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Pressure-sensitive dispersion adhesive with excellent bond-strength for resilient floor coverings

Composition: Plastic dispersions, modified resins, thickeners,

wetting, defoaming and preservation agents, mineral fillers,
Product benefits /Features:
KE 2000 S has been improved, providing installers with a
strong and reliable adhesive with additional benefits:
Odourless during and after processing
Very easy to apply
Short open time
Long working time
Good tack with stringing
GISCODE D1/solvent-free
EMICODE EC1 PLUS/very low emission
RAL UZ 113/environmentally compatible
because of very low emission
Technical Data:
Packaging: Plastic bucket
Packsizes: 14 kg, 6 kg, 2 kg
Shelf life: min. 12 months
Colour wet /dry: crme-white / transparent
Consumption: 200 500 g /m
Working temperature: min. 15 C at floor level
Open time: 10 45 minutes*
Working time: approx. 120 minutes*
Load bearing: after 24 hours*
Final strength: after 3 days*
Joint welding: after 24 hours*
*At 20 C and 65% relative humidity, depending on the floor covering as well as
bonding method.
Universal pressure-sensitive and wet adhesive
Strong dispersion-based adhesive with short open time and
long installation time for PVC/CV, LVT and rubber flooring
in commercial projects. Can be used as a pressure sensitive,
wet set adhesive and double-drop bonding application. For
use on floors and walls. For interior applications.
Main application area for:
Homogeneous and heterogeneous PVC/CV
floor coverings in sheets and tiles.
Luxury Vinyl Tiles
Rubber flooring in sheets, e. g. noraplan up to 4 mm,
including floor coverings with acoustics or foam underlay.
UZIN KE 2000 S
UZIN KE 2000 S provides the highest possible level of
emis sion safety and contributes to creating a healthy room
climate. Marked with the Blue Angel for low-emission floor
covering adhesives and other installation materials according
to RAL-UZ 113.
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Extended applications:
Suitable as special adhesive for:
Chlorine-free resilient floor coverings,
e. g. Upofloor LifeLine
PUR floor coverings in sheet up to 2.0 mm,
e. g. WPT PURline
Wall coverings, e. g. PVC floor coverings in bathrooms
for all UZIN insulation and installation underlays
Suitable on/ for:
absorbent, levelled substrates in wet or semi-wet process
dense, non-absorbent substrates, such as on coatings,
UZIN KR 410 or on insulation underlays in pressure
adhesion method (only PVC/CV floor coverings)
dense, non-absorbent substrates in double-drop method
(only PVC/CV floor coverings and rubber flooring)
high strain in residential, commercial and industrial areas,
e. g. in hospitals, high-traffic shopping malls, shops, etc.
hot water underfloor heating
strain from chair castors according to DIN EN 12 529
from 1 mm compound thickness
Wet shampooing and spray extraction cleaning accord-
ing to RAL 991 A2
UZIN KE 2000 S
Substrate preparation:
The substrate must be sound, level, dry, free of cracks, clean
and free of materials that could impair adhesion.
Test the substrate in accordance with applicable standards
and bulletins and report any deficiencies. Thoroughly vacu-
um off, prime and smooth surface.
Depending on the substrate, floor covering and strain suit-
able primers and levelling compounds can be taken from
the UZIN product overview.
Always allow primer and levelling compound to dry well all
the way through. Thoroughly grind out and clean or de -
grease dense, non-absorbent substrates (e. g. when installing
PVC floor covering on UZIN KR 410). Observe the product
data sheets of the other UZIN products as well as the floor
coverings used.
1. Apply adhesive uniformly with suitable notched trowel
(see Consumption data) onto the substrate and allow
to dry partially according to the intended bonding
method, the application amount, the indoor climate,
the absorbency of the substrate and the type of floor
Do not apply more adhesive than can be laid with good
transfer to the back of the covering within the working
time. Use only the wet /semi-wet method with stan-
dard installations on levelled substrates.
2. Install the floor covering with short open time; the
adhesive groove should be pressed out. Rub in or roll
out or apply weight against extreme flooring deforma-
tion or mill first. Ensure that air is not trapped under
the covering. Allow the area to rest for 20 minutes and
then roll out again or rub in at edge and seam area.
3. Remove adhesive residues while fresh with warm water.
Consumption information:
*At 20 C and 65% relative humidity at room temperature adhesive packs on UZIN
NC 170 LevelStar.
Application table:
*At 20 C and 65% relative humidity with room-temperature adhesive containers.
Practice information:
This is a typical example of installing a PVC floor coverings onto an
underlay using UZIN KE 2000 S.
Partial drying and installation time of
various pressure-sensitive adhesives:
PVC sheet installation in pressure adhesive method on ground UZIN KR 410,
notch size A 5, at 20 C and 65% relative humidity.
Due to the new time-saving effect the open time of UZIN
KE 2000 S could be reduced leading to quicker installation. This
has a positive effect on the overall look of the floor with the new
covering lying flatter.
UZIN KE 2000 S
Consumption information: Notch size Consumption*
Smooth, e. g. cushioned vinyl
on dense substrates
A 5 180 200 g/m
Smooth, e. g. CV floor cover-
ings, luxury floor coverings,
LifeLine etc.
A 1 200 280 g/m
Slightly reliefed, e. g. PVC
floor coverings, luxury floor
coverings, rubber flooring, etc.
A 2 250 320 g/m
Floor covering on
levelled substrates
Notch size Open time Working
CV floor coverings on
levelled substrates
A 5 10 20 min. 15 25 min.
Floor coverings on
dense substrates
adhesive method
Notch size Open time Working
PVC floor coverings
on UZIN KR 410 or
dense installation
A 5 30 40 min. 1 2 hours
Floor coverings on
dense substrates
Notch size Open time Working
Rubber flooring
on smooth, dense
A 5
10 min,
remove floor
again, then
20 min.
45 min.
Open time Working time
KE 2000 S
KE 2000 S
0 30 60 90
Important notes:
Shelf life at least 12 months in original packaging when stored
in moderately cool conditions. Frost-resistant to 10 C. Tightly
re-seal opened containers and use the contents as quickly as
possible. Allow adhesive to reach room temperature before
Optimum processing at 18 25 C, floor temperature above
15 C and relative humidity below 65%. Low temperatures
and high humidity will delay whilst high temperatures and
low humidity will accelerate the installation, setting and dry-
ing time. Whilst installing linoluem, the room temperature
should not fall below 20 C.
Moist substrates may cause secondary emissions and odours.
Good drying of the levelling compound must therefore be
observed with levelled substrates.
Direct bonding on old adhesive residues can cause interac-
tions and thus unpleasant odour development. Old layers
should therefore ideally be removed. At any rate, old adhesive
residues need to be reworked with a barrier primer and lev-
elled generously with a self-levelling compound at sufficient
thickness (usually 2 mm).
Floor coverings must be adequately free from tension before
bonding them and adequately acclimatized and have adapted
to the indoor climate common for the future use.
Install, roll-out and rework in wet /semi-wet method accord-
ing to Application table. If the adhesive groove is still
crme-white or merely dried on the surface. The tack is not
yet present or is only minor.
In pressure adhesive methods allow to partially dry until the
colour of the adhesive changes from crme-white to transpar-
ent. Then install, roll-out and rework.
In double-drop method, install the floor covering wet and rub
in. Fold back immediately and allow backing of floor covering
and substrate to partially dry until tacking can be felt (finger
test); however, the adhesive groove must not be fully trans-
parent. Then install, roll-out and rework.
UZIN KE 2000 S can be used for the installation of rubber
flooring, e. g. noraplan or also for luxury vinyl tiles. However,
with the fibre-reinforced wet adhesive UZIN KE 66 the floor
covering can be installed earlier into the adhesive bed. The
result is an even better surface quality at a lower risk or resid-
ual indentation during subsequent use as well as increased
dimensional stability of finally installed floor coverings at
high heat exposure, e. g. from exposure to light.
In case of extreme temperatures from exposure to light,
heavy mechanical strain from pallet trucks, fork lifts, etc. or
when exposed to wetness from the top, a synthetic resin
adhesive such as UZIN KR 430 or UZIN KR 421 must be used.
Obtain application advice in case of doubt.
Wall bonding is handled effortlessly with UZIN KE 2000 S. To
do so, apply the adhesive with a lamb's wool roller onto the
prepared wall, work immediately with the appropriate notch
size and allow to partially dry. Install and rub in floor cover-
ing. If need be, fix at the upper end with solvent-free contact
adhesive UZIN WK 222.
UZIN KE 2000 S
Can be suitable for installing other floor coverings such as
carpets, light-weight needle punch or woven carpet and
linoleum. Please contact our technical department for advice.
UZIN KE 2000 S has the approval as shipbuilding equipment
product by the maritime occupational association (formerly
See-Berufsgenossenschaft Hamburg), module B and module
D. Certificates are available upon request. Application amount
max. 320 g/m.
Observe the generally acknowledged rules of the industry and
technology for the installation of floor covering as well as the
respective applicable national standards (e. g. EN, DIN, VOB,
OE, SIA and others). The following standards and bulletins
apply as well, amongst others, or are recommended for spe-
cial consideration:
DIN 18 365 Working with floor coverings
TKB publication Assessment and preparation of substrates
for floor covering and wood flooring installation
BEB publication Assessment and preparation of substrates
TKB publication Bonding of PVC floor covering
TKB publication Bonding of elastomer floor covering
TKB publication Bonding of linoleum floor covering
TKB publication Bonding of textile floor covering
Protection of the workplace and the environment:
GISCODE D1 solvent-free as per TRGS 610. The use of skin protection lotion is
always recommended. Store out of reach from children. Provide thorough ventilation
during and after processing /drying! Avoid eating, drinking and smoking while pro-
cessing the product. In the event of contact with the eyes or skin, rinse thoroughly
and immediately with water. Do not allow to enter the sewer system, bodies of
water or the soil. Clean the tools with water and soap immediately after use. The
basic prerequisites for optimal room air quality after floor covering work consist of
installation conditions conforming to standards and well-dried substrates, primers
and levelling compounds. Product contains isothiazolinones. Information for per-
sons with allergies is available at +49 (0)731 4097-0 (Germany).
Collect product residues wherever possible and reuse. Do not allow to enter the sew-
er system, bodies of water or the soil. Plastic containers emptied or scraped clean
and no longer dripping from any residues can be recycled [Interseroh]. Containers
with liquid residues as well as collected liquid product residues are special waste.
Containers with cured residues are construction waste /domestic waste.
The above information is based on our experience and careful investigations. The variety of associated materials and different construction and working conditions cannot be indi-
vidually checked or influenced by us. The quality of your work depends, therefore, on your own professional judgement and product usage. If in doubt, conduct a small test or obtain
technical advice. Observe the installation recommendations of the covering manufacturer. The publication of this Product Data Sheet invalidates all previous Product Information.
The respective updated version of this datasheet can be found on our Homepage under 06.13 | 06.13 | msl