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Is it right for everybody to remain faked or not?

Faith Dungca
BPS 2-1
Prof. Sandra Martinez

The world is surrounded completely by fake people. True isnt it? (Surely if a hypocrite has this paper on hand
he/she would surely disagree) you know by yourself that youve been fake, faking and for sure will fake
another man afterwards because if you and others will not, youll see how this pretty sounding idea of
honesty is the best policy ruin the world.
Maybe the cold war wont exist because there is no such thing as faking, hiding or gnashing of teeth as each
backs turns against the other. Maybe the beetles didnt managed to do a concert here in the Philippines
because before they would, Imelda would know that they dont like her and they would reject the offered
courtesy request right?. Maybe George Bush would never be embarrassed being caught in that open
microphone as he states how stupid the idea that he is currently hearing from the Japanese prime minister
because it would be legal to say frankly what you think right?
But the question is this, would it be right for everybody to remain fake or not? Lets argue
First, we narrow down points like when, where, who, and why people fakes?
Lets start it simple. I would go with the predation theory. Predator eats its prey, people fakes people.
Predator eats their prey at will or mostly in times of hunger, people fake people at will and surely at times of
necessity. Predator eats its prey wherever it wishes to, people fakes people anywhere. So it simply means that
faking could be always present in anywhere, anytime, with any who. Its so common people acting as if they
dont bite, but they really do and in fact, the nicest thing about people biting is they love doing it from
So lets go now to why people are faking each other. Well, I only have few reasons why I fake someone. First,
I need to. Second, I want to. And last is I love to. (I love the last one. Leeching is so good. It drains your
enemy as you suck each and every blood he has until there is no more to suck. You watch him slowly die as
you gain from him)
I need to fake someone sometimes because that person surely did something great for me and I must tolerate
his/her mistakes as much as possible in return for the good company. I need to fake sometimes not to fake
sometimes not to break someones feelings especially if this person means a lot to me. Diplomacy in short.
I love to fake someone especially if he/she really deserves to be faked and my criteria of knowing if he/she
deserves a splash of artistry is if HE is that stupid to annoy me and convince me that I need to be a pervert in
disguise especially when youre in front of me, and if SHE is a piece of cake that needs a hell bound lick then
Im on the go to give her one. To simple out what I mean, I play with toys and if you act or look like one to
me, well sorry pal, I might cast a spell to detain you in an unending miserable hallucination of who I really
was and what I was really up to. So better observe or maybe not for faking is an art for me.
I want to fake someone when Im out of friends. I love to make a lot collapsible dummy friend to fool and
play with around as if everything was real. But honestly, I find this kind of faking as a necessity when Im
BETRAYED. It is always a blissful feeling for me to hit a traitor off guard with a one-bang-could-kill shot.
What better feeling is there compared to fooling someone thoroughly with a color of mighty hate and bitter
vengeance? There is no such thing as forgive and forget for me. Once youve owed me something Ill be
stalking you around waiting for payments and if you didnt do so, Ill be forced to take away whatever you
have and I dont care whatever it is as long as I know that youll be surely mourning the moment I took it up
to from you the infinity of eternity.

Those are few reasons of mine, others might have more and surely they are much better than this. Surely you
have yours too but the I need to style or manner is the most common for sure. It only changes in the level
of casualty or risk to be took. Example, if Obama did not took care of their countrys diplomacy with Muslim
countries especially Afghanistan, though the mere fact of it is Obama and so the other Americans doubt that
Muslim countries could have been helping Osama Bin Laden as he hides from the authorities, still if Obama
didnt took care of international relations and became a true to his self and a thy will be done president
maybe that creepy beard man still keeps on recording videotapes that consistently rocks youtube and the
If the current and so do the past presidents didnt diplomize with those people at the south, maybe
Philippines is in chaos at this very moment. They still did it although they and almost everybody in the world
really thinks that those people in the south are somehow brute and barbaric due to their acts. Well if they
dont maybe other country will enforce us to do it so because those people love hostages and so killing and of
course their most favorite dish-in-a-plate, cutting heads.
Weve seen many powerful people who as if made something stupid but at the end of the day, their acts are
not yet never justified by words but rather justified by benefits. Sometimes of few people see them as such
but those wiser eyes understands them. The world has finite idiots, irritable idiots that shouts with someone
who shouts even though he/she doesnt know what he is shouting for. Could you even say that bush is
wrong if he plans to revenge? No isnt it? But what happened to him? Hes gone away immediately after his
Now with those examples we enter to the big question, would it be right for everybody to remain fake or
not and why? for bias not to exist, I will justify both sides for you to decide which is right to do

It is right to remain fake because it is a necessity in order for the world to function normally. Humans are
not all the times numb, we are all very vulnerable to pain no matter in what form. A movie once said: no
man is an island so we need each other to live. A man normally would leave someone or something if
he/she receives pain from it.
Now if we play this life frankly like: hey you look stupid wearing those rags hey where did you get the
courage to wear that fancy Dior? Youre like the hillbilly in the film Wrong Turn considering that youre
prosthetics is really made up of human flesh and skin isnt it painful to hear? Yet much more painful
knowing it is a hundred percent true? If you tell this kind of things to a normal man there are only two things
that he would do. It is to punch you in the face so hard enough to convince you to switch face with a sick
dog or he would simply leave your company and never would come back. It is crazy to say that one must be
honest all of the time. I see it stupid when I see my elementary teachers post this crazy quotation in their
rooms and everywhere in the school premises. The quote was be honest all of the time because God
watches you every time know why crazy? Because God will blame you for lying telling your teacher how
beautiful your teacher and how good she is in teaching though she looks like a horse and she barely teach
because she habitually sleeps in class. And if you tell the truth that she is no different from a dumbhead
sleepy horse, God would still blame you for being rude and vulgar. So be WISE! It is better to do the fault
which you and only God knows! Your teacher could scold you, your mother, father, everybody can! But God
will never scold you for he never speaks but only listens. And besides hell understand why did you lie
because hes perfect right? Through this way there would be order and of course peace. Remember in time
before Christ was born hypocrisy is never condemned so do faking. Nobody will condemn you as long as
they are wise enough to take into consideration the reasons why you and each and every one of us keeps on
faking all the time. (Hey Im not saying this for blasphemy alright? )

Faking? It is not right. It is no different from poison or euthanasia or even not different from burning your
soul and conscience using the temptuous fires of hell even you are still breathing here on earth. I am playing a
game. It is about a spy/assassin and the quote of the game is trust no one. I did trust no one through the
game. I kept on killing each and every man I see but here comes the skeptic scenario in which my character
trusted a man in the game. I cant go through without the man, each time I shoot him with my sniper it
concedes to mission failed/game over so, I paused and took a meal while thinking about it. About why it is
automatically failed when I kill this one. I dont have the habit of trusting easily even in real life. So, Ive took
proper consideration and thought that this man maybe will play a key role in the game, and then I resumed
playing. As the game continues, this man helps a lot, not only in killing foes but also in thinking for answers.
And now we come to the nicest brain interrupting and annoying part, the last scenario afterward I killed the
boss and deactivate salacia (a tool that could destroy a thousand ships by activating methane hydrite
underwater) and you know what? This man Ive trusted came inside the room pointing a gun on me. At that
point Im so broke knowing that I am right that I dont need this man and I must not took him along for he
is only a liability and yet a risk from the very start. Then the man shoots my character in her two knees then
slapped her with a pistol making her asleep half dead.
The game is no different from real life. Faking, lying, tricking and everything, shooting knees slapping pistols,
everything is real present. There is always a winner and of course a loser. Why do we need to trick each other?
Why do we need to say thing we dont mean to say? Would you call it love? NO! It is not love and never will
be. If you really love your wife why cant you confess that you regularly table girls each and every time you are
with your friends in the beer house? If you love your girl why do you keep on hiding hell of a thousand
secrets from her? Wouldnt it be much less painful in their part if you would just confess rather than to be
caught in act by her? Wouldnt it be nicer if you would just be honest about everything to everybody? Why
lie? Why fake? Why do people get the habit of hiding their weak points? Why do they always lie to earn
assurance rather than to take pain and bleed for glory? We hide ourselves in our guards just because we are
afraid to be stabbed by anyone out there.
Now if we just know how to let our guards off and freely hug each and everybody even they are afraid of
doing it as they point their dagger to us, well surely be better. Maybe the courage made by love could
overcome the fear of being stabbed.
But which is better? Front stab or back stab? Of course it is better to see as someone doing it frontally. In
that way picking people to keep would be easy and you will never need to wear the turtle house just to
protect. Isnt in this way life would be far off better and easy? It only needs love and of course trust.
Now Ill state what I notice in every argument. The neutrality gets the whole cake because it contains
statements from both sides of the party. Faking is right but somehow wrong. As said, it is sometimes a
necessity for people, sometimes an obligation but of course too much is not good. We must line out our
limitations. What are the dos and donts. Faking for private interest is bad for others and for some not. We
must always respect their opinions as they respect ours. Nobody has the right to tell you that what youre
doing is wrong because there is no such thing as right or wrong but rather there is choice a choice that
proceeds into outcomes which are all become your liability no matter it is for self benefit or for others. And
of course as what they all say,no man loves anyone more than himself so if everybody follows the quote
there is only one thing that we could do and that is to be a keen observer. To look on each details before we
trust and if we would ever trust anyone, better trust not much because the loss will be all ours at the end of
the day.
Somehow it is like poker. Youre the player the applicant for your trust are your cards. As a pro player, you
need to bet no matter what but when the flop doesnt follow and your poker mates are raising stakes you
should fold it right? And so it is no different as to men. But be wise. The very card youll drop could be the
very card that would make you win the pot.
It is a game of trust. One must be a good player and also one must be also aware that there are real lions
roaming in every street so we must be careful in choosing who to let in our guard for they might also have
daggers hidden waiting for the right time to stab you at see you bleed and cry for mercy. So better be wise.
You will surely hate to see yourself at that state