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Ever since he began giving public messages through Geoffrey Hoppe, Tobias has been
joined by a number of other angelic beings. Over the years these have included Metatron
(Yoham), Archangels Gabriel, Michael, Amiel and others, Quan Yin, Kryon, Yeshua, and
many more. But the most significant of these have been Tobias partners on the Crimson
Council, Adamus Saint-Germain, introduced in January 2003, and Kuthumi lal Singh,
introduced in June 2004.

With Tobias final message, delivered in July 2009, he handed over leadership of the
celestial Crimson Council, and its earthly counterpart, the Crimson Circle, to Adamus
Saint-Germain. Since assuming this role, Adamus has brought his unique and provocative
style to the monthly meetings and workshops around the world, guiding Shaumbra to
ever-deeper awareness, trust, and reunion with Self.

Kuthumi lal Singh plays a different role with Shaumbra, occasionally taking the stage in
the various workshops but more often working with individuals on a deep, intimate and
personal level.

More information about these Ascended Masters can be found on the following pages.



Adamus Saint-Germain is the Professor, Master and Teacher from the Crimson Council
who delivers workshops and curriculum through Geoffrey Hoppe.

Much has been written over the years and many stories told of this intriguing, somewhat
enigmatic figure in history. Adamus is a remarkable being who has manifested in many
lifetimes, expressing a variety of identities in many adventures on Earth. In his lifetime as
Saint-Germain in the 18th century, he was born in an area now known as Spain to a
Portuguese father who was also Jewish, and a mother of royal Spanish lineage. He chose
to call himself Count de Saint-Germain when he began his travels throughout Europe. He
counseled kings and other royalty and was known as a great alchemist a great mover of
energy. Today he also enjoys being referred to as Professor Adamus.

Saint-Germain claims to have founded many mystery schools in Romania, Hungary and
Transylvania. According to Wikipedia, The Count of St. Germain (fl. 17101784) has
been variously described as a courtier, adventurer, charlatan, inventor, alchemist, pianist,
violinist and amateur composer, but is best known as a recurring figure in the stories of
several strands of occultism particularly those connected to Theosophy, where he is
also referred to as the Master Rakoczi or the Master R and credited with near god-like
powers and longevity. Some sources write that his name is not familial, but was invented
by him as a French version of the Latin Sanctus Germanus, meaning "Holy Hermanm,"
or " Holy Brother Herman." St. Germanus was a lay brother of the Benedictine order.

Adamus Saint-Germain returns to the Crimson Circle to teach and assist the New Energy
Spiritual Teachers. He reminds us that the art and true nature of energy movement is
simple physics. He is here to assist in humanitys transition from the Old Energy of
force and duality into the New Energy, which is expansional and accessible with ease.

Adamus Saint-Germain is currently the keynote speaker at all Crimson Circle workshops
and schools around the world. He has created four key Advanced Studies courses now
led by Crimson Circle certified teacher. These courses include DreamWalker Death
Transitions, DreamWalker Birth Transitions, DreamWalker Ascension Transitions
and Synchrotize. In his inimitable style, Adamus also leads live workshops around the
world, including his signature New Energy Mystery Schools, DreamWalker Life,
Advanced Sexual Energies Schools.

More than his many titles and identities, Adamus carries the wisdom, passion and
creatorship of a true teacher.

Important to note is that when Adamus Saint-Germain assumed the role of Ascended
Guide for the Crimson Circle September 2009 he made a stern request:

Im coming in as Adamus, for Shaumbra only, so that we can journey together into this New
Energy. Im going to be bringing my message through Cauldre, the one you know as Geoffrey. I

have no desire and I will not do private sessions with other people. Im choosing Cauldre as
long as he is willing and as long as he stays clear with my message Im choosing him to bring
this in because I dont want ten, fifteen, twenty different messengers at this time. Im going to
make my message clear, and as long as Cauldre and Linda stay in clarity, stay out of ego, stay
out of any energetic feeding, I will bring my messages through them to you. So, please, I do not
want to hear about anyone out there, as some are already doing, claiming to be channeling
Adamus. You can continue to bring in messages from Saint-Germain.

Again in May 2012 Adamus stated:

!" $%&' &' ( )*''(+* ,"- "$%*-' .%" (-* /0(&)&1+ $" 2* /%(11*0&1+ 314*- )5 1()*6 "$%*-' .%"
(-* /0(&)&1+ $" 2* 4"&1+ !%"34'7 8$ &' 1"$ (99-"9-&($*: 8$ &' %*-*: 8$ &' $%&' +-"39: 8$ &' $%&'
)*''*1+*-: 8$ &' $%&' $*(): 8$ &' $%&' '$(,, $%($ 2-&1+' &$ $"+*$%*-: ;%*1 8 /()* &16 &1 )5 ,&-'$
)*''(+* 8 '(&46 <=%&' .&00 2* &$:> ?1* )*''*1+*-6 "1* +-"39 $%($ 8>) $(0@&1+ $": =%($>' &$: A15"1*
*0'*6 8>00 2* '" 2"04 (' $" '(56 &'6 "1 ( +""4 4(5 /"1,3'*46 "1 ( 2(4 4(5 4*03'&"1(0 "- ,-(3430*1$:B

These requests by Adamus help to keep the message and energy clear, and avoid
confusion. For more information about this, please read The Only & Only Adamus.

Click here for further reading on St. Germain



Kuthumi lal Singh is a Master and Teacher from the Crimson Council who is a frequent
guest and presenter at Crimson Circle gatherings. He is known for his sense of humor and
simple wisdom. He is also known as Koot Humi, Mahatma and Master K.M.

Kuthumi lived in the 19th century and according to his self-described story, he was a
Punjabi whose family settled in Kashmir. Kuthumi was later educated at Oxford
University in the mid-1800s. During his time in England Kuthumi suffered an extreme
mental breakdown and was bed-ridden for nearly two years. After learning to get out of
the limitations of his mind, Kuthumi traveled throughout Europe and the Middle East
before returning to India. He spent his last years at his lamasery in Tibet.

Master Kuthumi gave his sacred teachings to Madame Blavatsky which resulted in the
establishment of the Theosophical Society in the late 19th century. Isis Unveiled,
dictated to Madame Blavatsky by Master Kuthumi (who worked with El Morya and
Sananda), was one of the first occult works that publicly revealed the ancient mystery
school teachings. It was followed by The Secret Doctrine and other works channeled
by Madam Blavatsky with the assistance of Kuthumi.

In one of Kuthumis most popular lectures to the Crimson Circle, he told what he
described as a very funny angelic joke: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to
Ascension: I Lost Everything. During a sacred tour in Egypt with Adamus and
Shaumbra, now known as Time Travels, Kuthumi also shared that his true soul name is
Ah-Kir-Rah, of which Kuthumi is one expression.

It is generally regarded that previous incarnations of Kuthumis soul include Pythagoras,
Pharaoh Thutmose III, Balthasar (one of the Three Wise Men), Saint Francis of Assisi
and Shah Jahan, who built the Taj Mahal.

While working with the Crimson Circle, Kuthumi has presented the Whats Missing?
workshop and Personal Study Course, a lively session on Conspiracies, as well as
Soul Encounter and Yes, I Am Enlightened, two very special recordings in which he
relates his experience of reunion and ascension. He has also contributed to Time
Travels and Sounds of the Soul, another experience in Egypt.

In addition to his channeled materials through Geoffrey Hoppe, Kuthumi has co-written
many books in recent years with Shaumbra around the world. As with the very essence of
Kuthumi, the books use humor and wit to bring forth the message of spiritual wisdom and

For further reading about Kuthumi lal Singh and also here.



As the loving and compassionate entity who helped call Shaumbra together in this
lifetime, it was beloved Tobias who guided the Crimson Circle for 10 years, beginning in
August 1999.

An angelic being who has lived many lifetimes on Earth, Tobias is most noted for his
lifetime as Tobit (also known as Tobias), one of the main characters in the apocryphal
Book of Tobit. According to Tobias, his last lifetime on Earth ended in approximately 50
BCE, and he came back now in this modern time through the angelic realms for what he
called the biggest evolution of consciousness humanity has ever experienced. His
essence is available to lovingly assist those who are going through spiritual
transformations, seeking to integrate their divinity with their humanity, and rediscovering
the God within. Tobias has now entered into his next lifetime on Earth. His final message
through Geoffrey Hoppe was delivered on July 19, 2009.

Talking with Tobias
By Geoffrey Hoppe

I had never heard of Tobias when he first appeared to me on an airline flight in 1997. It
wasnt until many months later that I learned who he was and where he came from.

In the early days of talking with Tobias, the communications were sometimes hazy. Just
like a distant radio station, the messages were garbled or subject to interference from my
intellect. One day I asked, Tobias, who are you anyway? His answer was simple, but it
confused me. Youll find me in the Bible, he said. Even with my limited knowledge of
the Bible, I didnt recall reading or hearing of Tobias.

I paged through the Old and New Testaments of Gideons Bibles in search of Tobias. No
luck. I even asked a friend to do a search for Tobias on his laptop bible program. Still no
luck. I was beginning to wonder about the existence of Tobias, and who this voice in my
head really was.

At the height of my frustration, I finally discovered his story. Tobias forgot to mention
that he had been in the Bible. The Book of Tobit is in the Apocrypha, or the lost
books of the Bible, that were removed by the church in 1546 during the Council of
Trent. I discovered later that some of the older Catholic bibles still contain the Book of
Tobit. I was delighted to have found Tobias, and amused that I had the distinction of
talking to someone who had been thrown out of the Bible.

Tobias is one of the main characters in the Book of Tobit, which relates some of the
adventures experienced by Tobit, his son Tobias, and their extended family, as well as
their interactions with Archangel Raphael.


After reading the apocryphal Book of Tobit, and later the novelized version in Frederick
Buechners On the Road with the Archangel, I asked Tobias if the story was true. Not
really, was his reply. Parts of it actually occurred, he continued, but it is a parable
more than anything. It is a story about fear... and overcoming fear.

In a workshop several years later, Tobias decoded this story of fear, and told the audience
that Archangel Raphael was the Angel of Fear. The energy of Archangel Raphael is
available to all who are faced with fear and attempting to walk through it with the virtues
of love, integrity and courage. Therefore it was most appropriate that Archangel Raphael
was a key player in the Book of Tobit, a story of many people faced with inner and outer

Tobias, the delightful and loving entity I converse with, said that he was Tobias Sr., or
Tobit, and that he knew me in that lifetime as his son, the young Tobias.

Tobias said his last lifetime on Earth was shortly before the time of Jesus. He was a
landowner and merchant at the time. A greedy neighbor who held the favor of local
government officials had him thrown in prison, where he spent the rest of his life.
According to Tobias, this was one of the most painful yet enlightening lifetimes for him.
In prison he learned to release the human bars and walls that held his spirit hostage.

As Tobias tells the story, a beautiful bird would come to his prison cell window each
morning to sing the praises of freedom and life. At first Tobias resented the bird, shooing
it away so he could be in suffering by himself. One day, shortly before his death, the bird
perched on his window to sing, and Tobias realized it was much more than a songbird. It
was Archangel Michael coming to ask him to return to the other side. The Archangel
told Tobias that great changes were coming to Earth. He said that wise and holy souls
who had walked the human path were needed on the other side to assist the humans who
stayed on Earth.

Answering the call of the Archangel Michael, Tobias chose to leave the human form and
did not returned to Earth for more than 2200 years. The event Archangel Michael referred
to was the awakening of the Christ consciousness within us, a process that started with
Buddha, intensified with Jesus, and continued with Mohammed as well as many other
prophets and holy ones.

* * *

Over the years of delivering his messages to Shaumbra, Tobias has always emphasized
his love for all of humanity, and his eagerness to return and join us here on Earth. He has
stated that this desire was not due to karma or need, but that he has been away so long
and wanted to come back and truly enjoy all that life has to offer.

During his final years of speaking to Shaumbra, Tobias mentioned that he had already
created what he called a shell body, a biological human being into which he would
eventually embody his full angelic energy. He set the date for this embodiment as July

19, 2009 after his final message to Shaumbra at the Midsummer New Energy Conference
in Breckenridge, Colorado.

After a deeply poignant weekend of channels by Tobias, Adamus Saint-Germain,
Kuthumi, Kryon and others, Tobias gave his touching and tearful farewell message. He
shared that his shell body, a boy he referred to as Sam, had been in an accident and was
currently unconscious in a hospital. And it was during this time of openness that Tobias
full energy of To Bi Wah was merging fully into Sam.

Tobias also shared that the character of Tobias, while it included that of To Bi Wah, was
also made up of the energy of each individual Shaumbra as well. He related how
Tobias was a character in a story that we all agreed to create long ago as a means of
one day bringing Shaumbra back together at this incredible time of transformation. As the
energy of To Bi Wah embodies within Sam, we are each invited to bring back our own
inner Tobias as well, and become all that we truly are.

Perhaps the day will come when Sam will find his way to the Crimson Circle and
reunite with his dearest friends, also known as Shaumbra. He will walk beside us as we
all work to manifest the New Energy era on Earth.

Today, though Tobias has returned to Earth, there are many others in the angelic realms
who continue to counsel and assist us. Tobias always said they cannot do it for us we
have to take responsibility for our own journey and divinity but they are always
available for guidance, friendship and support. In the classic words of Tobias, You are
never alone.

Book of Tobit Old Testament Biblical Apocrypha