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Development of International Relations Thought

INR 3031-03-Spring 2006

Instructor: Alex Barder
T/TR-1!0-210!" #$ 212
%&&ice 'ours: (a)e an appoint*ent+
e-*ail: Alex+Barder,g*ail+co*
Course Description :
T-is course is designed as an introduction to t-e -istor. o& concepts and ideas t-at are
present in t-e canonical texts o& International Relations t-oug-t+ T-e exploration o&
-istorical concepts and ideas not onl. necessitates reading o& t-e aut-ors t-e*sel/es" 0ut
also a loo) into -o1 conte*porar. t-eorists interpret t-ese texts+
Course Requirements:
12 Midterm Exam:
T-ere 1ill 0e one in class exa*" a *id-ter*+ An. *aterial &ound in t-e assigned
readings" and 1-at is co/ered in class discussions" *a. 0e included in t-e exa*+
Important Note: (a)e up exa*s 1ill NOT 0e allo1ed unless t-e student is a0le
to pro/ide t-e necessar. *edical or o0ituar. documentation+ T-is is an
un&ortunate rule" 0ut is 1arranted to pre/ent an a0use o& t-e s.ste*+ It s-ould 0e
noted t-at NO special arrange*ents 1ill 0e *ade 0ecause .ou plan to lea/e to1n
earl. &or t-e se*ester 0rea)+
22 Critical Review:
3or t-e critical re/ie1 pic) t-ree to &our assigned passages &ro* t-e Bro1n 0oo)
in order to co*pare and contrast t-e*+ T-e o04ect o& t-e re/ie1 is to pro/ide
a critical analysis o& t-e aut-or5s argu*ent6s2 and not si*pl. a su**ar.+ B.
critical anal.sis I 1ant to see .ou in t-e re/ie1 grappling 1it- t-e 1a. t-e
aut-or6s2 construct t-eir argu*ent6s2+ 'a/e t-e. con/inced .ou or are t-ere
&la1s t-at .ou can point to7 Be creati/e and t-in) a0out .our o1n t-eoretical
perspecti/es t-at 1e 1ill discuss in class+
8our re/ie1 *ust 0e t.ped" dou0le spaced" 9usti&ied" 3ont 12 and Ti*es Ne1
Ro*an+ #oints 1ill 0e deducted i& .ou do not &ollo1 t-ese instructions+ Sentence
and paragrap- structure" spelling" and also gra**ar :count+; T-e lengt- o&
t-e re/ie1 *ust 0e 0et1een 12-1! pages+
Important Note:
#lagiaris*" acade*ic dis-onest. or c-eating is strictl. pro-i0ited+ I& .ou are caug-t"
.ou 1ill auto*aticall. &ail t-e course+ #lagiaris* is a /er. serious in&raction o&
uni/ersit. regulations and acade*ic integrit.+ I& .ou plagiari<e in .our re/ie1 .ou
1ill 0e reported to t-e uni/ersit.+ It is YOUR responsi0ilit. to *a)e sure t-at 1-en
.ou use ot-er sources 60oo)s" articles" etc2 t-at .ou properl. cite t-e* eit-er 1it- a
&ootnote/endnote and end o& text re&erence+ $-oose a pre&erred citation *et-od
6$-icago Re/ie1" (=A" A#A" etc2 and &ollo1 it to t-e letter+

>xa*: ?!@
Boo) Re/ie1: ?!@
#articipation: 10@

Important Note: T-is s.lla0us is pro/isional and c-anges are solel. up to t-e discretion
o& t-e instructor+ An. c-anges 1ill 0e announced in t-e class+
ReAuired Readings:
1+ Beene" >d1ard+ 200!+ International #olitical T-oug-t: A 'istorical Anal.sis
2+ Bro1n" $-ris" et al+ 2002+ International Relations in #olitical T-oug-t : Texts
&ro* t-e Ancient Cree)s to t-e 3irst Dorld Dar+6$a*0ridge Eni/ersit. #ress2
3+ Dolin" S-eldon+ 200!+ #olitics and Fision: $ontinuit. and Inno/ation in Destern
#olitical T-oug-t 6#rinceton Eni/ersit. #ress2+
Course !chedule and Readings "ssignments
#ee$ %& Introduction ' Methodolog(
9anuar. 10 $ourse Introduction and %/er/ie1
9anuar. 12 Beene 6p+ 1-212G Dolin 6p+ 3-232
#ee$ ): Thuc(dides* +lato ' "ristotle
9anuar. 1H Beene 6p+ 22-??2G Dolin 6p+ 2H-612
9anuar. 1 Bro1n 6p+ 3?-I2G 0-?2
#ee$ ,: !toicism* Cosmopolitanism ' Natural -aw
9anuar. 2! Beene 6p+ ?!-6H2G Dolin 6p+ 63-I!2
9anuar. 2H Bro1n 6p+ I3-I2G Dolin 6p+ I6-1262
#ee$ .: Christianit( ' Islam
3e0ruar. 1 Beene 6p+ 6I-H2
3e0ruar. 3 Bro1n 6p+ 11-13!G 1?I-16H2
#ee$ /: Machiavelli and the 0irth of Modern +olitical Thought
3e0ruar. I Beene 6p+ I-1332G Dolin 6p+ 1H!-2132
3e0ruar. 10 Bro1n 6p+ 2?3-262
#ee$ 1: On 2o33es
3e0ruar. 1! Dolin 6p+ 21?-2!62
3e0ruar. 1H Bro1n 6p+ 33!-3?02
#ee$ 4: Classical International -aw and the European !tate !(stem
3e0ruar. 22 Bro1n 6p+ 2H0-2H!G 32!-33!G 3?1-3HI2
3e0ruar. 2?
#ee$ 5: The Enlightenment
(arc- 1 Beene 6p+ 13?-1!2
(arc- 3 Bro1n 6p+ ?0H-?!H2
#ee$ 6: Midterm
(arc- I (idter* >xa*
(arc- 10 6DarningJ (arc- 13 last da. to drop 1it- KR grade2
#ee$ %7: -i3eralism
(arc- 1! Dolin 6p+ 2!H-31?2
(arc- 1H
#ee$ %%:
Spring Brea)
#ee$ %): -i3eralism Continued
(arc- 2 Beene 6p+ 160-132
(arc- 31 Bro1n 6p+ !1-!?!2
#ee$ %,: Marx ' 2egel
April ! Dolin 6p+ ?06-?!32
April H Bro1n 6p+ ?H0-?H!G !H2-!H?2
#ee$ %.: Niet8sche and the +ost9Modern
April 12 Dolin 6p+ ?!?-??2
April 1? Dolin 6p+ !!H-!I02
#ee$ %/:
April 1 L =ast da. to -and in $ritical Re/ie1s