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WKNJ Newscast

Date 10/24/14
Good afternoon, its Friday, February 24, 2014 at 11 ocloc and youre listenin! to "0#$
WKNJ%F&, 'nion, New Jersey, and () ************* wit+ t+e news#
(n ,ocal News-
.fter t+e trans/ortation a!ency called off a /lanned No0e)ber e1/ansion of t+e transfer%
free rides, 2aritan 3alley 2ail 4oalition will +old a co))unity )eetin! &onday fro) si1
/#)# to ei!+t /#)# at 4ranford 4o))unity 4enter, 220 Walnut .0e# 5+e )eetin! will
discuss efforts to secure direct New Jersey 5ransit ser0ice to New 6or#
5ransfer%free, or one%seat, ser0ice launc+ed for so)e off%/ea dayti)e 2aritan 3alley
,ine tri/s to and fro) New 6or in &arc+# For ot+er tri/s, 2aritan 3alley ,ine
/assen!ers )ust switc+ trains at Newar, addin! ti)e and +assle# 5i!+t bud!ets led NJ
5ransit to scra/ /lans to add e0enin! one%seat ser0ice ne1t )ont+#
5+e coalition )e)bers and a NJ 5ransit re/resentati0e will be /resent at t+e )eetin! to
u/date t+e /ublic and tae 7uestions#
1 1 1 1 1 1
5+e to/ic of +ow to build a ra)/ connectin! two )a8or state +i!+ways to t+e New Jersey
5urn/ie and t+e Goet+als 9rid!e will be discussed at ,indens /ublic +earin! &onday
ni!+t fro) fi0e /#)# to : /#)# (t will be +eld at t+e ,inden ;ublic ,ibrary at $1 <ast
=enry >treet#
?5+e 1$0 )illion dollar /ro8ect would build two )issin! ra)/s to lin 2outes one and
nine and 2oute 2@: to t+e brid!eA, said 4+ris 3alens, ;ort .ut+oritys s/oes)an of New
6or and New Jersey# Now, traffic fro) t+e brid!e to 2outes one and nine nort+ uses
9ayway .0enue or ;ar .0enue# B5+is /ro8ect sees to /ro0ide direct connections fro)
sout+bound 2oute one and nine to eastbound (%2@:, and fro) westbound (%2@: to
nort+bound 2oute one and nine,B 3alens said#
Cfficials will /resent a series of ideas at t+e )eetin! and will discuss t+e i)/acts of t+ese
alternati0es, 3alens said# Feedbac fro) attendees of t+e foru) will +el/ t+e /ro8ect tea)
narrow t+e list of alternati0es# (n addition to tain! truc traffic off local roads, traffic
would also flow better to and fro) t+e Goet+als 9rid!e and New Jersey 5urn/ie <1it 1$,
officials said#
2 2 2 2
(n National News-
5+e fa)ily of fallen &arine >ar!ent Daniel 3asselian acce/ted +is 9ronDe >tar wit+
co)bat B3B de0ice last wee for +erois) in .f!+anistan#
3asselian, a s7uad leader wit+ 9ra0o 4o)/any, 1st 9attalion, "t+ &arines, earned t+e
)edal for coura!e under fire in late 201$, /articularly durin! an Cct# $0 +eliborne raid
)ission nown as C/eration Ni!+t)are (((# 5+e 2@%year%old was illed Dece)eber 2$ by
ene)y s)all ar)s fire durin! a security /atrol# =is unit was /art of 5as Force 9elleau
Wood, w+ic+ /rotected 4a)/s 9astion and ,eat+ernec in =el)and /ro0ince#
3asselian de)onstrated bold leaders+i/ e0en w+ile under +ea0y ene)y )ac+ine !un fire
durin! C/eration Ni!+t)are (((, accordin! to +is )edal citation# 9ra0o 4o)/any,
worin! wit+ local troo/s assi!ned to .f!+anistan 5erritorial Force 444, set out to disru/t
insur!ent acti0ity in t+e &usa Eala district#
Durin! t+e )ission, 3asselian led troo/s to su//ort anot+er unit cornered by ene)y fire,
accordin! to +is citation# =e directed +is &arines to fire on ene)y fi!+tin! /ositions,
allowin! t+e troo/s in dan!er to find co0er#
$ $ $ $
>an Die!o /olice +a0e na)ed two sus/ects in a teen !irlFs cold%case )urder, includin! a
for)er >an Die!o ;olice De/art)ent cri)inolo!ist# DN. e0idence found in No0e)ber
2012 led /olice to 2onald 4lyde 5atro and Ke0in 4+arles 9rownGt+ou!+ as of 5uesday,
bot+ )en are dead# 4laire =ou!+, 14, was found stran!led wit+ sand /us+ed into +er
)out+ at 5orrey ;ines >tate 9eac+ on .u!# 24, 1":4, t+e ,os .n!eles 5i)es re/orts# Cne
of +er breasts +ad been cut off# 9rown, w+o /rocessed e0idence for t+e force fro) 1":2
to 2002 but was not Bassi!ned to any /art of t+e )urder in0esti!ation,B new +e was a
/erson of interest, FCH I re/orts# 5+e J2%year%old was found dead in a state /ar on
5uesday, and +is deat+ +as been ruled a suicide# 5atro was J@ w+en +e died in a 2011
boatin! accident in 5ennessee#
4 4 4 4
(n (nternational News-
5+e World =ealt+ Cr!aniDation is sendin! additional )edical e1/erts to &ali to +el/
+andle its first confir)ed <bola case, a s/oes)an said Friday, as a senior W=C official
announced accelerated 0accine trials# . 2%year%old !irl was dia!nosed wit+ <bola in &ali
K&.=%,<<L on 5+ursday, +a0in! been brou!+t into t+e country fro) nei!+borin!
Guinea, w+ere t+e current catastro/+ic outbrea is belie0ed to +a0e started# ,ocal
aut+orities say t+ey are )onitorin! 4$ /eo/le w+o +ad contact wit+ t+e infected c+ild,
said W=C s/oes)an 5ari Jasare0ic KJ.=%>.=%2<%3(KL# 5+ey include 10 )edical
worers w+o ca)e into contact wit+ +er in t+e town of Kayes, west of t+e ca/ital of
9a)ao, +e said# 5+e e1tra W=C )edical e1/erts are bein! sent i))ediately to &ali to
+el/ its &inistry of =ealt+ res/ond, Jasare0ic said# 5+ey will bolster a W=C tea) t+at
was already in t+e country to +el/ wit+ !eneral /re/aredness#
>wedenFs )ilitary feels certain t+ere was an intruder, but it +as called off t+e searc+ for a
)ystery 0essel in waters near >toc+ol)#
B.t least oneB forei!n 0essel was t+ere, >wedis+ 2ear .d)# .nders Grenstad said
Friday# B(t )ay +a0e been a s)all 0essel#B
W+ate0er )ay +a0e been lurin! beneat+ t+e wa0es of t+e arc+i/ela!o for a wee drew
t+reats of )artial force fro) >wedenFs )ilitary# . s/oeswo)an warned t+at t+e na0y
was B/re/ared to use anyt+in! necessaryB to force t+e 0essel to rise to t+e surface# 5+e
)ilitary used battles+i/s, )ineswee/ers and +elico/ters in t+e searc+#
Go0ern)ent officials +a0e not said w+at t+ey belie0ed t+ey +ad detected, but >wedenFs
)edia re/orted t+e )ilitary was /robably looin! for a 2ussian sub)arine# &ore news,
s/orts, and weat+er co)in! u/---
K/lay ;>. M1 +ere#L
(n >/orts-
,ance >te/+enson t+ou!+t +eFd still be /layin! for t+e (ndiana ;acers# =e wanted to co)e
bac, and +e told 9leac+er 2e/ortFs Jared Nwerlin! t+at +e cried w+en +e told t+e tea) +e
was si!nin! wit+ t+e 4+arlotte =ornets# Now, in an inter0iew wit+ t+e (ndiana/olis >tarFs
4andace 9ucner, >te/+enson says t+at t+e ;acers !a0e +i) a deadline after t+rowin!
+i) a /arty at t+e start of free a!ency and +e new +e was !one w+en t+ey 7uicly
)o0ed on to si!n 4#J# &iles#
@ @ @ @
;eyton &annin! is $: years oldO /layin! on four days rest s+ouldnFt be easy for +i)#
9iolo!ical science says t+at &annin! s+ould +a0e been barely able to !et out of bed on
5+ursday )ornin! after /layin! a !a)e only four days earlier %% and a ni!+t !a)e no less#
.//arently, &annin! doesnFt belie0e in biolo!y t+ou!+ because +e +ad Dero /roble)s
a!ainst t+e 4+ar!ers defense# &annin! /assed for 2:J yards and t+ree touc+downs in
Den0erFs $I%21 0ictory a!ainst >an Die!o#
9esides not bein! bot+ered by a!e, &annin! also doesnFt see) to be bot+ered by /layin!
a!ainst anyone in t+e .F4 West# >ince 2012, &annin!Fs first year in Den0er, t+e 9roncos
are 1$%1 a!ainst di0isional o//onents# 5+atFs 8ust sli!+tly )ore i)/ressi0e t+an t+e
9roncosF 1"%2 +o)e record wit+ &annin! since 2012#
: : : :
6our WKNJ +ourly weat+er u/date -
2i!+t now on t+e ca)/us of Kean 'ni0ersity, it is )ostly cloudy day of I$ de!rees wit+
+i!+s !oin! u/ J4# ,ow 4:#
5une in later for )eteorolo!y re/orts on "0#$ F&#
" " " "
(n <ntertain)ent-
(f youF0e e0er watc+ed =ere 4o)es =oney 9oo 9oo, one t+in! is clearP &a)a June
>+annon lo0es +er four dau!+ters 0ery )uc+#
5+is )ade it all t+e )ore s+ocin! w+en a KfalseL 5&N re/ort surfaced 5+ursday
clai)in! t+at t+e 5,4 star +ad reindled a ro)ance wit+ &ar &cDaniel, a )an
con0icted for a!!ra0ated c+ild )olestation in 2004# Cn 5+ursday, &arFs son &ic+ael
&cDaniel told <Q News t+at +is fat+er, w+o) +e insists was wron!ly con0icted of
)olestation, is Bnot datin! K&a)a JuneL# (tFs been 10 years#B
&a)a June also confir)ed t+is in a Faceboo /ost, writin! t+at +er relations+i/ wit+
&ar Bis )y /ast# ( left +i) ten years a!o for it and ( wouldnFt !o bac#B
10 10 10 10
5+ats it for your news# 6oure listenin! to "0#$ WKNJ%F&, 'nion, New Jersey# ()
********************* and well be ri!+t bac after t+is#
K;lay ;>. M2 +ere#L
11 11 11 11
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4L +tt/P//www#newser#co)/story/1"@J"0/dna%lins%e1%/olice%tec+%to%1":4%beac+%
IL +tt/P//www#cbss/orts#co)/nba/eye%on%basetball/24@JI@J$/+ornets%lance%ste/+enson%
JL +tt/P//www#cbss/orts#co)/nfl/eye%on%football/24@JI$4@/broncos%c+ar!ers%10%t+in!s%
@L +tt/P//www#cnn#co)/2014/10/24/world/africa/)ali%ebola/inde1#+t)lR+/tSwo*c1
:L +tt/P//www#cnn#co)/2014/10/24/world/euro/e/sweden%sub)arine%
"L +tt/P//www#eonline#co)/news/I"1II2/)a)a%8une%s+annon%says%s+e%would%ne0er%/ut%
12 12 12 12
1) ( x ) I have not handed in this assignment for any other class.
2) ( x ) If I reused any information from other papers I have written for
other classes, I clearly explain that in the paper.
3) ( x ) If I used any passages word for word, I put quotations around
those words, or used indentation and citation within the text.
) ( x ) I have not padded the !i!liography. I have used all sources
cited in the !i!liography in the text of the paper.
") ( x ) I have cited in the !i!liography only the pages I personally
#) ( x ) I have used direct quotations only in cases where it could not
!e stated in another way. I cited the source within the paper and in the
$) ( x ) I did not so over%use direct quotations that the paper lac&s
interpretation or originality.
') ( x ) I chec&ed yes on steps 1%$ and therefore have !een fully
transparent a!out the research and ideas used in my paper.
(ame) *annahlyn +i,ares -ate) 1./2/1