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Additional Manuscripts Presented by !ristop!er Tol"ien

Fourt! Install#ent $MSS%&'
Ac(uired Au)ust *+, *--.
Note/ Docu#ents are arran)ed in t!e order in 0!ic! t!ey 0ere recei1ed2
Note/ *34 denotes * s!eet 3 4 pa)es5 a s!eet is t!e p!ysical ite# itsel65 a pa)e is a side o6 a s!eet
bearin) 0ritten, printed, or illustrati1e #aterial2
opies 0it! nu#bered pa)es 0ere #ade by !ristop!er Tol"ien !i#sel62
MSS 7o8 Folder Folder ontents
& 4 ++ T!e Hunt 6or t!e Rin) % 9ersion
& 4 +& T!e Hunt 6or t!e Rin) % 9ersion D
& 4 +< T!e Hunt 6or t!e Rin) % Re1ised Story
& 4 +; T!e Hunt 6or t!e Rin) % Ti#e Sc!e#e/ 7lac" Riders
!ristop!er Tol"ien, Unfinished Tales/
I !a1e )i1en t!e# t!e title >T!e Hunt 6or t!e Rin)2> T!e #anuscripts t!e#sel1es, in )reat
t!ou)! !ardly e8ceptional con6usion, are su66iciently described on p2 +<.5 but t!e (uestion o6
t!eir date $6or I belie1e t!e# all, and also t!ose o6 >oncernin) Gandal6, Saru#an, and t!e
S!ire,> )i1en as t!e t!ird ele#ent in t!is section, to deri1e 6ro# t!e sa#e ti#e' #ay be
#entioned !ere2 T!ey 0ere 0ritten a6ter t!e publication o6 The Lord of the Rings, 6or t!ere are
re6erences to t!e pa)ination o6 t!e printed te8t5 but t!ey di66er in t!e dates t!ey )i1e 6or certain
e1ents 6ro# t!ose in t!e Tale o6 ?ears in Appendi8 72 T!e e8planation is clearly t!at t!ey 0ere
0ritten a6ter t!e publication o6 t!e 6irst 1olu#e but be6ore t!at o6 t!e t!ird, containin) t!e
@uotes 6ro# Aayne G2 Ha##ond and !ristina Scull, The Lord of the Rings: A Reader's
Companion $Hou)!ton Mi66lin, 4==<'/
p. 241-3
Mar(uette MSS &343+<, a #ainly unpublis!ed te8t trailin) into ille)ibility, s!o0s Tol"ien 0or"in)
on a solution to t!e proble#/
On Bune 4-t! Rada)ast could not "no0 t!is Ct!at t!e Nine 0ere abroad, etc2D, i6 7Clac"D
RCiderDs did not cross t!e Anduin till Bune 4=2 Saru#an !ad to disco1er it5 tell Rada)ast5 and
Rada)ast !ad to loo" 6or S!ire2 It #ust !a1e ta"en *& days at least.
T!ere6ore all t!e story o6 7Rs )oin) Nort! etc2 and t!en co#in) to Isen)ard on Ct!eD day o6
Gandal6Es release #ust be re#odelled Ce2)2 t!e story told in Unfinished Tales, pp2 ++:%-, and
si#ilar 1ersionsD2
So#et!in) o6 t!is sort2 Sauron did not "no0 0!ere ES!ireE 0as2 Gollu# !ad been unclear on
t!at point $per!aps deliberately/ but in any case SCauronDEs natural assu#ption 0as t!at all t!e
e1ents and t!e Et!ie6E belon)ed li"e Gollu# to Anduin 9ale'2 Nonet!eless SCauronDEs c!ie6 6ears
0ere directed to0ards Ha1ens and Ri1endell/ !e naturally suspects t!e Aestlands2
T!e NaF)Gl are ordered to steal o1er Anduin one by one and #a"e en(uiries2 T!is is ordered
soon a6ter SCauronD learns t!at Gollu# $0!o disappeared into t!e DCeadD Mars!es' !as been
captured and is 0it! T!randuil, and t!at Gandalf has visited that realm. *Say sometime early in
At 6irst t!e NaF)Gl in1esti)ate AnduinEs 9ale 222 but can 6ind no trace o6 Rin) or E7a))insE 222
so#e be)in to in1esti)ate Ro!an2222 Sauron is already in co##unication 0it! Saru#an
illegi!le" PalantHr5 but !as not yet #astered !i#2 ?et !e reads enou)! o6 !is #ind to suspect $a'
t!at !e co1ets t!e Rin) 6or !i#sel6 and $b' t!at !e "no0s so#et!in) about it2 T!e NaF)Gl are
ordered to 1isit Saru#an2 Saru#an is 1CeryD 6ri)!tened at SCauronDEs suspicion o6 !i#sel6 and !is
"no0led)e o6 t!e Rin)2 T!ou)! !e disli"es Gandal6 intensely and is 1CeryD Iealous o6 !i#, !e
belie1es GCandal6D "no0s so#et!in) 1ital about t!e Rin) because t!e NaF)Gl CJas"D o6 t!e Shire
0!ic! !as al0ays been a )reat concern o6 Gandal6, and because !is a)ents !a1e disco1ered t!at it
is e8traordCinarilyD closely )uarded5 also t!at Gandal6 is no0 actually t!ere since *4 April2 He
CSaru#anD t!ere6ore t!in"s o6 )ettin) !is CGandal6EsD !elp2 222
T!e NaF)Gl, t!en, ca#e to Isen)ard to0ards earlyJ Bune2 Saru#an 0as !elped at t!is point
CbyD )CoodD 6ortune2 Rada)ast beco#es a0are t!at NaF)Gl are abroad in Anduin 9ale spreadin)
panic and searc!in) 6or ES!ireE2 He beco#es 1CeryD alar#ed and can t!in" o6 not!in) but to )o
and consult Saru#an !ead o6 order o6 AiFards2 He does so 222 not lon) a6ter 1isit o6 t!e NaF)Gl to
Isen)ard2 Saru#an "no0s t!at Rada)ast is a "ins#an o6 Gandal6Es and 0!olly trusted by !i#/ !e
uses !i# as #essen)er, and sends !i# o66 to t!e S!ire2 Rada)ast lea1es Isen)ard about Bune *<t!2
Soon a6ter Sauron 0is!in) to distract attention 6ro# t!e NaF)Gl attac"s Os)iliat!2 T!e Aitc!%
Kin) 222 captures brid)e and passes into Gondor2 222
A!at !appens bet0een Bune 4= and escape o6 Gandal6 0!ic! cannot be earlier t!an ni)!t o6
Sept2 *;3*.J C*.3*: Septe#ber in The Tale of #earsD So#e :; daysL
Rada)astEs 0ords Et!ey are #o1in) 0est0ardE 0ould apply in t!e situation up to 1isit o6
NaF)Gl to Isen)ard2 T!e 0est0ard #o1e #ust t!en be delayed2 And t!e race o6 t!e 7Clac"D
RCiderDs 6or S!ire in Septe#ber #ust be due to so#e ne0 de6inite in6or#ation obtained Iust
be6ore Gandal6Es escape2
Se1eral o6 t!e NaF)Gl #ust re#ain in ACnduinD 9ale2 One or #ore actually direct t!e attac" on
T!randuil 0!en Gollu# escapes2 Sauron t!in"s it 1ital to !a1e !i# captured a)ain and3or "illed2
43+ NaF)Gl still pro0l about Ro!an and CJD in Dunland, and up to0ards Ere)ion2 T!ey are rat!er
ti#id and ine66ectual 0it!out Ct!eD ACitc!D%"in)2 Also t!ey 0ill not cross Grey6lood into Eene#y
El1is! countryE 0it!out !is leaders!ip or e8press co##and2 T!e J#aIor 6orce o6 NCaF)GlD <3; are
en)a)ed in !unt in Anduin 9ale and 6orest etc2 6or Gollu#2 222
A!en no ne0s o6 Gollu# can be 6ound NaF)Gl as"s 6or ne0 orders2 Sauron !as no0 #ore
in6or#ation2 7elated Sept2 * !e !as learned o6 t!e Eoracular 0ordsE and o6 7oro#irEs #ission
$Buly &'2 Ho0J T!e 0ords beca#e 0idelyJ "no0n in Gondor and Ro!an, and 7oro#irEs CJ
departureD 0as also "no0n2 T!is is enou)! to #a"e SCauronD suspect t!at t!e Aise "no0 about
t!e Rin), and t!at so#e tryst is arran)ed in Ri1endell2 His suspicions o6 Saru#an are redoubled2
He !as cau)!t SCaru#anD a)ain in palantHr2
p. 249-0
Mar(uette MSS &343++, probably t!e latest #anuscript a#on) t!e $%nt for the Ring papers $#ar"ed
Eo66icial M 6inalE', )i1es t!e 6ollo0in) account o6 Gandal6Es escape to Ro!an, 0it! sli)!t di66erences
6ro# The Tale of #ears/
Gandal6 escapes ni)!t o6 *.3*:2 Full Moon ; days 0aned, but bri)!t because t!e 0eat!er a6ter
lon) cloud !as beco#e clear2 Gandal6 cannot descend on an Ea)le be6ore t!e Gates o6 Edoras,
and in any case !as to a1oid t!e pursuit o6 Saru#an2 He is set do0n t!ere6ore by G0ai!ir in t!e
6oot!ills o6 t!e A!ite Mts2 at da0n on SeptCe#berD *: $0est o6 Edoras', and does not co#e to
Edoras until Sept *- N in a be))arly )uise on 6oot2 He cannot )et an audience 0it! T!Ooden Ct!e
"in)D, and is treated as a be))ar at t!e doors2 It is not until Sept 4= t!at !is persistence $and
)ro0in) an)er 0!ic! alar#s t!e door0ards' )ains !i# entrance to T!Ooden 0arnin) !i# a)ainst
Saru#an2 Aor#ton)ue Csecretly in Saru#anEs ser1ice, and 0it! )reat in6luence o1er t!e "in)D is
absent 6or so#e reason and T!Oodred Ct!e "in)Es sonD is #ore 6a1ourable to Gandal65 so T!Ooden
is troubled but 0ill not #a"e up !is #ind2 He says !e 0ill spea" o6 it a)ain ne8t day2 7ut ne8t
day 4* CSepte#berD Aor#ton)ue reappears2 It 0as really 6or !i# t!at T!Ooden 0aited $since !e
!as beco#e ent!ralled by !is counsel'2 Aor#ton)ue no0 opposes Gandal6 as T!Ooden bids !i#
be)one ne8t #ornin)/ it t!en bein) late in t!e day2 $AEton)ue $as G2 )uesses or "no0s' sends o66
a #essen)er to Isen)ard t!at ni)!t2 7ut t!e #essen)er e1en 0it! ut#ost !aste does not reac!
Saru#an until late on 4& CSepte#berD2 It is about 4<= #iles 6ro# Edoras to Isen)ard2'
Gandal6 says t!at t!is is ill%treat#ent 0!ic! T!Ooden 0ill rue2 He does not understand t!e
ur)ency o6 t!e ti#es2 He #entions t!e dread6ul ru#ours o6 t!e passa)e o6 t!e 7lac" Riders
0!ic! !a1e terri6ied all Ro!an2 No0 said Gandal6 i6 no one else dare oppose t!ese e1il t!in)s, I
dare2 7ut not on 6oot2 One #i)!t loo" 6or aid in suc! business 6ro# a )reat "in), lord o6 !orses2
T!en T!Ooden ras!ly e8clai#s/ 0!y ta"e any !orse you 0is! N and be)oneL T!is is #uc! to
disli"e o6 AEton)ue but T!Ooden is reluctant to ta"e bac" !is 0ord, and T!Oodred opposes
AEton)ue, sayin) t!at a "in) cannot do so e1en to a be))ar, but t!at 6or !is part !e t!in"s #ore
!onour and !eed s!ould be paid to Gandal6 Grey!a#e2
So on 44 CSepte#berD Gandal6 lea1es Edoras and )oes to t!e !orse%s!eds2 $T!ey are so#e
0ay 6ro# Edoras2 Gandal6 does not )et t!ere until e1enin)J' T!ere !e sees S!ado06a8, and
decides to !a1e !i# alone2 SE6a8 is 0ild 0ary and un0illin), and 0al"s a0ay 0!ene1er Gandal6
approac!es2 It is not till late on 44 t!at SE6a8 0ill allo0 Gandal6 to co#e up and spea" to !i#5
and not until Sept 4+rd t!at !e is ta#ed and 0ill allo0 Gandal6 to ride o66 Gandal6 sets o66 ; p#
4+rd o6 Septe#ber2
T!e #ain c!ronolo)ical di66erence bet0een t!is account and The Tale of #ears is t!at in t!e latter
T!Ooden dis#isses Gandal6 on 4= Septe#ber, Gandal6 ta"es lon)er to ta#e S!ado06a8, but still sets
o66 on t!e 4+rd2
p. 251-2
Mar(uette MSS &343++ $The $%nt for the Ring, partly publis!ed in Unfinished Tales' describes t!e
7lac" RidersE arri1al at Isen)ard 0!ile Gandal6 is still a prisoner/
Saru#an is terri6ied and desperate2 T!e 6ull !orror o6 ser1ice to Mordor is percei1ed by !i#2
He suddenly resol1es to yield to Gandal6, and be) 6or !is pardon M !elp2 Te#poriFin) at t!e
)ate, !e ad#its !e !as Gandal6 0it!in, and says !e 0ill )o and try to disco1er 0!at !e "no0s2 I6
t!at is una1ailin) !e 0ill deli1er Gandal6 to t!e#2
Saru#an t!en !astens to Ort!anc2 He )oes to t!e su##it % and 6inds Gandal6 )oneL A0ay
sout! a)ainst t!e settin) #oon !e sees a )reat Ea)le apparently #a"in) 6or Edoras2 No0 !is case
is 0orse2 I6 Gandal6 !as escaped t!ere is still a real c!ance t!at Sauron 0ill not )et t!e Rin), and
0ill be de6eated2 In !is !eart Saru#an reco)niFes t!e )reat po0er and t!e stran)e E)ood 6ortuneE
$0e #i)!t say di1ine blessin) and succour' t!at )o 0it! Gandal62 7ut no0 !e is le6t alone to deal
0it! t!e Dread6ul Nine2 His #ood c!an)es and !is pride reasserts itsel6 in an)er at Gandal6Es
escape 6ro# i#penetrable Isen)ard, and in 6urious Iealousy2
He )oes to t!e Gate and says $lyin)' t!at !e #ade Gandal6 con6ess2 He does not ad#it t!at
t!is is !is o0n "no0led)e, not bein) a0are o6 !o0 #uc! Sauron "ne0 o6 !is #ind and !eartL EI
0ill report t!is #ysel6 to t!e Lord o6 7arad%dGrE !e said lo6tily, Eto 0!o# I spea" 6ro# a6ar on
)reat #atters t!at concern us2 7ut all t!at you need to "no0 on t!e #ission t!at !e !as )i1en you
is 0!ere >t!e S!ire> lies2 T!at, !e says, is nort!%0est 6ro# !ere, so#e ;== #iles, on t!e borders
o6 t!e sea%0ard El1is! countryE2
T!e Riders lea1e and #o1e in !aste to t!e Fords o6 Isen2 $T!is a)rees 0it! The Tale of #ears, 0!ic!
says t!at t!e 7lac" Riders crossed t!e Isen on t!e sa#e day t!at Gandal6 escaped2 See 6urt!er, notes
6or p2 *<<2'
Accordin) to Mar(uette MSS &343++, Gandal6 !i#sel6
starts 6ro# so#e point about 4= #iles east o6 Edoras % SE6a8 CS!ado06a8D !as led !i# a )ood
0ay, be6ore bein) ta#ed2 T!is 0ould be about ;4= #iles to Sarn Ford, and SCarnD FCordD 0as
about *== #iles direct to Hobbiton2 His )reat ride 6ro# ; p2#2 Sept 4+ to ; p2# Sept 4: 0!en at
latest !e #ust !a1e reac!ed t!e S!ire at Sarn Ford2 222 In t!at ti#e GCandal6D co1ered ;4= #iles2
Start ; p2#2 4+ CSepte#berD2 Rode t!rou)! ni)!t $needin) secrecy until 6ar 6ro# Isen)ard'
Gandal6 at CJ t!is pointD 0ould be CJD Sept 4& 0ould be Iust approac!in) t!e Fords o6 Isen2
$ross Isen Sept 4& #ornin) . a2#2' He 0ould probably pus! on and ride 6urt!er 0est near Dol
7aran2 $Gandal6 probably rode 0it! 6re(uent s!ort !alts5 and actually rested 6or : !ours2 His
a1era)e 6or t!e *; !ours )oin) 0as not t!ere6ore 1ery (uic" P *4= #CilesD pCerD day, but one !as
to allo0 6or + !alts so t!at ridin) ti#e 0as probably only *4 !ours, and 6or di66iculties o6 route %
places 0!ere only a 0al"in) pace 0as possible, ri1er crossin)s, detours 6or 6en Mc2 So a1era)e
e1en 6or SE6a8 0as *= #2p2!2 C#iles per !ourD'
He 0ould reac! Dol 7aran anot!er += #iles on, about - a2#2 Sept 4&2 He 0ould start a)ain
about < p2#2 At - a2#2 Sept 4< !e 0ould be *&< #iles on into Ened0ait! $or *.= 6ro# T!arbad'2
He 0ould )o on a)ain a6ter < p2#2 At - a2#2 Sept 4; !e 0ould be 4;< #iles on in Ened0ait!2
Start a)ain < p2#2 ross Grey6lood $T!arbad' * a2#2 4. CSepte#berD2 At - a2#2 Sept2 4.t! !e
0ould !a1e passed T!arbad by ;= #iles and be -= #iles 6ro# Sarn Ford2 Go on at < p2#2 He
0ould reac! Sarn Ford at about 4 a2#2 4: CSepte#berD2 A0are o6 CJD o6 72Rs C7lac" RidersD $!e
0ould #eet Ran)ers no doubt 0!o )a1e !i# t!e in6or#ation cited Te8t I 4.; Ci2e2 >I !eard
tidin)s222>D' 0ould cross into S!ire and CJ#aybeD rest 0!ile at CJSarn FordD2 He ca#e to
Hobbiton so#e ti#e durin) Sept 4-2
p. 97-8
In t!e second part o6 *-<& Tol"ien 0rote se1eral, di66erin) accounts o6 t!e 7lac" RidersE searc! 6or
t!e One Rin), su##ariFed by !ristop!er Tol"ien in The $%nt for the Ring, publis!ed in
Unfinished Tales. At t!e end o6 one unpublis!ed 1ersion it is said t!at t!e account 0as Edra0n up by
Gandal6, Elrond, and told to Frodo in Ri1endellE $Mar(uette MSS &343+;'2 It be)ins by notin) t!at
a6ter t!e 7lac" Riders o1erca#e t!e Ran)ers )uardin) Sarn Ford, 6our o6 t!e#, includin) t!e leader,
t!e Aitc!%"in), turned east0ard $see note 6or p2 *&+', and 6i1e, includin) K!a#Gl, 6or#erly t!e
co##ander o6 Dol Guldur, entered t!e S!ire and di1ided/
COneD "eeps to t!e east, passin) nort!0ards to0ards t!e Maris! and 7rid)e2 COneD ta"es road
leadin) nort!0est to Mic!el Del1in), and Canot!erD )oes 0it! !i#, but t!ere J6ares on and
tra1erses t!e Nort! Fart!in)2 CT!e ot!er t0oD )o t!rou)! t!e central S!ire, until t!ey reac! t!e
East Road, probably near t!e T!ree%Fart!in) Stone2 $CT!eseD 0ere probably K!a#Gl and !is
co#panion, 6ro# Dol Guldur5 and CK!a#GlD CisD t!e #ost ready o6 all $sa1e Ct!e Aitc!%"in)D' to
percei1e t!e presence o6 t!e Rin), but also t!e one 0!ose po0er 0as #ost con6used and
di#inis!ed by sunli)!t'2 Dra0n by t!e Rin) CK!a#GlD )oes to Hobbiton 0!ic! !e reac!es at
evening on &ri. Sep. '(rd. CHis co#panionD "eeps an eye on t!e East Road and Stoc" Road,
lur"in) probably bet0een t!e t0o, Iust sout! o6 A!it6urro0s2 CK!a#GlD Iust #isses Frodo, and
#isled by t!e Ga66ers Csi)D starts out east a)ain2
COn 4& Septe#ber !eD pic"s up t!e Stoc" Road, and o1erta"es Frodo at approac!es to Aoody
End % probably by accident5 !e beco#es uneasily a0are o6 t!e Rin), but is !esitant and uncertain
because o6 t!e bri)!t sun2 He turns into t!e 0oods and 0aits 6or ni)!t2
p. 99
Accordin) to Mar(uette MSS &343+; $The $%nt for the Ring'/ EA6ter dar", beco#in) acutely a0are
o6 t!e Rin), CK!a#GlD )oes in pursuit5 but is daunted by t!e sudden appearance o6 t!e El1es and t!e
son) o6 Elberet!2 A!ile Frodo is surrounded by t!e El1es !e cannot percei1e t!e Rin) clearly2E
p. 116
Mar(uette MSS &343+; *The $%nt for the Ring+ )i1es t!e 6ollo0in) account o6 t!e 7lac" RidersE
pursuit o6 Frodo on 4< Septe#ber *&*:/
As soon as t!e El1es depart CK!a#GlD rene0s !is !unt, and reac!in) t!e rid)e abo1e
Aood!all is a0are t!at t!e Rin) !as been t!ere2 Failin) to 6ind t!e 7earer and 6eelin) t!at !e is
dra0in) a0ay, !e su##ons C!is co#panionD by cries2 CHeD is a0are o6 t!e )eneral direction t!at
t!e Rin) !as ta"en, but not "no0in) o6 FrodoEs rest in t!e 0ood, and belie1in) !i# to !a1e #ade
strai)!t east0ards, !e and C!is co#panionD ride o1er t!e 6ields2 T!ey 1isit Ma))ot 0!ile Frodo is
still under t!e trees2 CK!a#GlD t!en #a"es a #ista"e $probably because !e i#a)ines t!e
Rin)bearer as so#e #i)!ty #an, stron) and s0i6t'/ !e does not loo" near t!e 6ar#, but sends C!is
co#panionD do,n ause0ay to0ards O1erbourn, 0!ile !e )oes north alon) it to0ards t!e
7rid)e2 T!ey tryst to return and #eet one anot!er at ni)!t5 but do so Iust too late2 Frodo crosses
by 6erry Iust be6ore CK!a#GlD arri1es2 CHis co#panionD Ioins !i# soon a6ter2 CK!a#GlD is no0
0ell a0are t!at t!e Rin) !as crossed t!e ri1er5 but t!e ri1er is a barrier to !is sense o6 its
p. 145
In Mar(uette MSS &343+; $The $%nt for the Ring' it is said t!at a6ter t!e 7lac" Riders !ad
o1erco#e t!e Ran)ers )uardin) Sarn Ford, 6our o6 t!e Riders
pursue Ran)ers alon) Green0ay, and !a1in) slain t!e# or dri1en t!e# o66 East0ards, #a"e a
ca#p at Andrat! $0!ere t!e road passes bet0een t!e 7arro0do0ns and t!e Sout! Do0ns' Cc62
note 6or p2 *..D2 CT!e Aitc!%"in)D no0 1isits t!e 7arro0do0ns and stops t!ere so#e days
$probably until late on 4.'2 T!is pro1es a #ain error, t!ou)! in 6act it 0as nearly success6ul,
since t!e 7arro00i)!ts are roused, and all t!in)s o6 e1il spirit !ostile to El1es and Men are on
t!e 0atc! 0it! #alice in t!e Old Forest and on t!e 7arro0do0ns2 CT!e ot!er t!ree 7lac" RidersD
are le6t to )uard t!e eastern borders, to 0atc! t!e Green0ay, and )uard a)ainst El1es or
DQnedain co#in) 6ro# east0ards2
Anot!er te8t concernin) The $%nt for the Ring, Mar(uette MSS &343++, notes t!at Et!e Aitc!%
Kin) 222 !ad "no0n so#et!in) o6 t!e country lon) a)o, in !is 0ars 0it! t!e DQnedain, and
especially o6 t!e Tyrn Gort!ad o6 ardolan, no0 t!e 7arro0%do0ns, 0!ose e1il 0i)!ts !ad been
sent t!ere by !i#sel6E $see also Unfinished Tales, p2 +&:'2
p. 164-5
In Mar(uette MSS &343+; *The $%nt for the Ring+ Tol"ien e8plains t!eir delay as 6ollo0s2 K!a#Gl,
alar#ed at t!e escape o6 t!e Rin) o1er t!e ri1er on t!e ni)!t o6 4< Septe#ber, su##oned t!e ot!er
6our Riders 0!o !ad entered t!e S!ire/
$T!e NaF)Gl 6ound one anot!er easily, since t!ey 0ere (uic"ly a0are o6 a co#panion
presence, and could !ear t!e cries o1er )reat distances2 T!ey could see one anot!er also 6ro# 6ar
a0ay, e1en by day 0!en to t!e# a NaF)Gl 0as t!e one clearly 1isible t!in) in a #ist2'
As soon as !e !as asse#bled !is 6orce $in t!e early #ornin) o6 4;t!, probably' CK!a#GlD
lea1es one to lur" near t!e 7rid)e and 0atc! it5 !e sends Ct0oD alon) t!e East Road, 0it! orders
to report to Ct!e Aitc!%"in)D t!e east0ard #o1e#ent o6 t!e Rin)5 !e !i#sel6 0it! C!is co#%
panionD passes secretly into 7uc"land by t!e nort! )ate o6 t!at land2 7ut desirin) to attract as
little notice as possible !e $#ista"enly and a)ainst SauronEs orders' sacri6ices speed to stealt!2
CT!e t0o sent eastD pass alon) t!e East Road, and 1isit 7ree and ET!e Prancin) PonyE2 T!ey
t!en )o in searc! o6 Ct!e Aitc!%"in)D but cannot at once 6ind !i# Cuntil 4.t! Septe#ber2 HeD is
elated to learn t!at t!e Rin) 0as really in t!e S!ire, but is alar#ed and an)ry at its escape5 and
also by t!e 6act t!at t!e 7earer #ust no0 certainly "no0 t!at !e is bein) !unted2 $I6 !e is a
person o6 po0er and "no0led)e !e #ay 6ind out indeed !o0 to use it, and co#pel a NaF)Gl to
lea1e !i# un#olested at t!e least2 7ut C!e is told t!at K!a#GlD !as disco1ered t!at t!e 7earer is a
1CeryD s#all spiritless creature 0it! no pride or 0ill po0er, and is 6illed 0it! terror at t!e
approac! o6 a Rin)0rait!2'
CT!e Aitc!%"in)D is uncertain 0!at to do2 T!e 7earer see#s to be #a"in) east0ards, !e is
t!ere6ore surely bound 6or Ri1endell $not t!e Ha1ens'2 He 0ould !a1e naturally used t!e East
Road5 but 0ill !e do so, no0 t!at !e "no0s !e is pursuedJ Probably !e 0ill atte#pt to escape
6ro# t!e S!ire at so#e une8pected point, t!rou)! t!e Old Forest and t!e Do0ns, and t!ere #a"e
cross%country to stri"e t!e Road beyond Aeat!ertop, #aybe2 In t!at direction C!eD no0 sends out
Ct!ree RidersD separately, 0it! orders to reasse#ble Iust east o6 Aeat!ertop, and t!en return
to0ards 7ree alon) or near t!e Road2 CHeD !i#sel6, C0it! t0o ot!er RidersD redoubles !is
1i)ilance on t!e east%borders alon) t!e Green0ay222 !is counsels disturbed by t!reat o6 attac"2
So#e o6 t!e DQnedain !a1e #et El1is! #essen)ers, and C!eD is uneasily a0are t!at #any
ene#ies are 0atc!in) !i# and t!ou)! none !as yet co#e 0it! po0er to c!allen)e !i#2
Mean0!ile CK!a#Gl and !is co#panionD are searc!in) 7uc"land, but can do little e8cept at
ni)!t5 and t!ey are at a loss, since t!e 7uc"land did not appear in Saru#anEs c!arts o6 t!e S!ire at
all2 7y )ood 6ortune t!ey do not disco1er t!e Hay%)ate or beco#e a0are t!at t!e Rin) !as
departed2 CIn !is un6inis!ed inde8 Tol"ien says t!at $ay-gate is anot!er na#e 6or t!e nort! )ate2
Per!aps !ere !e is re6errin) to t!e )ate thro%gh t!e Hi)! Hay into t!e Old Forest2D On 4:
Septe#ber t!ey 6ind ric"!ollo0 at ni)!t, but do not attac" t!ou)! CK!a#GlD is a0are t!at t!e
Rin) !as been, or is still, t!ere2 CK!a#GlD Jlur"s near, and C!is co#panionD is sent to brin) Ct!e
rider le6t by t!e 7rid)eD and t!e !orses2 Road bet0een 7rid)e and 7ree is t!us le6t un0atc!ed2
CEarly on 4- Septe#ber K!a#Gl and t!e ot!er t0o RidersD co#e bac" to ric"!ollo0 and 0atc!
it as ni)!t passes2
In Mar(uette MSS &343+; *The $%nt for the Ring+ it is said t!at t!e t!ree 7lac" Riders 0!o !ad
been sent to Aeat!ertop and told to ride bac" alon) t!e Road
reac!ed 7ree at dus" Con 4- Septe#berD, and soon learn 6ro# t!e Isen)ard spy o6 t!e e1ents in
t!e Inn, and )uess t!e presence o6 t!e Rin)2 One is sent to t!e CAitc!%"in)D2222 CHeD is 0aylaid by
DQnedain and dri1en a0ay does not reac! Ct!e Aitc!%"in)D until t!e ne8t day2222 CT!e ot!er t0oD
6oiled in t!eir atte#pt to capture Merry #a"e plans 6or attac" on t!e Inn at ni)!t22 22 T!e Inn
attac"ed by t!e t0o Riders in early !ours be6ore da0n2 ric"!ollo0 attac"ed at about t!e sa#e
ti#e2222 7ot! attac"s 6ail2 CT!e t0o Riders in 7reeD )o o66 in !aste to 6ind Ct!e Aitc!%"in)D to
report t!at 7earer !as )one $0it!out 0aitin) 6or 6urt!er ne0s'2 CT!e t!ree 6ro# ric"!ollo0D ride
do0n t!e 7uc"land Gate and #a"e also 6or Andrat! CSindarin Elon) cli#bE, t!e Ede6ile bet0een
t!e 7arro0%do0ns and t!e Sout! Do0ns t!rou)! 0!ic! t!e Nort!%Sout! Road $Green0ay'
passedE, Unfinished Tales, p2 &*:D2 T!e NaF)Gl are t!us all asse#bled at Andrat!2 CT!e Aitc!%
"in)D is e8ceedin)ly 0rot!, and 6eels certain t!at 7earer !as )one east 6ro# 7ree2 He is not yet
a0are o6 t!e presence o6 Gandal6, and does not learn anyt!in) o6 Ara)orn beyond t!e report o6
t!e spy t!at Ea Ran)er 0as in t!e Inn on t!e ni)!t o6 SepCte#berD 4-E2
CT!e Aitc!%"in)D no0 plans !is pursuit2 He sends 6our Riders across country 6ro# Andrat! to
Aeat!ertop2 He !i#sel6 0it! t!e ot!er 6our scour all round t!e borders 6ro# Sarn Ford to 7ree at
speed, but can 6ind out not!in), or 6eel any trace o6 t!e Rin) 222 Con += Septe#berD "no0in) no0
t!at Rin) !as escaped East Ct!eyD lea1e Green0ay and ta"e East Road5 soon a6ter #idni)!t t!ey
ride t!rou)! 7ree li"e a stor#, castin) do0n t!e )ates2
Accordin) to anot!er account, on 4 October t!e 6our 7lac" Riders 0!o 0ere sent a!ead
asse#ble near Aeat!ertop2 COneD re#ains C0!ile t!reeD )o on east0ards on or near Road2 222
Oct2 +/ Gandal6 reac!es Aeat!ertop but does not o1erta"e CAitc!%"in) and ot!er 6our RidersD5
6or t!ey beco#e a0are o6 !is approac! as !e o1erta"es t!e# on S!ado06a8, and 0it!dra0 into
!idin) beside t!e road2 T!ey close in be!ind2 CT!e Aitc!%"in)D is bot! pleased and puFFled2 For
a 0!ile !e !ad been in )reat 6ear, t!in"in) t!at by so#e #eans Gandal6 !ad )ot possession o6 t!e
Rin) and 0as no0 t!e 7earer5 but as Gandal6 passes !e is a0are t!at Gandal6 !as not )ot t!e
Rin)2 A!at is !e pursuin)J He !i#sel6 #ust be a6ter t!e escapin) 7earer5 and it #ust t!ere6ore
so#e!o0 !a1e )one on 6ar a!ead2 7ut Gandal6 is a )reat po0er and ene#y2 He #ust be dealt
0it!, and yet t!at needs )reat 6orce2
CT!e 6i1eD 6ollo0 Gandal6 !otly to Aeat!ertop2 Since Gandal6 !alts t!ere, Ct!e Aitc!%Kin)D
suspects t!at t!at is a trystin) place2
Gandal6 is attac"ed by Ct!e 6i1e plus t!e rider 0!o !ad stayed near Aeat!ertopD on Aeat!ertop
on ni)!t +%&2 Frodo and Ara)orn see t!e li)!t o6 t!e battle in t!e s"y 6ro# t!eir ca#p2
Oct2 &/ Gandal6 repulses t!e NaF)Gl and escapes nort!0ards at Sunrise, and 6ollo0s t!e
Hoar0ell up to0ards t!e #ountains2 CFour RidersD are sent in pursuit $#ainly because Ct!e
Aitc!%"in)D t!in"s it possible !e #ay "no0 o6 t!e 0!ereabouts or course o6 t!e 7earer'2 7ut Ct!e
Aitc!%"in) and K!a#GlD re#ain 0atc!in) Aeat!ertop2 T!us t!ey beco#e a0are o6 t!e approac!
o6 Frodo on Oct2 <2 CT!e ot!er t!reeD return 6ro# East2 CMar(uette MSS &343+;, The $%nt for the
p. 180-1
In Mar(uette MSS &343+; *The $%nt for the Ring+ Tol"ien 0rote/
Oct2 ;2 Frodo reac!es Aeat!ertop obser1ed by t!e NaF)Gl2 Ara)orn sees Ct!ree RidersD
co#in) bac" 6ro# a patrol o6 t!e Road 0est o6 Aeat!ertop2
T!e ca#p is attac"ed at ni)!t by C6i1e RidersD5 but t!ey are dri1en o66 by Ara)orn5 and
0it!dra0 a6ter 0oundin) Frodo2 CT!e Aitc!%"in)D no0 "no0s 0!o is t!e 7earer, and is )reatly
puFFled t!at it s!ould be a s#all creature, and not Ara)orn, 0!o see#s to be a )reat po0er
t!ou)! apparently Eonly a Ran)erE2 7ut t!e 7earer !as been #ar"ed 0it! t!e Kni6e and $!e
t!in"s' cannot last #ore t!an a day or t0o2
It is a stran)e t!in) t!at t!e ca#p 0as not 0atc!ed 0!ile dar"ness lasted o6 t!e ni)!t Oct2 ;%.,
and t!e crossin) o6 t!e Road into t!e sout!0ard lands see#s not to !a1e been obser1ed, so t!at
Ct!e Aitc!%"in)D a)ain lost trac" o6 t!e Rin)2 For t!is t!ere 0ere probably se1eral reasons, t!e
least to be e8pected bein) t!e #ost i#portant, na#ely t!at Ct!e Aitc!%"in)D, t!e )reat captain,
0as actually dis#ayed2 He !ad been s!a"en by t!e 6ire o6 Gandal6, and be)an to percei1e t!at t!e
#ission on 0!ic! Sauron !ad sent !i# 0as one o6 )reat peril to !i#sel6 bot! by t!e 0ay, and on
!is return to !is Master $i6 unsuccess6ul'5 and !e !ad been doin) ill, so 6ar ac!ie1in) not!in)
sa1e rousin) t!e po0er o6 t!e Aise and directin) t!e# to t!e Rin)2 7ut abo1e all t!e ti#id and
terri6ied 7earer !ad resisted !i#, !ad dared to stri"e at !i# 0it! an enc!anted s0ord #ade by !is
o0n ene#ies lon) a)o 6or !is destruction2 Narro0ly it !ad #issed !i#2 Ho0 !e !ad co#e by it N
sa1e in t!e 7arro0s o6 ardolan2 T!en !e 0as in so#e 0ay #i)!tier t!an t!e 7Carro0D%0i)!t5
and !e called on .l!ereth, a na#e o6 terror to t!e NaF)Gl2 He 0as t!en in lea)ue 0it! t!e Hi)!
El1es o6 t!e Ha1ens2
Escapin) a 0ound t!at 0ould !a1e been as deadly to !i# as t!e Mordor%"ni6e to Frodo $as
0as pro1ed at t!e end', !e 0it!dre0 and !id 6or a 0!ile, out o6 doubt and fear bot! o6 Ara)orn
and especially o6 &rodo2 7ut 6ear o6 Sauron, and t!e 6orces o6 SauronEs 0ill 0as t!e stron)er2
Oct2 .2 He arose and cried out to !is co#panions, and dre0 Ct!e ot!er 6ourD bac" to !i#2 He
t!en patrols t!e Road to t!e 7rid)e o6 Mit!eit!el, "no0in) t!at it 0as practically i#possible to
cross t!e Grey%6lood bet0een T!arbad and t!e 7rid)e $0!ile Ct!e 6our Riders 0!o pursued
Gandal6D are a0ay nort! alon) t!e upper ri1er'2 T!e NaF)Gl searc! in 1ain 6or t!e 7earer 0!ile
Ara)orn leads Frodo in t!e pat!less lands sout! o6 t!e Road2
p. 194
It is said in Mar(uette MSS &343+; *The $%nt for the Ring+:
Oct2 **/ Glor6indel reac!es 7rid)e o6 Mit!eit!el and t!ere 6inds Ct!ree Riders, includin)
K!a#GlD2 He dri1es t!e# bac" 0ell do0n t!e road, until t!ey lea1e it and disperse2 $T!us
Ara)orn and Frodo cross sa6ely on Oct2 *+'2 Glor6indel #eets Ct!e Aitc!%"in) and anot!er RiderD
co#in) east alon) road, but Ct!e Aitc!%"in)D cannot c!allen)e !i# $especiallyD by day' 0it! so
s#all !elp5 !e 6lees into t!e pat!less lands2
Oct2 *&/ CT!ese 6i1e RidersD resasse#ble and start in pursuit a)ain2 CT!e Aitc!%"in) and
K!a#GlD percei1e t!at Rin) crossed 7rid)e but lose trail, and 0aste ti#e !untin) about2
Oct2 *-/ T!ey beco#e a0are o6 t!e Rin) not 6ar a!ead2
p. 195-6
Mar(uette MSS &343+; $The $%nt for the Ring' )i1es t!e 6ollo0in) account o6 t!e 7lac" Riders at
t!e Ford/ on 4= October t!e 6our Riders 0!o !ad pursued Gandal6 return 6ro# t!e Nort!, reac!in)
t!e Fords o6 7ruinen, not lon) be6ore Frodo co#es t!ere, pursued by t!e ot!er 6i1e2 A6ter t!e Aitc!%
"in) brea"s FrodoEs s0ord, !e, K!a#Gl, and possibly so#e ot!ers dare to 6ord t!e 0ater N E6or !e is
desperate, "no0s t!at t!e Rin) is about to escape to Ri1endell2 7ut t!e 0ater o1er0!el#s !i# N and
Ara)orn and Glor6indel dri1e t!e ot!ers into Ri1er 0it! 6ireE2
p. 262-3
In t!is #atter Mar(uette MSS &343+; $The $%nt for the Ring' says/
Only t!e bodies o6 : !orses 0ere disco1ered5 but also t!e rai#ent o6 t!e aptain2 It is
probable t!at t!e aptain too" t!e one !orse t!at re#ained $!e #ay !a1e !ad stren)t! to
0it!dra0 it 6ro# t!e 6lood' and unclad, na"ed, in1isible, rode as s0i6t as !e could bac" to
Mordor2 At s0i6test !e could not acco#plis! t!at $6or !is !orse at least 0ould need so#e 6ood
and rest, t!ou)! !e needed none' ere No1e#ber !ad passed2 T!e 0rat! and 6ear o6 Sauron t!en
#ay be )uessed5 yet i6 t!ere 0as any in t!e 0orld in 0!o# !e trusted it 0as t!e Lord o6 An)#ar5
and i6 !is 0rat! 0ere lessened by percei1in) t!at !is )reat ser1ant !ad de6eated by ill c!ance
$and t!e cra6t o6 t!e Aise' rat!er t!an by 6aults o6 !is o0n, !is 6ear 0ould be t!e #ore N seein)
0!at po0er 0as yet in !is Ene#ies, and !o0 s!arply 6ortune 6a1oured t!e# at eac! turn 0!en
all see#ed lost2 Help no doubt 0as sent out to t!e ot!er Rin)0rait!s as t!ey #ade t!eir 0ay
bac", and t!ey 0ere bidden to re#ain secret a)ain2 It 0as no doubt at t!e end o6 *&*: t!at
Sauron $S2 li"ely aided by An)#ar' bet!ou)!t !i# o6 t!e 0in)ed #ounts5 and yet 0it!!eld t!e#,
until t!in)s beca#e al#ost desperate and !e 0as 6orced to launc! !is 0ar in !aste2
p. 285
In t!e $%nt for the Ring papers it is said t!at, a6ter escapin) t!e El1es o6 Mir"0ood and
pursued bot! by El1es and Orcs Gollu# crossed t!e Anduin, probably by s0i##in), and so
eluded t!e !unt o6 Sauron5 but bein) still !unted by El1es, and not yet darin) to pass near LRrien
$only t!e lure o6 t!e Rin) itsel6 #ade !i# dare to do t!is a6ter0ards', !e !id !i#sel6 in Moria2
T!at 0as probably in t!e autu#n o6 t!e year5 a6ter 0!ic! all trace o6 !i# 0as lost2
A!at t!en !appened to Gollu# cannot be "no0n 6or certain2 He 0as peculiarly 0ell 6itted to
sur1i1e in suc! straits, t!ou)! at cost o6 )reat #isery5 but !e 0as in )reat peril o6 disco1ery by
t!e ser1ants o6 Sauron t!at lur"ed in MoriaS, especially since suc! bare necessity o6 6ood as !e
#ust !a1e !e could only )et by t!ie1in) dan)erously2 No doubt !e !ad intended to use Moria
si#ply as a secret passa)e 0est0ard, !is purpose bein) to 6ind ES!ireE !i#sel6 as (uic"ly as !e
could5 but !e beca#e lost, and it 0as a 1ery lon) ti#e be6ore !e 6ound !is 0ay about2 It t!us
see#s probable t!at !e !ad not lon) 6ound !is 0ay to0ard t!e Aest%)ate 0!en t!e Nine Aal"ers
arri1ed2 He "ne0 not!in), o6 course, about t!e action o6 t!e doors2 To !i# t!ey 0ould see# !u)e
and i##o1able5 and t!ou)! t!ey !ad no loc" or bar and opened out0ards to a t!rust, !e did not
disco1er t!at2 In any case !e 0as no0 6ar a0ay 6ro# any source o6 6ood, 6or t!e Orcs 0ere
#ostly in t!e East%end o6 Moria, and 0as beco#e 0ea" and desperate, so t!at e1en i6 !e !ad
"no0n all about t!e doors !e still could not !a1e t!rust t!e# open2 It 0as t!us a piece o6 sin)ular
)ood 6ortune 6or Gollu# t!at t!e Nine Aal"ers arri1ed 0!en t!ey did2 $ST!ese 0ere in 6act not
1ery nu#erous, it 0ould see#2 7ut su66icient to "eep any intruders out, i6 no better ar#ed or
prepared t!an 7alinEs co#pany and not in 12 )reat nu#bers2' CUnfinished Tales, pp2 +&<, +<+
n2**, re1ised 6ro# Mar(uette &343+&D