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Terms and Conditions
The Publisher has strived to be as aurate and om"lete as "ossible
in the reation o# this re"ort$ not%ithstandin& the #at that he does
not %arrant or re"resent at an' time that the ontents %ithin are
aurate due to the ra"idl' han&in& nature o# the Internet(
)hile all attem"ts have been made to veri#' in#ormation "rovided in
this "ubliation$ the Publisher assumes no res"onsibilit' #or errors$
omissions$ or ontrar' inter"retation o# the sub*et matter herein(
An' "ereived sli&hts o# s"ei#i "ersons$ "eo"les$ or or&ani+ations
are unintentional(
In "ratial advie boo,s$ li,e an'thin& else in li#e$ there are no
&uarantees o# inome made( -eaders are autioned to re"l' on their
o%n *ud&ment about their individual irumstanes to at
This boo, is not intended #or use as a soure o# le&al$ business$
aountin& or #inanial advie( All readers are advised to see, servies
o# om"etent "ro#essionals in le&al$ business$ aountin& and #inane
.ou are enoura&ed to "rint this boo, #or eas' readin&(
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Table O# Contents
Cha"ter 11
Produt 2asis
Cha"ter 21
3nderstand .our Interests
Cha"ter /1
E4amine To" Produts At Cli,ban, That 0it .our
Cha"ter 51
E4amine To" Produts At Ama+on That 0it .our
Cha"ter 61
E4amine To" -ivals That 0it .our Interests
Cha"ter 71
8etermine )hat Is 9issin& 0rom.our -esearh
)ra""in& 3"
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Cli, :ere1 htt"1;;&uideri&ht&rou"(om;Nihe-2uilder-)ebinar
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Cli, :ere1 htt"1;;&uideri&ht&rou"(om;Tra##i)ave
Cli, :ere1 htt"1;;&uideri&ht&rou"(om;Imnia9ail
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9illions o# "eo"le throu&hout the %orld no% ma,e their livelihood
#rom sellin& online "roduts( The number o# "eo"le en&a&ed in
online sellin& is &ro%in& dail'( The a""eal o# sellin& on line is &reat
#or a variet' o# reasons( ?er' im"ortantl'$ online sellin& allo%s an
individual to %or, #rom their o%n home( Learn %hat 'ou need to
,no% here(
Produt Per#etion
:o% To Create The 2est Produts Online
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Cha"ter 11
Produt 2asis
)or,in& #rom home means that an individual %ill have no travellin&
to do$ their overheads %ill be small and the' %ill have onsiderable
#reedom %ith their time usa&e(
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The 2asis
)ith onl' a small number o# resoures it is "ossible #or an individual
to &o into business as an online retailer( It %ould be neessar' to
have a om"uter %ith internet aess and an email aount(
A "erson %ould need to establish a redit or debit #ailit' to be able to
"a' #or an' "rodut or servie( Aome thou&ht and outla' %ould be
neessar' to set u" a %ebsite or sales "a&e and it %ould be advisable
to or&ani+e %eb hostin& so that the' ould o"erate t%ent' #our hours
a da'( The most im"ortant onsideration and investment o# all %ould
be seurin& "rodut or a servie to sell(
Online sellin& involves three "ossible o"tions( It is "ossible to sell
"h'sial "roduts suh as osmetis or shoes$ to sell do%nloadable
"roduts suh as so#t%are or e boo,s or else to sell a servie online(
Online sellers ould o"erate b' sellin& a "rodut o# their o%n or else
the' sell other "eo"leCs "roduts( 2' sellin& their o%n "rodut on line
an o"erator has the o""ortunit' to reah a hu&e mar,et and to redue
their a"ital investment in "h'sial "remises(
This an be a ver' "ositive move #or individuals %ho have "rodut(
Peo"le %ho have no "rodut o# their o%n to sell an still sell online b'
o"eratin& as middlemen(
To do this individualCs ould a""roah another retailer and o##er to
sell their "rodut online #or them #or a ommission( An alternative
%ould be to sell as online a##iliate in the di&ital mar,et "lae and
- 1D -
reeive a ut o# "ro#it #or ever' sale made(
Cha"ter 21
- 11 -
3nderstand .our Interests
The online mar,et "lae is hi&hl' om"etitive and be#ore underta,in&
an' online mar,etin& o"eration it is ruial that an o"erator
understands their aim and ob*etives in enterin& the mar,et( It is
essential that the' ,no% e4atl' %hat "rodut the' are &oin& to
attem"t to seure(
The tar&et mar,et has to be asertained and the trader must ,no%
%h' the' are attem"tin& to attrat that mar,et %ith their "rodut( A
mar,etin& strate&' has to be thou&ht throu&h and "lanned(
.our Passion
- 12 -
Auess o# the venture de"ends on ritial "lannin& and researh(
Thou&ht needs to be &iven to the area o# the mar,et that is to be
seuredE #or e4am"le are sales onl' &oin& to be made nationall' or is it
intended to tr' to seure an international mar,et(
It also has to be established %here the "rodut is to be soured #rom
and a&ain onsideration needs to be &iven to the advanta&es or
other%ise o# seurin& "rodut #rom the loal mar,et or else
attem"tin& to seure "rodut #rom overseas %hih ma' be hea"er
but omes %ith added hurdles suh as im"ort restritions and
Online retailers %ho are onsiderin& sellin& "h'sial "roduts need to
onsider the hoie o# the "rodut to be sold ver' are#ull' indeed(
One basi onsideration should be to loo, #or "rodut that is not
#ra&ile and is eas' to trans"ort and shi"(
The si+e o# the "rodut is im"ortant too as it is in the retailerCs
interest to selet "rodut that %onCt ta,e u" too muh s"ae( In order
to ma,e ma4imum "ro#it #rom sales$ "rodut should be seleted that
has an ambi&uous value(
Eletrial items #or e4am"le donCt have this and "otential ustomers
an readil' assess their value but other items suh as instrutional
materials or ,ee"sa,es are hard to value( Cou"led %ith this it %ould
be o# interest to selet "rodut that has a ertain timeless Fualit' and
- 1/ -
%ill not date on the shel#( :i&h #ashion &arments and eletrial items
#or e4am"le do not meet those riteria(
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Cha"ter /1
E4amine To" Produts At Cli,ban, That 0it .our Interests
Individuals %ho %ant to venture into online sellin& but have no
"h'sial "rodut o# their o%n to sell ould %ell investi&ate sourin&
di&ital "rodut to sell #rom a "rovider as an a##iliate( One suh
"rovider is Cli,ban,(
- 16 -
Cli,ban, is in #at a "rivatel' held online mar,et"lae #or thousand
o# di&ital "roduts( 8i&ital "roduts are "roduts or servies that an
be delivered online suh as e2oo,s$ membershi"s and so#t%are( It is
"ossible #or a "erson to sell a "rodut to Cli,ban, or to bu' #rom
Cli,ban, or else to "romote "rodut(
Cli,ban, serves as a onnetor bet%een di&ital ontent reators and
a##iliate mar,eters %ho "romote the "roduts to onsumers(
There are advanta&es to be had b' seletin& di&ital "roduts to trade
online( 8i&ital sales #or e4am"le are made instantl' and ommission
"a'ments are reeived Fui,l'(
There are also ver' lar&e volumes o# sto, and an enormous ran&e o#
items to be seleted( Last 'ear Cli,ban, had over 57$DDD di##erent
"roduts to o##er to its a##iliates so there is a lot o# hoie(
In order to assist a##iliates to ma,e a suitable seletion the "roduts
#or sale are listed in "o"ularit' aross a number o# ate&ories(
Produts are ran,ed b' their "rodutivit' sore %hih is based on
a##iliate sales(
I# a "rodut hasnCt had a valid sale in ei&ht %ee,s it #alls out o# the
mar,et "lae( This ma,es it easier to ensure that 'ou are not bu'in& a
- 17 -
Another #eature o# the Cli,ban, s'stem that mi&ht hel" a "otential
a##iliate deide to "urhase or not is that there is a #eature o# the
"ro&rammin& that allo%s ,e' %ord searhin&(
Ge'%ord searhin& on "roduts %ill allo% a "otential "urhaser to
obtain e4tensive in#ormation on ommissionCs sales #or the "rodut
and its ran,in& thus ma,in& it easier to ma,e an in#ormed deision as
to %hether or not to "roeed %ith a "urhase(
- 1> -
Cha"ter 51
E4amine To" Produts At Ama+on That 0it .our Interests
Ama+on is the %orldCs lar&est online retailer and as suh is an
enormous soure o# "otential "rodut #or individualCs onsiderin&
venturin& into online mar,etin&( Ama+on "rovides a om"lete ran&e
o# "h'sial "roduts ran&in& #rom tin' to enormous$ #rom hea" to
e4"ensive and the %hole &amut in bet%een(
- 1@ -
)ith suh a ran&e o# merhandise available it ou&ht to be "ossible to
#ind the "h'sial "roduts to "urhase or else alternativel' to ma,e
use o# Ama+on merhandise to sto, an online store(
Ama+on ould be used to "urhase atual merhandise to sell online
inde"endentl'( There are advanta&es to doin& this( Ama+on o"erates
%ith e4tensive atalo&ues and "rodut desri"tions(
Produt has &ood visual merhandisin& and "riin&( There are ver'
trans"arent statements made relatin& to re"laements and %arranties
and e4han&e %hih should be onsidered be#ore "urhasin&(
Consumer in#ormation and "rodut revie%s are also readil' available(
All o# the above ould be em"lo'ed to ma,e in#ormed "urhasin&
The disadvanta&e o# "urhasin& "rodut throu&h Ama+on is that b'
doin& so an online trader immediatel' "laes themselves in diret
om"etition %ith Ama+on and their "riin&(
To overome this it %ould be neessar' to selet items that have an
ambi&uous value suh as ,ee"sa,es to avoid obvious om"arisons(
Ama+on itsel# o##ers a method o# overomin& the issue o# bein& in
diret om"etition b' allo%in& online retailers to beome an Ama+on
- 1B -
a##iliate( The a##iliates underta,e ertain administrative "roedures
and &ive in ban,in& details and are then able to selet a ran&e o#
"rodut to "lae in their o%n online Ama+on stores(
The' are reFuired to set u" their %ebsite and #ormulate their o%n
"rodut desri"tions and "riin& and the a##iliate is re%arded #or sales
that are made %ithin the store in the #orm o# a ommission(
Ama+on ould be used "ro#itabl' b' an'one onsiderin& online
- 2D -
Cha"ter 61
E4amine To" -ivals That 0it .our Interests
2ein& involved in online sellin& means that a "erson %ill be o"eratin&
in a hi&hl' om"etitive retail mar,et( In order to ,ee" abreast or
better$ to ,ee" ahead o# the om"etition$ it is vital that the online
retailer is %ell in#ormed about the suess or other%ise o# rival
- 21 -
The Com"etition
0irstl' it %ill be im"ortant to ,no% %hat "rodut is out there that is
tar&etin& the same mar,et that the online retailer is aimin& #or(
Aimilar "rodut should be tra,ed do%n(
In order to do this there %ill need to be #reFuent e4ursions to retail
outlets to anal'+e %hat is #or sale %ithin them( All advertisin& media
should be are#ull' srutini+ed #or rival "rodut(
E4aminations should be made o# ma&a+ines$ ne%s"a"ers$ #l'ers$ on
line$ atalo&ues$ radio and television to detet similar "roduts bein&
One similar rival "rodut has been #ound there needs to be a are#ul
note made o# ho% it is bein& mar,eted( Che,s should be made to
om"are the rival "rodut to the online sellerCs o%n interests( An'
disre"anies should be noted(
Is there a di##erene in "rie bet%een the "rodutsH Is the Fualit' the
sameH Are the "a,a&in& and shi""in& terms similarH :o% does the
mar,etin& om"are %ith the online sellerCs o%nH Is the "rodut
"romotion more a""ealin& and li,el' to attrat more "otential
ustomers or notH
A#ter there has been an anal'sis underta,en o# the rival "rodut it
- 22 -
ma' %ell be neessar' #or the online retailer to underta,e a revie% o#
their o%n mar,etin& and "rodut(
It is vital that their "rodut is at least as &ood as that o# the rival
interest$ sellin& at a similar "rie and is atuall' tar&eted suess#ull'
to the same mar,et( This revie% ma' %ell mean re "riin&$ dra%in&
u" a di##erent advertisin& am"ai&n or redesi&nin& a %ebsite(
- 2/ -
Cha"ter 71
8etermine )hat Is 9issin& 0rom.our -esearh
In order to sueed as an online seller and to ontinue to remain
suess#ul it is im"ortant so ma,e sure that the "rodut bein& sold is
%hat ustomers %ant and omes at a "rie that the ustomer is
"re"ared to "a' #or it( In addition ever'thin& has to be done to
ensure that the "rodut is easil' aessible to the mar,et and that the
"rodut an be readil' #ound and "urhased(
- 25 -
)hat Is La,in&
-esearh is the ,e'( Constant researh has to be made o# the mar,et
to determine %hat it is that the' are see,in&(
I )hat sort o# "roduts do the' %ant to "urhaseH
I )hat "ro"erties should it "ossessH
I :o% muh are the' %illin& to "a' #or itH
I )ho has that available in the mar,et alread'H I# it is not there
alread' an it be desi&ned and soured #rom some%hereH
I Is the online mar,etin& &oin& to be able to "rovide %hat is
needed to sta' ahead o# the om"etitionH
It ma' be determined that rival "riin& undermines the "rodut bein&
mar,eted and "erha"s re "riin& has to be investi&ated or even
sourin& "rodut more hea"l' #rom else%here in order to remain
I# it is determined that the tar&et mar,et is not bein& reahed then it
ma' be that the %ebsite %ill have to han&e and namin& and %ordin&
altered to ensure muh &reater hit numbers( ?isual advertisin&
should be im"roved( Not sueedin& in reahin& the tar&et mar,et
%ill mean that the %hole mar,etin& strate&' needs to be redra#ted to
ensure that to "rodut is bein& e4"osed %here it should be(
- 26 -
)ra""in& 3"
0inall' i# it a""ears #rom the researh that the mar,et is #looded %ith
similar "rodut and there is nothin& that an be done to ma,e it
better reeived then it ma' %ell be that the "rodut mi4 is %ron& #or
the online mar,eter and the' need to soure somethin& else(
Constant revie%in& and he,in& %ill ensure suess(
- 27 -
-eommended -esoures
Cli, :ere1 htt"1;;&uideri&ht&rou"(om;Godadd'
Cli, :ere1 htt"1;;&uideri&ht&rou"(om;:ost&ator
Cli, :ere1 htt"1;;&uideri&ht&rou"(om;NameChea"
Cli, :ere1 htt"1;;&uideri&ht&rou"(om;AoialAdr
- 2> -
Cli, :ere1 htt"1;;&uideri&ht&rou"(om;Ja++le2a,ToAhoolAtore
Cli, :ere1 htt"1;;&uideri&ht&rou"(om;Ja++leCardAha"esAtore
Cli, :ere1 htt"1;;&uideri&ht&rou"(om;Ja++leCreateCustomTshirtsAtore
Cli, :ere1 htt"1;;&uideri&ht&rou"(om;Ja++leCustomi+eItAllAtore
Cli, :ere1 htt"1;;&uideri&ht&rou"(om;Ja++le8isne's0ro+enAtore
Cli, :ere1 htt"1;;&uideri&ht&rou"(om;Ja++leGraduationInvitationsAtore
Cli, :ere1 htt"1;;&uideri&ht&rou"(om;Ja++leInternationalAtores
- 2@ -
Cli, :ere1 htt"1;;&uideri&ht&rou"(om;Ja++leiPhone7CasesPreorderAtore
Cli, :ere1 htt"1;;&uideri&ht&rou"(om;Ja++leAaveThe8ateAtore
Cli, :ere1 htt"1;;&uideri&ht&rou"(om;Ja++leAaveThe8ate9a&netsAtore
Cli, :ere1 htt"1;;&uideri&ht&rou"(om;Ja++le)ra""edCanvasAtore
Cli, :ere1 htt"1;;&uideri&ht&rou"(om;Ja++leGi#tCenterAtore
Cli, :ere1 htt"1;;&uideri&ht&rou"(om;Ja++leAho"AndCreateIn3AA
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