, Ddicial order,
or go+ernmental reglation then ;o ma( not :se an( Open Game 3aterial so affected#
"= Termination: This License will terminate atomaticall( if ;o fail to compl( with all terms
herein and fail to cre sch breach within =$ da(s of becoming aware of the breach# &ll
sblicenses shall sr+i+e the termination of this License#
"> .eformation: *f an( pro+ision of this License is held to be nenforceable, sch pro+ision
shall be reformed onl( to the extent necessar( to ma'e it enforceable#
"? CO);.*GAT <OT*CB
Open Game License + "#$ Cop(right 6$$$, 7i5ards of the Coast, *nc#
%(stem .eference Docment Cop(right 6$$$/6$$=, 7i5ards of the Coast, *nc#0 &thors
Gonathan Tweet, 3onte Coo', %'ip 7illiams, .ich -a'er, &nd( Collins, Da+id <oonan,
.ich .edman, -rce .# Cordell, Gohn D# .ateliff, Thomas .eid, Games 7(att, based on
original material b( B# Gar( G(gax and Da+e &rneson#
Castles H Crsades: )la(ers Aandboo', Cop(right 6$$>, Troll Lord Games0 &thors Da+is
Chenalt and 3ac Golden#
Castles H Crsades: 3onsters )rodct %pport, Cop(right 6$$?, Troll Lord Games#
-asic Fantas( .ole/)la(ing Game Cop(right I 6$$@/6$$E Chris Gonnerman#
Fortress, Tomb, and Tower: The Glain Campaign Cop(right I 6$$@/6$""
Chris Gonnerman#
,-& *F L$ C,-S,

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