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Mahtab Faruqui
Senior Lecturer BRAC
Business School BRAC
Samia Afrin
Course no-BUS-#
Date of Submission% &$th 'ctober( &")
(This pap! has "# p!pa!$ %&! s'"(issi&# i#)& )h Dpa!)(#) &% BRAC B'si#ss
S*h&&+, BRAC U#i-!si)., // M & h a 0 h a +i C1A i# Dha0a 2323, B a # 4 +a $ s h a s a pa!)ia+
!5'i!(#) %&! %'+%i++(#) &% )h BBA P!&4!a(6)
I*+,R*S-I. R,.'R+
/,*,RAL BA*0I*/ AC+I1I+I,S 'F
S'U+-,AS+ BA*0 LIMI+,D
2A S+UD3 '* M'+I4-,,L BRA*C-5
'ctober&$th( &")
Mahtab Faruqui
Senior Lecturer
BRAC Business School
BRAC University
Sub% Submission of Internshi6
Re6ort7 Dear Ma8am(
It is my 9reat 6leasure to submit the Internshi6 re6ort entitle8 :/eneral Ban;in9 activities of
Southeast Ban; Limite8< to you7 As 6er requirement of BBA( I have com6lete8 the Internshi6
in Southeast Ban; Limite87 I have trie8 to e=ert all the ;no>le89e that I 9athere8 throu9h my
>or;in9 >ith this branch of S,BL7
?or;in9 for three months 2@
4une to @
Se6tember5 in the Southeast Ban; Limite8(
Branch hel6e8 me to fulfill the requirements of obtainin9 6ractical learnin9 an8 subsequently
6re6are of this re6ort7 My internshi6 in Southeast Ban; Limite8 >as a >orth>hile
e=6erience an8 the e=6osure of such an or9aniBation >oul8 be valuable for me7 Before facin9
the real business >orl8( I have 9athere8 6rior ;no>le89e about the or9aniBation culture7
+han; you very much for your ;in8 co-o6eration >ithout >hich this Internshi6 Re6ort cannot
be com6lete87 I li;e to ta;e every o66ortunity to e=6ress my 9ratitu8e of in8ebte8ness to you7
+han; you very much for your ;in8 co-
o6eration7 Sincerely yours(
Samia Afrin
At first I >oul8 li;e to e=6ress my 9ratitu8e to Almi9hty Allah >ho has 9iven me o66ortunity
to 9o throu9h the total 6rocess of internshi6 an8 to >rite a re6ort in this re9ar87
I >oul8 li;e to ta;e the o66ortunity to e=6ress my 9ratitu8e to my Internshi6 A8visor(Mahtab
Faruqui( Senior lecturer( Faculty of Business A8ministration( BRAC Business School >hose
8irection( 9ui8ance an8 su66ort hel6e8 me a lot in >ritin9 this re6ort7
It >as a 9reat 6leasure for me to >or; in Southeast Ban; Limite8 2MotiAheel Branch5 as
an intern7 I than; all the em6loyees for bein9 frien8ly an8 coo6erative7 I >as tau9ht
lots of im6ortant thin9s throu9h-out my internshi6 career because of their 6ro6er attention an8
co- o6eration7
My 8ee6est a66reciation an8 s6ecial than;s 9oes to Mr7MahfuBur Rahman 0han the -ea8 of
MotiAheel Branch(Saiful Islam Cho>8hury the Mana9er '6eration of Southeast Ban; Lt8
MotiAheel Branch( for e=ten8in9 his su66ort in com6ilin9 this re6ort7 I >oul8 s6ecially li;e to
than; M87 4ahi8ul Islam an8 Mohamme8 *uray Alam (officer of Southeast Ban;( MotiAheel
Branch >ho hel6e8 me a lot 8urin9 my Internshi6 8ays >ith valuable a8vices( 9ui8ance an8
necessary information7
At last I must mention the >on8erful >or;in9 environment an8 9rou6 commitment of this ban;
that has enable8 me a lot 8eal to 8o an8 observe the ban;in9 activities 8urin9 my internshi6
6erio8 of three months7 Finally I convey my sincere than;s to my frien8s >ho ins6ire in
8ifferent >ays to com6lete the re6ort an8 the course as >ell
" 8 . a 9 e
"7" BAC0/R'U*D 'F +-, R,.'R+ )
"7& 'RI/I* 'F +-, R,.'R+ )
"7) RA+I'*AL 'F +-, S+UD3 )
"7# 'B4,C+I1, 'F +-, S+UD3 #
"7D +'.IC 'F +-, R,.'R+ #
"7@ M,+-'D'L'/3 'F +-, R,.'R+ #
"7E SC'., 'F +-, R,.'R+ D
"7$ LIMI+A+I'* 'F +-, R,.'R+ D
&7" 'RI/I* 'F +-, R,.'R+ @
&7& -IS+'R3 @
&7) 1ISI'* FMISSI'* 'F S,BL E
&7# C'R, 1ALU, 'F S,BL E
&7D C'R, S+R,*/+- 'F S,BL E
&7@ BUSI*,SS 'B4,C+I1,S 'F S,BL $
&7E C'MMI+M,*+ +' CLI,*+ $
&7$ C'R.'RA+, SL'/A* $
&7! 'R/A*IGA+I'* C-AR+ !
&7" -I,RARC-3 'F S,BL "
&7"" .R'DUC+ FS,R1IC,S 'F S,BL ""
)7" /,*,RAL BA*0I*/ AC+I1I+I,S2A S+UD3 '* M'+I4-,,L BRA*C-5 "&
)7"7" ACC'U*+S '.,*I*/ S,C+I'* "&-&&
)7"7& CL,ARI*/ S,C+I'* &&-&D
)7"7) ACC'U*+S D,.,R+M,*+ &D-&E
)7"7#7 CAS- S,C+I'* &E
#7" I*+,R*S-I. ,H.,RI,*C, &$-)
#7& CRI+ICAL 'BS,R1A+I'* FFI*DI*/S 'F .R'BL,MS )-)&
#7) R,C'MM,*DA+I'* )&-)#
#7# C'*CLUSI'* )D
#7D R,F,R,*C, )@
&7 Fi9-"%'R/A*IGA+I'* C-AR+ !
&7 Fi9-&%-I,RARC-3 'F S,BL "
&7 Fi9-)%.R'DUC+ F S,R1IC,S 'F S,BL ""
)7 Fi9-#%RA+, 'F I*+,R,S+ .R, MA+UR, ,*CAS-M,*+ 'F +,RM D,.'SI+S "D
)7 Fi9-D%I*S+ALLM,*+ SIG, 'F MMSSF+-,IR MA+URI+3 1ALU, "@
)7 Fi9-@%ACC'U*+ '.,*I*/ .R'C,DUR, I* FL'? C-AR+ "E
)7 Fi9-E%.R'C,DUR, 'F ISSUA*C, C-,IU, B''0 I* FL'? C-AR+ &
)7 Fi9-$%C-,IU,S F'R CL,RAI*/ &)
)7 Fi9-!%M'D,S 'F M'*,3 +RA*SF,R &#
In the last term of final year of Bachelor of Business A8ministration 2BBA5 course( I >as sent
to Southeast Ban; Lt8 2S,BL5 to have a 6ractical e=6osure on ban;in9 activities un8er the
6ro9ram :/eneral ban;in9 Activities of Southeast Ban; Lt8 2A Stu8y on MotiAheel Branch5<7
S,BL is a lea8in9 6rivate commercial Ban; >hich starts it o6eration on un8er Com6anies Act(
"!!# on March "&( "!!D7 +hrou9h its country>i8e )D branch net>or;( it is 6rovi8in9 a
com6rehensive an8 com6etitive ban;in9 service to its clients 7?ith the startin9 the o6eration of
S,BL( the main branch continue its o6eration 7+hrou9h its three core 8e6artments( namely
/eneral Ban;in9( A8vance an8 Forei9n ,=chan9e( its 6rovi8es all ;in8s of ban;in9
service to its customers7 +hrou9hout my overall stu8y I have mainly trie8 to critically
revie> the /eneral Ban;in9 Activities of southeast Ban; Lt87 MotiAheel Branch7 /eneral
ban;in9 com6rises of account o6enin9( bills( remittance( clearin9 cash an8 com6uter sections7
+hrou9h these sections it establishes Ban;er customer relationshi6( collects bills for customers(
remit fun8s of customers from one 6lace to another( honoree cheques 8ra>n on this branch7
/eneral Ban;in9 8e6artment 6rovi8es these services in a faster an8 better manner7
First cha6ter Intro8uction of the re6ort focus on bac;9roun8 of the stu8y( ori9in of the stu8y(
rational( Sco6e( obAective of the stu8y( limitation of the stu8y( Metho8olo9y of the stu8y etc7
Secon8 cha6ter of the re6ort focuse8 on overvie> of S,BL contains history( vision( mission(
obAective( 6ro8uct an8 services of S,BL an8 so on7 +he thir8 section focuse8 the 6roAect 6art
>hich calle8 /eneral Ban;in9 Activities of Southeast Ban; lt87 Last but not the least Section
focuse8 my ) months internshi6 e=6erience >hich I learne8 from S,BL MotiAheel Branch
as >ell as the some sort of 6roblem >hich I have foun8 from my observation7 In this 6art I also
try to recommen8 some solution to solve these 6roblem an8 conclusion base8 on my
stu8y77 +hrou9h the re6ort I mainly try to critically revie> the /eneral Ban;in9 Activities
MotiAheel Branch of Southeast Ban; Lt87
As a stu8ent of Bachelor of Business A8ministration 2BBA5 everyone has to con8uct a
6ractical orientation in any or9aniBation for fulfillin9 the requirements of the "& >ee;s
Internshi6 .ro9ram7 +he main 6ur6ose of the 6ro9ram is to e=6ose the stu8ents to the real
>orl8 situation
7+his re6ort is 8one as a 6artial requirement of the internshi6 6ro9ram for the BBA stu8ents7
+his re6ort is 6re6are8 for the internshi6 6ro9ram consistin9 of a maAor in 8e6th stu8y of the
total ban;in9 business of Southeast Ban; Lt87 .ractical ;no>le89e is fun8amental for the
a66lication of theoretical intelli9ence7 Bearin9 this in min8 an8 internshi6 6ro9ram >as bein9
inclu8e8 in the BBA curriculum7 +he 9oal of this analysis is to e=6ose the stu8ent in the
or9aniBational >or; situation an8 also to 6rovi8e an o66ortunity for a66lyin9 classroom
learnin9 in 6ractice7 +here
are some 8ifference bet>een theories an8
+his re6ort is 8one as 6artial requirement of the ) months internshi6 6ro9ram for the BBA
stu8ents of BRAC University( Ban9la8esh7 Durin9 my internshi6 6erio8 I Aoine8 Southeast
Ban; Lt87 at MotiAheel Branch7 +he chair6erson of the Internshi6 an8 .lacement Committee
a8vise8 to 6re6are re6orts on our assi9ne8 Aobs after the com6letion of the Internshi6 in
the res6ective
or9aniBations7 +he title of the re6ort is :/eneral Ban;in9 Activities of Southeast
In or8er to fulfill the requirement of the Internshi6 6ro9ram it has chosen Southeast Ban; Lt8(
-uman Resource Division 2-RD5 of Southeast Ban; Lt8 6lace8 me to Islamic Ban;in9
Branch at MotiAheel7 +he overall to6ic of the re6ort has been selecte8 by 8iscussion bet>een
me an8 course instructor 7+he to6ic of my re6ort is :/eneral ban;in9 Activities of Southeast
Ban; Lt8<7
26>62 P!i(a!. &"?*)i-:
+he 6rimary obAective of this re6ort is to familiar >ith the >or;in9 environment
of 6resent institutions an8 also fulfill the requirement of BBA theoretical ;no>le89e
9aine8 from the course>or; of the BBA 6ro9ram in a s6ecific fiel87
26>63 S*&#$a!. O"?*)i-:
+o Un8erstan8 an8 analyBe the overall activities of Southeast Ban; Limite8
+o evaluate the e=istin9 activities an8 techniques of Southeast Ban; Limite8
+o stu8y the o6erational efficiency of southeast Ban; Limite8
+o su99est the >ays an8 means for im6rovement in 6olicy an8 techniques
+o relate the theoretical learnin9 >ith the real life situation
+o >rite a re6ort is necessary to select a to6ic7 A >ell 8efine8 to6ic reflect >hat is 9oin9 on to
be 8iscusse8 thou9ht on the re6ort the to6ic that has been assi9ne8 by su6ervision is J/eneral
Activities of Southeast Ban; Limite8< +he re6ort has 8iscusse8 ho> the ban; o6erates their
activities >ith their re9ular customers
+he stu8y requires various ty6es of information of 6resent 6olicies( 6roce8ures an8 metho8s of
/eneral Ban;in9 '6eration7 Both 6rimary an8 secon8ary 8ata available have been use8
in 6re6arin9 this re6ort7
26/62 P!i(a!. Da)a s&'!*s:
.ractical ban;in9 >or;7
.ersonal 8iscussion >ith the officers an8 e=ecutives of Southeast Ban; Limite87
.ersonal intervie> >ith the customers7
26/63 S*&#$a!. Da)a s&'!*s:
Daily 8iary 2containin9 my activities of 6ractical orientation in Southeast Ban; Lt85(
1arious 6ublications on ban;in9 o6eration(
?ebsite of Ban9la8esh Ban;(
?ebsite of Southeast Ban; Limite8(
Annual Re6ort of the Southeast Ban; Lt8(
.ersonal investi9ation >ith ban;ers(
Different circulars issue8 by -ea8 'ffice an8 Ban9la8esh Ban;
+his re6ort covers Southeast ban;Ks .ro8ucts an8 Services( 'r9aniBational 'vervie>(
Mana9ement an8 'r9aniBational Structural functions 6erforme8 by S,BL7 It also covers
overvie> of the 9eneral ban;in9 8ivision( 6rocesses an8 other functions7
+he one of the main limitations of the re6ort >as to con8uct a small scale survey
on clients7
+ime 6erio8 >as the other limitation for collectin9 information( >hich >as only
three month lon97
Insufficient su66ly of relevant boo;s an8 Aournals7
+he branch is too much busy branch as for this to o6erate the survey on the basis
of questionnaire
Deficiencies in 8ata require8 for the stu8y7
Fiel8 6ractice varies >ith the stan8ar8 6ractice that also create8 6roblem7
+ime 6rovi8e8 for con8uctin9 the stu8y is another im6ortant constraint7
+he em6loyees in Southeast Ban; Limite8 are so much busy in their res6onsible fiel8sL
they coul8 har8ly 6rovi8e little time to 8iscuss >ith them7
+he ban;in9 >orl8 has been un8er9oin9 ra6i8 an8 fun8amental chan9es7 +he s6ee8 of these
chan9es has been maintaine8 even after the 9lobal financial turmoil e=6erience8 8urin9 the
6ast fe> years7 It is >ell reco9niBe8 that there is an ur9ent nee8 for better-qualifie8
mana9ement an8 better-traine8 staff in the 8ynamic 9lobal financial mar;et7 Ban9la8esh is
no e=ce6tion o f this tren87 Ban; e8ucation is a 6ractice-oriente8 e8ucation an8 Ban;in9
Sector in Ban9la8esh is facin9 challen9es from 8ifferent an9les thou9h its 6ros6ect is bri9ht
in the future7 +he obAective of the ) month Internshi6 to 8evelo6 the s6ecific s;ills an8 the
brea8th of Au89ment require8 of effective financial e=ecutives or ban;ers7 +o 9ro>in9 u6
my ;no>le89e( I >as sent to
S'U+-,AS+ BA*0 LIMI+,D MotiAheel Branch 2Islamic Ban;in95 from @
4une( &") to
Se6tember( &")7 +his Re6ort has been 6re6are8 on the basis of my 6ractical e=6eriences on
the 8ay-to-8ay ban;in9 activities an8 un8er the close su6ervision of my 'r9aniBational
MahfuBur Rahman an8 close 9ui8ance of -ea8 of Branch Saiful Islam
Southeast Ban; Limite8 is a sche8ule8 commercial ban; in the 6rivate sector establishe8
un8er the ambit of Ban; Com6any Act( "!!" an8 incor6orate8 as a .ublic Limite8 Com6any
un8er Com6anies Act( "!!# on March "&( "!!D7 Durin9 this short s6an of time the Ban; is
successful in 6ositionin9 itself as a 6ro9ressive an8 8ynamic financial institution in the country7
+he ban; achieve8 the Certificate of commencement of business by the Re9istrar of
4oint Stoc; Com6anies an8 Firms on the 8ate of its incor6oration an8 starte8 its o6erations
un8er 6rivate sector7 Ban9la8esh Ban; issue8 Ban;in9 License to the ban; on March &D(
"!!D7 Mr7 M7 SaifurRahman( former Finance Minister of Ban9la8esh( inau9urate8 the
foremost branch of the ban; at "( Dil;usha Commercial Area( Dha;a on &Dth of the same year7
In vie> of the above( the Ban; >ithin a 6erio8 of "$ years of its o6eration achieve8 a
remar;able success an8 met u6 ca6ital a8equacy requirement of Ban9la8esh Ban;7 In 6resent
the Ban; has " Branches >hich they are lea8in9 very successfully all over Ban9la8esh7
+o stan8 out as a 6ioneer ban;in9 institution in Ban9la8esh an8 contribute si9nificantly to
the national economy
-i9h quality financial services >ith the hel6 of the latest technolo9y
Fast an8 accurate customer service7
Balance8 9ro>th strate9y7
-i9h stan8ar8 business ethics7
Stea8y return on sharehol8ersK equity7
Innovative ban;in9 at a com6etitive 6rice7
Attract an8 retain quality human resource7
Firm commitment to the society an8 the 9ro>th of national economy7
Insi9ht an8 S6irit
,nthusiasm for ?or;
Business ,thics
+rans6arent an8 s>ift 8ecision ma;in9
.rofessional team of 6erformers
Satisfie8 clients
Internal control
,=6erience8 ris; a8ministration
Ma;e soun8 investments7
Meet ca6ital a8equacy requirement at all the time7
,nsure a satisfie8 >or; force7
,nsure "M recovery of all a8vances7
Focus on fee-base8 income7
A8o6t an a66ro6riate mana9ement technolo9y
.rovi8e service >ith hi9h 8e9ree of 6rofessionalism an8 use of most mo8ern
ban;in9 technolo9y7
Create life-lon9 relationshi6 base8 on mutual trust an8 res6ect7
Res6on8 to customer nee8s >ith s6ee8 an8 accuracy7
Share their values an8 beliefs7
/ro> as the Ban;Ks customers 9ro>7
'ffer first-rate8 solutions of clientsK ban;in9 6roblems an8 issues7
.rovi8e 6ro8ucts an8 services at com6etitive 6ricin97
,nsure safety an8 security of customerKs valuables in trust7
.....A bank with
Fi4D 2:O!4a #i Ea)i &# C ha!)
Boar8 of Directors
,=ecutive Committee
Shariah Boar8 for Islamic
+he .resi8ent F Mana9in9 Director Boar8 Secretariat
De6uty Mana9in9 Director +rainin9 Institute
Cre8it International Financial Internal Information IslamicB
Control F Control F +echnolo9y an;in9D
Division ivision
+reasury International +ra8e
Head of
nt Division
Forei9n ,=chan9e
F International
+ra8e De6artment
Im6ort ,=6ort
Loan Loan Loan Cash Remittance 'thers
A66raisal Documentation
Fi4'! D3: Hi!a!*h. &% )h Ba#0
.resi8ent F Mana9in9 Director
De6uty Mana9in9 Director
Senior ,=ecutive 1ice
,=ecutive 1ice .resi8ent
Senior 1ice .resi8ent
1ice .resi8ent
First 1ice .resi8ent
Senior Asstt7 1ice .resi8ent
Asstt7 1ice .resi8ent
Senior .rinci6al 'fficer
.rinci6al 'fficer
Mana9ement +rainee ,=ecutive 'fficer ,ntry Level
.robationary 'fficer Senior 'fficer ,ntry Level
+rainee 'fficer 'fficer ,ntry Level
+rainee 4unior 'fficer 4unior 'fficer ,ntry Level
+rainee Assistant 'fficer Assistant 'fficer ,ntry Level
+rainee Com6uter 'fficer 4unior 'fficer 2Com6uter5 ,ntry Level
+rainee Cash 'fficer 4unior 'fficer 2 Cash5 ,ntry Level
+rainee Assistant
Fi4'! D;: P!&$'*) A S!-i*s &% SEBL
/eneral ban;in9 is the startin9 6oint of all the ban;in9 o6erations7 It is the 8e6artment( >hich
6rovi8es 8ay-to-8ay services to the customers7 ,very 8ay it receives 8e6osits from the
customers an8 meets their 8eman8 for cash by honorin9 cheques7 It o6ens ne> accounts( remit
fun8s( issues ban; 8rafts an8 6ay or8ers etc7 Since ban; is confine8 to 6rovi8e the services
every8ay( 9eneral
ban;in9 is also ;no>n as Nretail
FU*C+I'*S 'F +-IS D,.,R+M,*+
2 FR'*+ D,S0OACC'U*+S '.,*I*/ S,C+I'*
3 CL,ARI*/ S,C+I'*
; ACC'U*+S S,C+I'*
> CAS- S,C+I'*
+o establish a ban;er an8 customer relationshi6 account o6enin9 is the first ste67 '6enin9 of an
account bin8s the Ban;er an8 customer into contractual relationshi67 But selection of
customer for o6enin9 an account is very crucial for a Ban;7 In8ee8( frau8 an8 for9ery of all
;in8s start by o6enin9 account7 So( the Ban; ta;es e=tremely cautious measure in its
selection of customers7 +he follo>in9 >or;s are 8one by this section-
26 A**p)i#4 &% $p&si)
36 Op#i#4 &% a**&'#)
;6 Ch*0 "&&0 iss'
>6 C+&si#4 &% a**&'#)
Acce6tin9 8e6osits is one of the main classic functions of ban;s7 +he relationshi6 bet>een a
ban;er an8 his customer be9ins >ith the o6enin9 of an account by the former in the name of
the latter7 Initially all the accounts are o6ene8 >ith a 8e6osit of money by the customer an8
hence these accounts are calle8 8e6osits accounts7 Ban;er solicits 8e6osits from the members
of the 6ublic belon9in9 to 8ifferent lifestyles( en9a9e8 in numerous economic activities an8
havin9 8ifferent financial status7 +here is t>o officers 6erformin9 various functions in this
Th $p&si)s )h&s a! a**p)$ ". SEBL (a. " *+assi%i$ i# )&:
a) D(a#$ Dp&si)s
") Ti( Dp&si)s6
+he amount in accounts are 6ayable on 8eman8 so it is calle8 8eman8 8e6osit account7
acce6ts 8eman8 8e6osits throu9h the o6enin9 of
i6 A+D7a$iah C'!!#) a**&'#)(CD)
ii6 M'$a!a"a Sa-i#4s a**&'#)(SB)
Both in8ivi8uals an8 business o6en this ty6e of account7 Frequent transactions are 28e6osits as
>ell as >ith8ra>al5 allo>e8 in this ty6e of account7 A current aOc hol8er can 8ra> cheques on
his account( any amount( an8 any numbers of times in a 8ay as the balance in his account
C!i)!ia &% *'!!#) a**&'#) %&++&F$ ".
/enerally o6ene8 by businessmen( 9overnment an8 semi-9overnment or9aniBationsL
>ith 6ro6er intro8uction7
*o interestOmunafah is 6rovi8e8 for 8e6osite8
'ver8raft is allo>e8 in this
"# 8 . a 9 e
Minimum o6enin9 balance is
A minimum balance of +;7 DO- has to be
In8ivi8uals for savin9s 6ur6oses o6en this ty6e of account7 Current interest Omunafah rate
of these accounts is @M 6er annum7 InterestO munafah on SB account is calculate8 an8 accrue8
monthly an8 Cre8ite8 to the account half yearly7 +his calculation is ma8e for each month
base8 on the lo>est balance at cre8it of an account in that month7 A 8e6ositor can >ith8ra>
from his SB account not more than t>ice a >ee; u6 to an amount not e=cee8in9 &DM of the
balance in the account7 If anyone >ith8ra>s money more than t>ice heOshe >ill not 9et the
interest for that month7
C!i)!ia &% sa-i#4s a**&'#) %&++&F$ ". SEBL:
An a66ro6riate intro8uction is require8 for o6enin9 the
Frequent >ith8ra>al is not
A 8e6ositor may >ith8ra> money from hisOher account t>ice in a
Minimum amount of +07D is require8 as initial
De6ositor may >ith8ra> hisOher 8e6osite8 money u6 to &DM of the Balance in
hisOher account >ithout notice7 +he ban; may realiBe service char9e in its 8iscretion7
De6ositor >ill 9et interestOmunafah on the amount 8e6osite8 in hisOher
A 8e6osit >hich is 6ayable at a fi=e8 8ate or after a 6erio8 of notice is a time 8e6osit7 In S,BL
MotiAheel Branch 2Islamic Ban;in95 acce6ts time 8e6osits throu9h Mu8araba +erm
De6osit Recei6t 2M+DR5( Mu8araba Short *otice8 De6osit 2MS*D5( an8 Mu8araba Schemes
etc7 ?hile acce6tin9 these 8e6osits( a contract is 8one bet>een the ban; an8 the customer7
?hen the ban;er o6ens an account in the name of a customer( there arises a contract
"D 8 . a 9 e
bet>een the t>o7 +his contract >ill be a vali8 one only >hen both the 6arties are
com6etent to enter into contracts7 S,BL acce6ts time 8e6osits throu9h the o6enin9 of P
i7 Mu8araba +erm De6osit
ii7 Mu8araba Short *otice
iii7 Mu8araba Monthly Savin9 Scheme2MMSS5
"D 8 . a 9 e
M+DR are o6ene8 for a fi=e8 6erio8 varyin9 from one months to three years or above an8 are
6ayable at a fi=e8 8ate of maturity7 In case of M+DR Account the ban;s 8o not have to
maintain a cash reserve7 So S,BL offers a hi9h interest rate in M+DR accounts7 It is usually
6ai8 on maturity of the fi=e8 8e6osit7 S,BL calculates interest at each maturity 8ate an8
6rovision is ma8e on that :Miscellaneous cre8itor e=6en8iture 6ayable accounts< is 8ebite8 for
the accrue8 interest7
N& T!(
Ra) &%
P!D(a)'! #*ash(#) Ra) &%
26 " months @7EDM Before ) 8ays *o Interest
36 & months E7&DM Before & month *o Interest
;6 ) months ""7&DM Before e=6iry of ) month *o Interest
>6 @ months ""7DM Before e=6iry of @ month *o Interest
<6 "& months "&M Before e=6iry of "& month *o Interest
From above circumstances it is clear that7 If any one runs hisOher De6osit u6 to "" month an8
>ith8ra> hisOher money in case of any ;in8s of emer9ency heOshe >ill not 9et any ty6es of
interest but if +he 6erson 9ive an a66lication to Mana9er than mana9er can arran9e interest of
savin9s rate for that 6erson7
P!&*$'! &% Op#i#4 MTDR A**&'#):
Before o6enin9 a M+DR Account a customer has to fill u6 an a66lication form >hich
contains the follo>in9s%
Amount in fi9ures
Beneficiarys name
Rate of
Date of issue
Date of maturity
-o> the account
>ill be o6erate8 2
sin9ly or
M7+7D7R7 no7
S6ecial instructions
2if any5
After fulfillin9 the above information an8 8e6ositin9 the amount( M+DR account is o6ene8
an8 a M+DR recei6t is issue8 an8 it is recor8e8 in the M+DR Re9ister >hich contains the
follo>in9 information%
M+DR account no7
M+DR 2Fi=e8 De6osit Recei6t5 no7
*ame of the M+DR hol8er >ith
Maturity 6erio8
Maturity 8ate
Interest rate
+he 8e6osits hel8 in these accounts shall be 6ayable on short time for E 8ays or ) 8ays7 +he
8e6osits may be acce6te8 for 6erio8 an8 rate of interestOmunafah is fi=e8 by -7'7 from time to
time7 +he MS+D interestOmunafah rates in SBL are @7DM7
It is one ty6e of savin9s scheme >here instalment 6ayment shoul8 be 8e6osite8 to the
ban; >ithin first " 8ays of each month7 It can be o6ene8 for five( ei9ht an8 ten years maturity
6erio8 for +;7 &DO-( +;7 DO-( +;7"O-( +;7"DO-( +;7&DO-( an8 +;7 DO-7
InterestOmunafah is 6ai8 to the customer Q "&7DM for MSS7
Fi4'!<: I#s)a++(#) SiEs &% MMSS a#$ Thi! Ma)'!i). Va+'s:
SiBe of the Installments in +a;a
+;7 &D +;7 D +;7 " +;7 "D +;7 &D +;7 D
Five years &(@&D #"(&D $&(D "(&)(ED &(@(&D #("&(#
,i9ht years #()ED $(ED "(@"(D &(#&(&D #()(ED $(E(D
+en years DE(D "("D( &()( )(#D( D(ED( ""(D(
;6262636 OPENING AN
It is sai8 that( there is no ban;er customer relationshi6 if there is no aOc of a 6erson in that
ban;7 By o6enin9 an aOc ban;er an8 customer create a contractual relationshi67 -o>ever(
selection of customer for o6enin9 an account is very crucial for a Ban;7
Fi4'!D/: A**&'#) &p#i#4 p!&*$'! i# %+&F
1. Applicant fills up
the relevant
application form in
the prescribed
. He!"he is
re#uired to fill
up the
$. %or individual
introduction is needed
b& an account holder
'. (he authori)ed
o*icers anal&)e the
introduction and
e+amine the
,. After depositing
the cash one
che#ue book - pa&.
in.slip book is
/. 0ssuance of deposit
slip and the deposit
must be made in cash.
1o che#ue or draft is
acceptable to the Bank.
2"5For o6enin9 an account( at first the 6ros6ective account hol8er >ill a66ly for o6enin9 an
account by fillin9 u6 account o6enin9 form7 Account o6enin9 form consists of the name of the
branch( ty6e of account( name of the a66licant2s5( 6resent a88ress( 6ermanent a88ress( 6ass6ort
number 2if any5( 8ate of birth( nationality( occu6ation( nominee2s5( s6ecial instruction 2if any5(
initial 8e6osit( s6ecimen si9nature2s5 of the a66licant2s5( intro8ucers information etc7
Moreover have to fill u6 of 03C form% +his form has been intro8uce8 by the Ban9la8esh Ban;
to 6revent money laun8erin97 03C form hel6s to asses the customer7 Clear instructions >ith
re9ar8 to o6erations are foun8 in 03C7 If the transaction of a customer is sus6icious or not
matche8 >ith the 03C than Ban; branch shoul8 re6ort it to Ban9la8esh Ban;7
2&5 Si9nature of the 6ros6ective account hol8er in the account o6enin9 form an8 on the
s6ecimen si9nature car8 8uly atteste8 by the intro8ucer7 Moreover t>o co6ies of 6ass6ort siBe
6hoto9ra6h 8uly atteste8 by the intro8ucer7
2)5+he 6ros6ective customer shoul8 be 6ro6erly intro8uce8 by the
i7 An e=istin9 customer of the ban;7
ii7 'fficials of the ban; not belo> the ran; of Assistant 'fficer7
iii7 A res6ectable 6erson of the locality >ho is >ell ;no>n to the Mana9er
or authoriBe8 officer7
2#5 +he authoriBe8 officers analyBe the intro8uction an8 e=amine the 8ocuments have
submitte87 +hen the concerne8 authority >ill allocate a number for the ne> account7
2D5+he customer than 8e6osit the :initial 8e6osit< by fillin9 u6 a 8e6osit sli6s7 Initial 8e6osit
o6en a current account in SBL is +;7 "7 an8 savin9 account is +;7
D77 2@5After 8e6ositin9 the cash one cheque boo; F 6ay- in-sli6 boo; is
issue87 2E5+hen the account is consi8ere8 to be o6ene87
SBL( MotiAheel Branch maintains all of its accounts in com6uter7 After 8e6ositin9 the initial
8e6osit( Branch recor8s it in the com6uter by 9ivin9 ne> account number7 +hen it issues
cheque boo; requisition sli6 by the customer7 +hen it 8istributes all relevant 6a6ers to
res6ective 8e6artment7
(A) J&i#) A**&'#):
If the account is a Aoint account( then the Aoint account hol8er shoul8 submit a 8eclaration
an8 o6erational instructions of the account alon9 >ith their si9nature7
(B) Pa!)#!ship %i!(:
+he follo>in9 8ocuments have to be submitte8 for 6re6arin9 an account of a 6artnershi6
i5 .artnershi6 8ee87
ii5 2a5 If the 6artnershi6 firm is a re9istere8 one( then one co6y of re9istration forms7
2b5 If not( then a co6y of certificate from the notary 6ublic7
(C) Li(i)$ C&(pa#.:
For the o6enin9 of an account of a limite8 com6any( follo>in9 8ocuments have to be submitte8%
i5 A co6y of resolution of the com6any that the com6any 8eci8e8 to o6en an account in the
Southeast Ban;7
ii5 Certifie8 true co6y of the Memoran8um F Articles of Association of the Com6any7
iii5 Certificate of Incor6oration of the com6any for ins6ection an8 return alon9 >ith a 8uly
certifie8 .hotoco6y for Ban;s recor8s7
iv5 Certificate from the Re9istrar of 4oint Stoc; Com6anies that the com6any is entitle8 to
commence business 2in case of .ublic Lt87 Co7 For ins6ection an8 return5 alon9 >ith a
8uly certifie8 .hotoco6y for Ban;s recor8s7
v5 Latest co6y of balance sheet7
vi5 ,=tract of Resolution of the Boar8O/eneral Meetin9 of the com6any for o6enin9 the
account an8 authoriBation for its o6eration 8uly certifie8 by t he
ChairmanOMana9in9 Director of the com6any7List of Directors >ith a88ress 2a latest
certifie8 co6y of Form- HII57
(D) C+'"1S&*i).:
Follo>in9 8ocuments have to be obtaine8 in case of the account of the club or society%
i5 U6 to 8ate list of office bearers7
ii5 Certifie8 co6y of Resolution for o6enin9 an8 o6eration of
account7 iii5 Certifie8 co6y of Bye-La> an8
iv5 Co6y of /overnment A66roval 2if re9istere857
(E) C&D&p!a)i- S&*i).:
Follo>in9 8ocuments have to be obtaine8 in case of the account of Co-o6erative Society%
i5 Co6y of Bye-La> 8uly certifie8 by the Co-o6erative
'fficer7 ii5 U6 to 8ate list of office bearers7
iii5 Resolution of the ,=ecutive Committee as re9ar8 of the account7
iv5 Certifie8 co6y of Certificate of Re9istration issue8 by the re9istrar( Co-
o6erative societies7
(F) T!'s) B&a!$:
Follo>in9 8ocuments have to be obtaine8 in case of the account of trustee
i5 .rior a66roval of the -ea8 'ffice of SBL7
ii5 Certifie8 co6y of Dee8 of +rust( u6 to 8ate list of members of the +rustee Boar8
an8 certifie8 co6y of the Resolution of +rustee Boar8 to o6en an8 o6erate the account7
(G) Mi#&!Gs A**&'#):
Follo>in9 8ocuments have to be obtaine8 in case of the account of
i5 .uttin9 the >or8 :MI*'R< after the title of the account7
ii5 Recor8in9 of the s6ecial instruction of o6eration of the account7
+he A'F is to be fille8 in an8 si9ne8 by either the 6arents or the le9al 9uar8ian a66ointe8 by
the court of la> an8 not by the minor7
Fresh cheque boo; is issue8 to the account hol8er only a9ainst requisition on the 6rescribe8
requisition sli6 attache8 >ith the cheque boo; issue8 earlier( after 6ro6er verification of the
si9nature of the account hol8er 6ersonally or to his 8uly authoriBe8 re6resentative a9ainst
6ro6er ac;no>le89ment7
Fi4'!D=: P!&*$'! &% iss'a#* &% a *h5' "&&0 i#
.R'.,RL3 AL'*/ ?I+- +-,
C-,C0B''0 *UMB,R7
1,RIFI,S +-,
*,? C-,C0 B''0
IF ,1,R3 +-I*/
I* +-, RI/-+
,*+,R +-, *,? C-,IU,B''0 *UMB,R I* +-, R,/IS+,R
B''0 A/AI*S+ +-, S.,CIFIC CUS+'M,RS *AM,
P!&*$'! &% iss'a#* &% a *h5' "&&0:
A customer >ho o6ene8 a ne> aOc initially 8e6osits minimum require8 money in the account7
+he account o6enin9 form is sent for issuance of a cheque boo;
&" 8 . a 9 e
Res6ecte8 'fficer first 8ra>s a cheque
'fficer then seale8 it >ith branch
In-char9e officer enters the number of the cheque Boo; in Cheque Issue
'fficer also entry the customers name an8 the account number in the same
Account number is then >ritin9 8o>n on the face of the Cheque Boo; an8 on every leaf
of the Cheque boo; inclu8in9 Requisition Sli67
+he name of the customer is also >ritten 8o>n on the face of the Cheque boo; an8 on
Requisition sli67
+he >or8 :Issue8 on< alon9 >ith the 8ate of issuance is >ritten 8o>n on the requisition
*umber of Cheque boo; an8 8ate of issuance is also >ritten on the a66lication
*e=t( the customer is as;e8 to si9n in the Cheque boo; issue
+hen the res6ecte8 'fficer si9ns on the face of the requisition sli6 6ut his initial in
the re9ister an8 han8 over the cheque boo; to the customer7
U6on the request of a customer( an account can be close87 After receivin9 an a66lication
from the customer to close an Account( the follo>in9 6roce8ure is follo>e8 by a
ban;er7 +he customer shoul8 be as;e8 to 8ra> the final cheque for the amount stan8in9 to the
cre8it of his aOc less the amount of closin9 an8 other inci8ental char9es an8 surren8er the
unuse8 cheque leaves7 +he aOc shoul8 be 8ebite8 for the account closin9 char9es etc7 an8 an
authoriBe8 officer of the Ban; shoul8 8estroy unuse8 cheque leaves7
I# *as &% ?&i#) a1*, )h app+i*a)i&# %&! *+&si#4 )h a1* sh&'+$ " si4#$ ". a++ )h
?&i#) h&+$!s6
A "a#0! *a# a+s& *+&s )h a**&'#) &% his *'s)&(! &! s)&p )h &p!a)i&# &% )h
a**&'#) '#$! %&++&Fi#4 *&#si$!a"+ *i!*'(s)a#*s:
Death of customer7 Customers insanity an8 insolvency7
&& 8 . a 9 e
'r8er of the court2/arnishee
S6ecific char9e for frau8 for9ery7
Sto6 6ayment of cheque7
A ban;er can sto6 6ayment of cheque
of his customer un8er follo>in9
consi8erable circumstances
Firstly the account hol8er >ill a66ly to
sto6 the 6ayment of his cheque
&) 8 . a 9 e
+here is a re9ister for this 6ur6ose7 It
is ;e6t by the authoriBe8 officer7
+he officer >ill see the con8ition
of account an8 verify everythin97
Dish&#&! &% Ch5':
In the le89er boo;( the officer >ill
mar;e8 >ith re8 in; an8 the cheque >ill
not be 6ai87
If the cheque is 8ishonore8( S,BL sen8s a memoran8um 2cheque return memo5 to the customer
statin9 the reason in the follo>in9 >ay%
Refer to 8ra>er7
*ot arran9e8 for7
,ffects not cleare8 May be
6resent a9ain7
,=cee8s arran9ements7
Full cover not receive87
.ayment sto66e8 by 8ra>er7
Dra>ers si9nature 8iffersO require87
Alterations in 8ateOfi9uresO>or8s
8ra>ers full si9nature7
Cheque is 6osts 8ate8Oout
of 8ateOmutilate87
Amount in >or8s an8 fi9ures 8iffers7
Crosse8 cheque must be 6resent
throu9h a ban;7
Clearin9 stam6s require8Orequires
A88ition to the 8ischar9e of Ban;
shoul8 be authenticatin97
Cheque crosse8 :Account .ayee 'nly<
Collectin9 Ban;Rs 8ischar9e
If the cheque is 8ishonore8 8ue to
insufficiency of fun8s S,BL inform the
aOc hol8er imme8iately7
)7"7&CL,ARI*/ S,C+I'*
+his section receives all ;in8s of Cheques in favor of the client for clearin9 as the 6art of
their ban;in9 service7 After receivin9 the Cheque it is necessary to endorse it an8 cross it
specially7 Basically the Cheques for clearin9 are of follo>in9 ty6es%
Fi4'!D@: Ch5's %&! C+a!i#4 EIp+a#a)i&# C+a!i#4 P!&*ss
Cheques receive8 from the
Clearin9 -ouse( of S,BL
.artys AOC ------------Dr7
S,BL /eneral Account ------------Cr7
Bi++s %&!
Cheques of other branch of
S,BL( MotiAheel >ithin our
clearin9 house area
+hese Cheques are 8irectly sent to the
res6ective branch an8 request them to sen8
IBCA7 ?hen IBCA comes( then customers
accounts are cre8ite8 for the amount of the
Cheques of another ban; >ithin
our clearin9 house area
+hese Cheques are sent to clearin9 house via
the .rinci6al Branch7 ?hen 8ra>ee ban;
honor the Cheques( then the account of
Cheque 8e6ositors are cre8ite87
Cheques of another ban; >hich is
situate8 outsi8e the clearin9 area
+hese Cheques are cleare8 in t>o >ays%
Firstly( if any branch of our ban; e=ists
>ithin the clearin9 house area of 8ra>ee
ban;( then >e sen8 the Cheque to that
branch of our ban; an8 that branch collects
the 6rocee8s throu9h clearin9 house
formalities an8 sen8s an IBCA to us7
In secon8 >ay( if there is no branch of our
ban;( then >e 8irectly sen8s the Cheque to
the 8ra>ee ban; an8 request them to sen8 the
6rocee8s by .' or DD or by in any other
Bi++s %&!
From other branch of Southeast
Ban; Lt87
+hese Cheques are settle8 by sen8in9 IBCA(
8ebitin9 8e6ositors account an8
cre8itin9 sen8ers branch account7
From another ban; outsi8e the
clearin9 house
+hese Cheques are settle8 8ebitin9
8e6ositors account an8 sen8in9 DD or .' in
favor of sen8ers ban;
Unli;e Cheque( there is no 6ossibility of 8ishonorin9 of .' O DD O ++ because
before issuin9( issuin9 ban; ta;es out the amount of the instrument in
a8vance from the customer P common for all instruments
3; 8 . a 9 e
&# 8 . a 9 e
R*i-$ %&! C&++*)i&#: It >ill be 9iven at the 8e6osit
R*i-$ )&& +a) %&! C&++*)i&#: In case an Instrument if it is 6resent for clearance after
Ban;in9 hour( then this seal is 9iven at the 8e6osit
B!a#*h C!&ssi#4: AuthoriBe8 officer 6ut branch crossin9 at the face of instrument for
Pa. A1C *!$i)$: ?hen an instrument is receive8 by the clearance section then this seal is
6ut at the bac;si8e of the instrument7
Da): Date >ill 6lace at the face of the instrument alon9 >ith collection
Sen8in9O+ransfer money from one 6lace to another 6lace for the customer is another im6ortant
service of ban;s7 An8 this service is an im6ortant 6art of countrys 6ayment system7 For this
service( 6eo6le( es6ecially businessmen can transfer fun8s from one 6lace to another 6lace very
+he ban; follo>e8 mo8ern online transaction 26ayment F >ith8ra>al of fun85 throu9h hi9h-
s6ee8 ?A* service7 It is remar;able that customers are often ta;in9 a8vanta9e of the online
transaction7 +he char9es of online transaction are table8 belo>7 It shoul8 be mentione8
that( there is no commission an8 fee char9e8 in online transaction insi8e the clearin9house7 In
case of outsi8e the clearin9house( commission is t;77" an8 "DM 1A+ on the
commission7 +he minimum char9e is t;77" commission an8 1A+ on it7
Fi4'!DB: M&$s &% (&#. )!a#s%!:
&D 8 . a 9 e
P&i#)s Pa. O!$! D(a#$ D!a%)
,=6lanation .ay 'r8er 9ives the
6ayee the ri9ht to
claim 6ayment from
the issuin9 ban;
Deman8 Draft is an or8er of
issuin9 ban; on another branch of
the same ban; to 6ay s6ecifie8
sum of money to 6ayee on
Issuin9 branch requests
another branch to 6ay
s6ecifie8 money to the
s6ecific 6ayee on
8eman87 8eman8 by 'nline
.ayment from .ayment from
issuin9 branch only
.ayment from or8ere8 branch .ayment from or8ere8
use8 to Remit
?ithin the
clearin9house area of
issuin9 branch7
'utsi8e the clearin9 house area of
issuin9 branch7 .ayee can also be
the 6urchaser7
Any>here in the country
.rocess of the
6ayin9 ban;
.ayment is ma8e
throu9h clearin9
"7 Confirm that the DD is not
for9e8 one7
&7Confirm >ith sent a8vice
)7Chec; the N+est Co8e
#7Ma;e 6ayment
"7Confirm issuin9
&7Confirm .ayee AOC
)7Confirm amount
#7Ma;e 6ayment
D7Receive a8vice
Char9e Commission S 1at Commission S tele= char9e *o char9eOCommission
Accounts De6artment is calle8 as the nerve Centre of the ban;7 In ban;in9 business(
transactions are 8one every 8ay an8 these transactions are to be recor8e8 6ro6erly an8
systematically as the ban;s 8eal >ith the 8e6ositors money7 Any 8eviation in 6ro6er recor8in9
may ham6er 6ublic confi8ence an8 the ban; has to suffer a lot other>ise7 Im6ro6er recor8in9
of transactions >ill lea8 to the mismatch in the 8ebit si8e an8 in the cre8it si8e7 +o avoi8 these
misha6s( the ban; 6rovi8es a se6arate 8e6artmentL >hose function is to chec; the mista;es in
6assin9 vouchers or >ron9 entries or frau8 or for9ery7 +his 8e6artment is calle8 as Accounts
De6artment7 Besi8es the above( the ban; has to 6re6are some internal statements as >ell as
some statutory statements >hich to be submitte8 to the central ban;7 Accounts De6artment
6re6ares these statements also7 +he 8e6artment has to submit some statements to the -ea8
office( >hich is also consoli8ate8 by the -ea8 'ffice later on7 +he tas;s of the 8e6artment may
be seen in t>o 8ifferent an9les%
;626;2 DAILY TASK:
+he routine 8aily tas;s of the Accounts De6artment are as follo>s( -
Recor8in9 the transactions in the cashboo;7
Recor8in9 the transactions in 9eneral an8 subsi8iary le89er7
.re6arin9 the 8aily 6osition of the branch com6risin9 of 8e6osit an8 cash7
.re6arin9 the 8aily Statement of Affairs sho>in9 all the assets an8 liability of the branch
as 6er /eneral Le89er an8 Subsi8iary Le89er se6arately7
Ma;in9 6ayment of all the e=6enses of the branch7
Recor8in9 inter branch fun8 transfer an8 6rovi8in9 accountin9 treatment in this re9ar87
Chec;in9 >hether all the vouchers are correctly 6asse8 to ensure the conformity >ith the
NActivity Re6ortL if other>ise ma;in9 it correct by callin9 the res6ective official to
rectify the voucher7
Recor8in9 of the vouchers in the 1oucher Re9ister7
.ac;in9 of the correct vouchers accor8in9 to the 8ebit voucher an8 the cre8it voucher7
.re6arin9 the monthly salary statements for the em6loyees7
.ublishin9 the basic 8ata of the branch7
.re6arin9 the >ee;ly 6osition for the branch >hich is sent to the -ea8 'ffice to maintain
Cash Reserve Requirement 2C7R7R5
.re6arin9 the monthly 6osition for the branch >hich is sent to the -ea8 'ffice to maintain
Statutory Liqui8ity Requirement 2S7L7R5
.re6arin9 the >ee;ly 6osition for the branch com6risin9 of the brea; u6 of sector
>ise 8e6osit( cre8it etc7
.re6arin9 the >ee;ly 6osition for the branch com6risin9 of 8enomination >ise st atement
of cash in tills7
.re6arin9 the bu89et for the branch by fi=in9 the tar9et re9ar8in9 6rofit an8 8e6osit so as
to ta;e necessary ste6s to 9enerate an8 mobiliBe 8e6osit7
.re6arin9 an N,=tract >hich is a summary of all the transactions of the -ea8 'ffice
account >ith the branch to reconcile all the transactions hel8 amon9 the accounts of all the
In my ) months internshi6 e=6erience at Southeast Ban; MotiAheel branch I mainly 9ot
the chance to >or; >ith the front 8es;( accounts an8 clearin9 section of 9eneral ban;in9 rather
cash section7 +herefore I have very little i8ea about this section >hich I have 6resente8 belo>-
Cash 8e6artment is the most vital an8 sensitive or9an of the branch as it 8eals >ith all ;in8s of
cash transactions7 +his 8e6artment starts the 8ay >ith cash in vault7 ,ach 8ay some cash that is
o6enin9 cash balance are transferre8 to the cash officers from the cash vault7 *et fi9ure of this
cash recei6ts an8 6ayments are a88e8 to the o6enin9 cash balance7 +he fi9ure is calle8 closin9
balance7 +his closin9 balance is then a88e8 to the vault7 An8 this is the final cash balance
fi9ure for the ban; at the en8 of any 6articular 8ay7 Cash 8e6artment in the Southeast Ban;(
MotiAheel Branch is authoriBe8 8ealer of forei9n currency( so it can 8eal >ith buyin9 an8
sellin9 of forei9n currency7
I 8i8 my three month internshi6 6ro9ram in Southeast Ban; Lt8( MotiAheel branch7 Durin9
my internshi6 6ro9ram( I 9aine8 lots of e=6erience about cor6orate environment7 My
internshi6 e=6erience are 9iven belo>-
>6262 I#)!#ship P&si)i&#, D')is A Rsp&#si"i+i)is
+he re6ort has been 6re6are8 on the basis of e=6erience 9athere8 8urin9 the 6erio8 of
internshi67 ?ithin this time of 6erio8( I mainly >or;e8 >ith 8e6artments namely /eneral
Ban;in9 an8 Accounts 8e6artment7 Ban; is not follo> any 9ui8eline or fi=e8 any
res6onsibilities for internshi6 stu8ent7 Mainly I have 8one many 6en8in9 >or;s of the account
o6enin9 section an8 account an8 clearin9 8e6artment7 Besi8es that I have 8one 8ifferent ty6es
of tas;s in 8ifferent 8es;s >henever they assi9ne8 me to 8o7
>6262626A**&'#) Op#i#4 Dpa!)(#)
I >or;e8 at Southeast Ban; Limite8( MotiAheel Branch >here firstly I have starte8 >ith
the account o6enin9 8e6artment7 -ere I have learne8 the 6roce8ure of o6enin9 an account
an8 the 8ocuments that are nee8e8 for o6enin9 an accounts F ty6es of accounts 8ealt by
Southeast Ban; Limite87 My imme8iate su6ervisor trie8 to 9ive me a brief 8escri6tion of
her routine tas;s before 8e6loyin9 me to any s6ecific tas;7 Later on throu9h my 6ersonal
observation an8 su6erior officers 9ui8ance( ultimately allo> me to un8erstan8 the 6ur6ose of
various ty6es of accounts alon9 >ith their features >hich inclu8es( current account 2COA5(
savin9 accounts 2SB5( S+D(
FDR etc7 She also assist me( ho> to 8eal >ith clients versatile questions re9ar8in9 8ifferent
accounts o6enin9( >hat amount of interest rate they >ill 9et from these 8ifferent cate9ories
of accounts( ho> to locate 8esire8 chec; boo;s from the bun8le accor8in9 to customers
requirements an8 many more7
+he follo>in9 activities >hich ha8 8one by me-
/ivin9 the customers the information >hat ty6e of 8ocuments >ill be require8 to o6en
an account7 I use8 to tell them they nee8 t>o co6ies of their 6hoto9ra6h an8 t>o co6ies
6hoto9ra6h of the nominee an8 the 6hotoco6y of the clients an8 nominees national ID
.refi= >ise filin9 F sequencin9 8ifferent account forms in 8ifferent files7 For
current( savin9s FS*D account I have maintaine8 """("&"F")"series files7 ?here for
M+DR the series co8e >as &#)(&#"(&#&(&#D7
U69ra8e8 of MIS by collectin9 +I* number 8ue to chan9e of monitory 6olicy F3&"&-
&") for collection of im6osition "DM ta= from *on +I* hol8er7 ?hile 6reviously it >as
"M for all >hether client >as +I* hol8er or not7
Correction of uncom6lete8 forms >hich have 8etecte8 by internal au8it7 Li;e there
>ere some forms >hich >ere filin9 u6 >ithout 6uttin9 account number( title name( nature
of or9aniBation etc7 Some form ;e6t >ithout 6ro6er a88ress( +I*( *ational ID car8 number
an8 so on7 My Aob >as to com6lete those information from attache8 require8
certificates or co6ies7
Fill u6 0no> 3our Customer 203C5 form for 6ersonal an8 cor6orat e ris; ratin97 +here
my tas; >as to fin8 ris; level an8 ris; ratin9 of 6ersonal or cor6orate by consi8erin9 +.
form for the 6ur6ose of measurin9 overall ris; assessment7
Ma;in9 6hone calls for collectin9 necessary 6hoto9ra6h( 6hotoco6y of tra8e license(
ID car8 or any other inquiries7
Distribution of 8esire8 cheque boo; by as;in9 their name( account number an8
then verifyin9 them( receivin9 them from the courier moreover sometimes ma;in9 6hone
calls to those clients >ho 8i8 not collect their cheque boo; after 6assin9 & or ) month7
Data entry of I.' subscri6tion form of Farest Islamic Financin9 Lt8 FBD Buil8in9
Use8 the 6hotoco6y an8 6rintin9 machine for require8
Fin8in9 the M+DR(D.S an8 ol8 account o6enin9 forms >hich have
>6262636A**&'#)s A *+a!i#4 Dpa!)(#)
Accounts 8e6artment is sensitive 6art of a ban;7 I have >or;e8 in the accounts De6artment for
fe> 8ays7 +his 8e6artment is one of the im6ortant an8 busy 8e6artments7 Actually( in
this 8e6artment( all the 8e6artment tas;( all 8e6artment transaction vouchers are maintaine87 All
accounts are finaliBe8 an8 maintaine8 an8 sen8 its one co6y in cor6orate branch7 Moreover( all
;in8s of 8aily e=6enses are maintaine8 an8 office materials an8 equi6ment li;e- .en to office
clearin9 material everythin9 6urchase 8ocuments an8 its accountin9 6roce8ure all are
maintaine8 in this 8e6artment7
.rinte8 out the transaction listin9 of 6revious 8ay for chec;in9 Debit an8 cre8it voucher7
1oucher sortin9( countin9 an8 filin9 by chec;in9 the number of accounts has been
8ebite8 or cre8ite8( chec; the account hol8er si9nature( account number so on7
Debit an8 cre8it voucher se6aration7
Re9istere8 the entire vouchers in re9ister boo; after chec;in9 the voucher >ith the trail list
of branch in 8etails7 -ere the amount of 8ebit an8 cre8it voucher >ill be same but the
number can 8iffer7 After chec; requisition( a list of chec; boo; hol8ers name >ith aOc no are
9iven to >rite 8o>n in cheque boo; re9ister7
Stam6in9 various ;in8s of 8ocuments >ith authoriBation an8 en8orsement seal7
S,BL is one of the 6otential ban;s in the ban;in9 sector7 +he MotiAheel branch of S,BL is a
small branch7 It >as a >on8erful e=6erience >or;in9 at Southeast Ban; Limite87 +he
em6loyees of the ban; >ere very hel6ful an8 nice to me7 In s6ite it >as not an easy Aob to
fin8 so many thin9s 8urin9 the very short 6erio8 of 6ractical orientation 6ro9ram7 *o>( I >oul8
li;e to 6resent my observations an8 9ive( my o6inion to im6rove the ban;in9 service an8 ma;e
their customer more satisfie87
i6 La*0 &% $.#a(i* a#$ p!&(p) *'s)&(!
Since a number of ne> ban;s are comin9 to e=istence >ith their e=ten8e8 customer
service 6attern in a com6letely com6etitive manner7 Customer services must be ma8e
8ynamic an8 6rom6t7 *o> a 8ay( 6eo6le have very little time to >aste but >ant fastest an8
unique services in short time7 Moreover they see; the ban; >hich >ill 6rovi8e more facilities
an8 attractive offer com6are to other ban;7 +herefore southeast ban; shoul8 thin; sincerely
about the renovation of their customer service an8 facilities >hich >ill be more attractive an8
innovative rather than tra8itional one7
ii6La*0 &% P!&p! Di-isi&# &% La"&! a#$ (a# p&F!: +here is lac; of 8ivision of labor in the
branch7 +herefore everybo8y has to han8le every ty6e of ban;in9 services7 Moreover if one
6ersonnel is absence in a 8e6artment then e=tra bur8en >ill fall to another7 +his 8ecreases the
level of 6erformance of the 6ersonnel( thou9h it re8uces monotonousness7 But lac; of 8ivision
of labor ham6ers the 8isci6line of >or;in9 environment7 So customers have to >ait for some
time for the 8esire8 service( >hich is contrary to the .remium Ban;in9 obAective7
iii6La*0 &% P!&p! *&(pi+a)i&#s AMai#)#a#* &% Fi+s: Southeast Ban; Lt8( MotiAheel Branch
9ives 6ersonaliBe8 services7 All the officers have to 9ive concentration to the customers( >hile
8oin9 this they cannot 6ro6erly com6lete8 an8 maintain the customer files7 In many cases(
most of the files an8 6a6ers are ;e6t here an8 there by the officers 8urin9 the busy hour7
i-6 Sh&!)a4 &% a-ai+a"i+i). &% Ma*hi#!is: MotiAheel Branch is su66ose8 to be very
>ell equi66e8 by a8vance an8 available machineries7 But there are shorta9es of 6hotoco6y
an8 6rintin9 machine therefore most of the time em6loyees activities are ham6ere8 for
maintainin9 serial as >ell as it create 9atherin9 on their short s6ace7 +his loses its 9lamour7
Moreover as because of lac;in9 of maintenance an8 over use8 >hen one machine of any
8e6artment sto6s >or;in9 then the loa8 shift to another 8e6artment ba8ly7
-6 E(p+&. Dissa)is%a*)i&#: Because of late 6romotion an8 lon9er 6robationary 6erio8 there
is 8issatisfaction amon9 the em6loyees7 More over some sort of internal 6olitics also another
reason behin8 6ro6er reco9nition an8 6romotion of em6loyees7 In a88ition most of the time
over 8uties an8 hu9e >or;in9 6ressure ma;es their life monotonous an8 ham6er their family
-i6 C&#%'si&# &# $&'"+ s)a#$a!$ "a#0i#4: Besi8e the 9eneral ban;in9 system( Islamic
ban;in9 system has been intro8uce8 in Southeast Ban; Limite87 +his sort of 8ouble
stan8ar8 in ban;in9 may create confusion in the min8 of customers7 +he most im6ortant
thin; >hich I have observe8 is that S,BL( MotiAheel Branch is an Islamic Ban;in9 Branch
but the branch is follo>in9 cor6orate ban;in9 metho87 So I thin; ban; shoul8 follo>
the rules of Islamic Ban;in9 other>ise this ;in8 of colla6se can ham6er the re6utation of the
-ii6 La*0 &% %%*)i- a$-!)isi#4 a#$ p!&(&)i&#: A8vertisin9 an8 6romotion is one of the
>ea; 6oint of Southeast Ban; Limite8( Southeast Ban; Limite8 8oes not have any effective
6romotional activities throu9h a8vertisement( but other ban;s have better 6romotional
strate9y7 +herefore most customers are not ;no>n about their Islamic ban;in9 branch7
-iii6 La*0 &% C&(p')! K#&F+$4: All the or9aniBations inclu8in9 ban;s are no>
mostly 8e6en8s on com6uter but em6loyees 8o not have much ;no>le89e on com6uter7
iI6 A"s#* &% p!&p! D*&!a)i&# a#$ *&#4s)$ &%%i* a!a: Decoration of the S,BL has
become ol87 So( youn9 6eo6le are not attracte8 to this branch as >ell as em6loyees are not
9ettin9 the con9enial environment7 Customers are also facin9 the 6roblem >ith as because
of its con9este8 office area7 Most of the time at busy hour customer rarely 9et any seat >hich
ham6er their service as >ell as such 9atherin9 also ham6er office environment7
I6 U#sa)is%a*)&!. s&%)Fa! p!%&!(a#*% Southeast ban; use Ultimus soft>are for 6erformin9
their ban;in9 activities7 But the soft>are often han9e8 as because of slo>er u69ra8e of 8ata
by ven8er7 +herefore it 8elays to 6erformin9 ban;in9 activities at time7
Ii6 N& $s0 a#$ sp*i%i* )as0 %&! i#)!#% Southeast ban; 8oesnRt arran9e any 8es; an8
fi=e8 any tas; for their internee7 +herefore they 8ont 9et any chance to learn ban;in9
activities by 8oin9 6ractical tas;7 It is not 6ossible for any fresh 9ra8uate to learn ban;in9
activities by 9ettin9 fe> lecture from s6ecific 6ersonnel rather if they involve them to
some s6ecific activities it >oul8 be easy for them to learn more an8 fell confi8ent to
6erform any activities 6ro6erly7 Moreover as they 8o not 6ay any allo>ance to internee so
some time it 8oes not
motivate8 them to 6resent an8 learn ea9erly7
i6 R#&-a)i&# &% *'s)&(! s!-i*:
Southeast ban; shoul8 ma;e its service 6rom6t so that 6eo6le nee8 not 9ive more time in the
ban;in9 activities an8 fell easy to 6erform all res6ective activities7 Moreover they have to
come u6 >ith ne> facilities an8 offer >hich >ill attract more client an8 hel6 to ensure their
6remium as >ell as loyal customer forever7 +herefore they have to ensure-
+he >or;in9 6rocess more faster >ith better com6uters an8 o6eratin9
+raine8( e=6erience8( smart( ;no>le89eable as >ell as intellectual 6ersonnel to 6rovi8e
fastest an8 the best services7
In8ivi8ual attention can be 9iven to customers in or8er to better un8erstan8 the
nee8s an8 better satisfy them7
2 Cheques( 8e6osit sli6s are not >ritten 6ro6erly by the customers so the em6loyees have to
8o that5
More A+M booth in merchant location
More /ifts( Discounts as >ell as 8ifferentiate8 interest rates on several loan an8
8e6osit schemes for the .remium Customers
Car 6ar;in9 facility
ii7 E#s'! P!&p! Di-isi&# &% La"&! a#$ (a# p&F!: +he human resource 8e6artments
of southeast ban; have to ensure 6ro6er 8ivision of labor in 8es; for han8lin9 the ra sh of
customer in an efficient >ay7 +herefore base8 on im6ortance an8 >or; loa8 they have to ensure
6ro6er 8ivision of labor7 Moreover by increasin9 the numbers of 6ersonnel try to maintain the
6remium ban;in9 obAective7 Mainly the number of human resources is nee8e8 in Front
Des; an8 in clearin9 section >hich really insufficient for 9ivin9 services to hu9e number of
iii7 E#s'! P!&p! *&(pi+a)i&#s AMai#)#a#* &% Fi+s: ,nsurin9 6ro6er customer service is a
continuous 6rocess in ban;in9 business7 ?hich is vital for it success7 +he service starts from
the first 8ay of customer interaction >ith ban;er7 +o ;no> customer( maintain
interaction( con8uctin9 ban;in9 activities an8 for the security 6ur6oses the file maintenance of
in8ivi8ual client is most im6ortant7 If one sin9le 6a6er is missin9 then it can create a bi9
6roblem as >ell as haBar8 to both ban;er an8 their customer7 +herefore both branch
mana9ement an8 all 6ersonnel shoul8 more conscious about the 6ro6er com6ilations as >ell as
8ecoration for ;ee6in9 im6ortant files7
iv7 E#s'! a-ai+a"i+i). &% Ma*hi#!is: ,very 8e6artment shoul8 ensure the availability an8
6ro6er maintenance of necessary machines li;e 6hotoco6y an8 6rintin9 machines7
v7 E#s'! (p+&. sa)is%a*)i&#: Mana9ement of the ban; has to 6rovi8e time to time
reco9nition of their em6loyee7 Moreover short 6robationary 6erio8 an8 on time 6romotion
motivate8 the em6loyee to 6erform >ell in their 8ay to 8ay activities7 But the most
im6ortant thin9 is the overall motivational activities shoul8 be 6rocee8in9 un8er fair Au89ment
base8 on 6erformance rather internal 6olitics7 In a88ition throu9h assurance of 6ro6er 8ivision
of labor( incentive for over 8uty an8 man8atory leave hel6 to overcome hu9e >or;in9 loa8 an8
enAoy a soun8 as >ell
as healthy life7 Besi8es 9oo8 relationshi6 amon9st em6loyee an8 soun8 >or;in9
environment also hel6 the em6loyee to be satisfie8 >ith their Aob7
vi7 E#s'! p!&p! !'+s a#$ !4'+a)i&# &% Is+a(i* "a#0i#4: +he Islamic branch shoul8 follo>
Islamic ban;in9 a66ro6riately7 Southeast Ban; has )$ branches but only D branches is Islamic
ban;in9 branch inclu8in9 MotiAheel branch7 I have observe8 somethin9 very closely that the
branch is not follo>in9 Islamic rules an8 re9ulation in this branch7 Interest rate( 6rofit an8 loss
amount all thin9s are same as cor6orate branches7 So my recommen8ation is to follo> the
rules of Islamic Ban;in9 other>ise the ban;s re6utation can be ham6ere87
vii7 E#s'! p!&p! p!&(&)i&#a+ a*)i-i)is: +hey must 6re6are an or9aniBe8 set of 6lan
re9ar8in9 the a8vertisin9 an8 6romotional activities >hich shoul8 inclu8e billboar8s( internet
a8vertisin9 an8 s6onsorshi67 +he sales team an8 officers shoul8 6rovi8e 6erio8ic trainin9 on
interactin9 an8 8ealin9 >ith 8ifferent classes of 6otential an8 e=istin9 customers7
viii7 E#s'! %%*)i- *&(p')! +i)!a*.: As the ban; is no> mostly 8e6en8s on com6uter
therefore to increase the com6uter s;ills of em6loyees( the ban; shoul8 6rovi8e trainin97
+hou9h they have ;no>le89e about com6uter but it is not enou9h7 So ban; shoul8 6rovi8e
trainin9 to their em6loyees to ma;e them efficient in com6uter7
i=7 E#s'! &% p!&p! D*&!a)i&# a#$ Ipa#$$ &%%i* a!a: MotiAheel branch authoriBation
shoul8 have to be more conscious an8 innovative in their interior 8ecoration to attract client
from all a9es7 As motiAheel area is the business area so the rush of client is the common
scenario of this branch so the s6ace shoul8 be e=ten8e8 for con8uctin9 an8 6erformin9
soun8 ban;in9 activities( service as >ell7
=7 Sh&'+$ 's %as)s) s&%)Fa!% S,BL(MB shoul8 uses more first an8 mo8erniBe soft>are for
internal transaction or entry the information to com6ete >ith forei9n ban;7 So I thin; the ne>
soft>are can hel6 to 6erform internal >or; more easily an8 s>iftly7
=i7 E#s'! i#)!#ship $s0 a#$ sp*i%i* )as0: +his branch is reno>ne8 for the internshi67 So ban;
shoul8 6rovi8e the internshi6 8es; an8 some s6ecific tas; for 9atherin9 some real life
e=6erience >hich they can utiliBe in their future Aob7 Moreover small amount of remuneration
shoul8 6rovi8e to internee for realiBe their im6ortance as >ell as motivate to 6erform the tas;
Durin9 the three months of internshi6 6ro9ram at Southeast Ban; MotiAheel Branch almost
all the 8es; have been observe8 more or less other than Forei9n ,=chan9e De6artment7
+his 6ractical orientation 6ro9ram( in first has been arran9e8 for 9ainin9 ;no>le89e of
6ractical ban;in9 an8 to com6are this 6ractical >ith theoretical ;no>le89e7 Com6arin9
6ractical ;no>le89e >ith theoretical involves i8entification of >ea;ness in the branch
activities an8 ma;in9 recommen8ations for solvin9 the >ea;ness i8entifie87 +hrou9h all
8e6artments an8 sections are trie8 to cover in >hich I 9ot the chance to 9ather 6ractical
e=6erience for the internshi6 6ro9ramL it is not 6ossible to 9o to the 8e6th of each activities of
branch because of time limitation7 -o>ever( hi9hest effort has been 9iven to achieve the
obAectives the internshi6 6ro9ram7
"5 > > > 7 s o u t h ea s t b a n ; 7 c o m 7 b 8
&5 Annual re6ort of &"&
*ame of the Com6any % Southeast Ban;
Limite8 Chairman % Alam9ir 0abir(
FCA 1ice Chairman % Ra9ib Ali
Mana9in9 Director % Mahbubul Alam
Com6any Secretary % Muhamma8 ShahAahan
Le9al Status % .ublic Limite8
Com6any Date of Incor6oration % March "&(
Re9istere8 'ffice % ,unoos +ra8e Centre D&-D)( Dil;usha COA 2Level &( ) F
"@5( Dha;a-"
Line of Business % Ban;in9
AuthoriBe8 Ca6ital % +;7"(7
million .ai8 U6 Ca6ital % )(#&&7@#
million 3ear of Initial .ublic 'ffer % "!!!
Stoc; ,=chan9e Listin9 % A6ril "( & 2DS,5 F A6ril &#( & 2CS,5
Southeast Ban; MotiAheel Branch has some other S6ecial Schemes >hich is 9iven belo>%
A6 M '$ a ! a " a D&' " + B # % i) S * h (
( D BS ):
Amount to be De6osite8% +07 "( or
.ayment at Maturity% Double in @ years7
6A .erson of "$ years of a9e an8 above
havin9 a soun8 min8 can o6en the
36 A 6erson can o6en more than one DBS
account at any branch of the Ban; of the
Ban; an8 in such case se6arate form
shoul8 be fille87
;6A 6ass6ort siBe 6hoto9ra6h of each
account hol8er is require8 to o6en the
>6DBS account can be o6ene8 at any
>or;in9 8ay of the month
<6DBS account can be o6ene8 in Aoint
names or in the name of institution
/7 DBS account can be o6ene8 in the
name of a minor7 In that case( Ban;s
e=istin9 account o6enin9 formalities for
o6enin9 accounts for minor >ill be
B 6 M '$ a ! a " a M & # )h +. S a-i # 4s S * h (
( M M S S ) :
Duration%) 2three5 3ears F D 2Five5 3ears
Amount of Monthly Installment% +07D
or Multi6le amount u6 to +07D( 2Fifty
26A .erson of "$ years of a9e an8 above
havin9 a soun8 min8 can o6en the
36A .erson can o6en more than one
MMSS account at any branch of the
Ban; an8 in such case se6arate form
shoul8 be fille8
;6A 6ass6ort siBe .hoto9ra6h is require8
to o6en the account
>6 MMSS account can be o6ene8 at any
>or;in9 8ay of the month7
<6 Account o6ene8 >ithin first "
of any
month >ill be treate8 as account of that
6articular month7 If the account is
after "
of any month in that case "
installment >ill be 8ue an8 realiBe8 from
the ne=t month7
/6 MMSS account can not be o6ene8 in
the name of any minor( in Aoint names(
or I n the name of institution6
@7 An account can be transferre8 from
one Islamic Branch to another Islamic
Branch of the Ban; by a >ritten
a66lication of the account hol8er7 In such
case a fee of +07 D is 6ayable as ban;s
service char9e7
B6 Installments can be 8e6osite8 in
Ma)'!$ A(&'#)
; .a!s > .a!s
<::1D &"(#DO- #(EDO-
2:::1D #&($"O- $"(DO-
<:::1D &("#(DO- #(E(DO-
2:,:::1D #(&$("O- $("D(O-
<:,:::1D &"(#(DO- #(EDO-
C6 M '$ a ! a " a M & #)h +. I # * & ( S * h (
( M M I S )
Duration of the Account% ) 2three5 3ears F D
2five5 years
Amount to be De6osite8% +07"( or its
multi6le 2De6osite8 amount >ill be
returne8 on maturity57
26A .erson of "$ years of a9e an8 above
havin9 a soun8 min8 can o6en the
36 A 6ersonOinstitution can o6en more
than one MMIS account at any branch of
the Ban; an8 in such case se6arate form
shoul8 be fille87
;6 +he a66licant must o6en Ohave a
Al>a8ea CDOMu8araba Savin9s De6osit
account >ithin the branch in >hich
monthly income >ill be cre8ite8
M&#)h+. I#*&(
;B 8 . a 9 e
; Ya!s < .a!s automatically7
>6 MMIS account cannot be o6ene8 in the
name of any minor but it can be o6ene8
in Aoint names( or in name of any
<6 An account can be transferre8 from
one Islamic Branch to another Islamic
Branch of the Ban; by a >ritten
a66lication of the account hol8er7 In such
case a fee of +07 D is 6ayable as ban;s
service char9e7
TK6 =/:1D TK6 @::1D
D6 M '$ a ! a " a P # s i&# S a-i # 4s S * h (
( M P SS ):
Duration%#(@ an8 $ 3ears +erms
Amount of Monthly Installments D or
multi6le u6 to +07&D( 2i7e7 +;7D or
" or "D5
26A .erson of "$ years of a9e an8 above
havin9 a soun8 min8 can o6en the
36 A 6erson can o6en more than one
M.SS account for 8ifferent amount at
any branch of the Ban; an8 in such case
se6arate form shoul8 be fille8 in7
;6 A 6ass6ort siBe 6hoto9ra6h of the
account hol8er an8 each nominee
2atteste8 by the account hol8er5 are
require8 to o6en the account
>7 +he account can be o6ene8 at any
>or;in9 8ay of the month7
<6 Account o6ene8 >ithin "
of any
month >ill be treate8 as account o6ene8
on the 6articular month7 If the account is
o6ene8 after "
of any month in that
case "
installment >ill be 8ue from the
follo>in9 month an8 >ill be realiBe8 in
the follo>in9 month7
/6M.SS account can be o6ene8 in the
name of minor 7In that case minors
le9al 9uar8ian can o6erate the account
=6 Account can not be o6ene8 in
Aoint names( or in the name of any
F6 N F P # s i&# S a-i # 4s S * h ( ( N P SS) :
Duration%#(@ an8 $ 3ears +erms
Amount of Monthly Installments D or
multi6le u6 to +07&D( 2i7e7 +;7D or
26A .erson of "$ years of a9e an8 above
havin9 a soun8 min8 can o6en the
36 A 6erson can o6en more than one
*.SS account for 8ifferent amount at
>: 8 . a 9 e
" or "D5 branch of the Ban; an8 in such
case se6arate form shoul8 be fille8 in7
;6 A 6ass6ort siBe 6hoto9ra6h of the
account hol8er an8 each nominee
2atteste8 by the account hol8er5 are
require8 to o6en the account
>7 +he account can be o6ene8 at any
>or;in9 8ay of the month7
<6 Account o6ene8 >ithin "
of any
month >ill be treate8 as account o6ene8
on the 6articular month7 If the account is
o6ene8 after "
of any month in that
case "
installment >ill be 8ue from the
follo>in9 month an8 >ill be realiBe8
in the follo>in9 month7
/6*.SS account can be o6ene8 in the
name of minor 7In that case minors
le9al 9uar8ian can o6erate the account
=6 Account can not be o6ene8 in
Aoint names( or in the name of any
>2 8 . a 9 e
>3 8 . a 9 e