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Thomas Alva Edison & GE

GE dirintis sejak tahun 1878 oleh Thomas Alva Edison yang dikagumi karena kejeniusannya sebagai penemu.
Namun tak banyak yang mengetahui kepiawaiannya sebagai pionir di bidang usaha. Dengan menyelaraskan
berbagai usaha untuk membawa suatu inovasi ke pasar, dia merintis jalur bagi GE sekarang. Kenali lebih jauh
inspirasi dan kerja keras tokoh yang memulai semua ini.
Sejarah GE di Indonesia
Sejak tahun 1940 GE telah menjadi bagian dari hidup jutaan warga Indonesia dengan produk dan jasanya termasuk
lokomotif kereta api, elektronika rumahtangga, lampu sampai pembiayaan bagi nasabah perorangan. Di tahun 70an
GE merintis berbagai kerjasama di bidang teknologi dan bisnis dengan berbagai institusi Indonesia, dan sejak itu
kehadiran GE tumbuh berkembang dengan dibentuknya PT GE Finance Indonesia, PT GE Lighting Indonesia, juga
perusahaan patungan PT Astra Sedaya Finance dan PT GE Technology Indonesia yang kemudian melahirkan PT
GE Nusantara Turbine Services.
Prestasi di Bidang Riset
Semua berawal dari lumbung kecil di tahun 1900. Setelah meraih ribuan hak paten dan bahkan dua hadiah Nobel,
laboratorium GE Global Research terus mempersembahkan teknologi baru bagi kehidupan kita. Kenali laboratorium
riset GE yang pertama dan perjalanannya berevolusi hingga menjadi lembaga yang mendunia.

GE Lighting Indonesia - Incandescent & Fluorescent
Lamp Factory

GE Lighting Indonesia is a subsidiary of the GE Appliance and Lighting Business, producing lamps,
doing some fixture assembly, and distribution center of GE lamp product in Indonesia. The type of
lamps produced are incandescent, Linear Fluorescent Lamp (LFL), and Fluorescent Circle Lamp
(FCL). Many other type range of GE lamp product such as roadway lamp, building application, and
sport stadium have been distributed for the most of capital city in Indonesia including the
prestigious of Borobudur Lighting, the prestigious one of Indonesian symbol.


GE Lighting Indonesia is located in Yogyakarta Province, which has unique culture and become
one of the most popular of tourism center. During last view years GE Lighting Indonesia has shown
a better growth. We have approximately 600 people working to support the business and ready to
serve our customers.
All great achievement is in line with our commitment to be a leader in lamp business. Stronger,
simplified, and more focus on management system and commercial development strategy has
proven that the future is in hand.

Our Products
Incandescent Product
A19, A55, A60 E-Coated
T55 E-Coated
MG 50 Coated
Fluorescent Lamp
T8 specialty LFL
T9 FCL , 32W
Fixture Assembly
Mariner, Louver, Batten, Durastreet, Corol
R250 LED

1986 Lamp Manufacturing Site of Sinar Baru Electric (SiBalec)
1996 Joint Venture with Sinar Baru Electric (SiBalec), 87% GE Ownership
2002 Acquisition by GE (GE Ownership)
ISO 9001 certified
Health Ahead certified
MDG Awards

Contact Us
GE Lighting Indonesia
Jl. Magelang Km 9.6 Sleman, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Phone : +62-274-868-704
Fax : +62-274-868-403
Director: Hendriyani, Gundana :
Commercial leader: Dolores, Linartio :
For more information about our products, email us at - See more at:

Energy efficient in a variety of lamp types and voltages
When it comes to energy savings, halogen lighting is the smart choice. Halogen not only offers the
highest Color Rendering Index (CRI) to provide crisp, white light and a pleasant tone, but also
provides a cost-efficient alternative to incandescent bulbs. These bulbs are available in a wide
range of sizes and lumen packages to fit a variety of lighting applications. GE
PreciseConstantColorMR16 IR also delivers the highest energy efficiency and longest life of
all products in the GE halogen product line, without compromising quality and quantity of light.
- See more at:

Energy Saving lighting solutions from GE
GE's extensive compact fluorescent lamps give you the energy saving benefits you want and the
high quality lighting you expect. Energy efficient and economic: 80% energy efficient vs
incandescent from our A' energy labelled products and last long years in service from 6,000 up to
15,000 hours. Fits almost everywhere: available in small incandescent sizes and look-a-like
shapes, with both ES and BC caps and also in a wide range of shapes from stick, spiral and
decorative form. Outstanding light quality: outstanding light quality; is guaranteed throughout the
lamps' life, available in various colour temperatures and rovide quick and flicker-free start with a
fast warm-up. - See more at:

The smart way for an efficient professional lighting
application with GE non-integrated compact
fluorescent lamps.
GE lighting has one of the most extensive range of compact fluorescent light sources available,
providing extra energy saving with the Watt-Miser concept and long life performance with the
LongLast range, which can be ideal for almost every application. Since compact fluorescent
bulbs use less energy, these products save you money on your electricity bill and help protect the
environment. - See more at:

Outstanding light quality, exceptional reliability and
environmental compliance ultra-efficient lighting
solutions from GE.
GE's High Intensity Discharge (HID) lamp ranges share a number of important qualities including
high efficacy and a long life that combine to make them the most efficient light source for a wide
range of different commercial and industrial applications.
Ceramic Metal Halide lamps provide exceptionally consistent colour rendition helping to highlight
both texture and colour - See more at:
- See more at:

Whether its long life, energy savings, or quality of light,
GE's linear fluorescent lamps have your application
Our linear fluorescent lamps cover every kind of indoor application and excel in long life, energy
savings, low maintenance and colour rendering. Thanks to the superior quality of light and more
vibrant colours, merchandise stands out and people look more natural. Architects, specifiers and
facilities managers can now deliver better lighting with lower costs. Many combinations of wattage
and length provide flexibility of luminaire design and ceiling layout. So many flexible solutions, so
much choice: perfect for commercial, industrial and recreational lighting, the range covers: linear
pendants, linear excess wall washers, recess wall - See more at:

Imagine it. Light it. Control it.
With energy savings and environmental performance leading today's lighting charge, control means
so much more than a simple on or off. Control means having the ability to light harvest a 105-
story high-rise. To have illumination where and when you need it, and the flexibility to conserve
when you don't. At GE, control means having the capability to find a solution to any problem. And if
that solution doesn't exist, to invent it.
Powered by Lightech technology, our drivers are both efficient and intelligent, allowing you to
create innovative, next-generation lighting systems that live up to your high-performance
standards. - See more at:
- See more at:

Automotive lamps
GE has played a leading role in Automotive Lighting for many years.
GE Lighting has one of the widest selections of automotive lamps available.
The company is certified according to ISO/TS 16949, ISO 14000 series.

The reliability and quality of GE automotive lamps is ensured by

computer-managed and controlled design process
fully automated production lines
a commitment to continuous improvement
high level of quality assurance system
E1 ECE homologation
EOLV, ROHS compliance
GE Xensation lamps provide a major leap in road safety over conventional halogen lamps due to
enormous increase in the illuminated field of vision. - See more at:
- See more at:
GE Lighting Indonesia (1), PT.
Jl. Mageland Km. 9.6, Sleman,Yogyakarta 55511 DI Yogyakarta,Indonesia
DI Yogyakarta
No Fax.(0274) 868703
No Telepon.(0274) 868704