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Chew, Y.C. (2013), Bristol MBA Coursework Assignment, Taylors Business !"hool.
In past literatures, many researchers had shown vast interest in studying the strategic
results of what the knowledge management (KM) in a corporate world has got to offer
and how it helps corporate firms in profit generating activities: Mitra (202) in his
!estle"s #$% implementation, &hmad (200) in his development of a KM model for
construction pro'ects, and Mc(arthy (200)) in her dissertation a*out KM within a
multinational knowledge led company, to name *ut a few+ ,ith the increase popularity
and demand of knowledge management and information system implementation, it is
inevita*le that many corporate companies e-tend their daily operation within the ever.
growing world of internet where companies trade with tremendous speed and scale+ /oth
*usiness and consumer now can *enefit from the internet as a platform for e-changing
"knowledge" in ways that people in the past couldn"t have done many years ago+
&ccording to Internet ,orld 0tats (201), the amount of population using the internet
around the world reached 2+203 *illion as on 4une 202+ 5ue to the fact that more and
more people are adapting to the technology.oriented landscape, the emergence of the
cy*erspace demand curve is naturally *uilt in the market+ 6ne of the successful stories
illustrated in 7ur*an"s (201) research a*out &ma8on+com, the world9s largest /2( e.
store, recorded sales of :05;+0) *illion as of May 201 (<or*es, 201) and owned
multi.million dollars warehouses around the glo*e+
#.commerce, as defined *y most researchers (7ur*an et+ al+, 202= >audon ? 7raver,
202= Mclean et+ al+, 2002) as a platform that not only facilitates e-ecution of transactions
*ut also to *e a*le to provide top.class customer e-perience, services and information
*etween an organisation with its stakeholders+ 7he internet *anking, or *etter known as e.
*anking, was introduced in )@ and four of the city"s ma'or *anks in !ew Aork, namely
(iti*ank, (hase Mahattan, (hemical and Manufacturers Banover, hooked up online to
provide online transaction services+ It didn"t gain any popularity at all during that time
and it was not until )@1 when /ank of 0cotland first introduced its more e-tensive
online services that include statements viewing, money transfer and *ill payments+ 7o *e
successful, a *usiness in an e.commerce environment needs to carry several
characteristics namely *rand trust= 22CD accesi*ility and convinience= a*le to reach a
wider range of consumer, universal compati*ility= clarity of product information and
guidelines= top online customer service e-perience that include visual, audio, interactive
personali8ation and reviews= low decline rate= and last *ut most crucial, security of
Malayan /anking /erhad or more widely known as May*ank, is the largest *ank and
financial group in Malaysia+ May*ank first introduced its tele.*anking and e.*anking in
the ))0s following the introduction of &utomated 7eller Machines (&7M) a decade ago+
7he service was named May*ank2u+com and it was the first launched internet *anking in
the country+ 7he group had since won many accomplishments: the company was ranked
in the <or*es Elo*al 2000 leading companies, Elo*al <inance &ward for /est
(onsumer Internet /ank and /est (onsumer 6nline 0ecurities 7rading in &sia %acific *y
7he Elo*al <inance Maga8ine in 2002+ In the same year, May*ank2u+com also formed a
partnership with Microsoft in Malaysia and 0ingapore to have access to over + million
internet users of Microsoft (Fernon !yana, 0+, 2001)+ May*ank continued to earn its
reputation in 201 recently for attaining awards in /anking ? %ayments &sia 7rail*la8er
&wards for (hannel #-cellence in Internet G 6verall, (hannel #-cellence in Internet G
&ccount Management, 0ervice #-cellence in 0ervice Innovation and along with other
forty seven awards in *anking and finance (May*ank, 201)+ Bence, it is clearly seen
here that the consumers" *rand trust for May*ank2u+com has not *een challenged
throughout these years+ 7&( 2002
T#$ K$% Mod$& o' E-(n!in" in M&%)i
&s a user of May*ank2u+com for more than ten years, it is naturally easy for me to write
a*out what the we*site has to offer+ &ccording to (elent"s Model /ank in 202, a *ank
needs to have the following components in their effective implementation of technology