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1. The bell has just been rung.

2. The mud has already been
wiped of.
3. Those boxes have already been
taken away.
4. The candles have been lighted.
. ! statue has been stolen "rom
the museum.
#. The thieves have been
sentenced to hard labour.
$. % have never been beaten at
&. The cups and glasses have not
been washed yet.
'. (he has not been told the sad
1). *r. +rown is happy. ,is son
has been "ound.
11. The plants are dying. They
have not been watered "or a very
long time.
12. -ou can.t blame them "or
these mistakes. They have not
been taught to do these sums.
13. The car has already been
washed but it has not been
polished yet.
14. The wrong /ag has been put
up but it has not been taken
1. The bridge has already been
repaired but no tra0c has been
allowed across it.
1. !nts. nests can be "ound in the
2. The cover o" the book was torn.
3. That house was built in a
4. The "ood is being cooked now.
. The rubbish was not thrown
#. 1ere they told the news2
$. 3ggs can be bought "rom that
&. -ou were seen at the cinema
last night.
'. ,e will be sent to prison.
1). 4an.t you see the sign2 4ars
must be parked along this road.
11. 5ubber is used "or making
many things.
12. Tickets can be bought at the
6rand (hoe (hop or at the 4entral
13. The hall was painted white
and decorated with "airy lights.
14. The robbers could not be
caught although road7blocks were
set up at various roads.
1. The books will not be sent to
you this week. They are still being
1. ,ouses are built o" bricks and
2. 5ice is eaten in !sia.
3. -our key was "ound in the 8eld
4. That town is now in ruins. %t
was bombed during the 2
. % have been invited to dinner.
#. *y watch was not repaired
$. 1e have nothing to do.
3verything has been done.
&. ! lot o" 9uestions have been
asked about you.
'. :o wonder it.s cold. The
window has not been shut yet.
1). ;aul has every reason to be
proud. ,e has been made the
school captain.
11. % was given the typewriter "or
my birthday. %t was made in %taly.
12. The explosion could be heard
many miles away.
13. % still go about on my bicycle.
*y car has not been repaired yet.
% was told it would be ready soon.
14. 1ere you asked many
9uestions at the police station2
1. % don.t believe we have met<
at least we have not been
introduced yet.
1. =ur new school extension will
be opened by the *inister next
2. The road has just been repaired
by the ;.1.> workers.
3. =ur dog has been knocked
down by a car.
4. The 8re was so great that it
could not be put out by the
. These noises are made by the
#. =ur books in the cupboard are
o"ten eaten by bookworms.
$. +oth these postcards were sent
to me by my "riend in ,ong ?ong.
&. The boy was praised "or his
diligence and determination by
the headmaster.
'. The wooden bridge has been
washed away by the /oods.
1). ,e is being shown a green
shirt by the salesgirl.
11. ,e was clawed and wounded
by the panther.
12. The cups and dishes were
being washed by the servant this
13. ! piece o" music which was
composed by +ach was being
played by him.
14. ! /ash o" lightning is always
"ollowed by thunder during a
1. The escaped prisoner was
recaptured by the police a"ter he
was shot and wounded by them.

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