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Terms and Conditions
The Publisher has strived to be as aurate and om"lete as "ossible
in the reation o# this re"ort$ not%ithstandin& the #at that he does
not %arrant or re"resent at an' time that the ontents %ithin are
aurate due to the ra"idl' han&in& nature o# the Internet(
)hile all attem"ts have been made to veri#' in#ormation "rovided in
this "ubliation$ the Publisher assumes no res"onsibilit' #or errors$
omissions$ or ontrar' inter"retation o# the sub*et matter herein(
An' "ereived sli&hts o# s"ei#i "ersons$ "eo"les$ or or&ani+ations
are unintentional(
In "ratial advie boo,s$ li,e an'thin& else in li#e$ there are no
&uarantees o# inome made( -eaders are autioned to re"l' on their
o%n *ud&ment about their individual irumstanes to at
This boo, is not intended #or use as a soure o# le&al$ business$
aountin& or #inanial advie( All readers are advised to see, servies
o# om"etent "ro#essionals in le&al$ business$ aountin& and #inane
.ou are enoura&ed to "rint this boo, #or eas' readin&(
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Table O# Contents
Cha"ter 11
)hat About A##iliate And Nihe 2ar,etin&
Cha"ter 21
2a,in& .our )a' )ith 3lo&s
Cha"ter /1
4u""l'in& In#ormation
Cha"ter 51
4o#t%are And 2embershi"s
Cha"ter 61
4ervies And Net%or, 2ar,etin&
)ra""in& 7"
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Cli, 8ere1 htt"199&uideri&ht&rou"(om9A##iliate-Elite-3'-3rad-Callen
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Cli, 8ere1 htt"199&uideri&ht&rou"(om9Tra##i)ave
Cli, 8ere1 htt"199&uideri&ht&rou"(om9Imnia2ail
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8ome business is the %a' the &lobe is &oin& to &o in the lose #uture(
Gone are the da's %hen individuals ,nu,led do%n over their o##ie
des,s( This is the a&e %here the one"tion o# areer liberali+ation is
trul' &oin& to &ain &round(
Are 'ou &oin& to be a "iee o# it as earl' as 'ou are able to or are 'ou
&oin& to hold o## and %ath till ever'bod' has tried it out #irst>
The ideal %a' is to &et into this as ?ui, as "ossible and ma,e a name
#or 'oursel# in the home business &enre as soon as 'ou are able to(
This e3oo, has all the ,no%led&e 'ou %ould re?uire to launh a
business #rom the om#ort o# 'our o%n home@
)or, At 8ome 2ethods 7nleashed
Aisover Numerous )a's To 2a,e 2one' 0rom The Com#ort O#
.our O%n 8ome
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Cha"ter 11
)hat About A##iliate And Nihe 2ar,etin&
A##iliatin& %ith businesses in order to mar,et them isnCt a #resh idea(
3ut %hat 'ou have to ,no% here is that it ma' ma,e 'ou a millionaire
and 'ou %ould not even have to "h'siall' adventure an inh out o#
'our home(
)hat are individuals on the Net mainl' loo,in& #or> Aata$ thatDs
ri&ht@ I# 'ou su""l' them the data the' are loo,in& #or$ 'ou are a
%inner the %hole %a'(
- E -
Great In#o To Get .ou Goin&
I# an'bod' %as as,ed to name one tehni?ue that mar,eters utili+e to
ma,e a sure#ire ra"id "ro#it on the Net$ then most o# them %ould &ive
'ou the same ans%er - Fa##iliate mar,etin&G(
Thou&h there are do+ens o# home business models on the Net$ it is
?uite sa#e to state that a##iliate mar,etin& has to ran, inside the to" /$
or "erha"s even at the to" o# the hea"(
0undamentall'$ the a##iliate mar,etin& model means to "romote
somebod'Ds "rodut over the Net( .ouCre assistin& them %ith their
advertisin& and are &ettin& "aid a ommission #or that(
.ou are able to be&in b' ma,in& an aount on an a##iliate net%or,
li,e the 8'dra Net%or, Hhtt"199%%%(h'dranet%or,(om9I( This is a
"lae %here advertisers "ost their advertisin& needs(
)hen 'ou are a "art o# this net%or,$ 'ou are able to "i, out the
"roduts 'ou %ish to mar,et( These are "roduts o# individuals inside
the net%or,(
One 'ou are #inished %ith that$ 'ouCll need an a##iliate mar,etin&
servie to mar,et the "roduts 'ou have hosen on the Net( The best
in that ate&or' is Goo&le Ad%ords HJhtt"199ad%ords(&oo&le(om9KI(
.ou sim"l' have to be&in a am"ai&n here$ mentionin& the "rodut
'ou re?uire to mar,et and &ive the 7-L that 'ouCre advertisin&(
Ad%ords %ill mehaniall' searh #or the orret site mathes #or the
"rodut and %ill advertise on them(
The "a' is #antasti( .ou &et "aid #or eah li, that 'our ad &ets( This
- 1L -
is ,no%n as Pa' Per Cli, HPPCI( All the same$ there are some a##iliate
net%or,in& sites$ li,e the 8'dra Net%or, %e have mentioned here$
that "a' onl' %hen a sale is aom"lished( In this ase$ it beomes a
Pa' Per 4ale HPP4I a##iliate servie(
.our onl' disbursement is in be&innin& the Ad%ords am"ai&n( All
the same$ here 'ou are able to bid on ho% muh 'ou %ish to s"end(
There#ore$ 'ouCre atuall' alterin& 'our eM"ense( The returns$ but$ are
muh more than %hatever ash 'ou %ill "ut into the business(
)hatDs a nihe ontent %eb site$ in the #irst "lae> A nihe ontent
%eb site is a site that "anders to a ertain &rou" o# individuals( Li,e
&ardenin& is a niheN oo,in& is a niheN motor re"air is a nihe(
Others %ould not be interested in readin& about these sub*ets(
8o%ever$ individuals %ho are interested in these sub*ets %ill
ertainl' "a, 'our site and even ome re"eatedl' to loo, #or #resh
in#o that 'ou must "ut u" da' in and da' out(
There ma' be a nihe inside a nihe( Li,e$ in &ardenin&$ there ma' be
a sub-nihe o# ho% to do a%a' %ith a"hids or ho% to utili+e the ri&ht
miM o# #ertili+ers to ma,e those &ra"es lar&er( These are sub nihes(
.ou have to remember one thin& hereO the narro%er 'ouCre ma,in&
'our nihe$ the lesser is the number o# individuals 'ou are &ettin& #or
'our %eb site$ but at the same time$ these individuals are more
entered and the' %ill be more mattered to in doin& business %ith
- 11 -
Thin, about it( I# somebod' trul' %ants to have a little in#o on a"hid
removal$ the' are not &oin& to #ind too man' %eb sites on it(
I# 'our %eb site has that ontent and li,e%ise "romotes some "rodut
relatin& to it$ li,e an a"hid s"ra'in&$ the li,elihood o# that visitor
"urhasin& the "rodut #rom 'our %eb site is indeed elevated(
This is the %a' 'ou have to &o about it(
0irst o# all$ thin, o# a "o"ular nihe that 'ou %ould li,e to establish a
%eb site on( .ou ma' &o to "laes li,e Goo&le 4u&&est
HJhtt"199su&&est(&oo&le(om9KI and he, out %hat man' individuals
are loo,in& #or(
Goo&le 4u&&est %ill li,e%ise &ive 'ou a host o# ,e'%ords that 'ou are
able to utili+e( These are the ,e'%ords that individuals are "o"ularl'
Establish ontent( .ouCll need to have at least #i#t' "a&es or so o#
material to ma,e some sort o# im"at( 4"rue u" these materials b'
usin& orret ,e'%ords so that it reahes out to the individuals %ho
are loo,in& #or the "artiular in#ormation(
Then$ loo, #or "roduts on 'our a##iliate net%or, %eb site to "romote
on 'our nihe %eb site( -e#er to ha"ter 1 on ho% to &et to be a
member o# an a##iliate net%or, %eb site(
.ou are able to "ut advertisements in the #orm o# teMt and banners(
3' havin& 'our o%n %eb site$ 'ou are savin& ash on advertisin&
servies li,e Goo&le Ad%ords( .ou have to "o"ulari+e 'our %eb site so
that more individuals visit$ %hih in turn %ill ste"-u" the number o#
- 12 -
li,s Hand salesI that 'ou &et( At the same time$ the "o"ularit' o#
'our ads %ill ste"-u" the "ros"et o# 'our site(
- 1/ -
Cha"ter 21
2a,in& .our )a' )ith 3lo&s
-eall' #e% models are as "o"ular no%ada's as the business blo&&in&
model( This is one model %here individuals entertain themselves b'
net%or,in& %ith others$ build on their ,no%led&e and$ naturall'$
build on their business leads(
4o$ arenDt 'ou blo&&in& alread'>
The one matter about blo&&in& that 'ou need to understand is that
'ou are able to moneti+e it in a lot o# di##erent %a's( There isnDt
sim"l' a sin&le %a' in %hih 'ou are able to ma,e ash out o# a blo&N
there are man'(
One 'ou have a blo& o# 'our o%n$ it is a learnin& eM"eriene in itsel#(
8o%ever$ at the same time$ the ash be&ins #lo%in& in almost at one$
%hih motivates 'ou into mil,in& 'our blo& #urther(
- 15 -
3lo&&in& started out as a means o# onve'in& "ersonal thou&hts$ then
it bit b' bit beame a "ubliit' tool #or stars and "a"ara++i and
eventuall'$ it reahed the entre"reneurs o# this &lobe( )ith mar,etin&
beomin& more and more om"etitive$ am"ai&nin& throu&h the
internet ensured that blo&&in& researh ahieves ne% "ea,(
3lo&&in& has ome a lon& %a' #rom eas' %eb "a&es to eMeedin&l'
sorted and read material o# the net( Comments on blo&s and the
s"eed o# "assin& blo& lin,s amidst users %ith similar interest sho%
the mi&ht o# blo&&in& and its "o"ularit' on a &lobal "odium(
There are "lent' o# advanta&es o# blo&&in& #or little$ bi& businesses
and even the non-trade setions li,e a%areness-reatin&
or&ani+ations %orld%ide( 4urve's demonstrate that individuals "re#er
to trust those om"anies more$ %hih lean to%ards en&a&in& in
A -eall' &reat "lat#orm to onstrut 'our blo& %ould be )ordPress
or 3lo&&er
These are blo& "ro&rams$ i(e( 'ou are able to "rodue 'our blo&
utili+in& the so#t%are the' su""l'( In addition$ 'ouCll li,e%ise need
some hostin& s"ae and domain name to &et 'our blo& u" and
The unrivaled di##erene bet%een )ordPress and 3lo&&er is that
3lo&&er is a #ree o# har&e tool( That means$ 'ou %ill have to ontend
- 16 -
%ith ads #rom others on 'our blo&( )ordPress is onsidered to be
more entered and s"ea,s better o# the ommerial blo&&erDs intents(
A di##erent blo&&in& servie that 'ou ma' li,e is T'"e"ad
T'"e"ad is an u"loadin& and hostin& servie( .ou sim"l' "a' them$
onstrut 'our blo& throu&h )ordPress$ and T'"e"ad %ill ta,e are o#
the u"loadin& and hostin&( One #rin&e bene#it is that T'"e"ad does a
lot o# 4EO #or 'ou$ so 'ou are able to be ertain that 'our blo& %ill
be&in ran,in& hi&h ri&ht #rom the be&innin&(
I# 'ou &et &reat ontent on 'our blo& Hinludin& ,e'%ord o"timi+ed
teMt$ video reordin&s and "ituresI$ 'ou are able to be ertain that it
%ill &et "o"ulated soon( The searh en&ines adore blo&s beause the'
&et a re&ular u"date o# ontent and beause so man' individuals
ontinue visitin& them( In toda'Ds senario$ blo&s are more e##etive in
The #ollo%in& are a #e% %a's in %hih 'ou are able to moneti+e 'our
P .ou ma' utili+e "a'-"er-li, advertisin& on 'our blo&(
P .ou ma' diretl' sell or "romote "roduts(
P .ou ma' &ive a%a' an e3oo, or an e-+ine subsri"tion and &et
P .ou ma' build a blo&$ "o"ulate it and then sell the %hole thin&
#or a res"etable "ro#it(
- 1< -
Cha"ter /1
4u""l'in& In#ormation
Ari&ht$ %e %onDt &o into the lihQ about the net bein& an in#o
3ut isnDt it *ust that>
.ou anCt den' that@ In#ormation "roduts are the Internet-a&e term
%hih im"lies the "ubliation o# in#ormation-rih material on the net(
This material ma' ta,e an' #orm$ but broadl' %hen %e s"ea, about
in#ormation "roduts$ %eCre tal,in& about e3oo,s$ e-+ines$ videos$
audio-boo,s and the li,e(
Commonl'$ this is material that individuals ma' do%nload and store
on their hard dis, and %ithdra% it a#ter%ards aordin& to their
onveniene( ThereCs one more ommon strand runnin& throu&h all
the in#ormation "rodut devies - the' have to #urnish bene#iial
ontent to the user(
- 1= -
4u""l'in& In#ormation
There are 2 %a's in %hih 'ou are able to &et into the in#ormation
"rodut business1-
.ou ma' "rodue the in#ormation ontent 'oursel# or outsoure it to
somebod' so that 'ou have 'our o%n "rodut to distribute(
.ou ma' "romote another "ersonDs "rodut on 'our site or blo&(
Either %a'$ 'ouCre dolin& out in#ormative material(
One o# the %a's to &ive out this material is throu&h a##iliate
mar,etin&( I# 'ouCre &oin& to mar,et "roduts o# others$ 'ou ma'
selet the available "roduts #rom an a##iliate net%or, and distribute
it throu&h a servie li,e Ad%ords(
In this ase$ 'ou %ould not have to have 'our o%n site or blo& even(
All the same$ 'ou ma' li,e%ise distribute suh a "rodut diretl'(
4ellin& ma,es a &reat o"tion i# 'our "rodut is &reat ?ualit'( 7tili+in&
tehni?ues suh as searh en&ine o"timi+ation$ viral mar,etin&$ soial
net%or,in& and suh$ 'ou ma' establish a brand "resene #or 'our
"rodut and &ather a mar,et #or it( One that is "rodued$ 'ou %ill
disover that 'our "rodut be&ins earnin& #or 'ou an everlastin&
stream o# inome(
I# 'ou hold 'our o%n "rodut$ there are a lot more bene#its( Number
one$ individuals assoiate 'ou %ith somebod' %ho is an authorit' in
- 1B -
the sub*et( .our name in the b'line means a lot #or 'our believabilit'(
This %ill ensure that 'our additional "roduts &et a nihe #or
themselves too( No%$ bearin& 'our o%n "rodut doesnCt mean that
'ou have to sit and "rodue stu## 'oursel#( .ou ould outsoure %or,
reall' easil'(
On *obsites li,e GetA0reelaner HJhtt"199%%%(&eta#reelaner(om9KI
and 4ri"tLane HJhtt"199%%%(sri"tlane(om9KI$ itCs reall' eas' to
disover "ro#essionals %hoCd %or, #or 'ou at an attrative "rie$ and
&ive 'ou the ri&hts o# their %or,(
0or video reordin& material$ 'ou ma' "ublish interestin& video
reordin&s on .ouTube HJhtt"199%%%('outube(om9KI and ombine
their im"at %ith a di##erent "rodut that 'ouCre sellin&( .our video
su""lies individuals %ith &reat in#ormation and at the same time
su""lies a lin, #rom %here the' ma' do%nload an e3oo, that 'ouCre
mar,etin&( That %a'$ 'ou are able to ombine 'our mar,etin& e##orts
and a?uire added advanta&es(
Ahieve the maMimum milea&e out o# 'our in#ormation "rodut
enter"rise( I# 'ouCre loo,in& to sti, to 'our net home business #or a
lon& time$ 'ouCll have a "resene on the net$ and nothin& %or,s better
than in#ormation "roduts #or that(
Cha"ter 51
- 1E -
4o#t%are And 2embershi"s
Never undervalue the mi&ht o# so#t%are a""liations( .ou are
utili+in& do+ens o# them on 'our des,to" 'oursel#( A so#t%are ma'
ma,e 'ou %ealth'O reall' %ealth'( Ever heard o# somebod' named
2r( Gates>
2embershi" %eb sites ma' lead in a lot o# individuals throu&h the
door o# 'our net business enter"rise( )hatDs more is that these
individuals ma' be %ith 'ou #orever and a da'(
- 2L -
4ome Great )a's To 3rea, In To The 3usiness
4ellin& so#t%are "a,a&es is amon& the most #ore#ul routes to ma,e
&reat inome on the net( Individuals %ho utili+e om"uters are
onstantl' attem"tin& to ma,e their *obs sim"ler or to add more
?ualit' to their *obs( ThatCs the reason the'Cre loo,in& #or &reat
so#t%are all the time(
)ith broadband net$ it has beome so ver' sim"le to su""l' so#t%are
in do%nloadable #ormats( .ou mar,et a lin, #rom %here individuals
ma' do%nload a "artiular so#t%are "a,a&e and allo% them to aess
it %hen the' ma,e "a'ment( The'Cll "a' and 'ou "rovide them the
lin, to do%nload the so#t%are "a,a&e(
A lot o# mar,eters tease individuals b' "resentin& them demo
versions o# the so#t%are #ree o# har&e( This lets the do%nloaders
om"rehend the aliber o# the "rodut be#ore the' hoose to s"end
&ood ash on it(
These demo versions t'"iall' have a #e% #eatures lo,ed or the'Cre
timed demos %hih eM"ire a#ter an hourDs %orth o# utili+ation or so(
)hen that ours$ individuals are "rom"ted to "urhase the "rodut
to ta,e advanta&e o# it limitlessl'(
4o$ %hat must this so#t%are "a,a&e be li,e> Individuals on the net
li,e eah and ever' sort o# so#t%are( Or$ let us "ut that in a di##erent
%a' - eah and ever' t'"e o# so#t%are "a,a&e on the net %ill #ind
ta,ers( ThereDs a nihe #or ever'thin& on the net(
4o$ i# 'ouCve made a so#t%are a""liation that %ill hel" &rann'
- 21 -
remember her rei"es or made a so#t%are "a,a&e that %ill hel" a
businessman %ith his end-o#-the-'ear aount statement$ 'ouCre
&oin& to #ind humans %ho %ill be %illin& to do%nload that and he,
it out( The suess rests in the mar,etin&(
0or mar,etin&$ 'ou are able to utili+e more o# the same tehni?ues
that 'ou have been utili+in& ri&ht alon&( I# 'our so#t%are "a,a&e
beomes "rominent$ "artiularl' in "laes %here 'our nihe mar,et
ommonl' visits$ 'ou ma' be assured o# a health' #lo% o#
At the same time$ 'ou have to remember that thereCs no li#es"an #or
this( There %ill onstantl' be do%n-loaders$ "rovided 'ou mar,et %ell
and ,ee" u"&radin& 'our so#t%are "a,a&e$ %hih means$ 'ou are
able to ontinue &eneratin& a #lo% o# "assive revenue throu&h this(
.ou donCt need to have 'our o%n so#t%are a""liation either( .ou ma'
"urhase the resell ri&hts o# so#t%are "a,a&e and sell it( There are a
lot o# reative individuals on the net %ho li,e buildin& so#t%are but
donDt li,e the "romotion as"et o# it( These individuals &ive a%a' the
so#t%are the'Cve develo"ed #or a "rie(
.ou are able to modi#' these so#t%are "a,a&es to an eMtent and in a
#e% ases 'ou are able to rebrand them too( Naturall'$ 'ou sell them
at a muh hi&her and endurin& "rie than 'ou "urhased it #or( The
aom"an'in& are a #e% sites #rom %here 'ou are able to "urhase
resell ri&hts o# so#t%are1-
Rimm'Ds Salue )orld
- 22 -
-ebrand 4o#t%are
.ou ma' sim"l' see, Tso#t%are re-sell ri&htsD on Goo&le to determine a
host o# other suh sites(
2embershi" sites are sim"l' %hat their name su&&ests - these are
sites %here 'ouCre as,in& individuals to beome members o# a %eb
site and in return 'ouCre su""l'in& them %ith a host o# value-added
servies( These individuals are the members o# the %eb site$ %hih is
somethin& o# the ,ind o# a net lub %here the' en*o' "artiular
On man' membershi" sites$ the members are su""lied %ith some #ree
o# har&e o##ers and do%nloads and the' a?uire "rivile&es on
assorted a##iliate sites as %ell( A lot o# soial net%or,in& sites are
li,e%ise membershi" sites(
There$ 'ou beome a member so that 'ou are able to a?uire aess to
net%or, %ith others( There are &obs o# &ame membershi" sites as
%ell$ %here the advanta&e o# beomin& a member is that 'ou are able
to "la' &ames - %hih ma' be #ree online versions or do%nloadable
versions that 'ou ma' a?uire at a lo%er "rie(
The &eneral one"t o# a membershi" site is that 'ou ,ee" 'our treats
hidden #rom the basi net "ubli and allo% them aess to it onl' i#
the'Cve ta,en the membershi" ation that 'ou as, them to(
This ation ma' be #illin& in a net #orm$ %ith or %ithout "a'ment$
authorin& an email to 'ou to eM"ress their desire to *oin the %eb site
and so #orth(
- 2/ -
Even i# 'ou donDt ativel' demand "a'ment$ 'ouCre buildin& a
relationshi"( .ouCre &ettin& a list o# leads$ to %hih 'ou are able to
mar,et 'our additional ommerial e##orts(
3ut$ 'ou have to understand that membershi" sites do ta,e muh
e##ort( .ou have to have an un"aralleled one"t to ma,e 'our
membershi" site a hit and 'ou have to ma,e re&ular e##orts to "rovide
su"erior material to 'our members(
The'Cre &oin& to be #rustrated other%ise and 'ouCre &oin& to lose all
the "otential 'ouCve built( A #ailed membershi" site is a hu&e dis&rae
in the Internet mar,etin& domain( It ma' eat into 'our additional
"ros"ets also(
3ut$ i# 'ou have the "assion and the ardor #or it$ &o ri&ht ahead and
establish a membershi" site( .ouCll soon be hobnobbin& %ith
numerous individuals havin& 'our li,e tastes and interests( And$
'ouCll be ma,in& a &reat sum o# mone' throu&h it also(
- 25 -
Cha"ter 61
4ervies And Net%or, 2ar,etin&
)hatDs the most bene#iial$ most un"aralleled and s"eial thin& that
'ou are able to sell and ,ee" sellin& eternall'> .our o%n servies$
thatDs %hat( .ou have a &i#t #or somethin&> Go ri&ht ahead and "ith it
on the net( .ouCll see the earnin&s "ourin& in(
Net%or, mar,etin& has been "resent sine the "re- net times and itCs
reeived its share o# raves and rants( All the same$ this is a lurative
route as is learl' evidened b' the 1LLLs o# millionaires it has bred at
a %orld%ide level(
- 26 -
)hat Talent Ao .ou 8ave
The net has a mar,et #or ever'thin&( Even #or 'our o%n servies( I#
'ou believe 'ouCre &reat at somethin&$ the net ma' be the most
bene#iial "lae #or 'ou to "eddle 'our s,ills( There are individuals
see,in& all sorts o# servies on the net(
The *obsites have made the net a loser mar,et than an' other(
Individuals are see,in& servies$ and su""liers o# these servies are
see,in& individuals %ho the' ma' sell the servies to( The ri&ht
ollaboration ma' mean a lot o# ash to 'ou(
Naturall'$ itCs understood that the sort o# servies that have a demand
on the net are servies that 'ou are able to su""l' online( These are b'
and lar&e servies related to site buildin& and mar,etin&( The
#ollo%in& servies are muh desired1-
P 2aterial reation
P 3lo& mana&ement
P 4ite reation
P 4oial net%or,in& servies li,e Crai&slist "ostin&s
P 8andlin& other virtual sta##
P Proo#in& and editin&
I# 'ou #eel 'ou #it inside an' o# these s,ills$ 'ou ma' ma,e an
astonishin& sum o# mone' %ith them( -emember that the net lets 'ou
reah out to a %orld%ide level and 'ou ma' liaise %ith individuals
- 2< -
#rom all over the Earth to see, %or,( The #ollo%in& are a #e% sites
%here 'ou should ma,e an aount ?ui,l' so that 'ou be&in earnin&
%ith this1-
P GetA0reelaner HJhtt"199%%%(&eta#reelaner(om9KI
P 4ri"tLane HJhtt"199%%%(sri"tlane(om9KI
P Elane HJhtt"199%%%(elane(om9KI
P Guru HJhtt"199%%%(&uru(om9KI
P E70reelane HJhtt"199%%%(eu#reelane(om9KI
P Oand a lot o# others(
.ou have to sim"l' &et movin& %ith this and see the immense
"otential that d%ells therein( These are all biddin& sites( .ou disover
a *ob that meets 'our tastes and then ma,e 'our bid and "rovide an
estimated time o# %indu"( I# the "ro*et "oster determines that to be
o(,($ the'Cll hoose 'ou( .ouCre "aid throu&h online routes(
The dra%ba, here is that 'ou must s"end time( .ou have to be at
'our des,to" #or all the time that 'ouCre returnin& mone'$ %hih is a
reall' di##erent matter #rom other a""roahes li,e a##iliate mar,etin&(
.ou earn sim"l' as muh as 'ou %or, and thereCs no so"e #or
residual revenue(
The idea is too darned eas' - 'ou establish a net%or, o# individuals
and *ointl' 'ou mar,et a "rodut or servie( At the same time$ 'ou
attem"t to brin& more individuals into the net%or,( 0or ever'
individual that *oins the net%or,$ the u"line members "ull in a
- 2= -
Airet sales ta,e in the ash too$ but the hie# ommission is brou&ht
in throu&h the ommissions that the net%or, buildin& returns(
3ut$ the eMeution isnCt ?uite as eas'( 3uildin& the net%or, ma' be
#ormidable to most individuals( Even so$ there are a lot o# #ailities
'ou &et so that 'ou are able to onstrut the net%or, %ell(
.ou &et a site #rom the net%or, mar,etin& om"an' that 'ou lin, u"
%ith$ 'ou are able to attend "h'sial seminars and %ebinars and
'ouCve aess to a host o# ontent$ online and o##line$ %here 'ou ma'
learn ho% to mar,et 'our net%or, to the limit(
.ou have to remember one matter - *oinin& a net%or, mar,etin&
o""ortunit' ma' be a li#e-han&in& eM"eriene( .ou ma' start seein&
ever'thin& in an alto&ether #resh li&ht( 8o%ever thatDs the %a' 'ou
ma' brin& in all those siM #i&ure inomes a month(
2 o# the most "o"ular net%or, mar,etin& o""ortunities o# the &lobe$
and 8erbali#e
mar,et themselves on a %orld%ide level( Roinin& suh o""ortunities
eMtends the a%esome advanta&e o# "revailin& &ood%ill that 'ou ma'
ash in on( As %ell$ the'Cve their o%n trainin& and orientation "lans
- 2B -
all over the %orld %hih ma' hel" 'ou be&in on the ri&ht #oot(
The dra%ba, here is that there man' "la'ers in the net%or,
mar,etin& Hli,e%ise alled 2L2I %orld(
2an' o# them are s%indlers and these are the individuals %ho have
&iven the industr' a #oul name( .ou have to es"eiall' be be%are o#
"'ramid s'stems in %hih individuals ta,e in mone' onl' b' buildin&
a net%or, but donDt have an' "rodut to distribute(
In most "arts o# the &lobe$ "'ramid s'stems are onsidered to be
ille&al and the individuals involved in suh an ativit' ma' be
"roseuted b' the la%(
- 2E -
)ra""in& 7"
4o here I have "rovided some eMam"les to &et 'our home businesses
u" and runnin& so that 'ou ma' &o to #resh levels o# a##luene(
8ome in on the ation 'ou %ould li,e to #ollo% u" on$ do a little
researh and set about the "ath 'ou have hosen( .ou %onDt be
%antin& #or an'thin& be#ore lon&@
There are several other %a's to brin& in the ash #rom a home
businessO( 4o do 'our home%or, and researh and see %hat %or,s
best #or 'ou and 'our interests(
To 'our suess((( &o out and &et it@
- /L -
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Cli, 8ere1 htt"199&uideri&ht&rou"(om98ost&ator
Cli, 8ere1 htt"199&uideri&ht&rou"(om9NameChea"
Cli, 8ere1 htt"199&uideri&ht&rou"(om94oialAdr
Cli, 8ere1 htt"199&uideri&ht&rou"(om9Ua++le3a,To4hool4tore
- /1 -
Cli, 8ere1 htt"199&uideri&ht&rou"(om9Ua++leCard4ha"es4tore
Cli, 8ere1 htt"199&uideri&ht&rou"(om9Ua++leCreateCustomTshirts4tore
Cli, 8ere1 htt"199&uideri&ht&rou"(om9Ua++leCustomi+eItAll4tore
Cli, 8ere1 htt"199&uideri&ht&rou"(om9Ua++leAisne's0ro+en4tore
Cli, 8ere1 htt"199&uideri&ht&rou"(om9Ua++leGraduationInvitations4tore
Cli, 8ere1 htt"199&uideri&ht&rou"(om9Ua++leInternational4tores
- /2 -
Cli, 8ere1 htt"199&uideri&ht&rou"(om9Ua++leiPhone<CasesPreorder4tore
Cli, 8ere1 htt"199&uideri&ht&rou"(om9Ua++le4aveTheAate4tore
Cli, 8ere1 htt"199&uideri&ht&rou"(om9Ua++le4aveTheAate2a&nets4tore
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