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Preparing for Bar Review

Five Areas of Preparation

Mental Preparation
Be systematic. Organize your review materials by subject. Do not study in a disorganized manner.
Make an outline and compare this with the syllabus of the bar exams.
Make a study schedule. It is important to set some days as days off. This will not only keep you sane but also give you time to
catch up if you fall behind schedule.
Use the mirror technique during the last month of review. !tudy the last exam first and the first exam last e.g. "emedial #aw
and #egal $thics will have to be studied during the first week of %ugust while &olitical and #abor #aws will have to be studied during
the last week of %ugust
Do not waste time y reading useless material. Do not study all resources encountered. !treamline. 'e realistic. !tudy only
reviewers or books that are updated and meaningful. !tart with primary sources first ( codal provisions and recent !) cases (
before hurdling annotated texts and reviewers.
Approach all material as if this will e the only time it can e studied. $xert an effort to understand at once and brace all
important information. In a worst case scenario just memorize verbatim what cannot be understood. This way if the same words
appear in the exam points are guaranteed.
Attend the ar review lectures. They provide essential updates and tips from the very best professors. They also provide a
suitable pace for reviewees not to lag behind the review schedule. 'e sure that you choose which review lectures to attend. !ome
can be unnecessarily long and boring.
!f allowed and if feasile" tape review lectures. #istening can reinforce what has been read.
#tart studying as early as possile. &repare for contingencies so that there will always be enough time to unwind before the bar
itself. Do not procrastinate.
Physical Preparation
Be physically fit during the review and the e$am. Try to get a regular exercise and be conscious of your diet. Take vitamins and
supplements. &revent the risk of getting sick or catching a virus for this can impede your review
%et enough rest and recreation. The body has its limits. !tudying continuously can take its toll on your health. % *uick break
every now and then will not cause you any harm.
Ad&ust your ody clock. Train yourself to follow the schedule of the bar exams ( usually + to ,- and then - to .. !tudy during
these hours.
'motional Preparation
Aandon all your emotional prolems. %ppraise your family and friends about what preparing for the bar entails and how
important the bar is so that they can be more understanding about your state. The last thing a reviewee needs is an added conflict
or source of stress when the bar itself is undoubtedly emotionally draining enough. !urround yourself with a support group that can
keep you focused.
Psychological Preparation
Believe in yourself. /ot everyone can go through what you went through in law school.
Always think that you will top the ar. !trive to give your best effort. Do not be content with being mediocre.
Do not e afraid. 0irst you have everything it takes to pass the bar. !econd if you feel that you are still unprepared the review
will prepare you better. Third at the end of the day the 'ar exams are *ualifying exams ( breathe.
#piritual Preparation
Pray( &ray. &ray.
'rush up on your 'nglish.
Improve your penmanship. If you cannot seem to do anything about it write in bigger letters.
#tart using the pen that you will e using during the bar. 1et used to it.
#uggested *imetale and Books
Dean +esar ,( -illanueva.s #uggested *imetale
P/,!*!+A, ,A0
"ead )onstitution and &re23eek "eview on !aturday
reading ( 12 days
reading ( 14 days
reading ( 13 days
reading ( 16 days
reading ( 16 days
+!-!, ,A0
"ead )ivil )ode and latest cases on !aturday
reading ( 12 days
reading ( 14 days
reading ( 13 days
reading ( 16 days
reading ( 16 days
R'M'D!A, ,A0
"ead "ules of )ourt and recent cases on !aturday
reading ( 12 days
reading ( 17 days
reading ( 13 days
reading ( 16 days
reading ( 16 days
+R!M!8A, ,A0
reading ( 12 days
reading ( 17 days
reading ( 13 days
reading ( 16 days
reading ( 16 days
+/MM'R+!A, ,A0
"ead from where you left off and latest cases
reading ( 12 days
reading ( 17 days
reading ( 13 days
reading ( 16 days
reading ( 16 days
,AB/R ,A0
"ead )onstitution and &re23eek on !aturday
reading ( 17 days
reading ( 16 days
reading ( 2 days
reading ( 2 days
reading ( 2 days
reading ( 17 days
reading ( 13 days
reading ( 16 days
reading ( 16 days
reading ( 16 days
,'%A, '*:!+# A8D ,'%A, F/RM#
reading ( 2 days
reading ( 7 days
reading ( 7 days
On the !aturday before the bar *A;' *:' 0:/,' DA< /FF. %tty. 4illanueva5s timetable contemplates -- weeks of 'ar "eview
so revise accordingly if you plan to use this timetable.
Michelle =uan.s #uggested *imetale
6ichelle 7uan5s batch had ,8 weeks from the day after graduation until preweek9 if your batch has more or less weeks for review
revise accordingly.
Political ,aw" ,aor ,aw 13 days
+ivil ,aw" *a$ 14 days
+riminal ,aw" +ommercial ,aw 14 days
Remedial ,aw" 'thics 2 days
Political ,aw" ,aor ,aw 2 days
+ivil ,aw" *a$ 14 days
+riminal ,aw" +ommercial ,aw 14 days
Remedial ,aw" 'thics 13 days
Remedial ,aw" 'thics > days
+riminal ,aw" +ommercial ,aw > days
+ivil ,aw" *a$ > days
Political ,aw" ,aor ,aw > days
#uggested Books
Political Law
'$"/%! The ,8+: &hilippine )onstitution;
% "eviewer2&rimer <)onstitution=
/%)>?"% Outline "eviewer in &olitical
#aw <$verything else in &olitical #aw=
%1"% handouts <$lection #aw=
%tty. 7imenez case digests <&olitical #aw=
%tty. 7imenez outline on election law
6%1%##O/% &rimer on International #aw
Labor Law
%@?)$/% $veryone5s #abor )ode
%#)%/T%"% A %#)%/T%"% "eviewer on #abor and
!ocial #egislation
'arOps summer reviewer <very good=
'arOps memory aid <very good=
/otes on stuff not in %lcantara
#abor #aw "eviewer of 'atch -BB-
Civil Law
7?"%DO )ivil #aw "eview
The code is absolutely essential.
@uniga notes for )redit Transactions
0or land registration read %C?I/O <just the
chapter on remedies=.
4IT?1 Tax #aw A 7urisprudence
!%'%'%/ Taxation #aw "eviewer
"$D$! Income Tax #aw A %ccounting and
&hilippine Transfer A 'usiness Taxes
?& "eviewer on Tax the 6abuhay ed.
'arops Tax 6aterials
'arops Tax "emedies )hart
Commercial Law
4I##%/?$4% )ommercial #aw "eview
%tty. 7imenez5s transcript of Eth year
%tty. 7imenez5s cases on commercial law
Criminal Law
1"$1O"IO 0undamentals of )riminal #aw "eview
"$1%#%DO )riminal #aw )onspectus
!%/DO4%# &ointers in )riminal #aw
Ortega notes <books , A -=
pre2bar pointers in criminal law
)rim - )hart
)rim , at a glance handout
Remedial Law
"$1%#%DO "emedial #aw )ompendium
<4ols , A -=
"ules of )ourt are essential
'arOps !ummer "eviewer
%1?I""$ #egal A 7udicial $thics; % &re23eek
$"/%/I )"?@ &%/O 'ar "eviewer in #egal A
7udicial $thics
'arOps "eviewer
#ook at the forms in 7uan2'autista The $lements
of #egal and 7udicial $thics A &ractical $xercises
<I only read the forms part the stuff on ethics is
just way too long=
Atty( P= Bernardo.s Bar Review #chedule
P= Bernardo" 3667 Bar '$ams topnotcher ?*op 2@;
Review *ips
Studying on Sundays is often necessary to ee! !ace with the three"reading schedule#
3hile it is advisable to scale2down study on !undays it is good to put in a few hours of study in order to keep the pace going. %
completely study2free !unday can mean difficulty starting2up again on 6onday resulting in wasted time.
'ut do take breaks. &erhaps you can schedule them in between each reading <i.e. after finishing your first reading of all the
subjects=. 1o to the 'each drive to Tagaytay indulge in the spa. Taking breaks especially come %ugust is a good way to relieve
Choose the $ar Lectures which you will be attending#
/othing is better than actually sitting down to read for yourself9 lectures can only serve to point to you important point which you
should already know Fi.e. sitting at the lectures you5re attitude should be; ah, okay, alam ko na yanGH I suggest however that you
absolutely attend; Domondon5s Tax #ectures Fand get a copy of his cut2and2paste especially in taxH 7ack5s &olitical #aw &re23eek
&olitical #aw and )ommercial #aw lectures and the lectures on #egal 0orms and #and Titles.
Stic to a boo% and read that throughout#
The 'ar is not a depth exam but a breadth exam. "eading too many books on the same subject can often clutter your
understanding and leave you confused. Do not rely on reviewers9 often the books you read in law school are the best review
Read !ast $ar exams
3hile there is no guarantee that the 'ar will repeat previous *uestions it is always good to have a feel of what the 'ar *uestions
are like. The ?& #aw )enter publishes a compendium of past 'ar exams in every subject and having a copy of these compendia
would be good preparation in knowing the style of *uestions which are asked. !ometimes Fas in TaxH there are several central
principles which are often asked and while *uestions may vary from year to year the concepts are the same. If you are sharp you
will see the same pattern in other subjects. !o try to read through the last ten years5 bar exams. Do it gradually over your four or
five month review perhaps before going to bed FDou5re going to dream about the 'ar anyway trust meH.
Focus on Criminal Law% Taxation% and Ethics#
%teneans are generally known to excel in &olitical #aw )ommercial #aw and "emedial #aw. >owever our waterloo is often
)riminal #aw Tax #aw and $thics. Thus pay extra2care to these subjects which are often the tricky ones in the 'ar. In fact during
our -BB. 'ar only ,8I passed the )riminal #aw $xamG It would be heartbreaking for a bar candidate to flunk it because heJshe
gets dis*ualified in $thics Fand mind you this has happened many timesH. 0or $thics know the )anons.
&o well in the afternoon sub'ects#
The afternoon subjects are often more compact that the morning subjects whose breadth is often wider. %fternoon subjects tends to
be more to the point and more manageable to answer. Thus strive to do well in the afternoon subjects because they can serve as
buffers for the often more difficult morning subjects.
(now the Codal#
Dou can never go wrong with the code. $ven if for example the examiner has a specific case in mind which you do not know
remember that these cases are merely interpretations of a specific provision of law. Thus spend time knowing the codal if possible
knowing it by heart. In fact I suggest that you do not read commentaries on your pre2week9 rather focus on )odal provisions.
Tae a rest the day )onday after each exam#
%ctually you really have no choice because your brain will simply refuse to work on 6onday following each exam. %fter the 'ar
exams you will probably be too exhausted to indulge in any strenuous activities. 6ost of you will just want to plop into bed and
sleep; this isn5t a bad idea. !leep in. ?pon waking up the next day see a movie. !tart studying again in the late afternoon if at all.
6ost importantly forget about the previous !unday5s exam. /ot only will it make you nervous about the exams in general it will just
distract you from studying for the next !unday5s test.
1ood luckG Know that for someone who5s been there I can honestly say that %teneo #aw !chool has given you what it takes to
pass the 'ar with flying colors. %gain it5s only a *uestion of focus and discipline on your part. !tudy to top not merely to pass.
Magis re*uires nothing less.
#uggested Reading #cheduleA
First Reading
L days; $thics FE2M %prilH
,E days; &olitical #aw F:2-B %prilH
M days; #abor #aw F-,2-M %prilH
,E days; )ivil #aw F-: %pril 2 + 6ayH
M days; Tax #aw F8 ( ,E 6ayH
,E days; )ommercial #aw F,. 2 -E 6ayH
+ days; )riminal #aw F-. 6ay 2 , 7uneH
,- days; "emedial #aw F- 2 ,L 7uneH
, day; Day2OffG F,E 7uneH
#econd Reading
M days; &olitical #aw F,. 2 -B 7uneH
E days; #abor #aw F-, 2 -E 7uneH
M days; )ivil #aw F-. 2 LB 7uneH
E days; Tax #aw F, 2 E 7ulyH
M days; )ommercial #aw F. 2 ,B 7ulyH
E days; )riminal #aw F,, 2 ,E 7ulyH
+ days; "emedial #aw F,. 2 -- 7ulyH
E days; $thics F-L 2 -M 7ulyH
*hird Reading
. days; "emedial #aw F-: 2 L, 7ulyH
L days; )riminal #aw F, 2 L %ugustH
M days; )ommercial #aw FE 2 8 %ugustH
L days; Tax #aw F,B 2 ,- %ugustH
M days; )ivil #aw F,L 2 ,+ %ugustH
L days; #abor #aw F,8 2 -, %ugustH
M days; &olitical #aw F-- 2 -: %ugustH
Fourth Reading BPreCweekD
E days; &olitical #aw F-+ 2 L, %ugustH
L days; #abor #aw F, 2 L !eptemberH
'%" D%DE !eptember -BB.
L days; )ivil #aw F. 2 : !eptemberH
L days; Tax #aw F+ 2 ,B !eptemberH
'%" D%D,, !eptember -BB.
L days; )ommercial #aw F,- 2 ,E !eptemberH
L days; )riminal #aw F,.2,: !eptemberH
'%" D%D,+ !eptember -BB.
E days; "emedial #aw F,8 2 -- !eptemberH
- days; $thics F-L2-E
'%" D%D; -. !eptember -BB.
Books Read
Political Law
/achura Outline "eviewer in &olitical #aw
'ernas % "eviewer2&rimer
7imenez Outline on $lection #aw
Labor Law
%zucena $verybodyNs #abor )ode
%lcantara A %lcantara "eviewer on #abor #aw
%bad )ompendium
#abor #aw "eviewer -BB- <6anuel=
Civil Law
7urado )ivil #aw "eview Fspecial
The 0amily )ode by !empio2Dy FpersonsH
'alane 7ottings FsuccessionH
Del )astillo "eviewer FpropertyH
'alane "eviewer FObliconH
@uniga >andout on !ecurities
4illanueva Outline on !ales
)o ?ntian CA%
6amalateo Tax #aw "eview
Domondon5s )ut and &aste
Commercial Law
&erez )ompendiums Ffor 'ig 0our; )orp
Insurance /ego TranspoH
!undiang )ommercial #aw "eview
)atindig Fon small commercial lawsH
7ack Transcripts
Criminal Law
1regorio )riminal #aw "eview
!andoval &ointers in )riminal #aw
Ortega "eviewer
&imentel /otes for !&#
)rim , at a glance handout
Remedial Law
"egalado )ompendium in "emedial #aw
!an 'eda 6agic /otes
Legal Ethics
%guirre #egal A 7udicial $thics; &re23eek
&ano 'ar "eviewer in #egal A 7udicial $thics
Te "eviewer
Atty( Menchie /na.s Bar Review #chedule
Menchie /na" 366E Bar '$ams topnotcher ?*op 1@;
Review *ips
,. Read this manual <at least thrice=. That was the first thing I did to prepare for the 'ar.
-. Psyche yourself( ?nderstand the nature of the 'ar $xam. /othing comes close to the 'ar. It therefore should not be
surprising that preparing for the 'ar will re*uire every barrister5s ,B,I. 'ar "eview is synonymous to !%)"I0I)$.
?nderstand that you have to forego things you love when you prepare for the bar. The earlier you say bye2bye to your happy
days the better. The bar exam re*uires serious systematic and smart preparation.
L. +hoose your review materials wisely( It is so time2consuming to shift to another material and start all over again.
a. 'e partial to those booksJmaterials you have already read during your law school days provided of course they are
bar review materials <i.e. reasonable in length=. One reading them will take less time as you don5t have to highlight
or mark them. Two it contains your notes. Three even by just looking at the material you5ll know where the
important partsJconcepts are.
b. It5s better to have a copy of a reviewerJhandout and then decide not to read it than to have no copy of it and then
decide you need it. It5s best to have options.
c. Tables and diagrams in reviewers <%teneo 'eda= are useful.
-. /rganiFe your review materials( Time is of the essence during bar review. Dou cannot afford to waste time by looking for
misplaced review materials. I maintained eight drawers for each of the subject. This is also a good way to store all the
reviewers you5ll get.
E. Make a schedule and follow it( )ount the number of days from the start of your review until the last day before pre2week
%nticipate and exclude all those dates when you can5t study. <Dou5ll realize you don5t have much timeG= Divide these days per
subject <and per book= according to your preference. !ubjects which are longer or which you have weak foundation in should
be given priority. 'e flexible though. %djustments are inevitable. !till a schedule is a must to provide a guide as to how many
days you can allot for every reading. <I misplaced the notebook which contains my sched. !orry. %nyway you5re the best
person to know what suits you ( this applies not only in making a sched but for the entire bar preparation as well. =
.. Don.t procrastinate( Dou can5t buy time. There is not enough timeG <I can5t stress this enough.= There is no way to stretch
your review period ( you can only reduce time allotted for one subject to make up for another. This is the best time to bribe
your friends <who are not preparing for the 'ar= family and loved ones to do tasks for you <like buying your pens books
getting review materials preparing meals etc.=
M. #till" e kind to yourself( !et aside some time to relax and breathe. !ometimes your brain just can5t absorb anymore. Dou5ll
be more effective if you stop reading. 3atch a movie go out have dinner with your loved ones whatever. <'ut not too long
just enough to recharge you.= I went out during !aturdays. 3hen I feel tired or when I feel my brain cannot absorb more info I
stop 2 watch t.v. sleep mangulit sa mga kapatid ko esp. Kenneth ?dy 6ae.
:. Monitor your progress( I logged both the number of hours spent reading and the number of pages I covered. This helped
me paced myself. This may not work for everyone though. %pril and early 6ay I was so slow ( I think .B pages a day. I
started logging my hours end of 6ay. )ome %ugust <siguro dahil sobrang takot na ko= I averaged ,.B to -BB pages and 8
hours a day.
+. #tudy smartly( Do not read too many stuff. !treamline. )odal provisions a good reviewer for each subject and updates on
jurisprudence should suffice. <note that I did not read all the review materials I listed Lx= 6aster the basics. Knowing what is
important and relevant makes a big difference. ?nderstand the substance of the law and know how to apply the law. 0orce
yourself to absorb what you have reviewed. "ecall legal provisions during your spare time. #isten to audio codals when you
8. *ake care of your health( Try to get regular exercise even LB minutes a day. <This I failed to do so during the exam days I
had difficulty breathing. 6y sister told me it may be because I gained a lot of weight and failed to exercise for a loooong
period=. /utritious food. 4itamins. 4accines. %nd get enough sleep everydayG <at least 8 hours for me= Dour brain processes
info while sleeping. 6anage your stress.
,B. Ask for understanding and support of your family friends esp. boyfriendJgirlfriendJwifeJhusband. #et them know what
you5re going through to prepare for the 'ar $xam. The last thing you need is additional source of stress when the 'ar is
draining enough. %void distractions. %void conflicts in your personal relationships with others.
,,. +hoose the review classes you.ll attend wisely( I did not attend too many review classes <I recommend ( Domondon on
Tax "emedies and 'alane on updates on jurisprudence=. I realized that I would cover more topics by reading. /ote that a lot
of your time will be wasted by preparing going to school the useless talks etc. <This may not apply if you plan to study in
school.= If there are handouts for a given lecture I suggest that you don5t attend the class anymore. 6ost probably the lecturer
will only repeat what5s already in the handout. This also applies if the lecturer was your professor. 3eigh the pros and cons of
attending a review class. <'ut make your assessment *uick you can5t spend much of your time assessing whether to attend or
,-. #trive for 5 readings" e$cluding preCweek( I did L readings. Don5t memorize on your first reading. 7ust familiarize yourself.
reading was the lightest for me <I just highlighted my materials and made marginal notes=. !econd reading; force yourself to
absorb what you are reading. Thus this will take a longer time. <I think I started making short notes on my second reading for
some subjects. #ate ko narealize I need these notes pala=. Third reading; I reviewed the short reviewers some codal
provisions and my short notes.
,L. Don.t compare yourself with others( It will only add up to the pressure. That5s why you have a schedule. 'ar preparation is
an individual task.
14( :andwriting
a. Practice writing legily and FA#*( I don5t have good handwriting. %nd my hands tire easily. <I remember my
&ersons exam9 I wanted to cry because my hand was already twitching I can5t control it. % friend commented that
my Oblicon bluebook is dirty= 3ith these I knew practising my handwriting is a must. If the examiner can5t
understand my handwriting all my preparation will be put to waste. I didn5t maintain a regular schedule for this
though. I think I set aside LBminutes to , hour on some !aturdays <it was not really regular=. I used grade L pads.
&ero on the exam day itself I reverted to my usual a5s and s5s. &ero at least better kahit papano ang handwriting
ko. &ractice really helped. The 'ar exam is long you need to develop stamina.
b. #earn to write really bigG Dour letters should at least be readable with proper spacing. Don5t forget the margins.
c. )hoose your pen now. I used "otring pigmented ink .E.
,.. *ry to read the past Bar e$ams once ! a while( % least be familiar with the style in answering *uestions.
,M. Don.t worry aout your physical appearance( Don5t worry if you5re getting fat. "emember you5ll have all the time to get slim
again after the 'ar.
,:. Pray( 3henever you feel tired scared bothered pause and talk to 1od. !ubmit everything to >im. >ave faith. Dou can5t
con*uer the 'ar by yourself alone. Do your best let 1od do the rest.
Decisions( Decisions( In your review you will have to make a lot of decisions. 3hether to shift from one book to another whether
to read a new handout whether to attend a review class. There are no easy answers for these *uestions. I only suggest one
approach ( pause reflect assess yourself ask for 1od5s guidance decide. %fter making your decision abandon all worries and
move on <yes this is difficult. 'ut who said 'ar preparation is easyO
Books Read
*/P 16 BAR */P8/*+:'R# F/R 366>
PlaceA ,!M" =/:8 PAU," 24(76" Ateneo ,aw
*# +eneral ti!s on reviewing and taing the bar exam
&repare to top not to pass. Dou %"$ %T$/$%/! after all. 6emorize important case titles and codal provisions. It5ll make
your job and the examiner5s job easier. )ite case law and codal provisions directly if you are sure.
!tudy hard. &ray harder.
,# &escribe your ty!ical study day -&id you study alone. /n grou!s.0
I wake up at around :am. I reach school by :LB2+am. I study at #!%) together with my girlfriend <crucial for me at least=
and a few Pstudy buddies.Q I was the police of the group so to speak. I made sure that I clocked2in at least +2,- hours of pure
studying a day <meaning minus bathroom lunch chat mass walk2in2the2mall breaks=. I bought a stopwatch for this purpose. I
usually went home about 82,,pm after meeting my daily *uota.
1# 2hat is your review schedule on a daily and monthly basis.
%pril to 7une I had my weekends free meaning minimal to no studying during weekends. I did the mirror method and
went to2and2fro until about a week before the first week of the exams. 'y then I started to read &oli and #abor again so that by the
Political Law
'ernas &rimer
/achura &olitical #aw "eviewer
6agallona ( &rimer in International #aw
%tty. 7ack 7imenez ( "ecent 7urisprudence in
&olitical #aw >andout
%tty. 7ack 7imenez ( >andouts on $lection #aw
%tty. %gra ( !urvey of /ew #aws and
7urisprudence on $lection #aw
'eda "eviewer on &I#
Labor Law
%zucena ( $veryone5s #abor )ode
%lcantara <I suggest only the !ocial
#egislation part of this book.=
>andoutsJTranscript of %tty. 6arlon
6anuel5s #ecture
!ocial #egislation ( 'edaJ%teneo "eviewer
Civil Law
&ersons ( !empio2Dy
&roperty and Oblicon ( 'alane "eviewer
!uccession (!uccession "eviewer <)hamp
"eyno=9 7ottings by 'alance <scanned this only=9
#egitime intestate combinations
#and Titles and )onflict of #aws ( 'eda
The rest <!pecial )ontracts !ectrans Tortsetc.=
( 7urado
)ode <super long though=
Domondon5s >andout
'eda "eviewer ( Table of Taxes
Commercial Law
/ego Insurance Transpo and )orp ( &erez
"eview 'ooks <note; &erez on Transpo is *uite
long. Try other books for transpo=
%tty. 7ack 7imenez ( Transcript of Eth year
classes <especially 'anking handouts=
)ode on Insurance <only the relevant provisions=
/ego )orp
Criminal Law
'oado ( 'ook , and -
Ortega ( 'ook ,
'eda "eviewer
7udge &imentel "eviewer 'ook - <as
"&) 'ook ,
De )astro ( !pecial &enal #aws
Remedial Law
"ules of )ourt
"egalado <this is may be too long for review=
'eda "eviewer
Legal Ethics
)anons #awyer5s Oath and "ules
!hort handouts on 0orms <that which
contains PformulaQ for all legal forms=J'eda
#egal 0orms <scanned it only=
first exam week I would5ve read the two subjects at least twice. <The first exam week is )"?)I%#. It will determine your mood for
the whole month.=
7uly to %ugust I started clocking2in ,B2,- hours a day. I also started studying on weekends during these months.
>olidays included.
3# 2hat are the materials/boos used in each sub'ect. -/s it advisable to read the boo again. 4r are reviewers
#eave nothing to chance. If you come by something and you doubt whether to read it or not just read it anyways. I read almost
everything that was thrown my way but I stuck with the following texts throughout the review;
a. &olitical #aw ( 7ustice /achura5s outline 0r. 'ernas5s &rimer %tty. 7imenez5s /otes on %dministrative #aw $lection #aw
and recent jurisprudence 6agallona <thin version= for &I#. )odal.
b. #abor #aw ( %tty. %zucena5s $veryone5s #abor )ode %tty. 6anuel5s lecture and ,BB notes %lcantara and %tty. Disini5s
notes for !ocial #egislation. )odal.
c. )ivil #aw ( %tty. 'alane5s outline for the preliminary chapters of the )ivil )ode &ersons &roperty Obligations and
)ontracts and his !uccession 'ook %tty. @uniga5s notes for !ecurity Transactions %*uino5s book for #and Titles
7urado5s )ivil #aw "eviewer !empio2Diy for &ersons and )onflict of #aws. )odal.
d. Taxation ( 6amalateo and !ababan5s Tax "eview books %tty. 6ontero5s and %tty. %bella5s notes. )odal.
e. )ommercial #aw ( Dean 4illanueva5s )ommercial #aw "eview !undiangJ%*uino5s 'ook "eviewer &erez5s books on
Insurance )orporation #aw and Transportation )atindig5s book on !pecial )ommercial #aws Dean %bad5s /egotiable
Instruments #aw.
f. )riminal #aw ( 1regorio5s )riminal #aw "eviewer 'oado5s /otes and )ases on )riminal #aw 7ustice !andoval5s
)riminal #aw "eviewer and 7ustice &eralta5s lecture notes. )odal.
g. "emedial #aw ( Dean "iano for $vidence and )ivil &rocedure 7ustice "egalado for everything else !an 'eda5s
"eviewer and 7ustice %*uino5s notes and recent jurisprudence.
h. $thics and 0orms ( %guirre5s book on ethics Dean %bad5s notes for #egal 0orms. )odal.
%s to whether to use reviewers or books for me I think it5s best to stick to one thick book reviewer one small book reviewer and the
codal provisions. If you5re not comfortable with this set2up do whatever works for you.
5# 2hen did you start to study. &id you study right after graduation.
I started studying during the >oly 3eek of last year which was about the second week of %pril. 'y graduation I had
already finished Taxation <I did two readings for my PfirstQ reading of this subject= &olitical #aw #abor #aw and was half2way
through )riminal #aw. %bout two weeks after graduation I had already finished my first reading.
6# 7ow many readings were you able to do.
'efore pre2week I was able to do . readings of &olitical #aw #abor #aw Tax #aw and )ivil #aw E readings of
)ommercial #aw )riminal #aw and "emedial #aw and had memorized all the canons for judicial and legal ethics.
%ll2in2all pre2week included I was able to do .2M readings of all the subjects excluding ethics and forms <of which I did
two readings plus memorization=.
8# &id you attend the review classes in 9teneo. &id it hel! you. /f only in certain sub'ects or !rofessors% !lease s!ecify#
I attended the following lectures at the #aw !chool; Domondon5s tax review 7ustice >ofileRa5s lecture on &roperty 7ustice
%*uino5s lecture on ethics &rofessor Cuimson5s lecture on )orporation #aw and !ecurities "egulation <essentialG= %tty.
)andelaria5s &I# lecture %tty. 7ack 7imenez5s and 7ustice %gra5s lecture on the %dminJ&ublic OfficersJ#ocal 1overnmentJ$lection
#aw %tty. 'alane5s !uccession lecture <just because I revere him= %tty. @uniga5s !ecurity Transaction lecture <essentialG= %tty.
'ernas5s lecture of )onflict of #aws %tty. !ta. 6aria5s last2minute lecture on &ersons <essentialG= and all the recent jurisprudence
%tty. Diaz and Dean 4illanueva5s lectures on how to prepare for the bar are very very crucial. They present different styles
of studying. &ick one and start from there.
%lso do try to attend %## of the pre2week lectures. %tty. 7imenez <&oli and )omm= %tty. 6anuel <#abor= %tty. 6ontero
<Tax= %tty. 'alane and Dean delos %ngeles <)iv= %tty. !alvador <"em= and 7ustice >ofileRa5s <$thics and forms= last2minute tips
are 4$"D 4$"D helpful.
:# 7ardest sub'ect.
Interestingly I found )ivil #aw to be the hardest subject. The coverage is simply too long. !uffice it to state it was
probably the only subject I was not able to re2read entirely during the pre2week.
;# Easiest sub'ect.
&olitical law. %tty. 7imenez was able to predict at least fifty percent <.BI= of the *uestions after all.
*<# 2hat did you do the night before each test.
I attended mass at the hotel every week after which my roommate and I discussed a few points. 3e tried to sleep by
,Bpm but on some weeks we ended up sleeping at around ,,. &ray before you sleep and first thing when you wake up.
**# 2hat are things that you should avoid while reviewing or taing the exam.
&rocrastinating. Dou are entitled to give yourself a break once in a while. %fter all you need your sanity for the bar.
>owever keep in mind that you are at this moment a bar reviewee. Dour primary task therefore is to review and to prepare for the
There are nevertheless exceptional circumstances when some of your batchmatesJco2revieweesJothers will need you.
1o out of your way and help them if you can. "emember that being a bar2reviewee does not make you any less of a human being.
*,# 2hat is the best thing you did or had that hel!ed you to! the bar.
a. Taking all of my four years of law school seriously9
b. "e2studying and preparing like there5s no tomorrow9 and
c. #eading up to the exam days 0r. 6angulabnan and %tty. 6el !ta. 6aria5s pep2talks every !aturday morning <gave me the
confidence I needed week after week in !eptember=.
PlaceA *A8" 'R!+ DA-!D" 24(67" Ateneo ,aw
*# +eneral ti!s on reviewing and taing the bar exam.
!tay healthy in mind body and spirit.
,# &escribe your ty!ical study day -&id you study alone. /n grou!s.0
I sometimes studied alone. 'ut I didnNt mind studying with a group as long as I get along with them.
1# 2hat is your review schedule on a daily and monthly basis.
Two subjects per day. ,BB pages for each subject.
3# 2hat are the materials/boos used in each sub'ect. -/s it advisable to read the boo again. 4r are reviewers
"eview books are still the best materials. I only resorted to reviewers if I had no other choice.
5# 2hen did you start to study. &id you study right after graduation.
/o I didnNt study right after graduation. I took a short vacation. I started studying on the third week of %pril.
6# 7ow many readings were you able to do.
I was able to do at the least E readings including the pre2week for most subjects. >owever for the other subjects like
"emedial #aw <because of typhoon Ondoy= I was able to do . readings. 0or #egal 0orms and $thics I was able to do only two
8# &id you attend the review classes in 9teneo. &id it hel! you. /f only in certain sub'ects or !rofessors% !lease s!ecify#
I didnNt attend most of the review classes in %teneo except for certain pre2week classes such as; <,= #abor #aw "eview of
%tty. 6anuel9 <-= )ommercial #aw "eview of %tty. 7ack 7imenez9 and <L= Tax #aw "eview of %tty. Domondon.
:# 7ardest sub'ect.
)riminal #aw
;# Easiest sub'ect.
Taxation and "emedial #aw
*<# 2hat did you do the night before each test.
I used every time I had to read in order to make sure I didnNt miss anything important. I had to make sure I had at least M
hours of sleep. 'ut because of anxiety it was usually shorter. !o I just listened to my i&od and jumped around my bed until I
became so tired that I had to sleep.
**# 2hat are things that you should avoid while reviewing or taing the exam.
%void being too scared. I guess being afraid of what to expect is normal but you shouldnNt let that overwhelm you.
*,# 2hat is the best thing you did or had that hel!ed you to! the bar.
6ental preparation. 6y family The %*uila #egis 0raternity and my friends gave me my needed morale boost. 1oing
through the ordeal knowing that the people who mattered to you are behind you every step of the way really helped.
PlaceA %/8HA,'H" <-'# RA8D/,F" 25(>6" Ateneo ,aw
*# +eneral ti!s on reviewing and taing the bar exam.
a. Take a big long vacation before you start studying. This will give you good memories to look back to during the time you
are already studying. This will also remind you that life is good. Dou need to believe this to keep your motivation and focus
b. Take short mini2vacations every two weeks or so. !ame ratio as /o.,
c. !tart on the subjects you are weakest with so that you can get rid of your fear of these subjects. &ostponing them till later
will only give you an anxious feeling while youNre studying other subjects. Dou want to minimize all forms of negativity
during this time and this is one of the ways you can do so.
d. #isten to audio lectures whenever you get the chance. Instead of wasting time playing music during your daily commute
listen to audio lectures instead. Dou will learn a lot of things that you will never encounter in books. 3hile taking the bar
the things you heard in the lectures will come back to you and will greatly help you remember the right answer. 'ut do not
listen to audio lectures while reading a book. ThatNs just crazy.
e. "ead as much materials as you can. In connection with this avoid repeating the same material unless its a critical
material <like /achuraNs book for me was a critical material=. Knowing that you will no longer re2read the same book will
also train your mind to retain the info you read already instead of your mind telling yourself to not retain it yet <Sbabalikan
ko pa naman itoS mentality=. In relation to this there will be no more need to highlight since you know you will not re2read
it again anyway. Take notes if you want but this is generally not needed as well. Once you eliminate highlighting and
taking down notes then you have more time to actually study and absorb what you are reading.
f. "egarding bad handwriting. I have awful handwriting and my profs would always write on my bluebooks; S&lease improve
your handwritingS. I improved this by practice. &ractice writing during the time you study 0orms so you can hit two birds
with one stone. On examination day bring a ruler that will serve as your left margin. ?se that ruler to strike out your
mistakes. DonNt forget the right margin as well. 3rite in big non2script letters. Doing so will consume more time but will
assure you that the examiner will understand your answer. 'ut do find the right balance between writing slow and legibly
vis2a2vis answering all the *uestions. 'oth are e*ually important and you should do both.
g. 6inimize unnecessary stress. DonNt let little things get to you. >ave a positive attitude while studying and while taking the
exams. DonNt fight with your girlfriend your family or anyone. Dou already have a lot on your plate donNt add anything
unnecessary to it. #ive a simple steady life during the review period you can always go all out later on after you pass.
DonNt read negative stuff like phone and credit card bills.
h. Outsource chores to other people9 keep your own focus on studying and learning as much as you can. e.g. ask your
girlfriend to handle your accounting and bills payment so you donNt have to think about those ask your auxie to do
photocopying instead of doing it yourself. "emember to thank them always.
i. >ave a concrete goal. If you want to top the bar then aim for it. If you want to just pass then aim for that as well. >ave a
concrete goal and set your plans accordingly around such goal. DonNt let fear of the uncertain anxieties or despair cause
you to deviate from this goal. Dou will have moments of despair and panic but if you have a goal you will eventually get
over these negativities as you realize that they will not help you attain that goal.
j. 'e prepared. %nything worth doing takes time. 'oxers train months before a fight so that they can be confident of being
able to defeat their opponent on fight day. Do the same. %rm yourself with all the knowledge and information that you can
get9 you will use this to overcome the 'ar. 'eing prepared will give you confidence and that is critical on exam day
proper. Dour confidence in yourself that you are ready to take on this task is probably one of the most important if not the
most important factor that will spell the difference between victory and defeat. If you donNt believe you can defeat your
opponent then you probably wonNt.
,# &escribe your ty!ical study day -&id you study alone. /n grou!s.0
3ake up at -2Lpm drive to study place <!tarbucks 7ulia 4argas or !tarbucks jungle=. #isten to audio lectures during the
drive so as not to waste that time. !tudy for L2E hours before having dinner. %fter dinner I take a short break surf the web chat with
study buddies before resuming studying. !tudy for another L2E hours. I usually end studying around L2E%6. 1o home sleep around
M%6. "epeat the next day.
I studied with an informal group the ones who also studied in my study place. 'ut I studied in my own table far from
everyone else to avoid unnecessary chit chat and time wasting. Dou can always talk to your study buddies during your short breaks.
Keep study time study time.
1# 2hat is your review schedule on a daily and monthly basis.
I started with the subjects INm weakest in <&oli )rim "em=. In between each I would study a subject I am more
comfortable with. I studied at least . days a week with the remainder reserved for short vacations and other stress relieving
activities. !tarted 6ay + ended first round of reading 7uly + <one week late from my target=. I did not have a fixed daily weekly
monthly sched9 only target dates. On certain Sin the zoneS days I would study for ,B2,- hours to make up for the days when I wasnNt
able to reach my daily average of + hours.
3# 2hat are the materials/boos used in each sub'ect. -/s it advisable to read the boo again. 4r are reviewers
Do not tell yourself that you will re2read a book. "ead it once absorb it then find another book on the subject. "eviewers
are godsend they will usually teach you more than full text books. "ead all reviewers you can get from %T$/$O 'eda and other
sources. !ince you will not re2read then there will be no need to highlight9 since you are not highlighting then you will finish reading
a. &"I6?! /otes for %## subjects. These are very educational well written and direct to the point
b. 6amalateo 'ook 2 Tax . short and direct to the point. Dou can finish this in one day.
c. %zucena $veryoneNs #abor )ode 2 same as T- easy to read direct and can be finished in a day or two
d. DomondonNs book for tax
e. /achuraNs book for poli 2 I read this twice just because /achura is the chairman of the exams
f. 0ather 'ernas )onsti &rimer 2 you canNt go wrong with this one
g. !empio Dy for )iv
h. !ta. 6aria for 0amily )ode. 'ut skip most long discussions9 alot of them are for law school recits not needed for 'ar.
i. )#4 book for )orp 2 same as T+ skip those that are for recits.
j. %ll %T$/$O and 'eda reviewers you can get your hands on. 'ut I did not read the long 'eda ones.
k. $very pre2week you can get your hands on. 6ine included; %C?I#% %T$/$O 'eda %rellano "egina &"I6?!
and scattered pre2week tips from various profs.
l. %udio lectures 2 thereNs a lot of tips in these. #isten during commutes to maximize your time. Do not listen to these
going to bed you will not be able to sleep on time. Do not listen while reading a book.
m. &ast bar exams from -BBB2-BB+. Only read this after you have studied to test your ability to answer them. %fter ,st
reading you will find that you still canNt answer some of them. %fter -nd reading J round you should be able to answer
at least 8BI. 0or the ,BI you still canNt answer read and reread the provided answers so they will stick.
n. 0amily )ode "&) )I4 )onsti and )O66 codals. One good full reading of these will make sure your mind has
read the full law itself useful for random *uestions that make their way into the bar
5# 2hen did you start to study. &id you study right after graduation.
!tarted 6ay +. 0inished round , 7uly +. 0inished round - just before pre2week. I didnNt study after graduation9 I took a long
6# 7ow many readings were you able to do.
Two full rounds plus pre2week. ,st round was mostly books -nd round was mostly long reviewers then pre2week read
pre2week stuff.
8# &id you attend the review classes in 9teneo. &id it hel! you. /f only in certain sub'ects or !rofessors% !lease s!ecify#
%ttended very few of the lectures. I asked someone to record them instead so I can listen to them during transit from
house to study place and back. During pre2week attended 7ack %zucena and !ta. 6aria. Its ok to miss most of the lectures if you
can get audio recordings.
:# 7ardest sub'ect.
&oli #aw. ,st exam and it was very tricky. $thics is next because it was long.
;# Easiest sub'ect.
)ommercial #aw then Tax.
*<# 2hat did you do the night before each test.
0riday; )heck in at hotel at noon study pre2weeks nonstop till around :. >ave dinner study again till ,-midnight then do
relaxing stuff after. !leep at around L2E%6.
!aturday; 3ake up at noon. #unch. !tudy till M&6. >ear mass. 1o back to room for dinner and some last minute
reviewing. In bed by ,B&6. %ttempt to sleep. 0ail. )ontinue attempting. !ucceed around ,2-%6.
!unday; 3ake up E;LB. 'reakfast read Tips. $xercise. 1ame on.
**# 2hat are things that you should avoid while reviewing or taing the exam.
?nnecessary stresses doubting yourself alcohol negativities and wasting time.
During exam day proper; DonNt let any *uestion overwhelm you. If you donNt know the answer skip it. 1o back later when
youNve answered the rest. 6ake sure you answer every *uestion even the ones you donNt really have a good answer to. "emember
to leave room in the booklet for the *uestions you skipped. DonNt take the bar on an empty stomach it will be the longest EJL hours
of your life repeated + times. &oop during the period between the two exams and do freshen up by brushing your teeth and washing
your face during lunch break.
*,# 2hat is the best thing you did or had that hel!ed you to! the bar.
The %C?I#% #$1I! 0"%T$"/ITD. I also had two amazing auxies <#aura /oel and 6ark $ncarnacion=.
PlaceA */" =/A8 MA'" 25(G7" Ateneo ,aw
*# +eneral ti!s on reviewing and taing the bar exam
&ray. 'e patient. "elax. Don5t force yourself to study if you5re sleepy or lazy. Try to love what you5re doing. If you don5t
feel like studying a particular subject then try another subject. 1et at least + hours of sleepG
During the exam don5t panic. 6ake sure your answers make sense. 'e brief and concise except of course if the *uestion
is alien to you.
!tudy smart. Know what to study. It is impossible to read and remember everything.
,# &escribe your ty!ical study day -&id you study alone. /n grou!s.0
I study alone 2 !tarbucks or at home. I easily get distracted so it5s hard for me to study in groups. Do whatever works for
I would normally read ,BB 2 ,.B pages a day.
1# 2hat is your review schedule on a daily and monthly basis.
I have no fixed schedule <like the number of days I should finish a subject=. 6y only goal was to finish at least two
readings. 6y -
reading took longer than expected because I made notes for some subjects. I was not able to review my notes
during pre2week but some say that taking down notes helps.
I rest on !aturdays.
3# 2hat are the materials/boos used in each sub'ect. -/s it advisable to read the boo again. 4r are reviewers sufficient.0
"eviewers generally don5t work for me but %teneo5s pre2week reviewers were helpful.
a. &oli ( /achura
b. #abor ( $veryone5s #abor )ode9 for !!! and 1!I! look for %tty. Disini5s tables.
c. )iv ( 7urado for &roperty
'alane for !uccession
'alane notes for Oblicon
!empio Dy for &ersons
7urado for )redit transactions Torts etc.
d. Tax ( 6amalateo and parts of !ababan
e. )ommercial ( )#45s book <%lthough I think reading !undiang alone will do=
f. )rim ( 1regorio but be careful of typos
g. "em ( "iano for )ivpro ( I highly recommend this
"egalado for )rimpro $vidence and !pecpro
h. #egal $thics ( %guirre <note; there5s a new )ode of 7udicial ethicsG I only discovered this during pre2weekG !hameful.=
Don5t forget the )odalG If you think there5s no more time for you to finish the book or reviewer just read the codal.
&re2week ( &oli and #abor ( -
reading of /achura and $veryone5s
)iv and Tax ( codal for both <selective. It5s impossible to read everything=
)ommercial ( !undiang
)rim ( I think I read !andoval <around -BB pages long= and "ose "ayco5s tables
"em and $thics ( )odal.
0orms ( 7ustice %bad5s handout <Tapcapsa Tapwacsa etc=
It will be very hard to study on the day after an exam. I think its okay to rest.
5# 2hen did you start to study. &id you study right after graduation.
I started reading a bit of )rim before grad. I am not a fast reader so I had to start early. I finished my first reading end of
7une and finished my second reading on the day before the first exam.
6# 7ow many readings were you able to do.
0or #and titles special penal laws forms and other subjects where there5s not much stock knowledge ( I think one
reading is enough but make sure you read them right before !eptember or the day before the exam.
8# &id you attend the review classes in 9teneo. &id it hel! you. /f only in certain sub'ects or !rofessors% !lease s!ecify#
I attended %tty. Domondon5s tax lecture %tty. 7ack5s lecture on public officers admin and election and all lectures on
recent cases.
&re2week ( I wasn5t able to attend any lecture during the first week
2 Two days of %tty. 6ontero5s lecture on tax his notes on recent cases were helpful
2 Dean )ynthia Del )astillo5s lecture on oblicon
2 %tty. !alvador5s lecture on rem <three days=
8oteA I heard %tty. 6anuel5s pre2week lecture on labor was very helpful and %tty. 7ack5s lecture on poli too.
:# 7ardest sub'ect.
Tax <Pinawisan ako kahit ang lamig sa Laalle!"
%lso there were a couple of ridiculous true or false *uestions. If you don5t know the answer just write true and
repeatJparaphrase the statement.
;# Easiest sub'ect.
</ot because they5re very easy but because they5re the most manageable=
&oli only because I was lucky that I just finished my second reading of 7ustice /achura5s book the day before the exam so
everything was still fresh.
)iv except for the conflicts *uestions
*<# 2hat did you do the night before each test.
%ttended the mass officiated by 0r. 6 at !ofitel where we also got Divine tips Dinner
!tudied right before going to sleep <normally ,, pm to ,- mn except for the last week ( , am because my roommate
<!helly= and I practiced making basic forms <complaint and information=;& I5m glad we didG=
**# 2hat are things that you should avoid while reviewing or taing the exam.
3hile reviewing 2 Cuality over *uantity. 6ake sure you absorb and understand the things you read. !top comparing. It5ll
drive you crazy. <It is unavoidable but please try to avoid it. I5m guilty of this and it caused me unnecessary panic attacks.=
3hile taking the examJday of the exam 2 Don5t panic. $at breakfast and lunch. "ead the tips.
*,# 2hat is the best thing you did or had that hel!ed you to! the bar.
Don5t change your study habits especially if it worked for you in law school. !ome people absorb more while cramming
while others don5t.
"est and !leepG 3e are not machines.
Know what to study. It is impossible to read everything so you have to choose what to read or where to focus especially
during pre2week.
PlaceA ,UMAU!%" *!M/*:< =/#'P:" 25(36" Ateneo ,aw
1( %eneral tips on reviewing and taking the ar e$am
0irst don5t compare yourself to others. !tick to your own style and don5t be pressured by what or how other people
study. #isten to the suggestions but be smart enough to follow what you know works best for you.
!econd I heard a *uote from my favorite videogame that sums up my review; Pit5s not how many hours you put in but
what you put in the hours.Q
3( Descrie your typical study day ?Did you study aloneI !n groupsI@
To get myself going for the day I5d go to the gym in the mornings. %fter that I5d usually study by myself or at most with
only one or two of my closest friends. I5ve always tried to avoid studying around other law students since I read a lot slower than
most people. That way I could keep my own pace without feeling too pressured. Then I5d end the day by just relaxing. I never
studied into the wee hours of the morning. Doing that would5ve just burnt me out by !eptember.
5( 0hat is your review schedule on a daily and monthly asisI
I wanted to stick to how I studied back in law school. %ll I used to do was set aside my chosen material pick it up and go
until I finish. !o I didn5t make a strict review schedule in terms of number of pages per day or subjects per week or month. "ather I
set the order of subjects to study read as much as I could in a day and just kept tabs on my progress making sure I5d finish each
subject once before pre2week. $ach week I took !undays off and always tried to get at least one night out with my longtime
barkada ( people who kept me sane. %gain that was my way to avoid burning myself out before !eptember.
4( 0hat are the materialsJooks used in each su&ectI ?!s it advisale to read the ook againI /r are reviewers
1enerally I used the books I used in law school especially those I already had notes in. 'ut for subjects I think I slacked off in
I used new materials. %lso I made it a point to stick to only one author or one material per topic under each subject to avoid
overloading myself with information.
2 0or &olitical #aw I used 0r. '5s primer for )onstitutional #aw and 7ustice /achura5s book for everything else. Then I used
%tty. 7ac 7imenez5 recent jurisprudence for pre2week.
2 0or #abor I used &rof. %zucena5s $veryone5s but focused a lot during %tty. 6anuel5s pre2week lecture.
2 0or )ivil #aw I used my notes and materials from &rof. 'alane5s )ivil #aw "eview II in fourth year. )onflicts I got !empio2
Dy5s book. 0or everything else I used 7urado. &re2week I just used our pre2week reviewer.
2 0or Taxation I used 6amalateo. I later heard there were shorter books but I didn5t want to stop midway through just to change
books. I also put a lot of focus in %tty. 6ike 6ontero5s pre2week lecture.
2 0or )ommercial #aw I used Dean )#45s book for everything except Dean %bad5s /egotiable Instruments 6ade $asy which is
what I used in second year. Then I used %tty. 7ac 7iminez5 recent jurisprudence during pre2week.
2 0or )rim I used 1regorio for book one and a reviewer for book two. I think there was a shorter book by 'oado that I wish I
had read instead to save me a little bit more time. Then I just used our pre2week reviewer.
2 0or "emedial #aw I used "iano for )ivil &rocedure and just a summer reviewer for everything else. Of course you have to
go straight codal as well. I did that during pre2week along with Tran*uil5s lecture.
2 0or $thics and 0orms I just used the %teneo reviewer and Dean %bad5s three or four page memory aid in forms.
5# 2hen did you start to study. &id you study right after graduation.
I tried to start in 6ay and 7une but I found myself way too bored and distracted thinking that the bar exams were still
three or four months away at that time. 6ost days I5d barely make ,B pages. !ome days I didn5t read at all. !o I figured if my mind
really didn5t want to absorb any information yet then I shouldn5t force it. %gain that5s the style I got used to in school.
Thankfully I finally felt the need to really get going around 7uly. !o early that month I finished my first subject and kept
going strong from there. To steal a few words from 0reddie "oach maybe starting at the right time allowed me to peak at the right
time. !o I think starting in 7uly was just right for me.
6# 7ow many readings were you able to do.
One good one.
8# &id you attend the review classes in 9teneo. &id it hel! you. /f only in certain sub'ects or !rofessors% !lease s!ecify#
I didn5t attend any review classes over the summer. 'ut I went to a number of pre2week lectures that helped a whole lot (
namely #abor by %tty. 6anuel !uccession by &rof. 'alane Tax by %tty. 6ike 6ontero )ommercial #aw by %tty. 7ac 7imenez <and
I wish I attended his &olitical #aw as well= and "emedial #aw by %tty. Tran*uil !alvador. I would even say that I owe just passing
the bar exams to those professors.
:# 7ardest sub'ect.
&olitical #aw hands down. I think I got hit by what my friends and I call Pgulpe de gulat.Q %fter that test I even told those
close to me that I thought I was going to get DC5d for it. 'ut thankfully I realized that more than anything I was just psyching myself
out. I was just initially shocked by the whole bar exam atmosphere.
;# Easiest sub'ect.
)iv or )omm but I5d rather call them the Pleast difficult.Q
*<# 2hat did you do the night before each test.
%te well and rested well. !leep was more important than cramming. %nd !eptember means ?%%& 0inal 0our so we5d
always catch the !aturday games on T4 just for a get looseU and for added inspiration too as we watched the $agles draw closer
to another title.
**# 2hat are things that you should avoid while reviewing or taing the exam.
%void adding unnecessary pressure on yourself.
During the review don5t get pressured by what books or how many readings others have already gone through. 3e all
graduated using our own styles of studying. !tick to what you know. Trust that what got you through school will get you through the
bar exams.
During the tests do not panic. If you do it5ll be like *uicksand. $ven if there5s one *uestion ( or two or three even ( that
you think you don5t know the answer to just shake it off move on to the next and come back for it later. $ach test may seem like
the longest and toughest one you5ve ever taken but you5ve gone through those same feelings in school before. "emember you
made it through all of those. Dou can make it through this.
*,# 2hat is the best thing you did or had that hel!ed you to! the bar.
I ran into two of my former teachers during the bar review ( one from law school one from college. One told me the bar is
about Pkompyansa.Q The other said Pyabang lang yan.Q I understood both to mean Pconfidence.Q That was the best advice I ever
I did every little thing I could to help me go into each !unday feeling good about myself. I played with my &!L watched
?%%& games chose rooms that had my favorite number wore the same clothes every !unday listened to the same playlist every
!unday morning and drank with my barkada the last two weeks of %ugust just to get loose. I did all the things that made me
confident enough to take the bar exams and pass. I believe that everyone who graduates from the %teneo #aw !chool is smart
enough to pass. It5s just a matter of each person knowing it.
PlaceA BA!8*/" 8A',,A R/#' 25(16" Ateneo ,aw
*# +eneral ti!s on reviewing and taing the bar exam
#ist down your materials and start gathering them before you start your review.
6ake a study schedule to follow but be open to changes.
Take breaks when you feel like it.
If your study style in law school worked for you follow the same style for your review.
Do not forget to pray.
"ecent jurisprudence is very important.
Do not forget to answer past exams.
Dou5ll often find yourself staring at nothing or daydreaming that5s normalG
,# &escribe your ty!ical study day -&id you study alone. /n grou!s.0
I reviewed alone but I5d occasionally consult with some batchmates the issues I can5t resolve on my own.
6y typical study day looks like this;
,B;BB am ( 3ake up
,,;BB am ( !tart studying
-;BB pm ( #unch break
-;LB pm ( 'ack to studying
.;BB pm ( 6erienda break
.;,. pm ( !tudy again
:;BB pm ( Dinner break or movie
,B;BB pm ( 'ack to studying
-;BB am ( 1o to sleep
6y daily schedule includes many short washroom phonecall stretching etc. breaks <This will work if you like me have a
short attention span.=
I am not really a morning person. 6y peak hours would be during the evening up to , or - am.
I did not adjust my sleep cycle unlike what most people have done. The earliest I was able to get up during the review
was at + a.m. but I gave up after like -2L days of waking up this early.
6y Dinner break became shorter as it neared !eptember.
1# 2hat is your review schedule on a daily and monthly basis.
I started my review in 6ay.
I only finished two readings. I was able to finish my first reading in mid27uly.
I do not study on !undays except in the month of %ugust.
3# 2hat are the materials/boos used in each sub'ect. -/s it advisable to read the boo again. 4r are reviewers
&O#ITI)%# #%3; &rimer /achura 'eda and %teneo latest jurisprudence %gra /otes )odal
#%'O" #%3; $veryone5s #abor )ode 6anuel /otes %teneo !ummer "eviewer #atest jurisprudence )odal
)I4I# #%3; 7urado 'alane !uccession !empio2Diy &ersons Obli)on 'alane Outline &I# by !empio2Diy &re2bar
Outline by )andelaria %teneo and 'eda latest jurisprudence )odal
T%V #%3; 6amalateo "eyes ,A- )o2untian Domondon %teneo and 'eda latest jurisprudence )odal
)O66$")I%# #%3; )#4 )ommercial #aw "eview )ommercial #aw "eview by !undiang and %*uino 7ac 7imenez
/otes %teneo and 'eda latest jurisprudence )odal
)"I6I/%# #%3 ; Ortega /otes 'oado latest jurisprudence )odal
"$6$DI%# #%3 ; 'eda 6emory %id 0eria /oche and !abio for reference latest jurisprudence )odal
$T>I)! %/D 0O"6!; %guirre &ano >ofilena 'eda 6emory %id )odal 0orms "eviewer by <Dean= 7ustice %bad
7( 0hen did you start to studyI Did you study right after graduationI
I started my review on 6ay E -BB8.
6# 7ow many readings were you able to do.
- readings only but very slow and thorough. This was really my study style even back in law school.
8# &id you attend the review classes in 9teneo. &id it hel! you. /f only in certain sub'ects or !rofessors% !lease s!ecify#
I did enroll in the %teneo review classes but did not attend except for the very first 2 >ow to study for the 'ar. I felt that
preparing to go to school and travelling to school would take up so much of my time. %nd I am able to absorb better the
things I read rather than the things I hear. It will really depend on what your style is. !ome people unlike me absorb
better the things they hear
:# 7ardest sub'ect.
Tax #aw )riminal #aw and $thics and 0orms <because it was long=
;# Easiest sub'ect.
/o easy subject but there were familiar and answerable *uestions in every subject.
*<# 2hat did you do the night before each test.
!tudy ( cramming modeG
>ear mass
%ccept friends and family visits in hotel room
Try to get some sleep <During the night before the first !unday I was still up at around - a.m. as I couldn5t sleepG=
**# 2hat are things that you should avoid while reviewing or taing the exam.
"ead as much as you can
Try not to discuss answers specially after the morning exam because you need as much time you can get to prepare for
the next exam.
%void unnecessary stress.
*,# 2hat is the best thing you did or had that hel!ed you to! the bar.
!tudy more than how I did during law school
&ray hard everyday
Don5t lose time for family and loved ones

PlaceA %/" #:!',A AB!%A!," 25(16" Ateneo ,aw
*# +eneral ti!s on reviewing and taing the bar exam=
a. "ead books you5ve used. >opefully it5s the latest edition.
b. &ace yourself.
c. "ead recent jurisprudence <beyond the cut2off date=
d. &repare good materials for &re23eek <these are things you want to remember=
e. 3rite legibly.
f. &ray pray pray.
,# &escribe your ty!ical study day -&id you study alone. /n grou!s.0
I would just stay in my apartment so that I can concentrate more. 0ind a place where you can study and focus. I timed myself at
first but after a while I stopped it.
3ell if youNre talkative <like me= then I suggest you study alone because youNll never get anything done plus you wouldnNt want to
be the reason why someone else did not get to study for that day. %nything and everything is more exciting than having to read your
books all over again.
1# 2hat is your review schedule on a daily and monthly basis.
I made a schedule. It was on a daily basis. 'ut I lagged behind. Three readings became two readings. I would allocate a number
of days for each book.
3# 2hat are the materials/boos used in each sub'ect. -/s it advisable to read the boo again. 4r are reviewers
INm a book person so I read books. I only read reviewers when I donNt have a book for it.
Political ,aw
/achura <for obvious reasons..= ( - readings preweek
7ack /otes on $lection and his "ecent 7urisprudence <because you need to read the recent ones esp those beyond the cut2
off= 2 ,
)andelariaNs &oli /otes <I didnNt want to read thick materials already but I heard 6agallona is good= 2 ,
0r. 'Ns )onsti &rimer and the !upplement 2,
%gra /otes 2 preweek

%zucena <well they said that itNs comprehensive and short= 2-
!ummer "eviewer of %teneo <this was actually good= If you can find recent jurisprudence because our exam was full of it. 2
6anuel5s ,BB /otes 2,
+ivil ,aw
I read 7urado if I couldnNt find another book for it.
&ersons2!empio Diy 2-
!uccession 2 'alane <)hamp or 'ook I think either is okay. )hoose which you are more comfortable with= ( first reading
was the 'ook -
was champ
'alane 2 &roperty /otes ( for my -
The )odal is a mustG It5s the only thing I read for &re23eek. 2 hereNs the thing. DonNt get frantic if you donNt finish the codal
during the pre2week. % lot of us did not. !o if youNre the type who gets paranoid I think you should start marking things you
want to read and things you think you can forego reading because youNve mastered it. I didnNt even read !uccession just
the table on legitimes and intestate. I was banking on my - sems with 'alane.

DomondonNs star notes2 -
6amalateo ( ,
!ababan ( -
reading &re23eek
6ontero /otes ( &re23eek
/I") )odal and other laws
I also got a copy of the !ummer "eviewer because it was reviewed by 6ontero <mainly for comfort=.
+ommercial ,aw
)#4Ns )orp transpo I& insurance ( ,
/ego I read %bad ( ,
!undiang ( -
reading and pre2week
7ackNs recent jurisprudence. <make sure to read this. 3e had two or three *uestions from recent jurisprudence not sure=
+riminal ,aw <I read a lot because I donNt understand )rim that well=
1regorio for ,
reading and the 'ook , for -
'oado 'ook - for -
reading ( I actually like 'oado5s book more. I recommend it
Dean OrtegaNs /otes for 'ook -
!ome read &eralta. Okay din daw. I got a copy but didnNt have time to read it.
I read the )rim )odal and !&# codal <and made notes there= and tried my best to differentiate one crime from another. I
didnNt even attempt to memorize elements. ItNs not my thing.
I read !andoval and )odal for &re23eek. If I could do it again I would have read my Dean Ortega /otes.
There were things in %rellano <&re23eek= or was it 'eda <&re23eek /otes= that were helpful during the exam. They said
%rturo de )astro made good guesses.
Remedial ,aw
"egaladoNs )rim &ro and !pec&ro2 , reading
"ianoNs )iv &ro and $vidence.
'eda for !pecial #%ws.
I also read recent jurisprudence of 7ustice %*uino
The )odal is a mustG
'eda and %guirre
6emorize #awyer5s Oath
I guessed a lot in $thics.
%badNs >andout
!canned 'eda 0orms but I suggest do %bad and practice making forms
5# 2hen did you start to study. &id you study right after graduation.
I studied I think for a week though and then I stopped. %ll I remember is I finished the 6amalateo 'ook before DomondonNs lecture.
6# 7ow many readings were you able to do.
Two readings excluding pre2week. 'ut this does not mean that I used the same materials for my two readings. 0or example my
first reading of Tax was 6amalateo. 6y second reading was !ababan. )rim was 1regorio then my second reading was 'oado.
This was because I was lagging behind.
8# &id you attend the review classes in 9teneo. &id it hel! you. /f only in certain sub'ects or !rofessors% !lease s!ecify#
Dup I did but not for all subjects. I went to classes which I thought were my weak areas.
:# 7ardest sub'ect.
;# Easiest sub'ect.
)aveat; I donNt know my grade <so I could be wrong= but I was okay when I left the room after the )iv $xam.
*<# 2hat did you do the night before each test.
I went to mass and after that I studied. I slept sometimes at ,B sometimes ,, sometimes ,-.
**# 2hat are things that you should avoid while reviewing or taing the exam.
Dou cannot get sickG ItNs going to destroy your schedule. I always prayed that I wouldnNt get sick <especially getting a
stomachahce=. Dou donNt want that.
&ace yourself well. DonNt give your SallS in your first reading because youNll be tired by pre2week. I was so tired by pre2
week. On your second reading read as if itNs your last reading.
*,# 2hat is the best thing you did or had that hel!ed you to! the bar.
&rayer #uck and 1reat !upport !ystem <friends family professors 'arOps=G %nd we got good tips from the 'arOps and
the professors. If lumabas yung mga inaral mo swerte ka. If hindi well law school life will flash before you.