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Lesson Plan

Department: Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering
Semester/Division/Branch: 2/Sec-B/B.Tech MECH
Subject Name with code: Basic Electronics(BE2101)
Total No. of Class
Faculty Name: Jayshree Dash(855)
Class No. Brief description of the Topic/Chapter to be taught Remarks
1 Introduction to electronics:Signals, Frequency spectrum of
signals, Analog and Digital signals, Amplifiers, Digital logic
2 The Operational amplifier(OP-Amp): The ideal OPAMP,
Inverting and non inverting configuration.
3 Difference amplifier, CMRR, Application of OP-
AMP(Instrumentation amplifier)
4 Op-amp as summing amplifier, differentiator and integrator
5 Problem practise and doubt clearance (assignment-1a)
6 Semiconductor diodes: Introduction, Physical operation of PN
junctio n diode
7 Characteristics of pn junction diode and zener diode.
8 Rectifier circuit (half wave ) and its analysis.
9 Full wave , bridge and peak rectifiers and their analysis.
10 Diode clipper (series and parallel).
11 clamper circuits series and parallel.
12 Problem practice and doubt clearance(assignment 1 b).
13 Bipolar junction transistor(BJTS): Simplified structure and
physical operation of n-p-n and p-n-p transistors.
14 Current voltage characteristics of
15 BJT circuits at DC.
16 BJT biassing (fixed and self).
17 voltage divuder biassing and collector feedback biassing.
18 Small signal operation of BJTS: Simplified hybrid pi model.
19 Single stage BJT amplifiers(CB AND CE).

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20 Single stage BJT amplifiers(CE and CC).
21 Problem practice and doubt clearance(assignment2a).
22 Feedback amplifiers and oscillators: General feedback structure.
23 Properties and advantages of negative feedback.
24 OPAMP Oscillator circuits.(Wein bridge Oscillator)
25 RC phase shift and crystal oscillators.
26 Problem practice and doubt clearance(assignment 2 b)
27 Electronice instruments: Basic principle of oscilloscope,
Function of the ssweep generators, block diagram of
oscilloscope, simple CRO
28 Measure ment of frequency and phase by lissajous method.,
application of oscilloscope for measurement of voltage , time
period and frequency.
29 Block diagram of standard signal generators, AF sine and square
wave generator and function generator.
30 Digital electronics : introduction, binary digits, logic levels and
digital waveforms, Introduction to basic logic operation,
Number systems(binary,decimal, octal, hexadecimal)
31 Logic gates and boolean algebra, Inverter, AND, OR, NAND,
NOR, XOR, XNOR gates.
32 Laws and rules of boolean algebra, demorgan's theorem.
33 Boolean analysis of logic circuits , standard forms of boolean
expressions and truth table.
34 Combinational logic circuits: basic combinational logic circuits ,
implementation of combinational logic, universal properties of
NAND and NOR gates.
35 basic adders(half adders and full adders)
36 Multiplexers and demultiplexers.
37 Elementary treatment of latches, basic concepts of
38 Previous year question discussion.