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How to Solve Eating Difficulty in Children?

Eating difficulty is an issue that is so fundamental and often case to children. Sometimes, when a
child is so difficult to chew food invited to make us frustrated. Since then, usually we will try a
variety of ways like providing herbal appetite enhancers and hunting childs favorite foods every
day. The matters the child eating disorder also intrigued our interest to make an article about tips
to overcome the difficult child to eat. Here are the details. Serve meals with small portions
Maybe the kid does not like the size of your portions that so reluctant to eat the food there. Many
children are ilfeel after seeing a sizable portion. So, try to give a little so that they can eat faster
and do not get bored in spend food.
Get together with family
Do not let children eat alone and we need to create an atmosphere of togetherness when the child
was time to eat. For example, you and your husband are on the table then eat foods together.
With the atmosphere of togetherness, then the childs appetite will occur slowly.
Provide healthy snacks
One of the things that concern by parents is the development of the child if he did not want to
eat. Of course, when children are fussy eaters then its growth will be stunted and not as friends.
One of the best ways to keep it is to try to give nutritional healthy snack. Give interesting snacks
such as nuts, dried fruits, and nutritious bread.
Variety of food and a nice appearance
Perhaps, he needs a variety of foods that your appetite he has incurred. For example, you could
give spinach on the first day, broccoli on the second day, and chicken-based dishes in the next
day. Variety of foods is a very important thing to prevent children from boredom and the desire
not to eat. However, there is one more thing that could trigger a childs appetite, which is an
interesting food dish. For example, you can cook carrots to form a star or a unique object.
Children will be attracted by the shape and believed to increase appetite. Hopefully, some
difficulty eating kids tips above can help you.

3 Ways to Treat an Air Conditioner in Avoiding Disease
When you use a home air conditioner, do not forget to take care of on a regular basis. Because
when AC is not treated regularly and carefully, it will have a bad air and becomes a place to
spread the disease. The dirty AC can store a variety of viruses and bacteria that continuously
spread throughout the room. It also enters into the smell of the inhabitants. As a result, the
occupant will experience pain or repeated infections. The following treatments below should you
do in order to make AC work optimally and be durable.
Do not forget to turn off the AC
When traveling or in a space that is not used, do not forget to turn off AC. If the air is not too hot,
try to shut down about one or two hours a day. If necessary use a reminder or timer contained in
the AC facility. When the air conditioner is turned off, open the windows and doors widely so that
there is an air exchange.
Clean the AC regularly
Check the filter components on the air conditioning, at least once a month. A dirty air filter will
hinder the air circulation and being a comfortable place for germs, bacteria, and fungi. Bacteria
are what will flow to the evaporator coil (evaporator coil) and then spread back across the room.
The dirty AC components can affect the performance of the cooling system becomes more severe,
so it does not produce the maximum cold and wasteful.
Selective in use
Minimize the potential health problems with the use of air conditioning as selective as possible.
Because, if in the same room there is a family member which is sick, viruses and bacteria can be
spread through the air helped. So when a family member is sick with the flu, for example, try
using the AC to a minimum. This advice also applies if there is one family member who smoked in
the room or when the middle of the room and furniture cleaned.
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6 Functions of Indonesian forest
Indonesia is one of countries with the largest forest area in the world and really need to do the
conservation. It also completed with a management of forests for conservation and ecological
balance of the earth nature. Different types of forests in Indonesia have the following functions.
1. Prevent erosion and landslides. The roots of the tree serve as a binder grain of soil. With no
forest, no rain fell to the ground but fell to the leaf surface or absorbed into the ground.
2. Keeps, organize, maintain supplies of water in the rainy season also dry season.
3. Fertilize the soil, as fallen leaves will break down into soil humus.
4. As an economic resource. It can be utilized as a result of forest raw materials or raw materials
for industrial and building. For example, rattan, rubber, and gutta-percha are used for
handicrafts and materials of building.
5. As a dutfah plasma source for diversity in forest ecosystems that allow for the development of
genetic biodiversity.
6. Reduce pollution to air pollution. Plants absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen needed by a
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Endangered plants in Indonesia
Corpse flower (Amphophallus Becc titanum)
This is the largest flower in the world, through the flowers, smell the odor like the smell of
carrion. This plant is a endemic to Sumatra island.
Raflesia flower (Refflesia amoldi)
The flower petals are a very large size and release odors such as the smell of carrion. Flower buds
which have medicinal properties resulted in the passage of this flower is often looted. This plant is
native habitat on the island of Sumatra especially in Bengkulu, Jambi, and south Sumatra.
Gaharu Wood (Aquilaria sp)
This wood has a distinctive fragrance that is also high value. This plant habitat is in the forests of
Borneo islands.
Red Meranti (Shoera sp)
This is a woody plant but lightweight and requires a very long time to grow. Red Meranti plants
can absorb elemental carbon in the forest so stout plant used as industrial commodities.
Fragrant sandalwood (Satalum album)
This plant is used as fragrances and spices (incense or aromatherapy). High value causes the plant
continues to be hunted and became endangered, sandalwood is found in East Nusa Tenggara.
Nepenthes (Nepnthes L.)
A unique plant that has pockets, this plant is very rare because it only grows in areas containing
little nitrogen. Pitcher plants found in the forest at Tangkuban Perahu, West Java.
Artikel bahasa Inggris tentang komputer
The Definition of Harddisk
Hard disk is medium data storage on a computer that consists of a collection of magnetic hard
disks and spinning, as well as other electronic components. Hard disks use a flat disc called the
platter, which on both sides are coated with a material that is designed to be able to store
information magnetically. Platter-platter by punching holes in the center are arranged and
rearranged on a spindle. Platter spinning at very high speed which is controlled by the spindle
motor that is connected to the spindle. Special literacy electromagnetic tool named head
mounted on a slider and is used to store information in a disk or read. Slider mounted on the arm,
all of which are connected mechanically to a single collection on the surface of the disc and is
connected via a device called the actuator. There was also the logic board to regulate the activity
of other components and communicates with the PC.
ATA / EIDE. EIDE hard disk (Enhanced Integrated Drive Electronics) or ATA (Advanced Technology
Attachment) is the latest version of a stAndard disk interface suitable for connection to the bus.
Many manufacturers have a range of disk with a disk interface EIDE / ATA disk can be connected
directly to the PCI bus and roomates which is used in many PC (personal computer).
SCSI. Many disks have interfaces designed for connection to a standard SCSI bus. The disks tend to
be more expensive, but have better performance which is possible due to excess SCSI bus than the
PCI bus. Access to the same can be done for many disk drives as the drive interface is actively
connected to the SCSI bus only when the drive is ready to transfer data. This is especially useful in
applications where there are a large number of requests for small files, which often happens in a
computer used as a file server. RAID. Promises great performance and provides a large and
reliable storage. Disk is used both in high-performance computer and in systems that require
dramatically higher reliability than normal levels. However, with the decline in prices to a more
affordable level, the disk becomes more attractive even for a computer system with size
average. SATA. SATA hard disk of the type (Serial Advanced Technology Attachment), the disk
interface ATA (Advanced Technology Attachment) by using the serial version of the thin cable that
has small wires. Total about two-thirds of total hard drive cable with type EIDE or ATA disks are
numbered 39 pins and SATA has very high speed data transmission and reducing latency. So, this
serial bus is able to exceed the speed of parallel bus.
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Jose Mourinho Congratulated for Manchester Uniteds Title
Real Madrid coach, Jose Mourinho, congratulates Sir Alex Ferguson on the success of Manchester
United winning in the Premier League. He pleaded not surprised by the success of the Red Devils
because they had the capacity for it. Sir Alex Ferguson has been doing what he did in his entire
life, which is to win. I congratulate him. However, it is not surprising to me or the world that
Ferguson will be back to win again, said Mourinho as reported by the U.S..Red Devils clinched his
20th Premier League after defeating Aston Villa 3-0 at Old Trafford Stadium, Monday or Tuesday
(4/23/2013) early morning hrs. The Red Devils scored created Robin van Persie (2
minute, 13
). The result is at once buried dreams of Manchester City to retain the title. The Blue
Manchester ranked second and had the 16 points differentiate from Manchester United. It is
impossible for Roberto Mancinis team can overtake Manchester United despite victory in five
games remaining.
Artikel bahasa Inggris tentang ekonomi
Weaknesses of Indonesian Economic
Chamber of Indonesia Commerce and Industry (Kadin) declared Indonesian economy that is
actually very promising for both domestic and foreign investors. However, there are still
weaknesses seeing by Kadin of the economy that need to be addressed. Vice Chairman of Kadin
Indonesia, Novian Anindya Bakrie said, promising Indonesian economy is evidenced by incoming
investment, private consumption, and vibrant business world.But there are still some weaknesses
that Indonesias economic structure needs to be addressed now, said Anindya at Menara Kadin
Jakarta, Wednesday (06/03/2013). Anindya see Indonesias economic weakness is in the trade
deficit. Currently due to larger imports than exports then it makes more Indonesian trade balance
to be deficit. Moreover, the largest import of oil and gas.On the other hand, Anindya also
highlights subsidy of oil (BBM) to the people who actually are not even on target. Current budget
fuel subsidy enjoyed by the rich instead.
As the impact, the deficit and the high pressure gas imports that led to the weakening of the
rupiah, he added. Again, the actual budget for infrastructure even neglected. He rated in the
last few months that there is no improvement of government policy so that a problem cannot be
resolved. Though foreign investors intending to invest in Indonesia as it will look up the
bureaucratic infrastructure. If not good, then foreign investors will pull out of Indonesia.