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How to Stay Fit and Healthy at Any Age 18

- 99 and Have Fun Doing It!

"Do This, No Not That, Tips & Advice to A
Healthy Long Life"...

by Terry Clark

Table of Content

1. Staying Naturally Fit and Healthy
2. Aerobic Exercises for Greater Health
3. Are Artificial Fat Burners Dangerous?
4. Burning Calories Plays a Vital Role in Staying Fit
5. Calisthenics that You and Your Child will Enjoy
6. Dance Movements as Part of Your Fitness Regimen
7. Eating Habits to get Healthy and Fit
8. Essential Facts of Life - Achieving Longevity
9. Fitness Activities for the Whole Family
10. Foods that Burn Fat
11. Fresh Air is One Key Health and Fitness
12. Get Fit Through Regular Massage
13. Good Water is Essential to Stay Fit and Healthy
14. How Fitness Helps the Individual in the Long Run
15. How to Get a Lean, Fit Body without Much Pressure
16. How to Get Fit Faster
17. Selecting the Right Fitness Trainer for You
18. Making Everyday Activities into Exercise Fitness Routines
19. Making Sure Your Child Stays Fit
20. Medicinal Value Plants - Great for the Health
21. Moving an Hour a Day for Exercise
22. Muscle and Nerve Stimulation as Part of a Fitness Program
23. Fitness: Definitely Not a Waste of Time
24. Home Fitness Machines: What One Should You Select
25. Staying Fit with a Simple Workout Schedule
26. The Role of Swimming in Staying Fit
27. The Role of Yoga in Staying Fit and Healthy
28. Staying Fit Mentally and Physically
29. Useful Diet Suggestions a Healthy Life
30. Why Walking?
31. Warm Weather Activities as Alternatives to Traditional Fitness Programs
32. Why Fat Cannot be Burned Up Immediately
33. Why Liposuction Fails as a Weight Loss Remedy
34. Wrist and Ankle Exercises for Those with Limited Mobility
35. Fitness Tips For Senior Citizens
36. Is Fitness Over 40 Easy?
37. Stay Fit With Wii Fit
38. Staying healthy post 50
39. Restaurants: Eating Out And Staying Healthy
40. Healthy With Diet Smoothies
41. 8 Great Ways to Eat Healthy Without Losing the Taste
42. Staying Fit While Pregnant
43. Staying Healthy on a Low Carbohydrate Diet
44. Staying Slim For Spring
45. Kung Fu - A Great Way To Stay In Shape
46. Shorter Workouts Are Better Workouts
47. Fitness: Boredom Busters

Resources and Fitness Program Recommendations.

#1. Staying Naturally Fit and Healthy

The best way to stay fit is to do exercises. Exercises help you build the stamina
necessary for the body to exercise even further. Endurance plays a vital role when
it comes to staying fit and healthy. Exercises will help reduce the overall fat
content in the body. Burning the extra fat is important to avoid unforeseen diseases
and ailments. You should read on to understand the important things that can be
done by you to stay fit. Doctors recommend using natural ways to lose weight and
burn calories.

Choosing the right form of exercise plays a vital role for your overall health and
fitness. It is necessary to burn all the unwanted fat content and additional calories
present in the body. Though medication and operations are available, they do have
side effects. Hence, opting for a natural way is essential. The basic factor is to
calculate your body mass index and the additional amount of calories present in the
body. Any form of exercise burns calories. But it should be performed in a manner
which the body accepts. As the requirements of the body differ from person to
person, an exercise schedule should be planned accordingly.

Walking and jogging are the most common forms of exercises apart from body
building and fitness exercises. Exercise produces heat in the body because it
involves moving every part of the body. The movement in the body spreads to
every muscle and increases its strength. This action burns calories in the body and
improves the overall functioning of the body system. Having fewer calories in the
body is the key to improving health. High intensity workouts and low intensity
workouts are the two main categories that should be looked into.

High intensity workouts have their own advantages. The same applies to low
intensity work outs as well. They have their own advantages. Choosing the right
form should depend on the age of the person. The heart rate is taken into account to
arrive at a result which shows the total amount of calories to be burnt. It is
important to consult a trainer to learn in detail about the form of exercise to be
included in daily schedule. With exercises and with proper diet control, it is
possible to achieve good results within a short period of time. Staying fit is no
longer an impossible task and with a simple workout every day you will achieve

#2. Aerobic Exercises for Greater Health

Burning more calories is the secret behind staying fit. Most of us do not realize this
fundamental fact completely and lead a sedentary lifestyle. This is the reason
behind the accumulation of fat and obesity in due course of time.

When you become obese and remain so for a long period of time, you are at higher
risk of serious health problems. You are more prone to suffering from a variety of
ailments. The fundamental reason is that the organs of the body are not working
properly any more as it is difficult for them to do so with the accumulation of fat
inside them and in the different parts of the body. Blood pressure increases due to
the increase in fat accumulation. The bad cholesterol is higher. The body needs
certain types of cholesterol as a fundamental building block but at the same time
bad cholesterol is detrimental to the health of all individuals.

Watch out for fatty food items that can be inducers of the bad cholesterol inside the
human system. Some of the fat-rich foods are tastier and they are really tempting to
eat. You may even want to eat as much as possible. This is where you need to take
a break and stay cautious all the while. If you are already obese and still continue
to eat in the same ways as you have eaten until now, then it will surely be
detrimental to your life as a whole.

One way to deal with the problem is to reduce your calorie intake. The other one is
to exercise more in order to burn calories effectively. If you start to burn more
calories than you consume on a daily basis, then eventually over a period of time,
you will start to realize that you are getting better and better. Within a year or so
you will have lost a big portion of your body weight. This is what real health is all
about. It is the ideal way to get your fitness back. Other than that taking pills could
be a secondary choice. Burn calories effectively through aerobic exercises on a
regular basis and you are to stay active and agile as a result of it.

Exercises done near the ocean in open air are great for improving the health of all
individuals. The metabolic process in the human system gets better. The presence
of pure fresh oxygen will rejuvenate the body as a whole. You get better sleep as

#3. Are Artificial Fat Burners Dangerous?

Physique demonstration competitions happen every now and then in health clubs.
Their members love to take part in these. The local health club is one of the
greatest places to get health tips and secrets for staying fit and healthy. The
members that participate in the competition show how much weight they have lost
over a period of time and how they did that so drastically.

Are they staying healthy after the end of the competition or not? What was their
approach? How healthy was it? So many questions like that appear in our minds. It
will be wonderful to know the principles followed by these men and women to
achieve great transformations in the shortest span of time. Sometimes it is not
possible for everyone to follow in the footsteps of others. The ideal solution is to
consult a physician or an expert to confirm that you can adopt the new approach
that you have found.

As a matter of fact, most of these people opt to choose the fat burners such as the
Citrus aurantium, 7-Keto, yerba mate, and guarana to burn their excessive body fat.
Along with that they have regular work outs and do strenuous exercises in order to
achieve the desired results in the shortest span of time possible. Remember one
important aspect here - they should not deprive themselves of nutrients. The body
starts to malfunction due to poor nutrition.

There should not be a deficit of energy which might lead to a weak immune
system. A weaker immune system will invite trouble to the body. Hence, those
who participate in such competitions should be well aware of these fundamental
facts. They should not allow their body to starve. They should eat nutritious food.
Burning calories appropriately using the right food items is a great idea - you
should have proper diet for success.

There are many individuals that believe in ephedrine. Yes, it is a great fat burner
for sure. Still, there are a lot of side effects that ephedrine is sure to cause on the
individuals that use it. Over a period of time due to repeated usage of the drug one
might develop heart diseases, dry mouth and so on. It is not a smart idea to rely
upon such drugs to just burn fat which is quite simple. You could get things done
the natural way to get the best permanent results.

#4. Burning Calories Plays a Vital Role in Staying Fit

Fitness is very important for any individual. It is necessary to maintain proper
health. The main aim is to reduce the overall presence of fat in the body. Eating
more calories than you burn increases body fat. This leads to various ailments in
the long run and can be dangerous. Hence, there is need to stay fit naturally and
choose the right kind of program to complete a schedule that helps the reduction of
calories. Here are some exercises to reducing fat in the belly region.

The belly region is the critical region for the presence of fat. Excessive calories
present in the body turn into fat and get stored around the waist and hips. Any
increase in the amount of fat will lead to various ailments. A few of these ailments
are proven to be dangerous. To address this issue, choosing a natural way to reduce
fat content is preferred. Exercising is the best activity available to a human to shed
those extra pounds and burn away the fat present in the belly region. Do not opt for
unnatural ways such as operations or use of medical pills to burn fat content as
they come with hefty side effects.

Now, the exercises that should be performed basically depend on the areas where
fat is accumulated. This can be checked with a medical device that calculates the
total amount of fat present in the body. As we are looking at the belly region,
exercises that concentrate on the area such as jogging, walking, stretching and
yoga can be performed. Jogging and walking are known to be the best natural ways
to burn extra calories present in the body. As the workout has complete effect on
the entire body, any excess amount of fat content is reduced over a period of time.

It is important to plan ahead and design a schedule that helps an individual perform
in the best possible way. Stretching exercises can be included to increase the
flexibility of the body and yoga can be done to get a complete control over body,
mind and soul. A peaceful mind gives you a greater control over the actions
performed and helps you stay fit internally and externally. The intensity with
which you will have to perform the exercises can be discussed with a trainer. A
constant routine should be maintained for particular time period after the reduction
in the fat content.

#5. Calisthenics that You and Your Child will Enjoy

As many parents know, having toddlers in the house can be a workout in itself.
They love to climb and crawl all over everything including you. Now this would be
an opportunity to use those little bundles of joy in your workout routines.

Most babies love to be bounced and your arms already get a great workout daily.
But another way of incorporating that same action would be to have them
supported on your leg or shin area and raise your leg up and down a few times.
Depending upon the age and weight of your child you will determine how many
repetitions you will be able to do. Of course, they are at the age when any little
thing makes them laugh hysterically. The movement up and down will definitely
give them the giggles while you are toning up your calf muscles.

Another exercise you can do with your little one is scooping them with both hands
under their arms and gently swinging them between your legs. The swinging
motion will comfort the child when they are young as well as make them giggle
when they are older. This will help strengthen your arms as well as your abdominal
muscles which are worked out you while you are swinging your child.

With a toddler, you can introduce a simple tumble. The first part is to support the
child as you introduce a slow back tumble in the standing position where the back
roll happens at your lower abdomen. You want to introduce your child to putting
his feet up and through your arms (telling them that mommy will kiss them as they
come up to touch the sky) and with an upward motion to push them through and
having them land on their feet. After a couple of times, they will once again start
giggling with joy. When the child is a little older, you can have the child walk up
your legs. This involves stepping on your abdomen to initiate the back tumble.
This involves using your arms as static weights.

Going back to leg lifts for a second, it is great for the younger child when you lie
on your back with your legs bent but raised up off the floor. Have your child
resting on your shins. Now straighten your legs up and then bend them back to the
original position while holding your child. Again, your child will enjoy the
movement while you have the resistant weight to help with the exercise.

#6. Dance Movements as Part of Your Fitness Regimen

The interest in alternative fitness methods have taken some very interesting turns.
One of the best ways in which people can enjoy movement is dancing. Dancing is
an art form that can improve your mood. It can bring people together as well as
increase your heart rate and promote weight loss. And for the most part, there is no
wrong way to move. The only difference is the type of dancing you want to enjoy.

Modern dance has introduced freedom to all movement with no particular style or
form. So this is one form that even the most uncoordinated person can do. Many
other types of dance that will also get you going or in the mood can be any type of
line dancing including country line dance; tap or step dancing; or other ethnic
dancing. The movement involves the whole body and muscle groups and it can be
quite contagious. It can make even those wall flowers want to get up and do
something (even later or behind closed doors).

There is a popular form of dance exercise that uses some coordinated movements
that provide the cardio and calisthenics aspects of an exercise program. This is
Zumba. Everyone is welcome to Zumba classes and the movements arent that
difficult so those who are coordination challenged can get a good workout from it.

Another artistic dance form is that of pole fitness. Some people associate it with
pole dancing that exotic dancers perform. This form of fitness isnt necessarily
bringing a sexual element to the routines but using the pole as a piece of equipment
helps build up arm and leg strength. It also allows for the creativity and
expressionism of the individual performer to shine.

Dance programs like Dancing with the Stars have brought back the popularity of
ball room dancing. Many of the dance routines do look easy but can be just as
much of a work out as doing the circuit in your local gym and you get to do it with
someone you will want to do it with you.

If you prefer to dance in private, many of your video entertainment systems have
regular dance exercising as well as dance routine programs that you can dance to
as part of your fitness program. Or you can just turn on your radio or mp3 player
and move. One of the good things with most dance fitness routines is that they can
be performed as often as you like with minimal equipment and injury risk.

Eating Habits to get Healthy and Fit

Food is very important for remaining healthy and fit. There are many natural ways
to get fit which all depend on the intake of good food. There are many food items
which are available all over the world. These food items can be used to keep the
body fit and healthy in a natural manner. Fruits and vegetables must be eaten for
good health. When you eat natural foods you are able to live a healthy and long
life. Different types of health related problems can be eliminated with good eating

You must have a proper plan to remain fit with natural foods. Over-use of fast
foods is not good for the health. You can take fast foods occasionally but you
should eat primarily natural foods. It is good to use natural ways to get fit. These
depend on using natural foods. Food acts like fuel for the body. If you provide
good fuel to your body then the performance can be increased and your body will
remain healthy and active. Food will provide energy to your body which will be
used for the performance of all the tasks of routine life as well as exercising to
keep fit.

The internet is helpful for getting proper eating plans which can be used to make
sure that you are on the track to a healthy life. There are different natural ways to
get fit that are used all over the world to remain healthy and strong. If you are
willing to get good results in a natural manner then you must have natural eating
habits. The internet has many websites which provide comprehensive diet plans.
These could be adopted by literally any person to remain healthy and strong.
Natural foods are helpful for increasing the resistance against many types of
diseases. Poor food choices cause serious health related problems.

Food items are packed by different companies to keep them fresh and ready to be
used for a long period of time. These food items can be consumed safely because
manufacturers use advanced methods for making sure that these are free from
germs and similar harmful pathogens.

Natural food items are available in different forms all over the world. If you are
careful about your eating habits then you will be able to live a long and healthy life
without any problems. Many people are using natural ways to get fit. Getting good
results on a regular basis without any types of side effects is perfectly possible.
Example below!

Here's a Tip:

"Substitute Healthier Ingredients In Your Favorite Recipes"

A. Instead of regular ground beef...
Try 90% lean ground beef or better yet, try lean ground turkey breast.
Why? Fewer calories, less saturated fat and less cholesterol.

B. Instead of sour cream on tacos or in dips...
Try non-fat plain yogurt (regular or Greek).
Why? Fewer calories and less saturated fat.

C. Instead of butter or margarine when cooking vegetables or protein foods...
Try trans-free margarine and oils like olive oil or vegetable oil.
Why? No trans fat, less saturated fat and more heart-healthy unsaturated fats.

D. Instead of butter or margarine when baking...
Try substituting half with applesauce.
Why? Fewer calories and less saturated fat.

E. Instead of cream, whole milk or 2% milk...
Try 1% milk or skim milk.
Why? Fewer calories and less saturated fat.

F. Instead of regular cheese...
Try reduced-fat cheese or use less.
Why? Fewer calories, less saturated fat and less cholesterol.

G. Instead of snack foods with hydrogenated oil, palm oil or coconut oil
(crackers, chips, candy or baked goods)...
Try fruit with plain yogurt, fresh vegetables and hummus, a slice of whole wheat
toast and natural peanut butter, nuts and dried fruit.
Why? Less sodium, less saturated fat and zero trans fat.

H. Instead of regular mayonnaise...
Try light mayonnaise or mustard on sandwiches. Try non-fat plain yogurt or a
combination of non-fat plain yogurt and light mayonnaise if used in dressing,
sauces and dips.
Why? Fewer calories.

Last: Instead of bologna, salami or pastrami...
Try sliced low-sodium turkey or roast beef. Or better yet, cook fresh chicken or
turkey on the weekend and use throughout the week for meals.
Why? Less total fat, less saturated fat and less sodium.

#8. Essential Facts of Life - Achieving Longevity

The best natural method for reducing body weight in order to stay fit is to eat a
proper diet. You should seek the ideal suggestion from a great dietician. Nutrition
and diet specialists are the ones that are well aware of the different body types and
the corresponding requirements and appropriate treatments as well.

There is a lot that could be done through manipulating your food intake. Food
could be the medicine for your bodily organs. At the same time, the same food
could also be detrimental to the smooth functioning of the system. That is why one
should know very well what to eat as well as when and how much. When you are
not aware of these fundamentals and take it for granted, the result is often severe
obesity in almost no time. When you have reached a certain saturation point, you
will start to gain weight in proportions that you could hardly even imagine. You
will not have many options either, because you might get sick if you allow yourself
to starve too much. That is why one should take care of obesity at the earliest
possible time.

Before your body starts to pose some serious health threats to you, you should be
in a position to overcome any such challenges with great ease. Otherwise, heart
ailments as well as bronchial disorders would certainly bother your smoothly
running life at one point in time or another. Staying fit is quite easy when you take
the initiative to remain control of your diet and exercise regime all the t ime.

Prevention is always better than cure. The temptation to eat more is just a
psychological issue that should be ignored. When you dont bother to take action
in the early stages, later on it would be really tough to get rid of the fat that is
accumulated in fairly large amounts in your body. The walls of the blood vessels
will get narrower and this will adversely affect the blood circulation in the body of
obese individuals. That is why breathing becomes difficult for those guys who are
too fat.

Try to eat more green vegetables rather than relying on cooked food especially
meat and chicken. Fresh vegetables and fruits are easily digested by the body and
hence they will not pave the way for any form of fat accumulation in the system.
On the other hand, your desire to eat when you are hungry is also diminished by
having a few fruits at that time.

#9. Fitness Activities for the Whole Family

Many athletic and exercise trainers tell us that we should have a combination of
exercise programs so that our bodies and minds dont become accustomed to any
specific one. This is done in order for our workouts to be more effective. The way
young children generally play brings to mind the form of an ideal fitness program.
Kids naturally stretch, jump, run, dance, and create all sorts of movements with
their bodies. With a number of different activities, we can get back to that type of
activity and fitness.

One of the things we can do is acting like a monkey. It does sound funny but a lot
of their games involve the coordinated movement of arms and legs. This is a great
activity if you have young children. Having them involved will give you the
inspiration and the license to act like an animal and they will get a big laugh when
seeing their parent acting silly for a change.

Keeping with the family activities theme, the popular types of lawn games include
croquet, badminton, and lawn bowling as starter. These give you the opportunity to
be outside and the various movements involved in the games make it a good
summer fitness program.

Many gyms are introducing various courses to create a different kind of workout
environment for their clients. They introduce climbing walls with various degrees
of difficulty, trampoline and trampoline wall stations, and adult versions of the
grade school activity centers. In these activity centers, there are climbing and
sliding areas as well as obstacle courses where you have to coordinate and
manipulate your body to get through the program. It is fun for all members of the

And we cant forget the ever popular paint ball games. You can be as competitive
or laidback as your partners or opponents allow you to be. There is a lot of
movement that needs to take place while trying to score against your opponents
and avoid getting hit yourself. The length of time to play a single round may be
considerable. Running and jumping will provide a strong cardiovascular element to
the workout. Generally, you get the entire benefit from the workout and it is
similar to that you would see in the gym.

Getting fit doesnt have to be a boring or solo endeavor. You want it to be fun and
with all the talk about how our families have become so disconnected, this is a
great way to change this.

#10. Foods that Burn Fat

Natural fat burning exercises and fat burning supplements are great. You can use
them to get into perfect shape faster. There are so many obese individuals that find
it extremely hard to get rid of a few pounds of their body weight. It is particularly
difficult to slim down during the holidays - it is certain that you will add a few
pounds more instead of losing some.

The reason is quite obvious - it is the lethargic attitude towards physical work out
and staying active. More hours spent with friends and family to watch movies and
shows and party blasts with the consumption of alcohol add fuel to the fire. Finally
by the end of the vacation, when you get into your actual routines, you will find it
difficult to cope with everything immediately. Life will seem really difficult at this

You might even feel like retiring from work and giving up all your great goals and
objectives for this small reason. Get real now. Why struggle with all these
problems? You need to be a little conscious about your food intake and that is all.
You could enjoy life to the fullest extent and however you wish. Here is the fat
burners list for you to take a note of. Memorize the items on it if needed. Add
these foods to your diet and you will see the remarkable change in the shortest span
of time. Also if you are to add a few fat burning workouts as well to supplement
the above mentioned fat burners, then the rate at which you will get to your intact
shape will be quicker.

Some of the great fat burners are listed below:

* Beets

* Asparagus


* Apple

* Citrus

* Orange

* Carrots

* Celery

* Garlic

* Lettuce

* Cucumber

* Onions

* Radish

* Cider

* Vinegar

* Tomato

You can also have non-vegetable fat burners along with the ones in the list above.
Anyhow it does not really matter what kind of fat burners you select. At the end of
the day, if you use the method correctly then it is quite enough to help you stay fit
naturally. Medicine and pills could cause side effects in the individuals that try
them to lose fat. On the other hand, if you are going natural, you stay fit and
healthy without any bother about side effects. That is why people prefer to go
organic and stay that way in the long term for the best benefits.

#11. Fresh Air is One Key Health and Fitness

Polluted urban areas cause a whole heap of problems which affect urban dwellers.
City life is mandatory for a variety of reasons. It allows you to stay competitive
and to keep advancing in your career. You have the opportunity to reach your

The internet has remarkable achievements. Remote telecommunication
technologies have developed a lot. The same applies to many other technologies
that have been introduced in the recent past. Still, the need to stay in the cities is
paramount even today for most of those who are active and want to have a career.

Pollution in the busiest cities is the biggest threat amidst so many other menaces.
Pure fresh air is what is needed by human beings all the time. It is necessary for the
body to work properly. The supply of oxygen to the human system has to be
abundant. This is important for staying healthy. Imagine those who travel in the
two wheelers on a daily basis on the urban roads. Imagine the plight of those auto
drivers and the rickshaw drivers in the developing countries of the Asian and
African continent. The amount of pollution that they are subject to is a disgrace to
the urban living conditions and style.

One of the important aspects that one should bear in mind all the while has to do
with the toxin levels in the air around us. Asbestos exposure on a continuous basis
could lead to mesothelioma. It is a dreaded disease that erodes the bronchial tracts
badly. Exposure to asbestos on a long term basis causes this kind of disease as well
as other problems too. This is the case with the toxic pollutants that come out of
the automobiles too. Each and every car and motor cycle out there have their own
exhaust manifolds that discharge a huge amount of lead pollutants into the air
when they are in operation.

These pollutants get mixed with the air that we breathe. We are not using any
filters to breathe air though. Over a certain period of time when you are exposed to
such a polluted environment, it does not matter really how many exercises you do
on a regular basis. You might fall victim to air pollution. That is why choosing
your walk of life wisely is also a very important task when it comes to staying
healthy for a long period of time. Breathing fresh air is one of the natural ways to
stay fit all the while. You can choose to live in a green environment with a lot of
fresh oxygen.

#12. Get Fit Through Regular Massage

There are many techniques people use to remain healthy and strong. Massage is a
natural technique which is helpful for remaining healthy and strong and many
people are using it. All natural ways to get fit are high in demand because these are
free from all types of side effects. There are many techniques of massage which are
natural and can be used to improve the health and fitness of the body. Through
regular massage you are able to see results in the form of increased muscle mass
and good health.

There are professionals who provide massaging services to the public. Through
these services the users are able to get the desired results in the form of increased
muscle mass and good health. Massages are among the more natural ways to get
fit. They are used all over the world. You can get a complete massage of your body
at any time. It is effective for getting the best results. Useful results in the form of a
healthy body and good physique can be obtained through regular massage without
any types of side effects. Massaging services could be used for getting good
relaxation and improved fitness.

Massagers are machines which are helpful for improving the health of the body.
Many types of machines are available in the market. These could be used for
getting a complete massage of the body at any time. Massage is helpful for the
body. It is good for getting fit in a short time period. You can purchase these
machines to get regular massages in a natural manner. Massages are among the
natural ways to get fit. These are used all over the world for getting good results.
Through regular massages you are able to increase the strength levels of your body
without any types of side effects.

Massages are used all over the world and these are proven to be natural ways to get
fit. There are many people who are using regular massage for getting rid of many
types of problems related to health. Professionals can provide regular massage
services to clients who get a healthy and strong body in a natural manner.
Professionals are able to use advanced methods of massage to make sure that their
clients get the benefits without any types of side effects. Massages are natural and
these have good effects on the health and fitness of any person.

#13. Good Water is Essential to Stay Fit and Healthy

Water pollution is quite prevalent and unavoidable in many parts of the world in
spite of the technological advancements and improvements. If you look into those
parts of the world that are now developing, you will see that water is either scarce
or available but with a lot of impurities. These are countries where the per-capita
income is not that great. People will not have a water purifier unit installed in their
houses to make pure water on their own.

The simple process of boiling water before consumption is in practice in most of
these places as they do not have any other choice but to rely upon the water that
they are supplied with. Most of these people boil water, then filter it and then use it
for drinking purposes especially when they give water to the kids in the family.
Some others do consume it as it is but over a period of time they develop diseases
as a result of this.

Drinking plenty of water on a daily basis is great for the health. It keeps you quite
active as well. Your body will eliminate the toxic wastes then and there perfectly in
that case. Hence, your body can fight off microbial attacks quite effectively.
Diseases and ailments are kept at bay. Water is essential for the proper functioning
of the different organs of the body. Almost three fourths of the human system
comprises of water and it is water which balances out the placement of the organs
of the body. Hence, whenever there is a decline in the levels of water in the human
system, problems arise. It is best to consume at least eight glasses of water a day
and to drink even more when the weather is hot or when you exercise.

Dehydration problems arise often in individuals and especially in those who
participate in sports and outdoor events on hot summer days. Hence, it is evident
that water is essential for good health. Still, when there is no solution found for the
fixing of the fissures and cracks in the supply of pure, clean water to the public,
this is a major problem for everyone. Such issues should be addressed with
immediate attention for the welfare of society. The developed nations should come
forward to help the poorer countries in this aspect. All the funds supplied by the
international charity organizations should be utilized well to fix these fundamental
issues in the society.

Top Bottle Waters:
Hildon Natural Mineral Water
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Gerolsteiner Mineral Water
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And many more, but to many to list.

#14. How Fitness Helps the Individual in the Long Run

Fitness doesnt come with ease or overnight. It involves a process which requires
the individual to perform a series of exercises to burn all the extra fat content in the
body. The total time to get fit and have only the required quantity of fat content in
the body may be over a year. This depends on the present condition of the
individual and on the total amount of unwanted fat content present in the body.
Fitness is important for a human to avoid unwanted ailments and diseases. Fitness
also helps to increase the overall lifespan of each human being.

This article discusses the amount of work that you need to do to stay fit in order to
be healthy. The most important thing is to learn in detail about your body and how
much excess fat it has. Based on this amount of fat, you are required to plan a
schedule of exercises that will help you reduce the fat content in an organized
manner. Evaluate and analyze data on the movement of your body over the first
few days. Assess your intake of food and the movement details to get an idea about
the effect of the exercises that you do.

This detail is important as you will be in a position to understand how much
exercise you are providing to the body. This data will help you plan an exercise
schedule that will improve the exercises and that will help in the reduction of fat
content in the body. In order to be able to continue the program until you see
positive results, you need to set realistic goals. Do not overdo it and stress the
body. A slow and steady process with small increase in intensity over time will
help you reach your goal with ease. This also builds endurance in the body. A
constant motivation is also the key to continuing with the exercise schedule.

It is a good idea to approach a fitness trainer to choose the exercises that can be
included in the schedule. You can perform them right in your home. Do not miss a
session. This can increase the laziness and you may completely deviate from the
schedule. It is also important to plan a proper diet during the entire process. Food
plays a vital role when it comes to exercises as the body is in need of proteins.
Planning is the key to success and helps provide for healthy life. In the end, you
will be fit and energetic.

#15. How to Get a Lean, Fit Body without Much Pressure

Generally everybody loves to be flexible, lovely, healthy and fit. When we look at
the television we often see men and women who have taken care of themselves
enough to be called beautiful, lean, fit and healthy. Most of these men and women
fit perfectly in their swimming suits or dresses, which is why those who are
looking at them admire them and their bodies.

Research has proven that those who have lean, fit and healthy bodies are the ones
who have confidence, pride and have a good life. Most of these people are
conscious about the little things that happen in their lives and do not let stress take
the better part of their lives.

All one needs in order to have a lean, fit and healthy body is good food, proper
nutrition and correct exercises. There are books, videos and magazines that deal
specifically with how to improve your health and make your body fit and lean, but
what matters the most is what you think of yourself and what you feel inside. You
must have the desire to be lean, fit and healthy. This is what will affect the change
in your life and make you an admired person, confident person.

Mostly there are unwanted fats in the human body and that fat is the first thing you
should get rid of. Start by doing the necessary exercises that are meant to burn fat
stored in the body. There are many ways to do this but the best way is the cardio
way. It helps one burn calories and fats as fast as possible and it is effective.

- Jumping jacks - because of the effort used in jumping, you are able to control
your heart rate. These exercises are also able to physically prepare your muscles
for the physical workout you are about to start.

- Burpees - this entails jumping backwards. You have to be able to balance while
in a backward position. It is not easy but you could start by learning to squat in
different positions to exercise your muscles.

- Forward lunge with bicep curl - in this exercise once you have a dumbbell and
have taken a few steps ahead enough for the lunge then you should curl the
dumbbells together and go back to the first position. Lunge again as many times as
possible. This works miracles on the arms and legs to make them as sexy and as
beautiful as anyone would want them to be.

If you are able to repeat these exercises daily you are bound to get the best results
you needs.

#16. How to Get Fit Faster

For someone to want to get fit faster there must be some urgency. Maybe there is a
marathon, beauty contest or even a wedding ceremony in the offing. There are
ways in which you can work out to achieve your goals more quickly.

- Getting a personal trainer - There are professionals who know all things one
might need to know about fitness. These trainers correct your daily habits and tell
you where you have been getting it all wrong. This may be in your diet or even the
exercises that you have been engaging in. Personal trainers help their clients to stay
physically fit. Before anything else you have to be sure that you have will-power to
train. You can be sure of getting better results at the end of the training.

Hiring a personal trainer can be very expensive and that is why people who cannot
afford a personal trainer are advised to use the internet. There are websites that
help you learn what to do in order to keep fit. Also one can buy videos that learn
all about keeping fit. The videos have all details you may need for fitness.
Magazines are good sources of information on fitness and health. You should pick
up any small detail you come across because it may be useful.

- Good eating habits - it is advisable that people who are into training eat a well
balanced diet. Eating well is important in every athletes life. When one is eating
well then you can be sure that you are getting the best out of that training. Good
eating habits enable one to avoid storing of fat in the body.

- Rest to recover - in order to train well, there needs to be some time set aside for
relaxation and rest. Resting is very important because it allows the muscles to relax
before going for another training session. Resting allows one to develop a fresh
mind and have a relaxed body in preparation for another days training. Training
makes the body stronger therefore rest enables easy rebuilding of body muscle

A good training program should be able to allow the trainee to have enough time
for rest. This will enable them to come back ready for the next training session. It
also makes you ready as soon as you may want. It is believed that resting helps one
a lot. It relieves stress making the body feel relaxed and fresh.

#17. Selecting the Right Fitness Trainer for You

Today most people are getting increasingly concerned by their physical health and
why won't anybody be? As there are increasing cases of obesity, diabetes and heart
related diseases, it is necessary that you start focusing on your body. This is to be
kept in mid that for your body only you are responsible, not anyone else. If you
wish to live a happier and more satisfying life then you will have to look after your

Technology is ever increasing and it is beneficiary too, but it has lots of
disadvantages that cannot be neglected. Life has become simpler with the advent
and employment of machines and computers at work. This has made so easy that
that people have move towards a lazy lifestyle such that they can't even look after
their body. Working hard a single place in front of an AC is neither a good idea nor
it is healthy. But yes your fingers do exercise while you work on computer! But is
that enough? Writing and typing documents for the whole day is not a good
exercise. Good exercise means that you have to work out with your whole body
including every part.

Presently, there are hundreds and thousands of fitness centers and gyms that are
easy available. Yet, going through the same boring exercise schedules can prove to
be frustrating and straining most of the time. Apart from doing all exercises
repeatedly each day and get bored, sometimes you also realize the fact that
working out does not display quick results. I know that this can be really
frustrating and most individuals will just give up the workout schedule they
entered in.

Nevertheless, it is necessary that you think over to consider selecting the correct
fitness trainer for your body work out so that you achieve your goals and also keep
motivated during your exercise schedule. Below are few points that you must find
in a good fitness trainer.

- First and foremost thing you ought to look for in a physical fitness trainer is a
certification of license that displays they are professional fitness trainer. Many
fitness centers these days certify their fitness trainers so that their customers are
assured that their job will be done and that they will know how to take care of their

- Next thing that you need to look in a fitness trainer is that if they are actually
qualified to perform a first aid in case of injury. You have to realize the fact that
injuries resulting from exercising are very probable. It is necessary that you look
for a fitness trainer who can deal with bodily injuries very well.

- Choose a fitness trainer who is experienced enough because experience is also an
important factor. The right trainer for you is the one who has worked with different
people that gave a positive feedback.

#18. Making Everyday Activities into Exercise Fitness Routines

We are often asked to multitask in many areas of our lives and exercising really
isnt that much different. We are also looking for exercises that are the least
invasive possible. One way we can get our daily exercises done is to keep our
regular movement routines, such as doing laundry or housework, and just take
them a step further by making the movements more difficult.

Lets start with doing the laundry. You should start with the laundry basket. The
weight of the basket and clothes would be at least, 2lbs. to 5lbs. and at most 15lbs.
so this could be your dumbbell or free weight that can be moved up and down or
side to side as you walk to the laundry room. The same can also be said when it
comes to the laundry soap which has a handle and is around 2lbs in weight. The
laundry soap can be swung around with little effort.

Another exercise regimen is moving the clothes from the washer to the dryer.
Depending upon the positioning of the washer and the dryer openings, you can be
reaching and crouching down to move the clothes. If the two machines are sitting
next to each other, then twisting motions can add to the routine. Yes, this is a
regular movement that we perform on a regular basis but what makes it a
beneficial exercise is the addition of a new element. We want to make these
movements more complex in order to increase our range and flexibility of
movement as well as burn calories.

In the kitchen, you can have the same stretching motion based on the location of
items in your cupboards and other storage areas. Instead of having everything
within an easy reach and eye level, place some of the items on the upper and lower
shelves. This will force you to reach up and bend down to access items. The same
can be done when you go grocery shopping. Instead of just grabbing items that are
at the easy to reach eye level, go for those that are on the upper shelves. One of the
benefits of this is that you may discover some new product brands that are just as
good as those on those middle shelves!

Sometimes just adding a little extra movement to our everyday actions can help us
burn more calories. This can improve your exercise routine for the purpose of
weight loss while adding very little risk of injury.

#19. Making Sure Your Child Stays Fit

Mind body fitness is essential for a well balanced life and a well working body
system. Only such systems perform better. Proper coordination of the mind and
body is essential for better productivity. How to achieve it through natural means?
This is a challenging question. Imagine a child being sent to a kindergarten for the
very first time in his life. Lots of challenges are faced by the kid at this point.
Many new things come into picture. These are things that the child has never
experienced before.

At this point, if there is no body mind coordination the child can actually lag
behind when it comes to his activities, attention, focus and studies. One should
make sure that they take proper care of the child at this point in time as it decides
the entire future of the child to a great extent. A strong base should be created for a
great career. Hence, parents, especially, moms should make sure that adequate
nutrition is given to the child in appropriate ways. Physical activity is a must for
children. Proper body mind coordination is the key attribute here.

Allow your children to play as much as they want. Allow your children to play
with other children of the same age. You should not allow for inferiority or
superiority complexes in the minds of the kids at that tender stage of their lives.
They should know how to strike a balance between the two extremes. This is
achieved through the right nutrition, the right physical activities and right amount
of sleep as well. Deep sound sleep works to refresh their minds to a great extent.

They are ready to grasp more new things when they are very fresh and when they
are completely fit. Teach your children how to swim and dance as these are some
of the most interesting aspects that they would want to learn. At the same time,
there is a lot of physical exercise associated with such activities.

The immune system of kids is prone to microbial attacks. Disease can affect
youngsters quite easily. That is why it is essential to be cautious when raising a
kid. You should always keep an eye on the kids' habits to keep germs at bay.
Staying naturally fit starts from an early age is important. Discipline is taught to
children by parents or other elders and teachers that spend a lot of time with them.

#20. Medicinal Value Plants - Great for the Health

Natural herbal supplements that do not pose any side effects or other kind of
menace to the individuals that use these products should be identified in the
market. There are plenty of brands that guarantee success and there are plenty of
those retailers that grab your attention with money back guarantee offers. Which
ones of these products should you select? Herbs are the things that what we always
wonder about as there are plenty of choices.

Consider the following example. Let's say you are searching online for natural
herbal products to stay energetic and fresh all the while, in spite of the irregular
climatic conditions and adverse stressful office routines. There are really quite a
few effective choices available. These are really genuine in their effect on people
and available at affordable prices at the same time. Most of the other products are
not up to the standards and just cause a placebo effect in the individuals that use
them. Most of the users would identify the placebo effect precisely over a period of

Garlic, ginger, turmeric and many other similar herbs and spices that are naturally
occurring have a high medicinal value. Turmeric has a great healing effect. It is
wonderful for healing some of the worst burns and wounds. It can combat the
attack of microbial growth and alleviates pain as well. Ginger is extensively used
in the preparation of a variety of medicinal products. The price of ginger as well as
its availability is not a problem as it is available in abundant quantities in most
countries. This is the case with garlic as well. Garlic paste is used to treat a variety
of diseases as well as in the food and beverages industry. It is great for the health
when consumed in prescribed quantities. The preparation procedures are also quite

One of the important factors that contribute towards good health is the adequate
supply of oxygen as well as water to the human system on a regular basis. See to it
that you are spending at least an hour or so in an open space that is quite free from
pollution and other hazards. Brisk walking for a couple of hours in an exotic
location, say a beach, will definitely make you stay energetic. Exercising regularly
is important. You need to perform cardio exercises for at least half an hour every
day. You can choose any type of cardio exercise from walking and cycling to

#21. Moving an Hour a Day for Exercise

As many of the TV commercials tell us, it is time to get outside and get moving
and rightly so. The weather is more inviting by getting warmer and with more
sunny days. We want to get moving but we dont want to or cant become those
athletic warriors we see everywhere. Its not to say that it isnt great if you can do
it but not everyone is able to, at least not right out the gate.

To borrow a slogan that has been geared for kids, just move for thirty minutes a
day. This isnt just a message for kids as we all could become a little more active
than what we currently are. Sometimes its just a matter of what form of exercise
we are interested in. It should keep our interest so that we will stick with it, and
work to the best of our abilities. There isnt a reason why it has to be a formal or
standardized method of exercise. What matters is the fact you are getting your
heart rate up for a given period of time. Any cardio exercise will you help burn
calories regardless of its form. This is the main point.

Some people have decided to have walking trips. You can start by walking a
couple of houses away from your own in either direction while eventually
extending the distance you walk. Its a great way to enjoy the wonderful summer
weather. It is great for reconnecting with your neighbors and for stopping to smell
the flowers. Pairing up with your neighbors on these walking trips can make it
more enjoyable and you may discover some things about your community that you
may not have noticed otherwise.

If youre not the outdoor type, some of the gaming systems have variations of
sports and motion activities designed to get the player moving. The technologies of
these systems have advanced to the point that there is a motion detector which
makes the players body a controller. Besides having interactive games, these
systems also have regular fitness/exercise programs that work in the same way.
When used with partners or other players, besides being a chance to reconnect with
family members and friends, it is an easy and fun way to get that hour a day of
activity without all the fuss.

These methods may seem very low geared ways to get moving but the idea is to
get moving, to raise your heart rate and to mingle with people again. Just try it!

#22. Muscle and Nerve Stimulation as Part of a Fitness Program

We know that it takes more than just hitting the workout machines and weights to
be physically fit today. Exercise involves many areas of our bodies that may not be
necessarily getting the workout they need from regular daily activity. Were
talking about nerve and muscle stimulation exercises. These offer a quieter form of
fitness that is less taxing on the body and can be incorporated as part of a regular
fitness routine, which can also be a grounding factor in our hectic world.

In order to provide a non-painful way to stimulate our nervous system, people have
used both acupuncture and the various types of massages for centuries. They have
both provided many great benefits by relieving stress and tension as well as
relaxing the various muscle groups. Acupuncture is based on the ancient Asian
practice of stimulating response points in various parts of the body with small

Each point is reported to stimulate a given muscle or organ group which helps in
the overall healing of that body part. Any type of massage feels great, and lightly
moving the surface of the skin and muscles will work to improve circulation in that
area. That is why many athletes get a massage after hard workouts or sporting

Another way of getting that deep muscle stimulation and improved circulation
would be the heated healing stones. They are placed on various spots along your
back to help improve circulation.

When people hear about vibration therapy, they think of getting shock treatments.
But neuromuscular rhythmic stimulation is providing vibration stimulation that
goes into the deeper muscle groups to improve blood circulation throughout the
groups. It works to improve the bone density as well.

Another way to tone the muscles is through some form of suspension. Originally
seen as part of the extreme exhibitionist or side show acts, people are starting to
see some of the beneficial elements of this type of exercise. It works to strengthen
the core muscles while providing a stress element to the other major muscle groups
of the arms and legs. This is meant to realign and coordinate the overall functions
of the various muscle groups. That well they will work together better to support
the body.

Doing a less intensive activity that still provides the static resistance for strength
and stamina as well as increasing your blood circulation through stimulation will
increase the bodys fitness level while giving your body a different workout.

#23. Fitness: Definitely Not a Waste of Time

Condition in which one is fit is what is referred to as fitness. It would be superb if
all of us take care of fitness from the starting of the life till the end.

As it has been said in the holy books that human body is like a temple and one
must take it as a duty to safeguard it. To keep care of the mind and body is a
gracious act.

One ought to put in a lot of efforts and also do a lot of work to maintain it. Though
it requires intense input of labor but the outcome is definitely satisfying. It is only a
handful of people who get this reward of healthy and joyous life. This is only the
virtue of assiduous.

One of the important things to be added in the routine is the physical exercise.
Along with fitness ne develops the potential to fight the diseases too. And the most
terrible - heart disease too can be controlled.

The miserable fact is that not mush people involve themselves in such activities in
the present time. This is the main cause of various diseases right now. With the
number of increasing patients hospital has become an industry that is prospering. It
is not that the patients have chosen to be so.
The activities for fitness that are suggested for the school students, given by the
Council of the President, fitness and health council, are not followed. If this is done
then there could be change in the ration as it covers a major portion of the
population in United States.

There is a tendency that ass the youngsters take the adulthood they neglect the
need for physical fitness. This reduces the resistant power against diseases and
ultimately the number of patients will increase.

The number of people, who take up exercise for fitness in their routine for a life
time, is only 58 percent of the entire population. And the interesting fact is that this
routine in followed in the free time. On the other hand those who have taken
fitness program as an essential in life is only about 26 percent. This is frequently,
say only thrice a week. This is the report by National Institute on Aging.

It is essential to commit to exercises for lifetime. Though, it is proven fact that
many people ignore this. The reason is that many people think that it does not
really make much improvement on the worth of life one is leading.
It has been reported that most of the deaths are caused due to heart troubles and
accidents that occur as a result of injuries that are not intentional or chronicle
diseases or cancer. These are most common of the reasons of deaths in the present

One must just think for a moment that all the disease talked about above can be
prevented. And this can be done by simply adding exercises in the routine. You
must commit to this routine for a lifetime. But yes, accidental deaths must not be
included in this.

#24. Home Fitness Machines: What One Should You Select

These days, rising number of individuals are getting more interested on their
physical fitness. This is because they are frequently getting aware of the ever
increasing counts of events of heart associated Illness like diabetes and obesity.
Even you should be concerned about your physical health. This is the reason that
most people are getting admissions in fitness center and gyms. They have started to
work out to remain fit for the rest of their lives.

Likewise, by working out, you will get a healthy body and your heart will stay
healthy as well. And I know that later you will feel proud of our great well-toned
body. As a matter of fact, most individuals work out in order to get a great
muscular body. I am sure that you won't deny the fact that a better and good
looking body will look more attractive and will produce larger sex appeal. The
body will look great then the round extra flab body or too thin body. This will also
help you to develop self-confidence and also help you to raise your self-esteem.

Good physical appearance and health profits are the2 chief reasons why many
individuals consider exercising. However what will you do if you find exercising
in a fitness center embarrassing and boring? Most individuals get insecure to
exercise in public and this is the major reason why they discontinue working out in
the fitness center.

Nevertheless, you still can exercise without moving to a gym and getting bored.
The equipment you find in a fitness center can be found at a very low-cost that is
affordable to purchase. Home fitness machines can be bought and you can use
them in your own home as and when you love to. Many home fitness machines
that are available in the market these days are engineered such that they can be
placed at your home easily by occupying a very small area. You can store it after
folding it while you are not using it. It will give you the same quality exercise that
you would get at a fitness center.

In case you are a responsible and full time parent of your kids then you can keep a
constant check on your children while you can work out simultaneously at your
home. You can enjoy your regular TV shows and keep away from missing your
favorite ones.

Many workout machines are available in the market these days. It is commendable
that you must select the correct home fitness machine so that you can have a better
quality exercise. Firstly look out for fitness machine that will give some stress on
your whole body. Also work out with your heart to keep away any heart disease.
For getting the best of your exercise find a machine that helps you with your
cardio. Elliptical trainers and treadmills are 2 best exercise machines for
cardiovascular exercise.

#25. Staying Fit with a Simple Workout Schedule

Dont be part of the millions of people who take a resolution to join a gym or any
form of physical activity to stay fit and healthy. Resolution alone will not help you
achieve the goal of fitness. There are other factors and it is important that a person
that considers them has good motivation. Self motivation is the key to success. It
will help you stay fit and healthy. The natural ways will be very helpful to you.
Though medication and operations are available due to the advancement of
technology, these methods have an adverse affect on the health in the future. Read
the following paragraphs to understand the importance of the natural ways to stay

The basic thing one must understand is the key to staying healthy. It has become
difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle due to the fast paced life. Junk food and
hectic lifestyles have affected the overall health of people. The only way to
overcome such a situation is to implement a schedule containing exercises and a
proper diet chart. Exercises improve health for they produce heat within the body.
This heat comes from burning calories. Exercising will help you burn all the excess
calories in the body and will help you with the maintenance of good health.

Planning is the key to success and should be performed with advice and help from
a reputed dietician and physical trainer. Exercises burn calories, but another key is
vital nutrients. The need for nutrients is essential. You need to aid the body to cope
with the loss of nutrients. The dietician will help plan a diet chart that is filled with
foods that have nutrients that are necessary for the body. Foods which are rich in
fiber, minerals, and vitamins are recommended and there is reduction in foods
which are rich in calories. This is an important thing that will help you stay fit and
healthy. Better functioning of the organs and the metabolism will play an important
role in achieving good health.

Exercises are planned either as part of low intensity or for high intensity sessions.
This is done by a physical trainer. After taking into account the condition and the
physical form of the body, the trainer will suggest or prepare a schedule that should
be followed every day. Motivation is another key factor for a person to stick to the
schedule without any breaks. Regular sessions will improve the overall health
within no time. Staying fit is now in your hands and it is easy too. Prepare your
schedule today for a better health tomorrow.

#26. The Role of Swimming in Staying Fit

Swimming is a great exercise which is quite interesting for the majority of people
as well. Especially during the summer, it is the most preferred exercise for those
who live in the warm regions of the globe. All the equatorial, tropical and even sub
tropical regions of the world have the necessary climatic conditions which are
essential for this sport. The heat could be intense in these and other parts of the
world. It is hard to withstand the heat and humidity in such regions of the world.
During such time periods, the best exercise that people would ideally resort to with
all their heart is swimming and swimming alone.

What if there is no swimming pool in your house or residential complex? You
could go to the swimming pool of the nearest health club. You could walk all the
way to the health club to double the fat burning effect. There are pools set up for
the public. You can gain access to them at an affordable rate in the present day.
These swimming pool complexes could be ideal for the family as a whole. Still,
they could be used just to chill out. You may not be able to exercise in that case.
One aerobic exercise that improves your heart's functioning as well as replenishes
the body energy is a good swim in the ocean.

When you swim against the constant motion of the waves, your muscles work hard
and a sufficient amount of fat is burnt. In fact, swimming helps one build muscle
mass in both the upper and the lower part of the body. During swimming almost all
the parts of the body are active and are exercised to a great extent. Hence, you will
get a great sleep when you finally hit the bed at night. Deep sleep is achieved after
you have swum for hours during the day. Healthy sleep is a great way for staying
fit as well. Children should be taught to swim from a young age so that they can
stay hale and healthy all the while by enjoying the exercise on a regular basis.

Even though there are many ways to stay fit, the natural means of achieving it are
the best for an individual. Relying on pills and capsules for this purpose is not a
great idea as they tend to pose a lot of threats to the health. Swimming protects you
from a lot of ailments.

#27. The Role of Yoga in Staying Fit and Healthy

Yoga is a great way to stay fit all the time. There are plenty of people all over the
world that have admitted that the practice of yoga has brought a huge change in
their lives. This change is described as absolutely positive. These are principles
and procedures that have been formulated after a great deal of research and
experienced over a long period of time.

The reason behind the great success of yoga is its simplicity. The methods and
procedures are very simple to practice. At the same time, the results are quite
amazing. In fact one would even wonder during the initial days whether there these
simple steps and procedures could bring in such remarkable change in their
lifestyle. The young people in particular have such doubts initially as they are in
the flexible stages of their life.

They would find it extremely easy to practice these methods except for the
meditation part. This is because the meditation part is where they will have to sit
idle and focus upon themselves to get understanding from within. It could be really
hard during the first few days for some people to sit and focus for minutes.
Anyhow when you get trained to do all these procedures in a perfect fashion, you
are sure to reach heights altogether as a result of the enormous amount of mental
strength that you gain.

You will have to abstain from all bad habits. You are not supposed to drink
alcohol, smoke or use tobacco in any form when you are practicing such yogic
exercises. It could disrupt your mind and hinder you from stepping up to your
enlightened state which will give you greater physical and mental strength. One of
the key reasons why people give up yoga quite easily in a short span of time is the
confidence that they gain immediately after adhering to the principles of yoga. As
soon as they see the remarkable change and get adequate confidence out of these
practices, they think it is easier to miss practice hours for the time being and catch
up later on. These kinds of breaks that you take prevent you from stepping up and
reaching the highest standards of focus and concentration.

One should not discontinue the practice of yoga or take breaks. There are simple
yoga techniques which are easy to follow on a regular basis throughout your life.
When these are used for prolonged periods of time without breaks you are certain
to reap great benefits.

#28. Staying Fit Mentally and Physically

The natural ways to get healthier and stay healthy all the time require commitment.
Discipline is essential as well. If you have noticed, some of the great leaders of the
international community and people who have achieved great honor and respect in
their lifetime are all quite unique when it comes to their habits. These habits
include the fundamental best principles of life.

Getting up early in the morning and doing some kind of workout are essential
things. Going to bed in time to get adequate sleep amidst your hectic work
schedule, as well as a healthy diet, are all part of the natural approach. Healthy diet
allows your body and mind to act in harmony - in unison.

Unnecessary problems are created when unhealthy food is consumed. The physical
well being is essential for the mental well being. You have to think and act right as
well. People who are leaders have great personalities. They have a lot of successors
and followers. They will have to be alert and cautious in every move and act smart
all the time. In order to progress they will have to keep the fundamental principles
which are essential. When they deviate slightly from these principles, all of their
other essential duties could be affected as a result of this. For this reason they do
not take chances.

Apart from the habits mentioned above, there are more important principles as
well. The art of understanding peoples emotions, gestures, and indirect
communications and so on is one of them. There are plenty of things that one will
have to learn to be a leader. These sharp attributes could be manifested if and only
if the individuals are careful when it comes to learning and thinking. They should
keep on working on improving their strengths and reducing their weaknesses. This
is a continuous process.

You will see the great personality of certain leaders over a certain period of time.
They may need several years of such practice. These people live longer. They are
hale and healthy as they know the art of living well. They keep themselves busy all
the time. Remaining occupied mentally and physically defies boredom which
attacks you and which is among the major reasons for ageing more quickly. Mental
toughness and intellect are things that could be learned with extreme keenness to
learn. A healthier life style with disciplined habits paves the way to success for

#29. Useful Diet Suggestions a Healthy Life

Some of the interesting easy ways to stay naturally fit are discussed in this ebook.
Everyone wants to stay healthy and fit all the time. How feasible is this? This is the
question that we will answer.

Let us start with green tea first. Strong bones are typical for those individuals that
are used to the habit of drinking green tea. Aging tends to cause reduction in the
density of the bones and it affects the joints as well. It is similar to what happens
with machines - as they get older they need more repairs as their parts are already
worn out due to heavy usage. Green tea helps to protect the bones and joints and
effectively combats the aging of these areas. In general, apart from just green tea,
you should spend at least a little time choosing the types of food that you consume
in the long run. Take your time.

Do a bit of research and get information from various authentic resources. You will
have to confirm the findings and their validity by talking to doctors, dieticians and
other experts in the trade. They will suggest the best foods for you out of the entire
list that you have prepared. You could mix them up well. A range of foods that you
really love and enjoy the most should be in the list. The portions, the ways of
eating, the food choices and the food schedule should be presented in a chart form.

Do it even if it takes a couple of days or even a month despite your busy routine. It
is really worth doing it. Finally after having prepared the detailed list and charted
the plan, you should put in your kitchen. You need to ensure that it is strictly being
implemented at all costs. This is where most people fail, though. Most of us are
keen on preparing the schedule, choices, and charts and so on. When it comes to
implementation part, we tend to slip every now and then as there are not any hard
and fast rules for us to keep.

Still, you should be determined. The food you eat can be the medicine for your
body or it can be detrimental to your health if not taken in right amounts and in the
right ways. Ensure that you take care of your diet and you will see a remarkable
positive change in your fitness in a short span of time.

#30. Why Walking?

There are many methods that people look into when they want to get fit. Not all of
them work for everyone. But the most effective way of getting fit is to do it
naturally. This ensures that you are fit and there are no side effects involved.
Walking is one of the natural ways to get in shape.

It is affordable as no costly equipment is required and it has numerous health
benefits. Walking is an exercise that everyone can do since people do it daily and
all that one has to get is a good pair of shoes though it can be done bare-foot.
Most people do not believe that walking is good, but this is not true. It is free. It
does not require paying for gym membership.

Most people opt for this activity because it is a low-impact exercise which does not
cause much damage to the knees compared to running and jogging. It is suitable
for everyone including the elderly. Moreover, you can meditate as well as observe
the beauties in your surrounding. Other health benefits of walking are: losing
weight and reducing the chances of heart attack. It reduces stress and controls high
cholesterol. It works for facilitating leg strength as well as for endurance among
many others.

Even though walking is taken as simple exercise, it is advisable to set up a
particular objective and specific preparations. This will enable you to assess the
effectiveness of your workout. For instance, if you intend to lose weight, it is
advisable that you record your body weight on a weekly basis to determine if
walking is effective.

The following illustrations will help you have a safe and meaningful walking

- It is important to go for the right outfit. The clothes should be loose and the shoes
comfortable and strong - well fitting walking shoes. Weather conditions should
determine the kind of attire for walking.

- Before taking a long walk, ensure that you warm up by stretching the lower and
the upper body for proper blood flow. It is a good idea to start off slowly and then
increase the pace bit by bit. When the exercise is almost through, slow down so
that you cool off properly.

- One should stick to a normal walking style so that in every step the foot is rolled
from heel to toe. The arms should swing briskly backwards and forward. The head
should always be up and attention paid to the surroundings to keep you safe.

#31. Warm Weather Activities as Alternatives to Traditional Fitness Programs

Some of the outdoor activities that we may participate in can provide us with great
exercise. They are good for your stamina, for overall strength building, body
coordination, and flexibility. One example of such an activity would be horseback

On the surface, horseback riding seems to be the horse doing all the work but there
are a lot of movements that the rider is performing. The first two elements of
horseback riding would be the most obvious - body coordination and flexibility.
Remember that you are working with the horse and following its natural
movement. You are not a dead weight on the animal. You have to focus on moving
with the horse or shifting and controlling your weight as well as directing your

Fishing, on the surface appears to be a very sedentary sport although you are
outside in the fresh air. There are periods of inactivity but there are also quite a lot
of physical benefits that make this activity good for those who are less athletic.
Assuming you are fishing from a bank, the act of standing alone increases your
circulation as opposed to sitting for long periods of time. This also includes
changing your location as well as moving your line and lures around in the water to
attract the fish. Its the more time spent fishing than making those movements that
can provide some of the strength and cardiovascular fitness. And with the warm
weather coming in, this makes the perfect excuse to get away from it all.

Another way of getting away is to take a boat ride. You can get a great workout if
you are manipulating the movement of a sail boat. Being able to balance on the
boat as well as manipulating the rigging can help you exercise all the major muscle
groups while building the strength and stamina within a short period of time.
Rowing can also give you a good cardiovascular workout while building you
muscle strength.

Those with a green thumb often get their workouts also during the summer season
as they work in their gardens. It does take a lot of work preparing, planting,
maintaining, and harvesting crops. It doesnt matter what is grown. There are a lot
of push and pull movements. Pulling and lifting can increase your circulation and
build stamina to work for good periods of time. You improve the coordination of
the different muscle groups as you often need to balance on uneven surfaces.

#32. Why Fat Cannot be Burned Up Immediately

Cycling and sprinting are great exercises that help you lose body fat at a fast rate.
For all those individuals that are obese, it is a great idea to start with walking
initially and only then to introduce jogging over a period of time. Initially obese
people might not be able to run due to their excessive weight. They might not even
be able to jog continuously for a couple of minutes. Moreover, due to their
excessive weight, they might be injured. Hence, the best way when you have not
gone for a jog in a year or so is to start with basic exercises and progress slowly to
more demanding ones.

There are people who really want to be able to exercise intensively and get results
instantly in one way or the other. But remember that it takes a lot of time to put on
fat and become obese, so it also takes a lot of time to get rid of it. You can do this
over a period of time. It is nothing but the accumulation of fat which is responsible
for obesity. The structure of the body looks awkward due to fat in the abdominal,
leg and buttock areas. The thighs become larger and it could be hard to move from
one place to the other. You will certainly feel more comfortable when you lose
some of the weight that you have accumulated over time.

When you have reached the obesity stage, it is high time that you got your act
together before the worst things start to happen. As said earlier, accumulating a lot
of fat takes time and so does the reverse process. If you look at it the other way
round, accumulated fat has to be burnt little by little and converted into useful
energy. You cannot get it all done in just one day. Imagine the case should you be
able to burn all your bodily fat in just one day. The quantum of resultant energy
would be super normal and the bodily organs would not be able to withstand this
and function normally.

That is why those who resort to the help of physicians to get fat burnt at a faster
rate are advised to undergo surgery to remove the fat instantly instead of it being
burnt. Liposuction has gained a lot of popularity in the recent past. This procedure
is nothing else but the removal of fat from the human body. It is performed with
the aid of sophisticated machines and equipments. It is not a great idea to remove a
great deal of fat all at once, though -- in my own opinion this is a sign of
desperation when people do this; It's much easier to change the way we eat and

#34. Wrist and Ankle Exercises for Those with Limited Mobility

Exercising or overall body movement should be fun, not a chore. If it is fun and
almost effortless to begin with, you are more likely to stick with it. Some folks can
be athletic warriors and make regular visits to the gyms, pound the pavement in
walking or running strides or enjoy group movement classes. But for some people,
a more sedentary form of exercising may be the ticket. This is especially true for
those who have some mobility issues.

One way to work on our flexibility is when we arent necessarily thinking about
movement. When we are watching television, we could do some wrist or ankle
turns and flexing. We can do this by starting really slowly at first then increasing
the motion and time as it becomes more comfortable to do so. Another form of
exercise that can be done is to have a pillow on the floor at your feet. Lift your foot
from the floor to the pillow then return it. As this becomes more comfortable, add a
second pillow, basically raising the height of the foot being raised. Eventually you
want to get to the point of being able to raise and lower your foot without having to
support it on anything.

While you are watching television, you can take a small pillow and squeeze it
between your fingers as many times as it is comfortable. You can also squeeze the
pillow between your hands to strengthen your wrists.

If you have some stairs in your home, another way to exercise is to use them the
way toddler does when they are first learning to climb them. While sitting on the
lowest, most comfortable step, bring your arms back to rest on a step behind you.
Slowly pull yourself up to a point that is comfortable for you. If you can, rise up to
that level step and sit there, if not, return back to your starting step. Just do this a
couple of times until you can do it with ease or can raise yourself to the step where
your hands originally rested. If you can get to that step, try to climb one more step
up. This is a good way to strengthen your arm muscles, which provide a good
amount of support as you walk or move about.

Doing little movements at the time with your arms and legs may be all that you can
do to start with which is fine. Gaining strength and flexibility in our arms and legs
is the beginning of becoming a fit person all around.

#35. Fitness Tips For Senior Citizens

As senior citizens get older it is very important to stay active in order to maintain
overall health. Some of you cannot exercise like you use to, but you can still
workout and keep safe at the same time. Here are some tips to help you.

I recommend checking with your doctor if you have not worked out in over a year.
It is wise to get a check up once a year any way, so while your there ask about an
exercise program.

It is important to do something that you enjoy when thinking about a fitness plan.
It could be lifting weights or walking on a treadmill. Any exercise is better than
nothing at all. I find that seniors love to workout provided that the exercise routines
are fun.

Most seniors like to workout with a trainer or a partner. I feel the reason for this is
that they feel comfortable with someone helping them with their exercises. If it
makes them train harder and safer then it's great for them.

Some seniors nowadays are in such good shape they can help me workout. I'm
always amazed at what some senior citizens can do in a gym. Quite a few of them
are still very strong and muscular. I can only hope that I will be in that good of

If you never worked out or starting to get back into the swing of things. I would
start off very slow at first. The individual does not want to hurt themselves right
off the starting block. Take your time and the strength and endurance will come
back gradually. You will have some muscle soreness when starting off. Just don't
overdo it at first. The body has ways to overcome muscle soreness with rest and
proper nutrition.

Starting out a fitness plan for senior citizens, I would recommend setting some
short- term goals to get going. It could be something like walking a block. Walking
on the treadmill, or even lifting some light weights. The more goals you set the
more likely the person will keep exercising and making progress.

*Please make sure you stay hydrated by drinking water throughout your workouts.
Staying hydrated will also help if you suffer from cramping.

*Also please make sure you have good fitted sneakers. It's very important for your
safety to have a nice pair of sneakers.

*Please stretch before and after you exercise. Your body will love this and prevent
injuries. As we get older our joints and ligaments shortenBusiness Management
Articles, so stretching helps to elongate the muscle.

As senior citizens it is wise to start a fitness routine in order to maintain a healthy
body and mind. It won't take long once you have a fitness plan to see great results.

#36. Is Fitness Over 40 Easy?

Fitness over 40 is as simple and as easy as fitness UNDER 40. However, people
over 40 do have some things to consider before they leap into any old fitness
program. Here is an overall review of the benefits of fitness over 40 as well as
some suggestions on points to consider before beginning any fitness program.

It seems pretty hard to be fit over 40, doesn't it?

Well, I could tell you about people like Kelly Nelson and Morjoie Newlin, two
female bodybuilders. They're not your typical bodybuilders. Kelly Nelson first
began training with weights in the early 1980's at age 53 and was still competing in
the 21st century in her late 70' a bikini...and lookin' good if I may say so!
Morjorie Newlin was in HER 70's before a 50 pound bag of cat litter convinced her
that if she didn't do something, old age was going to be a difficult time. That's
when she began a fitness training program that included weightlifting. Morjorie
Newlin was participating in bodybuilding competitions, and winning, in her 80's!
Same a bikini and lookin' good.

Now, obviously, these are special ladies who put in a lot of extra effort to
accomplish some specific goals, but it does make a point. Life...and fitness...does
not have to end at 40. Both of these ladies STARTED their fitness careers after age
40. Kelly Nelson was 53 and Morjorie Newlin was 72. Years later, both were still
active in their chosen fitness areas and still enjoying life as well as, or better than,
many in their 30's or 40's.

Fitness over 40? Heck, all around the globe, people in their 80's are skiing, hiking,
canoeing, biking. Some, not so adventurous, are lifting weights or sweatin' along
with Richard Simmons. Some are black belts in Karate, and some quietly and
calmly practice yoga or tai-chi.

As easy as this sounds, fitness over 40 requires regular performance of the proper
exercises. Just as in our 30's or 40's, sitting in the easy chair, clicking the remote,
doing 16 ounce curls with a Miller Lite just doesn't cut it. However, it is not
necessary to pack up and head for the gym and try to keep up with the hardbody
cuties, either. It IS necessary to pick an exercise program or physical activity,
combine that with some healthy eating habits...AND STICK TO IT!

Even over 40, the benefits normally associated with a regular, moderate exercise
program will kick in, but for seniors, some benefits are of special importance.

People over 40 tend to break bones, usually from falling.

As we age, bones weaken, as do muscles. We lose some of our proprioception, the
perception of stimuli relating to a person's own position, posture, equilibrium, or
internal condition. Our ability to react quickly to a loss of balance, whatever the
source, or to avoid an obstacle or actual peril becomes diminished.

Exercise helps bones stay strong and exercises such as weightlifting and other
resistance training help your body maintain balance and stability. Weight bearing
and resistance exercises assist the body in maintaining proprioception by
improving the connections and conditions of the muscles and their anchoring in
bone. This training also triggers the reconditioning of the signaling system from
body to brain which allows the brain to realize the danger and transmit the
appropriate signals to muscles which can react to correct the situation.
Weightlifting and resistance exercises can help give your muscles the strength and
agility to respond to those signals if you are tripped, off balance, or in other peril
requiring quick reaction.

People over 40 begin to lose their zest for living and experience more health crises.

Part of this is due to normal changes that take place as we grow older. Our bodies
get thicker and lose the gracefulness of youth. Things seem to become heavier and
harder to move, and we begin to feel aches and pains that often accompany aging.
Some of those aches and pains may be due to arthritis, and other ills may also
attack us as we seem to become prey to every passing cold or other social ailment,
and also see some deadlier or more debilitating conditions crop up in our age
group, if not in ourselves.

Regular exercise comes to the rescue here as well. It can help with weight loss, or
it can help with weight management once we get to our appropriate weight.
Regular, moderate exercise can keep joints supple, in many cases even joints under
attack by arthritis. I know about this as I have been afflicted with fairly severe
osteoarthritis for several years and manage to keep myself active and the condition
somewhat under control by my own exercise activities. Exercise also strengthens
the immune system, which helps us avoid or fight off the normal bacterial and viral
infections which seem to come our way and which often seem to wreak havoc on
the older population.

Even better; regular, moderate exercise seems to be somewhat effective in helping
ward off such common companions of aging as high blood pressure, type II
diabetes, and even some forms of cancer.

What exercise program is beneficial for fitness over 40?

In the first analysis, almost any physical activity which gets your heart rate up,
makes you breathe more deeply than normal, and which challenges muscles
beyond their normal range of activity is going to be on the list. There are people in
their 80's hiking mountain trails, water skiing, playing softball, weightlifting (as
pointed out earlier), or even cheerleading. It is NOT necessary to take out a
membership in a local gym, hire a personal trainer, or invest in a lot of exercise
equipment and apparel...unless that helps get you motivated. Anything from
walking, to swimming, to yoga, to weightlifting will generally fill the bill. There
are, however, some simple points to think about.

1. Get your doctor's approval first. "Nuff said?

2. Pick an activity.
or even a group of activities, which you will enjoy doing. Don't be afraid to try
something new...take some classes in yoga, tai chi, or even karate. Maybe you will
feel better in a certain amount of solitude and just want to pick up a set of weights
and exercise in the privacy of your home. Perhaps the idea of biking around the
neighborhood or even around other parts of the country appeals to you. If this is a
new set of decisions, realize that you may try a few things at first that just don't pan
out for one reason or another. Keep experimenting until you find what is right for
you. You are STILL exercising, right?

3. Put some variation into your exercise.
Any exercise cannot itself provide the three basic types of exercise needed. We
need exercises which will stretch muscles and joints, exercises which strengthen
muscle, and exercises which improve our cardiovascular fitness. This is not really
hard to do, however, and should not take a lot of time out of your life, particularly
when you consider how much it will put back into your life. As one example, you
could do a simple weight or resistance training for strength two or three times a
week, some sort of low-impact aerobics or walking for cardio on other days, and
do some simple stretching exercises every day. None of these workout periods
needs to be more than about 30 minutes, although a little more time and effort may
produce better benefits, particularly once you have trained up to a level where your
body is comfortable meeting the demands you place on it.

You are more likely to stay on a physical fitness regimen if you enjoy it. However,
things do tend to get stale over time. It doesn't hurt to vary your approach from
time to time in either the manner in which you do certain exercises, or by varying
the exercises themselves. While not exact equals, for example -- swimming,
biking, and walking can be somewhat interchangeable as part of your fitness
routine. In some cases, simply varying the environment; Taking a walk in the park
or botanical gardens as opposed your neighborhood may be all the variation you
need to feel like you have put a little zing into your day-to-day workout existence.

4. Start off easy.
At any age, a common reason for failure to stay on ANY exercise program is that
people tend to try to do too much at first and try to progress too fast. Whatever you
choose, your body needs time to adjust to the new demands being made on it, and
results will never come overnight.

5. Don't stop.
Probably the most important aspect of any exercise program, or any other
self-improvement program, is the commitment to what you know you should be
doing day after day. A haphazard approach to your exercise program is detrimental
at any stage in your life. After 40, however, making sure you get your regular dose
of anti-aging exercise is incredibly important.

6. Eat healthy.
I try to avoid the use of the word "diet", and often substitute the term "healthy
eating" instead. Diets don't work and can even work against you. They are difficult
to stay on and take a major portion of fun out of life instead of making life better.
Healthy eating choices will do the trick if you make them a regular part of your

While fitness over 40 can demand some of your time and attention that you might
not want to surrender to it, the rewards in overall health, fitness health and
enjoyment of life will far outweigh any investment you put into it.

#37. Stay Fit With Wii Fit

If you want a quick and easy way to stay fit daily, the Wii Fit Plus Balance Board
offers you a unique regimen to staying in shape with ease.

A popular game for many reasons, the Wii Fit is appealing to thousands because of
its unique way of making staying fit fun. You can custom create your own work
out plan and goal, so whether you want to work out every day for twenty minutes,
a half hour, or even more, you can easily choose to do so with the settings. The
entire object of the game is to improve the user's fitness, so when you begin
playing, you get to choose the routine that will specially target your specific goals.

Choose from things like yoga, aerobics, strength training, as well as games that
specialize in balance. You can use the Balance Board to perform the activities,
most of which will require use of it, and the motion pressure sensing device will
sense all of your body's movements so that your motions will be received and your
workout monitored. Your personal stats will also be recorded and reported to you
so you know how you are doing and what more is needed to reach your personal
goals. Also, like any exciting game, you can also fight to gain points, set high
scores, and unlock more activities as you go along.

The commitment to personalization remains strong with the Wii Fit, as you can
really determine how much of an activity you wish to do, altering the volume of
activities as you go along. You can choose from so many exciting games, such as
juggling, skateboarding, snowball fighting, an obstacle course, log leaping,
cannonball evading, inspired by things that famous Mario characters had to endure,
as well as Perfect 10, a game designed to combine balancing and mental health.
With your custom made Mii, you will get to choose how often you play these
activities, which ones you do, repeat them, or do all of them. You can also mix and
match your yoga activities for a given day and you can enjoy all of this on an
exciting course of events that will have you looking forward to doing your fitness
workout because of the high level of fun associated with it.

Once you tire of some of the sporty games and courses, you might want to relax
with some yoga, such as the Deep breathing, Dance, Bridge, Shoulder Stand,
Warrior, Tree, Half-Moon, Sun Salutation, Pal Tree, Chair Triangle, or various
muscle toning exercises that focus on your legs or arms or torso or squats, so each
aspect of your body is targeted and improved. Whether you are working on one
part of you or the whole part, the Wii Fit is equipped with just the features needed
to keeping you fit and healthy and doing it while having a party of a time, too.

With the fun animation that Nintendo is famous for, and the exciting games that
are great for people of all ages -- the Wii Fit is the most fun way to stay in shape.
You can encourage kids to do it or you can use it yourself and be guaranteed to
improve your fitness in the most fun way possible.

#38. Staying healthy post 50

There has never been an age to be healthy. Fitness has no age bar. Staying healthy
has always been important. However, as the age starts increasing, staying healthy
becomes all the more essential and difficult. Fitness becomes very important as
you start ageing, as it is the crux of leading an optimal and healthy life. Fitness is
the culmination of two things good nourishment and physical exercise. One of
the important things, that gets compromised as the age increases post 50 is
appropriate nutrition.

Importance of fitness post 50 years of age.
As one reaches the middle age, it becomes extremely important to take care of
ones health and fitness regime. Post a certain age, there are a number of changes
that a body goes through, physiologically as well as anatomically. As the age
increases, the rate of metabolism reduces, there is a change in appetite,
consumption pattern also undergoes a change, a person cannot chew certain type of
food, there are changes in taste and digestion to name a few.
There are a number of diseases that start cropping up post a certain age. Having a
healthy and fit body is the best way to prevent and tackle these diseases. Eating
well and exercising helps maintain good mental and physical health in individuals
post the age of fifty. There are a number of cases of depression and stress. These
scenario are common, owing to a number of reasons such as loneliness, illness,
work related issues to name a few. Being fit and eating right helps battle
depression and stress. Along with this, there is an outburst of degenerative
maladies. Even if one cant curb them completely, staying healthy is one of the
best ways to prevent them for a long time and maybe even greatly reduce the
extent to which it affects the body.

The right way to stay healthy.
The correct nutrition is of utmost importance post a certain age. Owing to the
changes in the body, the nutrient requirements also change correspondingly. A
correct nourishing diet is essential to maintain the fluid balance in the body. It also
helps take care of the bone health and reduce muscle loss. As a result, sometimes it
becomes necessary for the people over 50 to take nutritional products that provide
the required nutrient supplements. Hexagon has come up with an amazing product
called Geria Gold, which provides nutritional supplements for geriatric patients
and those post 50 needing the essential nutrients.

The product contains whey, soya and milk protein. With the progression of age,
there is often seen a loss in appetite, which leads to less consumption of proteins as
opposed to the required amounts. The proteins in the product provide the necessary
amino acids for the body and muscles wear and tear. A number of people post this
age are diabetic and thus the product is fructose based. It also has dietary fiber
which helps tackle the gastrointestinal disturbances. The product also contains
minerals like zinc, which helps fight mental lethargy and vitamins like Vitamin C.
It greatly aids healing and maintains healthy tissues.

Having said all of the above, it is astonishing to know how important it is to stay
healthy post 50. Getting the right amount of nutrition and physical exercise is a

#39. Restaurants: Eating Out And Staying Healthy

Eating out is part of the American lifestyle that most of us have adapted to and
strive for. With the majority of families headed by two working people it can be
hard to always count on getting home in time and not being too exhausted to make
a meal that is nutritious and filling for the entire family. Going out to eat is one
way for a family to enjoy a nice meal without the hassle of having to cook it.

The ingredients needed for a good restaurant are not complex. Most families are
looking for a restaurant that is clean, wholesome and relevantly inexpensive where
they can bring the entire family for at least one meal a day. Many chain restaurants
have the right idea they offer a menu that is consistent in an environment that is
kept clean with prices that are reasonable.

If you're able to afford the luxury of eating out at least once a day usually for
dinner, which is the most complicated meal of the day for most families, you want
to make sure that you are not living on a diet of fast food or pizza. While these may
be a good occasional treat they are not as a rule a healthy way to live. In fact
they've even made documentaries about the dangers of eating nothing but fast food
as a steady diet.

A good way to make healthy choices and cut down at least $10 off your tab for a
family of four is to avoid ordering soft drinks. Soft drinks at most restaurants tend
to be extremely overpriced and even though you are in theory ordering a
bottomless cup, unless you have an attentive waitress you will probably end up
paying two dollars or more for one glass of soda. Not to mention the fact that soda
is loaded with sugar and calories and is not one of the healthier choices you can be
making in your meals.

Dessert may be tempting but it's also something you should avoid. If you're really
intent on dessert stock your freezer up with frozen pies and take one now before
you go to work. After your meal out you can return home to have a piece, instead
of spending extra money on overpriced desserts.

Finally when you order a meal try to make sure you are ordering a meal with
healthy side dishes. For example instead of ordering French fries, substitute
mashed potatoes or a baked potato or even a side of rice. These are healthier
choices and can make you meal nutritious.

If you follow these tips not only will you be able to save money eating out -- but
you will also keep yourself and your family on a healthier diet plan.

#40. Healthy With Diet Smoothies

One of the most popular snacks for weight watchers are diet smoothies. There
are several reasons why diet smoothies are great for dieters. Consider these:

Smoothies make use of fruits and natural sweeteners. They're delicious and they
don't contain extra calories that will ruin your diet. If you do want to add extra
sweeteners, healthier natural sweeteners like honey.

Smoothies can become meal replacements. It's a great way to make sure you don't
overeat, while still getting your daily nutritional needs. This is because you get to
measure each ingredient before hand, making sure that you only add in the
ingredients in the amounts that you need - no more and no less. Worried about
missing out on protein? Then consider adding tofu to your smoothie or using
nutritional supplements like protein powder.

When using fruits and vegetable sin your smoothies, you use the entire fruit. This
means you also consume the pulp of the fruit or vegetable, which is a good source
of fiber for your body. Fiber is responsible for that full feeling you get after
drinking a glass of smoothie. It's also good for your body because it helps digestion
and supports your body's waste elimination process.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. You probably know how
detrimental to your healthier eating efforts it is when you skip this meal. Breakfast
smoothies are a wonderful way to make sure your eating healthy even if you're in a
hurry. You can prepare it in under 2 minutes, take it with you and drink it on the

As with any healthy diet, being able to enjoy a variety of flavors is key to staying
satisfied and committed. This is probably one of the best things about smoothies -
there are so many combinations you can create, making use of a wide variety of
healthy recipes to suit your mood. Really, making smoothies a part of your daily
routine is one of the best choices you can make to help you meet your weight and
diet targets.

#41. 8 Great Ways to Eat Healthy Without Losing the Taste

While you may be very interested in changing your diet so you can enjoy better
health, you're probably a bit concerned about having to eat food that tastes terrible.
However, eating healthy doesn't automatically mean eating without flavor! There
is definitely a shift that has to take place, especially if youre used to eating the
Standard American Diet (SAD), but your taste buds can truly awaken to new
flavors and textures if youre willing to put in a little effort to make that happen.

Thankfully, there are several ways you can consume healthier alternatives without
losing the taste, and it mostly depends on how much creativity you put into your

Try the following tips for healthy food preparation options that guarantee
great taste:

1. Abandon the frying pan. Deep fried food can be really tasty, but unfortunately
far from healthy. However, you can easily replace the deep frying process with
baking or grilling. In fact, you'll end up with juicier vegetables and fish by baking
or grilling properly.

2. Use fresh herbs and spices. Instead of using powdered seasons with additives,
why not consider substituting those with fresh herbs and spices? They're definitely
more natural, which is a plus. But they also have much more powerful flavors than
any store-bought powdered variety you may use.

3. Replace unhealthy sides with tasty salads. As much as you love to indulge in a
serving of macaroni and cheese or potato salad, you're doing damage to your body
each time you do. So why not replace them with delicious raw and living foods and
salads, to which you can add healthy raw dressings, and still end up consuming
fewer calories than the unhealthy alternatives? Plus, youll be getting living food
into your living body, a key ingredient to a radiant and healthy life.

4. Replace simple carbs with complex carbs. Simple carbs are simply bad for you!
White breads, cakes, and white rice have very little nutritional value. Instead, try
complex carbs like whole grains, legumes, and sweet potatoes. By consulting your
trusty recipe books, you can turn those healthy carbs into explosions of flavor!

5. Eat organic, clean meats. If you have to eat meat, eat grass-fed, organic and
clean! If youre a person who is never going to consider going vegan, at least
make sure you buy clean meat. Instead of grilling burgers and hot dogs on Super
Bowl Sunday, treat your body to a grass-fed, organic piece of steak. Just make
sure you include a live, luscious, green salad with it so youll be feeding your body
living enzymes which complement the bodys self-healing capabilities.

6. Make your own sauces. Sauces and dressings don't have to be scratched off your
healthy foods list entirely. However, the store-bought ones do! Replace those with
homemade dressings and sauces that allow you to control which ingredients you
put in. There are many quick and easy raw food dressing and marinate recipes out
there - thats why they invented Google!

7. Substitute store-bought fruit juices with real fruit or freshly extracted juices.
There's that sweetness about fruit juices that makes them appealing to kids and
adults alike. However, you should avoid the excess sugars found in store-bought
juices at all costs. InsteadComputer Technology Articles, have some whole fruit or
freshly extracted fruit and veggie juice - these choices are just as enjoyable but
much better for your body.

Following these tips will help you let go of the mindset that processed and
chemically-laden infused foods are the only ones that are pleasing to the palate.
Healthy options definitely exist if you're interested in treating your body right.

All your meals can be tasty and healthy at the same time. There's just no way you
can beat having food with good flavor and great health properties. That's the
perfect combination!

#42. Staying Fit While Pregnant

The importance of been fit and healthy during pregnancy is so crucial. Some
women have difficulty maintain a healthy regime. But this does not have to be the
case. Staying fit is not all about running and jumping around like a lunatic. Her e
are 3 simple ways to exercise and keep fit without breaking your back or your bank
Walking is such a simple but effective exercise. Keep good posture when youre
walking. Stand tall and dont hunch your shoulders. Try to keep your arms relaxed
and swing them forwards and backwards.
Be careful to avoid walking outdoors when it is very hot and always carry a bottle
of water with you. You want to avoid your heart-rate souring, so keep away from
steep hills and make sure youre wearing comfortable shoes which offer good
support. If the weather does not permit, you can use a treadmill indoors, but
remember to keep your balance!

2. Swimming.
Swimming is a great overall form of exercise and particularly during the later
stages of pregnancy, as walking can become a bit uncomfortable. Being in the
water is great because it supports your weight and helps take the pressure of your
lower back.
Water is wonderful because the effects of gravity are lessened and therefore there s
much less pressure put on your joints. If has also been found that swelling can be
reduced through regular swimming and of course it has a calming effect on the
body which is of great benefit.

3. Yoga and Low-impact Aerobics.
Nowadays, a lot of hospitals and health clubs offer pre-natal exercise classes.
Because of the limitations put on a pregnant body such as loss of balance and
reduced energy -- the routines involved are designed to allow women to exercise
safely. Dont forget to exercise in a room that is well-ventilated and wear
comfortable and breathable clothes and ALWAYS have your bottle of water on

#43. Staying Healthy on a Low Carbohydrate Diet

It is estimated that about 32 million Americans are following some type of low
carbohydrate diet. This is the result of fad diet authors claiming that carbohydrates
are the cause for Americas rising obesity problems. The backlash against
carbohydrates is a result of the low fat craze that started in the 80s.When
consumers started cutting down their fat intake, manufacturers figured out that they
could create low fat processed food products that the public would buy. Because
these products claimed to be fat free, Americans didnt pay attention to the fact
that they were not also calorie free, and as a result, the total amount of daily
calories has slowly been increasing. In fact, although the total percentage of
calories from fat has decreased, the actual amount of fat intake has increased by
10# per year since 1975! The increase of carbohydrate has also increased, at a rate
of 20# per year, mostly as a result of highly processed foods.

It is estimated that 3800 calories are now produced for every American man,
woman and child. We have evolved from a world of feast or famine, but were in a
state of perpetual feast, although our bodies have not changed. We have no
defenses against excess calories: Every year, 300,000 to 400,000 deaths in the US
are attributed to obesity.

Meanwhile, Asian and Middle Eastern populations consume 50-75% of their
calories from rice and have some of the lowest rates of obesity and heart disease in
the world. People living in the Mediterranean also have fewer health conditions
commonly seen in the US. This diet consists of whole grains, vegetables, legumes,
nuts and fruits. Their diets are rich in fish and low in meats and poultry. Although
their fat intake is about the same as in America, the type of fat is primarily
monounsaturated fats, such as olive oil, where Americans eat primarily saturated
animal fats.

Regardless of the actual advantage or disadvange to following a low carbohydrate
diet, there are three recommendations for maintaining good health while following
such a diet. The first is to choose healthy fats over the unhealthy, saturated fats,
when considering fat intake. Examples of healthy fats would be plant fats that have
not been hydrogenated, which makes the fat more solid at room temperature. It is
believed that hydrogenation is actually more harmful to health than saturated fats
found naturally in animal products. Plant fats would include nuts, avocados, and
olives. Oils such as olive oil, canola oil and peanut oil are better choices than fats
that come from animal sources, such as butter, lard or bacon grease. Multiple
studies over the years have shown that excess animal fats lead to higher risks of
cancer, heart disease and other inflammatory disorders. Saturated fats have been
linked to increased cholesterol, LDL (the bad) cholesterol as well as to increased
LDL cholesterol oxidation. In fact, in January 2004, an Atkins representative put
out a press release advising the public to decrease their amounts of steak, eggs, and
saturated fast to less than 20% of their total fat intake.

The next recommendation to ensure good health is to eat plenty of fruits and
vegetables. Although fruits and most vegetables are restricted in the initial phase of
some low carbohydrate diets, they are then allowed back in limited amounts. The
phytonutrients that come from a diet rich in fruits and vegetables have been shown
to decrease blood pressure, as well as protect against cancer, heart disease,
diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and obesity. Its easy to add more fruits and
vegetables to your diet, once you get in the habit. Examples are; add some berries
to breakfast, eat a tomato at lunch, include broccoli with dinner, drink some
vegetable juice with snacks, and have a large salad with your meal.

The final tip to ensure good health is to eat a diet of whole foods, rather than fall
back on the easy snack, convenience foods of today. If Americans had just cut
down their amount of fat intake in the 80s, without finding new ways to snack, we
may not be seeing the epidemic of obesity we see, today.

When people started going on the low carbohydrate diets, they eliminated a large
number of calories by eliminating snacking, especially at night, where common
snacks are chips, crackers, and other high fat, high refined carbohydrate foods,
such as ice cream. Today, though, much like in the 80s, manufacturers are now
developing low carb and low net carb snack foods. We can now find low net
carb chips, crackers, ice cream, popcorn, even low carb pizza! As Americans start
to increase their intake of these foods, we will soon see a slowing of the weight
loss many had seen initially.

In order to call themselves a low net carb food, manufacturers subtract the fiber
and sugar alcohols from the total carbohydrates in the product, rather than produce
products without carbohydrate. There is no actual FDA standard for what a low
net carb food is, yet, though, so right now its anything the manufacturer wants to
say it is. These foods also are very high in fat and saturated fat, usually through
hydrogenation. So, not only will calories be added back into the diet through
resuming unhealthy snack habits, but they will be calories consisting of high
amounts of the unhealthy fats.

So, while following a low carbohydrate diet, in order to ensure continued good
health, follow these three recommendations: 1) Make most fats you eat the healthy,
plant fats, rather than eating a diet high in animal or hydrogenated fats, 2) Eat
plenty of nutrient rich fruits and vegetables, which are high in disease-fighting
antioxidants, and 3) eat mostly whole, fresh foods and very little processed snack
foods, even if they say low carb-- in order to avoid hidden and unnecessary fat
and calories.

#44. Staying Slim For Spring

Okay so youve worked your butt of all winter long, putting in those grueling
workout hours day in and day out. Youve lost a few pounds and you even have
some nice defined muscle on your body to show for all of your hard work. So you
might think to yourself that since you worked so hard throughout the winter, you
can slack off a bit and indulge in those spring foods.

What kinds of spring foods you ask?

Heres a quick list:



Ice cream

Salads loaded with mayo

Spring beverages (ice cap, margaritas, iced coffee)

those kinds of things

So of course there will be some challenges in terms of watching what you eat, but
if you want to maintain the results you got or maybe want to see a bit more results
then you still have to put in the effort to focus on your workouts and watching
what you eat.

And as usual if you do this 80% of the time then you have that 20% to enjoy some
ice cream, or have a burger at a family picnic You have to enjoy your life

But eating well is one part to staying slim this spring.

You also have to keep your workouts up to par buy working out at least 3 times a

With the warmer weather here this makes getting your daily does of exercise a lot
easier than in the winter.

Youve probably heard the same old generic stuff to being fit in the spring. Yeah
you can do things like riding your bike, going for walks, and so on. But if you
really want to spice things up then what you can try to do is bump up the intensity
on your favorite exercises.

-For example, lets say youre doing your workout outside. Instead of performing
lunges on a flat surface, while not do it up a hill?

-Or if normal push-ups are too easy, lift one leg up to place more weight on your
upper body.

So you see being active is one thing but changing the intensity level of your
activities can really speed up your results and can result in you becoming more fit a
lot faster.

Last, remember that You Get What You Give.

If you give 110% during all your workouts and have the discipline to stay away
from foods that pack on the pounds then youll see 110% results. And at that point
I dont see why you cant go out and buy yourself a nice new spring dress or jeans!

#45. Kung Fu - A Great Way To Stay In Shape

Staying in shape with kung fu may seem obvious on the surface.
The physical demands that this activity places on the doer is enough to keep the
blood pumping and the heart rate elevated. It challenges one's metabolism and
pushes one to create a healthier lifestyle for themselves. But those are not the only
ways that kung fu can help you to stay in excellent shape. There are other factors to
consider that include the physical but go well beyond it as well. Even people who
practice kung fu look past the mental, social, and spiritual advantages that it
provides. Needless to say if staying in great shape in every aspect of your life is
important to you, then kung fu is one of the best ways to do it.

Start with the physical. With heavy cardiovascular activities that are associated
with the art form, you have the advantage of challenging your heart to grow
stronger and, in turn, the rest of your body. Good circulation is essential to one's
ability to perform on a physical level. By strengthening the heart, you are also
building muscle and endurance, both essentials to living in a way that proves you
are in great shape.

However, the physical is not enough. Luckily, kung fu has you covered there, too.
By integrating the physical with memorization and concentration, it can also help
one perform better in academic, social, or employee activities. By sharpening the
mind, you have the chance to make a positive impact in more areas of your life
than ever before. The self discipline that kung fu instills in you can help in areas of
business, especially for those of you who are your own boss. After all, it takes
discipline to be able to manage your daily activities and still maintain a productive
routine without someone standing over your shoulder and forcing you to work all
the time.

Concentration and memory also helps one in the practice of spiritual beliefs,
whatever those beliefs may be. Whether your focus is on a higher power, a
religious creed, or an ongoing yearning for knowledge, the skills this form of
martial arts teaches puts one in a position to be the most effective within their
system of values.

Kung fu is an art form that challenges you to become a better you. It opens a world
of possibilities that you may not have been aware were there. While different
students learn the discipline at different intervals, all stand to benefit as the days go
by and new opportunities for improvement arise. But in order to make the most out
of kung fu -- make sure that you learn from a master who can turn its mysteries
into a practical study.

#46. Shorter Workouts Are Better Workouts

The age-old theory of staying in the gym for 45 minutes or more is being
challenged, with a new theory that suggests you get in and out of the gym in 30
minutes or less. This is an interesting and effective way to approach your fitness
goals - less time spent exercising, but with a higher intensity.

To get results from exercise, intensity and frequency are more important than
duration. In fact, intensity and duration are inversly related. In other words, if your
exercise duration is shorter and your intensity higher, you get the same, if not more
effects from exercise. If you are running short on time, like most individuals are,
then exercise sessions of a shorter duration make sense.

Shorter, more intense sessions are fun and invigorating. When you spent 15-20
intense minutes pumping weights, your metabolic rate is stimulated more than
languishing on the treadmill for 30-40 minutes while watching TV. It is more fun,
stimulating and energizing and results can be magnified with a workout buddy.

Scientific experiments have proved that this is an effective strategy for weight loss:

More Minutes. Overweight women who did three 10-minute workouts a day
totaled an extra 35 minutes of exercise per week compared to a similar group who
exercised 30 min a day. Ironically, breaking down the exercise frequency (training
more than once a day, but for shorter periods) yields more results than if you were
to do the exercise all at the same time. Short, intense sessions boost metabolic rate,
which stays elevated longer as compared to low intensity, long duration sessions.

More Miles. In a University of Nebraska-Kearney study, overweight walkers who
did two 15-min bouts, 5x/wk, nearly doubled their weekly mileage compared with
walkers who walked 30 min, 3x/wk.

Less Dropout. Twice as many people stuck with more, short workouts as those
who stuck with fewer long ones. Interesting, considering that the short workout
group put in more days (5 vs. 3) and committed more time weekly to exercise (150
min. vs. 90 min).

More Calorie Burn. Whether you do your workouts all in one shot or break them
up, you burn about the same amount of calories. But what happens AFTER is a
different story.

The calories you burn after a workout may be slightly higher if you break up your

Better Recovery. A long, tedious, 60-90 minute workout will burn you out
physically and mentally fast. Concentrating your workouts into 30-35 minutes
allows your muscles to recover between workouts and to work your body more

#47. Fitness: Boredom Busters

One of the biggest obstacles to staying on track for fitness is losing motivation.
People are just starting an exercise program can find themselves quickly tired of
the same routine. Keeping exercise appealing and maintaining a good fitness
perspective is key to long-term success.

If you have to watch the exact same episode of your favorite television show every
day for the rest of your life, you would probably be banging your head against the
wall by the end of the week. You would change the channel, pick up a book, or do
anything you could to avoid something you once enjoyed.Yet, many people
starting on a fitness program feel compelled to follow the same routine, day after
day after day, and consequently fall off the exercise wagon due to sheer
boredom.That is why, most people would want the services of a fitness trainer in
order to provide them the different portions of the fitness program in a more
livelier style.

Fitness trainers are actually those who are expert in analyzing and creating a fitness
program that is right for you. They are the ones who will calculate your
appropriateness to a certain program with regards to your fitness level, create the
program according to your specific needs, and keep you stimulated and inspired by
giving you activities that will not bore you.But then again, as with other entities
included in the fitness world, not all fitness trainers are created equal. They may
vary from the different trainings that they have, the health education they have
acquired, and the skills that they have learned. Hence, it is important to consider
some factors that will determine if a certain fitness trainer is right for you.
Here is how:
1. CertificationLike any item or product, the quality is sometimes measured and
determined through the certification that goes with it. Hence, before you choose
your fitness trainer, it is important to verify if the trainer is duly certified by a
highly regarded fitness association.It is also best to choose a trainer that has a CPR
certification or first aid qualifications.
2. Education/TrainingsBe sure to choose a fitness trainer who had acquired an
adequate training and education as far as health and physical fitness is
concerned.Even though it is not necessary, trainers who have acquired education
connected with health or any other related field will definitely have an edge over
the others.
3. Knows how to give the right attentionA good fitness trainer should know how to
provide his or her client an undivided attention whenever their session is going on.
In this way, the trainer will be able to focus more on the details that needs attention
and immediate considerations.
4. Knows how to track developmentIt is best to choose a fitness trainer that knows
how to track his or her clients progress as far as fitness is concerned.In this way,
the trainer will be able to generate new activities and trainings designated for a
particular result of the client.
5. Good PersonalitySince you will be dealing most with your fitness trainer, it is
best if you will look for somebody with a pleasing personality, somebody whom
you can be comfortable. It is best to hire the services of somebody whom you can
easily get along with.
Boiled down, the services of a fitness center and the contributions it can give you
while working out on those belly fats, are, indeed, one of the best help that you can
get from a professional person who knows what he is doing. So, it is best to choose
the best person who can give you the best services that you need so that you will
never get bored again.

#48. A Great Way to Socialize While Maintaining a Healthy Body

In the present time you would see many people who live as singles and believe that
they are happy and enjoying the life to fullest. But everyone wants a partner and
friends to spend some time with. A time comes in life when one feels like meeting
the special person in life with whom he/she can think about spending the whole

But this is not the only thing that is required for happy life. One ought to stay
healthy and fit too in order to enjoy the life to the fullest. Socializing keeps you
happy as you can forget your tensions but to stay healthy you need to exercise as
well. There are a lot of programs that have been especially designed for those who
stay single. This also gives you chance to these singles to be with the others who
share the same lifestyle. One can make friends with other singles and workout with
these friends to get a well toned and a healthy body.

The exercise programs for the singles can give a chance to all those singles that
join this program to workout and have fun doing the exercises. This is because all
these programs have activities which are fun filled which are required to be done
with other singles. A few of the activities in the programs are swimming activity,
mountain biking over cross the country and many other activities from the sports

For all this fun activities one ought to find a group which offers such programs that
is designed for the singles. Along with this, when you find it you are required to
tell them about your choices, your direction with regard to your sex, your age
along with choosing the sports or fitness activities that you would like to
participate in like hiking, cycling or any other that you think you would like to do
happily. This is in order to make it for the company to put in a group of singles
who share the interests same as yours and in accordance to your age.

It can be real fun for the singles to join such single programs. Other than this, the
activities they have longed to be part of but did not enjoy doing them alone can
now be enjoyed with the people sharing the same lifestyle as them. This can be real
fun to get in the fitness activities this way, being single.

In such programs one who enjoys boxing is paired with another who enjoys the
same activity. This is a good and interesting way to socialize and get fit at the same
time. You can get a healthy and well tones god looking body along with having
fun. Another thing is that you may find the person of your dreams too here along
with having fun and getting healthier.

It is obvious that you would be paired with the person sharing the same interests.
Only thing required is to develop that relationship.

#49. Fitness through Belly Dancing

Children and adults, both are involved in belly dancing in the western countries.
This is a very popular way to value the curves of the body and improve them in a
better way. As per the needs of the individuals various belly dance classes are set
up. The levels are defined as beginners, transitional and complex level. One has to
choose the class on the basis of his/her talent and level.

In the earlier times belly dancing was taught to the ladies of the Middle East in
order to build up the hips and in order to make them ready for giving birth to
children. This was like a tradition in the past which later took the form of an art or
say, exercise and entertainment. For a belly dancer of complex level it is normal to
make 30 moves in the dance. This must be kept in mind by the beginners that theuy
do not need to memorize the steps when they learn them. The only thing required
is to know how they have move the belly correctly as belly dance is for a lot of
those cut off parts of the body which we hardly move otherwise. We have to make
that body parts dance on the rhythm of the music.

The movements of the belly dance are out of the way. The hips are pushed, raised
and shimmed in belly dance and also, the pelvic muscles are required to be tilted
along with rolling the body. For the hand movements they are moved like a snake.
You need to shim both the legs together or one after the other. One who masters
these movements needs to practice and add the belly dance in life as a routine and
can also achieve a stunning belly with this. With a little work on this you can make
all the movements with the basic and other similar positions and many more. Work
relating to floor like sitting, standing and falling would follow on its own. One of
the things which all the women love to play is veil work. This is an integral part of
belly dance.

For those who are learning belly dancing it must be understood that there a lot of
things that one needs to learn in order to master the art. All the teachers in this field
have different names for the moves but all are the ones that are skilled. Belly
dancing is an art by which one masters the art of trembling, shaking, pushing,
falling, molding and fastening the body. If the arms, legs and hands start to follow
the rhythm the watery motion begins to show up. The dresses worn for the belly
dance are such which lets the ladies show up the curves of their body.

One must not take belly dancing as form of art only; it is in fact a way to live a
healthy life by taking it as an exercise. In this form of dance every muscle of the
body is put to work. This makes one fit all together and helps giving the body a
good shape.

#50. Outdoor Exercise and Fitness

With the changing times one and all are now familiar with what they need to be fit.
It does not matter whether the physical activity is to be performed indoors or
outdoors, everyone takes up the opportunity which can keep them physically fit.

Along with the indoor exercises outdoor exercises too have become trendy now.
With the exercises one can get following advantages.

1. To workout in the best and get the maximum benefit only a little machinery is
required. Other than this there are a few workouts which can be done without any

2. No need to b among those people who irritate and no need to be in the crowd.

3. No need to go out walking or driving for the sake of fitness.

4. Fresh air can be enjoyed maximum.

5. One does not need any special outfit or not even any kind of makeup.

6. Vitamin D from the sunshine can be taken.

7. One does not have to work out at fixed time, exercise as and when you feel like
and at the place you like.

There are a few reasons which we cannot add in the list which are also the reasons
for taking up the routine for outdoor exercises. There are many other things over
which one can ponder. After knowing about the benefits of outdoor exercises one
now needs to know about what all activities one can get involved with for outdoor

Here is a list of some of the best outdoor exercises. For all those who want to work
out with great vigor and sweat out these can be the best.
1. Lunges - this is an exercise with which all the muscles of the legs and the
buttock would be put to motion. For this it has done perfectly. If you get to do it
perfectly then try ahead lunges while standing, elevating, waling and rearing.

2. Pushups - one of the best exercises for the upper body is push-ups. In the present
time only a little number of people does it as machines for pressing are preferred. It
is the best exercise for which one does not even need a tool. The basic level of
pushups includes grips that are standard, close and wide. The shoulder, chest and
triceps muscles can be aroused with these three basic movements. If you uplift
your hands you can make the movements easily. If you want to try harder
movements uplift your feet. If you are an expert by now then try bouncing pushups
or clapping.

3. Squats - to get power try out the squats. As people have become lazy and proper
instructions are not given it has lost its effectiveness. One can also try the one leg
or wide stance or overhead or pile squat. When you do it continuously and the legs
get tired, then the result is achieved.

4. Step ups - this is a cruel exercise. The equipment required is a bench. You have
to step up and down. The head has to remain high up with back strongly straight.
This is good for the heat as well.


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